Nostradamus Quatrain III 97

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper
Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine:
Le grand empire barbare corruer,
Avant que Phebés son siecle determine.

New Law newly occupies the terra firma
Springtime in Syria, Judea and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire is to crumble,
Ere/until the Moon has completed its calculated cycle.

Line 1, OF ‘neuf’ means new, recent, inexperienced or not yet commissioned. ‘Nouvelle loi’ is clearly meant to be New Law or New Spiritual Ways and so here I’ll follow with ‘newly occupies’. OF ‘terre’ has multiple solid meanings including land, crust, earth, globe and the place created by God.

Line 2, OF ‘vers’ is verse/versive, agreeable words in rhythm, whereas ‘ver’ is worm or a factored-in destructive quality like woodworm or the worm in an apple. Or else to/towards. Otherwise it’s Springtime; perhaps the fabled ‘Arab Spring’?

Line 4, OF ‘Avant que’ is Ere/before that, or else Conjunct with, or Until. OF ‘Phebés’ is the Moon whilst OF ‘phèbe’ means ‘of darkness’ and ‘phébé’ is a colloquialism for a mischievous child. OF ‘phébéique’ is ‘of Phébus’ or of the  luminous Sun, but ‘phebus’ is an objectionable simpleton.  OF ‘siecle’ is a cycle or an age rather than a century. OF ‘déterminé’ means specific and known.

When does the Moon complete its great cycle? The ancients believed that the old Moon had died and the New Moon was genuinely newborn. Is that the cycle here? Otherwise, astrologers observe 8 distinct faces of the Moon in any one phase with each revealed again over 12 Synodic Lunar Months (of 29.5306 days each) in the yearly lunar cycle. Longer Moon cycles are touched upon briefly in my end-notes 2 and 3 of  the Epistle to the King where Nosradamus Quatrain I 48 is quoted. In fact it is permissible shorthand to discount one turn of the Sun by only 2 hours to make it coincident with the Moon’s 19-year cycle. But then the Lunar Leap Year and other problems have already had to be counted-in just to get the Moon to there. Simply, any one view of the Moon does not fit so neatly against that backgound of stars when it all comes around again the next time. A lunar cycle is, in that sense, an approximate marker of spacial positioning if not of time and maybe the longer the period the more approximated that would be.

What ‘new law’ does Nostredame mean? Line 1 could mean Jewish folk in Israel as a replanted religious group, I guess. Or it could refer to New Spiritual Ways for the whole of planet Earth. He brings Syria, Biblical Judea (now Southern Israel) and Palestine into the mix together but seems at first sight to preface this with the direction ‘toward’. Does that mean  that at a place on the way to (or on a move made toward) Syria, Judea and Palestine some ‘Great Empire’ will fall, crumble, meet its fate? That doesn’t seem very likely, although Turkey could get drawn. Springtime sounds more likely.

Nostredame often throws ‘barbarian’ at us. It seems to be most any non-European and non-Christian entity depending on the context. The Ottoman Empire is now long gone but could refer to edgy Turkey.  The EU is not yet an actual Union but is struggling to give birth to itself teleologically.  The Persian, Roman and British Empires were the most important in the region. There are now a raft of small international armies doing damage in Africa and elsewhere, but they are arguably not imperial as such. They are certainly not religious. Russia and China are imperialists ‘of old’ but do not currently confess to that and are exercising their veto’s at the United Nations to prevent any intervention in Syria.

The strongest statement of earlier today (6th February 2012) had come from Germany and France in tandem who threatened direct action against the ‘scandal’ or at least a ‘Friends of …’ group to bring ‘the Syrian people’ strong psychological support. But then Britain damned as doomed the “appalling” Assad Junior regime notwithstanding that plural Syrian minorities see their doom accompanying the fall of the government to Islam extremists. The latest news is that the US Embassy in Syria is closed and America is pulling its people out for their physical security.

What exactly is ‘empire’? Any definition shifts by shades like sunshine passing over terracotta tiles. Miltary empire, trading empire, land empire, political empire. Does it infer the de facto right to plunder something somewhere? Or is it the dutiful administration of chosen aliens by a more prosperous and developed motherland? Must this be first achieved by entry to and supremacy won over that distant land?

Britain claimed various far-flung natural rock forts that controlled adjacent shipping lanes and so had a wavy kind of Sea Empire as well as a clear-cut Land Empire.

All over the world people now speak of the American Empire and yet, in contrast to Europeans, they rarely annex any place officially. Is Israel a state in Washington’s de facto US empire or is the USA a major part of the undeniable Jewish empire of influence? Was the vast Khazar Medieval Empire whose royalty chose the Jewish religion for expediency (much as Constantine picked-up Christianity) a people largely unrelated to those Jews of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin that were driven from Israel by the Romans? We are watching a remarkable post-holocaust rebound, but what is a Jew?

