The World right now is overwhelmingly hypocritical by design. That’s been normalized. There is no recovery in sight, only hollow words at home and all foreign policy is farce.

Stop Press: US warns Syria not to interfere with its aerial assets flying into a Syrian government area and China warns the US not to tamper with its cyber assets installed on US computers.

“There is no government in the world that can trust any intelligence agency they’ve created.”

William Binney (NSA Technical Director under the Bush Tenet Cheney Hayden regime)

The astrological influences around 20th March 2015 (a week after Friday 13th, a fortunate Friday in my experience) may be big enough to stretch out both before and after the main events – a Solar eclipse at the end of Pisces, a ‘Supermoon’ and the Spring Equinox.

Tuesday saw the last of the rare series of seven Uranus-Pluto charted squares that may each have seen a mighty high-flier fall, depending whom you will include as such. I’m not an astrologer but my hunch is that for a while we will have space to work on what has been spoiled for us – or by us – over lost decades. These planets have been ponderously square-dancing since 2012 but somehow the influence has seemed applicable since the 2008 banker’s collapse. I hope their influences for the replacement and bettering of the great-who-are-no-good will overun for a few years as well. We can no longer cling to such paper straws while we struggle for our survival against their narcissistic weaknesses.

On the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation website is the joint paper with the Bank of England from December 2012 that lays out a particular method of bail-in (laughingly called “conversions of creditors”) by the way.

How things used to to seem to be:

Much is said on “the mission” of the people of these United States, and most of it is said by persons who appear to limit themselves to the consideration of the powers of the nation, and rarely to think of its duties. By such men the grandeur of the national position is held to be greatly increased by having expended sixty or eighty millions upon a war with a weak neighbour….

Two systems are before the world … the one looks … towards universal war; the other towards universal peace.

One is the English system; the other we may be proud to call the American system, for it is the only one ever devised the tendency of which was that of ELEVATING while EQUALIZING the condition of man throughout the world.
Such is the true MISSION of the people of these United States.

To them has been granted a privilege never before granted to man, that of the exercise of the right of perfect self-government … To substitute … the Malthusian, it is needed that we prove to the world that it is population that makes the food come from the rich soils, and that food tends to increase more rapidly than population, vindicating the policy of God to man….

‘Harmony of Interests: Agricultural, Manufacturing & Commercial’  by Henry C. Carey

How it was:

The invasive and competitive ‘Anglo-Saxon nations’ although not quite as extreme in brutality as the Conquistadores entered other countries to exploit them or to institute man-made famines. The British at the height of their vast imperial wealth also mercilessly exploited their own lower classes, impoverishing them and tying them to machines whilst blotting out opportunities for social advancement with speech-and-manner class barriers. America, though, rose to be the great land of opportunity for anyone willing to give it their best shot and whilst it was doubtless easier for the white folks there were indeed some coloured millionaires and leaders of political influence.

How it is today:

An upper class, by wealth alone and of all stripes, surreptitiously invades countries including their own (which they have already disowned for tax payment and who can blame them, the taxes are used to pay back bankers for credits it cost the bankers nothing to invent) long depriving major parts of our globe of all privacy whilst doing next to nothing with the vast volume of information gleaned which is kept mainly to blackmail the odd inconvenient truth-teller of low habits or for the mining of irredeemable private liars and cheats for psy-op public purposes.

Nobody asked the public if they wanted life this way. The homelands are being colonized from within. It really looks quite as if the government minority live in a different country or have a different group nationality to the governed majority. This is how the amazingly wealthy Soviet and Chinese elites have lived before.

