What Time Is The Sinister Interloper Due Before The True Masih-Mashiach-Messiah-Christ Arrives?

What Time Is The Sinister Interloper Due Before The True Masih-Mashiach-Messiah-Christ Arrives?

I have seen the wicked terrible, And spreading as a green native plant, And he passeth away, and lo, he is not, And I seek him, and he is not found! Observe the perfect, and see the upright, For the latter end of each be peace. Psalm 37 attributed to David (Youngs Literal Translation Bible)

The Genesis concept of the seventh day of rest (some other famous 7’s are explored in the Article UNDERSTANDING NOSTRADAMUS: EXPLORING SOME SUBJECTS RECURRENT IN THE CENTURIES) is enjoyed largely for economic reasons in the world today. A day-off for spending-out so as to stoke-up the consumer economy. It’s millennial equivalent, though, remains as sacrosanct as the Jewish Sabbath. As an astrologer Michel Nostredame might have felt stretched between the cyclical theory of 7 millennia and the linear religious version which has the 7th millennium as the Messianic Age, the end phase of time. AD2239 is also the Hebrew year 6000 by which time, counting from a religious date of Creation (seven days in 3761BC, they say) the Messiah must arrive on Earth. But before the compassion and wisdom of EL-AL-THE FATHER apparently personifies Itself for the last time we may encounter a deceptive world figure who might begin well but who goes very badly awry.

Although there are always some with a reckless obliviousness to personal survival there have always been many more balanced people with a strong sense of identity that makes, for them, the stepping outside of their individual range of behavioural limits an action that is non-compatible with existence and they “would rather die” than do that alien thing. In an inversion of this, a revolution brings inspirational insights into an acceptable future and reinforces rejection of what has become the unacceptable status quo. For the First Advent Jesus came to us like a humble shepherd in distress over his sheep but at the Second Coming He is anticipated on Clouds and in Glorious Victory.

Although the Maccabeeans did once restore sovereignty to Judah (and stirred civil upset too) theirs was overwhelmingly a religious war – maybe the first truly religious war. Fighters willingly died for their god – almost a brand new idea that through official exhortations was emulated repeatedly thereafter (handled rather woefully by the Emperor Flavius Constantine who introduced a Christ-Resurrected-Is-Invincible style of battle motto on his Roman military banners whilst outlawing on pain of death any new-fangled Christian pacifism amongst his officers and men.)

The Hasmonean family had then ruled Judea from 164BC to 63BC and one of the descendants of their revolutionary founding patriarch was to be the wife of King Herod (born Jewish from the forced conversion of his ancestors) who we know from the Bible as the harsh Roman placeman who had it in for baby Jesus.

The Maccabeean Wars seemingly provided the ‘type’ for a Jewish religious leader-cum-miltary leader or ‘messiah’ whose re-emergence was awaited. This ‘christ’ would throw out the occupying forces of the strangers (and the puppet king) whilst expanding Judean territorial claims to boot, all in the name of Judah-ism/YHVVH-ism.

The Judean messianic movement simply could not tolerate the rule of Rome but this backfired badly when Rome reacted as if messianic rebels were its greatest problem by dispersing the Jews entirely and, sure enough, that movement did then conjure a rebellion elsewhere later on.But there is no evidence that the Christian Martyrs were other than true pacifists by the time of their persecution at Rome. Were they peacemakers in the early days? They were first recorded as noisy synagogue disrupters and then went down into disparate underground congregations of Jesus-worshippers at the very same time as the more militaristic messianic movement was plotting to terrorize the Romans.The Dead Sea Scrolls have some of this chanelled aggression. (Interestingly, the bloody and intolerant Roman army seem to have left the vulnerable desert-based Essenes quite untouched.)

In the Christian world today it is generally disallowed that any Jewish would-be leader with a religious bent and working access to military assets could possibly be called, or even be calling their self, the ‘Christ’ but that was the literal meaning of ‘Messiah’. Do we call him ‘the King’ because He was originally intended to overthrow Rome’s puppet rulers? Conversely were those Roman puppet kings of Jerusalem a type for the later rumours of a powerful anti-christ?

It seems possible that duality can create illusions and for those living in our day-and-night duality those mutual illusions form their common reality. The depth of disparity between the unpronounceable god of the OT and the father god of the NT is explored (though in the normally biased one-religion way) at http://marioquesada.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/jehovah-the-evil-god/

For me, I’m quite inclined toward Isaiah 45:7 where, as if the god speaks, Isaiah confirms that “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things”. Not that I’m religious about this but because I cannot imagine that God does not manage everything, apart from a few feeble excursions by incompetent lying humans and a rather spectral Devil influencing them. But really, who or what else has got that much power and intelligence?

For a person in the regular mind-body mode it is rare not to be driven by information acquired from society and it is even thought bad should some social drive or another prove to be uninformed. For the person who has Enlightened their Self though it is quite different although they will likely hold their cards close to their chest unless compelled to kindnesses by compassion for another’s bad circumstances. Contradistinct to these are the ‘avatars’ or else the ‘remote viewers’ who, like Michel Nostredame, may well have tried but simply found it too hard to contain such potentially instrumental information. George Bush Jr. is alleged to have burst out “God sent me to end the tyrrany in Iraq”. Whether he said that or not, it still makes me wonder whether Mr.Bush was a crusading zealot willing to put his life on the line or a man pushed hard by other politicians, a patsy, a facilitator making his friends glad or simply one on a mission chosen by his god/his father. Maybe all of those things. Certainly his Millennial election had mystery about it.

