To my son, Cesar
I wish you a happy life


Your late arrival makes my night-time vigils working with the spirit and with Astronomy’s cycles a bygone memory now. Humanity will be the beneficiary of this inheritance.


The time difference between us makes me write as if my ongoing work is finished and in the past. These many long nights of noting down what the spirit gives me, and to study all of this with Astronomy’s planetary revolutions, are so as to gift this to humanity and for long after my death.

As it suits God to send you unknowing into this world of pleasures you will not yet appreciate what a force I have become in it. What a pity the language of this oral mystical tradition must die with me, especially with the incidents of instability that God will be dealing out. Ours is not the (oldest-style) prophecy of inebriate ecstacies but the (newer-styled) one of sober calculations.

Only the holiest in holiness can imbue true divinations and only the spirit of prophecy can fill-out the particulars.

Much as I’ve often predicted successfully, well in advance, and claimed credit not for me but for the divinity which guided me, and then there were the spillings over and the escalations into other distinct regions, I would rather have kept quiet about it all being averse to the personal abuse that follows. Not just nowadays but in the future too for things will change so much that those who reign or have cults or are the religious leaders will hear of futures unimaginable to their filtered mental borrowings. Yet in the times to come beyond their own times they would then understand. (Remember that Jesus said,  “… do not cast your pearls before swine”)

Right now, and despite the urgency, that is what makes me hold back on warning of the coming cultural revolutions which, as people shall find them too painful to be believed, I should speak no more intelligibly than a well-oiled wedding guest rather than in the bold voice of prophecy. (The down-to-earth can get some: the aloof won’t get it.)

As well as may be, the Prophets and Angels have seen by God’s grace those long-off events come to life. In fact, nothing could ever happen without God. Such a polyformed personality is He that even whilst dwelling within Him universally they experience particular powers of His such as their very own guardian angel. His warmth of prophetic power comes to us and penetrates like rays of sunshine. It is mere cant to say that we humans, being mechanically disposed and weak in comprehension, are fully able to understand God. (It is not given to us to know the timing of great things, etc..) Even so there are some now who our Creator God has seen fit to allow by imaginative experiences a sight of what is yet to happen, as also with judicial astrology. Like in the past this ability was said to be made manifest in columns of flame, making it possible to arbitrate between the demi-gods and Mankind. As God comes to the arbitrators to help Him complete what is nevertheless impossible not to complete they then find themselves within the company of angels, good and bad. The latter is one third of the total … but now, my son, I’m too far out for you; a bit like babbling during prophetic experiences suddenly brought on by fire, such as staring at the greatest stars and entering an altered state of awareness. Or like surprising writings which are not so much eased into place as fearlessly outspoken. And yet they have come from God from whom all kindness comes. Plus, as I’ve used the word Prophet I‘ll be clear that I don’t want that title as they say that whoever is today called a Prophet was yesterday called a Seer. I mean that a true Prophet sees some things so far out of the ordinary that no other created being could understand them. In which event he is apparently divine having stood the middle ground between Heaven and Earth with the aid of the prophecy-perfecting light. And yet being as normal a person as any it follows that he could never have that power. So this is done to him to extend the impact of his prophesies over the longest time.

As virtue governs our spiritual reach beyond the normal limits of knowing, and as God is totally unfathomable, the generous go-between shows them those cases for which their own development is not enough to grasp, yet not via superstitions nor by logic neither by feigned righteousness. All those ways are inferior compared to the total existential reality within the dome of Heaven which itself exists within Eternity and will come to meet us all some day.

It seems that the motions of the heavens are synchro-meshed into a gigantic dimensional churning effect that is pulling us in towards a perpetual unification. My son, when I speak of this I do not expect you to understand for such things so far in the future are beyond rationality to comprehend. Even in the case of one who has a good grasp of local existence, to understand this he/she needs to be neither too flexible nor too fixed. Add to this, as to knowing exactly the truth that only becomes possible when one accesses it in solo seclusion with God. Therefore, the first principle of received prophecy is to be driven by God and then by the Now and also by Nature.

