(inc. I 40 II 4 II 98 I 92 II 6 II 84 V 43 I 62 V 25 II 29 V 54 IV 50 II 81
and II 12)

I’m returning to the work of Dolores Cannon on the subject of Michel de Nostradame who she said she met via her ‘psychic aides’ around 1986 and subsequently. I am not endorsing those ‘meetings’ (suspicions about which include that Mrs.Cannon was a ‘psychic’ or ‘remote viewer’ who needed a vehicle to reveal her own insights into the future while staying safely covered) but merely exploring some interesting claims.


Nostredame said that with great deliberation and intent people could deflect some or most of the terrible times described by him. Perhaps the many amateur and professional Internet contributors and bloggers warning of wicked plans by a fearful elite have succeeded by pulling at veils and worrying the unworthy faces behind them even to the point of them abandoning some of their wretched schemes. Undoubtedly the financial-political and social engineering scams that ruin social cohesiveness in the Western Hemisphere could lead to lynch-mobs if the vox pop were sure to attach firmed-up identities to these multiple illegal and immoral coercions. But these public enemies employ experienced experts in psycho-warfare as well as proxy armies whose religiosity has been warped into a faith in brutality. Plus those unbalanced ‘suicide’ bombers who undergo mental torture and ultimately are the off-balance sheet expenditures of alien governments under inhuman-corporate influences.

Some Nostradamus Quatrains investigated here have already been tackled by me quite fully, and without Cannon’s colouration, elsewhere on this website.

This webpage is my momentary re-seeing of the Centuries through the eyes of Dolores, so to speak, and is informed by an index of quatrains put up for FAQ’s in the the public domain by a worthy group (search ‘nanomius’) who incidentally dare repeat some Cannon & co timescales that do not seem to have applied, I’m so glad to say.

(See the Article What Time Is The Sinister Interloper Due Before The True Masih-Mashiach-Messiah-Christ Arrives?)

To the political personality there are four major columns supporting their social condition (given that money, sex and power drives are integral). These are: political, financial, cerebral, ritualistic. He or she needs no other and may overlook four other realities of greater importance that only sometimes may need louder lip service: compassion, charitability, succour, spirituality. They should have some of each, by degrees, to be human. The Americans include ‘happiness’ in their success charter despite that what makes one person happy may be to tyrranize the rest of the world! Hitler, who had been a fearless despatch rider along the fronts in WWI, enjoyed eating picnic snacks whilst watching the smoke and blaze of distant battles in WWII.

The Antichrist according to Cannon’s Nostradamus remains unnamed but they say that his name, when segmented, addresses his destiny. He has studied history and imitates some features of the slope-haired and ranting Adolf, judiciously avoiding certain mistakes of that addled Aryan. He studied in Egypt and was living in the Middle East in the late 1980’s. This was his base target area and his story is linked with Syria and with Libya.

The folks at ‘nanomius’ have spotted from Cannon interviews that he will have intentions to introduce a single currency in the region, as part of his scheme to get to the top of a world government, but meets with opposition especially from an Egyptian leader of considerable charisma who causes him to back down over this. In support they have quoted Nostradamus Quatrain

I 40

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

La trombe faulse dissimulant folie
Fera Bisance vn changement de loys:
Hystra d’Egypte qui veult que l’on deslie
Edict changeant monnoyes & aloys.

My Translation:
The waterspout fantasist concealing his madness
Will make Byzantium change a law:
Egyptian hystericism wills that this is dissolved
This Edict changing ‘coins and aloes’ OR This Edict changing coinage and alloys.

Line 3. OF ‘deslie/deslier’ means ‘dissolve the ties’ more or less.

Line 4. OF ‘aloys/aloès’ is aloe, the medicinal succulent plant of hot countries. “Coins and aloes’ may be the ex-pharmacists familiar way of expressing market currencies, weighing one for the other!

Nostradamus interpreter Mario Reading suggests ‘alloys’ in a happy attempt to make this quatrain sensible. He also links it persuasively to a mad Seventeenth Century ruler of the Ottomans, Sultan Ibrahim, who had his hundreds of over-plump wives cast into a pool simultaneously.

Indeed by my patent notion of seeking letters out and rerranging them I can extract Sultan Ibraim from Line One and the needed ‘h’ from Line Two. The first Sultan Ibrahim is therefore named in the First Couplet. Sorry, nanomius.

