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The following are a few simple examples of quatrains requiring a little Astrology to complete them. More complex astro-clues abound in the Centuries though not every Nostradamus quatrain is open to an astronomic astrological interpretation. The following require only a rudimentary appreciation of the Celestial Science-Celestial Art and its ramifications.

There are many other heavenly quatrains investigated on the pages of this website as well as two Articles dedicated to aspects of Astrology.


Michel also used dedicated geographical registers composed by astrologues to help attach place names to his visions.


II 35

(See also the section on quatrain II 35 in the Article CELESTIAL SCIENCE-ART)

Dans deux logis de nuict la feu prendra,

Plusieurs dedans estoffez & rostis.

Pres de deux fleuues pour seul il aduiendra:

Sol, l’Arq, & Caper tous seront amortis.


The fire by night will take hold in two lodgings,
Fire takes hold in two ‘logis de nuict’,*

Several within suffocate and roast.

It will happen near two rivers as one:

(Under the) Sun, Sagittarius and Capricorn all will be brought to ruination.
The Sun, Sagittarius and Capricorn and all else will be brought to nothing.

Line 1, OF ‘logis’ is a building – from a domestic hereditament to a hut in an army camp – in which people are accommodated permanently or temporarily. Figuratively the heart, the soul. Militarily it can range from barracks to tents to fortified living spaces to billets – rooms in private homes demanded of the population for the accomodation of soldiers.

*It occurs to me that ‘logis de nuict’ may refer to two places of traveller’s rest or else to two sectors or constellations in the night sky.

Line 3. Two rivers flowing as one is an especially good description of the Southern reach of the Rhône-Saône corridor but, of course, there exist other candidates. The Milky Way is a river of stars in the sky, so to speak.

There are other quatrain commentaries similar to the most terrestrial meaning here. This one gives small clues as to time (Sun, Sagittarius and Capricorn) and to place (near two rivers flowing as one – I guess this was meant literally and does not indicate two influences bearing conjointly).

As befits a physician, Nostredame is correct in his mortality sequencing. In a conflagration it is very often rapid smoke distribution and heat that kills more than flames.

About Rome and Romanized Christianity: the Sun was General Constantine’s idea of God the Father. He introduced accoutrements and attire to Christianity that were those of the old Pontiff of Dagon – the little fish-god – and the Pope, king of the Vatican, bears them to this day. Capricorn is the mer-goat, the horned fish. Sagittarius is the Archer, a fortunate follower and a target-achiever. (The famous White Horseman of Revelations is also portrayed holding a bow yet, interestingly, he bears no arrow suggesting great power but no will to exert that power – much like the Centaur Chiron.)

(See the the Article 2012 NOSTRADAMUS )

Sagittarius, Sun and Capricorn? A suitable chart for this configuration occurs fairly frequently I should think, although I’m not an astrologer. Could omitting the comma make a difference here? Is ‘Sagittarius Sun and Capricorn’ to be known otherwise as ‘Sun in Sagittarius with Capricorn’? Whatever, it’s most likely to have been inserted as the time-marker for the event.


Mars et Mercure, et l’argent joint ensemble,

Vers le midi extreme siccité:

Au fond d’Asie on dira terre tremble,

Corinthe, Ephese lors en perplexité.

(Line 4, see Quatrain II 52 below)

Mars and Mercury, and the Moon joined together,
Extreme dryness towards the South/the Mid East:
Extreme dryness around the Midi:
Extreme dryness towards midday:
Extreme dryness in the middle:
In the depths OR heart of Asia people will say the land trembles,
Corinth, Ephesus (Greece, Turkey) left in a troubled condition.

The Earth seems to have been ‘dry birthed’ when once it appeared, likewise the glassy Moon. Then water – dissimilar as it is from the carbon-based minerals – struck the World decisively.

Today the Midi-Pyrénées is the largest region of France and is fairly dry in parts but not excessively so.

