Nostradamus Quatrain III 97 REVISITED

Originally listed as ‘MY WEB-DAY 10th FEB 2012′.

The following section is history as was observed at a distance by me.

(Of course Israel and Saudi Arabia want Syria down and have done so for years now. Demanding the invasion of Iran necessarily follows. Ehud Barak laid this plan out on TV in London on the day of “9/11”. Somewhat curiously perhaps, in the eyes of many in the world, several Gentile countries then followed through on that by way of special forces and proxy foreign legions. The Kurds of Turkey and Syria (well-organized fighters) are traditionally nomadic, now tilting at windmills of state and homeland. All sides stand accused of war crimes and ghastly IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh are not yet completely finished in the world.  Iraq’s fight with IS/jihadism continues and with the universally despised IED’s still in currency. The Iraq-Syria border crossing between al-Qaim and Abu Kamal, once a stronghold of the Islamic State, has now reopened. Extensive UPDATES are listed anterior to the final section of this webpage with the latest being the most pertinent and yet all of them illustrating these ME war groupings as being some of the most serious and tragic – and confused – of all time.)

Foreword: 7th July 2012: It now seems most probable that there were only a small proportion of Syrians who did not support the status quo when the following page was first written on the 10th February. An invasion by Western Powers entraining the Moslem Brotherhood and executed by ‘al-Qaeda’ plus a laundry list of Special Forces now seems clearer to anybody who does not regard the Western Mainstream Media as a serious, or any kind of,  force for truth. Whether many of the fierce, loyal Syrian people will ever accept the forced ending of their workable secular/integrated community, on any terms, is doubtful. 

(When I first wrote the following sentence, in 2012, it seemed true enough but now I feel that a small minority in Washington D.C. are far more interested in destabilizing Iran at all costs.) 

Syria holds an important position that the Syrian people may not have thought much about but that worries the US government who pass that fear onto their allies. Stability in Israel has been partly the product of a stable status quo in Syria. Israel could be in trouble here. Their Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, is aware that Syria troubles may spill into Israel one way or another. As well as Arab hostility to Israel, another regional opposition exists; the Iranians and Syrians versus the Gulf Arab states and Turkey. Yet the present crisis is another dimension of the perhaps fatal split between Shiite Moslems and Sunnis throughout the Middle East. Russia have their only Mediterranean seaport at Tartus. They may send a naval task force to the area to ensure that the West understands that “we will not allow military adventurism” against Syria. It’s a complex situation.

Syria is an oil-producer (five times more so than Tunisia). As with Iraq (and Libya it seems) breaking of the Iranian Central Bank is said to be a US ambition in order to bring Iran’s finances firmly under the Western system’s control. What about Syria’s then?

Homs is just over 150 km from Damascus. Shells and rockets have been descending since last Friday. A BBC report yesterday said that bombs were falling non-stop without pattern, some being building-busters and others exploding mid-air to create the maximum effect below. Those poor abandoned human beings. But, as always, what people fear most is a ground assault. My last two web pages were written on Monday 6th February. Today it is February 10th, a full week since this present series of bombardments first rained down on them, cutting holes in houses and casting shrapnel. Syrian government officials blame “gunmen” for the destruction of Homs. It is so difficult to confirm news details out of Syria that any statement by anybody is a “definitely maybe”. There seem to be the same murky shadows as had crept around Libya last year.

It’s said that Bashar Assad, or somebody, leaked that a full-blown regional war would be initiated should the UN Security Council endorse the Arab League’s suggestion that Assad steps down. Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei has said that the fall of Assad will not be tolerated.

One of the stronger stories presently (7th July 2012) is that a Syrian hit squad was captured at the end of January by Lebanese security police. In extreme danger was Major General Ashraf Rifi, Director General of Lebanese Internal Security, and maybe the Lebanese lawmaker Sami Gemayel  a leader of the Christian Phalange Party. Here’s a timeline of sorts:

From the 1980’s onward a centreless bloody group, called al-Qaeda for some American reason, have fought on the US’s behalf in Afghanistan, ex-Yugoslavia, Chechnya and now Iraq, Libya, Syria (by 2017, Mali and Yemen too).

On 15th September 2001, it is reported, the US decision was taken to attack Syria as part of a sequence: Afghanistan-Iraq-Libya-Somalia-Sudan-Syria (alphabetical order?) and Iran, as was predicted on British TV by Israel’s agitated ex-PM on 11th September 2001.

On April 17th 2003 the USA issued an unfulfillable ultimatum to Syria demanding the release of all Weapons of Mass Destruction hidden there by Iraq’s Saddam Hussein (it’s logically impossible to prove that you have not  hidden something you have never had) and disband the command structures of terrorist groups. (On that day the US giant Bechtel Corporation, one part of a cross-invested group including the curiously renamed Exxon, was awarded a construction contract to rebuild much of Iraq’s war-damaged  infrastructures, schools and hospitals.) The Syrian Accountability Act was passed by Congress. It pressed the President to attack Syria at the earliest opportunity.

Friday 23rd December 2011, al-Qaeda has infiltrated Syria via Ersal, so Beirut has warned Damascus (according to the Syrian Foreign Ministry). Suicide bombers kill forty.

Sunday January 29th 2012, the nuclear submarine USS Annapolis, escorted by the guided missile destroyer USS Momsensailed through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea that divides Saudi Arabia from Iran.  (US marines have been on exercise recently ‘capturing’ two East Coast USA states.)

Friday 4th February, a new offensive has started against Homs, heart of the Syrian insurgency.

Monday 6th February (see the previous pages of “Watch Out World”). The insurrection army were the initial target – squeeze them out, basically – but they are manning all points of entry and may be the reason that state tanks and troops have not yet entered Homs.

Tuesday February 7th, arrival of British and Qatari special forces was seized upon by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan to support a new plan he has unveiled to the Turkish parliament. At Homs, there are new state tanks arriving but no apparent aircraft involvement.

Wednesday, February 8th, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu rushed to Washington to speak of co-operation. Prime Minister Erdogan pursued urgent consultations with Saud and other Gulf rulers. The foreign special forces are like a door opening in a wall for Turkish and Arab forces who might now reach Homs and then proceed on, maybe.

Thursday, 9thFebruary, Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has conceded that “reforms that address the legitimate demands of the people” should format a new dialogue within Syria but the ‘Syrian Free Army’,  around 20,000 members under Syrian Colonel Riad Assad, apparently, cannot yet protect fully the areas in direct opposition with Assad’s regime. To reduce Iranian influence, neighbouring countries may supply the Free Army yet that would re-emphasize the military aspect of a dissidence that the USA press are now calling a Revolution.

Russia, despite that  Syria is a big military exports client, possibly dislikes being isolated against its will with the general election coming up in a few weeks: China, though, seems to be out of sight deliberately.

The UN and Arab League may propose a joint monitoring of the Syria situation whilst America and Turkey are joining other favourable countries to start a ‘Friends of Democratic Syria’ group. Russia are threatening against ‘proxy armies’ in Syria. Will Syria, a community of communities, collapse under the strain? Syria is now to the front in the world community, big time. A new-styled World War, anyone?

Nostradamus Quatrain III 97

Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper
Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine:
Le grand empire barbare corruer,
Avant que Phebés son siecle determine.

New Law occupies the terra firma
Springtime in Syria, Judea and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire is to crumble,
Ere/Until the Moon* has completed its calculated cycle.

(*or Moon-Sun, as mooted in  Watch out World! Pt.2)

For a little light relief, the letters in the above Nostradamus Quatrain wording will yield-up the following proper nouns:

Syrie Judee Palestine (all as named in Line 2, the adjectival interpretation being: ‘Syrian, Jewish and Palestinian Springtime’) plus

Syrie libre l’armee Iran Qatar Turquie Iraq (but not Irak) Est-Ouest Beyrouth
golfe Persique Arabique Israel Chi’ite Sunni Moyen-Orient Mediterranee Russie Liban/Lebanon mer Rouge Christienne Phalange Islam Saudien Tunisie Libye,

Bashar al-Assad
Qassem Soleimani
Riad Assad
Avigdor Lieberman
Benjamin Netanyahu
Ashraf  Rifi
Sami Gemayel
Tayyip Erdogan
Ahmed Davutoglu
Vladimir Putin
Dmitry Medvedev
Sergei Lavrov
Barry Dunham Soetoro
Ray Mabus
le cinquieme etage (the Fifth Fleet)
fusee (rocket)
Musulman (Muslim)
Manaf Thlas
Burhan Ghalioun
Abdulbaset Sayda
Abduljabbar Agadi
Semir Nashar
Tariq al-Fahdli
Abdullah Gul
Anders Fogh Rasmussen
conférences Bilderberg
Conseil national syrien (SNC)
whose name fits the letters of the text simultaneously with
“Librement-gratuit armée en Syrie (FSA)”
The SNC’s financial suppliers include the private club
Conseil sur les relations étrangères (CFR)
who have supplied money to SNC via
Centre pour la réforme européenne (CER)
Whose main members include
Conseiller l’économie mondiale
Charles Grant
ancien rédacteur à l’Economiste
Ordre Nationale du Mérite, Chevalier
Conseiller financier, bancaire
Peter Denis Sutherland
Banque Goldman Sachs Internationale
Consulteur spécial
Administration des Actionnaires l’Apostolique
“Le père de la mondialisation”
On more active Syrian duties have been
US Ambassadeur Robert Stephen Ford
Le général David Petraeus
who previously worked up Iraq in the company of
US Ambassadeur John Dimitri Negreponte  (See the second part of  the Nostradamus Quatrains  II 21 (&  II 3REVISITED)NEGREPONTE & FRIENDS )
Le général Salim Idriss
Ahmad Al-Jarba
Najib Ghadbian
Mariam Jalabi
Marie Harf (US)
Leslie H. Gelb, président émérite CFR
Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir
Other candidates get special mentions in texts below:


UPDATE 11th FEb 2012: “The Syrian people are facing a military machine that does not care for human and moral values, and for any bonds of brotherhood and kinship between those in charge of killing and the victims”  The Daily Star Lebanon News  quoting former Lebanese caretaker PM Saad Hariri who could as much be describing warmongering  proponents of globalism as worrying about Syria’s violence having just spilled over the border into Northern Lebanon (Lebanese Alawites vs Lebanese Sunnis). Alleged involvement of Damascus in the death of Saad’s father in 2005 seems predicated on financial asset stability concerns. In 2006 the Syrian state switched its prime foreign currency exchanges from USD to Euros. “This is a precaution” Reuters reported at the time. 

