(Incl. I 23 II 16 II 24 VI 57 VI 7 V 22  IV 12 V 42 III 63 and IX 95)

“As long as I live I shall think only of victory” said Adolf Hitler. (See the intro to Epistle to the King) Did Hitler read the works of Michel Nostredame? It’s well-documented that misquotes and inappropriate attributions to Nostradamus were posted for propaganda purposes by both Germany and Britain during the Second World War.

This Adolf Hitler quotation appears during the introduction to ‘Hitler in Colour’, a documentary movie based on public and private footage, available to view at

 World War Two, that most intrigue-ridden and sorrowful of subjects, can be gone into at great depth or parts of it may be outlined briefly. Either way all the truth will not come out. Much bland generality has been extrapolated from its emotive particulars. Clearly Michel Nostredame ‘saw’ only a little and, anyway, linear history is a blind because life, although  moving-on like a book turning page-by-page through the motion of the Sun and Moon actually takes place laterally like the cartooning of a Spanish classical guitar performance, bass middle and treble melodies appearing to progress along independent yet cohesive lines because that’s the way our ears capture it although that’s not at all how it is created (through moment-by-moment changes of ordained shapes and hand positions). Only solar time itself appears to be a purely linear process and that is open to abuse by those who would exert their influence and resources upon re-writing the historical past – or acclimating us to a particular future – as they wish others to see it. (As has been done over a prolonged period, nearly a full century, by slow and skilful corruption of major education systems by high-rolling and culture-corrupting Foundations.) In fact it is the steady and responsive folk who are the star turns of both our education and re-education systems. Most educated people today have been school-raised like alert yet compliant herd or flock members, as their teachers were before them.

(See the Article WATCH OUT WORLD Pt. 1)

Brutish yet outstanding student Mussolini trained to be a conforming schoolteacher. A more non-complicit person – someone with the spirit of an Adolf Hitler or a Winston Churchill – will exit from a scholastic system at the earliest opportunity. Yet clearly each could have been outstanding with the right one-to-one tutor favouring them with the truth first and foremost. Unfortunately they were each shaped by the age and its ineluctable combination of violence and politics, of war and warring rumours.

The British-German conflict within WWII started officially in September 1939 with the UK obliged to declare the war open, though not yet war proper. The USA was similarly obliged to enter the European theatre as it engaged in war with Japan in 1941.

I 23

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Au mois troisiesme se levant le soleil,
Sanglier, leopard, aux champ Mars pour combatre,
Leopard laisse au ciel extend son oeil,
Un aigle autour du soleil voyt s’esbatre.

In the third month the rising Sun,
Boar, leopard, in combat on the field of Mars,
The leashed leopard to the sky rolls his eye,
And sees an eagle flap his wings around the Sun.

According to Nostradamus researcher Clois Roberts this Quatrain can be interpreted as Germany and Britain at war and with Britain looking up to see America circling Japan. That author’s idea is that the US, the Eagle, is seen deferring conflict with the Sun, Japan, in order to aid the fatigued (actually, under-resourced and restrained) Leopard, Great Britain, in the fight against the Wild Boar of Germany.

Whilst that interpretation is not drawn from my own translation as above, it’s certainly close enough to history to ring some bells with me.

Indeed there are several researchers who argue that Nostredame faithfully foretold details of World War II. Should we rush to agree with them? Let’s look first at the pivotal war year, 1943-44:

Quite possibly the major changes of 1943/4 would have occurred in 1942 if it had not been for some intransigence on the part of the beloved British wartime leader Winston Churchill. The beloved American Eisenhower showed a similar intransigence in 1943 – so extending the total number of fighting years. By ’43 the armament levels of Nazi Germany were waxing great and by ’44 no less than ten million youthful solders were to die. Even so, 1943 was the year that the tide of war was first seen to be turning in the Allies favour. This year included events like the Germans surrendering to the Soviets at Stalingrad and daylight bombing raids that engulfed Berlin. By summertime the Allies had bombed Rome and Hamburg (virtually non-stop for 8 fierce days) and landed an enormous marine force on Sicily. Mussolini’s dictatorship failed. By September, the Allies had invaded much of Italy and the Germans had retreated from Salerno. The apparent politics of Italy had turned volt face in October and ‘open season’ was declared upon all Germans found treading Italian soil.

By November the Soviets were retaking prime positions and, from the Russian point of view at least, it is they who contributed most to the winning of this World War. In December an iconic battleship was sunk and US General Eisenhower became Supremo of the Allied Forces in Europe.  Other major steps in ’43 included Rommel’s retreat in Tunisia, the Imperial Japanese retreat from the Solomon Islands, the Italian Armistice and the Allies working a methodical defence of their convoys in the Atlantic.

