Stonehenge saw in the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice just before midnight on June 21st 2014. Fields and hedgerows, if you are lucky to have those, should become overgrown in a louche lushness even as, after its longest day of absence, the dark returns to claim a greater portion of each 24-hours. The reverse holds true for the Southern hemisphere where Wynter Is Icumen In. In parts of Alaska the Sun will dip to the horizon but elevate again without having disappeared into the Netherworld. In my own near-equatorial habitation nothing much will happen at all other than the monsoon-type rains beating folk down toward the ground once daily. Even so the Sun is at a turning point and it is appropriate we should take stock.

In Iraq the PM Maliki, who scored a good-enough election win given extra time, appears to be ignoring shameless visitors urging regime-change to strongman candidates that they hope could take total control and be totally controllable – after spending a bitter decade installing democracy having taken out just such a person to make way for electoral representation. Seems like the ordinary people can’t be trusted to elect the right imperial puppet to govern them without even more homegrown blood and foreign money being hosed around.

The move against or away from the petrodollar is underway in the world. When the sole superpower has no normal means left to pay off potential Shylocks, who exactly owns The USA and will they rush to convert it (and us) into a cashless society based on whitewash credits and a stonewall status quo?

Sunnis led by al Qaeda-type militants have just breached a Syrian border crossing from the Iraq side and possibly a seamless area will emerge, one part being from Iraqi land and another the ex-territory of Syria. (Who is it that wants to remove all borders from the world?) ISIS is now a real army and Jordan must be cursing their allowance of ‘terrorist-training’ inside their country by disciplined Western soldiery. The new order has been well-equipped, quite possibly including ground-to-air missiles (courtesy of somebody’s kingdom) that can bring down anything that will fly, and it surely must have a huge war chest. Their aims are obscure other than to break more borders in the name of Allah, peace be upon him, and possibly to establish a new Caliphate. The US, after decades of resourcing both sides to any ME dispute, is beginning to look unwanted by the big players.

In my Nostradamus Quatrains analysis VIIII 76 and II 30 HUMAN SACRIFICE YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW I had omitted to offer Aram Damascus as a candidate for the land between two rivers. It’s now situated inside Syria.

The rapacious and bloody blackness,
Product of the governance of the inhuman Nero-type
In the midst of two rivers the sinister army,
Will inflict pain on the cadet cavalrymen.

My translation could apply equally to Iraq, with its legendary Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and to those civilian Iraqi’s now being called to arms by Maliki after upward of a hundred thousand men deserted from the professional Iraqi Security Force, some changing sides.
Is the inhuman Nero-type the Antichrist? (See the Article What Time Is The Sinister Interloper Due Before The True Masih-Mashiach-Messiah-Christ Arrives?) Some hidden identity is now making theirself felt on the the world stage, that’s for sure, and we shall know soon enough who or what it is (as that seems to be the vital nature of Truth, i.e. it must come out in the end).

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (out of al-Nusra and al-Qaeda via al-Zawahiri) has shaken his fist at America, something we would normally expect from a leader of Iran. The political hubris of neither one should concern us much in this context nor America’s threats in response. Although conflict may one day come to the Persian Gulf/America, a dog never bites while it’s barking. More disturbing is the fact that President Obama released him from US custody at Camp Bucca near Umm Qasr in Iraq in 2009. It’s been surmised, but not by me, that high-powered Guantanamo and suchlike release mostly those ex-Jihadists who prove to be their best-trained yes-men.

Baghdadi (born in Baghdad in 1971) has been said by some to be married to Saddam Hussein’s heiress daughter and by others to be the Ghost who has been reported dead several times. He covers his face even when with those who know him, they say, and has commanded more than one unit in the field at the same time. How many of him are there? He’s definitely a very violent and mysterious man of shadows so we are reduced to considering rumours about his existence although we should believe none of them yet, I suppose. The Iranian President Rouhani has publicly chided Washington for supporting/fraternizing with ISIS terrorists over the past year stating (translator unknown) that “one American official said after the Syrian election that they would provide lethal arms to terrorists”.

Nostradamus Quatrain III 60

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Par toute Asie grande proscription,
Mesmes en Mysie, Lycie & Pamphylie:
Sang versera par absolution
D’un ieune noir rempli de felonnie.

Through all Asia by any great proscription,
Even in Mysia, Lycia & Pamphylia:
Blood will be shed through absolution
A young blackheart/dark young man filled with cruelty and violence.

Lines 1 and 2. ‘Mysia, Lycia & Pamphylia’ is probably a wide geographical description borrowed from Ptolemy. These three lands follow a straight line curve between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. This was Asia Minor but Nostredame tells us that he means Asia by any proscription and so this is all Asia which includes great countries such as Russia and China – and even Turkey.

Line 3, OF ‘absolution’ in law was the opposite of conviction, including amnesty. In religion it was remission of sins for a penitent or preparing beneficently for a Church dignitary or, in old France, the sign of the cross. In social issues it meant resolution. Here someone is forgiven, granted amnesty, acquitted or left uncondemned and then blood is shed. Curiously the context could also suggest absolutism to the modern mind which would fit well but there is probably no etymological basis for that interpretation.

