Equinox: September 2014 – the Beginning of the End?

(Note for Astrology fans; a telling alignment of Mars to Neptune accompanied the writing of this episode 7 of Watch Out World)

Seven years ago Joseph ‘Proud to be President’ Biden said this

“If the President takes us to war without Congressional approval, I will call for his impeachment. The Constitution is clear. And so am I.”

All US Presidents from Reagan onwards have announced with regret that they have had to bomb Iraq and now Syria is the seventh country that Nobel Peace Prizewinner Obama has bombed in his 6-year tenure.

Syrian State TV for the Foreign Ministry has been reported by the BBC Monitoring service as saying (translator unknown) that despite announcing

“Syria will also continue fighting I.S. in Raqqa and other districts and will not stop fighting the group in cooperation with states which are directly harmed, principally Iraq”

it has also given the US and its allies the nod

“Syria supports any international effort that aims at fighting terrorism, whatever the terrorist group – I.S., al-Nusra Front or any other”

When the West is being spun as hard as it is upon this Equinox it is difficult to extract the truth from all this. America claims it advised Syria earlier on September 23rd where it would be striking. Meaning what exactly? The seriously effective Syrian air defense system located at Tabqa near Raqqa has only just recently been overcome by ISIS and is now the focus of attack by a six-pack that includes countries in from the very start on regime change in Syria; the Bashar Bashers.

ISIS is proving way too convenient to Assad’s enemies. Too good to be true, in fact. What did the US tell ISIS that not one of their supposed Stinger missiles would leave the ground in their own defence? Why should the US feel comfortable to test the mighty expensive F-22 Raptor in action for the very first time over Syria this week?

The P.R. re-run of the Iraq and Libya atrocities seems clear: softly then loudly encourage local struggle for the democratic principle/denounce then defuse weapons of mass destruction/invoke the notoriously open-ended slogan War On Terror/provoke a publicly acceptable No Fly Zone. What next? Have NATO safely bomb them back to the Stone Age?

A couple of Youtube channels (one that possibly feigns being under attack from Youtube authorities and another which probably is) have shown pictorial evidence that the ISIS beheading videos are a direct theatrical copy of Turkish TV’s popular factional programme Valley of the Wolves (a beheading episode in it appears to features identical garb and accoutrements against a similar desert background).

Notably there were no aerial attacks on ISIS at Kobane where they are engaging Kurd militias so as to cut a logistic path through to Turkey. Nor on their fifty battle tanks (which they are quite skillful with) and many heavy artillery pieces, as far as I can tell.

Some time in the future I shall be coming to meet you on pain of truthfulness rather than saying what I hope you may feel able to accept. Right now it is perhaps more important that I get to know the truth better myself than I should get carried away by verbosity. Nevertheless it should be said that the world of government is being stirred from below by a weird mix of bumbling behind-the-scene bureaucracies proffering borrowed analyses to their blindsided and sometimes clueless political overlords and paid-in-cash public killers unable to demonstrate any civilized credentials for doing the job. Corruption reigns?

The manipulators want you to feel fearful without let up while they sit back to be gratified by your discomfiture. It’s difficult but don’t watch or listen to the lying deceiving MiaSMa. Actors do Method: digital photographs and videos do computer-room party tricks; the Media madly misleads its readers and viewers.

Don’t subsume all your intuitions by smothering them with audaciously orchestrated spoonfuls of Propaganda Bernays. And by all means stay innocent but not gullibly so, “David Copperfield just walked through the Great Wall of China, I saw it with my own eyes!”

Best ignore the ‘in pursuit of balance’ technique of throwing estranged ideas at you as if that is the most mature and thoughtful approach to adopt. It’s meant to unlock your sense of certainty in whatever you believed before, leaving you seeking the voice of authority to pacify your troubled mind.