Over in Cappadocia, Apollonius of Tyana was an orator-philosopher born to a wealthy Greek family contemporary to poor Jesus of Nazareth but more famous for a hundred years or so and who the zealous Christian persecutor Heirocles later claimed to be the true historic model for their miraculous holyman. Maybe the Romans used the awestruck nature of this Greek folk memory, backed-up by many public statues and records of him, to divide the followers of Jesus. Alternatively a few historians have considered that the words of Paul could be his pronouncements studiously rewritten. Apollonius died in Crete at a great age (if he died at all) and I guess that Jesus and Apollonius fit reasonably well to a handful of the 22 percepts in Lord Raglan’s book ‘The Hero, A Study in Tradition, Myth and Drama’ (as do Romulus and Robin Hood). These were very likely real people yet witnesses claimed they were superhuman, which is to say unreal or more than real, and supposedly there were witnesses to each of our heroes resurging after their apparent deaths.Apollonius is said to have introduced Krishna to the Greeks as ‘Christos’ following his travels in India. The earliest recorded words of Jesus may be found in the non-canonical Gospel purportedly written by Thomas the Disciple in India. There are so many parallels:

“It has been claimed that Apollonius of Tyana  was initiated into the Arcanum of Egypt in the Great Pyramid, where he hung upon a cross until unconscious and was then laid in the tomb for three days. While his body was unconscious, his soul was thought to pass into the realms of the immortals (the place of death). After it had vanquished death (by recognizing that life is eternal) it returned again to the body, which then rose from the coffer, after which he was hailed as a brother by the priests, who believed that he had returned from the land of the dead. This concept was, in substance, the teaching of the Mysteries.”  Honorary 33rd degree American Mason, Manly P. Hall

(Is this the same ‘rite, sacir’ or sacred rite eluded to in Nostradame’s ‘ruling called out against the critically inept’ who are also referred to as the ‘profanum vulgus’, the common or uninitiated? See Century VI 100 as firstpublished 1557 in Utrech by du Rosne.)

Jewish tradition alludes to four messianic figures referred to as the Four Craftsmen and mentioned in the Talmud and in the Book of Zechariah. (For more about this extraordinary book see the Article END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (1) THE BOOK OF ZECHARIAH)

They include Messiah ben Joseph who purportedly will help rebuild the temple and, if necessary, wage a war against contrary forces, dying during combat with the enemies of Israel. The Messiah ben David (son of David) will then reign as the Jewish king (during which time Israel’s dead will be resurrected, a common prediction of all the major religions concerning their own supporters).

Doesn’t Michel de Nostradame say that there will be three Christ-interlopers in all? Well, not necessarily. It depends upon the translation-interpretation of the first three words of the first line of just one quatrain.

(See the Preamble and the THIRD ANTICHRIST section in the Article LA CANNON’S NOSTRADAMUS AND OTHER WORLD’S END GAME PLAYERS   and the Nostradamus Quatrain VIII  77  THE EXTENDED VERSION)

 VIII  77  1568   Lyon   Benoist Rigaud

L’antechrist trois bien tost annichilez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
Les heretiques mortz, captifs, exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rogie gresler terre.

So many learned observers have maintained that “L’antechrist trois” taken word-for-word must mean “the three Antichrists” that I have happily worked through that idea on other pages without dissent but when I consider this particular quatrain in detail I can easily arrive at a different conclusion. (NB I do not claim to be a professional or academic linguist or to have any special knowledge of Old French, unlike a famed Nostradamus commentator whose translations frequently have me flummoxed.)

 My Translation:
The Antichrist very soon wipes out the three,
Twenty seven years bloody war it flows OR the Royal pursues his war.
The dissenters dead, captives, exiles;
Blood human bone red water hails down to grizzled ground.

As can be seen from the title of this page, it is not clear how best to phrase the simple enquiry “God’s Messiah, here when?” with any degree of precision – even should we already believe that we have a clue to the answer. A major problem with messiahanic ID recognition is religious fundamentalism. As has been demonstrated elsewhere, a Rabbi explaining that there is no consensus that Jesus of Nazareth (or whatever his original name was) appears at all in the Talmud (the major Jewish  book of reference or bible) would well be greeted with cries of ‘blasphemy’, or worse, by Christians who in turn would appear blasphemous, or worse, to the good Rabbi. Who on Earth listens to ignorant outsiders who are oblivious to their own blasphemies? Even Atheism boasts convinced believers who close their ears to non-atheists. (What will rabbis, prelates, priests and atheists do should the obviously True One Messiah suddenly appear before the public’s eyes without warning? Form a consensus, start spinning yarns or simply wait for an unfortunate incident returning all to the pre-existing power structure?)

 Any investigation into the Sixteenth Century Opera Nostradamus also commences under waves that wash away at the truth. This essentially commenced with Michel himself churning away at his own oracular ocean in order to (a) ensure minimum Church censure during official procedures for publication/avoid all chance of re-arrest and (b) hold back actual dates and times to soften the blow to future readers/avoid the unpleasant straking of his good name, as expressed in both the PREFACE TO CESAR  and the EPISTLE TO THE KING where we may also find:

by this discourse I put these predictions well-nigh confusedly, and when it will be and the start thereto, for the time sequences that it follows, that it is by no means or not very well in conformity with the excellent: the which is somewhat by astronomic seeing, at other times by the holy scriptures, which can by no means fail

I suspect that when he felt that where his starry calculations were confounded by biblical accounts he must go with the latter (or risk standing accused of impiety, possibly by the travelling Inquisition, as Holy Scripture was not to be wrong-footed) but he claims to have drifted into discontinuities when using both these ‘excellent’ sources.

Neither a novelty blunt edge nor some sharpened old saw will open up this corpus of Nostradame’s works to us. It requires the gentlest of penetration.Of the invisible forces that can steer us sweet hope is the most heartening, luck has its long-odds and unswerving fate, or destiny, is ultimately fearful.Sweeping the three together could bring us a future as damnable as that brought by the efficient new broom in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.(See the Article ADDENDUM TO ‘NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAINS 191 AND VI 11 AND V65 : 191 IS THE REAL 911’) Fortunately they will seldom confound us in trio. Hope is an almost tangible pleasure, luck peeps in and out of the moving picture somewhat divertingly and upcoming fate is forever present yet so easily underestimated. Our public life, however, occurs within an imposed social and scientific matrix of ‘deadman’s handle’ logic.