Are these important wartime events even hinted at by the words in Nostradamus? And how about after 1943? The D-Day landing on OmahaBeach? The V1 flying bombs sputtering terror and Willie von Braun’s V2 supersonic rockets that rained down mercilessly upon London? The horrific overnight destructions of capable Coventry and distinguished Dresden? (The RAF contrived a gigantic fireball there.) What about the suicide pact of Adolf and Eva? (The fate of Hitler’s corpse cries out for one of those unique historic insights by the visionary Michel de Nostredame. What a pity it does not seem to exist.) And the discovery of the German industrial labor camps still poised for industrial-scale mass-murder? The smell of charnelled flesh hung in the air for two miles around Dachau as the dismayed British soldiers made their first approach. (I have this from an eyewitness.) Or the mass transportation of millions of dispossessed peoples across Europe both before and after the war? (The latter appallingly condoned by the great Englishman, Churchill.) What of the new laws introduced at the Nuremberg Trials? The USA’s atomic bombing raids that met with zero resistance as Japan’s aerial interception force had been ordered to stand down apparently for the sake of conserving fuel? Not a word of any of this appears in the ‘Opera Nostradamus’.

However, it seems that the words may be there for the fall of Mussolini, strategic notions about Malta and the Italian islands, Sienna, Ancone and a dual control of Italy, Operation Barbarossa, heavy civilian bombing including that of Rome, great armies landing from the sea, soldiers planning-out the Alps and defending the Appenine mountain passes, the fascist occupation of Nice, Grenoble, Pisa, Genoa, Savone, Capua, Modena, Naples, Florence, the Faenza et Imola, Milan, Ferrare, Italian partisans, Dragoons at Ravenna, Nazi Germany’s alienation of the Italian people, the straits (Messina) and the destruction of antique monumental sites (Monte Cassino) are all pointed up it seems. Aside from some simplistic official explanations that have proved effective upon the winning nations psyches, some honest minds admit that they do not fully understand the Second World War, even now. I guess WWII would be too complicated for any shocked Medieval envisioner to digest except in very small pieces or to describe other than in broad sweeps. At least that seems to be the modus operandi with our modern ‘Remote Viewers’.

(See the Article Remote Viewing Time)

II 16

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Naples, Palerme, Secille, Syracuses
Nouueaux tyrans, fulgures feuz celestes:
Force de Londres, Gand, Brussels & Suses
Grand hecatombe, triumphe, faire festes.

Line 1. Allied forces rested sites like these from Mussolini’s brigades and liberated Western Europe sites from Hitler’s detested Nazis. Great joy.

Line 2, OF ‘feuz’ is fires. OF meanings of ‘feuz celestes’ could extend from describing lightning to explaining the very breath of the Holy Spirit, taking in clashes of arms, the sky appearing to burn, figurative hell-like torments or a poetic allusion to clinging Greek Fire but one that is falling from a great height. (Search lights, tracers, exploding flak, aerial bombardments including path-finding incendiaries.)

Line 3, OF ‘force’ can simply mean a large number of people or else aspects of violence or constraint by violence or hunting with dogs and devices. Warsaw Jews, for instance, were ghettoed in cramped and inhuman conditions where many died from forced hunger or were shot by the German Nazis as they waited to be deported to forced labour and death camps.

OF ‘force’ can also mean military power or, in a moral sense, energized moral courage. During the London Blitz the latter is exactly what happened. Aerial attacks stiffened the resolve of the majority of survivors, for sure. (The Luftwaffe/RAF Battle of Britain was also visible in the skies over South East England and London.)

Line 4, OF ‘hecatombe’ was an expression signifying the sacrifice of a hundred cattle. (Sixteenth Century, ‘Epistre du Roy’, ‘Oeuvres de Jean Lemaire de Belges’ ed. J. Stecher)

Although not exclusively French Belgian, the very important political city of Brussels (Brooek = bog, sel = house) is mainly French-speaking whereas Ghent in Belgium is Flemish-speaking. All the locations mentioned are now in the caterpillar European Union.

New tyrants in (for instance)
Naples, Palermo, Sicily, Syracuse, Ghent, Brussels and Susa
Celestial warfare fires-up the moral courage of the people of London,
Huge violent sacrifice, triumph leads to festivities. (VE Day, for example)

Some Nostradamus Quatrains (incl. IV 68 “Du Ryn & hister” and V 29 “D’Hister, Venise fachee la republique.”) lead many researchers to claim that Hitler is alluded to or almost mentioned directly by name in the texts. Here’s another:

II 24

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Bestes farouches de faim fluues tranner:
Plus part du camp encontre Hister sera,
En caige de fer le grand sera treisner,
Quand Rin enfant Germain observera.