However, as if to discount this, the current symbols for the following currencies exist in the Second Couplet simultaneously:

EGP (Egyptian Pound) LS (Syrian Pound) IQD (Iraq Dinar) all living together in Line Three alongside the Euro (EUR) and with LYD (the Libyan Dinar) hiding in Line Four.

Then LBP (the Lebanese Pound) is available from the quatrain as a whole as is USD. But JOD (Jordanian Dinar) is missing save we declare ‘I’ or ‘y’ for ‘j’, the Medieval custom. The Palestine Pound was replaced by the Israeli Lira or Sheqel, ILS, which is available separately from every single line.

China’s RMB is in ‘trombe’ and its CNY is in Line Two. The Indian Rupee INR and Turkish Lira TRY are available from the First Couplet. The Russian rouble RUB and the British Pound GBP and Swiss Franc CHF are all in the quatrain.

We could add the Gulf currencies, UAE Dirham (AED) Bahraini Dinar (BHD) Omani Rial (OMR) Qatari Ryal (QAR) and Saudi Ryal (SAR) plus the Iranian Rial (IRR) but, naturally, any three-letter word could be a simple coincidence so I shall mark the matter
QED (Quite Enough Discounting!)

About Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, he is described as the unwitting scene shifter for the Antichrist (crouching in the wings pulling strings) and they did warn that “…as the years progress he will become increasingly more crazy so that when the major conflict is reached he will no longer be capable of handling anything or functioning”

(Also see the Nostradamus Quatrain IV 53 OIL WELLS)

This A-C has not yet revealed himself in terms of his greatest ambition. When the wrong ‘right time’ comes he will take advantage of the political situation in any particular place to seize power there even should he not be a native of that land. Likewise he will foment rebellions within countries (an allegation currently lodged at billionaire political funder George Soros) whilst seeming to support covertly any of the antagonists (as the US has done for decades) causing whole areas to implode-explode.

“He says that the first event, the atomic weapon being dropped by one of the Middle Eastern countries, will spark off yet another war…Other countries, particularly European and Western nations, will feel they need to interfere to try to stop the war because of fuel. So when the European countries try to interfere, the same crazed leader that dropped an atomic weapon before, will use up the rest of his arsenal on Europe…This leader is not the Anti-Christ. What purpose this leader serves, since this leader is crazed…is that he weakens the major nations so that the third Anti-Christ will be able to rise to power with little or no opposition.”

Europe and Asia are devastated by this warfare, perhaps inspired by the Antichrist and expanding his dominion. New and shocking weaponry is introduced (which would imply the involvement of major powers like the US who have developed such offensive weapons today but keep them strictly away from public knowledge) including the existing but little known earthquake-tremor mechanism as developed, they say, by the Soviets.

Italy will suffer great destruction by the Antichrist when he attacks Southern Europe with the backing of some Islamic countries (see the Article END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (4) Q’RANIC CONCEPTS) and Turkey will follow becoming the seat of his regional HQ. At some point a natural-type disaster will break over the Vatican in Rome marking the end game for the Church which will suffer a direct political appointee as their most improper Papa. (I could imagine Blair, Gates or any city banker wanting to do this although I’m not sure why!)

II 4  A Future Massed Attack On Mediterranean Shores

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Depuis Monach iusques au pres de Secile
Toute la plage demourra desolée,
Il ny aura fauxbourg, cité, ne vile
Que par Barbares pillée soit & vollée.

My Translation:
From Monaco nearly to Sicily
The entire coast will remain desolated:
There will be no city nor outskirt nor rural complex there,
That is not looted and abandoned because of the Barbarians.

Taken from the Article FUTURE ARAB ATTACKS ON FRENCH SOIL this almost automatically sparks modern fears of al-Qaeda and its IS-ISIS-ISIL family plus a host of other terrorists who whilst believing essentially in a specific raison d’etre are regularly hired-out as foreign legionnaires without a cause so as to get much money.

The world-wide followers of the Catholic Church, especially its
priesthood, will cling to the old ways and the old order even though its spirit is dead and gone with the wind. The Antichrist and the ultimate Pope will lick the bones dry between them. What’s left of the Vatican library is likely thrown onto the backs of lorries or stowed in armoured trucks. Mother Church has become superflous.