Through such self-examining the wholeness of the process will produce a consistent result, or not if it is done in error, and then his prophesying commences or else he will have just finished doing so.

Because if the mystical event is not viewed clairvoyantly or heard clairaudiently or comes through the dowsing rod, all with the proof of the candle flame suddenly holding itself sloped as in a trance, then the intellect of itself cannot perceive this.

My son, I beg you not to lean towards those pastimes and notions that debilitate the muscle and bone and place your soul in jeopardy, disorganizing the softened-up senses. The same goes for that dreadful low vanity called magic which is especially rejected in the holy books and by the Church leaders – apart from the rejecting judgement upon Judicial Astrology, as the clergy have written down and followed our prophecies on recognizing that God’s revealed future is built-in to our calculations. As well as that they have never rejected my mystical form of Astrology nor wanted to countermand it by their own strongly-held doctines, even to the point of giving me several very old books. However, I wondered how dangerous these were and so memorized the information in them and burned the books but Vulcan came at them greedily with a clearer light than in normal fire, more like the glow of forked lightning. This went around as if the whole house were on fire.

As if for this to occur was not staggering enough, closely examining this perfect transformation, equally of the Sun as of the Moon and of molten gold and silver, every bit had been manipulated down to ashes in decal waves.

Now regarding that astrological judgement which fulfulls itself, you try yourself to achieve it with the benefit of the heavens: then to have a knowing of what is in the future, finding out for yourself the unreal-seeming imaginings of distant times and places that will come to be, defining these by a mix of God’s inspiration and Astrology’s deductions. It is a real portion of the time accessed only by inner virtue, an acquired power and the ability to reach the divine. With these present then each case of time lines up with Eternity and heaven cycles the past the present and the future. All things are open to examination. So despite the delicate nature of your brain, you can follow this easily that what must happen is both in the natural lights of the night sky as it is in the spirit of prophecy. Not that I claim such a description for myself, nor any ability to prophesy other than as a mere mortal who is receiving inspiration. I do not say that my senses are more in tune with Heaven than my feet are with the ground. If I say ‘I cannot be wrong’ then I sin more than any other person in the World and am to be subject to every ailment that strikes humanity.

Instead, having been taken by surprise by the many necessary calculations as much as by the lymphatic*, I have found sweet solace in sitting up at my studies each night.

I have put together my prophetic Books each one containing a hundred quatrains of astronomical prophecies which I deliberately wanted to sequence somewhat confusingly: and these are predictive from now right up to 3,797. It is quite possible that seeing so lengthy a stretch of time will make some turn away from following me.  

Beneath the concave brightness of the Moon there lurks an intelligence and this is understood universally on every plane of influence, my son.

If you live for the normal three score years and ten, you will see under those skies where you live these future adventures that have already been seen to approach.

Much as the one God of Eternity is the only one who can see the eternal light proceding from out of Hisself, and that’s no more than the truth of the matter, there are those who make appeal to His immeasurable and incomprehensible and unbounded greatness and by long sad implorings attempt to edge Him into revealing to them these mystical manifestations of the future. They do this mainly by two methods both of which draw results which conform to what is had by the one inspired (in the old-style) who then prophesizes.

The first is that astrologer who suddenly becomes overwhelmed by the special light and prophesizes through God’s inspiration by which he joins a while with the Divine Eternal.

The second is the Prophet who can tell that what comes to him is from God and is come by the right route. This is so that he knows the prediction to be true, coming from the most high spiritual source. The special light and the small candle-flame are entirely good and productive, being a quality of light that is not below the normal clarity and brightness. This reassures the participant that all is come from the First Cause by whom the highest propositions obtain and not those that come from the profoundly abysmal other.  

Now, I must try not to deepen out the future capacity of your senses so vaguely.

I found this night-time study to be so important and more uninterruptible than any other study. I found out that before the Final Conflagration this World will have had such floodings so high that there will be no locality with a soil that isn’t covered by water. It will be for such a long time that, save using geographic and mariner charts, there is no knowing what land is where. Also, before and after the floods, in several regions the rain will be scant and such an  abundance of fire and fierce bright stones will fall from the skies that there will remain nothing there that is not consumed. This is for a brief time just before the Final Conflagration. All this is because even as the planet Mars finishes its time at the end of its last turn as leader so it will take it again.