Nuclear detonation sets mass fires and massive firestorms over very large areas. All things burn simultaneously during the firestorm despite the large area involved. Huge quantities of hot air rise chimney-like so sucking-in ground-level air from every quarter. The winds it produces fan the flames and this superheated rush to the middle (“vers le midi”) causes horizontal burning of structures that fills streets and throws forward firebrands and flames that jump shockingly long distances to find further substance. Air temperature will then reach higher than the boiling point of water. Persons and creatures in this nuclear activity’s purlieu could immediately incinerate/evaporate and it seems that those bunkered below ground would suffocate and roast.

Trouble between neighbouring Christian Greece and Islamic Turkey is deep-rooted and dismay continues today via the present warring against Syria’s internal authority. The Kurds had seemed to be the only winners of the Syrian conflict yet now the Syrian Kurds have thrown their lot in with the US for the long-term and Russia has apparently forged links with Turkey who are currently protecting Qatar from Saudi Arabia etc. How long will all this last?

(See the Article WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? )

In the event of future nuclear exchanges between the US and the Russian Federation, as are being presently pushed-for by a Washington elite with speedy access to underground complexes to bury themselves in, these may fall on Eurasia and Russia or Pakistan and China. (A direct US-China nuclear conflict would likely be played-out over parts or all of Europe.)

II 52

(This quatrain is included here because it seems a particularly nice pair with III 3 rather than being astrological in content)

Dans plusieurs nuicts la terre tremblera,
Sur le printemps deux efforts feront suitte,
Corinthe, Ephese aux deux mers nagera,
Guerre s’esmeut par deux vailants de luitte.

Line 2, OF ‘effort’ can be either an armed force/military power/defensive structure/forceful action/mobilization or an activity with strength/impetuosity/torment/involving substantial quantities.

(Line 3, see quatrain III 3 above)

Clearly Line 4, OF ‘s’esmeut’ is not the substantive (OF ‘esmeut’, bird droppings) so we turn to the most appropriate OF verb ‘émouvoir/esmouvoir’, to move, get started, arouse by emotion or trigger-off or put in movement by exhortations or to incite a revolt, fight in battle.

For several nights the earth will tremble:
In the Spring two efforts in succession:
Corinth, Ephesus (Greece, Turkey) will swim in two seas:
War stirred up by two valiant at struggle/combat/war.

IV 67

L’an que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust,
L’air fort sieché, longue traiection :
Par feux secrets, d’ardeur grand lieu adust
Peu pluye, vent, chaud, guerres, incursions.


The year that Saturn & Mars are equally combust,
The air extremely dried out over a lengthy stretch of land:
By discrete/hidden fires of great torridity
Little rain, wind, heat, wars, invasions.

“The nature of Mars is chiefly to dry and to burn, in conformity with his fiery colour and by reason of his nearness to the sun, for the sun’s sphere lies just below him.” Tetrabiblos, Claudius Ptolemy 1.4 (translator unknown)

Is a planet said to be ‘combust’ because of proximate heat or dazzling light from the Sun? Some have said that Mars is too hot to become combust by the Sun which was then  considered the cooler of the two. I suppose the answer lies in the fact that when planets chart close to Mars they still remain visible in the night sky. It has been argued that if it is the dazzle of sunbeams that depletes the influence of a planet, then why does not the reflective and brilliant Moon have that same astrological/metaphorical effect?

Astrologers have often had their own little ways as well as the common wisdoms of their times. Nostredame had his methods. (See the section TEMPLATE on the HOME page)

To the Medieval astrological mindset Saturn and Mars were both malefics, pure and simple. The sensitively-attuned personality of Michel particularly disliked the abrasive alpha-masculinity of Mars.

