Dogs/hounds/mastiffs appear from time to time in the Nostradamus Quatrains, for instance II 41 II 42 and X 99

II 41

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

La grand’ estoille par sept iours bruslera,

Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:

Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,

Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.


The great beard OR star will shine OR will be obscured by the Sun for seven days,

Colouration OR cloud will make two suns appear:

The imposing hound will howl all night

When the priestly aristocrat changes lands

OR When the great Pontiff changes country.

Line 3, ‘hurlera’ is from ‘hurler’ to emit a howl or ‘unsustainable singing’. Mastinus = mastin = mastiff, whether a stray or domesticated or working dog and, in fact, here implies almost any disquieted big dog during the night.

Line 4, OF ‘grand pontife’ does not necessarily mean the Pope or Antipope. A High Priest or some priestly aristocrat will fill the bill.

Sirius ‘B’ of Canis was unknown to the scientists of astrology (‘astronomy plus’) when this was written (although it has always been known to the otherwise primitive Dogons of Mali, or at least that’s what we’re told) whilst the larger Sirius ‘A’ is the bright-shining Dog Star, here called a howling mastiff.

Ponfiff is an ancient title effectively carried forward to the Church by the Mithra Pontiff and Roman Emperor Constantine from a worship that incorporated Dagon, the Little Fish, hence the fish-head hat worn by Rome’s Popes. The Dogons say they were instructed in astronomy by mer-men from Sirius.

It has even been suggested that the mastiff is Sirius/Isis or else the Woman With Child in Revelation, so being perhaps the howling of the ‘collective consciousness’ interrupting the nights at the End Time. OK so that’s pretty convoluted. But then so is Nostradamus sometimes.

(For the full text see the Nostradamus Quatrains II 41 & II 48 UNTETHERED)

 II 42

Coq, chiens, & chats, de sang seront repeus,

Et de la playe du tyrant trouué mort :

Au lict d’vn autre iambes & bras rompus,

Qui n’auoit peu mourir de cruelle mort.

Line 1, OF ‘repeus’ is odd here. Possibly it is ‘repus’ derived from ‘repondre/reponere’, to answer/to withdraw. Alternatively it was perhaps a mistaken OF ‘repos’, inactive, quiet, immobile or OF ‘repris/reprendre’, which can even mean attached like cloth or inchoate or else admonishing (possibly meaning accusative, akin to OF ’reptar’ as found in ‘Poesies completes de Bertran de Born’.) Latin-Fr ‘reprendere’ can mean contracted.

However it could be the Latin name denoting a ground-cover plant such as the sprawling Berberis repens. (In that context it might be somewhat pharma-herbal, such as the alkaline treatment for cystitis using trifolium repens, sprawling couch grass.) In modern Fr. ‘repeus’ might suggest that the animals were satiated but this is not quite sensible unless they have been drinking blood.

In old Occitan ‘resperir’ meant either to wake up to something or else it meant the same as OF ‘saveur’ – a quality perceived by the senses, smell or taste: by metonym a flavourer or else whatever has no knowable authority making issuance of it (a kind of ethereal presence, as many people mistakenly imagine scents and perfumes to be).

Line 2, OF ‘playe/plaie’ means injury to the body: metonymically ‘impact’, by analogy ‘female/vulva’, figuratively ‘prejudice, curse, damage’.


France OR The cock awakes to the smell of cats and dogs covered in blood OR
A rooster cats and dogs sprawl bloodied,

Found dead from the savagings of the tyrant by the bed of another (victim) both arms and legs broken

One who has not feared to die a cruel death.

Is this a sacrificial ‘black magic-style’ ritual of a brave/drugged victim?

A dog also appears in Nostredame’s EPISTLE TO THE KING:

The plebians will be succoured by the undertaking, driving out the cult of the legalists, and it will seem from the realms enfeebled by Orientals that God the Creator has unbound Satan from the infernal brig, to bring into being the great Dog & Dohan,

Shades of  biblical Gog and Magog (that Alexander the Great thought were tribes of Central Asia) but perhaps astrological. Ursa Minor was once called the Dog with the old Greek name for Polaris – our current Pole Star – meaning literally the Dog’s Tail.


“Just as the Doge of Venice gave way his personal rule to rule by a council, so China grinds on as a kind of kingdom under a small group. (in fact, every human collective is presided over by a small group often acting as if with the divine right of a king.) The Han dynasty were oriental kings.