Should we worry so much about geopolitical game plays and some strange accounting maneouvres that are quite beyond our daily lives? At this time excess reserves approaching three trillion dollars are likely being held on the ‘Federal Reserve balance sheet’. Should they burst out will a tsunami of inflation cover all the world? Meantime Washington’s United States and to a lesser extent Germany’s European Union have decided to bully Russia just because it’s Russian and are busy making up excuses to do so, ‘Malice sans frontieres’. As it happens the trade that’s now lost with Russia is lashing back at GDP figures. I guess the US feels fireproof because nearly 80% of their GDP is consumer and public spending fueled by bottomless credit. Let’s hope for the Americans long-term and our own short-term sake that there is no such thing as reality. After all, Russia was realistically in good financial health at the start of its vicious attack by a rather sickly hack following its ghostly pale team-horse. Putin just put up a lot of money for the BRICS bank, the New Development Bank –

“a system of measures that would help prevent the harassment of countries that do not agree with some foreign policy decisions made by the United States and their allies.”

Russia and China (the second biggest or even the biggest economy, who’s counting?) are rubbing along well and the gold market is figuring in their exchanges, Western banker’s cartels having successfully drained the gold price downwards to R-C’s advantage (which could also mean that extractors must cut back supply at a time when demand is high).

No problem, more war will sort all that out. Create the enemy. Blame the enemy. You know it makes sense.

It is three years ago that a Major-General in China suggested nuclear weapons in defence of Iran. Russia recently made the same noises in defence of their Crimea/Ukraine gateway problem. (USD apparently exchanges now for 5 times as much in Ukrainian hryvnia than it did only half a year ago.) Many people believe NATO to be a sort of combined scout troop whereas it is actually a small empire offset to the American empire and has its own petty emperor who has favoured extending his and America’s reach by hiring well-paid and well-trained proxy armies portrayed in the Western media as mindlessly superstitious and bloodthirsty lunatics. NATO sent almost 10,000 aerial sorties to strike Libya including carpet-bombing of cities and uranium warheads, by the way, and their then emperor declared that this “humanitarian intervention”* would be the blueprint for all future NATO attacks.

* Cameron’s offbeat phrase. He has also opined to the world that violent protest is rooted in non-violent protest which should be punished accordingly. (Further that government’s power over its population/voters should not be tethered by its laws and customs, reversing the Magna Carta.)

It is thirty years ago or more that I was warned by Arab political experts that the next World War would be fought by the US and China over Europe, meaning literally that nuclear ballistic missiles would rain down on the huge buffer-state of Europe like darts from the American and Chinese champions’ hands, both tossing arrows at a dartboard to prove who’s got the biggest, fastest, most accurate, better-maintained and longest-lasting death-dealing delivery. Of course, it did not seem so possible to me back then (and many experts were forecasting that the next great war would be at sea anyway).

Strangely we seem to be living in that moment when politics could be refused a way into our lives except perhaps on our own chosen terms although as yet no sheep are volunteering to be  good shepherds. The inevitable opposing effect to the One Material World may have to be invisible and all-powerful.

History, at least insider-sourced history, shows over and over again that top politicians, like top bankers, are as irresponsible as hell. It’s all persuasive front, false flags (FF) foolery and fakery. The plot thickens in America where we are told private citizens are now taking out legal orders against federal investigators restraining operatives from foisting incitements and the paraphenalia of terrorism upon them. How much disguised totalitarianism, left wing or right wing, can they expect people to take?

“To initiate a war of aggression is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Nuremberg Judgements

Eric Blair’s job at the BBC in the 1930’s was ‘propaganda executive’. Are we living in ‘Orwellian 1984’ right now with Western screens and tabloids plastered with lies about an invented Eastern enemy who, whilst undoubtedly savage in the execution of his orders, could not have come into existence without the billions you must now repay in part through your tax-monies?

Carey’s 1851 phrase “elevating while equalizing the condition of man “ was more appropriate to Gaddafi’s plans for Africa than the West’s subversive financial, political and military intentions. Carey was advisor to Abraham Lincoln who Obama has been claimed to resemble.

Thirty billion ($30,000,000,000) earmarked for the establishment of an African Central Bank and African currency backed by gold was ‘confiscated’ from Libya’s Central Bank. I don’t know who has it now, do you?.