Diverting international attention is a more regular move.  According to the Israelis (who are rumoured to have perfected nuclear mortars, Heaven forfend) the religious group Hezbollah/Hizbullah may play a part here and could receive ‘sophisticated’ Syrian weapons, whatever that means. (The ex-CIA Chief R. James Woolsey very recently stated that Hezbollah’s professionalism makes al-Qaeda look quite the opposite.) Right now, they may be preoccupied about a looming future wthout the strong political support from Syria they have enjoyed. And armoured Syrian forces, moved to the Jordanian border not long ago, have now been moved closer to Israel which is busy sewing anti-personnel mines along their border.

UPDATE 15th Feb 2012: Ms Navi Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, has said that most of the Homs wounded are not going to the ‘surface’ hospitals, where they fear being arrested/tortured, but to the makeshift ‘underground’ hospitals with rudimentary conditions, low in medical supplies.

UPDATE 18th Feb 2012: Daily Telegraph headline, “If Homs is now a city of the damned, the town of Qusayr is doomed to be next in line”. The rebels’ prized Lt.Colonel, now dubbed ‘Abu Arab’, is bemoaning their lack of heavy weaponry. Russia: the Kremlin is now thoroughly diverted by Iran as Tehran may lose some rationality under out-and-out economic warfare so potentially extreme that it may also have unprecedented global repercussions. (China has not ruled out direct action with Russia against the USA, it has been reported, which does not sit comfortably with their cordial government trade visit to America this month.) 

UPDATE 20th Feb 2012: The International Red Cross is negotiating “to provide humanitarian services” by way of a ceasefire.

UPDATE 22nd Feb 2012: France, the US and others are pleading for peaceful means to a democratic end. “I repeat my call to the Syrian government to really let us in,” Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief. Saudi says Assad is more or less incorrigible. Qatar wants Western invasion. Russia has warned Israel to hold back.

Common humanity to one side for a brief moment, which US path being trod leads strategically to the ‘next World War’, through Syria or via Iran? Let’s turn this around and look at it a new way. What if Iran and the American establishment are perpetually spoiling for a fight? What if President Obama is using Iranian sanctions as a buffer against his own shadowy circle of nuclear madmen who are convinced that Iran will lash out under US economic duress and the unfair propaganda, sooner or later? What if Iran knows full-well that Israeli officials would rather the country go down to dust than lose just one conflict? What if Iran assembles everything necessary to produce simply one or two atom bombs of, say, ‘1945 American standard’ but waits actually to do so at some indefinite time in the future? What if the future price of oil soars without any comparable incease in demand or decrease in supply? The game of Chess has always been popular, especially in Iran. Meanwhile, in Syria …

UPDATE 1st March 2012: Journalist Robert Fisk has received resident calls claiming that troops recently entered the Sunni district in Homs. Helicopters that have overseen street movements recently have commenced firing. Today is day 25 of the latest onslaught, month 11 of the government military offensive against ‘activists’.

Hillary Clinton when she attended the grand “Friends of Syria” meet in Tunis urged Syria to stop the killing and only half-veiled her judgement that Bashar Assad is a war criminal. (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan … just countin’)


Did you know that Pakistan has been one of the greatest troop providers for NATO and can claim the highest number of losses? Or that Turkey has fought for NATO – definitely maybe a sub-division of US Forces – right back to playing an instrumental part in the Korean War? Or that the Muslim Brotherhood (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya) was seemingly co-opted by London to oppose Nasser and is financed today by the Gulf Co-operation Council? These are the old guard. The ex-al Qaeda military boss in Tripoli boasts of a close relationship with NATO and is also the commander of the Free Syrian Army who are based in Turkey. Soccom launches around seventy ‘special forces’ missions some days, somewhere on the globe. So who else fights for America? For a start, their own fine-crafted words and the collectivised imposition of their most on-policy options. Mass production spawned mass entertainment and a mass media base bearing mass advertising which together with editorialized mass news broadcasting has now spawned mass P.R. in US and UK.

Demonizing and seeking the ouster for Assad’s regime, pointing-up that it is coldly killing Syrians whilst talking down demonstrations warmly supporting President Bashar, criticizing their deployments of military units whilst promoting the Syrian National Council as if it represented all branches of opposition to the government, painting some aspects white but others black, only adds to the conflict and inflames antagonisms everywhere. The truth of the matter is that everybody’s daily Syria news, including mine, has been carefully spooned out from the start; whichever side you are on.

There must be some way out of here …

UPDATE: 1st March 2012: rebels are undertaking a tactical withdrawal from Homs, possibly in part to keep some national identities secure. Russia must have been sparring at their full weight.

UPDATE: 20th March 2012: Russian combat troops arrived. Also some ‘terror commandos’ with fully murderous cold-blooded ‘death squads’ much as were once employed in South America. Possible Saudi-UAE interest now. Al Qaeda and US show common support for localized rebels. Syria is  probably more integrated than anywhere else in the Middle East. What a price for the people to pay: deliberate disintegration.

UPDATE: 30th March 2012: No doubt Israel is eyeing Lebanon’s Shiite armed force closely. They would certainly react to any  break in their Iran–Syria long-term link. Assad’s keen ally in Beirut, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, has said that 12-months of trying to topple the regime by a nominally Sunni uprising has not got nearly as far as it planned and should cease. International antagonists, he says, no longer have regime change on their agenda and now seek only political dialogue. Saudi and Qatar have modified their tone. Kofi “the deadline is now” Annan for the UN-Arab League is urging both sides to cease firing but Assad demands the rebels cease first causing the UN to point out that it would be more effective if Bashar himself called the halt. Peoples of the world, however, have been taught to revile Bashar Asssad’s apparent wickednesses  and seem to have learned those lessons far better than the parallel pro-war and anti-Iran propaganda still circulating and demonically driving speculative oil prices.

UPDATE: 15th April 2012: despite ongoing peace verbiage, the total of displaced persons in Syria has now exceeded 1,000,000.

UPDATE: 10th May 2012: Two targeted explosions during the morning rush to work caused carnage in Damascus killing 55, wounding hundreds and ripping the facade off a military intelligence building that housed the ‘Palestine intelligence branch’. The Syrian government blamed foreign-backed terrorists whilst the SNC suggested government itself. Given the restrictions on media in Syria, there is not much chance of independent investigatiion. President Obama took steps to increase the depth of sanctions against President Assad’s regime saying that Syria is an unusual and extraordinary threat to U.S. national security and diplomatic goals.

UPDATE: 9th June 2012: Check-out ‘Report: Syrian Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre’ by John Glaser in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

UPDATE: 11th June 2012: rumours that rebel supplies are being stepped-up by several storeys; chemical shells/radioactive munitions placed in Syria by interested sources? How bizarre is that?

UPDATE: 14th June 2012: Clintons rule “it’s now time for everyone in the international community, including Russia and all Security Council members, to speak to Assad with a unified voice”.

Burhan Ghalioun, ex-leader of the Syrian National Council of Istanbul, claims to want only revolution whereas the UN claims to want only peaceful politics but stresses that there is “no guarantee that we will succeed.” Abdulbaset Sayda the replacement SNC leader states “We demand the departure of all representatives of the current regime, and first of all its leader Assad”. The sins of the fathers …

UPDATE: Friday 13th July 2012: another and bigger massacre discovered, 250 dead with both sides blaming the other per BBC radio whose transcript may even read as unbiased but whose under-my-breath mutters and sighs edged down onto the side where the smart money is, it seems to me. An expert announced that this is further evidence of shocking sectarianism. Syria has enjoyed the same kind of mixed workplace as other secular countries. We have seen balkanizations before. The predominantly Sunni Muslim village of Taramseh is in Hama province.  Hama itself is said to have been without living residents recently and under the 24-hour control of the activist military. Where were they when the people needed them?

UPDATE: Thursday 26th July 2012: this will be my post later today at 

On Mankind’s blindness, “They also serve who only stand and wait” to join in with the sponsored hounding of the Syrian kill

It seems that armed activists decapitated all nine Alawis sat across the aisle from Sunnis on a Homs bus but only after they had forced them to separate that way. They were originally seated all mixed up together. Yes, perhaps this is purely Internet hearsay but does it exemplify the truth of what’s really going on?

Just in case there is any observer who cannot yet see that the Syria uprising was likely premeditated by the pro-Sunni sea-change US policy of Redirection, try reading this:

Seymour M. Hersh points up the treacherous tread of this track in his piece for The New Yorker on March 5th 2007 called ‘The Redirection, A Strategic Shift’ further sub-titled ‘Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?’ to which the answer is that such living threats to every nation’s security as al-Qaeda and the Moslem Brotherhood or those Salafists who would kill without conscience have all grown bigger and stronger as the inevitable result of this anti-Shi’a policy.

It’s been said that in recent years selected activists from Syria, Lebanon and other lands across the region have been invited to US training sessions organized by the USSD, receiving tens of millions of USD plus encryption and communications aids. Today Sudan is two countries and Libya may yet become ripe for slicing in half. Lebanon, with roughly equal parts Sunni, Shi’a and others (including Christians presently sheltered under the Shiite wing) may be in the frame for partitioning or attack perhaps to diminish the hefty Hezbollah whilst provoking Shi’a Iran. Iraq has suffered a depletion of social capital that renders any superficial stability somewhat irrelevant but Jordan has shown Sunni solidarity so far and Saudi Arabia is Sunni to its foundations. Bahrain has a Sunni social topsoil imported from Saudi and a heavy foreigner force to prevent it being blown away, plus the strategic stationing of the US Navy there. Notwithstanding, the massed Shi’a protests are broadly attended. Syria has a majority Sunni population yet is dominated by the strong Alawi sect which is the theoretical weakness that someone has decided to exploit. Egypt was previously secular and antagonistic to the extreme Sunni Moslem Brotherhood yet not to more moderate Sunnis; what happens now? The loose lots we call al-Qaeda are dedicated Sunni although not exclusively Arab (a fringe foreign legion, really) and then there’s the possible Sunni Libyan LIFG fighters controlled by the same onetime al-Qaeda fighter and new friend of NATO as now directs the Free Syrian Army.

Around ninety attacks in Syria in the last seven months have been by groups close to al-Qaeda or other jihadi extremists, says Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. This was actually the official response to a German parliamentary question. Now it seems that Qusayr had its Christians expelled by activists and remaining children were enlisted by the FSA on pain of execution of their parents. These ‘Syrian rebels’ are said to be largely a mix of Lebanese, Libyans, Pakistanis and Tunisians who even now will avow their allegiance to Osama Bin Laden. Refreshingly old-school style reporting by German newspapers like Die Bild and FAZ seems to be independent of German government policy which is firmly in the regime-change camp.