The guileful Antichrist’s aim becomes sighted on the Eastern Hemisphere and he will outwit the Russian people and government whom he will seem to be rescuing by allying with them so as to rule over them. He will take over China by other, more conventional, means. Other parts of Asia will be ruled over by his agents (totally unsuspected of being such, even by the Western governments) and he will wait for the right circumstances to take over the whole world. He is seen in a semi-religious light by his followers and seems to reject the use of nuclear weapons but he is merely biding his time to fulfill some unspeakable personal nuclear ambition.

While shapes of continents will not be changed other natural features will, and on a major scale, and the machinery for this will fall into the hands of the Antichrist who does not spare the land which had originally conceived it.

War has spurred invention: Mankind’s warlike inventiveness destroys our world. They speak spookily of some invention that push-pulls at protecting fields unexpectedly rendering planet Earth a magnet to meteors. Mention is made of horrific and wildly misjudged eugenics experiments (that have been ongoing since the Nazi 1930’s we are told). More Madness. Weather Weapons will cause widespread birth defects. There is even spookier talk of ‘the Watchers’, or beings of non-terrestrial origin, but this is beyond my comprehension unless they mean God’s angelic crew which I have slightly more faith in now than I did five years ago. Or this is that intelligence masked by the Moon that Nostredame advised ‘Cesar’ was well known in esoteric circles.

He will be brought down by a poor – on paper only – opponent who is acting in harmony with the Universe that this Antichrist is dishonouring.

If a man should find that he could walk through solid walls he would soon suspect himself a wandering ghost. It seems to me that like all encroaching tyrants this Cannonic-Nostradamian Antichrist, who cares not about releasing oceans of blood, has gone beyond all natural dreams and aspirations and is sub-consciously searching out one who may finally halt and destroy him.

Even so he and all like him in life are fated to fall because in every managed organization ‘the flavour comes from the top’. His commanders and line management will eventually become as despicable as he is, undermining all support.

The actual historic sequence under spooky discussion between Mrs. Cannon, her client go-betweens and the dead Nostradamus is difficult to gauge. One quatrain was said to give astrological guidance:

II 98

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Celuy du sang resperse le visaige
De la victime proche sacrifée:
Tonant en Leo augure par presaige:
Mis etre à mort lors pour la fiancée.

My Translation:
He who spreads the blood over the face
Of the victim nearly sacrificed:
The one whose face is splattered with the blood
of the victim nearly sacrificed:
Jupiter in Leo (and) all the signs point to it:
To be put to death then for the fiancée.

Is the First Couplet a description of a Blood Moon and an Eclipse
OR a close attendant of the dying victim?

Line 1. OF ‘Tonnant’ could be Jupiter or it could be from the verb ‘tonner’, booming, the sound of thunder or making a stir, big time.

Roughly-speaking, Leo is the Sun sign for July 23rd to the 22nd August. Diana the Princess of Wales died as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris on the last day of August in 1977. (See the Nostradamus Quatrain II 14 DIANA-LIKE)

Line 2. OF ‘augure’ is reading the signs or omens. Rome’s priests would predict the future from looking at birds. OF ‘presaige/présage’ is a sign heralding a future event.

Line 4. OF ‘fiancée’ = “Celle qui s’est engagée par une promesse solennelle de mariage” exactly as in Modern English. Slightly re-spelled (or not) it had a secondary meaning like ‘engagement’.

Jupiter will have spent a year in the fixed fire sign Leo from July 16th, 2014 until August 11th, 2015. Some believe that the Tetrad of Blood Moons commencing in April 2014 with a total lunar eclipse is a Biblical sign of the End Times. The centre two of the four Blood Moons will have fallen within Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter transited Leo previously from August 2002 to August 2003. Astro-logic may say that whatever started then is returning now for further development. Individually Jupiter expands us and Leo envokes our belief in ourself which is basically a pleasing experience. I am not an astrologer but Ed Tamplin is and he sees a further Western ingress to the Middle East now and gives his thoughts as well as a potted history, especially how Jupiter in Leo has touched Turkey’s fortunes.

Jupiter was also in Leo from August 1990 to September 1991, and partly between September 1978 to September 1979. Dolores knew this and they asked of the dead Nostradamus, “Jupiter is in Leo from August of 1990 to September 1991. Is this the period when the Anti-Christ will be taking power?” Her client go-between answered for him, “He says this is when he is beginning the realization of his ambition. This is when he is able to start his political career, so to speak.”