Line 1, OF ‘tranner’ could be OF ‘traîner’, to entrain or pull along the ground a victim or a corpse, otherwise to move with great difficulty or, figuratively, to drag out the time. Otherwise it may be from Latin ‘trano’ to fly over or swim across or otherwise to overcome. OF ‘fluve’ is ‘fleuve’ which means river course or current but ‘floue’ could be salinity (yet OF ‘flouement’ means miserably). A rather outside point of view would be that, during a vision of WWII, Nostredame misread a word, the Modern French term ‘flourure’ (German, flouride) the chemical compound containing fluorine that has no OF equivalent.*

Line 3, OF ‘caige/cage’ means a barred enclosure, a prison or a trap. Curiously, OF ‘treisner’ is a type of OF ‘traîner’. Perhaps here it could mean ‘drawn’ or ‘dragged inexorably’.

Line 4, OF ‘Rin’ looks a lot like like Rhine (“When the Rhine child of Germany will observe it”) or else ‘rien’ (“When no German child notices it”) but ‘rin de vent’ is a nautical expression equivalent to the OF ‘rumb’ and Spanish ‘rhumb’ meaning a straight line across a flat map such as by the Mercator projection, i.e. crossing longitudes at a common angle without changing direction as the paper plotting departs from the curved reality.

OF ‘germain’ means born of the same mother and father or by their brothers or sisters or, by extension, a close relative. Here it may just mean Germany.

Should ‘rin enfant’ be a mistaken ‘rin en feint’ this would suggest that staying ‘on course’ is, in fact, a pretense. Was Hitler’s ‘final solution’ not part of his Nazi commitment and not truly felt by him? Was he acting, extraordinarily and despicably, under some outside influence?

*OF ‘flourure’ or flouride has been said to be a waste byproduct of industrial metal processing that found a new use in the concentrated labour and death camps where it was deliberately added to the water as a tranquilizer by the utterly despicable Nazis. If this is true, it is extreme. The use of uranium, plutonium, beryllium and fluoride in the rural manufacturing centre for the US Manhattan project was also acute (fluoride was probably the key chemical in atomic bomb production and so secretly produced in enormous quantities) and endangered many workers there. Fluoride is any combination of elements containing the fluoride ion and the elemental flourine would be a highly toxic corrosive yellow gas. Fluorides are therefore toxins that accumulate in the body like lead (which is highly toxic yet less so than flourine). Commercial production of fluorine followed on from World War II. The Maximum Contaminant Level in modern water supplies is fine-tuned and carefully maintained so as to avoid Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis.

A Fearful-Fantastical Translation:
Creatures turned wild by starvation, the water engineered:
The greater part of the camp population will be those turned against Hitler,
This greater number will be drawn inexorably into an iron trap,
Observed at a time when no newborn child is germain.
Unseen by any German child.
When the Rhine-child of Germany will observe it.

A Strict Translation:
Beasts ferocious from hunger to swim rivers:
The greater part of the camp against Hister will be,
The great one will be drawn in a cage of iron,
Rin a child of Germany will be watching at that moment.

As with the inner arrangements of his climb to infamy, Hitler’s final day and his mortal remains are a mystery to us. Found dead in Berlin, yet not conclusively, just a set of scorched false teeth. There was Russian rumour of Gestav Weber a trained double of Hitler and then a turncoat German intelligence officer, daughter of a surgeon, claimed that Hitler had secretly been made to look semitic in 1943 by her father and brother who were subsequently murdered at their hospital. The Soviets claim to have cremated the true body of Hitler and poured his ashes into a river but then Stalin obssessed until his dying day that Hitler was still alive in Spain or Argentina. Yet another story has it that secret agents on the Allied side somehow got hold of Hitler’s urn but were then ordered to scatter those ashes over water. Adolf, who was in poor physical condition by 1945 and had Parkinson’s disease, is reported to have successfully bitten a cyanide capsule – pieces of the glass were found apparently – and also shot himself in the head although this could not possibly have been with simultaneity from every frame of reference. He had heard about Mussolini’s fate days before and swore he would not allow himself to be captured, it seems.

Rin is an Oriental name.
Stalin was not Joe S’s original name. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (‘steely’) was born Ioseb Besarionis dze Dzhugashvili (‘son of steel’). Rin = renomme Stalin? There have been incidental doubts about his true father’s identity.
Under subsequent dominations WWII Germany was to give birth to completely different Germanies, West and East. Rin = révolution/révolutionnaire?

VI 57

The following Quatrain has been said by some Nostradamus researchers, including myself, to refer to Adolf Hitler and his shady long-term contact with the Church. Of course, there are other interpretations instantly available should the translation shift by a fraction. After all, there are such shades of meaning to be found in every language, perhaps especially in the developing dialects of old France as interwoven for us here by Michel de Nostredame.