For years the UN was plagued by member countries not paying their dues with the US generously offering to bail them out eventually. They are principally in NYC of course and so I guess the organization, as opposed to most of its member countries, may have become pretty Americanized by now.

As a government policy the Sunni shuffle is unavoidably anti-Shi’a, deepening or creating divisions, and about as psychologically smart as the British Empire’s desk-top decision to draw straight-edge lines on maps as borders between Middle East nations (and other arbitrary, over-simplistic partitionings that are problematic to this day). Great minds think alike, etc.

Talking of straight-lines and compass pairs and the assumption that everybody lives on a map, interpretative Astrology is one step back from Astronomy in that it allows for flat sky theory. Presently, there’s an astrological square aspect between the bounding spontaneity of major planet Uranus and Pluto the mini-planet of disguised power and conspiracy suspicions. The stars continue to affirm that ‘here comes the public’s longing for a leap to systemic sanity’ and scanning forward reveals a spaced series of the ‘did he/she/they jump?’ type of event.

An unconfirmed rumour had it that the UN peace plan was presented as an ‘if you agree to this then the activists will cease fire immediately’ deal which repelled the Syrian authorities who recoiled at the thought that it was in the gift of the UN to move the finger off or on the trigger. The rumour further had it that their response was reported to Qatar. Well, who knows? What is well known is that Qatar has one of the best organized airlines in the world and now Qatar has a security company that can even organize street scenes that are so similar to downtown Damascus or Aleppo or Lattakia that they are suitable for making news videos, according to and others.

The BBC has removed some of that necessity by accepting ‘embedding’ at Aleppo. A critique is available at

 Another point of view is available from TimeWorld at

Apparently Time Magazine’s June 25th 2012 article on this subject points up that the US State Department budgeted over $72 million to train armed Syrian activists in encryption, computer hacking and video suite production.

Astrology again: slow-moving giant Saturn and energetic Mars will be conjunct next month in the Sign of Libra. The astrological power that most drives activity and the one which resists that drive most powerfully will be meeting and greeting in an atmosphere that favours agreement. Here’s hoping for honest closure everywhere. Otherwise Syria’s suffering looks to be a protracted conflict, long and bloody, and whether you sympathize with the regime or not they do have strong anti-imperial credentials to flout in the face of any encroaching new world empire that might just be muzzling/propagandizing many of the mass media entertainment/broadcast news favourites in the West.

Last week Turkey, another key piece in the jigsaw puzzle  and a “true partner” (Madeline Albright) and a welcome refugee haven despite now closing its border, looked slightly shaky as internal rumours suddenly circulated about their senior leadership. And the people may yet resent any apparent harbouring of NATO-backed rebels that could influence next-door neighbour Assad into inclining militarily towards the well-organized Kurdish PKK that he had previously rejected. Also the SNC started cracking at the top last week but that might just be teething troubles. Doctor Bassma Kodmani is a senior Ford Foundation officer and academic apparently described as ‘French’ at Bildeberg 2008 and ‘International’ at the Group Meeting this year in Chantilly USA. She’s been aided with her pro-democracy ARI organization (ARrab sprIng?) by the anti-sovereignty CFR moneying it via the gobalist CER and she has sounded reasonable* within her chosen partisan limits. Up until now that is. As super spokesperson of the SNC (member of the executive bureau and head of foreign affairs) Bilderberg Bassma simply demanded UN apply the Chapter VII resolution allowing the use of force and any legitimate coercive means to bring about compliance because “No dialogue with the ruling regime is possible”. That’s like one of those literally unbelievable sweeping plot lines in a scripted drama that we are obliged to swallow for continuity purposes. There are well-trod secret passages for that kind of communication running all through history, Doctor K. For fans of theatre a little more may be found in the superb old BBC TV documentary “The Power of Nightmares” that can be viewed on the Internet and could aid comprehension of the impossible-seeming ‘Syria alliance’ of al-Qaeda with parts of Washington and the US fringe at large.

*In writings like “The Road to Ruin for the Assad Regime”, Financial Times, 14 June 2011, the learned Doctor has pointed-out that many excesses of the regime have stemmed from Assad having disparate security services with chequered responses, some hateful, but she fails to note that the opposition groups – some heroic, others cold-blooded death squads – are also patchy and neither united behind the SNC nor payrolled by them. Meanwhile all the demographic streams of Syria are to live as the people fallen into Hell. If good measure and strong structure are the accepted basis of serious statehood, allowing disparate groups to resonate with each other peacefully, then imposing ill-measured chaos could be described as fanatical foolery by wrecking ball cowboys.

Monsieur le Président “if we accept the proposition that an individual can be sacrificed for the happiness of the many, it will soon be shown that two or three or more could also be sacrificed for the happiness of the many. Little by little we will find reasons to sacrifice the many for the happiness of the many; and we will think it a price worth paying.” Michelet, French Revolution

UPDATE: Thursday 6th September 2012: this is my latest post at

Just as Russia seems keen on a Syrian democracy which does not automatically exclude Assad the activist fighters appear to be in disarray:

 The following information is culled from research published by the Turkish ‘Hürriyet Daily News’ in an article by İPEK YEZDANİ last weekend.

(See their expansive webpage at )

She writes, “According to SNC officials, there were between 70,000 and 100,000 rebels fighting against the Syrian regime in Syria.”

(note: al-Qaeda’s Tariq al-Fahdli in South Yemen has just negotiated 5,000 more with the US/Saudi powers, reported to be “a regional deal for the transfer of al-Qaeda fighters from Yemeni territory to Turkey to the Syrian front, which explains the sudden withdrawal of gunmen from Abyan.”)

There are more than 30 opposition groups fighting in Syria – of whom only 15 could be formally identified by Hürriyet Daily News – the most prominent being the Turkey-based Free Syrian Army (FSA).

“Rebels fighting against the al-Assad regime are fragmented between jihadists, pro al-Qaeda and secular groups that are not always under the control of the FSA.”

Representatives of the SNC told her that we should not speak in terms of a chain of command amongst these groups that could follow orders from the regional FSA leader, Abduljabbar Agadi.

“Some groups such as the al-Tavhid and al-Fatah brigades consider themselves part of the FSA, however mostly they don’t listen to the orders of the regional leaders of the FSA.”

“Semir Nashar (SNC executive member) has met one rebel from Jabhat al-Nusra which is al-Qaeda in Syria, another one from the al-Fatah Brigade and another one from the al-Tawhid Brigade in an effort to unite them.”

The writer of this well-researched article concludes “The Jihadists, Islamists, pro al-Qaeda and secular groups that are not under the control of the FSA and which are fighting in different areas of Syria against the regime forces prove how fragmented and disorganized the Syrian rebel groups have been in Syria.”

This is not the Sunni-Shia struggle that a major power wanted and an Ambassador worked publicly to promote. It is not susceptible to purely demographic division. There are even some Alawis (Alevis) who are with the fighter rebels and yet plenty of Sunnis prefer the Assad regime over foreign interference. Here is the HDN notated list:

The Revolutionary Council fight in Deir ez-Zor.

The Brigade of al-Qaka fight in Deir ez-Zor.

Tawafiq A small group of rebels of secular ideology, numbering around 50 and fighting in the North-East district of Aleppo.

Al-Fatah Brigade (FSA) are Islamists though not as radical asal-Qaeda’. They fight in Aleppo, and they accept everyone, even people who worked with the Syrian regime.

Fajrul Islam are an Islamist group based in Aleppo but they organize attacks in other big cities also.

Ahra al-Sham are Islamists but not as radical as ‘al-Qaeda’.

Brigades of al-Sahaba are mostly rebels from the countryside around Damascus, fighting mainly in the outskirts of the city. They number between 2,000 and 3,000.

Bedouins who fight against the regime in Daraa.

Al-Faruq Brigade include mostly Sunnis, but there are also Christians and a small number of Alevis (Alawis) who fight with them. They fight in Homs. They number between 7,000 and 10,000.

Free Syrian Army (the best-connected with the SNC) are the better-known and most prominent opposition force in Syria, and their main base is listed on their website as the southern Turkish city of Hatay. Most of the high-ranking defector soldiers fight under the auspices of the FSA. They fight mainly in Idlib, Damascus, Homs, Hama, Dara and Aleppo. The biggest brigade of the FSA is based in Idlib with around 20,000 rebel fighters.

Libyan, Chechen, Afghan jihadists who mostly fight on the front in the Seyf al-Dawla district of Aleppo but also organize attacks in Idlib, Homs and Damascus.

Jabhat al-Nusra are the Syrian arm of the radical Islamist al-Qaida group. They have the same ideology as ‘al-Qaeda’, but do not use that name. They fight mainly in Aleppo and also organize big attacks in Idlib and Damascus.

Al-Tawhid Brigade (FSA) are Islamist, but not as radical as al-Qaeda. They operate in the countryside of Aleppo and they fight both in Aleppo and Idlib. They accept people they know but don’t accept high-ranking defector soldiers.

Turkmens’ Brigades of the FSA are the Turkmen rebels fighting in Azaz and Aleppo who have been given the names of the former Ottoman Empire sultans Fatih Sultan Mehmed and Sultan Abdülhamid.

PYD These are the Syrian arm of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). They have the control of some Kurdish regions such as Afrin, al-Qamishli and al-Malikiyah in Syria.

(note: the PKK are currently being courted by powers wishing to use their valued organization to cause trouble for other powers.)

UPDATE: Sunday 14th October 2012: The following was written a few days ago with the intention that I post it on  but I’ve decided to let my last post there stand a while longer and so it occupies this webpage only;

A year ago Russia said that it would not tolerate the West’s long-planned assault on Syria and agreed to supply/install its S-300 missile system

A year has passed and even more invasive rat runs have been muscled-in and reinforced or repelled. In the week that Syria – ultimately the premier PR gateway to war with Iran – has stood accused of non-sensical suicide aggression across the Turkish border, I favour this video discussion (which is not about Syria being right or wrong) because despite contra-biasing these men remain soft spoken and mostly do mean well, clearly preferring to approach the situation in a measured if slightly unexciting way.

This compares so well against Hitler’s excited address to his Generals that would lead to the invasion of Poland on the grounds of newsreel of a Polish aggression that was actually disguised German soldiers attacking innocent Germans: 

“I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn’t matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth.”

