(Inc. Nostradamus Quatrains VIII 20, l 81, IV 14,VI 37 and X 72)

The Assassination of President Kennedy, 22nd November 1963

There are plenty of convinced researchers into this event that  was so sad and with such far-reaching consequences for the whole world. But no two agree in every respect. All, however, have questioned aspects of the Warren Commission’s Report. This page is basically a compilation of informed people’s opinions on the personal histories of the many History makers/breakers involved. Plus my own input on the Nostradamus Quatrains that could apply.

First: Michel de Nostredame’s 4-line summary and my supporting notes:

Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 20

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Le faux messaige par election faint
Courir par vrben, rompue pache arreste,
Voix acheptees, de sang chapelle tainte,
Et à vn autre l’empire contraicte.

The simulated P.R. used in the weak electoral district
The street-cruise gets impeded because of a change in what was agreed;
Voice accepted, vault stained with blood,
As was contracted, dominion passed to another.

Line 1, OF ‘faux’ could be a scythe (the symbol of Saturn) or a field measure. It equally means what or who is not genuine, not a reality, a disloyal traitor, a forgery, a simulation, a cover-up. OF ‘messaige’ = a message-carrying person or the medium for messaging. OF ‘élection’ can be an election to office or a metonym for the electing district. It could also be the method of selection or by metonym the value of what is selected. Astrologically this term means a favourable time to initiate something. OF ‘faint’ is either ‘feindre’, concealment, pretense, imaginary, invented or else ‘feint’, listless, very soft.

Line 2, OF ‘Courir’ = run in various ways such as faster, slower, cruising with the current, on the attack, invasively, looting, spreading over, conquering, passing. OF ‘urben’ is ‘urbain’, urbanity. OF ‘rompue’ means break up, shatter, (military) disperse, stop suddenly, fail in a commitment. OF ‘pache’ is a convention or agreement. OF ‘arreste’ is to immobilize, impede, halt, dwell, resist advance or resolve.

Line 3. OF ‘chapelle’ can be translated as vault. OF ‘tainte’ is a tincture, a pallid face or a stain.

Line 4, ‘contraicte’ means under a contract to be so.

The folks of Dallas Texas that were politically supporting JFK were not the wealthy ones. He made a one-day Texas tour and restricted it to Dallas, which was not his party’s strongest city in the oil-rich State. In a sense he was putting his head in the lion’s mouth. They decided on the official motorcade parade which wouldn’t do the next election returns any harm and might even shore-up some sliding ground but it wasn’t going to overthrow the status quo either. Governor Connally had warned JFK that no Dallas business person was about to donate to the Democrat Party. The day seemed mostly for show, but why? Kennedy received a happy social greeting (any President would) but his route was definitely not a regular choice plus there were last minute changes. It all involved an enforced slowing down of his car and in an especially exposed place. Two rear-standing guards were ordered very vocally to stand down at that point (which one agreed to do only very reluctantly). To cap it all, the night before the parade the visiting security personnel were given the evening off and took happy advantage of this.  These guys worked hard, played hard and saw themselves as hard as nails but a night full of entertainment can slow anyone down. All-in-all this parade was shaping-up as a distant echo of how Julius Caesar walked alone without bodyguards and awaited his probable assassination.  Within moments of the foot guards standing down, a shot rang out.

The outcome of this day was that America lost its handsome profile of a President and received an unelected ugly soul in return. JFK had wanted Johnson ‘off the ticket’ by the next election. Now, by the agreed convention and against all the odds, LBJ was in the Oval office in the White House where he could do maximum world harm.

It was Richard Cardinal Cushing, Roman Catholic Archbishop ofBoston, who vainly boasted “I’ll tell you who elected John Kennedy, it was his father Joe and me right here in this room”. 72-year old Joseph Kennedy Sr. was a madly ambitious grasping banker, movie maker, excessively successful bootlegger, anti-Jewish American isolationist given to blatancy and ignorance. He would stop at nothing to acquire the US presidency for his family. His wife Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was a religious fanatic. Their 34-year old son Robert F. Kennedy was ruthless and bore grudges long-term which pleased his father enormously. He was also loyal to his big brother. A sometime aide to disgraceful Senator Joe McCarthy he was by then a would-be mob buster with his President-brother John who appointed him as the US Attorney General. Youngest brother Teddy Kennedy worked hard for Jack out on the West Coast.

Disturbed FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who had passed retirement age, kept re-reading his files on Jack Kennedy. Like many people he seemed to obssess on him and his love affairs, including with an FBI suspect.

Back in 1960, Allen Dulles the Director of the CIA, started talks with mafiosi Sam Giancana and Filipi Sacco, aka John Roselli or Rawlston, perhaps intending to destabilize-remove the Cuban communist Fidel Castro. As soon as President John F Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November 1963 rumours were spread that gang bosses such as Giancana, Trafficante and Marcello were involved.

Middle-aged Gilorma ‘Sam’ Giancana was a murderous thug from Chicago who had become a leading gang boss there. His favourite girlfriend was a well-known lovely called Judith Campbell Exner and John Kennedy was Sam’s favourite politician. It had been circulated that Giancana used his influence in Illinois to help JFK defeat Nixon during the Presidential election.  (In fact, Mayor Daley of Chicago had said”you’re going to carry Illinois with a little bit of luck and the help of a few close friends”.) JFK was also a ‘special friend’ of Judith Exner, who carried sealed messages between the two apparently to transfer ‘intelligence’ on Castro.

In 1975 Giancana was found dead with six shots around his mouth and the back of his head blasted open. James Angleton Sr. said that the Church Committee, before which Giancana was about to appear, had ordered testimony that breached the mafia vow of silence.

In 1992 Frank Ragano wrote that Jimmy Hoffa, Trafficante and Marcello had intent to kill JFK. Hoffa had the most motive. (This version was verified in a 2012 Internet interview with convicted congressman James A. Traficant Jr. – author of “America’s Last Minuteman” – who revealed that Robert Kennedy was on Hoffa’s back at the time, that he was the most powerful Attorney General in American history because of his close relationship with the President, and that removing JFK was considered a sure way to clip Robert Kennedy’s wings.)