They say the basic numerals were selected to accord with ten-finger calculations.In other words standard math numeracy, though handy, is basic and arbitrary and quite oblivious to timely growth and tick-tocking decay. Somehow even the godly have been educated to believe that the whole universe is also made from sterile eternal math based on ten unchangeable fingers.When we approach the analysis of any matter we no longer even consider whether our math is improperly conceived. We give our monkey-fisted numeric system an ‘a priori’ precedence over the highly intelligent God and His adaptive Creation or else we consider math to be the only thing to exist pre-Big Bang as if necessarily suited to the Nothingness before the Singularity. (The math symbols for zero and infinity should never appear within the same system, in my opinion.)Everything science can understand is susceptible to arithmetical order but that is no more than the result of a circular limitation for, as Einstein has said, what we know is like a small drop of water but what we don’t know is like an ocean. Math techniques get stratospheric results within their own microspheres. So why do we know so much that is perpendicular to our general abilities and yet so little about the very ground of being?Could it be because we cannot cope with a huge chunk of the truth awaiting our discovery unless or until we discard our ten-digit deductionsand the routine absenting of that old non-entity called Time? Until Einstein’s relativity, that is, although more often than not we still ignore time’s ever-changing effect on real things like ripening bananas or fermenting wines by applying our strictly consistent units to them. (Let alone recognizing the essential micro-gap between units that would stop us gabbling-on about impossibly seamless numerical sequences: continuity and quantization are different in math from the physical realities. Really all adjacent surfaces interact with each other but a train constructed without discrete or at least partially gapping units represents a broken-back infinity in a single set of something or else a stringing of sets or sets of sets, et ceteros.)


Meanwhile the Big Banks, betting the house daily in La-La-Land, are pilloried as bankrupt in most every way (http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/04/wars-bankers-wars.html) if it were not for an exceptional competence at numerical sleight of hand, the ‘balances of deceit’ cited in Proverbs 20:23.

They prosper keenly from rewarding a nation’s obliging Representatives with strictly covert donations of black-screen digital assets for their chosen toxic exchanges with the real economy – some truly big Somethings being acquired out of oodles of Nothing. No wonder some think they are gods or the familiars of gods.

At the Te Deum homily in St. Peter’s for the end of AD 2013 and beginning of AD 2014 the Jesuit Pope Francis stated (my translation)

 “We must collect – as in a basket – the days, the weeks, the months that we have lived (so as) to offer everything to the Lord. Let us ask ourselves how have we lived through the time that He has given us? If we used it for ourselves especially, for our own interests; have we also found a way to spend it for others? And how long have we reserved for ‘being with God’, in prayer, in silence, in Worship.”

Is Bergliogni announcing that we are now entering The Last Times that the Church has said will precede the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and that the Papa is now saying will bring the “fullness” of the times? He expanded this to determine time not as cyclical but linear, “a path that leads towards a fulfillment”. This year is “a further step toward the goal that lies ahead of us: a place of hope, a place of happiness, because we will meet God …”

 But how may the less committed know easily the difference between a christ and an anti-christ? (Every priest suspects that in their congregation lurk those who have not yet closed the door of their heart to all alternatives, despite any fiercely maintained appearance of commitment.)

Who can be a Christ? The following two translations are from the Internet works of notable academic theologian Mahlon Smith:

 ‘For the Messiah (who is my son) shall be revealed with those who are with him; and for 400 years he shall bring joy to those who are left. And after these years the Messiah (who is my son) shall die along with all who have the breath of man. And the world will return to its original silence for seven days as when it began. And no one shall remain. After seven days a world which is not yet awake shall be roused and that which is corruptible will perish. The earth will give up those who sleep in it; and the dust, those who rest there in silence; and the chambers shall give up the souls entrusted to them. Only judgment shall remain. Truth shall stand and faithfulness gain strength.

 ‘Recompense will follow and the reward appear; righteous deeds shall awake and the wicked not sleep. Then the place of torment shall appear and, opposite it, the place of rest; the furnace of Gehenna shall appear and, opposite it, the Paradise of delight. Then the Most High shall say to the nations that are raised: Look now and see him whom you denied, him whom you did not serve and whose commandments you despised.’

Apocrypha 2 Esdras 5:26-37

Quite a different kind of Messiah, more familiar to us today, was expected by the Essenes. To them He was the Son of the God out of “the tent of David that has fallen” who will rise up together with “the Interpreter of the Torah” to rule Zion “at the end of days”

Dead Sea Scrolls, Messianic Florilegia (4Qflor) 1.10-13

In fact they anticipated two messiahs who were not equal but covalent, who emerge yet do not merge. The Priest Messiah of Aaron, superior Interpreter of the Law, and the Prince of the congregation and  Messiah of Israel who is descended from the warrior-king David. The Dead Sea Scrolls also feature a Teacher of Righteousness who not only founded and ordered the desert colony but also incorporated inside hisself the knowing of the Laws of God (God does not speak, it seems to me and even Ezekiel queried, in 13:7 speaking in the God Person,  An affirmation of Jehovah, And I have not spoken?) and orders the world ahead so that it will be in the right condition for the Eschaton and its Messiahs.
(Righteousness and good order in Israel will bring about the end of the external world, it seems to say, which is more likely true of our internal worlds as we each become reborn the way we were originally intended to be as individuals, rid of the superfluous add-ons and influences of our histories so far.)

Such a one is nationalistic and focused-in upon his tribal and national importance – his social position – and not involved with non-Zionists. He will “stand up to save Israel” probably meaning that he frightens-off any foreign encroachers. Such an Israel, locked-away from all outside assistance, would not exist for very long on today’s interdependent globe.

Both these christ-messiah types are concerned with social justice and retribution compared to Gentle Jesus who was more concerned with compulsive compassionate actions and fulsome forgiveness. (No, you can’t always forget but, yes, you can always forgive. And should you happen to become ultra-developed, partly as a result of forgiving others, then no bad person will enter your personal world with any negative event anyway and no bad thing shall happen to you in your day-to-day existence unless God wills it so.)

In these accounts both types of christ-messiah would eventually descend into judgemental attitudes as befits non-humans on a mission of emotionally-fueled vengeance (justified morally as Jehovah’s covenance fidelity but feeling a shade too unspiritual to me) or else in cold-blooded judgement as part of a system of reward and punishment which will add leavening just too late to make any practical difference here on Earth.