China considers the ‘unjust treaties’ that imposed her borders on her to be no bar to believing that all surrounding countries are her natural vassal states even though they are independent currently.  The Chinese also believe that they own the space over their heads without any upper limit.

More than once Nostredame has said that the Moon has a ‘brain’. Is Earth the barbarian empire of the Moon or vice versa? We are certainly all in thrall to the Sun.

Nostredame approximates that around Eastertime/Passover a big barbarian empire, by some definition, will finally crumble. Syria, Judea and Palestine are somehow involved in the process or at least are ‘in the frame’, which infers a downfall of biblical proportions.

Without indicating any one quatrain to refer to, Nostredame gave us in the Epistle to the King the year 3797 for the longest-dated of his prophecies. There was one Moon cycle reckoned in his time that ended 1888 but, taken as a Moon-Sun continuum, was determined to end at 2242AD.

The combined Moon-Sun cycle so runs as 1535 to 1888 to 2242. The year 1888 had the short Spanish-American War but was otherwise insignificant internationally other than the invention of the Beauty Contest (won by a West Indian in Belgium). It seems clear that in this Quatrain it is Phebés the Moon not Phébus the Sun but the two together make better sense and in the ‘Preface to Cesar’, 1555, Michel Nostredame said,

‘And now that we are led by the Moon – with the aid of the total power that is God eternal – this, that before it has completed its total circuit the Sun will come, and then … Saturn’s reign will make a return …’

His ‘now’ is in the 1550’s. He foresaw the Sun usurping the Moon’s reign before the accepted changeover time. In short, a possible Moon-Sun combined cycle to preface Saturn’s return bout, the moment which will mark the End of our dedicated sequence on the Earth. Will the year 2242AD still stand or will it become foreshortened at all? Who but God could know? However, Nostradamus still profers a clue.

In fact, 3797 is simply 2242 with 1555 years added on and 1555 was the AD for that very first publication in the Centuries series.

As well, 2242 is the alternative biblical calculation of the span from Adam to the Deluge, as detailed in my commentary to the ‘Epistle to the King’,

230 (Seth) + 205 (Enos) + 190 (Kenan) + 170 (Mahalel) + 165 (Jared) + 162 (Enoch) + 165 (Methusaleh) + 167 (Lamech) +188 (Noah) + 600 (Noah’s age at the Deluge) = 2,242 years

so seeming to suggest that 2242AD is not just a Moon-Sun cycle date or the supposed end of some immensely greater cycle (which I don’t necessarily accept as how can we be sure of the start  date or the cosmic conditions?) but possibly the next great destruction, the biblical Conflagration that Nostredame may have lightly veiled as the unsupported year ’3797′ (which somehow leaves the physical but not social geography in place).

This would reposition Nostredame’s End Time prophecies as some day between present times and 2,242AD or «COMING SOON IN A THEATRE OF WAR NEAR YOU!» if this proves to be true.

(As a counter-point: The famous astrologer, influential theologian and one-time Bishop of LePuy, Cardinal Pierre d’Ailly, died after retiring to Avignon c.1420. He wrote that 6845 years of human history had passed, and the end of the world would follow in the 7000th year and that would have been about 1555, the year that Nostredame first published his long-term prophecies. Does this bring us back to 3797? See Nostradamus Quatrain VI 50 The Bones and Revolution)

Nostradame did not say the End could be averted outright but he did say that the time could be postponed, perhaps indefinitely, were we to abandon our existing heavy, ungodly, unmindful, inespecial and hurtful methods (to my mind, such as trick-turning corporations and trapdoored contract law, uniform curriculae, irrelevant appointment requirements via structured prejudices, concreted thought processing channels, crazed conflict procedures and most all of the top-down controls, human and mechanical) and live a different way, wide and deep and better for all and not just some chosen few at the ‘top of the heap’.

The West demands most of the World’s resources but has a small fraction of the world’s population. The USA more so. Try telling slim and fit hunter-gatherers that they owe running royalties to Monsanto and that peasant farmers should place their leftover surpluses with Bernie Madoff’s mob or offset their harvesting uncertainties with John Corzine’s cronies.

Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012 

Nostradamus Quatrain III 97 Revisited © 2017

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper
Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine:
Le grand empire barbare corruer,
Avant que Phebés son siecle determine.

Line 4, OF ‘Phébé’ is a masculine substantive belonging to the tale of the “kid who hid under the table while they set out the gâteaux for the kings”.

Translation 2:
New law (approaches the) newly occupied lands of
Syria, Judea & Palestine:
The great barbarian empire to crumble,
Before the hidden impactor, the immature worker of mischief, can end his course.


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