I 92

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Sous vn la paix tout sera clamée,
Mais non long temps pille & rebellion,
Par refus ville, terre & mer entamée,
Morts & captifs le tiers d’vn million.

My Translation:
Under the one, peace will be proclaimed everywhere,
But not long after (comes) pillage and rebellion,
Because of a city’s refusal the land and the sea shakes,
One third of a million corpses and captives.

Line 1. OF ‘clamée’ = proclaimed. Should this be ‘calmée’? It makes a difference – ‘Under the one, peace will be proclaimed everywhere’ OR
‘Under a cease-fire everything is calmed down’.

It seems that for a while the reign of the Antichrist will be free of conflict perhaps because of unified and militarized police. But people will begin to rebel. There will be much death and trauma. Rivers of blood. Many will die for their cause.

“Countless people will hate the New World Order
and will die protesting against it.”

H G Wells, author of ‘The New World Order’,1940, using a kind of statesmanlike rhetoric to describe what improperly he looked forward to and which may yet be averted by the people when they wake: think ‘computer-program-driven vehicle’ and the mass communication/mass education ‘matrix’ and then consider that you may be that program-driven vehicle.

The dead Nostradamus describes wild kinds of nuclear weapons and plague-causers. DARPA and similar endeavours may have worked ruthlessly with lunatic loyalty and childlike psychopathy to hone biological and other storybook weapons with no thought at all for recovering the aftermath other than “we win, you die first”. Since the initial influence of Kissinger and then Zbigniew the old philosophies of war have given way to militarily-applied business methods and Machiavellianisms applied to killing games. (The joke being that academically agreeable business methods don’t last so long in the real business world either and neither did Machiavelli do well for himself at practical politics.)

II 6

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Aupres des portes & dedans deux cités
Seront deux fleaux onques n’aperceu vn tel,
Faim dedans peste, de fer hors gens boutés,
Crier secours au grand Dieu immorel.

My Translation:
Near the gates and within the two cities
Will be two scourges, unparalleled, never seen another,
Famine within plague, peoples laid out by weaponry,
Crying to the Great Everlasting God for help.

“The scourges that hit these two cities will be as a result of some secret research into bacteriological warfare…He says as a result of this plague the service systems within these great metropolises will break down…the people within the cities will be starving to death due to lack of food…because no one will deliver it and risk being exposed to the plague.”

Drought, local weather pattern changes and a ‘strange tongue’ will occur during the time of ‘the troubles’:

II 84

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Entre Campaigne, Sienna, Flora, Tuscie
Six moys neufz iours ne plouura vne goute.
L’estrange langue en terre Dalmatie
Courira sus: vastant la terre toute.

My Translation:
Between Campania, Siena, Florence, Tuscany,
It will rain not a drop (for) six months nine days:
In the Dalmatian land the strange tongue
Will run: devastating the entire land.

They also say the Antichrist will take over Italy and Greece by
destroying the cultural centers so as to destroy the morales of these subjugated citizens. A collapse of wills.

(See the investigation of quatrain IX 31 and others in the Article POVERA ITALIA! MAGGIO 2012)

In addition to the destruction of European centers of culture
the Antichrist will ransack the Vatican library with the future intent of
destroying it completely. This will be to undermine the authority
of the Vatican further and sever its more learned connections.

Along the way, they say, he will do himself a karmic favour. Even using
violent means, they state, the Antichrist will burn off some of his bad karma. (I would not pretend to understand that spritual mechanism at this point in my existence; it sounds impossibly over-simple, like arithmetic and yet a long way from the square root of minus one, though who knows?)

By revealing the material of greatest controversy that is presently buried in the vast Vatican Library (so as to show how much truth the Catholic Church as a self-serving organization has suppressed and so cause schism and dissent, thesis and antithesis, among the studied clergy who remain) he will illuminate the whole world.

The Antichrist will remove the old Church of Rome from his path and in support our discussers have quoted Nostradamus Quatrain

V 43

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

La grand ruyne des sacrés ne l’esloinge,
Prouence, Naples, Secile, seez & Ponce:
En Germanie, au Ryn & à Colonge,
Vexés à mort par tous seulx de Magonce.

My Translation:
The great ruination of the sacred is scheduled,
The Provence, Naples, Sicily and Pons sees OR seiges:
In Germany, the Rhine and at Cologne,
Unjust and deadly persecutions by all those of Magonce.