In any surveillance state it is not what you actually do but whatever some gain-making informer says that you did which counts against you. With general loss of rights comes the inevitable erosion of specific principles that in some places have held for a thousand years, like ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

Incidental Theme: Does God have a sense of humour? (don’t laugh)

I was cleaning out unused files from my slowing computer when I discovered an interloper addressed ‘lang.’ and an alien folder entitled EXTREME PHOTO. The photo in question was kept there by ‘lang.’ and not by me and supposing that it must have given offence to somebody I have since deleted it altogether. It was copied from my Article MALACHY’S POPES AND NOSTRADAMUS onto ‘their’ file as parked by ‘them’ on ‘my’ computer. Yes, it was a photograph of an Italian POPE and he was being treated with honour and respect by Italy’s greatest wartime ally. How can ANY real photo of a real Pope – widely supposed to be the representative of the Christ here on Earth and so going about his duties as only he is uniquely qualified to judge fit – be labelled as EXTREME? Is Rembrandt’s likeness of “Jesus driving the moneychangers out of the Temple” for example an EXTREME depiction of social correction when ‘House And Home’ magazine has even utilized that image decoratively! As Johnny English would say, “P-l-e-a-s-e!”

Back to today’s normal: in Germany and Japan – the two leading economies reconstructed successfully after WWII with minimal military expenditures – the average ratio of CEO’s pay to that of the average worker is hovering above 10:1 but in the martial USA it’s now approaching 500:1 so we’re told. Keeping up with the relatively super-rich Jones’s is going to kill the middle class there.

Nostradamus had it that an independent Scotland would sink figuratively below the horizon one day, meaning he saw that it was to happen.


Meantime some Russian accredited election observers in Edinburgh have said that the vote-counting process fell short of ‘accepted international principles’. As Stalin is widely quoted as saying, it is not so much the voter but the vote-counter who determines the democratic decision-making process.

Many researchers believe that Line 1 of Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 20, ‘Le faux messaige par election fainte’, refers to a fraudulent democratic election (but see the Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 20 A RANDOM QUATRAIN WORD-BY-WORD)

The equinoxes occur the day the Sun crosses the invisible Equator Line making the length of day and night about even. Although the Earth’s axis is at a tilt in relation to the imagined ecliptic plane, upon the bi-annual equinoxes we are quite perpendicular to the rays of the Sun and truly in its gift.

The September 2014 Equinox happens around now and as I write the Chinese Army (the country’s absolutely huge well of youth seeking regular employment is overwhelmingly masculine, by the way) have incursed into India creating a low-potential field of war involving a thousand men. These border things are simply political and take place more frequently than we ever hear but this one just happened to screw-home a ‘goodwill visit’ to India by the President of the People’s Republic.

Up above all our heads the Sun has got stuck in its magnetic pole flip and is allowing confusing data to accumulate down here. The current polarity of the heliospheric father of our living planet Earth is dubious. Although it is not true that the 11-year Sun Cycle is some precise doubling of a 5-1/2 year cycle involving Mars, Mercury and Venus it is probably true that it is by now running late, or so the experts say. For sure we are not self-contained. Most things on this planet came in as sunlight in the first place and will cease without more of this manna at just the right consistency. Our assumption that the Sun is a mere blinding star is just that, a blind assumption.

Another assumption is that the creeping US-UN-EU-NATO conglomerate will hang itself given enough rope and international norms to violate. This would appear to be professional president Vladimir Putin’s reading for the Ukraine (although it would not be surprising if he snaps having failed at all attempts to handle the pot-stirrers peacefully) and, after all, the EU is an unelected government of bloated secular clerics and the US is busily and now bloodily at the heart of restructuring the Middle East. Having met with internal resistance over riding aerial shotgun for war criminals they are now buzzing Syria for Shimon ‘Baghdadi’ Elliott’s extremely heavily funded ‘ISIS’ formerly known as the terror artists ‘al-Qaeda’. In fact so many of the ‘rebel-jihadists’ over there are Q-affiliated that saying that ALL the ‘moderate rebels’ plus ISISIL are no more than additional al-Qaeda outcroppings – with the same mystery Central Office at we-know-not-where – could only be classified as ‘a little white lie’ at most and not ‘a whopping untruth’. Of course the MiaSMa has now swung into action to defeat sensibleness with evocative phrases like ‘smart bomb’ (meaning guided missiles, drones and pinpoint bombing all of which have a margin of error at target level) and ‘on suspicion of an imminent new 9/11’ (this is a tad more meaningful as the old 9/11 is equally suspect these days).

