Here we are under the dark spell of the absent Moon anticipating the long stand of the Sun around June 21st, the Northern Hemisphere’s biggest daylight count of the year. For six months afterwards the dark must encroach further upon the light each day North of the Equator. But at this juncture a carnival/carniverous flowering of economic-political geo-plantings and some spiritual seedlings must flag our natural and unnatural borders for the rest of 2015 and maybe well into the winterland of 2016.

May God watch over the USA: any army drilling your homeland is an occupying army after all is said and done. Are folks to expect house-to-house domestic raids or the martial internment of selected non-criminal citizens? Perhaps not yet, but where has the clear distinction gone between the civil police and the military?

The ‘political kept-women of Washington’ and the ‘US-adopted United Nations’ are elitists’ playthings that get grubbier each passing day. The almost universally hailed democratic defeat of an early shot at TPP was met with an airy ‘technical snafu’ type of response by the Administration.

Six thousand four hundred lost Lois Lerner e-mails have surfaced at the ‘Obama IRS’ but no promises yet, says ‘’ today.

A separate state of Palestine may be well-deserved, for want of a better expression, but what will actually come from the upcoming international push for this?

When the UK returned Hong Kong to China they obliged them to honour old bonds issued but previously defaulted upon. (The fact is that all issuing governments have defaulted on bonds at some time.) Apparently China owes the US a trillion dollars as a result. Even so China has America in a financial hold. But we have seen before that debtors can have greater power by their withholding of payments than their creditors have in the absence of legal enforcements or violent extortions.

The family name ‘Erdogan’ has been mentioned by me as a possible source of Michel Nostredame’s ‘Dog & Dohan’. Now Erdogan Senior, the most popular politician in Turkey, has been let down in the elections this month and no longer holds all the power. This was mainly caused by the economy and may or may not influence events but certainly reflects in part the unpopularity of his wide-ranging geopolitical adventuring and anti-Syrian stance with the Turkish people who feel no real antipathy towards their Syrian neighbours. Probably this will stall further any toying with Turkish military incursion into North Syria that may have been planned in coordination with Saudi Arabia and Qatar and anyway they can play facilitator with the ‘Aleppo Army of Conquest’ in that region although there is little chance of them mastering that group nor the al-Nusra Front. Also the Kurdish party scored more than 10% of the election votes which changes the future political landscape somewhat. Neighbouring Iran is being watched by ordinary folks and contractors alike in expectation of a general post-sanctions spending spree hoped to be coming Turkey’s way.

When America started their War on Terror they were up against hundreds of dirty-fighting extremists but now they have killed thousands and are up against hundreds of thousands. When they have killed the next hundred thousand terrorists/freedom fighters/jihadists will they have created a million more? The usually well-considered website ‘’ has today pointed out that the news organs CSM, the Guardian, McClatchy, the NYT, the Telegraph and the WP have all come to this realization simultaneously.

“Throughout the Palace of The Alhambra (1333) in what was Islamic Andalus and is now Spain there recurs a cartouche inscription endlessly repeated la ghalib ila allah, ‘No Victor but God’,” as used today by ‘’ to headline an informative article from which this is taken and that also echoes my previous paragraph. (Also see the introduction to the EPISTLE TO THE KING)

The CIA is said to be training ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria , whatever that means, and then losing them and their weapons (running-in at one billion dollars a year) to the Jihadist groups. Instead of welcoming Syria as a buffer-state to the Islamic State/ISISIL/al-Qaeda it seems that Israel sees its profit in bringing Syria down via such as these.

That implausible-seeming notion of ‘bank bail-ins’ is detailed a little in the introduction to the Article WATCH OUT WORLD, part 9. Late in May this year it seems that individual countries of the European Union were given until late July only to enact bail-in laws. Somebody is in a hurry. I wish that the veil of incorporation be discarded forever so that we can beat our claims upon the persons of the real miscreants and not their corporate shields and swollen breastplates. We are taught in school that limited companies were invented to encourage more entrepreneurs to take greater risks. Yet it’s difficult to stop great entrepreneurs from perpetually risking every ounce of capital they can lay their feverish hands upon! The very greatest movers and shakers in London in the good times of the last century were all members of the same extravagant, high-rolling Clermont gambling club where low risk takers were actively dissuaded from entering. Expect high-risk sword-play emanating from behind the huge corporate shields now in control of the political policies of some major nation-states.

The importance of Stock Markets became beyond credible in the late Twentieth Century, over-empowering the guardians of your pensions funds. (I don’t have one.) The current business cycle, though, is all about Govt Bonds. Even so some recall fearfully the Stock Market crashes accompanying previous Shemitahs. The close of the Shemitah/opening of the Jubilee Year are attended to here: Nostradamus Quatrain X 72 ROI DEFFRAIEUR: A CLEAN SLATE

The ‘Anglo-Saxon Cluster’ seem to be behaving in recent years as if they were under a Nazi-style occupation. On May 16th the cowering Canadian government voted overwhelmingly in favour of draconian laws – Bill C-51 – that the populus had opposed quite vigorously according to ‘’.

Live ‘weapons-grade’ anthrax, i.e not radiation-treated for safety reasons in accordance with the US protocol, has been sent this month around the USA and to Australia Britain and Canada. An amount also went to S.Korea which has enflamed N.Korea who allege genocidal intentions. Dr. Francis A. Boyle, a top expert on specialized law with in-depth knowledge of the US military, infers that this is less than likely to be an accident.

This will probably be my last ‘Watch Out World’ report, the “End of the Series” I suppose. In this one I’m not going to criticize the endless inanities, insanities and anti-human activities of whoever runs this inspiralling world. I feel sad about the valid defence of workplace-integrated Syria and the betrayed rebels of poor Yemen. It is perhaps difficult to feel sorry for the mighty Russian Bear but its treatment by the West has surely been shoddy, perhaps one too many times.