“Dog-days occur when Sirius is ‘opposing’ and they represent sun-scorch, dry heat, lethargy and bodily dis-ease here on Earth. The Dogon tribe of Mali claim to have been visited by ‘the Nommos’, from Sirius A, thousands of years ago in Egypt and were imbued with detailed astronomical knowledge that can rival modern science and yet they don’t even possess a telescope. Nommos were apparently hideous in appearance and created a sea of water for themselves to overnight under. They were mer-men, great teachers of men, possibly fishers of men too according to the Dogon legend.

“Dag is a semetic root giving expression to the endearment ‘Little Fish’.  Dag and Dagon are Dog and Dohan?

(extracted from the Article SOME NAMES AND NOUNS IN NOSTRADAMUS)

It is difficult to know how the phrase ‘dog & dohan’ would have been spoken in the eclectic proto-French of Nostredame’s time. Possibly the final sounds of ‘dog’ and ‘dohan’ would have passed by unstressed or not pronounced at all. On the other hand if they had existed they would have been fairly close to one another in an ‘OF’ word list or early dictionary. So far I have not found them. I think they are Michel’s representative inventions. 

 (The following is taken from the Article 2012 NOSTRADAMUS)

Nostradamus Quatrain X 99

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

la fin le loup, le lyon, beuf, & l’asne,

timide dama seront avec mastins,b

plus ne cherra a eux la douce manne,

plus vigilance & custrode aux mastins.

(The inside column of the surviving copy that is used here for reference has gaps where it has separated from the spine, filled-in at some time by handwritten letters with no capitals.)


the end of the wolf, the lion, the ox and the ass,

mastiffs among the gentle fallow deer:

OR the gentil aristocracy will be among mastiffs:

no more will sweet manna fall down to them,

the most vigilant attitude and beware of the dogs.

Line 2, OF ‘dama’ would appear to be Portuguese, Spanish or Italian for aristocrats, royals or gentlefolk as well as the French name for the fallow deer.

(The History Channel  linked this all with depletion famine and climate change, for what that’s worth.)


I have touched already upon the ‘dog’ to be found in the family name Erdogan (See the Articles WATCH OUT WORLD Part 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 and MOST FORTUNATE OF THE FORTUNATE STATES) and must now turn my attention to Doha(n).

It would immediately seem to suggest the capital of Qatar (but perhaps only to me as no other Nostradamus researcher has done so, I believe) yet Doha was only a mini-village until 1949’s oil gush. Now Doha has new status. Not quite ‘London, Paris, Rome, Doha and New York’ but not impossibly far away from that. “Doha’ is become a byword for ‘world meetings’ such as by the WTO and has a main hub international airport. Doha, Qatar, is within the same time-zone as Ankara, Turkey.

(DOHA is also the acronym for the United States Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals the major component of the Defense Legal Services Agency which apparently provides hearings and issues decisions in personnel security clearance cases for contractor personnel doing classified work for all Department of Defence/war contributors and plenty of other Federal Agencies and Departments, particularly decision-making in bsecurity clearance cases).

The Treaty of Versailles, wherein Germany dropped all commercial claim to the Ottoman territories, and a secret Tripartite Agreement between Britain, France and Italy that turned German enterprises over to a ‘Tripartite corporation’, were already signed when the vengeful regional peace Treaty of Sèvres was conducted in 1920.

It was between the Allied powers and the defeated Central powers after WWI, Gallipoli being like a fresh wound to the Allies. It continued partitioning of the Ottoman empire started in 1915 though with a view to doing away with it altogether. The ‘Eastern Mediterranean region’ was divided-up with the British holding the Mandate of Palestine and the French the Mandate of Syria. This porcelain pact later started cracking during the Turkish War of Independence.

Curiously the jumbled letters of the names of two of the three European signatories, Britain’s ‘George Dixon Grahame’ and Italy’s ‘Lelio Bonin Longare’ are available simultaneously from the quatrain II 41 without any overlaps or duplications. The third and French signatory ‘Alexandre Millerand’ is equally in there with them once we replace ‘x’ with ‘ss’ (Alessandre) and allow the duplicate use of a letter (here it is ‘m’) as was pretty normal for Medieval anagrams.

It is quite possible that Nostredame selected the OF word ‘pontife’ for its broad sense – ranging from an aristocratic bridge between the rule of the state and religious law to a party personifying Heaven on Earth – and applied it not to a Catholic Pope but to a Moslem Caliph. Perhaps quatrain II 41 is “a pragmatic epigram that is not to have only one sense or a sole sign” (from the EPISTLE TO THE KING)

All the way back to ruthless ‘Operation Gladio’ and its ‘stay behind’ troopers occulted in Europe, modern Turkey has – together with Belgium – held a special place in the shadowy security underworld. Now every major country has its secretive stake in Erdogan’s Turkey. Judging by the way this country is covertly and openly balanced upon a knife-edge it may someday fall forever (by no fault of the mostly unaware Turkish people) if only for strategic reasons under the further justification of third party moral outrage (a PR weapon of choice right now).