1992 also saw the publication of the illustrated hardback book ‘Double Cross; The Story of the Man who Controlled America’ by ‘Sam and Chuck Giancana’ (Amazon, etc.) which ventured that Sam Giancana had rigged the 1960 Presidential election vote in Cook County, assuring JFK’s victory. Chuck G claims that a subsequent reneging by Jack Kennedy on this deal had prompted his uncle Sam to murder.

Sam G’s contemporary Jimmy Hoffa was head of the Teamster’s Union, which fact caused the A.G. Robert Kennedy to call it out as an evil. After the death of JFK, Hoffa was quoted by Ragano as saying he’d never forget what Marcello and Trafficante had done for him about which Marcello apparently remarked “When you see Jimmy, you tell him he owes me and he owes me big.”


An earlier FBI-document recommended that “one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago” should not be called to testify before a Committee on Unamerican Activities as he was “performing information functions for Congressman Richard M. Nixon, Republican, California”. The FBI document is stamped “Inclosure not verified by official report. This is sensitive”. According to the Warren Commission, however, Ruby was never connected with the Government.

From Jack Ruby’s handwritten letter about Lyndon B. Johnson who succeeded the murdered John Kennedy to become an unelected President of theUnited States of America, we get “This man is a Nazi in the worst order.”

Writing from prison, the ill-fated Jack Ruby predicts or prophecies violence as being a part of the LBJ Presidential package and states that something disturbing him “is taking place, so please with all my heart, you must believe me, because I am counting on you to save this country a lot of blood-shed. You must read ‘Texan looks at Lyndon’*, and it may open your eyes to a lot of things. It’s possible, though improbable, that he read this book about Johnson whilst in prison and that influenced him away from prior goodwill.

* A Texan Looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate Power
by J.Evetts Haley (Amazon etc., available as a download)

The American nation started to change on the day that Kennedy died (but the higher levels of government had started rolling before them) and the shocking Vietnam War with its unfair toll on little Laos and Kissinger’s secreted gross destructions upon Cambodia (with which it was not at war, mindlessly setting the stage for monstrous Pol Pot to walk all over the population) was to drive a wedge forever between the top politicos and the more thoughtful in the USA. Justifying himself by the counterfeited communist threat, Johnson acquired State of Emergency powers that were not rescinded by subsequent Presidents. This put the US President in the same position as Caesar and all subsequent Roman Emperors, legally accountable at home but unaccountable in Rome for Roman affairs abroad. The end of the Republic.

It’s little known that wartime Free France’s Resistance Movement leaned upon experienced and tough Paris criminals with a strong patriotic disposition. From 1942 onwards the Mafia became contacted by government in America for not dissimilar reasons. A systemic syndrome developed. The mafia had trained-up Olympic-level fakers of documents and falsifiers in accountancy and had proved equally capable of rigging national election results. The Mafia had lost casinos to Fidel Castro and they wanted him out of office.

Handsome JFK was his wealthy father’s protegee as a President and was not the romantic or god-like figure that history has made him out to be. No politician is. That is not the nature of the beast. But he faced Kruschev down over a deadline and stopped some internal ‘dirty tricks’ to justify all-out war against Cuba so earning the title ‘traitor’ from an over-macho, out-moded American Secure Elite. He came from that financial elite on whom he depended for his success. Texan Democrats in particular took objection to him and Republicans suspected his womanizing (a subject that ever enraged Hoover, honorary 33rd Degree mason and possible homosexual despite persecuting others, who’d been granted lifelong leadership of the FBI which JFK was now mooting). More than one alleged affair involved the woman of another powerful or dangerous man, even at secret-service and gang-land levels, some say. Jealousy and resentment surrounded him. He may have made a political mistake in taking-on Liberia-flagged shipping which very likely threatened his own powerbase. He and his brother also planned to erode Mafia activity and enraged the mobs with new prosecutions.

Several convincing and contradictory stories exist as to who made the decision to kill JFK and who were the trigger-pullers. Ex-Agent James Files – who says he survived three subsequent ambush shoot-outs – has claimed to have shot JFK from the infamous grassy knoll with a particular hybrid production gun of good recoil that is like a long pistol/short rifle, but accurately is neither, that is able to be hidden inside a carrier bag or coat and produces a quirky puff of smoke.

A convincing story exists that three Mafia hitmen came to Dallas and the CIA also flew-in three Agents, possibly to close their gig down at the last minute. Oswald is almost universally accepted these days as ‘the fall guy with a rifle’ set up to take the rap.

James Files says that Government Agents were involved with Oswald. An actual FBI document release had the Los Angeles Times point-out that Oswald was reportedly seen in Dallas with an Agent, who was leader of a Cuban exile force being covertly financed by the US government, two months before the assassination. (Now officially denied.)

What if we should accept that four shots were fired and each one was  shot from all of four gunmen? Mafia? CIA? FBI? Wallace, shady associate of LBJ whose smudged print was found at the ‘sniper’s nest’ or else the nest’s own sharpshooter, Lee Harvey Oswald? Or one of each set in a collusion that would have guaranteed a bunch of grouped yet disparate loyalties? It seems clear that Oswald was as meant to die as Kennedy and that every step followed a plan. The others had barreloads of experience in strictly maintaining secrecy at traceless operations. And Jack Ruby’s actions? Only God knows the truth of all of that. In sorrow as in shame, hang down your head great land of the Lady Liberty for you failed the World that day.

The FBI’s Cointelpro (1956-72?) was a greater story even than the nation-crippling Watergate Trial (which was one of the least offensive aspects of it) involving murder, persecution and mind control methods. Innocent people, whole families, were ejected by landlords or told to leave by their employers just because they supported progressive movements secretly objected to by the FBI ranging from worrisome Black Power to emergent Environmentalism, from standard Worker’s Rights to machismo-threatening Women’s Rights.