(See the Nostradamus Quatrains I 91 and VI 11 and V 65: 191 IS THE REAL 911
and I 87 & I 100 THE PENTAGON’S ‘9/10’ ACCOUNT)

It’s time they had yet another PR re-name for this fringe foreign legion as that overblown title ‘the Islamic State’ seems quite passé already. I suggest Q-TSAR derived from Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and some Risible or other with the initial R who seems to want to lead the world ingloriously by keeping his head hidden under a paperbag in a sandbucket beneath a peephole on a parapet.

There’s a huge amount of money going into long-term attempts to break-up Iraq and Syria into segregated strips regardless of some super-expensive setbacks and their subsequent additional diplomatic costs (including fully revamping the international PR each time). All Western paper money is debt: who will pay this indebtedness back, with interest, to whom?

The US president has demanded the authority to, or been obliged to, sign-off personally on each and every strike on Syria-Iraq. Let’s face it, Assad won his personal war some time ago but the media image remains of his neck in a noose, this time in a ring of fire raining down from the US in heaven above upon raving mercenaries grounded below and incidentally collaring Bashar into the bargain. Is this something to do with that little biblical matter of the total destruction of historic Damascus around the time that itty-bitty Israel gets put up to ruling the whole round world?

Iran may get cut-off superficially from Iraq and Syria but it is deeply entrenched in the long-term structures of both. Meanwhile, Arab states traditionally do not trust each other and few reflective people believe in American exceptionalism, certainly not the cute Moslems and clever Jews and half-Israelis entrenched in Washington DC.

The word is out that the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and a popular US University have facilitated the release of an engineered ebola-lassa hybrid in Sierra Leone, using an existing and known ebola strain from Central Africa to create a new, weaponized, easy-to-aerosol respiratory illness with redoubled incubating of its tiny particles and a targeted 40% mortality rate. In other words, a deadly ebola of human-to-human transmission has deliberately gone airborne. Many folk simply cannot believe that and might prefer to read this

rather than check out Patent #US20120251502 on ‘Human Ebola Virus Species and Compositions and Methods Thereof’, assigned to:
The Government of the United States as Represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health


Patent #EP2478103A2 on ‘Lassa virus-like particles and methods of production thereof’ assigned to:
The Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund

Ebola and Lassa patents? Should heads roll? OK, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation already hold an anti-virus patent, TKM-Ebola although even this one was created under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense/War:

Sierra Leone’s government have told Tulane University’s researchers operating in conjunction with USAMRIID to stop using its citizens as guinea-pigs. According to the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation the WHO has declared emergency measures and taken hold of the bioweapons laboratory in Kenema Hospital which is now under police protection:

This follows on the heels of a nurse whistleblower declaring that ebola was being circulated publicly from that locus. Thousands of locals who then marched on the weapons lab were dispersed by police with tear gas and there have been riots and strikes in protest and even knife murders of health officials have been reported.

Internet/www allegations that both the George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations funded this biological weapons lab at Kenema Hospital are being met by cries of ‘where’s the proof?’ from their anonymous defenders.

My family in East Asia and some relatives in the Gulf are all suffering from a mystery respiratory virus right now. I guess that’s just coincidence and what happens in a hot crowded house but what about October’s Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca compressing over one million folk together from around the world including from the USA and especially Africa?