Today Turkey is at variance with the US and sometimes Russia by being receptive only to solutions on Syria that halt further demographic change on their borders, especially by the PYD:

“The West, led by the US, and Russia both see IS and other such groups as the foremost threat, whereas for Turkey the major threat is the dissolution of its southern neighbour potentially leaving it faced with a left-wing Kurdish state run by the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Ankara considers the PYD a terrorist entity and a wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party with which it has been involved in a war since 1984.

“Turkey has all along considered the ouster of Assad as the best option to maintain Syria’s territorial integrity and thereby prevent the PYD from fully establishing itself in the north of the country. The United States, however, has gradually shifted its stance and is willing to entertain the thought of allowing Assad to remain at the helm until the IS threat is dealt with.” Update December 2017; Russia believe that time has come in territorial terms. Syria remains sovereign (with a lot of help from its friends, so to speak.)

See more at: http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/what-made-turkey-change-its-syria-policy-519642437#sthash.gxEwsAN0.dpuf

Saudi Arabia wants their own puppet leader in Syria which will allow the Saudis to control the general flow of energy through the region they feel promised will eventually fall to them. Meanwhile, Assad is aiding control of European imported energy by Russia’s Gazprom by blocking the flow of natural gas out of the Gulf into Europe.

“BRITAIN must invest in its fleet of main battle tanks to meet an increasing threat of ground war with Russia, senior Army officers have warned.” Daily Express, September 30th 2015. (Russia has tanks that are frighteningly fast over any terrain and not quite as destructible as Sweden’s ‘supercar-styled’ mobile artillery pieces have been. (See WATCH OUT WORLD Part 3 7 9)

The realization then of Britain’s extraordinary ability to mount sudden wars even 8,000 miles away (the Falklands) may have been impressed upon Arab political minds.

Tension is mounting between Russia and financially-challenged/financially-unchallengeable NATO both over nuclear counter measures and fighter flights over Turkey.

Following airstrikes that have dessicated lines of command and diminished IS’s collection of Western-style weapons many are defecting, mostly looking for a way to Europe (Putin having stressed that they will not be allowed to return to Russian lands after experiencing the taste of blood). Chaotic conditions have come to the Internet-savvy group with “financial expertise rivalling Wall Street’s”. In fact, Russian bombing totally destroyed nine ISIS outposts within twenty-four hours (update: 2 x command centres, almost 30 x field camps, nearly 2 dozen x fortified facilities plus troop positions housing martial materiel) and the destruction is ramping up, they say. It has never been exactly clear where the wishful-thinking of the West was being aimed but seemingly not where they said it was. Russia has simply taken the bull by the horns for all to see.

NATO Sec-Gen Jens Stoltenberg told journalists this:

“I can confirm that we have seen the substantial build-up of Russian forces in Syria – air force, air defences but also ground troops in connection with the air base they have … and we also see increased naval presence of Russian ships and naval capabilities outside (off) Syria.”

Now the US and the UN have announced a Global Police Force to fight extremism in the USA and which will cover the globe – based on global information sharing. In an earlier attempt at piratical global consolidation, the UN proffered a gentleman of Saudi Arabia, the world’s “foremost human rights violators”, to chair the UN Human Rights Committee.

These are the ideas that will create great conflict.

The Internet-born caliphate called the Islamic State have released a fatwa stating that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an Islamic apostate for supporting the US-led coalition airstrikes against them. As usual, this amounts to a warning via a death warrant that may actually be more meaningful ‘on stage’ than ‘behind the scenes’. The new Russian airstrikes have been much more effective already in dispersing IS-ISISIL/al-Qaeda etc. The next step may be Assad inviting-in the Russian Army officially, totally at variance with the ill-received Western pretext of ‘coalition’ bombings to attack/protect a place that has never attacked them. This has been the regime-change desired by a seemingly unaccountable occulted force looking to facilitate a major international pipeline not to Russia’s benefit but to Turkey’s and Qatar’s instead …


This may be the key to the Dog & Dohan prophecy by Michel Nostradamus Could this be the same pair prophesized by the Eighteenth Century Orthodox Saint Cosmas, regarded as tantamount to an Apostle:

Brothers, be careful! The time is coming when ‘alalla and ballala’ will govern the world.”

