(This page was written as a kind of stream-of-ideas consciously following-on from the opening quotation, as I watched rooftop explosions and plumes of smoke live from Syria. It was first published to this website as part of a series ‘My Web-Day 6th February 2012 Pts.1 and 2’ and ‘My Web-Day 10th February 2012’.)

Conspiracy? What conspiracy?

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications whose Directors have attended our meetings and restricted their policies of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if it had been subject to the frank light of publicity. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a World Government.” 

Transcribed from an audio recording made at the 1991 Bilderberg in Baden Baden. The globalist speaker is David Rockefeller, Rockefeller Foundation/Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission (which he co-founded with Zbig Brzezinski, sometime policy advisor to Carter and Obama) frankly lighting a trope upon his troop.

Karl Marx once said that communism would only work if the whole world took the prescription. The main difference between corrupt totalitarian left and corrupt totalitarian right is the way the spoils are handed out. In the former it is the politicians endulging the conformist new rich, in the latter it is poured out by the old rich for the conformist politicians to suck up (but eventually they will confiscate plenty). The whole world is fast approaching a denouement. Those Father Christmas foundations fondly believed to be beneficent are too deep-in with the dark group at the centre of everything to be other than malign. This is not new, the Carnegie Endowment made it their business to “become a powerful policy-making force inside the State department” not for peaceful purposes. As congressional investigator Norman Dodd reported, the Trustees sent a message to WWI President Woodrow Wilson “insisting that the War not be ended too quickly”. (To research it for yourself find interviews with Norman Dodd where you can or else search for ‘Reece Committee’.)

Following WWII a false balance was set that favoured fast development of the West but this crumbled by 1989 with the end of the Cold War and nation-states creaked under home-grown ‘international capitalism’ and political-guidance ‘finance officers’ requiring new frontier laws and confrontational enforcers, the baddest money could buy in fact. Meanwhile ‘telephone-call money’ weaned, wooed and whipped its way in and out and around the world’s banks. Now the manufacturing reds are in big brass beds and naked-shorting hedge funds can easily sink small nations. Unelected ex-Goldman Sachs executives run two European countries. They do it their way. Ban Ki Moon, United Nations, is calling for a global tax. What is the difference between pro-global taxation manouevres and national treason? The gap between our representatives and operative daily democracy has seldom been so great.

Celebrating a near-domination of the natural world by the human-ingenuity superhighway there were crossed-hands on the steering wheel of political finace that wanted to turn us up a crooked lane leading to the domination of all future stakeholders in carbonic Nature. Which would then leave only water unmonetized, wouldn’t it? Well … the bucket’s got a hole in it …

After a century of scientifically devised dumbing-down of the Anglo-Saxon/USA populations by Pavlov-refelexive school communities, why not simply sit back and pay the cost to be soothingly deceived? Ah, this is the robot life! After all what practical benefits could, say, reading my Nostradamus researches bring anybody? There is very little here to help you catch a fish, for example. For that you must learn through trial and error and pleasant insider talk – mainly by just throwing out a line. Yet Walton’s ‘The Complete Angler’ gave everybody written clues anyhow and was/is well-received.

There is much in & for you, past present and future. The spirit of the Sixteenth Century was Teemingly Vital, not TV dim, and so is the language. This is not the vacuous world of so-called money created out of thin air with interest tagged onto it that people now call daily life – softening us up by commoditization which is the  forerunner of World Government By The Filthy Rich For The Filthiest Of The Filthy Rich. (Are you sure that will include you? Think again.) Will our toys be removed incrementally or suddenly, like Greece, until  we are all slaves yet still responsible for our own food, health and accomodation? Lower than robots.

By the way, the boss of the USA’s prime “defence” corporation Lockheed Martin (who de facto has influenced US Foreign Policy over time by his maintained position in the Council on Foreign Relations) was on a tasty “compensation” package that got increased by over $20,000,000 in three years. Small fry? Compared to Rockefeller and others he is. And so is Senator John McCain who, during the last Presidential election, declared only six USA houses under his private occupation and who has had only $30,000,000 invested in defence industry stocks. But why pick on him? John Kerry is not  far off that and the total privately invested in “defence” on stock exchanges by Washington office-holders (for whom insider trading is peculiarly legal) is approaching $200,000,000. Speaking of shares, the list of sometime investors in the company which made the “dispersant” that dragged the leaking Gulf oil down out of sight (and which was deemed toxic and illegal for the British North Sea oilfields at that very same time) is a gory “who’s who” of international fixers. The gore is dead! Long live the gore!

Which brings me straight back down to Syria. Northern Syria is where our alphabet first took root. Southern Syria is where Homs is, which has been hoisting a Syrian Independence Flag above the rooftops. In the past 24 hours (thirty years on from Assad Senior’s February massacre in Hama) virtually non-stop shelling by tanks and rocket artillery combined with intensive sniper fire inside the city has taken many lives.

(I just followed an hour of it on the ‘Bambuser’ camsite, 6th February 2012. So very sad. Shocking injuries, of course.)

                                                 Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012
                                                                                                                                                   Part 2