July 8th 2014. How is the rest of this month to be? There’s no really ill prophecy presently yet the uneasy web denizens are seeking signs and rumours of war

1. Where Are We All Going To End Up?

Looking at the Internet’s speculative mosaic of the global future – basically a UN authorized redistribution of resources upwards under the Club of Rome’s Agenda 21 and biometric controls inflicted on those below – shows us destruction of the middle class and a technological enslavement for the great impoverished majority.

Population totals will be gradually reduced for the post-industrial world by food misengineering and unnatural water treatment excepting some enormous and rapid reductions via war and nuclear chaos that will have dissolved bits of the old world to make way for the new, or so some mother and father of all homos horridi is hoping. This is being brought about by a tiny minority with monopolistic maximizing maleficent attitudes, in fact the same child-abusing and necropholiac creeping things that made a mess of the old world.

The new world, after demolishing demographic patterns throughout the major countries, will be absent of all cohesive cultural influences let alone individual countries with any free-thinking or reason to grow. Each region is to have a flavour that comes via military-style and possibly robotic top-down control systems – militaristic violence against civilians being the elite’s maddest math mistake that will topple them savagely in the end, tiny minority that they are.

Governance of the physicalities alone by the scientific mindset alone is ultimately inhuman leaving the people damaged degraded distracted doped and duped.

Please to live fully as a king

Abjure persuaders moved to say

God does not gift you bountifully

Lest liars lead your light astray

Each geographical region is already mapped out with alternating bands of inhabited land/uninhabited land. The poor people (that means you, slave!) will live in tiny accomodation in overcrowded squashed foul-smelling cities and no family structure to help them, only centralized distribution of under-rationed resources and with no free access to the empty countryside. (Watch your daily newspapers for acclimating propaganda on the fun benefits of living in a taxable rat-trap-cum-fire-hazard.)

The elite will build gigantic private ‘pleasure dome’ estates for themselves and their often less than competent children (unnaturally bodyguarded by half-humans of unnecessary strength and power). All gathered or manufactured foods for the masses will be under corporate control and nothing natural will grow anymore. (If that goes wrong there are the seed banks to fall back on – that’s one good reason why they are there.) Technology and the harvesting of body parts of the poor (that means you, slave!) will prolong the health and longevity of the miniscule master class. Intermediate supervision will no longer be necessary because of total surveillance and controlled applications of drugs and microwaves plus psychologically imposed mental instructions coupled with coercive control of the captive credit allowances which replace freewheeling currencies as everyday earnings.

Presumably this will produce the prime new expression “microchip credit balancing is the province of all evil”. Corporate bodies will be treated as sensitively as if they were human and all genuine folk will be used heedlessly as if non-human or else have their perceptions and consciousness interfered with so they believe that they are acting androids. Stronger willed folk with any spirit left then become accustomed to lying and cheating over everything as the flavour of social decay coming down from the top must produce one rotted globe for us Time Beings to survive on as a species. Or be easily displaced when Phobos finally lands on Mars.

Supposing the above to be web satire, what’s really happening? Well, the history of worship in the Western World shows that the earliest worship of fire-in-the-sky will eventually get replaced in total by the worship of water and the next likely step is worship of the stone substrata or pure infertile materialism. Church Christianity gets more or less everywhere because they often have something of all three. Holy stones for the buildings, holy candlelight even during daytime and holy water for special occasions. Faith – which is undoubtedly empowering to some – has shown it will, like truth, go underground awhile if necessary. This, though not new, is what is happening now at an accelerated pace. With trust in technologies old, new and yet to come an ever-enriched elite are planning to bow down below surface where apartment blocks, warehousing on level city streets and long-distance high-speed highways are being built at this moment under conditions of the strictest secrecy. The self-buriers seem driven by fear and greed and seek everlasting life whilst apparently favouring an ongoing scorched earth policy where remaindered surface dwellers are concerned. More satire anyone?

2. Where Are We At Now?

A mobile app. called Siri (a spoken-language interface for iPhone users) has caused a stir by announcing that on July 27th the “Gates of Hades will open”. Also that on September 3rd these gates of the underworld will close again. This has been explained away as the festive dates of some faith (Islam in particular as the 27th is the eve of the end of Ramadan when the gates of Paradise will close for them) which has not stopped many incredulous Westerners from feeling that somebody is rattling their cage.

