Is a kind of religio-political-economic cage being modelled that may come down slowly across the globe, imprisoning some sooner than others?

Some say they can see the signs. But China is still a dark horse while the Russian boys are back in force with countries as populous as India and China in soft support. Russia’s defense expenditure back in 2007 will have become tripled by 2016. The US and its co-combatants are, as usual, drumming-up a perfect mass-media storm against this latest evildoer in the hearts and minds of their own populations which is rather irrelevant when dealing with a strategic nuclear power that has an absolute right to veto the UN Security Council. Regarding the Crimea – once the real life battlefield of Tolstoy, author of the drawn-out ‘War and Peace’ – some funded neo-Nazi oppositionists in the Ukraine have trounced the agreement on  new presidential elections, recently signed by major players including from the EU, and taken up the Ukraine’s governance instead. The cessation of Crimea from Ukraine, though not such a sound idea financially, was mooted as the most viable response available to the Russian leadership and the Crimea itself voted overwhelmingly in favour of integrating with Russia. At GMT 18.30 pm March 17th 2014 President Putin officially recognized the Republic of Crimea as a sovereign and independent state and steps were taken by the Kremlin’s Lower House to simplify the process of annexation.

It must by now be clear to China that the peculiarly successful and waywardly pre-emptive US is out to neuter or co-opt all rivals to its Sole Superpower status. Washington’s plan to woo the Ukraine via its extremists so as to evict Russia from its Black Sea base apparently goes back to Zbigniew’s advice to the government some decades past. A few very big bombs could even block the Russian navy from reaching the Mediterranean. Ultimately that could ease-in the vaunted invasion of Syria but the immediate gains of sanctioning Russia, economically destructive to most ordinary Europeans and possibly disturbing to the continuation of NATO, stand to benefit Germany’s compliant Angela Merkel and the leadership of Israel. Eastern Ukraine, which seems very Russian, has been handed over to monied mayoral executives whilst the remaindered Western Ukraine is thoroughly ultra-nationalist, exactly what the EU is meant to be most against.

So just how strongly does the most worldly famed of all Nobel Peace Prize winners need another war? It seems that Crimea should be OK under their Russian guardians who may even have advised Washington recently upon which cards they should play to save face. It is difficult to take on board how the vast espionage facilities of the US (ostensibly 6 active agencies but many more clandestine services in all, apparently) cannot forewarn the US President of all possible future developments with any apparent degree of useful accuracy. All international affairs are ever plotted-out well in advance and absolutely none are totally unforeseeable in that manner of sudden surprise cultivated by news broadcasters. Russia would be hard-pressed to isolate itself and neither can it be easily isolated. It is currently negotiating naval dock facilities as wide apart as Algeria, Cuba, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Seychelles, Singapore, Vietnam and Venezuela as if for an awareness display against any Western-styled global takeover. Is Ukraine really a pretext for localizing much of the Russian navy and infuriating President Putin up to the brink and beyond?

Presently the United States is acting as if invulnerable and as a protector it is still much in demand. Even if decades of running their heroic military at war levels by the corrupting standards of a business venture has led to international moral recoil at grassroots level (O, to see ourselves as others see us) a deep-rooted fear of China by its so-called ‘vassal’ neighbours may still be driving some unlikely governments behind America’s protective skirts. Then there are the ‘color revolutions’ – all looking like designer paint-ups from a distant palette.

The UK Ministry of Defence’s latest report on global strategic trends is looking at “armed propaganda” to win wars so bringing real actor value to the phrase “staging an attack”, i.e. playing to the audiences in the media stalls and gallery whilst routing or confounding the enemy en theatre. The expression ‘an information war’ comes to mind with battle-site killings represented as brave acts of resistance, uniforms optional, and international popular emotion as the desirable indicator of success together with contrived revulsion at the enemy’s evil genius. It becomes much easier if civilians can be persuaded to eschew private weaponry and reject with anymosity those neighbourhood non-combatants who feel safer to be legitimately armed-up or those returned veterans who know ways to combat ‘urban soldiery’. Disarming the populous is now a military objective to be achieved through the MiaSMa of P.R. broadsides. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer stone-age bows and arrows to guns actually and am thoroughly dismayed by anyone who carries arms yet does not strictly follow Gun Code.