Line 4, the guilty party is young and black. Confusingly black is either a physical description or a loaded word implying only a felonious heart. Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama is increasingly being accused of blackheartedness although few really want to believe it and now he’s grayed in office like presidents usually do although when he first ran he was a relatively inexperienced presidential candidate with a fresh young man’s ways about him.

OF ‘fellonie/félonie’ had the negative meaning of cruelty and violence. (Positively it meant passion.)

The Romans used the term ‘proscriptio’ to mean a poltically-motivated condemnation to death (or the noticeable absence of it?) and the term extends in the Romance languages to various particular forms of negative social imposition or the winds of change that bring them about. After the confessional the Pope or another may grant absolution from sins. The young black one is dishonest but has been promoted as if one perfected. Bloodshed follows directly from this. In social terms, “True peace does not mean mere release from tension. It is true justice.” (Paraphrased from Martin Luther King.)

This verse appears to be predictive whilst throwing up references to classical times. A great similarity between the USA and the Roman Empire is the common ability of the divers cultures, races and geographies affiliated within them to produce a President/Emperor. One who is truly answerable to Senators on domestic policy alone and whose safe continuance depends upon indulgences to his own guardians. If this is not a backward look at Rome or that highly suspect Macedonian Alexander the Great (I don’t think so) then a great clash with Turkey seems to be in the offing.

It is likely that this present offensive in Iraq – resembling a revolution because of the inclusion of Ba’athist militarists and the Sufist naqshbandiya within its ranks – was planned all of two years ago. Now the Shia Grand Ayatollah Sistani has issued a ‘war fatwa’ against these it seems less likely that the government will fall but plenty of nastiness could occur in the meantime. ISIS lost support in Syria by fighting, as we might say, ‘everyone in sight’ and by unacceptable impositions. They’ve now upset Turkey whose support is necessary to al-Qaeda & Friends in Syria from whence ISIS gets its major resources.
The Shia shrines of Samara are heavily-guarded (with two Iranian Quds battalions operating close by) plus the Kurds are standing clear for now and Maliki has complete control of the coast. ISIS has an advantage in its bloodcurdling reputation (could they be so eager to behead because they are effectively headless, despite appearances?) And also because of the Shia weakness for defending sacred shrines – a substantial diversionary attack by ISIS, perhaps even a potentially suicidal one as was done to the Americans several times by the North Vietnamese, could draw the ISF. Baghdad is a prize that need not necessarily be held for longer than it needs to get some international publicity. There may be ISIS-Ba’ath-Sunni sleeper cells waiting. The city centre could become a buffer or fire-free zone. Probably some decisions could be taken in Iran and transmitted to Maliki. (Iran will be the winners, it seems.)

Nostradamus Quatrain VI 96

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Grand cité àfouldartz habandonee,
Onques ny eust mortel tumult si proche,
O quel hideuse calamité s’approche,
Fors vne offence ny sera pardonnee.

Great city abandoned to lightning strikes,
Never there is mortal tumult so close,
O what horrid calamity approaches,
Except one offense there is nothing that will be spared

Line 1, ‘fouldartz’ is from ‘fouldre’, lightning. This may mean atmospheric lightning or be a vision of miltary rockets coming down or even rapid ‘in-out’ ground assaults upon this great city. Figuratively, lightning bolts could suggest religious retribution or the gods at war.

Nostradamus Quatrain IV 43

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Ouis seront au ciel les armes batre.
Celuy an mesme les e diuins ennemis
Voudront loy sainte d iniustemente debatre.
e Par foudre & guerre croyants à mort mis.

The weaponry of conflict will be heard in the heavens above.
In that same year the ‘opposing theologies’
From inequitable holy laws shall debate/do battle.
Perversely they put believers to death through lightning and warfare.

Line 1, OF ‘Ouis/ouïr’ to perceive by hearing/listening (‘ouïe’, sense of hearing).

Line 2, OF ‘e converso’ is taken from Latin and is equivalent to vice versa, but here it is shortened to ‘e’. This quatrain describes well the everlasting Sunni/Shia schism in this age of aerial reconnaisance and warfare

Nostradamus Quatrain II 89

1555 Lyon Bonhomme
Du iou seront demis les deux grandz maistre
Leur grand pouuoir se verra augmenté:
La terre neufue sera en ses haults estres:
Au sanguinaire le nombre racompté.

Line 1. OF ‘joug’ has the historic Roman meaning of a lance tied horizontally much like a crossbar to the tops of two lances of the enemy and beneath which, like a successful football striker, the winner poses so as to illustrate the submission of his vanquished enemies. In the derived sense ‘two lances yoked together’ we can easily rewrite the line as ‘Du joug seront de mis les deux grands maistre’ or ‘Two major leaders will occupy one yoke’. The first couplet so gives us two leaders who work in tandem to amplify their reach and yet carry the scent of failure as they do so. The second couplet gives us the USA, a geat new land at the height of its power and influence, and a bloodsoaked eminence grise to whom it appears accountable.