Even two investigating senators may have had their careers crashed under invisible FBI influences and coercions. And an FBI officer had died unexpectedly just before appearing in front of them as a key witness. This reign of tactile terror endured under Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Only a couple of minor FBI operatives were later found guilty of unconstitutional legalities or constitutional illegalities but got themselves immediately pardoned by President Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. (supposedly born Leslie Lynch King Jr.) the unelected successor to shamed President Nixon.

Bad as it was, Cointelpro was hardly a discussion point for the news media. Press concentration was on the Watergate burglary as being the most horrific undercover activity ever connived at by a President. It was both a shock and a security blanket for the American people. The runner-up in government misbehaviour is the new national and international security methodologies under post 9/11 administrations which seem to be viewed by most as the opposite of a security blanket. A good ruler will embrace the good courage that was expressed by solitary Winston Churchill in tiny and under-weaponed Britain during WWII:

“The power of the Executive to throw a man in prison without formulating any charge known to the law and particularly  to deny him the judgement of his peers is in the highest degree odius and the foundation of all totalitarian governments whether Nazi or Communist.”

These inarguably right-minded words of Sir Winston Churchill were said whilst facing humongously heavily-armed and technologically-advanced air, land and sea aggression and invasion from the Europe-conquering German-Italian Axis. The people rallied to his straight-minded idealisms. America and Britain and Canada and Australia had entered mainland Europe together with other brave Allies from all over the world willing to sacrifice their lifeblood to prevent totalitarianism in any guise from ever reccurring.

Bush, Obama and their backup boys threw this moralism away because they were scared of a guy in a cave who maybe didn’t exist after 2001.

(Foxnews.com “Report: Bin Laden Already Dead” http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,41576,00.html#ixzz1rL2qXH9M
published 26 December 2001)

Justifying his apparent cessation of constitutional rule, R. Cheney said “You know, it’s not an accident that we haven’t been hit in four years.” Was he prompting public approbrium for his Trojan Horse policies, attempting Churchilian oratory or descending to the level of rattling a unique protection racket in the face of the US citizenry? I guess it’s a matter of how practised he had become at intoning low.

“Our enemies . . . never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” Bush W, 5th August 2004

Barbara Bush in a TV interview (CNN’s Larry King Live, 22nd October 2003) on the subject of Democratic Presidential candidates threatened us murderously “you can criticize me, but don’t criticize my children and don’t criticize my daughters-in-law and don’t criticize my husband or you’re dead.” Bob Stevens died mysteriously of anthrax. He was a photo editor for American Media/the National Enquirer. The Enquirer incidentally shamed the Bush family with a photo of daughter Jenna, apparently whilst imbibingly upright-challenged ‘having a goodtime’ with a party friend.

In 1979 the business Arbusto Energy (Bush Energy) obtained financing from James Bath who had extensive ties to both the notorious BCCI and the Binladen family and who was the sole U.S.business representative for Salem, the brother of Osama bin Laden. It is said that the Arbusto money came effectively from Salem bin Laden personally. Arbusto launched Bush W’s career athough it was not a corporate success. Salem died when he flew into power lines where his light plane became entangled. According to the American airstrip owner he was a very experienced pilot. “We just can’t understand why he decided to go right instead of left”.

Katherine Smith, a member of the general public who had become implicated in a phoney passport scheme supposedly related to the 9/11 hijackers, was incinerated in her car after having hit a pole on the day before she was due to appear in Court. An investigation revealed that the little crash was not the cause of the big fire. In most countries both mysterious murders and exploding cars are highly uncommon other than in imported American fictions. Who was being murderously protected, relieved or revenged this time

Despite Cointelpro persecutions, obviously unsafe prosecutions or their ‘black bag’ burglaries and assassinations, it was primarily the death of John F. Kennedy that separated  the element of trust between the American people and the American Secure Elite’s kept politicians.


I must say I’ve no idea what really happened on that sad November day. At the time I was just this highschool kid who happened to be watching Peter O’Toole’s tragic Hamlet at the Old Vic and feeling psychically picqued by the extra-loud and too-sudden guffaws of creepy masters/mistresses at the incomprehensible and outdated Shakespearean jokes. I really felt like shouting at them “It’s not funny, what are you poseurs laughing so loudly at?” I still do.

That evening I returned home unawares to find a gloomy house with lights dimmed and all TV channels closed down early out of respect. The following day, Kruschev was said to be tearfully awaiting nuclear war whilst Castro made a speech to the people spelling-out how the CIA would provoke the American people into a war with Cuba. In complete contrast to everybody else in the Western Hemisphere, George Herbert Bush maintains that he can’t remember where he was on the 22nd.

The Dallas Assistant D.A. who proposed that Oswald be charged with Kennedy’s murder, William Alexander, was later to slam the Warren Commission’s unsafe outline of Oswald’s movements and lone gunman sobstory, stating  “certainly, he may have had accomplices”.

Some of the Dealey Plaza Elm Street Dallas shooter candidates:

Cord Meyer’s hand-picked pro’s;
the Cuba specialists and the Guatemala assassination’s US vets, such as Frank “mob-friendly anti-Castro operative” Sturgis;
a pro sniper flown in fromMarseilles (the French Connection) demonstrating a pre-paid support of the ‘cui bonum’, infamous Lucien Sarti, a drug-supplier and Corsican mob man;
other friends of E. Howard Hunt such as Cuban Antonio Veciana (Alpha 66) whose handler was said to be David Atlee Phillips (Career Intelligence Medal-holder)
remnants of the OSS/early-CIA hit team filtered by Allen Dulles-Clifford Clark, who were probably sponsored (they say somebody was) by wealthy Clint Murchison Jr. (a friend of mafia boss Carlos Marcello) and the Hunt brothers whose tax depreciation write-off for oil producers was under threat of cancellation by JFK;
the ‘Three Tramps’ on the knoll who were obviously not tramps. (There are pro hit-men who were never official police suspects and yet have since made actual confessions that have never been substantiated.)