Although my January 2014 posting at made sense with regard to particulars, I should perhaps have used the word ‘tactically’ in the title rather than ‘strategically’ because the superheated strategy of the absent prime mover in Syria and Iraq has always been the destabilization of a great swathe of the Middle East. In turn this could well be part of a sequence of world moves geared towards a powerful universal change. We may glimpse, like peering into a folding triptych of mirrors, shameful wars each reflecting one another’s details into a seemingly infinite reflection of evils.

Will the walls of the Dollar’s imperial citadel suddenly crumble down to dust like the TwinTowers on 9/11?

Without doubt since the banker bail-outs of 2008 a spread of major banks who never did and probably never will ‘mark to market’ are trading off blousy balance sheets at the same time as the US Administration is proceeding with its creepy corporate-centricity. Or else this is a creeping tyranny since they became unfettered by financial constraints due to gravity-defying tsunami waves of vacuous USD emanating from the Fed. This may yet change.

Mighty As A Ruse?

It is questionably rumoured that the US derivatives trade has extended to wagers upon IRS remittance levels. Certainly banking’s bad boys now look to ‘invest’ in whatever seems poised to fall. The use of illegal-immoral-indefensible naked shorts (i.e. surrendering that which was never held in order to forge a bent profit) is propelling madhatter markets on Wall Street while the wilfull elimination of banker’s risk has embroiled the City of London (fatcats afloat on quicksands) and a sophisticated directioning of economic perceptions attends to us the public at large. The concordance of computerized security systems belonging to big banks and big government’s computerized security, said to be so close in practice that investigating a banking house may require that house to spy on itself, seems like a bad joke!

The demise of the petro-dollar is both exposing and expanding some shadowy situations with Saudi Arabia being momentarily viewed as radical and therefore a potential public enemy. (Iran is transitioning in the opposite direction and public opinion may even be persuaded into viewing that country as playing a positive role in the world one day.)

Surely any arbitrary kingdom built upon keeping its shifting sands clear of its regally assigned oil-barrels is like a machine vulnerable to sudden seizures?

Syria has laid a dossier at the doorstep of the UN Security Council ‘proving’ Saudi support of terrorism. The presence in Syria of failed Saudi military instructors, security service men and the National Guard could alone give foundation to this Syrian disquiet. To some insiders this proof is nothing new. Saudi is being restructured imminently. Will Israel offer to help-out the Sauds? Well, strange shifts are happening these days; the state of Israel has even agreed to hand over to the Vatican control of the historic Last Supper compound at MountZion.

Prince Mohamed bin Nayef, replacing intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, is now at the front of a new initiative providing ‘proof’ that evangelistic Wahhabi Sunni Saudi Arabia is essentially anti-terror. For long the financial inspiration for Salafism and Jihad, Saudi would now restrict radical movements and their publicity pushes at home and in the Yemen. It has even threatened to blockade Qatar, apparently, home of al-Jazeera and active Brookings and Rand branches. Since the 1970’s oil price hikes the Saudis have established influential schools and Islamic centres around the world and have held first place in the struggle against Shia Iran and Syrian secularity.

Meanwhile back in the EU, money-laden Germany is still being treated as a homogenous whole despite that it’s a historically and geographically quartered nation with a portion of it facing fully East where President Putin is riding high. Word-of-mouth has it that over manding Greece was partly to allow for penny-on-the-dollar purchasing of energy pipeline to block the Russian endeavours and there were surely anti-Gazprom banking reasons for the Cyprus bail-in too.

Coming soon to a screen near you is a major production with the odd working title ‘Sneak Trade Theft’ (potential main distributors are said to be China and the NSA) an action mystery about big big money and how illegal intellectual property acquisitions could easily bloom into blackmail or much much worse at all levels and on every side.