Two major leaders will occupy one yoke
Their great power to increase:
The new land will be at the highpoint of its existence:
To the bloody one the number recounted.

The USA peaked after the USSR unexpectedly collapsed and it chose to add to its military power even as Russia sought its help to partially disarm on the nuclear front. Martial adventures followed together with sabre-rattlings around the globe. The two great masters here are rather surprising in their behaviour. Hitler and Mussolini came together in harmony rather than unison. Here we have a pair of team horses who, despite necessarily separate allocations of duties, behave similarly and speak the same words in public as if they are both beholden to a third master, greater than they. In a sense, this resembles Rumsfeld and Cheney together through a series of Washington administrations or the unholy union of Bush and Blair that is failing both of their reputations in the long run or of the UK’s Blair and Brown and their handover of UK leadership mid-term, that seemed linked to a hegemony of political power authored from beyond Downing Street, perhaps even beyond Washington. Of course it may not have happened yet – fancifully there may still be a sting in the tail from the relationship between Bergoglio and Ratzinger, for example, or Russia and China might mate – but mention of the new land probably places this partially or totally in the Americas and if this is Bush then that would indicate to us that the US is now over its prime. The number recounted sounds like a body count.
Whilst modern Iraq is a triumph of straight-line borders in the sand drafted by exiting colonialists long ago, ancient Iraq was truly ‘the old battleground’. The general area of Mesopotamia has been of the highest importance over many millennia, much like Egypt and Nubia in North East Africa or the Mediterranean’s Phoenicia-Canaan which provided the fundamentals for later languages/religions, especially Hebrew. In a grand history of the world these have all pre-dated Israel a little. When measured solely against these timespans the USA seems like a cakemix culture that is not yet out of the oven. Debate in America (and there’s plenty of it) has always ranged between devious patriotism about matters abroad and a desire to close the door to overseas problems altogether. Either way, this is a robust and rather dark young country that can absorb body blows.

Old China is still smarting over ‘the unjust treaties’ that defined its borders, still suspecting that each of the surrounding countries is its vassal state by right. Each extra dollar it has received has bought additional weaponry. The future looks Chinesey and presently only the US can physically constrain any territorial ambitions.

Now China is sending a second oil rig, the Nan Hai Jiu Hao, to the East Vietnam Sea/South China Sea after already depositing the Haiyang Shiyou 981 drilling platform in these disputed waters at the start of May. There is not much there for them right now and, like every other commercial vessel, they are severe lossmakers whenever they are not actually earning. Ostensibly its about the Spratley Islands a region claimed by several countries in anticipation of future mineral findings, much like Antarctica (which was probably the true cause of the Falklands War, successfully engaged in by Britain from 6,000 miles away). Vietnam has gone to the UN to plead their strong case but China can argue that the major island of the Paracel archipelago was surrendered to them by the defeated Japanese after World War II and so all 22 islands belong to them historically. (Along with the Scarborough Shoal – where some large rocks are claimed historically by China, delving back 2000 years, and, from their sheer proximity, by the Philipines – these waters comprise a major fish resource of the world while under the seafloor there may be fifty billion tons of crude oil.) Some South East Asian nations have set up strictly temporary military camps around Spratley from time to time with apparent immunity though now that Vietnam seems ready to defend its corner others may cluster in support, as might the influential United States. Part of the political problem is that seagoing conflicts often involve small autonomous units. (In 1988 some reefs being occupied by Chinese marines and Vietnamese observers erupted into ‘reef wars’ leading to the deaths of 64 Vietnamese and the sinking of a VN armed cargo ship, all sparked by a fight between a Chinese sailor and some mostly unarmed Viet soldier-sailors erecting flags at sea-level upon the South Johnson reef.)

These developing nations are necessarily in a race for resource acquisition. Similarly the Defence spend in Asia is escalating and is poised to overtake Europe’s.
Russia still stands accused of all sorts of interference in Ukraine’s affairs although the fact of the matter may just be that they are playing a waiting game while the US/EU smarts over the potential long-term cost of keeping this divided nation afloat. The Russians, whose army was weakened by the fall of the USSR but whose warlike technology remains seriously advanced, seem grandmasters at this sort of thing. By contrast the bilaterally-minded Chinese and multilaterally-inclined Vietnamese always seem at their most masterful when tracing tried and tested patterns.

A Presidential hand poised over the international chessboard is guided by sleeve-tugging advisors. But by the time the hopeful move hits the field a thousand interlinking chessboards in a thousand dimensions have made their moves both in broken synchronization and totally independently creating the chaos of battle at every level of the game. Hence an ally in Syria is a foe in Iraq (even though the acreage between them is mere drifting sands) and the war upon terror has become an armoury of errors

At this time of fast-growing awareness amongst the general public – a kind of detached political maturation – does any leadership really want absolutely full completion for any dispute either external or internal? Without them what would they have left to use as a rallying cry, poor souls?