The Field Operatives: mainly CIA-types as above: E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David “cold-blooded killer” Morales, William King Harvey who obssessed on the Kennedy’s, David Atlee Phillips, Richard Helms (the CIA Deputy Director for Plans) and possibly James Angleton Sr.

Route arrangers: Mayor Cabell (brother of General Cabell) Jack Valenti (taken to the White House that same day and teamed-up with Mrs.Johnson and CFR-types Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Moyers  to have the murder videos smothered).

More distantly engaged: Kennedy-hating Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante (mob links to Jack Ruby). G.H.W. Bush who couldn’t remember if he was in Dallas on the the day of the killing. JFK’s proposed terrorist-funding banking-fraud prosecutors Giulliani and Mueller who subsequent to his death went easy on political savvies like the Bush family then went on to achieve very high office.

Plus the lackies and aspirants of the Power Elite/the High Cabal such as disreputable but hardworking ‘Gerald Ford’, John J. “Chairman of the American Establishment” McCloy, the Rockefeller accolyte George Herbert Bush and ex-Rockefeller aide Henry Kissinger.

McGeorge Bundy, CFR and National Security Advisor to JFK, is possibly suspect because it seems he was already drafting sharp escalations to JFK’s Vietnam policy NSAM 273 on 21st November 1963, the night before the assassination. (He went on to run the enormous and influential Ford Foundation,1966-1979.) Secretary of State Dean Rusk (who previously ran the enormous and influential Ford Foundation,1952-1961) was another Vietnam hawk.

Air Force General Curtis LeMay cannot be overlooked in any enquiry into the murder of JFK  whom he despised. He was seemingly a bloody lunatic who actually wanted to initiate Nuclear World War ‘pre-emptively’, lacking any normal fear of the Heat of War and its Unexpected Consequences let alone Common Humanity.

Some people say that JFK’s firm stand against so many powerful advocates of war with North Vietnam including in the military (which he had failed to control) the Secret Services, the CFR, the Rockefellers and the Senate was his real claim to the greatness that so many can still see in him when all the others are now long forgotten by the public.

By promoting the ugly liar Johnson (mood swings from craven to murderous – many untimely deaths surround his career prior to his Vice Presidency) this American Secure Elite had successfully dominated the leadership of the USA. Perhaps forever. What else would they do after running rampant overthrowing other governments (assassinating other country’s leaders, rigging other country’s elections, making rich and corrupting but then blackmailing any political or social opponents and orchestrating other people’s internal coups) but try to do exactly the same in their own backyard?

The Twelve Noon Kennedy Killing


1555 Lyon Bonhomme

D’humain troupeau neuf seront mis à part,
De jugement & conseil separés:
Leur sort sera divisé en depart,
[K alpha pi Θhita λambda] mors, bannis esgarés.

Line 3 could be either ‘sort sera’ or ‘fort fera’ (the printer’s marks are the same for ‘s/f’

Line 4, ‘K alpha pi’ or ‘Kap.’ is often interpreted as Kappa (a name for the letter K).
The Θ symbol I use here represents the more complex ancient Greek versions and Nostredame uses a similarly simplified version. It’s often interpreted as ‘Theta’.
λambda is often interpreted as Lambda although the symbol λ is the lower case, Λ is the upper case. (Modern scientific usage of lower case λ includes the eigenvalue and the ‘radioactive decay constant’ whilst Japan has built an entire space rocket named Lambda.)

OF ‘mors’ means ‘the bit between the teeth’ or some similar mouthful of meaning. The unreasonable alternatives ‘mort’ and ‘mots’ would be death or words. OF ‘bannis égarés’ if taken together would mean ‘banned astray’ but they should be separated, I feel.

I shall try to reconstruct [K alpha pi Θhita λambda] as a puzzle worth its own page but for the time being I can’t see that it has much meaning here at its face value. This is another fine riddle. (But see the Article ADDENDUM TO “K Th l” for the solution )

Translation 1:
Of the human flock nine will be set apart,
Separate in judgment and counsel:
Their departure will be divided on high,
Their strength divides as they depart
K.Th.l. [K alpha pi Θhita λambda] bit between the teeth, cast out, losing the right way.

Translation 2:
Of the human flock nine will be set apart,
Separate in judgment and counsel:
Their fate will be divided as they depart,
K.Th.l. [K alpha pi Θhita λambda] bit in mouth, cast out and losing the right way.

Unjumbling the quatrain’s letters and substituting i’s for y’s, as was normal, can give us the names:

Kennedi Rubi Johnson Dallas Hoover Mafia CIA FBI Files CFR Ford Moiers LeMai Meier Sturgis Sarti Hunt Phillips Dulles Murchison Marcello Morales Helms Cuba Castro Angleton Cabell Carter Rockefeller Rusk Greer Kellerman Hill Paine de Mohrenschildt Chicago Marseilles Holland Helper Roberts Hidell.

To include Trafficante we need to be reading ‘sort’ as ‘fort’. (The old typeset used allows for either reading but that does not necessarily mean the line was authored that way.)

Other names from this page include Kissinger Arbusto Bath Binladen Smith Guilliani Meuller. This has to be coincidental, don’t you think? Certainly the lack of v and w in the quatrain restricts the completeness (no Oswald for a start) and to cap that there are plenty of names allied to this event that we haven’t mentioned at all in this investigation.

There are a variety of solutions to this puzzling quatrain l 81 each depending a little or a lot on the interpretation of ‘Kappa, Thita, λambda’. The Supreme Court of the United States has nine persons set at its head but so did the membership of the lead group in the Kennedy motorcade:

2 Secret Service Agents: William Greer and Roy Kellerman seated in the front.
4 passengers: the President and First Lady accompanied by the Connally’s.
2 motorcycle outriders redirected at first to behind the leading limousine but moving forward again after the shooting started.
2 rear-standing guards or ‘footmen’ who were ordered to dismount but Clint Hill then leapt aboard after that first shot rang out.