The UN still seems to be under the effective sway of their US hosts (but not the mighty Security Council which is powerless without Russia and China in agreement) and morale supports by America seem so important to the International Criminal Court that US citizens are notably exempted from their prosecutions. Some administrators even staged an emotional coercion of public opinion in the West immediately prior to the Syrian Peace Talks even after one of the most pivotal countries of all, Turkey, had changed its position to promote a ceasefire in Syria. (Probably on noting the extent of territorial terrorism now challenging US-improved Iraq at the same time as being found-out on Turkish partial-funding of al-Qaeda through a company based in Iran and still stinging from the socially stabilizing and powerfully popular Erdogans having been called-out publicly.)

A senior Syrian interviewee has said that the mystery photo-chronicler of recently alleged atrocities by the Syrian authorities is holed-up in Qatar. Strangely Syria claimed that it had not previously encountered the startling allegation that 11,000 have died from brutal torture and stated that the photographs may not be of Syria at all. Well, the BBC have already made one serious photo mis-identification (reporting dead Syrian babies when in fact the poor souls photographed were Iraqis) which they only remedied when it was no longer a mass-media issue ….

So is a peculiar kind of mind-body-and-spirit cage now being modelled that will descend slowly upon every person in the world, entrapping some sooner than others?

The American people in particular have suffered from excessive travel requirements, unhealthy obsessive-compulsive personal ID collections, radiant smart meters and ill-behoven banker app snooping all the way to secret receivers-transmitters being built into their household appliances (a Chinese white goods manufacturer whined publicly that this American sourcing requirement had reduced profits margins) and as for the GPS info now snuck away inside digital camera downloads – well, whatever next? A new legal expression “United States person” is entering the US gov/IRS vocabulary and may yet prove almost as politically useful as the word “terror” has been. It seems that to do what comes naturally without a mechanical informer or a governmental collaborator peeping over your shoulder is becoming more difficult each passing day. Not to mention the fraudulent persuasions of ‘Agenda 21’ (born of the Club of Rome, nannied across the world by the United Nations but rejected by the State of Oklahama on March 4th 2014) or the inhuman combination of facial recognition software and automated assassination that is hanging over us today. Apparently Barak Obama has boasted in good humour that he is good at killing people – those carrying GPS-transmission ‘phones presumably. It was just a jest from a man often to be seen scrutinizing a broad screen in a badly lit room, I guess, but do you remember that old phrase “the dangers of automation”? Is the future to be nothing but wretched restrictions along with no hiding place from some new-broom of a world-wide governance? Or a theft sandwich with a slice of right-wing on top and left-wing on the bottom?

The False Pantocrator Cometh

At a time when the IMF urges indebtedness/financial repression for newly-weakened countries and White House Inc is strangely rumoured to have a baker’s dozen of the Moslem Brotherhood at work in there (perhaps quite close both to the President and to the mooted President to be) we can readily imagine a sociopathic global government sourcing strength from selected service psychopaths; a knee upon every throat, an Orwellian boot squashing each human feature.

Those involving themselves in measured and canny modelmaking for such a long-term goal as this might include the Trilateral Commission (coercing the USA, UK and the globe) the ‘Bilderberg group’ (interacting with and administering its policies) the Council on Foreign Relations (restructuring America inside and out) the Royal Institute of International Affairs (one face benign, the other injurious) the United Nations (biddable at the top as if by indentured servitude to the US and its comptrollers) and the Club of Rome (both multi-cultural and multi-faith and yet neither; some members have been said to be the executors of an anti-human form of environmentalism with especial regard to reviving the disgraced science of eugenics – but then the Bilderberg attenders seem to be secret enthusiasts of that inhuman affrontery and of depopulation also, as if that were a part of the admission fee to that gain-making club).