A late Medieval Turkish book of the so-called ‘Gospel of Barnabas’ writ in gold in Aramaic, the probable first language of Jesus, has sent ripples round the Western World for some time.  This was not the already apprised ‘Epistle’ or ‘Acts’ of Barnabas but it sits with them in the ‘Dead Sea’ and ‘Gnostic Gospel’ documents which for one reason or another will not fit appropriately to the New Testament as agreed under Roman auspices at the Council of Nicea.

It is loaded with statements drawing authority from Jesus that contradict the Catholic Faith’s teachings insofar as they touch upon the Islamic Faith and therefore Judaism also. Consider Barnabas 43:10 (translator unknown)

10 Whereupon Jesus said: “Ye deceive yourselves … Believe me, for verily I say to you, that the promise was made in Ishmael, not in Isaac”

that drew its logic from an apparently irregular use of the word ‘lord’ by David in what may be a modification or re-write or even a kind of parody of Matthew 22: 42 – 46. Nevertheless we then find in Gospel of Barnabas 208:1–2

1-2 ‘Truly I say, the son of Abraham was Ishmael, from whom must be descended the Messiah promised to Abraham, that in him should all the tribes of the earth be blessed.” Then was the high priest wroth, hearing this, and cried out: “Let us stone this impious fellow, for he is an Ishmaelite, and has spoken blasphemy against Moses and against the Law of God”.’

Further, the Gospel of Barnabas indicates that Jesus foretold by 700 years the advent of Muhammad/Ahmad so confirming the Qur’an, Sura 61:6

6 ‘When Jesus, son of Mary, said: “O children of Israel, I am the Messenger of (Allah/God) unto you, confirming the (Law/Torah) that came before me, and giving glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me! Know that the name be Ahmed.” But when he came to them with the express signs of it, they exclaimed: “This is unmistakable trickery.”’

The Arab name ‘Ahmed’ is also ‘Ahmad’ which is itself a possible transliteration of the Greek for ‘Paraclete’ mentioned in the canonical writings of ‘John’. However, the Barnabas gospel can also contradict Islamic beliefs as it may be read as reversing the roles of Jesus of Nazareth and John the Baptist and in Barnabas chapter 42:2 Jesus maintains “I am not the Messiah” whereas the Islam Q’ran calls ‘Isa/Yasu’ not only a Prophet but also ‘al-Masih’, the Messiah. You might be interested to read “Muhammad as the Messiah” by G.A. Wiegers (Biblitheca Orientalis from Peeters Online Journals) which concludes that “in the seventeenth century the idea of Muhammad as the Messiah really was confined to a small group of Morisco writings and the Gospel of Barnabas”.

So what then is the ‘antichrist’? Is it the same as the ‘antechrist’? In OF they are basically the same word but if we seek to separate these words at their roots then the latter could mean ‘before christ’ and the former ‘against christ’. (For a much wider set of definitions see the Preamble to the Article LA CANNON’S NOSTRADAMUS AND OTHER WORLD’S END GAME PLAYERS)

My phrase ‘a fierce persecutor of alien congregations’ typifies not only the mischievous Roman citizen Saul but also the obscenely bloody Islamic Jihadists and the offensive Christian Crusaders (defined by apologists as defensive, of course). But if it be one who claims to be the personification of their nation and exhorts some heroic clan superiority then these may be seen to reappear regularly throughout history. (All children everywhere are taught that their own country or their family’s religion is the best in the world.)

John’s Revelation was the prime source for the deceptive future figure known as the Antichrist, a wolf dressed as if pro-sheep, although John’s Gospel (lots of writers were called John back then) casts a much wider net and labels all Christianity’s dogma dissenters of any era as ‘antichrists’. Some Popes and Saints have employed this widest of interpretations too.

So what about the word Christ or Christo? It’s a title and not anybody’s name. ‘The Lord Christ’ is far more leading than ‘Christ, the Lord’. It is from the Greek equivalent of messiah. Actually it is derived from ‘chrism’ meaning an annointing to the face or to the head parts or sometimes to the chest; to rub these with oil or ointment, often medicinally but sometimes regally such as at the culmination of a coronation when it is usually applied by a high priest and called the sanctum chrisma). Such a one will lead, it is believed, whole combinations of armies to prosecute those non-believers who deny the overarching might of YHVVH and place the entire world under the dominion of the Jews – or maybe the Christians should rule it instead, or else the Zionized Christians, or otherwise the Christianized Jews and so on.

According to precious Islam he is due to do the same for the Moslems (eventually in the company of the Masih Isa bin Maryam, Jesus offspring of Mary) and is referred to as the Mahdi (the Guided One) the redeemer of Islam. However, some clerics dispute this prophet-level role on the grounds that the Prophet Mahomet can never be succeeded let alone exceeded except by his own House or a member of that extended family. (Islam has had, of course, its special usages for words like ‘prophet’ and ‘Allah’ as have Christianity and Judaism.) Nevertheless, others may say that the Mahdi arrived quite a long time ago and has been waiting in the wings ever since whilst yet others have been persecuted for deducing that the Mahdi has already finished the job and departed again. The same has been said  of Christianity’s Christ-figure.

Many Christians have deviated widely from Judaism (a lot of which the biblical Jesus supported although not its zero-tolerance legalism) and yet Christian fundamentalists are especially fond of modern Israel and of saying things like “I wish I were a Jew” and routinely using the greeting “Shalom!” in a rather desperate attempt to reconcile two out of the three Abrahamic religions that inhabit the Old Bible. In fact, it is clear that these three groups hold different concepts of god-like doings. For a start Christianity has developed a trinity, the triplet hypostases that incorporates three deities as being the One God. Many churches also incorporates a raft of demi-gods or Saints and Holy Familiars (although these tend to be mollifiers to avoid the risk of puritanical jealousy/unwise dominion which may just have resulted from Israel’s purer monotheism).