At a time when foreign powers are beginning to remove army contingencies from Sierra Leone for fear of infection, both out there and on their return, the US is dispatching thousands to assist with the ebola outbreak it seems. At first sight this is highly irregular. The only persons qualified to deal with ebola are native health workers with living experience of the disease. US doctors, nurses and soldiers have zero experiential knowledge as there has never been a continued ebola presence in the United States. The most foreseeable result is that having gone in ignorance they will return in fever.

Whatever happened to SARS? It gave rise to Dubya’s E.O.13295 of 2003 which allowed detention of individuals to prevent spread of communicable disease and did name SARS specifically under its Subsection B.

Back five years ago the Obama Presidential Executive Order 13527 MEDICAL COUNTERMEASURES FOLLOWING A BIOLOGICAL ATTACK was signed-off to enable Federal capacity to develop for timely provisions in the event of an “attack” (a word used ambiguously in English where infection is concerned). Obama had expanded 13295 replacing Subsection B and allowing detention of USA citizens merely suspected of harbouring a respiratory illness. The US Government through the CDC has inferred that quarantine and isolation are a function of police powers. What use is an engineered disease if not to engineer a disease crisis?

Meanwhile Liberia has been caught dumping the corpses of ebola victims into rivers thus spreading this infection by water, the ultimate indestructible medium, and the Gates of Hell may be opening to ebola vaccines.

(I see vaccination this way because of the many disasters that have been linked to it these last days and the work of whistleblowers like heroic medical journalist Dr. Jane Burgermeister.

Also, my dear relative had a routine ‘flu vaccine and then collapsed headlong onto concrete and stone outside her doctor’s office. She crushed one side of her lower face where she suffered trigeminal. After repairs a cancer appeared but it was cured by radiation treatment. Shockingly her skull was left cooking inside. Eventually her face had to be partially rebuilt by a select ten-person team during a 12-hour operation but that proved too short for them to harvest replacement bone and they cut body muscle instead. They had no solid place to reinsert her teeth and her mouth and cheek inevitably caved-in again after awhile. Over a further six months her mouth was drilled for a special metal bar, finessed by a top workshop in Germany, to be finally forced-in physically by a leading surgeon and all the while she was necessarily conscious. Now metal-clamp teeth have been prepared. This will take some getting used to. She has not been able to touch solid food for a very long time. Thank you, Pharma for supplying the mercurial proximate cause! Speaking for myself, I would rather risk a touch of seasonal ‘flu!)

As usual there are some who say wildly that the ebola scare is a CIA ‘black op’ with Langley holding a patent-worthy antidote for selected cases. They’ve been caught-out recently for their Spying Doctors – chipper assets including a stooge vaccinator in Abbotabad – so probably not. (Medicins Sans Frontieres were always among the noblest of all officially-acknowledged charities. The smaller officially unknown ones are today even better if they can only get funding without control from the kind hearts who know them well enough to trust them.)

Knocking buildings down to be rebuilt used to be the province of wealthy Property Developers: “We will be holding emergency meetings with the Palestinian Red Crescent and Red Cross officials to discuss the next step, including the
reconstruction of buildings in Gaza” are the words of the boss of the Bahrain Red Cross Society on his way to meet with the UN rep for the area now that the demolition gang have done their job. (I guess that’s nothing new. During the Palestinian Uprising the British soldiers on the ground reacted peremptorily to being fired upon in the street by throwing hawsers around suspect houses and hauling them down.)

Yemen has the second most heavily armed civilian population on Earth, apparently. The Yemeni government may have offered several Houthis ministerial positions in placation of their uprising but the rebels seem to have chosen to let fighting rather than soft-furnishings determine the outcome of their struggle. They are mostly Zaydi’s, one quarter of the population with a form of Shia Islam that is close to Sunn’ism. Zaydis and Sunni’s have intermingled in the Yemeni nation for many centuries.

Armed Houthis who had been attacking villages in and around Sana’a in Yemen and demanding reinstatement of the old fuel subsidy and an implementation of the Movenpick Hotel National Dialogue Conference agreements earlier in the year have now won out. They seized the government headquarters on Sunday and enforced a pre-brokered deal including the resignation of the former leader.