Africa is very, very big and China has made friends with much of it through peaceful means. The US way of violently tearing somewhere down and then rebuilding it using American-owned construction companies, furbishing and fitting whilst simultaneously campaigning to win-back bombed ‘hearts and minds’, seems ill-considered by comparison.

NATO has with impunity bombed Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and ‘coalition bombed’ Syria and maybe here comes the Ukraine. Over a third of the membership of the United Nations have suffered severe disruptions of normal national processes, even millions of deaths, through the US reacting to what proved later to be sourceless lies. This is universally disliked.

“The pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion”

wrote US Foreign Policy advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, apparently intending that popular democracies should be variously overcome as

“Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.”

There are various clues to would-be totalitarianism including: the increasing closeness of Industry and Commerce with the State; merciless mass killings including perhaps the ‘soft kills’ of science or inflicting gov medical experimentation on the unwarned under chaptered and sectioned Public Law; replacement of individualism with conformity, even ‘kookie’ conformity or ‘liberal’ correctness; militarization of the culture; national or racial or religious exceptionalisms; controlled media brainwashing of the general public; psychological softening-up of home supporters in advance of committing inhuman atrocities on outsiders; granting safe haven to suitable war criminals; accomodating fascistic personalities by providing them with government paid positions or lucrative unpaid ones; putting persons or groups under siege conditions; diminution of the family’s power to self-govern; the same for separate states in a federation; excessive efficiency of control over threats against state security so that personal freedoms are overidden inappropriately; civilian living locations stormed by uniformed combatants; so-called ethnic cleansing.

What to make of the BRICS? Aggregate totals can be misleading on particulars but they look healthy enough: total imports $2.95 trillion, total exports $3.19 trillion and headroom for a high rate of growth: world population share 41.6% but combined GDP only 19.8% of the global figure. Coming-up, the New Development Bank which is undoubtedly designed to be a world institution. Can this be happening? The IMF and the global reserve currency both weakening, perhaps out of the game, from one fell swoop? Is this the end of Bretton Woods/the Washington Consensus? Has Obama lurched to war at the expense of all else? China was stonewalled on its quest for higher voting rights at the US’s IMF. Now France, Germany and Italy have agreed to participate with China in a flagship Asian investment bank which can rival the US’s World Bank, expanding beyond Washington-based decision-making and US jurisdiction. And slashing the chances of a One World economic governance.

Israel’s PM Netanyahu, the son of a progenitor of the Likud party, has been spilling the beans lately about Twenty First Century electioneering/election-gearing by complaining over vast left-wing international financial support for his opposite number, including by famous tycoons (add the involvement of celebs like Chuck Norris and Sarah Silverman). But after all that his party has just won this democratic election

“And yet, the way he finished the campaign and the words he used to guarantee his victory make the election a defeat for democracy in Israel”

The Joint Lists system of combining votes could yet succor Israeli Arabs and Palestinians.

The Iranian parliament, by awkward comparison, has a representative for every 150,000 Moslems and allocates an Iranian Jewish member to represent less than 20,000 Jews.

The now 240% Debt-to-GDP figure in the drifting pumice-stone islands of Japan is being sorbed by internal patriotisms even though that country is not at war. If only …

Something approaching a National Histrionic Personality Disorder keeps prompting American politicians and military top-brass to make public out-bursts about Syria’s Assad, Iraq, Iran and IS-ISISIL. These ‘mood-swings’ go from death-wishing to overtures of cooperation, from love to hate and back again.

The ‘IS’ spent its first 6 months under another name being nurtured on an Internet site. It now produces ghoulish movie and TV theatre to a fairly high technical standard with production values to boot. Do their beheadings videos stir up public opinion the most in those same countries that the US wishes to cajole? Influence the French leadership to be more pro US – behead a French national, or so it may seem. No that can’t be in the world we that understand, can it? Well, they may not win a place in Congress or at the Pentagon, except discretely, and certainly not a place in anybody’s heart, but they might win an Award one day for tiptop cameratrolley work or fine photo manipulation and set fabrications.