It’s true that the Federal Reserve is a semi-private American institutional bank founded in perpetuity (save for some fancy footwork and a swift Act of Congress) that is about half foreign in its constitution and that has 3.5 trillion USD on balance sheet. By contrast, the People’s Bank of China boasts the yuan equivalent of 4.5 trillion USD. But neither of these money monsters can directly command people’s hearts. No matter, it looks like the Chinese have recently extended their Wall Street property page by buying #1 Chase Plaza with its footballfield-sized gold vault from J.P.Morgan at a phenomenal discount much as if in a fire sale. That JPM building has had its own footpad to the Fed and JPM have recently enjoyed an enviably eerie record of 100% trading wins. So what’s up?

A quite surreal-seeming regulation “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine” from legally-gifted President Obama’s own hand states that “United States persons” (perhaps meaning US citizens and permanently resident aliens, entities organized under the laws of the United States, anyone under the  jurisdiction of the United States including its foreign branches or any person in the US) who would claim the democratic revolution in the Ukraine to be something else, such as an engineered coup, should forfeit all US assets – bank accounts and property presumably. At least that’s how it seems to read. This new Executive Order for materially punishing any activities that “threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine” is without any intrinsic appeals procedure and would appear to be an assault upon the ‘Truth As I See It’ style of public commentary or dedicated charitable giving. This might have been useful in 2001 actually although today it seems a bit like opening an umbrella to stop the rain from falling.

Of course the very greatest international organization in the world is none of the above nor the CIA, the World Bank, IMF, the WTO nor even the combined influence of the deeply designing and wealth-ridden Tax-Exempt Foundations but the Catholic Church, richer even than King Croesus ever was and with a capacity to be more immediately influential than Goldman Sachs and all its diaspora combined. The educationally powerful and undaunted Jesuits were founded as its terror wing and have had an on-off relationship with ‘the great and the good’ ever since, embodied today in the person of the infallible Jesuit Pope Francis.

Revelation 17
1… ‘Come, I will shew to thee the judgment of the great whore, who is sitting upon the many waters’
2,3 … and I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet-coloured beast, full of names of evil-speaking, having seven heads and ten horns,
4 and the woman was arrayed with purple and scarlet-colour, and gilded with gold, and precious stone, and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and uncleanness of her whoredom,
5 ,6 And I saw the woman drunken from the blood of the saints, and from the blood of the witnesses of Jesus, and I did wonder – having seen her – with great wonder;
7 and the messenger said to me, ‘Wherefore didst thou wonder? I – I will tell thee the secret of the woman and of the beast that (be) carrying her, which hath the seven heads and the ten horns.
8 `The beast that thou didst see: it was, and it is not; and it is about to come up out of the abyss, and to go away to destruction, and wonder shall those dwelling upon the earth, whose names have not been written upon the scroll of the life from the foundation of the world, beholding the beast that was, and is not, although it is.
9 `Here (be) the mind that is having wisdom; the seven heads are seven mountains, upon which the woman doth sit,
10, 11, 12 `And the ten horns that thou sawest, are ten kings, who a kingdom did not yet receive, but authority as kings the same hour do receive with the beast,
13,14,15 And he saith to me, `The waters that thou didst see, where the whore doth sit, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues;’
16 and the ten horns that thou didst see upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, …
17,18 … and the woman that thou didst see is the great city that is having reign over the kings of the land.’

(extracts from Young’s Literal Translation Bible)

There are alternative notions posited on the ‘web’ that the whore of Revelation is actually the United Nations in New York or else Washington DC as whore to the so-called Powers That Be whoever and wherever they be. Whatever, it’s said to be a surprisingly short step from the Washington agencies – or from the Vatican in Rome – to the Mafia’s most infamous families, some of whom long ago reached working-level acceptance by the secret servers of US corp due to some superlative skills employed from World War II onwards (including against Castro’s casino-crushing communization of Cuba, supplying first-flight forgery of documents, election engineering expertise and some fine phooey accounting).

Is there a New Communism coming?

Karl Marx said that communism would work if the whole world took the prescription. Some in America may now have the stomach to test this out by persuaded consumptions bordering on forced ingestions but not yet by arms alone. They may well have bitten off more than anyone can swallow.

Will there be a New Religion or perhaps a grand religious reformation?