Further, some planets will group in Aquarius over several years and others will group in the Sign of Cancer for even longer and without interruption. And now that we are in that phase where all are led by the Moon – with the aid of the total power that is God Eternal – before the Moon has completed its time the Sun will come to lead, and then Saturn. Because according to the celestial signs Saturn’s reign will repeat so that the whole calculates out as the World makes its approach to the  ‘anaragonic’ revolution:

As I write this, within ‘177 years, 3 months 11 days’ the world will be decreased for several times both before and after by disease, long famine and wars, and more so by the floods in the world between now and for this prescribed term. So little of the world will still exist that one will not find any who want the open fields, which will become free for a long time.

That is because wherever the Heavenly judgement is seen they will live in servitude/indentured service and also because it is the Seventh millennium, the one that completes the great sequence. The Eighth is then approaching, where can be found the firmament of the eighth sphere which is (exceptionally) a latitudinal (broad) dimension. At this the great God Eternal will come to complete this cycle, whereafter the celestial sights and signs return to their regular motion and also that greater overall movement which is what renders the ground stable and firm to us (‘ever undeviating’) so that its aim, delayed awhile, will be accomplished whilst all else remains unchanging. Although Mahometan notions may exceed all natural reason by the ambiguity of their interpretations, note that at no time did God the Creator do other than signify the one future to the augur who then may only make that singular prophecy apparent and did not, as by the ministerings of the fiery messengers, leave any of this to confusion of perceptions.

It’s obvious because the prophecy-prediction which was made by way of a special outside light has also come to judge infallibly all the parties involved by way of that external light. Truly, as much as the party which seems to have that understanding through the seeing eye – which incudes the gift of imagination – the whole is also predicted through uplifting effects upon their divine nature. Also by the medium of the Angelic spirit inspiring folk to prophesize. This renders them anointed with the light from out these vaticination experiences passing before the fantasia by various nocturnal visions that then with a daylight certainty prophesize through the astronomical pointers that may be joined together with this sanctified prediction. All this plus an unlimited courage such as is unheard of elsewhere.

Now know this, my son, that I find by my analyses of planetary returns, in accord with inspirational revelations, that the sword of death approaches us all. It comes by diseases and war so great that the accumulated lifetimes of three men (in three world wars?)  have never seen more horrible and also famine. Then there are frequent floods of rain and other precipitation. All this because the Stars passing through their cycles pre-signal it. Plus it is said  ‘I will visit their iniquities with a rod of iron’, meaning the mercy of God will not be dispensed for a time, my son, and this is how the most part of my Prophecies will be fulfilled, and will come to be by the completion of heavenly movements.

More than once during that time of fatal storms the Lord will say, ‘I will show them no pity’ and there will be a thousand other things stemming from the waters and continual rains, as I have written down more plainly in my other Prophecies which are all constructed at length in freed-up prose describing places, times, and the predicted terms for situations that people will have come to know by then and have understood by then or noted generally by then. They will be able to discuss (the Opera Nostradamus) more clearly even though these will be black thoughts by then when ‘the time will have come for the removal of ignorance’, the foggy future being the better-lit present by then. 

To conclude, my son, take thus this gift of your father Michel Nostradamus, hoping thou to speak-out upon each and every Prophecy of the quatrains. Praying that immortal God pleases to attribute long life to you in good and prosperous well-being.

De Salon ce 1. de Mars 1555.

* Poor Michel de Nostredame died from the weakening pains of a lymphatic disorder on July 2nd 1566 aged 62. Chavingy reports that he was seen in the morning slumped dead across a bench  at the foot of his bed, as he had said he would be found. Perhaps he always slept that way as lower-leg pain especially prevents a person from lying down naturally. Michel’s lengthy night-time studies could even have been an inducement of total exhaustion to overwhelm his sleep-preventive condition.