Supernaturalization occurs simply by the declaring or assumption of supernatural powers, usually in the absence of some better explanation.

The commonest embodiments of the supra- and super- natural are through the summoning-up of inappropriate entities, or their rising-up unsummoned, and a human receiver falling into a trance state.

Inexplicable conjurations stretch from the religious to the free spirits, from fanciful inclination to inescapable conclusion. And one man’s curse is another man’s cure. Divinations of other times and clues about the afterlife are extra-popular.

They say that Science and supernatural beliefs are indifferent epistemologically because both depends upon enhancing our ability to overcome some seemingly impassable barrier.

With matters unique, anomalous beyond capture, the  sensible scientist will wait for opportunities to enter the public discussion rationally. Science has been thoroughly absorbed by the Age of Reason that overtook it in its infancy (and which must fade away some day like any other age) but the supernaturalists have always plunged straight-in with fey performances and fizzing arguments confident that the wildest of their hypotheses are also
the most difficult to disprove.

The army expression “B.S. baffles brains” seemingly appears to apply on both sides of the fence but a striking difference is found in the long-term reactions of each side’s adherents. Scientists repeatedly and doggedly check resuts against existing science explanations and try to rank alternative ones in an order of acceptibility whereas the supernatural explanations are often allowed to pass without much attempt to reinterpret them as time goes by. Hence a supernatural idea can enter the world and, with hardly an alteration, echo down the ages through darkened social corridors (‘occult’ being merely another word for ‘covert’) that may span millennia.

Some of the more interesting categories of paranormal demonstration (which usually means talk about some past demonstration or another) include ‘otherly’ lights, super-cryptology, séances, recall of old incarnations, dream warnings, eerie hauntings, interplanetary encounters, pyramid power, outrageous footprints, psychic attacks, possession, a zone of inexplicable chillness, unexpected images, independent energy, time slips, out-of-the-body experiences and, especially for the Twenty-First Century, abnormal appearance or activity of the Sun’s corona.

A list this long leads inevitably to cross-over areas such as synchronicity, telekinesis, mind-over-matter,  spirit talk and ‘possessing the gift’ due to the gifted possessor having an extra-wide sensory range.

Folklore or pseudo-science? Myth or mystery? So thin is the veil that history records moments when physically impossible notions have coloured the thoughts of a whole society, possibly fatally. Saudi Arabia today has beheaded healers said to use witchcraft.

The Centuries Quatrains and associated Preface to Cesar and Epistle to the  King that constitute the collation I call ‘the Opera Nostradamus’ existed prior to the modern polarization of material vs. spiritual, science vs. art, and they seem ‘alive’ by comparison with modern mechanistic ‘dead’ thought processing.

Viewed through the newly emergent notion of a Holographic Universe, the irrationally detected para-phenomena are becoming more appealing. If everything proves connected (as it certainly should) remote viewing makes more sense. There is no longer a need for space-time to prop-up our consensual constructs. There may be a state we can experience that could even tweak the holograph somewhat, enabling instant access to the Mind Behind the Whole. Some say an  altered state of consciousness may yet surface that can readily answer most of its own and other people’s questions besides: every soul a guru, though this seems doubtful.

Scientist-Priest Teilhard de Chardin squared an old circle: “And just as science shows us, at the lower limits of matter, an ethereal fluid in which everything is immersed and from which everything emerges, so at the upper limits of Spirit a mystical ambience appears in which everything floats and everything converges.”

The notion of ‘ether’ – an invisible  kind of gas that permeated everything, everywhere – was an accepted notion until Einstein and company laughed it out of existence. Without saying they were wrong to scoff so publicly, the Large Hadron Collider is bursting to prove the ‘Higgs-Boson particle’ which is detectable as a ripple in the Higgs Field: an invisible kind of fluid that permeates everything, everywhere.

This time it is wrapped up more scientifically, less metaphysically (a term that etymologically means ‘after physics’) but even so it has been touted as god-like, omnipowerful (conferring a universe of matter upon a material illusion) and omnipresent (ethereal to a fault). The Higgs Field, though we are a long way from our true understanding of it, seems like it is perfect for instant distance ranging and even teleportation so making Remote Viewing seem as natural as a walk in the park.

                                                           Nigel Raymond Offord © 2011