Apparently the Turkish newspaper Yurt is reporting that the type of mortar used to strike at Turkish Altinozu and Akcakale is the same as a NATO model that Turkey gifted free to the gifted Free Syria Army. It’s strange how the Turkish people are openly told about this but the US and UK Main Stream Media dumbly holds its collective tongue with the notable exception of the NY Times who stuck their maverick neck out to mention that actual authorship of the exloded shell was not totally clear. (Are the good folks of the MSM under death threats or what?) When Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov supposed that Syrians should declare the shell fatalities a terrible mishap and apologize for them they did just that, according to Ankara. Behind Ankara stands NATO’s Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen (who boasts that Libya provided NATO with the template for all further UN-supportive missions) affirming that NATO are ready and waiting for Syrian aggression: “Turkey can rely on NATO solidarity … We have all necessary plans in place to protect and defend Turkey”. The Turkish President Abdullah Gul is calling at his loudest for “international action”. Turkey’s Chief of General Staff has personally vowed to step up the army’s game against Syria if a cross-border mortar shell should occur again.

Meanwhile, the same border is both leaking and re-absorbing Turkey-based anti-regime footsloggers and their quartermasters. As the BBC so blandly put it on 11th October 2012, “A number of foreign Islamist militants, including Europeans, have been fighting in Syria on the rebel side, against the government of Bashar al-Assad”.

Turkey has continued to churn up the neighboring border strip with artillery barrages in the past days as if they secretly want to carve out a no man’s land – as a buffer or as a safe channel for pan-Arab activists or as a deterrent to refugees or simply a place to assemble an invasion army, perhaps first raddling the borderland then straddling it militarily. Am I going too far out of the box with this? The Russian envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, has noted that war planning is well advanced, “a logical conclusion of those military and propaganda operations, which have been carried out by certain Western countries against North Africa” stating that a ‘humanitarian’ campaign drafted by US/NATO/Israeli military planners against Syria features Turkey in the central role.

This could turn out to be a further tragic error although the timing of all this might be fortunate what with the distracting US presidential election coming up in November and the Federal Reserve sinking all property-owning Americans en masse by monthly creations of huge national debt in perpetuity, playing out via taxpayers/mortgagee’s collateral. (Add that in October 2012 the US President relied on EO 12957 of 1995 – Emergency Powers due to the “threat” of Iran – to issue a new Executive Order allowing him to freeze if not seize absolutely anybody’s bank accounts should they be deemed “sanctioned” by him.) Now not so many Americans blindly want insensitive war in response to invisible threats anymore, thanks God, and this foggy October may yet store up sunshine as more people are forced to abandon their addictive TV or computer game in order to turn around and face up to the stark reality of cunning cannibals from famous families who are out to consume them. Likewise the interface Turkish government is seemingly spoiling for all-out war with Syria whilst the common people are surely not, despite old historic differences. As one elderly Turk responded to his interviewer “What? We’ve been friends with them for four hundred years!” How many more ‘representatives’ of our ‘democratic’ governments can initiate war in the face of major protests at home before folks tumble that these ‘leaders’ are only obeying orders?

If a US-NATO military operation is launched against Syria then the Arab Middle East and the whole land expanse from the Mediterranean’s edge to the Pakistani-Afghan border with China will become aflame with extended wars. Presently there is no question of invoking Article 5 of NATO’s charter that would require all the organisation’s members to defend Turkey (despite President Erdogan’s blank public reminder to NATO members of their preset responsibility to do so). This leaves Erdogan holding this newborn charge with no hope of the absent parents offering a hand.

Back to the video, “Syria is a potential Vietnam for Turkey” says Joshua Landis. The US thought it could wreak war so well in Vietnam with no fear of failure, like a multinational corporation wrecking a Third World market by entering it with vastly superior resources and technology. In fact they won almost every battle but still lost that morally humiliating, spiritually sickening industrialized war. (Monsanto delivered the first evil agent that springs to mind.)

On the 8th October 2012 the BBC decided to report that Saudi weaponry was in activist hands in Syria as if that was news to them or us. Picture a closed crate marked “country of origin: Ukraine”, consigned to the “Ministry of Defense and Aviation, Royal Saudi Arabian Land Forces, Commander Signal Corps., Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” destined for King Khalid International Airport by Dastan Engineering Company Ltd., an arms manufacturer known for naval weapons. The “Fragile Handle With Care” crate label lists the factory as LCW presumably Luhansk Cartridge Works who, it seems, export cartridges for the world-dominant AK-47 design. It was revealed by the BBC together with two other boxes found on an activist base in Aleppo, Syria. Whatever is in the box is probably explosive but Saudi has refused to comment and the crate was not opened for the BBC so this critical item of news, although superficially undeniable, literally remained covered up.

Less ambiguously, one of the special interest presidential candidates Romney has made it clear that he favours supplying “those members of the opposition who share our values” among the activists in Syria (not at all the same thing as the Syrian activists) despite that the Assad regime shows absolutely no sign of losing its legitimacy to the SNC or any other cell.

Turkey – which houses the SNC and gives a kind of cover to the failing activists – has not yet evoked something like the reciprocal Turkey-Syria Adana Agreement of October 20th 1998 which states baldly that Syria “will not permit any activity that emanates from its territory aimed at jeopardizing the security and stability of Turkey” apparently regardless of who did what. (It also agrees not to supply the well-organized Kurdish PKK army.)

To what extent can Turkey reciprocate over a Syria-based aggression under international or Turkish legislation? Like for like? Reasonable force? As Israel has to others? Whatever absurd attitude brings content to the aggrieved political mind?

More likely they care more about a pressing pair of contingencies:

The geo-energy developments in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, as explicated by William “Full Spectrum Domination” Engdahl, at

and the provocations that might favour the stealth introduction of a No-Fly-Zone and/or an all-out NATO assault. It seems that four passengers on the Airbus that was forced down in violation of the Convention on International Civil Aviation by Turkish F-16 fighters this week may have been rough-handled after it touched down. Passenger Fatima al-Saman told Russia Today “They started unloading some packages. They opened them, took pictures. There were many people. We all saw what was in there. There were no weapons.”

NATO is the traditional enemy of resourceful Russia (and currently distracted China also, who would align with Russia almost by default) and since the Clinton Clan publicly leaned into al-Qaeda (which the CFR is now reported as having praised) the true enemy of extremist jihadist terrorism is Putin Power. What move will he make and when? The withdrawal of troublesome al-Qaeda out of the Caucasus and Chechnya so as to join NATO in defending a ripped-open Turkey is not an entirely impossible scenario, at least in theory.

In practice, Turkey and Pakistan have each shown the greatest physical commitment to NATO of any of the member countries. (And Afghanistan recorded over 3,000 cross-border incidents from the Pakistan side in the three months up to 14th August 2012, according to the BBC report of that date.) Sure, the US has secret capabilities to terrorize national leaders into compliance – but look at foresaken Pakistan now. Take care, Turkey. Be strong. Be unflappable. Be true.

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion”


“We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

These are final excerpts from a letter of 15th August 1871 by Albert “Old Cashier of the 33rd Degree” Pike, an American man of warlike action and their leading freemason. The letter may no longer exist but the many quotations from it all agree one to another. It previews World Wars I and II and claims to be a vision of how One World will be achieved by World War III; and yet in a Saturnine, bloody and horrible manner that bodes no good to any but crazed lovers of human humiliation, diabolical destruction and brutal death. Unfortunately this seems the key to our collective karma in the West since the end part of the Twentieth Century. If you have read this far, thank you for your patience and goodwill. 

UPDATE: 26th November 2012: the B.B.C. webpage has published under the heading { Syria cluster bomb attack ‘kills 10 children’ } a statement that “Activists in Syria say a government jet has dropped a cluster bomb on a playground, leaving 10 children dead. Video posted on the internet showed children’s bodies on the ground with their mothers grieving over them. The children were killed when a MiG fighter bombed a playground in the village of Deir al-Asafir, east of Damascus, opposition activists said.” This article is apparently based on “An unverified video posted by opposition activists” that “purported to show cluster bomblets in Deir al-Asafir”  It concludes with teaching aids on cluster bombs as if a text book example.

[N.B. Any abuse of childhood dignity by adults to conduct a war or otherwise will almost certainly receive powerful retribution from on high in all manner of ways, said ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, making it imperative to verify an accusation in the fullest possible manner before it is even suggested or harsh returns might just fall upon false accusers in line with their motivations.]

UPDATE: 16th December 2012: Without doubt 2011’s armed and alarming problem of Syria has arrived at the status of a murderous reality increasingly threatening all our lives as we approach the start of 2013. Deliberate and extensive bigotry has been created out of airwaves by once-admired News institutions that we have trusted too freely as they nudge us towards the real risk of historic WWIII.  Of course, there have been virtual world wars since WWII already such as the insidious War of Information, Acceptability and Acclimation (we have lost much ground here) let alone the ongoing physical War of World Central Banking Control (with those beyond the Red Shield Agents dubbed ‘evil’ by Dub-ya) and some skilled social skirmishing such as during the Campaign of Personality Dysfunction not to mention the torturous mind control mix behind the most inhuman and warlike civil incidents. Finally there’s the ‘Soft War’ of immodestly marketing the under-baked USA cultural mix, worldly and wide. We shouldn’t mention the true face of the War on Drugs which hasn’t yet engaged reverse gear to reveal what it was shielding from our gaze nor the terrifying World War on a subjective abstract term called Terror (as personified by ‘al-Qaeda’ which is another meaningless abstraction that could as easily be applied to the US-supported ‘Syrian rebels’) nor that War to End All Wars, the attack on the US Dollar which, of course, does not exist. Or does it? So many bubbles, never enough currency…

Sadly the website for Syria Today has been obliged to shut-up shop, but its latest webpages are still available to us, such as

Meanwhile the Guardian U.K. has announced “Assad losing Syria war, Russia admits for the first time”

quoting their Deputy Foreign Minister, who whilst not quite saying as much says enough that it could certainly be taken that way. Seems Russia may not inevitably intervene. The Guardian also quotes the NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen who has said: “I think the regime is approaching collapse” but then he would, would he not?

FURTHER UPDATES: (1) Syria News as recorded from Syrian Official Tv Channel by Syria Free Press and published on the 16th December 2012

6 news items including “Antioch: Journalists denounce practices of terrorists supported by Erdogan along Syrian- Turkish borders” and “Bogdanov: Washington Turned away from Geneva Statement, Fanfare on Change in Russian Stance Is Deliberate”.

(2) Syria News as recorded from Syrian Official Tv Channel by Syria Free Press and published on 17th December 2012

6 news items including “Massive Rally in al-Sabil in Aleppo Supporting Army, Demanding Departure of Terrorists”  and “Salehi: Deploying Patriot Missiles in Turkey is Provocative” with references to blasts in Iraq, legal violation by Egyptian referendum handlers and targeted police stations in Libya (Benghazi).