Really, this whole 1557 quatrain is a print-clerk’s mess. It doesn’t look like anything Nostredame would have written down on paper. The fifth word in Line 1 of this Edition should have the printed letter ‘r’ but resembles the print-type for ‘t’ instead, OF ‘sacteés’ would obviously be nothing to do with ‘sac’ nor the more modern ‘sacteés’, cacti, but it could be derived from OF ‘sasier’, appeasement, or OF ‘sauter’, to soar around in a rather bouncing manner, like Phaeton. If we have that recurring ‘s/f’ typeface-similarity problem as well then it could be OF ‘facteés’ some derivative of ‘faicte/faire’. But clearly it should read ‘sacrés’, the OF for sacred, for if Magonce be Mainz we have, rather than the coming rise of the Antichrist, the roots of the Reformation long ago.

This other suggestion is a better one:

I 62

La grande perte laslque feront les lettres
Auant le cicle de laton a parfaict,
Feu, grand deluge, plus par ignares sceptres
Que de long siecle ne se verra refaict.

Line 1. OF ‘laslque’ seems mangled* and a little too far outside the box. Possibly this means ‘it wearies that’ or else the OF ‘lasque’ from ‘lâcher’, to release, or the OF ‘lacque’ being lacquer the resinous finishing material. It might have intended to suggest bound and sealed documents.

* OF ‘laslque’ may perhaps be unravelled as ‘las le que’ – in French ‘weary that’, in Spanish ‘the ones that’. Out of interest, a re-write as OF ‘las le qui feront les lettres’ would convert this phrase into ‘the ones who handle/effect/present this literature’.

My Translation:
The great loss that will befall the portfolios manuscripts and letters
Before Rome’s cycle is complete,
Fire, great deluge, utmost ignorance of the sovereign cultures
How long will the centuries be wherein its restoration remains a matter of contemplation.

Our worldy yet otherworldly Nostradamus discussion group consider that the Vatican will be brought to its knees finally by a ‘force’ of some kind, a mysterious act of Nature, and that this huge distraction will cover for the take-over of Turkey:

V 25

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Le prince Arabe, Mars, Sol, Venus, Lyon,
Regne d’Eglise par mer d’vn succombera:
Deuers la Perse bien pres d’vn million,
Bisance, Egipte ver.serp inuadera.

Line 2. OF ‘Regne d’Eglise’ is a correct title for the Vatican today, a sovereign state with a monarch as installed by Dictator Mussolini.

Line 4, OF ‘ver’ suggests a worm which in turn would have suggested to its Medieval readers ‘worm-brained’, i.e. mad.

OF ‘serp/serpe’ was a short-handled sickle with a large crescent-shaped blade.

(It has been noted that the very staged and uniform ISIS beheadings videos have featured a short-sword type of knife very like one featured in a most obscure ‘ancient and masonic’ portrayal of decapitation although most masonic symbols were borrowed hastily, and somewhat unheedingly perhaps, from much earlier times).

My Translation:
The Arab Prince, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Leo,
The reign of the Church killed by the sea:
Towards Persia very nearly a million men,
The worm-snake will invade Turkey and Egypt.

Turning this way and that the mad snake of enormous resource advances towards intercontinental domination.

Here are some interesting Antichrist attributions which I would dispute:

II 29

L’oriental sortira de son siege,
Passer les monts Apennins, voir la Gaule,
Transpercera du ciel les eaux & neiges
En vn chacun frappera de sa gaule.

My Translation:
The man from the East will come out from his seat,
Going beyond the Apennines to see Gaul,
Penetrating sky, water & snow
Striking each with his rod.

V 54

Du pont Eunixe & la grand Tartarie,
Vn Roy sera qui viendra voir la Gaule,
Transpercera Alane & l’Armenie,
Et dans Bisance lairra sanglante Gaule.

My Translation:
Of the bridge Eunice and the Great Tartary,
A King there will be who will come to see Gaul,
Penetrating the lands of Alane and Armenia,
And into Byzantium leaving blood staining Gaul.

The Eurasian Steppe or Tartary stretches from Moldavia through to Siberia via the Ukraine and bridges Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China through to South Asia. It supports the Silk Road.

Line 1. OF ‘Eunixe’ is a proper known akin to Eunice. It’s feminine (OF ‘enixe’ means one who gave birth) although here it’s the name of a bridge, presumably the Eurasian Land Bridge perhaps known to Michel Nostredame by this other odd name. Or this is Constantinople, the city that bridges two continents.