Undoubtedly religion is less worldly than communism in some of its ways but even more worldly in others. Its internal propaganda and communications are always first-class. The equivalent of interest-free investment in the form of cash donations flood in from its many followers, as well as cheques and bequeathments most handy for portfolio purposes, whilst new business by referral adds-up regularly although not nearly enough for its needed growth targets. Membership expansion by the aggressive take-over of another religion’s clientbase may seem the obvious solution and yet an organized global merger might prove to be the preferred option. However in April 2011 the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate was founded largely to protect Orthodox doctrine against contemporary heresies and syncretism as embraced by the post-War Vatican papacy. The Byzantine system of individual Patriarchates may start spreading to Roman Catholicism, effectively putting an end to ill-defined dreams of a One-World Religion to be led by the Pope in Rome. Meanwhile, the imported ideology behind the Lisbon Treaty has effectively weakened the customs and value systems of Europe’s major secular and religious groupings: an autogenicidal double-whammy.

Is there a New Fascism brewing?

Hitler is thought by totalitarian intellectuals (who flourish just under the public radar today) to have done the right things in the wrong ways. A more gentle and subtle set of heavily disguised persuasions could have operated adequately and perhaps less disastrously given longer periods of popular acclimation and some sustainable money worries to distract most everybody’s attention with.

Where do ‘the people’ make their individual inputs into all this?

They don’t. That well-known democrat and socialist (and bosom buddy of a leading Rothschild) Peter Mandelson was reported by the Daily Mail as opining that the people should not be trusted with a vote to decide Britain’s continued membership of the European Union. (A media entry that got removed from the website within hours, it should be said).

Whereas ‘the people’ of a bordered homeland are the tribes combined inside that two-word concept ‘the nation-state’, here somebody has been thinking about Britain more as an administrative machine harnessed by various value chains linked to political levers operating from the top down.

At the Nuremberg trials, Hermann Göring explained how to achieve the most advantageous and perfidious of all governing conditions:

“Naturally the common people don’t want war! Neither in Russia nor in England nor, for that matter, in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

Does that ring alarm bells?

Relax, something much better may yet come (once we take measure of ourselves inside and consider carefully whosoever may prove lower in motive and truthfulness, probably electing to walk alone). Maybe a good change will come out of the blue as if in a fairytale?

Eschewing the Trans Pacific Partnership (an all-out corporate assault, slams Noam Chomsky – will he become banned from Walmarts for saying that?) which is being negotiated behind a billion turned backs and despite so much power accumulating haphazardously and unbalancing Washington, keep your spirit up and reject whatever prompts you to downgrade your human temple of God. (Especially that chimp-like spider-monkey type within you that keeps reassuring you that you are quite the same as the others and yet is sure that you are somehow better or more important than most – wrong, you are profoundly special and exactly unique but of only equal importance or unimportance in the heavenly scheme of things, I strongly suspect, whatever you may be held-up high as being down here at ‘ground-zero’.)

April 15th 2014 will be the first of four ‘blood moons’ on customary Jewish high holy days during the period 2014-2015. (Signs in the skies? Watch out World! Some link it with the Second Coming. The next ‘lunar tetrad’ will not occur until 600 years after this.)

This time next year there will be a total solar eclipse (March 20th 2015, Nisan 1) and a total lunar eclipse at Passover (Nisan 14) as part of the sequence of so-called ‘blood moons’. Personally, I find an orange-red moon to be a delightful sight with especially romantic connotations but I don’t think that’s quite the idea here.

It’s been said that the astrological picture for 2014, despite feeling decidedly like the advent of End Time, just might turn out well enough after all, God willing, yet such a sweeping generalization must sound as trite as a generalization could sound given that the poverty of suffering is all around us. Even so, there is always hope and joy in the human condition. We are not machines, despite our machinations.

Jupiter is a humanity-friendly planet that has now regained its forward motion across the charts. Someone new could now rise like a rocket from the ranks. A dramatic Grand Cross in the cardinal signs will embed the next Uranus/Pluto square which falls due this April. Someone else could fall from high position, as if plucked from the sky.