24th December 2012

Syrian Military: Militants Using Chemical Weapons

Chemical weapons reportedly used by NATO-armed, funded terrorists near Damascus. 

25th December 2012

Israel voiced doubt on Tuesday about the accuracy of Syrian activists’ reports that chemical weapons had been used against rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad

26th December 2012

The commander of Syria’s military police has defected from President Bashar-al Assad’s government and reportedly fled to Turkey. Lt Gen Abulaziz al-Shalal said the army had deviated from its primary duty of protecting the country and had transformed into “gangs of killing and destruction” and “has committed massacres against an unarmed population”.

UPDATE 20th JANUARY 2013: During a Sunday TV interview in Lebanon a senior Iranian aide stated “If the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is toppled, the line of resistance in the face of Israel will be broken … We believe that there should be reforms emanating from the will of the Syrian people, but without resorting to violence and obtaining assistance from America”, as reported by Reuters. An Islamic Mufti from Egypt called Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a judicial theologian and Al-Jazeera TV talking-head, has issued a fatwa compelling Moslems to kill any Syrian who is for the incumbent government of Syria. Apparently the CIA has been recruiting 6,000-odd Arabs, Afghans and Turks according to Bulent Aslanoglu, the Vice-President of the Turkish Labor Party, whilst the Turkish TV station Olossal has pointed-out that the US’s ‘Blackwater Company’ is having to pay men such as these large money to fight their neighbours in Syria. (Iraq must be carefully eyeing Syria as they are similarly breaking down under aggravated  ethnic and sectarian pressures. If these two non-Sunni governments should succumb at around the same time … )

UPDATE: 13th March 2013: So much has happened since the updates above and yet from a distance it is too difficult for most of us to see the quality of the light from the billowing smoke. People in the West literally can’t believe the high level of deception behind their MiaSMa. Still there are opinioned yet informed websites to fall back on like (Tony Cartalucci) and apparently factual accounts such as at (Eliot Higgins) which may help.
A foremost London newspaper on their webpagee, has now reported  that a major airlift (75 planes full) is underway through Zagreb: supplying so-called ‘rebels’ with what they never should, rather like the ironic error of feeding-up bugs with antibiotics to become superbugs . (British troopers refer casually to ‘al-Qaeda’ as “al-Quidder”, a quid being a unit of cash by the way, and  happily uses the term ‘al-CIA-da’.)

UPDATE: 4th April 2013: An obsession with Iran had part-blurred their vision but now Israel is re-focusing upon spillover from the Syrian extreme conflict:

Israel (and Palestine) should keep a 24-hour watch here.

UPDATE: 6.6.13: The conflict is in its 27th month. Of course much has happened recently or has been claimed to be happening, including more talk of MiG jets and S-300 missiles. (Syria already have surface-to-surface Iskanders which carry a 1,500-lb warhead at 1.3 miles per second for 280 miles that Russia delivered immediately after Turkey ‘politely requested’ US Patriot missiles.) The Golan has been mooted as a suitable offensive despite that Syria has observed a ceasefire there since stalling at Mt.Hermon in 1974. A Palestinian ‘terror group’ shelling of an Israeli military observation post this May 15th drew no response, however.

France has just specified that the nerve gas sarin has been used in Syria, including at least once by the Assad regime. Now it seems planes are delivering fully-armed fighters, both Hezbollah and the militant and Iranian-trained Iraqi Fadl Brigades. ‘Encirclements, surprise and the launch of painful strikes on key strategic positions’ could be the order of the day. Hassan Nasrallah’s Hezbollah Shi-ite Army is a genuine and smart fighting force with heavy-lifting capabilities quite possibly able to defeat a small country. It’s security in Lebanon is being threatened by the Syrian situation, perhaps even its existence. This makes for a dangerous enemy and a good friend. Fawaz Gerges, director of the Middle East Centre at the LSE was quoted by USA Today on June 4, 2013 as saying “Hezbollah is in it for the long haul … Iran has not officially committed troops yet but there is no doubt in my mind they will … It has become an open ended proxy war now.”

To stop the violence from spreading to Israel’s border with Lebanon and from Jordan and Syria into Iraq and from Syria into Turkey is now a monumental task. What a tangled web the deceitful have weaved. Surely Israel, US and the Gulf have seen by now that it is better the devil you know than the “extremist demons” you can barely imagine holding Syria and that an “intact but weakened Assad regime would be preferable”, a quote attributed to some Israeli officials by the Times of London on May 18, 2013 (in sharp contrast to an authoritative piece in the NYT on May 15, 2013).

Other news, today reports that Hezbollah fully played their part in taking Qusayr. Next up, Aleppo. has been featuring a landing by the I,000-strong US 24th Marine Expeditionary force at Port Aqaba two days ago. They headed North under heavy Jordanian escort the same day, apparently.

A couple of years or so ago, possibly erroneous strategic opening moves by a major player were based on imperfect understandings of other lands, a spread of incentives/greeds and subsequent handouts to the disgruntled. Syria is not weak on the battlefield and they have strong friends. Their internal divisions are neither insufferable nor exploitable by terrorism it seems. The majority seem pro the incumbent President according to a recently published poll.

The following UPDATE: 17th June 2013: is published in full as a post on   Syrian Arab News, Terrorists killed in large numbers, including leaders.! 
(ex-Foreign Minister for France Roland Dumas, Western intervention in Syria planned in 2009)

USA/NATO/EU members and now the financially-dependent UN are chosing “war,war” above “jaw, jaw”. The sales of ‘1984’ are soaring. It’s a little late but some people are realizing that they live in those pages. I can well believe that Blair was a propaganda executive at the BBC and this occupation inspired that book, now being looked upon as a Western Democracy ‘next stage primer’.

 We should realize that the Syria tragedy has been a complex concerted effort planned by the world’s most powerful war machine and Blairian/Orwellian propagandists have been filling the movie in our minds with ‘lies are truth’ imagery.

UPDATE: 28.7.13:According to deputation of the Syrian oppositionists (including defected Syrian General Salim Idriss, coalition leader Ahmad Al-Jarba, opposition envoy Najib Ghadbian and spokesperson Mariam Jalabi) have been visiting the USA. Why? The McClatchy website (‘Truth to Power’) obliges that, suffering disappointment, they wished to ask why the US has not supplied more materiel. State Department spokesperson Marie Harf recently addressed reporters along the lines that the government plans to fulfill its promise to advance the scale and the scope of their assistance and the McClatchy website add that she feels “upset” by the government’s delay. So, they say, do Saudi Arabia (‘The Most Fortunate of the Fortunate States’) who have demanded Washington explain why the U.S. is not greenlighting the new containers full of heavy weapons destined for Syrian activists. US officials have asked the Saudis to wait a few weeks.

This sits neatly with web rumours that an early attack is being prepared by ‘US Allies Incorporated’, a possibility not at all widely discussed by the ‘Main Stream Media’ who, better placed than most, should know pretty well what is being prepared or otherwise. Meanwhile the rest of the world mostly feels that it is ‘Time To Call Time’ on this basketful of bad fruits.

(Reuters have reported that at a special meeting of more than two dozen nations – including delegations from China, India, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan and Russia – none of the countries backed the Syrian opposition or are calling for President Bashar al-Assad to be removed or step down from his post.)

UPDATE: 25.8.13:

Youtube channel ‘Brown Moses’ (it’s the name of a Frank Zappa tune, I think) have excelled themselves by listing 169 individual videos under names such as ‘amer mosa’

under the header

“Alleged Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta August 21st 2013”

which purport to record vile doings on a disturbing scale in Syria

BUTthey are marked

Published on Aug 20, 2013”

Of course there is a logical explanation that may be resourcefully presented to make up for this discrepancy, I have no doubt. Thinking caps on, everybody!

UPDATE: 30.8.13:

About the chemical deaths in Damascus in a few days past: there has been much loose talk of the Syrian Government ‘crossing the red line’ of chemical weaponry instigated by the US pretty much exactly a year before. What is less flaunted is the Iranian official statement made last Sunday that “America knows the limitation of the red line of the Syrian front and any crossing of Syria’s red line will have severe consequences for the White House”. (Fars news agency, as translated by Reuters.)

Today at Cyprus (OF ‘Chypre’) there has been achieved an extra big build-up of war materiel to be added to five Destroyers which are on the Med within range of Syria,all five to be found jumbled within the letters of Nostradamus Quatrain III 97:

USS Stout,       first couplet
USS Mahan      last couplet
USS Ramage    last couplet
USS Barry        middle couplet
USS Gravely    middle couplet

The US Navy does not make public the number of seriously destructive missiles that each Destroyer carries though these are often estimated to be 45 whilst an observer living in Cyprus guesses double this for these five destroyers, making “a payload of 450 Cruise Missiles” in total. Either way, on his Internet social media account ‘Twitter/DrRoyMurphy’ also records F35 Lightning II’s which must be there to be battle-tested and a B2 and a US Navy stealth drone which he photographed landing yesterday. He adds to these nearly twenty C-130 transports seen sitting around waiting and forty assorted modern aerial fighting machines including an AWAC.

The UN chemical WMD inspectors may have been recalled early but had indicated already that there is more chance of a rebel use of them than of it having been Assad’s men. Ban Ki Moon (there is another ‘Moon mention’ in Line 4 of quatrain III 97) has ordered them to report directly to him, possibly so that he can issue a finding immediately and not keep two hungry Presidents waiting. Another explanation for the inexplicable is surfacing now, that al-Qaeda-in-Syria (‘Jubhat al –Nusra’) had given unknown chemical weapons donated by a Saudi Prince to cackhanded terrorists who placed them in a storage tunnel for safekeeping then detonated some. This is partially borne out by reports of rebel-terrorist casualties in a local tunnel immediately anterior to the big explosion, apparently.

For what it’s worth, the civilian bodies I have seen so far (only two photos, I find myself recoiling from all of this) didn’t look messed up enough for nerve gas but then I’m no expert, nothing like one. But if not (‘Sarin’) what was it? The guided drop of a ‘petite bombe à neutrons’ perhaps by ‘un avion drone sournois’? Just sayin’.

Yes, that’s a totally unsubtantiated conspiracy theory – after all, what do I know? – but it’s no more ridiculous than plenty of other views being purported right now including by those who actually do know yet will not tell the truth.

UPDATE 2nd September 2013: The following post has been made on 

Don’t be a tool. Remember manipulative Saudis and Isrealis want war between the West and Iran and Syria is the keep of the Iranian citadel.