At this time in the Middle East serious hardware is being shifted between warring militias, governments – the ‘Libya Dawn’ took over Tripoli by force and drew up its own local administrative body (whereas Libya the nation is UN approved to import tanks, helicopters and jets to attack Islamic militants and is a member of OPEC despite that some oil is selling out of Libya illicity which would require naval action to prevent it) – and non-state actors such as ‘rebels’, some of whom surrender readily in large numbers to the ‘jihadists’ they are supposed to fight and join up with them. It is difficult to know who intends to arm whom with what. Some arms will easily cross borders as groups of fighters slip from one chaotic scenario, say Libya, to another, say Syria where the recent loss of al-Nusra’s military head Samir Hijazi to a Syrian strike has considerably strengthened President Assad’s hand. Muddying the waters is the convenient notion of ‘moderate rebels’ as opposed to ‘immoderate rebels’ which idea is clearly nonsensical and ‘moderate’ has now become the byword for any actor not deemed to be connected to IS-ISISIL (which incidentally could include the Israel-admired Jabhat al-Nusra currently classed as a terrorist organisation by the US/UN Security Council).

The Islamic State has lost some supply routes and needs concentrate its forces on Fallujah in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria. Likewise Mosul where it is reported that thirty thousand members of the Iraqi security forces stood down without firing their weapons in the face of eight hundred (!) underequipped ISIS soldiers.

Syrian Arab Army corpses are causing alarm. They say many are bearing fatal forehead and eye wounds beyond the ability of any but shooting specialists, not simple ‘rebels’.

Tony Blair is to resign his unpaid appointment as ‘Middle East Peace Envoy’ following a meeting with John Kerry and the UN’s head of foreign policy. (Strange title, how could a politically independent UN have a foreign policy?)

Beheading is not just politically symbolic, it can be done with a ritual significance that could help establish and maintain a New Order. (Think French Revolution.) Best resist the shadowy upper elite now by challenging with open disregard every level of elitist in plain sight or else get used to rolling your head.

In 2011, forty Israeli Knesset members filed a ‘Basic Law proposal: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People’. Just think of the ramifications. Four years later, January 2015, the US Republican Molly White wrote

“The House is in recess until Monday. Most Members including myself are back in District. I did leave an Israeli flag on the reception desk in my office with instructions to staff to ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws.”

Worldwide sales of depressants, anti-depressants, stimulants and anti-psychotic drugs are at least $76 billion per annum. There is a big increase in drugs dictated for a lifetime’s use. The new mental illnesses now identified officially in the US include above-average creativity, arrogance, cynicism and the newest definition of narcissism. (It now embraces those with very low self-esteem and couples-up with psychopathy to boot.) Although the mental illnesses, except possibly schizophrenia, cannot be approached precisely like some physical mal-effects they are now all called diseases. Really these should, if possible, be treated empathetically as Personality Disorders and not Permanent Dose Orders.

Beware being easily impressed by scientists. Samuel A. Cartwright, a contemporary of Henry Carey, supposed ‘Drapetomania’ to be a mental illness that fully explained the inconvenient urges of slaves to seek freedom by running away. When I was 17 I had a friend, a very nicely mannered good guy who was no bother to anybody. He kept leaving home and his parents kept telling the police to bring him back. Although he was nearly 18 at which age he would be beyond the law a Court intervened and placed him in an asylum. I visited him there and learned enough to write the book on these insane institutions.

In response to a case against Saudi and the Sauds by a group of 9/11 survivors, Zacarias Moussaoui who was convicted of involvement in the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 (and shares the same Attorney as Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber, Gabrielle Gifford’s assailant Jared Loughner and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the surviving brother from the Boston Marathon aftermath) has said in depositions that Al-Qaeda received aid from Prince Bandar Bin Sultan aka ‘Bandar Bush’. Lloyd’s of London (a necessary part of American Insurance coverage) has also sued members of the Saudi royal family.