 Islam holds itself out as selectively affirming its earlier roots and ‘sealing’ any further direct and revelatory religious contact between us and Allah (a word for God which was also used by some early Christians – it contains the holy prefix ‘Al’, a variation on the old ‘El’).

Christianity leaves the lid of the God-box open at a price (being that you come first to the Church before then coming to the Christ before lastly coming to God). In fact, that is its very practical trinity – a triple-staged path to divinity. If challenged by events it will customarily claim that any or all alternative encounters with God, such as by direct experience, be rather with the apparitional Devil displaying his most holy or christ-like and therefore his most satanic of disguises!

13 `… ye shut up the reign of the heavens before men, for ye do not go in, nor those going in do ye suffer to enter.’  Matthew 21, Youngs Literal Translation Bible

Bearing this last quotation in mind, it does not seem very likely that Jesus meant other than that, in some spoken context, His followers should be like Him upon his path as this was figuratively or literally ‘the Way to do it’ rather than we must ask some human representative of His for permission to approach the Great God.

Judaism is the deepest-rooted of these religions but its exponents are only a fragment of the original tribes of the Israelites and loaded by a majority infusion of Khazar converts. It is found all over the globe and generally practices a friendly front but is sometimes dismissive of non-Jews once there are none left in the shop. In the early times YHVVH selected them alone and had them destroy His rejects/their neighbours so as to occupy adjacent lands in a more convinced holy but brutal manner. Major reversals of this plan occurring during their history are taken as even further, if convoluted, proof of a YHVVH obssession with their promotion to world leadership. ArguablyYHVVH was their own local god until the enforced transfer to Babylon at which point rather than ditch Him for that big fail they elevated Him instead to being the Universal God with an even bigger future plan for them (keeping His covenant by controlling their enemies to punish them on His behalf). Basically their social customs are taken from this godlike source and so any person whose ways are un-Jewish is fairly automatically un-godly. Given YHVVH’s obssession with tribal, family and other social activitities and the huge body of rabbinic thought on proper and improper social behaviours to which Gentiles do not generally seek access all such are doomed at birth simply by not having Jewish matrilineal ancestry, or so it may seem to a chosen few.

 Anti-Christ is often popularly taken to mean ‘the opposite to Christ’ which is dead off-course. In fact the one person who may fulfill this role is/was a major religious leader turned military man or else partnered by one. The same as the Jewish christ, in fact (and much like Mohammed PBUH). By might and fear and miracles he would become revered as the Living God. At first the Antichrist shall be recognized as benevolent and suspected as potentially supreme. His negative power will be felt and feared globally – the first global leader. His weapons will likely be those of mass destruction (as already are in existence and stored in vast quantities by America, Russia, Britain, France, China and many other countries including tiny Israel). His soldiers and police will be at work everywhere. His rule will be entirely focused (the best or worst attribute of any politician). The anti-Christ will play out his intended role as head of a vast combined army and his powers will painfully defeat an ‘unholy’ trio; they say the ‘beast of the land’, the ‘beast of the sea’ and the False Prophet. Are these in fact armies, navies and airforces? That in itself would bring End Times much nearer because we are poised to render the set field or air or sea campaigns obsolete during this very century.

Moslems look for the following signs of the coming of Dajjal the one-eyed;

people will stop praying: lying cheating and deceit will get a grip socially and become admirable: religious allegiance will reattach to wherever provides the best gainmaking possibilities: lending for profit and corruption among office-holders will take a hold over everything: human starvation through famines: all sorts of shamelessness: Satan-worship is popularized: the elders are no longer respected. It looks like we are approaching that point at this very moment.

What next? Great books say that a positive lightning will then overcome the negative lightning and this flash, so to speak, will mark the final obliteration of human politics and other misguided monkey business. The physical cost to the Human Race will be almost total or total. The new spiritual era under the coming Christ, however, will be a new Golden Age.

When will this second advent be? According to the gospel of Matthew (YLT)

28 Verily I say to you, there are certain of those standing here who shall not taste of death till they may see the Son of Man coming in his reign.


34 Verily I say to you, this generation may not pass away till all these may come to pass.

Did we miss something?

Nostradamus seems at least to have viewed the Wars of Religion, the Common Advent and the Reign of Terror as would fully occupy France in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. They must have all seemed like the end of the world to the unfortunates involved. He also referenced or implied the European Axis of German-Italian fascism.


Famous-name antichrist candidates simply pop-out of historic periods such as these. We are then faced with identifying the Antichrist’s Empire. Napoleon’s France and Hitler’s Axis both tried to turn Western Europe into a conquered version of the Roman Empire from which it had once come. Russia and America have maligned each other as extensions to the meme ‘evil empire’. China once ruled over all its surrounding countries as ‘vassal states’. Japan made a military bid for a subjugated/enslaved East Asia. The British almost conquered the globe by administering its sea routes roundly but then the new-fangled airplane simply flew past their mastheads.

Where, then, will the Empire of the next Antichrist establish itself? Common sense leads us to suspect a cuckoo in a nest. Some say the EU is a natural nest for the antichrist, others say the UN and NATO are more supportive habitats. The USA is experiencing those increasing demands felt by a rich nation that is threatened by a dramatic decline in its living standards although only weapons manufacterers and robber bankers are being seriously uplifted as if the main idea is to plunder that nation (and others) before the terminal decline of the state and a collapse of its currency arrives.

Nostradame points rather to rising lands, such as those of ‘Atila’ and ‘Zerxes’ mentioned in the Epistle to the King, arousing fears of yet another Mongolian Moslem invader like Timur the Lame (Marlow’s ‘Tambourlaine’).

 Then the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin in the Atila & Zerses.

 Foregoing for a moment the urge to rewrite this as ‘Attila and Xerxes’, there might just be an A-Z to consider here. (Those ‘literary’ or ‘classical’ prophets associated with historical events inhabit the Hebrew Bible from Amos to Zechariah, arguably.) Could this imply a totality or a completion? Or might it suggest Northern Syria, the place where our imported alphabet first developed?