Generally we can say that Saturn becomes combust when it comes within 15 degrees of the Sun and Mars becomes combust when it comes within 17 degrees of the Sun. However there are shades of ‘combustness’ for differing degrees of solar proximity, namely cazimi, under the sunbeams and combust. Cazimi is lap-sitting the Sun, so to speak, and the planet gains in power. Combust is decreased in potency by proximity to the rays of the Sun which lowers its planetary shine. A lessened form of decreased powers comes about “beneath the beams”. Some will attribute the Sun with increased powers when a planet is combust by its proximity, i.e. it now serves mainly the Sun.

What ‘combust’ does NOT mean, of course, is that Saturn or Mars will get brighter in the sky as if on fire. Nevertheless in 2003 Mars approached much closer to the Earth than usual which could make being combust look a little like that!

As celestial art-science the biblical story of Esther has been said to show Esther as ‘cazimi’ because for some days the great worldly power gives her what she wants – which is pretty dire – whilst her enemies seem ‘combust’, underpowered, and seem not to resist that destructive spree.

(See the Article GODLY ASTROLOGY )

An intriguing link between Saturn and Mars is to be found at

  which credits the partnership with ruling the Diaspora.


However we are looking for one particular year for which Line 1 is a time-marker. All-in-all this quatrain could be an advertisement for a future and diabolical ‘climate warming’ if such had not been pretty thoroughly debunked already (although unseasonable weather changes remain an ongoing reality).

Retrospectively it could describe the making of the Sahara Desert that once bloomed betwixt criss-cross water canals.

There have certainly been many forest fires in this millennium some suspected to have been manmade either by accident or on purpose. In particular 2003 saw a great many conflagrations in parts of India, British Columbia, Southern California, South-Western Australia, the great Yellowstone Park (especially following strikes by lightning) and Glacier National Park (“the Summer of Fire”). In Portugal they faced “the worst ‘fire season ever recorded”.

The long awaited yet explosive invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the US came with ‘hot-headed’ p.r. activity for the justification of Washington’s neocon ‘firebrands’ and others who authored it.

VI 6

L’an que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust,
L’air fort sieché, longue traiection :
Par feux secrets, d’ardeur grand lieu adust
Peu pluye, vent, chaud, guerres, incursions.

‘Combust’ explained in brief and approximately; according to Astrology a planet’s proximity to the Sun is said to be ‘combust’ – or even ‘burned’ as in ‘combustion’* – when it is less than 8º from the Sun and greater than 17’ from the Sun, regardless of the Sign in which it appears. In this band we would say that the planet’s visibility or shine is obscured and reduced to near-zero and likewise its usually attributable influences over us.
 More than 8º up to 17º distant is called Under the Sun’s Beams. (Visibility is partially reduced and so its planetary influence over us diminishes somewhat.) Less than 17’ (17 minutes) is known as Cazimi (In the Heart of the Sun or Sitting in the Lap of the Sun) a special position where the influence of the planet is much increased.

*I disagree somewhat with the common use of the noun ‘combustion’ in the metaphorical construct here as this confuses the effect of light with the effect of heat. However, it’s a useful enough word in English to cover all three of the above-detailed effects in general terms and, really, it’s better to consult ‘conventional’ astrologers on these matters if you are deeply interested as I am not one – also please note that Michel Nostredame was not so ‘conventional’ in his Medieval use of Astrology. (See the TEMPLATE section at the foot of the HOME page)

Out of interest, it is held nowadays that the directly moving individual planets become ‘combust’ when their longitudinal arc from the Sun is Mars 17º, Saturn 16º, Mercury 14º, the Moon 12º, Jupiter 11º and Venus 10º.

I 52

Les deux malins de Scorpion conioints,
Le grand Seigneur meurtry dedans sa salle,
Peste а l’Eglise par le nouueau Roy ioints,
L’Europe basse & Septentrionale.

Two evil influences in conjunction in Scorpio.
The great lord is murdered in his room.
A newly appointed King persecutes the Church,
The lower parts of Europe and the North.

Line 1. ‘Saturn and Mars in the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio’ marks the time.

Line 2 is either literal or refers to some obfuscation of a charted planet in its own elevated space.