TheGrassy Knoll, November 22, 1963: A handgun model that typically produces a pronounced cloud of smoke was perhaps what explains observers seeing just that in front of the fence at the ‘grassy knoll’ at the time of the JFK assassination. A fence separated the car park of the Railroad Company from the grassy knoll. Was this fired from the roof of a car immediately alongside the fence? Maybe, but this was not confirmed by one assassin in his strangely disturbing ‘public private confession’ that it was he who fired this model of gun at JFK from the knoll. (Unsubstantiated.) In fact, there may have been a number of tooled-up operatives at that peculiar stage of the procession employed by various organizations that effectively wanted JFK out.

And that means out of LBJ’s way, producing a non-elected President who went on dishonestly to invent sheer Tonkin lies that would justify the USA proceeding with a very large-scale war featuring the greatest bombing weight ever dropped in all of history being aimed around tiny villages and great forests in South Vietnam and Cambodia – ecowar, to say the least. LBJ mentored Bobby Baker who was about to be ‘outed’ for political-financial corruption, big time. It could well have been the Kennedy Brothers intention to imprison LBJ alongside him or else drop LBJ. Lyndon Johnson surely feared as much.

Lee Oswald was murdered suddenly in custody and never got a court hearing. He was not on the roof of the Dallas depository. He posted himself and his gun at a high open window. Question marks appear all over this event in Dallas,Texas. As well as the absolutely routine watching of all windows by US undercover agents on any President’s processional motorcade route apparently breaking down at this one potentially deadly window site,  the normal Washington routine security for Presidential cavalcades got broken in several key areas (including at the last minute) leaving Kennedy exposed in an open car at low speed with absent footguards as they passed slowly without riders alongside before the lofty library building and approached the eye-level grassy knoll. No security agent worth his salt would have chosen or agreed to this route without worry and doubt. Why the footguards were instructed down from the slow-moving car by a security chief in the following convertible – despite one guard looking distraught and publicly protesting it – is another unfathomable decision for a video viewer like me. Shots rang out within moments. One Kennedy guard, Clint Hill, jumped like a hero onto the car after hearing one shot. He says there were two more. Doctors saw an “entry bullet wound” in the Kennedy throat but this was overcut by a trachiotemy and not reported widely thereafter.

In almost a death-bed confession, the masterspy E. Howard Hunt (who coined the phrase “no-one is entitled to the truth” and once said that Washington “owed the Cuban people a blood debt”) indicated in writing that “LBJ” was the effective killer of John F. Kennedy upon his ordering or sanctioning a small organization to form for that purpose under East-Coast socialite secret agent and disinformation specialist Cord Meyer Jr. (whose wife may have once bedded Jack Kennedy, perhaps as an agent of black government and who was later murdered by a stranger whilst out jogging). Hunt named CIA Bill Harvey as part of this group as well as the vicious CIA Chief of Operations, heavy-drinking David “I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard” Morales and then Hunt drew a direct line to the words “French Gunman Grassy Knoll”. Hunt himself may have been sought-out for that work by Morales.

Alan Dulles and other CFR members steered the subsequent ‘Warren Commision’. It’s been said that the CIA were the military wing of the CFR, before 1990. FBI chief Hoover had been LBJ’s next door neighbour for nearly 20 years. LBJ’s wife had Bell Helicopters which gave employment to government security clearance holders the Paine’s (I’ve also seen them called the Johnson’s) who took the Navy DIA radar tech from a U2 spy plane base (and trained Russian speaker) Lee Oswald under their wing on his return from a tricksy tour of Russia. So tricky he may have been due to be eliminated when his patsy usefulness finally expired.

Nosradamus Quatrain  IV 14

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

La mort subire du premier personnage
Aura change & mis vn autre au regne:
Tost, tard venu a si haut & bas aage,
Que terre & mer faudra a que on le craigne.

The sudden death of the first personage
Will have caused a change and put another in the sovereignty:
Quickly the newcomer up so high and a low Age come,
By land and sea one must fear it/it will be necessary to fear him.

This quatrain contains the letters of George Herbert Bush (Lines 1 and 2 alone; George Bush) or alternatively George Herbert Walker Bush is in the quatrain as a whole once we should combine the two v’s to suggest a ‘w’ and substitute ‘qu’ for ‘k’ as used to occur in the OF ‘kil’ which once synthesized ‘qu’il’ by enclisis. (As a literary aside,  JFK jr. founded and published the ‘George Magazine’.)

I suppose it might be in bad taste to point out the amusing coincidence that the letters of ‘coup d’etat’ are available from the quatrain above and separately from Quatrain VI 37 below. The President John Kennedy is dead! Long live the Presidents Lyndon Johnson! Richard Nixon! Gerald Ford! Jimmy Carter! and G.H.W. Bush!

Other fascinating players who crop up include Lee Harvey Oswald’s sole US friend on returning from quite a jolly and gregarious stay in Soviet Russia, George de Mohrenschildt. (A bizarre friendship that terminated before the assassination and seems based on Oswald’s dislikeable attitude towards most American people which rather amused his better educated and more sophisticated pal – although some conspiracy theorists claim he was an agent of some kind). Also, the name David Sanchez Morales (supposed killer of Robert Kennedy) bears repetition and George H. W. Bush also. This Bush cameo-role of sorts is suggested by divers sources including FBI and CIA memos, but it is not a clear picture. For example, a memo from J.Edgar Hoover mentions keeping one George Bush alerted on the subject of Kennedy’s death but then there is more than one George Bush in the world to choose from.

Jack Ruby or Jacob Rubinstein, possibly the Jake Rubenstein of Lansky’s Chicago side, was also possibly the Jack Rubestein who was a sometime associate of Dicky Nixon according to released correspondence. Ruby owned a striptease club which was more or less orderly, was befriended byDallas police officers as much as by the demi-monde and even contacted a rival club owner on the news of JFK’s death to suggest they both close-up shop out of respect. It’s said that he did not expect to spend time in gaol at all for killing Oswald some days after the Kennedy killing as he viewed his own action as ultimately heroic and especially supportive towards the widowed Mrs. Jackie Kennedy.