 Xerxes I (murdered in his own Court, 465 BC) was King of Persia. Priests of the great temple dedicated to Branchus and Apollo betrayed its treasures over to him. He led a huge army over the Hellespont-Dardanelles and across Greece winning the battle of Thermopylae but then he lost all his gains whilst bringing vengeance down upon Persia. In 447AD, Attila the Hunnic Emperor also won Thermopylae.

Somehow this brings both the contrived World Wars and today’s Perpetual Wars of the Willing-to-be-US-led to mind. He also refers in that same epistle to a misery called Babylon:

Babylon, miserable daughter made bigger by the atrocities of the first fiery sacrifice, and holding on never more than 73 years, 7 months,

By contorting between prior and present calendar year-counts, some Russians have justified this “new Babylon” lasting 73 years and 7 months as being close as can be to the opening and closing months of Bolchevikism

Should this be a ‘retrospective prediction’ then the captivity in Babylon lasted, by the long count, a few years short of the 70 years mentioned in biblical prophetic narrative.Did Nostredame know differently? Or could it be that Jesus was around 33 years old at his death and the destruction of Jerusalem occurred about 40 years later?

 The modern state of Israel was born sometime before sunset on Friday May 14th 1948 and astrological charts have been drawn. See, for instance, the page for ‘Nation: Israel’ at www.astro.com/astro-databank/

 A period of 73 years 7 months from inception would occur for Israel around the Winter Solstice 2021 should his notion prove appropriate. Most commentators, though, have linked the Babylon of biblical Revelation to the USA specifically. Despite that neither Nostradamus nor the Bible make any mention of America by name it is firmly in the running.

 Externally, is there some maniacal group now desiring a repetition of the ‘14-18 War but with nuclear weaponry after which pre-existing conditions, including American-Russian discord, will be of little consequence?

Internally, some model legislation has been prepared enthusiastically for consideration by the states of Arizona, California, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahama to deflect the scope of the NSA as revealed by Mr.Edward Snowden and now Michigan has officially added their call on a covention of the states (ostensibly for the states to draft a national budget amendment to the Constitution) which has triggered the possibilty of a new Convention on the American Constitution as permitted once 2/3rds of all the States have called for such a convention. There is no provision for rescinding an earlier application, by the way, although it could probably happen in practice.In fact anything could happen now.Doubtless loud voices among the people may be calling for the rearrangement of government into proper constitutional order but the Constitution could be abandoned altogether such is the sweep of this possible event.Amendment 22, for example, prevents the President from holding office for more than two terms. Extending this in any way could easily enable a life-long presidency – very desirable for either a longsighted puppet-master crew or some reluctant puppet president.

 Which somehow brings us around to the conjoined global hotspots of the Middle East and Central Asia, both tickled by the same tentacles perhaps. Around Iran are old satellites of Russia with new aspirations. Their peoples intermingle with Iranians. The Uzbekistanis, for example, speak mainly Persian. Kazakhstan is just one potential hotspot to be watched. Then there are the Moslems of Medea to monitor, nowadays meaning Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Georgia/Abkhazia, Northern Iran, Northern Iraq, Northern Syria and the borderlands of Turkey. Should we include the old Roman colony of Parthia then that would add-in to this group not only Eastern Iran/Iraq but also Turkmenistan. Scoping Roman Pannonia would take it further still.

Russia customarily considers itself Eurasian. In a sense, Israel may similarly be considered that. Ezekiel clearly reveals that the plural Hebrew-Jewish peoples will be living in the land of Israel before their Messiah comes and that eventually “every dedicated thing in Israel shall be theirs” (44:29) but first, as Zechariah (12:3) puts it, “All the nations of the earth will gather about Jerusalem”. When will this be? Some say soon but Rav Teichtal in his “Eim haBonim Simachah” has offered a proof that the Temple will have been erected by human hand a full forty years before the coming of the Messiah. However, Nostredame advised his king that we should always be aware of the more rabbid raves:

there abides chained to the deepest abyss the inceptor and implementer of the military wing for the disparate ultraorthodox ones, and will concrete over the inferno of the Rabieux (literally, the Raving): who feign that there is wisdom in their words.

 Rabbi is the uniform title for Jewish religious instructors to this day and may even have come from Akkadian, the onetime diplomatic language of the Near East, which has ‘rabium’ for leader or chief. The  feigning, rabid leaders of the nations?

Then there is that distinguished scholar and US/Israeli dual-nationality citizen Dov S. Zakeim, CFR/ISS/USNI (possible author of ‘The British Reaction to Zionism’ for the Round Table and frequently addressed as ‘Rabbi Zakeim’ by a variety of reasonably informed websites) who was the Bush-appointed ‘Under Secretary of Defense/Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer’ 2001-2004 of the Pentagon and the CEO of S.P.C a National Security electronics and computerized control systems company for airplane techology, the continuity of government, radar cross-sectioning, weapons of mass destruction (and, right now, homeland security as well it seems) around the time of the missing 2 trillion USD announced by suspicious Donald Rumsfeld on 9/10/2001 only one day before the hugely distracting disasters of United and American Airlines (against which ‘put’ shots were being purchased by market players anterior to global impact). In the run-up to the troubled Bush election he had been a member of Condoleeza Rice’s Vulcans – foreign policy planning under the name of a god of fire – together with Richard Armitage, Robert Blackwill, Stephen Hadley, Scooter Libby, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Zoellick. Their close allumnii included Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Geo.P.Schultz and extended to many ‘neocons’ (ex left-wing right-wingers who desire perpetual pre-emptive actions and a humongous US hegemony). The inheritance has passed to Mrs. Victoria Kagan FU/EU, the National Security Advisor to the President Susan Rice and the presidential placeperson at the UN, Samantha Powers.

 For some intruiging information look them up individually (and PNAC too) yet let us always take heed and try to sustain that we

 have not the wrestling with blood and flesh, but with the principalities, with the authorities, with the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, with the spiritual things of the evil in the heavenly places

 Ephesians 6:12,Youngs Literal Translation Bible (It suggests that powerful organizations and ‘satanic’ evils are the prime enemies.)