‘Alane & Armenia’ could relate linguistically to ‘Allemanni’ the name of a warlike confederation of Germanic tribes like the Angles and Suevi who approached from the Baltic and across the Eastern side of the Elbe and gradually reached central Germany (some moving on to England and Sweden). Are these names the forerunners of ‘Allemagne’?

On unravelling this quatrain we may find a warpath that is undoubtedly from earlier in world history. Sorry, but we must look elsewhere for the Antichrist’s seizure of Asia and I find that ‘nanomious’ have also indicated

IV 50

Libra verra regner les Hesperies,
De ciel & terre tenir la Monarchie,
D’Asie forces nul ne verra peries.
Que sept ne tiennent par rang la Hierarchie.

My Translation:
Libra will govern the West,
From the sky and on land to hold this Monarchy,
In Asia one will not see perishing forces.
Only seven rank high in that Hierarchy.

Presuming the punctuation here to be meaningless Medieval print-foolery:

In the West much is being weighed in the scales both in the sky and on land. (But no mention of the seas.) In the East a contrasting stability with power in the hands of a very small Hierachy. The capitalization suggests that this is, in some sense, one united group –something unkown as yet; ancient dominations in Asia by Indians or Chinese or, more recently, Europeans have all been spasmodic and patchy.

Presuming this to have the punctuation intended by Nostredame:

The contrast West-East is contained in the first three lines and Line Four suggests some Heirarchy or another – maybe West maybe East maybe Global – of seven people. (It’s that number again.)

Everything in history is the product of small groups dominating large groups (which the majority undoubtedly intend for who in their right mind would want to be pushed to the front to be leader of a Hydra-headed mob charging headlong into numerous unknowable destinies from which can get extruded the collective fate of all?)

The age-old truth that the slaves make the master and not the other way around is easily proven by the fact that the majority wildly outnumber all the police and armed guards let alone the precious few preening themselves at the centre of power. We saw in Egypt the police firing upon a large unarmed crowd then throwing down their guns and stripping off their uniforms when that crowd advanced undaunted. Unfortunately your money has been spent behind your back (for security reasons) on unbelievably offensive new weapons intended to degrade and defeat populations en masse. Apparently the NASA website once contained a documented PowerPoint Presentation called ‘The Future Is Now!’ by a hot gas boffin, the innovative chief scientist at Lang who mistakenly claims that his ancestor invented the submarine during the Civil War – but an enclosed and sealed oar-driven submersible navigated under the Thames even earlier. Seems it features ‘Future Warfare circa 2025’ and mentions an EMP, beam warfare and radiation frequencies damaging folk’s brains plus the then hawk-like purchase over the US populace by the clan-conforming news network CNN. It’s been reported ( that this is all about United States Inc. opposing the peoples of continental USA and way beyond. (Still the caption “Capture torture Americans in full color in prime time” doesn’t ring true or even possible, yet.)

Aside from aiming at new types of death, simply by viewing war assynmetrically or holistically has spurred the widening attack on information and so public acceptance of rubbishy deceptions has advanced greatly while the average Jo & Josephine, distracted by narcissisism trivial news and controlled loathings, have hardy noticed it – yet.

II 81

Par feu du Ciel la cité pres qu’aduste,
Vrna menasse encor Ceucalion,
Vexee Sardagne par la punique fuste,
Apres que Libra lairra son Phaeton.

A fantastical quatrain about fire from the sky. See the section II 81 near the close of the Article STORED UP IN THE NORTH WIND.

Urna is a representation of the Third Eye although elsewhere Nostredame has meant by Urn the waterpitcher of Aquarius (Urn A?) or even the name Sat-urn. The neo-Sumerian city of Ur was home to the King (Ur-Na)mmu and the Ziggurat of Ur (“the house whose foundation creates terror’) which is also mooted to be a ‘stargate’ whatever that may prove to be. (Wikileaks have highlighted the ‘stargate’ curiosity in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen, NASA sent out an MMS magnetic portal mission in 2014 and Cern may yet be able to tell us more on this subject later on this year, 2015.) Deucalion was the large-chested Greek mythological flood-hero equivalent to Noah.

Another plan by the Antichrist is to bring about the destruction of his victim’s cultural centers, on top of the physical distress and terrorist gang-style extortions directly afflicting the poor populations. ISIS have initiated such a plan recently although this may have been staged with much publicity to judge whether it would be worth the effort to ‘go for it’ in reality.