At a particular secret society in one of the worlds top four universities – with access unusually restricted to sons from a peculiar wealthy sector of American society – there was a regular practice to cast pretended ruinous evil from the courtyard roof onto mock-sacrificial initiatory candidates frolicing naked in an open area below. This “ancient work” rings of an initiation ceremony but assassination ceremonies are similarly age-old and even some human blood-sacrifices in the Americas have been known to be both expected yet involuntary.

Nostradamus Quatrain  VI 37

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

L’oeuure ancienne se paracheuera,
Du toict cherra sur le grand mal ruyne:
Innocent faict mort on accusera:
Nocent caiché taillis à la bruyne.

The ancient work will be finished completely,
Evil ruin will fall upon the great one from the roof:
They will accuse a killed innocent party:
The guilty party hidden in the misty copse/by a copse in the light rain or fog.

Line 4, OF ‘bruyne’ can be a light rain or else fog. Nostredame uses ‘bruyne’ elsewhere to describe the fiery drizzle of Greek Fire which in battles in the Eastern Mediterranean could be thrown on a trajectory from one ship to another. A fiery, smokey rain of death.

Line 4 contains letters that will spell-out Ruby, Rubinstein, Rubestein or Rubenstein.

More than one person died by a plurality of gunshots at Dallas, Texas, on 22nd November 1963. Opinions vary as to who pulled what trigger. The trails are many. JFK had suppressed a deadly US secret service who had gotten used to covertly changing world affairs. Especially they hated Castro’s Cuba and smarted after the fatalities of friends during the Bay of Pigs fiasco. JFK blocked them from creating a popular war by false flag terrorism involving first killing innocent USA and Cuban citizens. They connected to drug smugglers and for their own reasons helped themselves to what was to become voluminous illegal importing. This involved George W. Herbert Bush on more than one level at more than one time. The CIA held themselves above the law. The FBI saw themselves as the political police. They both had gangster connections. We can imagine how much they were despised by regular police men and women who proudly wore badged uniforms. American history has produced a unique myth in the cult of the anti-hero, one that their movies are still exporting to amused or bemused audiences all over the world. This was in the days when the American male was most held to be ‘manly’ if he did violent and dangerous deeds and scored highly in diverse sexual liaisons. (G.Gordon Liddy who rose to infamy under President Nixon was the living prototype for a later film character who held his own hand in the fire to prove his macho physical superiority.)  Flowerpower and environmentalism hadn’t hit home yet and would be ‘sissy’ yet worriesome to these tough-guys who tended to dominate the secret service culture and parts of the Administration and were adulated as prototypical of masculinity in all-American fantasies.

Opium fields all across the world got drawn into the assassination speculation. A trail has been said to run through the North American Mafia/CIA/Cuban exile connections or ‘Santo Trafficante’ containing well-informed killers such as Lucien Rivard and another through the French-Corsican ex-Nazi Mafia commander of such ‘soldiers’ as Lucien Sarti. Stories exist of gangsters flown up straightways to Montreal after the assassination in Dallas. The gangboss of the first ‘trail’ has been said to be the ‘adopted son’ of the gangboss of the second ‘trail’. Oddly, the words ‘Nazi’ and ‘Mafia’ often figure in loose talk of behind-the-scenes exercisements of power in America.

The eyewitness testimony of S. M. Holland, an employee of the Union Terminal railroad in Dallas, was taken down at 2:20 p.m., on April 8, 1964. He stood on the ‘triple loop’ overpass  above Elm Street to view the Presidential motorcade. He said there were not too many up there and uniformed police he spoke to earlier were routinely asking for the identification of a few late comers. He saw the cars turn from Main ontoHoustonand intoElm Street, Northside. JFK lifted his right hand momentarily. There was a “pretty loud” report, amplified by the bridge over the gravel observed Mr. Holland. Another report was heard that knocked John Kennedy over. There follows a description of a puff of smoke about two metres above ground coming from under trees, not as loud as the other reports.

“It could have been the third or fourth, but there were definitely four reports.”

Mr. Holland was a very good witness. He had realized what was happening when he saw Governor Connally also reel over in the convertible. He said he ran down to where police, plainclothes officers and people were looking for cartridge shells. At this time he was not asked for his name. He confirmed his aural opinion that the first two or three shots came from the crowd up on East of Elm and none at all from his own viewing point. The four shots had four distinct sounds and he refused to be led on that matter. The one most definite fact of all, he explained, was the puff of smoke. He read out his original statement which included “After the first shot the Secret Service man raised up in the seat with a machine gun and then dropped back down in the seat” and then talked about the muddy station wagon (estate car) that parked up behind a fence on railroad land that law workers had dispensation to use as a car park. He asked if his questioner wanted to hear about the motorcycle police outrider who threw down his bike and rushed gun-in-hand to the spot where the puff of smoke came from whilst another followed closely behind.

A remarkable visual appreciation by Ron Helper, frame-by-frame, of the murder is freely available at


According to Mr. Helper, Mrs. Connally can be assumed to have already been pressing herself into her side of the car and is the first to grasp what is happening when her husband gets hit. Governor Connally managed to express the fear “Oh, no, no, no. My God. They are going to kill us all.” Perhaps he was a man of insight, intuition, premonition. Perhaps he knew some things that others didn’t. Ms. Madeleine Duncan Brown has incidentally observed that when Airforce One had come down to land and people got very excited, the Governor Connally – who was later seriously wounded – seemed dazed, distracted, haunted. (Or he could just have been mulling his Presidential greeting, I suppose).

LBJ possessed a violent temper and sometimes a screaming voice said LBJs mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, adding “There were violent feelings that has never been told, between those two people.” (President Kennedy and Vice President Johnson.) This is a singular and unconfirmed personal observation by her.