The Yemen is a cohesive society, like Syria, which has been up to now both a satellite in the eyes of Saudi Arabia and a loyal ally in the eyes of America.

Historians like singular reasons for historic events but always there are multiple reasons for everything. Yemeni are experiencing an 80% increase in fuel prices; realization of the level of interference by ‘NWO’ supportive countries, especially the Western-influenced Saudi government and the pervasive US; anti-ISIS feelings; anger at the protracted voicelessness of millions of Yemenis; rejection of years of miserable subjugation and hard times. It seems like the Yemenis are refusing to be fooled anymore. However, fighting between Houthis and the military has not yet ceased in the North of ancient and pivotal Yemen.

The so-called new world order has always meant major banking families and their JS/Redir.BP* type manipulations of (1) Washington-London-Rome-Brussels-Paris-Geneva-Canberra (2) the North American Alliance (3) the EU (4) the Russian Republic (5) China (6) Iran (7) the UAE (8) Qatar (9) the Saud Kingdom and Bahrain (10) Kuwait Jordan Oman and Turkey.  The latter may even lead a surprise attack on a neighbour omitted from this list for biblical reasons: Erdogan – is this the ‘dog’ in Nostradame’s Dog and Dohan? (see SOME NAMES AND NOUNS IN NOSTRADAMUS) has expelled the Israeli ambassador and forged aggressive naval plans linked to bringing relief to Palestine.

There are other ways to slice this globalist cake including by international-telephone-number-size profitmaking and non-profitmaking corporations (the latter word meaning the legal scam to minimize personal responsibilities). For pro politicians the prospect of a global power with regional divisions raises the aspirations bar and the stakes are up considerably now in the EU. No longer is National Minister the highpoint to work for, nothing like. In fact becoming a Prime Minister could prove to be a career trap. They are not working solely for their country’s interests anymore. The scaling ladders have moved.

*Who rules the World? Permanently it’s GOD and transiently it’s MOM & POP (the Military Order of Malta & the Pope)

About fifty Ahrar-al-Sham commanders have been killed-off either by a recent bunker explosion at Idlib where they had met to discuss defeating the widely-detested ISIS or else by the aerial attack of September 23rd. This bodes badly for the previously powerful Islamic Front Coalition. A Lebanon-fired missile on September 23rd struck a house holding 17 hostages who are now being reclassified as Lebanese martyrs.

Under cover of the equinox attack, Israel was establishing a path next to the Golan Heights through to the Lebanon for al-Nusra allowing them a safe corridor and facilitating attacks on the powerful Hezbollah or on the city of Damascus. A Syrian plane pursuing al-Nusra on September 23rd was shot down near Kanaker in Syria by a US-made Patriot missile fired-off by Israel.

The US acted alone to attack the newcomer ‘Khorasan’ which seems to be a P.R. name-makeover by someone for a leadership group of Jabhat al-Nusra. In fact al-Nusra generally was unprepared for the aerial onslaught as compared with ISIS which had apparently dispersed people and things in advance.

Listen to me, please, about the upcoming End of the World – meaning the cessation or expiry of all superficial aspects of the Fundament and possibly of the Firmament as well – as widely anticipated in the West. It will certainly not occur before six decades from now. In fact it may occur after that but perhaps it will never happen at all! So is it on the cards? Nostradamus in his epistles says Yes. Can we delay it? Nostradamus again says Yes and I cannot disagree. If we are consistent in our successes at discovering our true personal selves without any outside norms imposed (and in my view no person of spiritual enlightenment is of a mind to become a professional pedagogue or a community organizer unless hard-pushed perhaps by a heavenly hand) then we may even achieve personal enlightenment of an order sufficient to defer the World’s End indefinitely.