Washington has been able to cite al-Qaeda as the Public Enemy Number One whilst at the same time holding hypocritical backdoor dealings with them, no doubt by telling themselves that they are in fact tricking the terrorists (so that no side wins any lasting advantage, the real intention in Syria). But now the SAA/Hezbollah have repeatedly thwarted the various Turkey-based ‘rebels’ who are screaming for America to enable restoration of their lost killing grounds. (But when they thought they were winning Syria jihadist fighters shouted out loud in the streets, “USA you’re next!”)

 Monsanto Chemical’s Color Agents (Orange, Blue, etc.) plus horrific white phosphorous (it burns through the human body relentlessly) and depleted uranium which is even more dangerous than non-depleted (can we think of it as ‘dum-dum’ uranium?) are all battlefield Chemical Weapons used despite the gross inhumanity involved. As for using gas against one’s own people we need think only of Waco or recent open public protests (heightened by disturbing reports around the world of gas canisters fired fatally at civilian heads or the apparent killing of a strongman who dared to beat his fist against an armoured tank, shot down as he retreated with only one blast from some sort of jet nozzle).

 Consider please the Book of DEUTERONOMY chapter 11:

23 then hath Jehovah dispossessed all these nations from before you, and ye have possessed nations, greater and mightier than you; 24 every place on which the sole of your foot treadeth is yours; from the wilderness, and Lebanon, from the river, the river Phrat, even unto the farther sea is your border (Youngs Literal Translation Bible)

Compare this with the following excerpt from the Article WATCH OUT WORLD Part 3 which you can find at

On 15th September 2001, it is reported, the US decision was taken to attack Syria as part of a sequence: Afghanistan-Iraq-Libya-Somalia-Sudan-Syria (alphabetical order) and Iran, as was predicted on USA TV by Israel’s agitated PM on 9th September 2001.

To fully complete a Deuteronomy-style profile of Greater Israel would probably require slicing a strip off Egypt and dividing off a small portion of Turkey too.

 Here’s Nostradamus Quatrain III 97 (look under the skull icon in the Article mentioned above)

Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper
Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine:
Le grand empire barbare corruer,
Avant que Phebés son siecle determine.

New Law occupies the terra firma
Springtime in Syria, Judea and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire is to crumble,
Until the Moon has completed its calculated cycle.

Last week Le ministre de la Défense Jean-Yves Le Drian was co-ordinating matters in the Gulf whilst China’s Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Li Baodong attempted telephonically to restrain Washington. In international terms we have at least two external camps, only one of which is physically battle-ready.

(With the Medieval capital ‘I’ now substituted by the identical-sounding  ‘J’, as custom demands, both names are jumbled-up in the letters of the quatrain. Vice-ministre chinois des Affaires étrangères is also available should we allow one letter ‘a’ and a letter ‘i’ to be duplicated.) 

Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Maqdad seems worried about the future of Europe as, he states, US UK France are supporting the armed terrorist groups responsible for Sarin attacks in Syria and who are likely to bite the hand that feeds them:

and this reflects a Washington Times report earlier this year:

What’s happening? A distraction from the Syrian Arab Army virtually winning the war a few weeks ago? Eventual division of Syria into contained zones? A combination of jihadist ground and NATO aerial assaults coming up soon? A couple of missiles? Two hundred missiles? Four hundred missiles?

 The peoples of the world are not easy about these options, especially in the USA UK France and neighbourly Turkey (the people are pro-Syrian but not their president). Well-befriended Syria is not like abandoned Libya and the ghastly shade of Iraq’s massed fatalities, a grotesque folly, is looming large. In a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted after the August 21st Damascus chemical attack, if that is what it was, airstrikes were supported by 12% of Americans, imposing a no-fly zone appealed to 11%, funding a multinational force attracted 9% and direct American action won a tick from 4% whilst a Le Figaro poll produced less than 21% in favour of a French response.

Any unbalanced reaction from the US could raise questions as to who is running this game. It has been said that the elected President seems to be contradicting his recently determined absenting of Petraeus and Clinton and his apparent near-containment of secreted Washington war-mongers plus some mini-moves towards allying with Russia. It also seems to confound the unsung efforts of a certain secret service kingbee towards peculiarly compartmental ‘rebels’ and a top-table ‘T-rex’ or two in the region, we are told.

The Twenty-First Century has seen the head servants of the US and EU as well as of such democracies as Britain, Ireland, Greece and Turkey ignore mass wishes in great volume whilst need of major anti-war demonstrations has crossed the four corners of the Earth. When elected representatives override their own electoral parishes it amounts to reckless scorn. Where does the impetus come from? Who pulls their strings and who is handling those string-pullers like glove puppets and how can they do that? The US and UK and France are, through their central banking links, mutually insolvent. When independent of any external central banking system, Libya was not insolvent. Similarly independent Iran is not so now. Unshackled Syria is not yet so ‘crippled inside’ that they cannot pay their bills without outside agreement.

 Territorial aspects aside, some war underwriter of enormous resource is hoping to make big killings out of the USA and Syria. So are weapons contractors. (Follow the money, congress!)

UPDATE: 4.11.13: Denying concerns that Russia is stacking warships in the Pacific they presently rotate some Pacific Fleet vessels to the Mediterranean because of the Syria situation. (This fleet embodies marine detachments and helicopters capable of destroying submarines.) Russia’s most powerful nuclear-powered battleship ‘Pyotr Veliky/Velichy’  (it was previously named for ‘Secrétaire général Yuri Andropov’) passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and laid anchor on November 2nd. Russia’s anti aircraft-carrier cruiser ‘Varyag’ passed safely through the Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean on November 3rd. It will assume command of Russia’s Pacific Fleet in the Mediterranean which includes the missiled destroyer ‘Smetlivy’ and several landing craft carriers. This all follows upon the launching at Saint-Navarre, France, of a versatile Russian Mistral-class helicopter-carrier/amphibian-assault vessel. In fact, Russia started to build a permanent presence in the Med in late 2012 intending as many as 10 battleships near to Syria.

For what it’s worth, the names ‘Pyotr Veliky/Velichy’  (Peter the Great) and  ‘Secrétaire général Yuri Andropov’ and ‘Varyag’ and  ‘Smetlivy’ may be found jumbled into the letters of  Nostradamus Quatrain III 97 , as above. 



and the post the website

UPDATE: 24.1.14: A report on possible implications of faullty American intelligence by Richard Lloyd, formerly a UN weapons inspector, and Professor Theodore Postol at MIT has examined the delivery device and its possible trajectories once loaded, concluding that sarin gas could not possibly have been fired at East Ghouta from any place in the Syrian government controlled area as shown on the intelligence map published by the White House last August. The range of the improvised rocket was too short. Indeed, the OPCW inspectors charged with implementing the chemical weapons dismantling agreement with Syria found no similar rocket in the government’s CW armory.

“… my heartfelt gratitude to the Saudi King Abdullah, the custodian of the two mosques, for his generosity and his keenness on a moderate approach in the face of all kinds of extremism’’ The Lebanons President Michel Sleiman

The US Alliance-NATO-GCC empire might appear to be convulsing. To avoid the problem of proper representation for the shredded opposition at the Geneva 2 Peace Conference this month a version of events was floated that al-Nosra and the the Islamic Emirate in Iraq and the Levant could or should be linked somehow with the Syrian Secret Service (for the matter of keeping the Syrian civilian population at a desired level of fear, or at least I guess that must have been the thrust) which would then leave the Free Syrian Army as the only true opponents armed against the government. This avoids direct mention of al-Qaeda for the moment and assuages any discomfort that NATO has spoken out more than once against the Syrian government but not at all on the subject of the many terrorists gone to fight for global jihad there. It seems Bernard Henri-Levy’s Libya modelmaking called the  Benghazi Transitional Council may have propelled NATO into becoming the most instrumental operator of ‘regime change’ in the world today, albeit with proxy or else invisible forces. What will happen now that Turkey is awake and mulling the ramifications of the ‘NATO corridor’ through its land?

UPDATE: January 31st 2014: America has been planning to create two exclusion zones for South Syria. One is to extend 45km x 75km forming a wedged buffer zone to the Jordanian and Israeli borders and the other further to the North would run 60km x 30km along the Syrian-Israeli Golan border. This commenced with the deployment of no less than 15,000 US special forces troops at Mafraq’s King Hussein Air Base in April 2013. These Americans have been facilitating the Jordanian military instruction of the Syrian opposition fighters, it is said, sending them back into Syria with new American weapons. The rebels will seal if not control these new enclaves inside Syria with particular reference to excluding the official Syrian Arab Army and defined Islamic jihadist oppositionists. Should the Druze within the former enclave now align with the US-fed rebels this could become a powerful military base, a new player. Of course the plan must be to link-up the two zones and create a secure piece of Syria outside the control of the official government. The Israelis will continue supplying logistical, medical and intelligence assistance and evacuating injured Syrians from the South.

Friday January 24th 2014 Israeli intelligence let slip that their government was reconsidering its neutrality policy in the Syrian war, such as this has been, due to the assembly near their borders of no less than 30,000 ‘al-Qaeda’ fighters. The following Tuesday saw the President Obama’s administration announce officially that the US would supply ‘light’ weapons including anti-tank guns to chosen rebel groups. (In the past such groups have been known occasionally to obey improvised local support orders from the feared al-Nusra and ISIS.)

UPDATE: February 11th 2014: Under the heading “WARCRIMES Perpetrated by the Assad Regime Updates since yesterday by province”, the website
lists around 250 reports of incidents although these extend to include such items as “The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has liberated the third company in the 320th Battalion near Suwaiseh township and captured many ammunition”.  A recurring theme is the dropping of explosive barrels from helicopters and warplanes over townships. Yesterday, February 10th,  they carried a photograph of a bound young Syrian female with her head held erect as she faced a greybeard with a stone in his upraised hand. She had been sentenced to death by stoning, under Sharia law I must presume as a ‘judge-priest’ was in attendance. Her crime? A page on Facebook.

UPDATE: March 28th 2014: Nowadays the Middle East’s despots may be becoming spooked by the spectre of an Egypt-Iran-Syria alliance looming on the horizon. The US mostly prefers the engagement of outside fighters, supplying them at least with reconaissance and training by special forces and some sophisticated communications materiel, but may counter openly any burgeoning regional hegemony. Even so, America is reducing support for the Syrian insurgency and so Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey should be following suit sometime (although jostled Erdogan in NATO Turkey may still be up for the Last Hurrah, it now seems, having arguably air-supported cross-border slaughter in Assad’s homeland of Latakia from ‘US State Department designated terrorists’ by downing a Syrian fighter pursuit jet apparently onto Syrian land 1,200 metres to the South of the border, reported as confirmed by the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces).