There remain three areas of general error that I presently feel impelled to highlight and remind about:


To the disgruntled tax-payer (and I’ve never met a gruntled one) the hallmark of government is how good they are at going badly wrong. As always the flavour comes from the top. Of course promoting from within those who are good at their job could take them beyond their natural level. But selecting top operators from the outside can lead to choosing a well-rounded tomato to flavour a ministerial fruit salad.

These may be academic lawyers (who genuinely believe that laws can somehow actively build things as much as statically demolish them) or Corporate Head Office types (who believe that business flows simply by turning-on advertising taps and profits can grow by making big savings rather than spending on local sales opportunities and management talent) or else the natural-born employee-type (who perceives a permanent disconnect between the gross income of their employer and their own salaried security, until it’s much too late).


Do I believe that a person can be in a condition in which they can do no wrong? Well, there is one state that I shall call ‘enlightenment’ – for want of any other fluent grunt to describe the indescribable or define the indefinable – during which it is not possible to lie. Even a slip of the tongue could cause the world to readjust upon its axis, so to speak, until that mistake becomes truth. I’m not claiming this for Albert Einstein, a benign man who benignly tolerated his faults, but he came close to this twice. The first was his Cosmological Constant, a sleight of hand to uphold his calculations (rather like the inserted inventions that exactly balance our national annual accounts) which became a part of Science’s view of the Universe and was later found to be a ‘real thing’ in existence out there, not just a mathematical convenience. The second was expressed in a letter. He wanted to be disassociated from the fulltime atheists existing in rebellion against earlier religious impositions. He preferred the term agnostic meaning one who has yet to commit to one side or the other, adding that in his opinion the idea of a personal God was a childlike one. As with the Cosmological Constant he put this tidily to one side. Yet again he is right! The personal relationship with God is a childlike one! Over and over we have been told to trust in God alone for everything, like a child. Is there any church congregationalist, synagogue goer or temple member who actually does this? None. Who has ever given up all wealth and, finally realizing that God is silently supporting them and likely their dependents too, has never insisted upon payment nor begged gainful employment, yet a tolerable security-inside-apparent-insecurity and even growth has always come? I have observed closely such a person for over two decades now.

Just because God sits equally on each side of any balanced equation does not mean that He may be crossed-off from both sides so proving He doesn’t exist. Sorry, but Life’s Math is not that mistaken.


Successful Mother Theresa was a convinced Christian who was suspected by many to be a mystic of wider waters. For example she made her young nuns joining her in India take an oath that whatever they did at her hospice and out on the streets of death was not for their own spiritual advancement, thereby guaranteeing the possibility of such advancement. Contrary to popular opinion these girls were not medics and gave no treatments whatsoever. Nor any euthanasia. Nothing so worldly. They simply succoured and showed love for those dying in their their caring arms. And when Mother Theresa caught two nuns rifling out the remainders of some donated bottles of ketchup she became angered. Did they not know that God gave them those and would give them more? Extracting the last drop was not virtuous but distracting (the Martha and Mary syndrome) – especially whilst folk around them were in their dying minutes – and there could be a dangerous risk of offence to the One who will ever keep them, and all of us, well-supplied and unconditionally supported once we cease vainly competing in intelligence with Him. Saving can become a sickness. So must it be seen with the unloving, ill-intentioned ‘Agenda 21’ and its long vicious political tentacles. Mother Theresa would have hated it. A new version may appear at the end of September, the time of the Blood Moon, apparently worse than the one that is already wriggling impatiently on local government desks everywhere. Here’s the rule of thumb: sanctimonious parsimony = a politicized system indulgently backhanding the elite.

Is Life but a game?

The children’s game of musical chairs – heady fun until the music stops – is being reflected in a commercial attitude of the last three decades; the disconnect between laying-off employees and losing consumers. In fact the new millennium in the West only makes sense if we view it as a rush to organizing armies, large structures, transportation tunnels and other tangibles by an elite who are paying for them by taking every short-term monetary advantage available, legal, moral, peaceful or otherwise. And governments that are practically if not theoretically on their side. I guess it’s time for the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction. Unfortunately totalitarianism has as its main goal making time stand still.

The nine ‘Illuminaticards’ currently viewable on the website ‘Photobucket’ resemble the advantage and disadvantage cards of the boardgame ‘Monopoly’ although this one is a cards and dies game only. They are the ‘Rewriting History’ card, the ‘Terrorist Nuke’ card, the ‘Center for Disease Control’ card, ‘the Pentagon’, ‘Population Reduction’, ‘Epidemic/Quarantine’, ‘Combined Disasters’, ‘Kill for Peace’ and the ‘Tape Runs Out’ cards. The latter features spools of tape and a globe split asunder.

An Internet article called ‘Website Claims Steve Jackson Games Foretold 9/11’ was said to have been liberated by Navy Seal Team Six from the supposed Bin Laden’s possessions. (See the Nostradamus Quatrains IV 28 and IV 33 NEPTUNE VEILED, ABBOTTABAD, 2nd MAY 2011)

The books recently listed by the US authorities as liberated from Abbotabad were:

America’s “War on Terrorism” by Michel Chossudovsky
Black Box Voting, Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century by Bev Harris
Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier (eight years in an American prison)
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins
Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 by John Coleman
Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert
New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 by David Ray Griffin
Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast
The Best Enemy Money Can Buy by Anthony Sutton
The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Hall (1928)

I can only think that they want us to read them this Summer while we have the chance .

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