Those who live in traditionally Orthodox Christian countries may have a different sense of reality to the European Romancers. Either way the love of honour or the joy of self-sacrifice is no longer as great as today’s drive for comfort and safety. Movie and TV evenings are universally burdened with catapulting cars and fiery explosions. We now expect and fear it yet in reality this rarely happens to any car. The fire risk component of your vehicle insurance premium is relatively tiny. On the other hand, sudden death itself has been safely relegated to the fantastical twists written into gripping film scripts. Not so, this really happens to ordinary people quietly living their lives in near-total ignorance of what is to come.

Elder Paissios/Paisius (d.1994, canonized this year 2015 by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople) had a more modern albeit Greek national point of view. He has said “God looks at a person’s situation and helps them” adding “A coward is no use to anybody” and “A person becomes fearless to the extent that he unites with God”.

Paissios repeatedly told followers that in the coming World War Three one third of the Turkish population will die, another third will migrate to Europe or otherwise declare themselves converts to Christianity, the last third will leave Turkey for (variable) destinations in Asia. The Republic of Turkey will die-out completely and Constantinople (Istanbul) will become Greek-ruled.


The American-led NATO, together with other countries, will attack Russia.

A ‘voice of God’ will eventually prevail (a person? Nostradamus mentions such a one) and a Greek king will then rule the world, it seems! Have our willful international bankers done such a seemingly extreme amount of damage to the Greek psyche? No, these prophecies are older than that. There is nothing in the ‘Opera Nostradamus’ as ‘invasively redemptive’ or ‘orthodox religiose’ as this supposed prophecy for all his Medieval need to please those prelates capable of preventing publication of the Centuries.

“The Zionists want to rule the world” warned Paissios the beloved holy monk of Mt. Athos on the sunny Aegean – a holy ‘geronta’ to his Greek followers, an elder ‘starets’ to his Russian ones. Many made the pilgrimage to speak with him and recorded his utterances.

“The Russians will soon take Turkey. The Chinese will cross the Euphrates. Providence tells me that many events will happen: The Russians will take Turkey and Turkey will disappear from the world map because a third of the Turks will become Christians, another third will die in the war and another third will leave for Mesopotamia.

“The Mid-East will become a theatre of war in which the Russians will take part. Much blood will be spilled. The sign that this event is approaching will be the destruction of the Mosque of Omar (Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem – there is another at Bethlehem) for its destruction will mark the beginning of work by the Jews to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, which was built on the same spot. There will be a great war between Russians and Europeans, and much blood will be spilled.

“Greece won’t play a leading role in that war, but they’ll give her back Constantinople. Not because the Russians adore the Greeks, but because no better solution will be found. The city will be handed over to the Greek Army even before it has a chance to get there.”

(extracted from addisabram.wordpress.com, February 20th 2013) For more see YOUTUBE:Elder Paisios – The Prophecies about Constantinople

 Who else do predictors such as Michel deNostradame say will win? We’ve drawn a blank.  Winning techno-wars is a bit trickier than winning board games, more like ticketed lotteries really – anything can happen.

Another kind of dog, the lurcher, is mentioned by me (but not by Nostradamus) in the Article II MABUS BY NAME

“The ‘comet that is fast-moving’ accurately describes lurcher-style Cruise missiles that skim, twist and turn round on their prey in a flash to baffle and avoid computerized defences.”

That is not the end of the story. The Russian strikes on ISIS etc. in Syria (widely lauded at the moment but probably provoked to an extent by the arrogant US plan for a no-fly zone over Syria, now in Putin’s gift) have included two dozen missiles fired-off spectacularly from the Caspian Sea 1,500 km distant. Russian offensive missile designers are famously/infamously imaginative. Some of their ‘sizzlers’ will adopt a supersonic speed as they approach their doomed target.

In the Article NERON INCORPORATED I have offered multiple translations to quatrain IX 53 including

Translation 3:
At the three ways OR At the three chimneys the young Nero Will make lively the pages by pushing them into the dog-pound,
There are those who will be far from happy with such a plan,
Three of his blood will have him ambushed to death.

OF ‘ardoir/hardoir’ (which probably gave us the modern noun hardware) was any location where dogs are kept under leash.

We could all be Fools aboard a sinking Ship of Fools … but only a fearfully-trained dummy under orders from a psychopathic, narcissistic, totalitarian, tyrannical coward would throw other human beings to the dogs.  Almost always those so-called ‘strong men’ of politics are driven by interior pulses they are too weak to control and exterior influences that make their most disgusting decisions for them.


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