 Who says the Antichrist must be a man? Putting Vulcan’s shady-lady to one side, what about that machine-gun mouthed motherload with a permanently false golden crown upon her head? Or a whacky power-swinging couple with blood on their lips? Or a perversion of the Cult of Nation notion? Or a sect (sic) of CIAntologists or spunky Strangelove ideologues like the Washington neocon exceptionalists are threatening to become (Sixteenth Century Pierre Turrel’s astro-deduction was that the ‘last sect of the Antechrist’ would come about during a conjunct of Jupiter and the Moon – a fairly common occurence, this sometimes appears as the crescent moon accompanied by a star-bright planet or maybe two) or the Jesuits and Zionists, both so feared that they mostly go unmentioned in critical terms, or the Central Bankers who cunningly allow the public a limited degree of criticism if them or even some absolute Artificial Intelligence robotics system like the governing GSP satellites with their signals coming to and from identified targets or else the rumoured Near-Space Intelligence version of a lower frequency and capable of penetrating thought it is claimed.

So many candidates, such little time! Fight or flight? If there seems enough time in hand – just a few weeks and a monkish cell somewhere will do it – we should make strong changes to ourselves which will then change the world around us.If we see that there is no time left then perhaps we should strongly image everything as becoming much improved, including ourselves, whilst seeking higher ground.

On the other hand, a group of spirited and brave cowboys and cowgirls in Nevada have just faced down for the time being a federal armed band seeking confiscation to free-up land for sale abroad by marching ‘at the advance’ in response to having been told they would be shot down if they crossed the Fed’s line in the sand. These encroachers had arrived with an estimated 1 million dollars-worth of brand new transports and equipment which they took away with them again leaving behind busted water supplies and shallow cattle graves.

On another level of personal bravery more than 1200 scientist-signatories have recently demanded that a study by Séralini et al of Caen University that was once published but since retracted on the toxic subject of GMO maize and RoundUp pesticide be reinstated by the widely respected Elsevier journal ‘Food and Chemical Toxicology’. In 1999 Monsanto apparently defined as ‘extreme’ a ratio of 5.6mg of death-dealing RoundUp present per 1kg of plant weight which is being reported as more than 50% exceeded today. The nursery motto “better safe than sorry” has been trampled under foot by GMO’s “better forsake than say so” manufacturers who feign innocence yet demand bizarre commercial anonymity on the grounds that consumers with a common sense of the Golden Chain will reject GMO-altered products if they are so marked. They cannot possibly be the last to know that their supposedly ‘deadeye dick’ concoctions targeted for tiny critter corpses are potentially dangerous, or even catastrophic, for the long-term health of a nation’s people and their stocks and holdings.

Just before this Easter a Ukrainian airborne brigade were being ordered by the take-over government (President Obama has publicly called them ‘elected’) in Catholic West Ukraine to take anti-terrorist-style measures in Orthodox East Ukraine where the unarmed locals simply demanded that they lower their weapons. (I did this once when a rifle was suddenly levelled at my head as I was trying to go around some serious street-rioting that was none of my business – soldiers in doubt are open to plausible demands if they have not been viciously trained otherwise). Reportedly some paras actually gave up their guns and joined-in with the locals while the rest turned their vehicles around and returned to base without a shot being fired. (During the Easter Holiday there was an incoming private Internet report of paramilitary attacks on unarmed locals in East Ukraine that spoke of plenty of paramilitary spent shells and blood on the ground. Reuters, however, were reporting a gunfight controlled by pro-Russian terrorists whilst adding truthfully that “separatists said armed men from Ukraine’s Right Sector nationalist group had attacked them”. Who on Earth would be angling toward a civil war for no other reason than that their tactics and the unacceptable EU offer, shaking out the democratically elelected leader, have failed to secure for them the Ukraine in one piece? This could even make Putin look comparatively reasonable, calm, careful, measured and collected were it not for the everpresent BomBastiC MiaSMa constantly scrambling the brains of Westerners fed with fake hysteria, false photographics and crocodile tears.)

 The Supreme Intelligence of God lives both in and out of time and so trumps all, of course, once truth holds sway (as it must, eventually).

 The sum of my own religio-politico-economic doctrine is that atheism per se is misguided ipso facto but probably should not be punishable by law (Saudi Arabia has legislated this in for their own reasons) and any gainmaking by congregational religious groups should be disallowed(at least the organizations should not be allowed to amass or inherit portfolios of property, precious possessions and paper futures including by proxy). Of course you may not believe me when I say that I know there is a God and live exclusively under His protection, God willing, and so without any felt need for presumptive external instruction. Somehow to my own surprise I have ‘realized’ as much – actually there are no words – and so I quietly proceed on His-Her-Its way which seems to yield neither a rich nor a poor existence and runs counter to the urge for protective personal mangement. Like the barnacle that refused to cling to its rock I have been swept across the seas. Although poverty (the relative case, i.e. absolute yet only momentarily so) has sometimes snapped at my ankles, I have shown it no fear and it has never dared to bite deeply. I guess wealth disposed without seeking gain will come back much like outgoing energy does, along another route. Indeed I have more than once disembarked in a foreign place after a long-haul flight without a penny in my pocket and only a sketchy plan for my survival, or no plan at all, yet still fed and slept well the while in good surroundings and with good company. Thanks to my God.

Please listen to me a little when I say that wealth chased after will run away unless the possession of it would damage you much more than its absence. Big monetary gains that are scorned while they are loudly seeking-out your attention will come crawling back to you plaintively at some future time and at just the right amount for your well-being. Power is a personal pacemaker for which another will hold the off-switch one day. Derived power is a badge pinned-on by the ego that irradiates the human heart beneath.Every corporate name is no more than a masked face. Never call out the corporate names when you can hold the living faces to personal account. Human sexuality, changing over time, can be such a double-edged sword that it’s almost a life challenging design defect. It is a much bigger subject than any of us will allow. If you prefer sex with love avoid those who prefer sex without. And vice versa. Partnership is like slowly climbing a high mountain whilst chained one to the other. Beware being chained to anyone who cannot resist the urge to jump off. The social topography of the world is truly upside down. Any state that must muffle discontent because of its inability to cope with criticism is labelled an efficient state by our political scientists. A king who slaughters all opponents is called a strong king. A beheader of blasphemers is recognized as god-loving. The opposite is true.