On the night before the Kennedy assassination LBJ is claimed to have met with Dallas tycoons, FBI moguls and leaders of organized crime, emerging from that conference to tell Ms.Madeleine, whilst gripping her hard by the arms, “After tomorrow those s.o.b.’s (or possibly ‘the Irish mafia’) will never embarrass me again, that’s no threat, that’s a promise” She later commented “That startled me, he was so reddy-faced.” Again, next day, he apparently repeated his promise in these same words to her but over the ‘phone, which seems oddly repetitive as the sentiment seems to have been expressed so forcefully the first time.

Ms.Madeleine witnessed some Texas Democrats in a meeting at the Red Court House inAustinon the day of the Presidential visit , “they were fussin’, some of them were highly disenchanted about Kennedy’s visit”. (She confirmed to her video interviewer, Clint Murchison, that she knew of a photo taken outside the Texas Hotel that shows LBJ standing behind JFK and apparently snarling.)

As the motorcade turned into the street where JFK died, two Agents jumped off their platforms at the back of the leading limousine under the sudden instruction of their security shift leader Amory Roberts who was standing up to call and gesticulate from the following open car. This created some confusion to one Agent who found it difficult to accept this order. Exactly why this incident occurred is now too late to confirm.

Beverley Oliver (supposedly a singer at the Carousel club, perhaps a professional exhibitionist, who is said to have made an exceptional claim to have seen Oswald there with Ruby) was standing very close to where JFK passed and filmed him.  (But the secret service ‘borrowed’ it for exposing and never returned it.) She would have ignored a first report as sounding rather like a firecracker except that she saw through her viewfinder the back of his head come off. The shot came from the picket fence by the knoll and she saw smoke and she saw a male figure there, she said.

An outgoing schoolteacher, Miss Jean Hill, now known as ‘the Lady in Red’, was even closer. She saw a flash and a puff of smoke from a shooter at the knoll. She insists that she heard four to six shots in all. For many years now she has been harassed for saying this by representatives of the authorities who insist she revises her story as no more than three shots were fired. The first hectoring came during her interview for facing the Warren Commission, she says. She did not go to the Commission because her boyfriend, a police officer, warned her not to go. She was in hospital when she gave that interview.

The spirited Miss Hill has much later confirmed that she only got to be so close to JFK’s car because of her close relationship with this city policeman. He told her the newly revised route. He also later confided that LBJ had been observed ducking down in his car before shots started firing. The LBJ car had been irregularly re-entered in the motorcade behind the secret service car and not behind the leading Presidential car. Motorcycle outriders had been told to hang back behind the JFK car. The route had been set down asMain Streetand not taking the ‘jog aroundHoustonto Elm’. The new instructions came from men out of LBJ’s car whilst Kennedy was busily being greeted. Police assumed they were secret servicemen of LBJ’s as they gave the new orders with great authority. Some say that LBJ became permanently mentally ill immediately after the JFK asassination. (This was akin to what was said of Nazi leaders on trial after WWII but psychiatric observers refused to arrive at that comforting conclusion.)

Kennedy habitually yielded to the security wishes of those men who would guard him as their professional duty. The secret services use instruction manuals and have protection methodology for Presidential vists and motorcades. They will visit a few weeks in advance to set up their usual best practice (which would have included closing the windows at Texas Book Depository and then watching those windows closely). They could have called on special miltary groups to infiltrate the crowds up to any required number. The opposite occurred: some secret service Agents were told to absent themselves. JFK was slewed around intoElm Streetand that opened up several fields of vision appropriate to multiple assassination. It also reduced the speed of the motorcade but despite that the advanced and rearward protections (outriders and rear footplate guards) had been moved back.  This should never have happened. Complicity is the obvious explanation. Less obvious is why the Presidential Guard should give way to last minute local decisions suggesting the possibility that, in fact, it was security chiefs back in Washington DC who set JFK up.

Many photos of Lee Harvey Oswald reveal an extrovert socializer, not a loner as the press made him out to be. He may have been both, alternately. Oswald got the job offer at the Texas Book Depository in Dallas a couple of months before the murder.

A witness to two men, one loading or reloading a gun, at the site of the incidental shooting of Officer Tippit was not called before the Warren Commission. The secretive Warren Commission was headed by a man who shortly before had been dismissed by John Kennedy which naturally and perhaps unfairly reeks of ‘cover-up’.

The Warren Commission held Lee Harvey Oswald responsible for the single bullet that they decided had hit both JFK and Connally. Oswald was shot somewhat meaninglessly by Jack Ruby at point-blank range. Ruby was then held for quite some time before dying in custody himself, as he had forecast in writing.

His spoken and written words in custody form an interesting portrait of a man in despair but urgent to get out special information in imperfect circumstances before he is, in turn, eliminated. His aim is, at first, to protect the good name of “my people” probably meaning Jewish Americans or perhaps the Israelis but later this becomes a wish to prevent further bloodshed for American people generally. He consistently sees his murder as a coming inevitable whereas it dumbfounded the outside world when it happened. His position altered from begging to be allowed an audience before a hopefully open-minded President Johnson to begging to be allowed to bear witness under truth serum or lie detector before it was too late. The Warren Commission promised him accordingly but Ruby still died a disturbed man.

Lee Harvey Oswald had a personality problem, i.e. he was perhaps odd but not mentally ill, and a fondness for mishandling guns albeit that he was an excellent shot. He was an apparent Marxist who joined the Marines, got into trouble and forged his way out again. His wayward resourcefulness whilst reinventing his young life under Russian law included getting what he wanted by faking suicide and making a discovered bomb for a prank. Like many Americans abroad in a communist country he found he had plenty of friends, some of whom were of course informing on him. He had the wit to avoid word traps set by them and perhaps even used their informings to influence the authorities into fitting-in with his plans. He married a Russian girl and brought her to Dallas where he refused to teach English to her. He could write in Russian yet he was virtually dyslexic in English. Although he had many friends in the Marines as a teenager he was viewed by the Corp itself as a personality misfit. Back in America he became withdrawn and as a work-hand in Dallas he had been shunned by others as anti-social or abusive. And yet in Russia most of his young friends were well-placed socially (so perhaps they just wanted to practice speaking  English with a native-speaker) and his newest friend in Dallas was a petroleum geologist with a colourful character. He had also befriended exiled Russians in America to help his research  for his Russian memoirs (left unfinished).