The Antichrist we are examining here will reduce great Rome to rubble from the air, levelling the Seven Hills, and destroy Greece’s major cities and cultural centres. This barbarous behaviour will leave other leaders shocked and witless allowing him to make more outrageous gains by unprecedented tactics, as they say, although it could be argued in the case of the Islamic State that eradication of other cultures is no more than radical Islam demands. Watch out, World!

About the big prize, Iran, the Antichrist will take over by simple trickery. The Ayatollah’s court will be used against him after he is depopularized by a civil war. A ‘hate figure’ will advance and Iranians loyal to the Ayatollah will fixate on him. During his takeover the people will be fooled by the assassination of this stooge, a hunting decoy, and the Antichrist will come straight in to fill the power vacuum.

Nostradamus Quatrain II 23 gives us an apposite first couplet

Palais oyseaux, par oyseau dechassé,
Bien tost apres le prince paruenu
Combien qu’hors fleuue ennemy repoussé,
Dehors saisi trait d’oyseau soustenu.

My Translation:
Palace birds by a bird chased out,
The prince arrives quickly after
How many the stream of enemies repelled?
The outsider carried by a bird knows possession.

What do they say about International reactions and non-reactions to the Antichrist?

“Diplomatic foul-ups in other countries will permit the Antichrist to
attain greater power. In the beginning, when he does not have a broad
base of power but is building on it, those in power elsewhere who can
do something about it will hesitate until it is too late. Even though
people realize he wields great power “from the dark side”, his
demonic hatred and magnetism will enhance the fatal attraction. He will advance his campaign by invading and conquering neighboring countries, particularly because of the political turmoil and instability of the realm. Eventually he will subdue the entire Asian continent under his rule.” (‘nanomius’)

The ‘Great Game’ was about conquest, supported by sea, of all or much of a continental landmass. Many variations were played out over centuries including by Germany’s Adolf Hitler who persuaded his homeland to invade East as well as West for him. Of course with hindsight we can see that he had support from the America/UK banking elite until after Churchill broke ranks and war was declared in 1939. Americans had little will for a European war and held back until the Pearl Harbour rearrangement of 1941.

Our ‘nanomius’ friends have said that the U.S. will vacillate choosing dissension during the conquests of the Antichrist with its power, influence and “can do” capabilities becoming diminished the while.

Polities will argue over whether or not to intervene, granting a stay of execution while the A-C remains free at large to terrorize, pillage and extort. He will use submarines to subvert cargo shipping. (The NASA chief scientist has also boasted that his ancestor was first to explode gunpowder underwater so inventing the torpedo. What blood!)

Really, the Cannonic-Nostradamian Antichrist needs most to secure strategic seaports. But various other powers may well have done that before him.

I 37

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Vng peu deuant que le soleil l’esconce
Conflict donnée, grand peuple dubieux:
Proffligués, port marin ne faict response,
Pont & sepulchre en deux estranges lieux.

Line 3, OF ‘proffligués’ was quite the rare word. Working forward from the old Latin ‘profligatus/profligare’ we get knock down, overthrow, ruin and from its component ‘fligare’ we have ‘to strike down’. Working back from the Modern English word ‘profligate’ we get into ‘wasted’.

My Translation:
Shortly before the Sun sets,
Battle given, a great people OR the great ones much in doubt over it:
Stricken, thrown down, wasted, the seaport makes no response,
Both the bridge and the tomb out of their normal place.

A seaport with a bridge and a tomb in prominent places or a ‘bridge and tomb’ combination? Asian tombs can be splendiferous with tombs, domes, arches and ornamental bridges set in deckle-edged parkland. Many ports are Cathedral Cities like Lisbon.

Initially the U.S.A. will remain neutral, uncommitted while weaker countries need help as the Antichrist attempts to root his plan for world domination. But US aerial support may be sneaked in unofficially or secretly:


1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Les fugitifs, feu du ciel sus/fus les piques,
Conflict prochain des courbeaux s’esbatant
De terre on crie aide secours celiques,
Quand pres des murs seront les combatans.

My Translation:
Those avoiding capture, fire opposes them from up high in the sky, OR (by metonym) the fire of a fighting force will be in the sky,
Conflict comes closer the ravens flapping to escape
On the ground they cry heaven help us!
When the combatants near the walls.