According to Hezekiah Niles’ Weekly Register, published from 1834, it is the Rothschild family who govern the Christian world and the Register also lays claim in legendary terms that “Baron Rothschild the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of capivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people. He holds the keys of peace and war”.

One thing any would-be messiah must do, in addition to informing the world and working miracles, is to prophesy successfully whilst displaying uncommon wisdom or special knowledge and a rather unusual ability to act upon it.

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” (1950 Banking Chief Paul Warburg addressing the Senate)

“Why will you take by force what you may have peacefully by love?” (Sixteenth Century Alonqian Chief Wahunsunacaw father of the famous ‘Pocahantas’, later Mrs. Rebecca Rolfe.)

Believe me when I say that I can guess what an inevitabity ‘a new 9/11’ has seemed for some but that will not happen save the Great God wills it. Even if we usually drink impure water we may soon drink only Truth. Jesus once became elevated way beyond most, if not all, of us human beings – even Enlightened ones. The Truth is totally elevated. The coming truthteller who, it is quite possible, will set you free is in potential both above and below humanity and yet is neither better nor worse and no more important or less important than any other person. A ‘beggar king’ of sorts, crowded with encroaching faults and fumbling through but with an almost-sensory capacity to see clearly through the fogs. Perhaps this is the king to whom Nostredame really dedicated his EPISTLE TO THE KING. Not a priest or a politician or royalty or a gang boss but one who can truthfully tell us which way is up.

Antichrist; a ‘type’ put forward to describe succinctly a bevy of contenders? Or a singular prototype for the great devastator to come? Is there a demonic Antichrist looking to take possesion of some empty person somewhere? (Clue: people who are comparatively empty inside can be seen to draw the opposite sex quite surprisingly strongly.) Of course there are always self-deceivers and christ pretenders around. (Clue: some occupations attract power-seekers, others attract those who love to control the most vunerable.) Or will God select some historic hero investing them with the power of persuasion, excessive hope and extraordinary good-luck at deceiving the world until their inevitable fall from their rich, sexy power-base arrives? But if you witness a true and immediate miracle – not a New Science style of conjuring trick or some dream-wish seemingly fulfilled or proof of superior skill at photoshoppery – then it’s probably best to believe that the One has arrived.

The Book of Revelation, chapter 12:

And a great sign was seen in the heaven, a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars, and being with child she doth cry out, travailing and pained to bring forth.

An Astrology chart appropriately featuring the Sun, the Moon and Virgo will date this zodiacal possibility for September 23rd in the year AD2017. (It also ocurred on September 11th in the year BC3, apparently.)

I have no feel for this revelation, not yet anywise, so I consulted the Chinese Book of Changes or I Ching (something I never do for the understanding of Nostradamus, by the way, as the words therein inspire my intuition directly) and in answer to the questions “What Do People Most Need To Know About All This?” and “What Do People Most Need To Do About It?” I drew the hexagrams, lines and conversions known as 57 2,4,6 31 and 37 3,5,6 24

 What Do We Most Need To Know?

 Hexagram 57 – the Gentle, the Penetrating,
Line 2, intangibles and hidden influences, an obscured plan with subtle enemies

Line 4, the hunt yields three most important catches

Line 6, penetration of the domain of darkness can bring harmful results

Conversion 31 – Infuence, Wooing,

This situation is not at all a seduction as the gentle penetration occurs before the influence takes a hold rather than the other way around. It could well be a birth, in fact. It seems the weavers of some sort of ‘mystery’ are present yet unseen and they defeat the hidden enemies. The outcome is a trinity or it is of triple benefit to the Whole World, satisfying God and us humans whether those who are honoured or those in disgrace. Line 6 suggests some harm could come to us from this source also and so we should remain vigilant (or else I offer you my own teaching on the use of the I Ching that here it is simply an amplifier or booster for the previous pair of lines).

 What Do We Most Need To Do?

 Hexagram 37 – the Family, the Clan

Line 3, Too severe a temper is normally a bad thing but can also underline who is the real head of the family or clan and is probably preferable to disrespect and disorder.

Line 5, As a king he approaches with love his family or clan

Line 6, He conducts himself from an inner state of truth and rules impressively yet gently by dint of personality.

Conversion 24 – Return,Turning Point

Return is often both towards and away from things, persons or places. The Judgement attaching to the I Ching says “On the seventh day comes return” and the Image reads “At the time of (winter) solstice … the ruler did not go about” as the kings of antiquity closed the passes”.

In most climes September (the Roman seventh month) marks the Autumn Fall and the dwindling days become more noticeable until the three days of the Sun’s death and resurrection at the Winter solstice. (See the Article GODLY ASTROLOGY)

These ancient I Ching answers indicate a restful period after the trials, pangs and joyful outcome of gestation/birth. The one born (or reborn) brings benefits to us all. Though gentle he can roar if it suits him. Nevertheless he comes in Love and acts from Truth.

This sounds to me more like Jesus than not. (To be born here again on 9/23/AD2017? His previous birthdate was 9/11/BC3?) Although who but God can say.


 Other references to a ‘messiah’ on this website include the ‘faux antechrist’ featured in the Nostradamus Quatrain X 66  A SENSE OF NEW WORLD IMBALANCE and a ‘messiah’in VIII 57 THE SHORT ROBE AND THE LONG also see PART ONE of  IV 82 & V 26 : III 68 & V 90 CROSS-REFERENCING NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAINS AN EXPERIMENT plus the brief entry forANTICHRIST’in the Article SOME NAMES AND NOUNS IN NOSTRADAMUS and possibly the subject of the Nostradamus Quatrain I 96 THIS IS HIM  whilst prophecy in general is observed inthe Articles BY WHAT STRANGE FACTOR IS NOSTRADAMUS STILL BEING READ? THE NATURE OF PROPHECY  and END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (1) THE BOOK OF ZECHARIAH