Oswald’s dead body was later exhumed to check that he wasn’t replaced in Russia by a Russian stand-in who might have killed Kennedy under orders from Kruschev (who had experienced an assassination attempt himself, hushed up, in 1962). He diced with anti-Castro Cubans and tried to enter Cuba, boasting to his young Russian wife that he would be the Cuban President one day. Was Oswald a split personality – he forged an alias, Hidell; a mixture of Hyde and Jeckyll? At one point he targeted General Walker who had served in West Germanyunder NATO before JFK pulled the General out after distributing Right Wing literature. (Oswald paid some unemployed to distribute Left Wing literature in Dallas, possibly under the influence of someone wishing to create a profile to explain an assassin attitude.) Gen Walker had stood for governor of Texas in 1962 but lost to Connally and a year later he was front-page news in Dallas for anti-communist activities. As a well-premeditated act Oswald shot at him murderously through a window of his home but the bullet struck the frame and broke up. This was an unsolved case until after the deaths of Kennedy, Oswald and Ruby. The bullet was later given ‘neutron activation tests’ and was somehow tied to Kennedy’s fatal shooting.

The problem with super-scientific tests like carbon-dating, DNA matching and neutron activation is, of course, that it is completely beyond the lay person to formulate any kind of impression at all about them and yet, like all things human or man-made, they must be prone to error even though they are commonly vaunted by their authors to be fault free – as once our new-fangled computers were. In fact, because they are so un-simple to grasp we must rely on our certain knowledge that the persons presenting this evidence are telling us the truth. The irony is that scientific logic obliges most people to make a logic leap, a sheer assumption. This is so like the Church which, at its height, even used a Latin Bible that most lay people could not actually read and sought to diminish or ridicule or destroy any lay person who resorted to their own interpretation of its meaning. Who then can argue?

Why are there so many conspiratorial theories in circulation about everything significant that has happened in the USA since WWII? Probably it’s because the World has started changing so fast. And the non-cohesive USA, a plural immigrant society, is changing the fastest in some ways and the slowest in others. Competitive upbringings create a social chain of winners and losers, the latter necessarily making the former appear special if only to themselves. American people do not seem to know that possession of personal firearms is quite a rarity outside the US. A gun grants you the very power that can come back to destroy you, sooner or later. (Yet let’s hope it will deter a police state or martial law happening in the USA.)

E.Howard Hunt demonstrated clearly to his son ‘Saint’ that a CIA-led hit team organized a group supporting French Corsican mobster Lucien Sarti. FBI boss J.Edgar Hoover helped guide the Warren Commission in their ‘lone gunman single bullet’ cover-story. But there is a twist in the tail. E. Howard Hunt, a professional deceiver for the US government, was the ‘fall guy of choice’ during the government’s Watergate fiasco. Once a political disinformer always a political disinformer?

16th July 1999:

J F Kennedy Junior’s Plane Plummeted in its Final 30 Seconds of Night Flight

A further Kennedy family member in a tragic death, this time as a light aircraft pilot. It was a moonless night. Because of a notable haze over the ocean it might have been impossible to know up from down. They had an uncomfortable pass with a jetliner that went underneath them to avoid a collision. John Junior had a bandaged foot. No one can safely answer how the crash happened let alone why. Aviation experts cite numerous factors that might have been contributory.

The plane’s previous owner had installed a voice recording device that could record radio communications and the intercom also. We do not know if it was working but there was no known distress call. An adjustment of the plane’s mechanical compass was logged on 13th July.

Reconstructions from radar records suggest the ‘Piper Saratoga’ fell at a speed beyond its maximum safe speed leaving little hope for John junior and his temporarily estranged wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren Bessette. They were headed to the Kennedy apartment at TriBeCa, Hyannisport. The Massachusetts flight was from Fairfield along the Connecticut coastline and over Rhodes Island to Martha’s Vineyard (MVY) but finished in the Atlantic Ocean. The coastguard and deepsea divers searched Cape Cod and found three bodies which were later buried-at-sea officially. USS Grasp went out a few miles from Gay Head and a research vessel Rude had covered a 24 square miles grid.

At this distance in time I feel it is not irreverent to look for clues in Quatrain X 72.  Any interpreting of this quatrain would always be much easier without the famous time-marker in the first line, ironically. However it does mention coming on the sky and the month and year of the date of these deaths, July 1999.

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois
Du ciel viendra grand Roy deffrayeur
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angoumois.
Avant après Mars régner par bonheur

As usual in Nostradamus there is no ‘w’ as in Township or ‘K’ for Kennedy available and this alone suggests the following to be a big coincidence:

The letters of the following names can be sourced individually from the letters of the words in the quatrain;

Piper Saratoga Carolyn Lauren Bessette

Fairfield Connecticut Rhodes Island Martha’s Vineyard (MVY)

TriBeCa apartement Hyannisport Cape Cod

Gay Head Vinyard HavenMassachusetts Atlantic Ocean

USS Grasp Briscoe Rude

Two major impediments to attaching this quatrain to this unhappy incident exist in the descriptions ‘Roy deffrayeur’ and ‘le grand Roy d’Angoumois’. As I have mentioned elsewhere I believe they were inserted mainly to allow a private name to be spelled out. Clearly it is not John Kennedy, bearer of the most famous American name in the Twentieth Century, and the mystery of this fatal plunge must remain.

A public memorial service for John F Kennedy junior, his wife and sister-in-law was held aboard the US Navy ship Briscoe.

“Like his father he had every gift but length of years” Edward Kennedy

Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012