What does Nostradamus say specifically about our present era? Well, there is an ‘aquatic triplicit’ coming but not until the year 2019.

(See Nostradamus Quatrain I 50 in the Articles AU SUJET DE L’HOMME NICE and ADDENDUM AU SUJET DE L’HOMME NICE: Thursday’s Child)

Sixteenth Century French astrologer and eschatologist Pierre Turrel* a contemporary of Michel deNostredame thought that false prophets and false prophecy would accompany the Aquatic triplicity that was then contemporary (!) and one like it would later herald the Antichrist’s arrival together with an invasive success from the South that may not last long. He also predicted that the sorry End of the World would arrive under the subsequent ‘fiery triplicity’.

Without doubt we will find over the coming years the usual supply of comets to view by virtue of advanced modern technology. So, nothing essentially new there but whatever happened to ISON the ‘comet of the century’? The human eye is a limited device and so too are the great telescopes we have zoomed into the night sky. For instance, nothing that mankind has yet invented can see clearly through the great glare of the Sun. Having reported that there was nothing left to see of the comet (but the ‘eye’ of the Hubble telescope cannot see matter with less than a 500ft. diameter) official astronomers swiftly declared ISON dead and gone. But now it seems it did survive its perihelion up close to the Sun, despite extreme temperatures, although in an altered form. The likelihood is that considerable cometary material has been ploughed through the inner Solar System and some of this may have scattered abundantly. Certainly there has been some loose talk of hydrocarbonated poly-dust falling with heavy snows onto North America.

We simply do not know what causes particles in Space to adhere together without gravity but they do. And some grow much bigger as they rip through neighbouring particles, amassing them much like the pre-Trib Rapture is said to snatch-up its church-selective adherents. (If only it were that easy.) What fate befell the very large and extremely light-retentive dead black nucleus of ISON we do not know (or someone is not telling us) but the extraordinary debris field of the comet has apparently moved on harmlessly now and that alone should be enough to bring us joy. According to NASA it is riding a 581 thousand year orbit. (Enough time to reconstitute itself for another game of solar marbles one day?)

I suppose an antechrist could appear soon – but then one always could do so at any time. Destructive weather events, eruptions or earthquakes of all types are always with us yet somewhat unpredictable as, truth be told, they could appear anywhere though they are far more likely to happen along established lines. So I’m a tad trepidatious about naysaying repetitions along the Latitude band 41°N – 45°N passing through France, Italy and Greece or the 37°N Latitude that passes through Japan/Fukushima, all of which bear general forewarnings in the Epistle to the King.

(Also see the Article Povera Italia! Maggio 2012’)

Astronomers have reckoned that Polaris the North Star is noticeably brightening and quickly too after decades of growing dimmer. Of course to avoid confusion between Astronomy and spooky Astrology they are declining to venture what this may mean for us. There is now an auspicious pattern coming on the Astrology charts: Jupiter in Cancer; the Moon with Pluto in Capricorn; Mars in Libra; Uranus in Aries running from March 29th to April 25th approximately and, this bears repeating, with another of the continuing sequence of charted right-angles between Uranus and Pluto. Interestingly Mars turned retrograde under Libra from March 1st up until May 20th which suggests military stalling or a failed attempt at conflict. As it happens, President Putin is a Libran born under the Sign of Peace (but see the Article EXTRA-EXTRA-NOSTRADAMUS: OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPHECIES FOR THE END OF THE WORLD AND A SKETCHY YET SERIOUS LOOK AT SYRIA OVER THE PAST 65 YEARS for a relatively recent prediction of Russians entering Germany at breakneck speed.)

What else could happen in 2014? The following are other people’s recent prophecies
with off-the-cuff general responses in Italics.