 The website hosting Free Sidereal Astrology  has their own starry investigation charted and answers these questions

Is there going to be a false flag attack for July 27th 2014?                 good chance

September 3rd?                                                                                              probably not’.

Is July 11th going to be a pre-curser date for a false flag?                    ‘likely’.

Nuclear War?                                                                                                  ‘probably not’

It’s an astro-read replete with Q’s and A’s such as What would be a good thing to look for in terms of Astrology in connection with false flags? (they suggest to look for Mars plus certain houses of Aries-Leo-Scorpio and the Caput Draconis) and What about a damaging solar flare? Read it.

It seems 2014 is proving difficult for most psychics to predict successfully for folk, partly because many people are intaking similar and potentially world-altering information from the freedom news channels (as opposed to the MiaSMa compound) and as a result there’s one large group identifying with the same upcoming problems (and another with the officially-authored conspiracy theories that masquerade as journalism) giving everybody the feeling that they are sharing the same destiny or the same future life as plural others around them. This may have fortified the rulers of the UK who have currently proclaimed Austerity and Vigilance as the watchwords of the Age – much as if theirs was the loyally sound and collected yeomanry of Great Britain stolidly united against the Hun. The astro-charts for the immediate future are a little stormy – Mars/Neptune, Uranus/Sun, Venus/Saturn and all full moons (the next being July 12th) are famously disturbing, especially if you are inclined to believe that they are. We have increasingly acclimated ourselves to lunatic news reports. Paradoxically (or even intentionally) these are getting more and more overwhelming and difficult to swallow.

3. Opening the Gates of Hell

June 30th 2014 a massive airstrike by the Israeli Air Force bombed 34 Hamas and Jihad facilities in the Gaza Strip and soldiers demolished the West Bank homes of suspected abductors/murderers of three poor Israeli boys. The IAF airstrikes targeted Hamas and Islamic Jihad assets in the Gaza Strip including an Hamas HQ and residences and a weapons storage facility. A Hamas spokesman said that Israel bears responsibility for the latest escalation as Hamas had nothing to do with the ill-fated boys and warned Israel against waging war saying that it would “open the gates of hell”. (An apparent revenge immolation of an abducted Palestinian boy has sparked riots and his teenage cousin from Florida USA was beaten on camera by two Israeli policemen putting down a pre-funeral disturbance.)

4. Nuclear Weapons To Go

The real details are Top Secret but semi-officially there are an admitted 20,000 warheads as the world total of nuclear weaponry with thousands operational, approximately 2,000 of which belong to the US and Russia and are kept targeted and ready to mass exterminate. Likewise France has near-immediate capacity to strike whilst the UK nuclear bunkers are maintained and their contents regularly surveyed for readiness by such Pillars of Reason as Lloyd’s Register (adding a further 500 strategic or operational nightmares to any precipitous action initiated by a mindless maniac.)

To break it down in big round numbers, Russia has 10,000, the US 8,500, France 300, China 240, UK 225, Pakistan 100, Israel is a special case – they’re allowed to say zero despite their obvious manufacturing facility – and North Korea holds a few. But big countries can hand them out to ‘friends’ surreptitiously so there are countries other than Israel with none officially yet have a secret stockpile.

In 2007 a mysterious number of incidentally-relevant officials, from distant US forces meteorologists to local military security men, died subsequent to a discovery that nuclear warheads, some attached to Cruise missiles, were loaded-up and went airborne under B-52’s without any paperwork. Over a dozen signed orders are the normal requirement apparently. One nuclear warhead is still officially unaccounted for. This year within the USA some nuke warheads/missiles were transported to Carolina by a contract road hauler on verbatim military orders only, or so it has been claimed.

After WWII some conventional armies entered nuclear artillery shells into their armouries for field use. Later there were nuclear warheads for ‘hand delivery’ (very heavy and basic and needing the carrier-cum-fuse-setter to exceed a two miles radius within ten minutes to avoid self-immolation) and some weightier US field items are thought to have been abandoned, i.e. deeply hidden in remote foreign places. The USSR once made crazy ‘suitcase bombs’ which have sold from the ex-satellite states like Ukraine for a mere million or so on the blackest of black markets.