The Syrian Arab Army, proceeding on multiple fronts, has won its place dealing directly with the people without involving the dread internal security agencies, now partly disarmed. The army’s role in the cities is also enlarging because al-Nusrah and the various arguing Islamist Jihadists and active defectors from the Free Syrian Army have been quitting the villages. Rural refugees generally have been joining the rebel forces in some cities, they say, upsetting the balance such as at Raqaa.

Prior to all this the city of Salt in Jordan was said to be training hundreds of foreign terrorists at a time and the FSA recently demanded, on cue as it were, their very own Secure Zone along Jordan’s border with Syria. A Southern assault by oppositionists is presently being administratively plotted and yet the true existence of any actual ‘Southern Front’ has been queried specifically by the Carnegie Endowment for Peace.

Has Syria’s forthcoming ‘national hero president’ Bashar al-Assad effectively won this awful war despite one mulish Western press agency reporting that the war in Syria could carry on for another decade or so?

Update July 2nd 2014: Leslie H. Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations has gone into print in The International New York Times today with “The greatest threat to American interests in the region is ISIS, not Mr. Assad”. (The jumbled-up letters of ‘Leslie H. Gelb’, ‘président émérite’ and ‘Conseil sur les relations étrangères’ may all be found in Nostradamus Quatrain III 97 above)

Update December 2014: According to the Naharnet Newsdesk December 7th 2014 Israel executed air strikes – the first since March – against two government military positions (probably stores or truckloads of weapons for Hezbollah or intelligence positions used by Iran’s elite Quds Force or even S-300 missile locations) in Damascus province around Dimas and the Damascus International Airport. Dimas is on the highway route from Damascus to Lebanon. No-one was hurt. In a televised statement the Syrian army said that Israel is helping those ‘rebels’ seeking to oust President Bashar Assad and “direct aggression by Israel was carried out to help the terrorists in Syria, after our armed forces secured important victories in Deir Ezzor, Aleppo and elsewhere”. The United Nations Observer Mission on the Golan Heights have reported over the past 18 months both the manner and the extent of co-operation between Israel and some oppositionists such as Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria. In September the Syrian army had sent a letter of complaint to the U.N.D.O.F. about tents erected at Al Aishah village near Israeli positions, ostensibly for Syrian deserters, which seemed to be a front for terrorists crossing into Israel. This was conformed by UN observers. There has been medical support by Israel for hundreds of wounded anti-Assad fighters. Israel has launched several attacks against advanced weapon locations in Syria since 2011 but confirmed none. Since Israel first occupied the Golan Heights without international approval in 1967 there has been a state of war between Syria and Israel. Commentators in Lebanon are talking about whether Lebanese troops should become engaged, which is not particularly welcome as a sizeable portion of the public are of the opinion that the Syrian government has attacked its own people including with gas. On the other hand the shocking brutality against some of the Levant’s great Christian communities by jihadists/tafkiris has raised the heat on the subject. Luckily for Israel they are a land surrounded by non-democratic powers which makes them seem worthier to the outside world and doubtless Israel encourages this. Israel not only supported Iran during the Iran-Iraq War, including but not limited to the Iran-Contra Affair, but also have been sending spare military jet parts to Iran this year in breach of US sanctions.  Expect no Iranian response to this Israeli air-attack which was probably inspired by PM Netanyahu wanting to take the spotlight off himself at home.

Update January 2015: At the same time as the very ‘raison d’etre’ of Hezbollah is being placed under stress by Israeli air strikes, the US’s coalition to combat IS/ISISIL is taking effect causing folk to dance in the streets with joy in the “Syrian Kurdish Canton of Kobane” where good Kurdish fighters, male and female, have driven IS militants away from this mainly Kurdish town in Northern Syria. This most certainly reflects a degree of coalition aerial bombardment of key positions. The majority of deaths in the last three months probably have been jihadists but, taking Syria as a whole, IS may have made gains elsewhere in the last quarter that offset this setback to them and any US airstrikes causing “collateral damage” will inevitably anger the local people wherever they occur. (In Iraq too the over-paid IS has been shuffling its locations.) Nevertheless, the IS has been denied an important strategic success.

Update June 2015:

Twelve months ago President Assad had reasons to feel confident. The Islamic State has now weathered a whole year of ground war and airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. Somehow it is able to choose its own battleplaces and does so carefully. Its tactics remain what suits it best, i.e. suicide truck bombers; stormtroopers charging fearlessly, some to certain deaths; shelling from the back of high-speed vehicles; groups mortaring and firing heavy artillery and all at the same time – backed by uplifted morale and a religious commitment to war and terror as an end in itself. (See the Article END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (4) Q’RANIC CONCEPTS) The destructive effect on defenders morale is accumulative.

Because of all this Baghdad and Damascus may lie ahead. The international anti-IS coalition has fantastic jet planes and all it needs to succeed; an enemy with next-to-no air defences and some of the coalition’s most expert fighters active on the ground. Provoked or not, rapid US intervention has occurred effectively on occasion. The coalition can rely in Syria on different groups including the Kurdish PKK and the YPG People’s Protection Units. And the Syrian armed forces mount aerial raids against IS targets.

IS has lost some territory and many thousands of its soldiers. But it has not lost the appetite for war and opens fronts wilfully creating heavy losses and psychological/physical damage. Strangely it seems to have the best intelligence information enabling greater surprises, use of weather cover and evasive action. Small mobile units use two-bit tuppeny drones for aerial reconaissance before IS attacks. They enforce conversions and exploit or reward them getting under the cultural skin at long-held localities. They propagandize videos of tribal leaders pledging their allegiances. The IS invest in constantly maintaing remote roadblocks. Meanwhile it’s not clear what outcome the coalition is actually aiming for and it does not seem to be in a great hurry anyway.

With respectful appreciation to Ahmed Meiloud, Ph.D, of Arizona for his insightful that fully inspired this update, a tad further interpreted by me here.

Update September 4th 2015: Hostilities between the Syrian government and US and Gulf supported mercenaries have shifted ground with the supposed US bombing of so-called IS-ISISIL (al Qaeda) now matching to Russia’s fulfillment of overdue martial contract commitments, surely a herald of physical expansions on the military training and supplies programmes. All sides to the conflict already have clandestine boots leaving smudged footprints running this way and that. Russian jets and drones seem to have been operating over Idlib.

Update September 24th 2015: Russia is making an initial deployment of 2,000 troops, aircrews and engineers to the port of Latakia in Syria, in addition to their existing military facilities there, 9 tanks and 500+ marines, and their presence in Tartus. Advanced weapons, competent pilots and missile defenses could add up to a forward air base capable of tipping the balance in the Syrian government’s favour.

“We will not allow Israel to be flooded with illegal migrants and terrorists… Today, we are starting to build a fence on our eastern border.” Israeli PM Netanyahu in a recent press release in English.

Update September 30th 2015: By a spirited UN rendition of The Emperor’s New Clothes, affecting Washington, President Putin might have placed a spell of realism upon the US alphabet agencies, their military strategists and their change monkeys alike. Russia wants a unified and secular Syrian State; the US wants it too now and have announced the need for a managed transition forwards/back to a secular status for Syria. What does this mean for the sectarian-dominated Syria Coalition ‘in exile’ and the Gulf’s ‘proxy fighters’ in Syria? Or the Israeli angst, simmering since losing the 2006 war with Syrian ally Hezbollah? Or the future of President Bashar al-Assad? (Do we select the sins of our fathers even before we can exist as ourselves?) Secretary of State Kerry is talking about common agreement on at least some “fundamental principles” and is meeting with clear-headed Foreign Minister Lavrov today. An atmosphere of democratic consultation, if that transpires, necessarily falls short of Moslem demands for absolute enforcement of Sharia Law.

Anti-Assad Saudi Foreign Minister and ex-Ambassador to the US, Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir, seems to be pushing for war-war as the solution that is more holy than jaw-jaw. The Army of Conquest, a jihadist command structure that  includes Jabhat al-Nusra, was set up this year by Saudi and Turkey. They seem likely to respond to Saudi steering.

Update October 30th 2015: Salman Shaikh (Brookings Institute) has raised a question that requires confirmation: the Syria regime’s military advance at Homs is halting because of aerial attacks by who?

Update March 29th 2016: since Russia’s recent aerial initiative is everything changing? UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, visiting Jordan (where King Abdullah has just announced that the ME is now experiencing WWIII) has even said that he felt heartened that the Syrian government “is now able to preserve and protect this human common cultural asset”, the UNESCO heritage site at Palmyra.

Update April 12th 2016: “The violation of the ceasefire that crossed all the red lines has resulted in a decision being made for the beginning of a wide scale operation and this will truly be a large battle”
A Syrian government official in Aleppo April 8th (Twitter:M GREEN @Mma Green)

Update September 3rd 2016: I thought this post by UNITED WORLD REVOLUTIONARY FRONT IN DEFENSE OF LIFE AND HUMANITY on August 31st 2016 seemed important but it is in Arabic (at and so I’ve attempted an English translation that I’m quite worried about! It’s not so easy and I do not claim to be a linguist! Please examine the Arabic first to get to the heart of it: here’s my stab at the gist,


“DAMASCUS: The Novosti news agency announced a visit to Moscow on Tuesday of Major General Ali Mamlouk the head of the Syrian National Bureau. The visit comes after extensive consultations between Syrian security officials and the Turks at various locations, most recently at the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. It is anticipated that Russian officials will hold detailed talks with the Turkish side about matters which have yet to achieve the comprehensive, definitive perception necessary to resolve the crisis. It’s known that recent consecutive consultations were in full swing between the Syrian and Turkish sides, but did not go beyond matters of security.

Perhaps as a result of these consultations the Turkish incursion came in Northern Syria, in pursuance of the operation “Shield of the Euphrates” meant to halt the advance of Kurdish units, which Washington seems to have succeeded in temporarily curbing – USC spokesman John Thomas has announced that a ceasefire agreement was reached between the parties.

It seems there may be a race, Russia with Turkey, particularly in terms of accelerating a solution to the Syrian problem before the US presidential election is here. The already exhausted Syrian regime will not hesitate at all to seize the moment to rush toward a way that ensures even temporary continuity.

Mamlouk says that the Syrian opposition is a political matter for all who call themselves “Arabs” to deal with. He is expected to address this at length during his meetings with Kremlin officials that are intended to resolve the crisis scenarios.