More shifts of power?
Wait for it.
A quickening of Communism?
They do not know the right way yet.
Lebanon, Israel and Palestine to be shaken up?
Greatness and goodness must attract a strong following but any deliverance will need the carefullest of handling and fortune’s favours in order for it to bring forth fine fruit.
Iran to suffer?
Much oppression in small things, partly of their own making, but holding to a middle way with the very wisest of governace will turn Iranian sorrows into joy.
Likewise the Korean Peninsula?
Some woundings but the North must value what good still remains and turn to the South to help identify the strong personality of genuine good character and humility who can work the Korea miracle. Or the other way around.
Will Greece’s economy be sunk?
Somewhere in the murk of slow takedown there is a chance to forge a link bringing progress and renewed wealth to the nation.
China gets dashed about?
Their people may have been in a dream like small children at play and could now suffer a little for their unthinking acts: the top class though have been intentionally injurious and from that  will lose a very real chance to govern the four corners of the world, as would anybody who deliberately brings harm to others I guess.
The long-awaited collapse of all currencies?
Not this year if countries will forego competitive currency wars and take care not to upset each other’s apple carts (we must never forget the shocking G. Soros vs. the British Pound).

I routinely record some astrological indicators mainly because Nostredame did so in his Centuries though often as the time markers for events he had foreseen via separate imaginings. Some specializing soothsayers now speak of an extra sunlight supply and a memorable meteor storm in May increasing farm yields this Summer whilst yet others warn of a slightly diminished effect of the Sun on the Earth this year. But these are mere almanac-styled speculations and we’ll weather them out soon enough.

In August there will be a close conjunction of Jupiter with Venus – which sounds pretty good, at least I hope so (but I am not an astrologer). In October there is a total eclipse of the Moon and then a partial eclipse. Eclipses were revered by the ancients and are awe-inspiring to our astrologers but they fail to mean so very much to most others in this meme-of-reduction age. As top quantum computation and nanotechnology scientist Richard Feynman once remarked, ‘It’s really hard to imagine all the crazy things that things really are like’.

I suppose a good comparison to the scientist’s encounters with Quantum would be that feeling of being out of one’s depth on entering some culture deeply alien to our own. I think the hardest thing to overcome when living abroad is the downright insistence upon a dictat fundamental to one’s own culture as if it were a universal law, e.g. that folks should not pick their body parts in public or spit on restaurant walls or that social vows, like promissory notes, should not hold sway in that truly blood-sluicing way that they do in many developing domains.

Actually the most difficult level of all to achieve in life (and yet it needs become effortless like floating on water or balancing on a bicycle) is a kind of spiritually liberating stasis, ‘to become like to God with a pure mind, and to draw near to Him and to abide in Him’. This purity of mind and its consequences, as outlined here by Origen, occurs to me as being near-enough factual and not the spewing of religious magma that it may seem at first. Although in the Medieval world they were heavily focused upon material things, by need or by greed, the spiritual dimension was ever present. Today it is absent for many even as they dread the foreseeable return of feudal circumstances to everyday life.

The human mind bounces constantly between perceptions of a thing and supporting thoughts concerning that matter generally. Court cases have rendered the innocent guilty because a skilled prosecutor has dwelt imaginatively upon the hideous nature of a supposed act rather than investigating the flimsy evidence against the accused. Advocacy by emotion and charisma.

Has atheism put away what was once intended by the expression God? (Atheism and religion may cancel each other out but Truth is wholly non-cancellable.) How on Earth can we mortals dismiss everlasting God? Simple. God is Truth and is real-in-real and is everywhere around us and even inside us except, that is, inside a Lie that we have conjured-up or accepted because that alone of all things is not real. To lead a person to live inside a Lie must be a major offence on the spiritual scale of things, I feel sure, if such a scale exists. I am not speaking of right and wrong here but simply that God, being Truth, simply cannot exist inside a Lie. Yes, we can create a fictitious space where the true God cannot go. God cannot help those who dwell in a false dream and all adopters of such fallacies must dwell at least in part without God’s loving protection. That is by far the most dangerous way there is to live in this multi-faceted dimension that we call simply life.