5. How Everything Can Change

From the Centuries by Nostradamus:

 The Enemy Given A Chance To Make Their Move

A ruler holds back, inexplicably granting a space and time to his enemies. See VIIII 92 (IX 92) A KING’S COVER and  its  ADDENDUM

After The War Comes Pestilence

 IX 55

 1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

 L’horrible guerre qu’en l’occidente s’apreste

L’an ensuiuant viendra la pestilence,

Si fort horrible que ieune, vieulx, ne beste,

Sang,feu,Mercure, Mars,Iupiter en France.


The horrible war that the West trained for

The following year will come the pestilence,

The young, the old, the animals, a horrible deed, for what?

Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

Line 1, OF ‘s’apreste’ is quite difficult to trace. George Saintsbury who is a greater linguist than I has quoted ‘la mort l’alege et de l’exécuter s’apreste’ in his ‘Short History of French Literature’ without making any attempt to translate it. The modern Fr. compound past tense is the only conjugation for ‘apprendre’ coming anywhere close to ‘apreste’ and I suppose that ‘s’appris’ could mean ‘belearned’ or ‘scripted and rehearsed’, otherwise ‘practiced for’, ‘worked at’ or ‘skilled up’ by such as a war-game played out comprehesively in advance.

Line 3 seems a mess. As usual I’ll start with the assumption that the printer’s clerk did not get heard properly during the rush of hot-typesetting. Then I’’ll play with the grammar a little. Taking out ‘que’ and ‘ne’ and substituting ‘faict’ for ‘fort’ we would get ‘Si faict horrible ieune, vieulx, beste’ or ‘A horrible deed young, old, animal’. Taking ‘faire … que … ne’ as an exclamatory construction without a value that is equivalent to ‘what for?’ the line now reads better as ‘The young, the old, the animals, a horrible deed and for what?’ (Or we could use ‘faire que + a substantive’ to mean ‘acting like’ so conjuring Line 3 into ‘Horrible doings, young and old acting like animals’.)

If we presume the Occident to mean the US, the UK and other NATO allies including France (but with Germany a bit more doubtful since that foul-mouthed ‘FTEU’ stunt) then there is right now yet another Terror War that the West has practiced in private and is ‘gagging for’.How bad can this get? Could ‘blood’ be weaponized biology and ‘fire’ weaponized chemistry?

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter: these three planets were conjunct from July 20th to July 27th in 2002 and nowt happened then. The London Olympics 2013 started on July 27th amongst anticipation of terrorism, false flag waving and bloodshed and nothing much happened then either.

In mythology the demi-god Mars is ultimately the enemy of humanity, the demi-god Jupiter is our friend. Mercury, a bad advisor who ever flies close to the fire, is quite capable of delivering his own misleading messages as if they were the words of others.

Pestilence is a word like plague: an uncontrollable mass infection that is initially at least a medical mystery.

en France

IX 52

 1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

La paix s’approche d’vn costé,& la guerre

Oncques ne feut la poursuitte si grande,

Plaindre home, feme, sang innocent par terre

Et ce sera d. France àtoute bande.

Peace approaches from one side, and war
No never has it been found pursued so hard,
Grieving men and women, innocent blood on the ground
And this will be before France at every frontier. OR And all bands (OF military meaning: occasionals uniting under one flag for the duration) will be at variance with France.

Line 4, what is ‘d.’? More printer’s nonsense, perhaps? Or a suspect attempt at scanning a verse? Is it ‘de’ (from, of) devant (before, in front of) or something akin to ‘désaccord’ (disagreement) and how can we know?

I guess this quatrain is rather general but see the Article FUTURE ARAB ATTACKS ON FRENCH SOIL) and there are further Nostradamus Quatrains that could be in that vein.

Persons Accustomed To The Good Life Will Be Among Those Subjected To A Miserable Transformation

See VIII 17 which may be found in the Nostradamus Quatrains ‘26 IX 36 V 50 VIII 17 II 95 THE BROTHERS

The ‘three brothers’ mentioned could be famillialy or tribally connected, political or commercial associates, friends or religious brethren, brothers-in-arms or even the three Antichrists, a notion unique to Nostradamus. Between them they may have accumulated sufficient power and technology to threaten the whole world into subjugation and some fresh forms of slavery could mark the end of the comfortable middle class.