Following an earlier Russian proposition, a possible recommendation is to form a transitional security council from the military and a selection of opposition MPs which will be followed by legislative and presidential elections. There is also a Turkish proposal based on the formation of a transitional council for political and military security, for 18 months, followed by the establishment of parliamentary elections and then presidential ones, for sure Rossi will not nominate al-Assad.
 (This last comment does not seem to fit with the rest of the Article which does not mention Rossi.)

Ankara had announced earlier the words of Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim suggesting the possibility of accepting the survival of Assad during the transitional period, stressing at the same time that he has no future in Syria. Syria dissented and added that there may well be other scenarios related to a solid cessation of fighting in which case it may not in itself be the final maturation of an ideal solution. The sides believed that all things remain trapped as speculation in this situation of ambiguity and uncertainty that is damaging the consultations between the regional and international polarities involved in the crisis.

Some say for sure this has been “politically cooked” to ripen in darkness on the backburner and that it is perhaps indicative of what happened a few days ago in Darya in Rural Damascus. The Syrian government has entered into an agreement with the opposition factions in Daria that eliminates withdrawal to the north of Idlib. Daria holds a great symbolic position. This is where the oppositionists were a strong and influential presence in the first period of the Syrian revolution and this city became under siege from the national authority for more than four years.

The city is in a strategic location where it oversees the Mezze military airport and it is also a few kilometers from the presidential palace. It seems that consultations are under way for a similar agreement to the Darya agreements in several areas under the control of the oppositionists in Damascus. The gathering was assured that the government is negotiating with the armed factions in Moadamieh, Southwest of the capital, for the evacuation of they and their families.

As well as Moadamieh there’s still a rough district of the province of Homs named as the only neighborhood that is still under oppositionist control. Observers believe that these ongoing deals in Damascus would not have been possible without the presence of some external transactions and they do not rule out that the Turkish could get Iranian agreement to share power in Syria, with the North in the hands of Ankara, while the South and the West are under the direct influence of Tehran.


The following is from a report on the Russia-Turkey meeting in St.Petersburg by Elijah  J. Magnier:

“Russia has accepted a Turkish incursion into Syrian territory due to the Kurds’ declared hostility to the government in Damascus when YPG forces attacked and expelled the Syrian army from al-Hasakah city to the suburbs, with US backing, – a clear intention to initiate the partition of Syria. Russia stands against a Kurdish state ruled by the US in the new Kremlin Mediterranean base, Syria.”

Update October 21st 2016: “Students in West Aleppo sent a message of peace – Western & Turkish backed ‘moderate rebels’ answered with a rocket attack on their school”
Twitter: @Mma Green

UPDATE NEW YEAR 2017: After Aleppo: Depending on the degree of ability to merge granted to the poorly performing ‘rebel groups’ and what happens to Jabhat Fatah al-Sham/ISIS after that it seems that Syria with allies Iran and Russia may win this internal war. Whilst we might have thought that the ‘real politik’ winners were probably going to be – for various reasons – Iran, Israel, Kurdistan in Syria, Russia and Turkey the burgeoning alliance of the last two may now turn the tables somewhat. (Turkey has ceased their demand for regime change in Syria.) Out of the list of those ultimately disadvantaged by this tragic and unnecessary proxy war not only must Syria bear the greatest degree of loss, sadly, but also the outplayed Obama Administration together with two main ME players, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, seemingly diminished.

Update June 2oth 2017: The US and the YPG are the signatories to a ten year  partnership agreement. Apparently the future of one part of Syria is being carved without the involvement of the Syrian government. Balkanization?

This agreement includes,
Support of Syria’s democratic forces necessary  to build a future army for the whole of the northern provinces of Kurdistan and northern Syria,
Kurdish units to ensure that they as a self-administrated unit both guarantee the survival of US Bases in the administrative area controlled by the PPU-YPG and SDF and remain a permanent partner as one of the American forces in the fight against terrorism in the region,

That they bear in mind the regional circumstances in the establishment of a self-region in northern Syria and agree that the administrative staff in various areas of life (not revealed) in Rouge Ava will be trained by the United States.

Clearly the YPG is a key partner. (Photographs of US troops wearing patches from the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit, the YPG, emerged a year ago enraging the Turkish Foreign Minister.)

Update: Summer Solstice June 21st 2017
Translation: “

America and Russia are on the verge of an abyss in Syria … military actions were carried out against the Syrian army on Syrian soil, as part of military actions that Washington is not entitled to do as long as it is not related to the fight against terrorism but rather to help Washington’s influence and control over a land it intends to occupy inside Syria without any legitimate international cover.” With my apologies for any error.

Update Dec 12th 2017 – Syrian military’s stats on the two hundred and twenty seven days of Russian open co-operation, much of which has now ceased;

seven thousand helicopter flights, almost as many jet flights: nearly four hundred armored vehicles destroyed: thirty two thousand militants despatched: one thousand settlements freed: eighty oil and phosphates fields recovered. (Twitter: M.A. Suchkov, ALMonitor)


Today, Ghouta and tomorrow Daraa … “a war about control, influence and dominance in the Middle East and the rest of the world.” Elilah J. Magnier

Has this ever been all about Syria … ?

Update: May 1st 2018

“The US and Western Powers are now aggressively redrawing the map of the Middle East. The US and its allies had switched from a proxy war to bombing Syria after the Syrian Army had defeated the US.”

Update: June 9th 2018
The ISIS Attack On Abu Kamal see the page for June 8th 2018 on the website

Update: July 29th 2018 “In one of the bloodiest massacres after Speicher (Iraq), more than 150 ISIS militants attacked the province and the city of Suweida killing over 220 farmers (men, women, children) and members of the Syrian army and the local National Defence Forces. However, the “biggest hit was directed to Russia and Damascus who are inviting all refuges (sic) to return from neighbouring countries,” as a decision maker in the Syrian capital said.”

Update: August 2018  Syrian militants served American food aid in rebel-held Idlib, says US watchdogSurprising yet unsurprising.

Update: April 2019 Those who occupy Afrin, Idlib today are Daesh’s remnants, says Aisha Hessou on, webpage for 21-04-2019

Update: August 2019 As U.S. and Turkey Argue Over Idlib, Syria’s Wild South Reawakens

Update: 14th October 2019  Syrian Government Regains Control Over Country’s Northeastern Parts
Update: 17th October 2019  US Military Unlikely To Withdraw From Syria’s Key Oil Fields: Report
Zero Hedge
Update: 23rd October 2019  … Progress in Syria
Update: 27th October 2019  RT streamed live on Youtube, ISIS leader al-Baghdadi killed in US raid in Syria – Trump confirms
al-Baghdadi, so-called, was ‘taken-out’ by Special Ops in a terminal tunnel where he detonated a ‘fire-vest’ or ‘suicide vest’ killing hisself and three of his children  during a surprise US attack involving fly-over with massive fire-power and his pursuit by military dogs. President Donald Trump says that Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh plans were captured pertaining to their future and to their ORIGIN.
Update: December 2019
The effective SDF have had “counter-terrorism units” in action successfully against an ISIS hub in Deir al-Zour – despite the recent hostile insertion of Turkey into North-East Syria. HTS (some regrouped FSA units) and NLF using heavy artillery to bombard government forces assembling at the front in Idlib. NLF are deploying powerful “Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided” TOWs, as developed by the US, on exposed targets and small bases, apparently devastating them.

Update February 18th 2020: Aleppo, ancient sister city of Damascus, is free.

Once before, in 2016, it was portrayed as victorious with the great city having fought winningly against “half the world” in the words of ‘SyrianGirlpartisan’ as with NATO, ISIL, al-Nusra, the Islamic Front and the Free Syria Army. Now, after 8 long years of Jihadist atrocities, liberation is complete with the airport reopening tomorrow. President Bashar Assad has announced that he is “fully aware that this liberation does not mean the end of the war, or the failure of schemes, or the disappearance of terrorism, or the surrender of enemies, but it certainly means rubbing their noses in the dirt as a prelude for complete defeat, sooner or later” as recorded by ‘’ 


I had first intended my 3 Syria webpages as posts for 

The first page of Watch Out World! was a rather formalized sort of ‘stream-of-consciousness’ as I watched some quite brave camera ‘phone coverage at Homs from a rooftop, crackling gunfire included, leading to analysis of Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 97 in  Watch Out World! Pt. 2. I interpreted OF ‘vers’ to be ‘Springtime’ in preference to ‘toward’ (the two superior OF  translations available would not fit at all) then worked my way toward 2242AD as the end of  the combined Moon-Sun cycle (1535 to 1888 to 2242) demonstrating simply how this could be the same as the unsupported and now-fabled Nostradamus number ‘3797’, widely interpreted as the end of human existence. But not necessarily so.

Pro-Assad supporters – and there are plenty – blame only foreign conspirators whilst anti-Assad dissenters blame the Assad family and their closest advisors for everything.

Influence is a two-way thing. Those who are the most impressively influential (a pathetically small group in real terms) are also those who are inwardly the most open to being influenced.

Please consider that our socialized thought processes are deeply faulty, that there is no worldly meritocracy and that we must be the change, starting by knowing who we are, who we were really born as  – personally not collectively – and exploring our inner self from there. It’s all up to you and the Great God ‘within you and without you’.

                               Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012 and on

Suggested reading

“Saving Syria: Assessing Options for Regime Change”
by Daniel Byman, Kenneth Pollack, and Salman Shaikh


“The brutal regime of Bashar al-Asad is employing its loyal military forces and sectarian thugs to crush the opposition and reassert its tyrrany. Even if Bashar falls, Syria may not be out of the woods: an increasingly likely alternative to the current regime is a bloody civil war similar to what we saw in Lebanon, Bosnia, Congo, and most recently in Iraq. The horrors of such a war might even exceed the brutal reassertion of Asad’s control, and would cause spillover into Syria’s neighbours – Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel – that could be disastrous for them and for American interests in the Middle East. But ……”

Also a general summary “posted by b” on an informed site and called ‘A Short History Of The War On Syria – 2006-2014’ to be found at together with blog comments.

We were winning …” US Senator John McCain speaking for his country on the subject of  Syria and bemoaning the intervention of Hezbollah during a live television debate from Davos, January 24th 2014:

A plea for sanity: Thoughts and beliefs arising in Syria long ago are at the heart of divers traditions and their mindsets, explored by the Ba’al Cycle section of the piece listed as  X 96 ADALUNCATIF, THE BAAL CYCLE & VIII 16 FESULAN under Nostradamus Quatrains.  Really, any attempt to redefine this place and its peoples will open cracks around the globe, not at all  foreseeable by the arrogant elder statesman or the clever young confidence trickster.

Each of the following house some further information, past and present, on the struggle for Syria:
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