What deeply divides humanity from all other living things is the extraordinary power of our private imaginings, a matter that is commonly folded away by society as inconvenient to consider or else gets obfuscated by the fading Age of Reason’s nimble number-tumblers who claim all of the field of existence as their exclusive playground. Beware. Our imaginings often come true.

To blog or not to blog?

I suspect that simply to launch ideas onto the Internet/www (an invisible medium of sorts which is actually incomprehensible overall to any single expert and has even been spoken of as a new conscious being) will touch many minds and hearts mysteriously even if few actually read a word upon the aetherial page. In fact, some folk can speak heart-to-heart across the world whilst silently alone in their communication-free private rooms and sweet change can still come. In contradistinction, many hearts inwardly yearning for the selfsame change in social direction may get just that. Hence the battles for hearts and minds.

Is a blog of critical warnings against devious manipulators strictly necessary? On one level, yes. What else should we do when society’s silence is presumed to yield consent? And on a deeper level? Well, only upon realizing a peculiar responsibility: we are all childlike – despite preening with pretences to the contrary – and some who are control-compulsive become like twisted children besotted with future gains of wealth and ambitions of physical elan and power. Yet they do not quite lead their followers. Rather they are pushed forward by those others most of whom do not want that edgy exposure personally. The leaders may have little choice. They are susceptible and almost victimized into being, as it were, passively active at leading the majority who are being actively passive in allowing them to do so. Even hopelessly egocentric oddballs and power-drunks are handed keys to nuclear briefcases in order to save some better soul from needing to do that, may God help us all.

Criticism of the misuse of power is never altogether unworthy and yet this usually excludes the personal culpability of the critic who may, with his fellows, have helped put the mischievous and malevolent ones up there where they were most prone to their worst failings. (We do have them desperately outnumbered, you know, and could bring them down at any moment – which is the fact they fear the most.)

It is thus every person’s business as an individual – and not as a member of a group tribe club combine college or congregation – to find the true way forward and to remove every untruthful stumbling-block laid across one’s own inner path. This may include ‘dropping out’ from long-subscribed social memberships or even abandoning this worriesome world for a while, only to return much more whole and comprehending.

*A Nostradamus-Turrel Footnote:

It is entirely likely that Michel Nostredame knew much about the learned Pierre Turrel, schoolmaster of Dijon, born in Autun, whose work ‘Le Periode cest a dire, la fin du monde’ was published in 1531 and which promoted the astrological thoughts of Pierre d’Ailly and Jean de Bruges such as ‘… dire aucuns que lantechrist naistra soubz la triplicite Aquatique’ ( ‘some say that the antechrist will be born under the Aquatic triplicity’).

Turrel’s own deduction was that a ‘last sect’ of the Antechrist would come during a conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon (in effect, any two planets conjunct in a Sign is called a ‘triplicity’) but he also searched-out the Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions and found one in 1544 and another in 1702, the latter coming within the Eighth Sphere’s completion of a 7,000 year cycle. As the secrets of the Eighth Sphere – presuming this to be the overarching and supernatural Eighth Sphere that had the other seven planetary spheres contained within itself, otherwise the Stars Sphere but not the Underworld Sphere – are only able to be learned via ‘visionary imaginings’ might this then suggest to us the end of the world according to the prophecies in ‘Nostradamus’? Pierre Turrel’s deduction, probably based upon the Bible, was that the star charts for End Time must predict both the grand finale of Our World and a great new beginning also as proof of the truth of the case. (So presupposing that the planets above will outlive the fundament below them, cf. Revelation’s sun-free new city.)

I guess it needs saying that most every astro-wit of that age probably assumed as true the 7,000 year period promoted widely as the lifespan of the Earth from Creation to End Time. This mimeme in their Astrology at least fits approximately to the Bible but actually it was but one subdivision of an imagined period of 49,000 years in the rather selectively quoted Alfonsine Tables (attributed to old Alfonso the Wise of Castile but first produced in the early Fourteenth Century by scholars in Paris).

For more on this and much besides see Brill’s ‘The Devil, Heresy and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey B. Russell’, a collection edited by Alberto Ferreiro.