Prophetic failure seems par for the prescience course and by my current reckoning, if I am proved right, the following prophecy jockeys will fall at their projected fences:

Self-styled US Prophet Gabriel who has nominated 2017,
Ian Gurney who in The Cassandra Prophecy suggests 2023,
A ‘sudden end to the flesh’ scheduled by Malthus for 2026,
(It seems all Malthus’s predilections have proved idiotic)
Jeane Dixon who foresaw 2037 and unwisely said so,
The website which goes for 9/11/2040, when they say Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will visibly align,
and Sir Isaac Newton who long ago decided on 2060 for us.

R.C. Christian’s Georgia Guidestones, a modern nod to the eugenicist Malthus, has a cube newly-inserted into an existing slot with 20 on one face and 14 on another. My guess? It’s simply a dumb keystone intended for a failed and confused arch design.

Of course our planet is part of a dynamic continuum and the Cosmos may make its final move irrespective of our spiritual development (but if we are well-enough developed within our Self we should escape the doom) and I guess the Alpha Constant could yet prove inconstant – but it’s difficult to tell using our simplistic numerical system based on two monkey fists!

To recap;

Putin who is no saint but has shown the patience of one may make a sudden move.

I’m looking now at a non-Mercator GLOBAL map projection just given me by an old acquaintance who has worked as a country-development-government-advisor at a seriously ‘in’ corporation embraced by developing country government ministers everywhere for over five decades. The world is shown in three colours only. One is for “North, Central and South America” as a single continent. Another is for “Asia, Middle East and Pacific” which includes the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean over to Madagascar, the Indian sub-continent, China, South and South East Asia, Australasia and Antarctica. Finally there is one colour only for all “Europe, Middle East and Africa” covering Europe/Scandinavia and all of Africa including the Levant, Iran and on to the ‘–stans’ ( but which would appear to cede Turkey over to “Asia”) and then extends through the whole Russian Republic, Mongolia and Korea to the Arctic Circle plus Iceland, Greenland and even, perhaps, Japan but that’s not clear. (Futuristic development maps have always had trouble deciding in which bloc unique Japan belongs.)

What exactly is being planned for Europe and Russia here and could this explain the inexplicable state of the globe?

Although the current concept of an Islamic State began in 2003 with Abu Masub Zarqawi (see the Article II 62 MABUS BY NAME ) the present Iranian Foreign Minister is saying that the USA helped form ISIS and it seems to be common knowledge now in Iraq that al-Qaeda/ISISIL and Washington are somehow linked. Future President Rand Paul (see the section Financial Failure, Part 2, Nostradamus Quatrain III 95 in the Article BY WHAT STRANGE FACTOR IS NOSTRADAMUS STILL BEING READ? THE NATURE OF PROPHECY) says a deviant 60-600 tons of US military equipment was made available. The spectre of Washington deploying further USA resources to attack its own well-serviced creation in order to save face as a result of its prior PR is more than weird, it seems hardly possible. I tell you kindly now that the truth will out as ever and those of Washington and beyond are going to lose a lot of allies because of anti-ISIS repulsion, even after maniacally loosing-off missiles in their general direction.

It may satisfy a few of the misled USA sheep-people (a mere 9% according to a poll conducted prior to the order to fire) but others will say that whoever wants to destroy America utterly (presumably via the Fed who are financing all this firepower) has a placeman in high office in Washington DC conducting this US demolition job thoroughly. (Even a dramatic rise in fuel prices might kill the petrodollar right now.)

Feeling sick? Raped by a system of unavoidably contracted debt? Diabolically mal-vaccinated? Suffering from over-engineered, unhealthily glooped and chemically preserved food and drink? Whole nations are, it seems, and it’s near-impossible to believe that this evolved gameplan is not deliberate to boot.

There are many other important subjects to explore but I must stop for fear of offending those who check on my pages as I do not wish to offend anybody anywhere on Earth right now – but in the coming times of revelation, well, who knows?

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” US President and sometime US Constitutional Law Lecturer Barack Obama

                                                      NIGELRAYMONDOFFORD (C) 2014