OF ‘courbeau’ is a raven (but by analogy a large piece of stone or wood or iron protruding from a wall). OF ‘esbattre’ here means to make one’s escape like a flapping bird.

To somebody born in the centre of London the notion of pikes and ravens brings to mind the old saw “England will fall when the ravens leave the Tower of London”. The Tower is ancient but very secure, sometimes used for sensitive political prisoners. The ravens have lived there freely for centuries. But there are various verb and substantive meanings for OF ‘pique’. As it is stated here in the plural I have forged by metonym ‘flying pikemen’ or whatever, by which I mean airforce personnel.

The carrion raven is by tradition a bird of ill-omen associated with Apollo the demi-god of prophecy.

More responsive and proactive countermeasures could have prevented further destruction by the Antichrist. But political talk must have its day (and the day after) and diplomats, like teachers, may soon give way to computerized communication as the power – and human indecision – becomes more and more centralized. The Antichrist, at first no match for the Anglo-American backroom alliance, has slipped through the cracks and nobody has wanted to be the one to order his elimination it seems. (Similar to Saddam Hussein after the War in Kuwait.) He is making evil progress by leaps and bounds as the world looks on astonished by him and soon no conquest will prove impossible.

There follows a Nostradamus Quatrain about Iran and Turkey, both of whom strike fear into their neighbours because of their lengthy imperial dominance in the past. There are several other quatrains on this website that mention a King of Persia.

V 86

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Par les deux testes & trois bras separés,
La cité grande par eaues fera vexee:
Des grans d’entre eulx par exil esgarés,
Par teste perse Bisance fort pressee.

My Translation:
By its two heads and three arms (working) separately,
OR Separated by two headlands and three land arms,
The great city by its transparent state OR from its waters will be oppressed:
The grandees of it lose themselves in exile,
The head of Iran pressures Turkey intensely.

Interesting as this unsolved quatrain is there are many others which remain unchosen that could easily be suggesting details of a thrust for global domination. One thing is for sure, the stage is set for one obscenely wealthy group – unmentioned by the Cannon crew – to try it right now by applying mightily advanced science to their elderly, and almost complete, plan.

Enter the Young Antichrist?

Enter Old Ogmion!

II 12

Yeus clos ouuerts d’antique fantasie
L’habit des seules seront mis à néant :
Le grand monarque chastira leur frenaisie
Rauir des temples le thresor par deuant.

My Translation:
The old fantasy ‘eyes closed open’
This habit of the separated ones exists to render them non-existent:
The Great Monarch will correct their deliria
Temples to be excoriated their treasures for all to know.

This ultimate ‘Proença prophetizamen de Nostradamus’ is far from the bloody games being played-out upon this webpage. Michel deNostredame’s crowned or uncrowned monarch will explain. The end of collective religion comes and the people will recognize their Individual paths to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Still many people will have died far from home, the Dolores Cannon storybook goes, because of the little baby boy who would be the Antichrist.


Nigel Raymond Offord © 2015

EXTENDED FOOTNOTE: There are references all through the ‘Opera Nostramus’ to an Ogmion (V 80) Ognion (IX 89) lomygon (VI 42) dogmion (VIII 84) but not Ogmios “the Celtic Hercules” whom most Nostradamus reasearchers have previously believed to be the inspiration for the aforementioned.

(See ‘Ogmion, Ogmios’in the Article SOME NAMES AND NOUNS IN NOSTRADAMUS)

These might all be different persons, for example in the tricky Nostradamus Quatrain IX 89 we meet ‘Ieune ogmion’ or the Young Ogmion possibly enfathomed in intense pain, “Ieune ogmion abysmera son fort”. An alternative interpretation is that, after a seven-year run of good fortune and successful Barbarian-smiting by one Philip, the Young Ogmion will in opposing times bring down Philip’s fortified power.

The Ogmios/Ogmius of Celtic tradition is never anything but old. Is this ‘Ieune ogmion’ (in some Editions ‘ognion’) a relative term for someone critical who will be around for a very lengthy duration of old age? And is this his early, if elderly, term on the world stage? Or is this ‘Jeune ogmion’ a fighting-fit psychopath like the young Alexander the Great, the fated son of infamous Olympias and conquering Philip II of Macedonia?

(See the entry for VIII 73 in the first half of the Article BY WHAT STRANGE FACTOR IS NOSTRADAMUS STILL BEING READ?)