Fearing a U.S. or terrorist invasion of Saudi Arabia and a seizure of its oil fields, the Saudi monarchy’s government – smart, inventive and possessive as they are – might have rigged its oil and gas infrastructure with a self-destruct system as a kind of scorched earth policy. Mr.Gerard Posner has written about this. A secret network of high explosives could have been installed and even improved upon over time. Who could imagine such a thing?

“I am not saying that there’s no circumstances where we would not use force”

Henry Kissinger Secretary of State mulling Saudi Arabia in 1975.

Certainly high oil prices and limited production could possibly have provoked a move like this and Saudi is relatively defenceless. But Semtex if used would have a limited life and this could have expired by now. Another course might be to let the price of oil drain down. Either way it would render pain to the global economy.

Oil producers who could still make a turn during the present decline were rushing to pump out crude so sumping prices down lower and serving the principle ‘survival of the fittest’ although there must be a floor at which all the Gulf Cooperation Council states run into deficit.

Saudi Arabia may be one of those withdrawing most from international investment and deposit. Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have strong resources including their sovereign wealth funds and can weather the downward oil price crisis better although of course this may effect levels of outside investment and increased capital cost of imports. Even so they may not need to sell existing assets and have a wired-in resistance to doing so where prestige projects are concerned. Asia and its emerging economies may benefit.
For Russia this is a much greater crisis after years of windfalls for the oil exporter. ‘Petrodollar recycling’ kept the cost of borrowing down, boosted asset prices and fed financial markets. Now there is liquidation of foreign reserves. Russia is buying billions of dollars-worth of rubles to keep its own markets stable. These reserves would have been put into US denominated assets. Doubtless Russia is being watched by countries preparing to exit the ‘petrodollar’ who are studying the effect on levels of asset prices.

Whether by soft fascism or a modern kind of communism the New World Order, if it survives to fruition, will be totalitarian though maybe not so obvious a people-killer (after the initial onslaught) as Hitler’s Germany or Mao’s China. Lessons have been learned. Nevertheless evil will thrive above when freedoms are curtailed below. Who is behind this? Zionists are pretty open believers in just one group dominating all the others. Jesuits are much less apparent. Even so there are Crypto-Jesuits pretending they are not Catholics with a view to eventual world domination and Crypto-Jews doing similar deceptions. Not every Zionist is a Jew anyway. Some are Christian Fundamentalists and others are secular. Then there are long-established families of fabulous financial wealth who can control charismatic leaders of boxer fighter groups and technocrats and group psychologists and planners and philosophers of art or whoever. But mainly there is a network of the filthy rich rendering support to their own, the hunters and farmers of humanity or else the virtual reality comptrollers of these.

Nimrod was a mythical god, wasn’t he? Well, no. Not if he was the king among kings Gilgamesh. Or he might have been Osiris. Or Apollo. So many names. Some say he was a giant because he was described as ‘mighty’ and that he has a plethora of adnomens because he built the Tower of Babel.

Somebody floated on the Internet that he may be returned to us as his DNA has been discovered secretly in a tomb in the Iraq desert under the old path of the River Euphrates. A new Nimrod to rule a new Babylon. But a tomb of Osiris has been found elsewhere and it seems likely that duplicates of famous tombs were built as showpieces long ago. Do they have the right one?

Michel Nostredame wrote in his EPISTLE TO THE KING (but it is easier to locate in the Article NOSTRADAMUS GEOGRAPHY)

“and there will approach some habitation that before has been and will again be a great city, covering the Pompotam and Mesopotamia,“

I commented “an old-new great city across a major river is affected”. Could this be the site of New Babylon to come?

The European elite have for centuries been enthralled by ‘Mystery Babylon’. Symbols of Nimrod/Gilgamesh/Osiris appear frequently. A masonic Oath is addressed to Nimrod.

Without doubt the nom-de-guerre ‘ISIS’ is not an Arab invention nor is it used by that large band to describe themselves. Isis is, of course, the bride of Osiris.

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