Line 3 could be metaphorical, this personage could be a ruler of sorts or a reforming/destructive Pope.

Line 4 suggests a political power with a wide sweep from North to South or else a change of planetary rule:

“Roussat’s sequential cycle of regnance over all others by the individual planets (as admired but quite possibly re-interpreted by Michel de Nostredame) are tackled in various texts on this website including the Articles CYCLING INTO ETERNITY: EMBEDDED IN TIME and WATCH OUT WORLD! Part 2/3 as well in Note 4 at the foot of the EPISTLE TO THE KING.” (from the Article CYCLES NUMBERS SYMBOLS CHAINS AND LINKS TO NOSTRADAMUS )

I 46

(See also the section on quatrain I 46 in the Article POVERA ITALIA! MAGGIO 2012)

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Tout apres d’Aux de Lestore & Mirande
Grand feu du ciel en trois nuicts tombera:
Cause adviendra bien stupende & mirande,
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
A great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous;
Shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.

Line 3, OF ‘mirande’ is possibly a mistaken ‘merveilleux’, marvellous, which fits nicely. Alternatively this might be ‘Miradoux’, the name of a place that leads to the more famous Lectoure, much used by pilgrims along this French approach to the Way of Saint James in Spain. However, neither rhymes. It seems that OF ‘Mirande/mirande’ is a proper noun only and it seems quite out of (literary) character for Michel Nostredame to create the Line 2/Line 4 rhyme with two identical words. In quatrain VIII 2 the similar rhyming structure employs the proper noun ‘Marmande’. In fact these two quatrains, although separately worded, are indifferent as to the depth or weight of the information supplied other than the falling of the wall at Garonne.

(See the quatrain VIII 2 in the section on THE GARONNE in the Article STORED UP IN THE NORTH WIND)

Around Auch, Lectoure and Mirande in South-West France, 43.3-5°N., a great sight up in the sky and falling. Three nights. Three places in the South of France for reference. Quatrain VIII 2 agrees somewhat.

It is all less than 2 degrees away from 45°North and so links with other quatrains that have comet-like references located around 45°N – and also a statement that the Holy Ghost appears from out of 45°N. (See the EPISTLE TO THE KING). It seems that Nostradamus was impressed by comets in a quite mystical way.

A ‘solar maximum’ can produce a sun-storm that will travel to Earth, being attracted especially to cities of high technological development. This has happened. In a minute or two such cities have lost all electrical power. It is estimated that the sun-storms recorded so far could double or even triple in strength given appropriate conditions on the Sun. It is not impossible. In this circumstance satellites could be moved out of orbit and might even flash a fiery path across the sky on a compact collision course with Earth. Modern navigation systems depend on such satellites. Anything could happen.

A solar flare passed quite close to the Earth in April 2017. Three months later a 75,000 mile (120,000 km.) wide hole big enough to cause ‘M-Class’ solar flares appeared on the surface of the Sun and was designated magnetic sunspot AR2665.

Unusual lights in the sky are a known precursor to earthquake and have also been attributed to types of HAARP project.

Astrologers concur that the moving planets exude their influence upon us and their interrelating progressions of energetic influences may be modelled by lines on a chart. Nostradame expressed these influences as if prayers were being beamed upon us according to a system prescribed by Almighty God.

Astrology was deduced by the ancients after centuries of plotting the sky at night and reviewing and applying the data. Astrology was the first science and did not exclude artistry and intuitive inspirations as such. It is believed that Nazi scientists toward the end of World War II were encouraged to bring psychic phenomena and esoteric knowledge or ‘outside knowings’ into their redesigned experiments and though this proved fruitful it seems it came about too late to save wartime Germany. Where are these spiritualized scientific research results being applied now? Some point to CERN. Others to the covert US armed services/DARPA/NASA. Yet others have started speaking oddly of a Nazi base and curious findings in Antarctica. Hot air and dazzling illuminations can be dangerous and misleading, of course.

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