6. Some News From Around The World

Ripped Ukraine has reached the end of its 10-day ceasefire with sadly explosive results: Russia is reinstating a friendly approach to Washington, it seems, even as US and Russian fleets are each playing war games in the Black Sea: China is behaving as if it is going after sovereignty of the South China Sea, this is and will continue to be opposed which could draw some of South East Asia into a real political union: The States of America are being distracted by huge border breaches with overland bussing which might benefit Washington DC and its directors who feel bound by some continental ethos but is certainly life-changing news for exiting Mexicans and Latinos with physical survival problems and those immigration arrangement agents they leave behind who are creaming fortunes from several national groups including the Chinese; Venezuela has passed a critical point with official use of militarized security against their unhappy population: Hundreds more US military advisors are en route to Iraq: The Islamic State (in Syria and Iraq for today) has called for Jihad to be at the forefront during Ramadan (?) and they have American artillery pieces, Humvees, rockets, Stinger missiles and US-style army trucks to transport them around. Spain up to the French border is now ‘Andalus’ on a new world-map executed IS-style.

For some insight into the well-organized Kurds, who are said to be readying efficiently for encounters with the IS, try as a starting point

A further unconfirmed report of severe injury or death is circulating right now about al-Baghdadi, new Caliph of the Islamic State, just as they once did about different Gadaffi family members.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain IV 53  OIL WELLS)

US Southern Commander General John Kelly takes-on the foreign-born abuser standing-up and talking-back, “he hates us, if he wants to go to hell I know a lot of marines and sailors who know how to do that”, and is now warning Congress over the border haemorrhage that he says threatens the very existence of the USA.

Ethnic association LaRaza is also wading in (to the US grass-roots protesters but not to the roots of the problem.)

Appearing before the Bundestag in Berlin on July 3rd the former-NSA elite crypto-mathematician, spy-system designer and Technical Director the honorable William Binney together with the honorable Thomas Drake, ex-NSA Senior Executive, confirmed our wildest worry: Shuddersome-Creepy-Ugly-Malodorous-Bloody-Arrogant-Gangsterish totalitarianism.

It seems that a whistleblower website has warned that another US war will start this month, July 2014. Many already believe that the NSA spies on everyone everywhere including those nations Washington had pledged not to spy upon. Maybe its not quite that broad but it is probably enough to start trouble once the idea progresses from colorful fantasy to confirmed fact. Cryptome claims that “the warmongers are on a rampage” but feels sure that citizens possessing special undisclosed Snowden document copies will release them. (Only a muddy and brief interpretive analysis of them had reached net circulation.) To an enquirer Mr.John Young of Cryptome has replied:

“… informed citizens can vet the tawdry disclosures of secretkeepers which crescendo in times of crisis, as with the uprising of the resurgent war on terrorism promised by Obama at West Point …”

I think the next JY quotation, readily available on the web, intends to mean that full disclosure must occur before July’s go-to-war (or else the quote is cryptic/lacking completion)

“If the contending parties have their way, all of the documents will be released to kickstart the war on terrorism, in Iraq, in Iran, in North Korea, in the Holy Land, across Africa, Caribbean Drug Sea, the US-Mexican border, and the areas of operations always on alert in DC, Fort Meade and Colorado Springs”

Perhaps we should look for further clarification and deeper insight, meanwhile …

7. Let me examine that pernicious July judgement at face value (using the Chinese Book of Changes, the I Ching)

There’s an awful lot of unfortunate talking going on, it seems, which will lead to a critical situation like a cracked wall that could fall to either side. An army of the persevering and strong must collect, organized and conducting themselves absolutely properly which could cause whoever represents them to be greatly prized. It is no disgrace to retreat in the face of a mighty enemy or once there is no hope of a worthy outcome, in fact it is a normal military response. It is certainly not courageous to lead from behind, so to speak, neither to be at the head if that charge is bound to collapse into a hopeless struggle. Sticking to what is good and right in the most humane terms can sometimes bring about sudden shocks but that condition when encountered will swiftly pass into waves of untroubled felicity once more .

To me, it seems the best thing we can hope for now is a time of standstill.





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