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Celuy qu’estoit bien auant dans le regne,
Ayant chef rouge proche à la hierarchie:
Aspre & cruel, & se fera tant craindre,
Succedera à sacree monarchie.

Line 1, OF ‘celuy’ = celui, celle = one, that

Line 2, OF ‘ayant/aiant’ = will have had

Line 3, OF ‘aspre’ = rough or harsh or else a small silver coin. OF ‘fe’ would be from OF ‘faix’ = tie, pack, sheaf or beams (Roman symbols of authority) or burden or, from ‘March Faix’, an upper sail (or else this is OF ‘se’ = themselves) whilst OF ‘fera/sera’ = will make/will be. OF ‘tant’ = as (in old Occitan, such)

Line 4, OF ‘succedera à’ in this context can be strictly ‘will succeed to’ or loosely ‘the successor’.

That up-and-coming challenger in the realm,
Having drawn close to the estate’s inner circle by following a red gown:
Pettily harsh, cruel and will be much feared,
He will succeed to the sacred monarchy.

Here’s a prediction of a Church matter with wider implications though without a time or place marker to pin it down.

Line 1 alone has three temporal interpretations:
(a) He who reigns a long time.
(b) He who has become established as the king.
(c) He who nears the end of his reign.

I guess that (a) does not fit so well to Hitler or Mussolini but a propos the Second World War, (b) and (c) seem more like it.

If the Third Reich was like a returned Holy Roman Empire, an echo of the Mithraic sacred monarch Constantine who first adapted Christianity to his Roman Catholic doctrines, then the one well forward in the realm who has a placeman close to the Vatican hierarchy is surely Hitler, who certainly had his strong but secretive supporter working for him in the Vatican. (Extraordinarily, Archbishop Eugenio Pacelli has been cited by some as Hitler’s mentor and even his instructor. He was Pope Pius XII.)

Or else this Nostradamus Quatrain VI 57 is about Mussolini who did business openly and effectively with all of the red gowns, one Cardinal in particular. These connections with potential and actual dictators are not officially confirmed by the Church.

Un Ministro rivoluzionario

Benito ‘il Duce del Fascismo’ Mussolini was born to a blacksmith and a schoolma’am living in a crowded apartment in Predappio, Italy. Brilliant but disturbed he grew up to become a leading socialist but ‘changed faiths’ and in 1917 received a huge weekly wage from Britains MI5 to finance his rise as a facist. (The Roman fasces symbol that was adopted by him and was on the wings of Italian bombers is to be seen at major buildings in WashingtonD.C. such as in the US House of Representatives on the wall behind the Speaker’s Podium.)
Rising to be the head of a  fascist political party, he organized a huge demonstration in order to throw out the government in 1922. Victor-Emmanuel III, the King of Italy for the past 22 years, was distraught by the scale of this. He summoned Mussolini and asked him to form a new government, thus finding himself with a revolutionary Prime Minister. The fascist era had begun and Italy came under the yoke of this ‘Duke’, a cruel and much feared tyrant. Mussolini followed in the prints of Hitler’s boot heels. Fascist expansionism had resurfaced with the ‘Greco-Italian’ War. Hitler’s Nazi Germany occupied Prague in March of 1939 and then entered brave Poland (which never surrendered). Despite Italy’s long-term protective alliance with Albania, on 7th April 1939 Italian troops invaded this good stepping-off point for any invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia. The Albanians brought their crown to Rome and offered it to Victor Emmanuel the King of Italy.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain IV 98 1557 Lyon Du Rosne edition, Line 1 “The Albanians will pass into Rome”)

Odd incidents invoving the Twentieth Century Vatican occurred as the Roman Church started to reject liberal views and favour the fascists, including enforcement of the RC laws reclassifying as Christian those Jewish children separated from their parents by the Nazis.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain IX 16 Franco and Ribiere or my post on the website,

(This was not  entirely new. In the late Nineteenth Century, the child Edgardo Montarra was Christianized by a Catholic territorial authority because he had been sympathetically baptised by a nurse who thought him to be dying. In accordance with Papal State Law his Jewish parents were then officially disbarred from raising him.)

Ein Corporal König

In 1942 the Nazi propagandist Goebbels made a speech comparing Hitler to the Prussian King Frederick II who he said had carried many burdens, including severe gout, during a difficult period between major victories. There was a historical movie on release in the Reich at the time depicting this stoic heroism and Goebbels played heavily on the flattering comparison.

Frederick II was a beloved warring King, d. 1786, who turned Prussia around, doubling some of its dimensions as it emerged from the Seven Years War. He was also known as Federick IV in his role as Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. His friend from younger days, Voltaire, had distributed his book ‘Anti-Macchiavelli’ and later may have anonymously published a reasonably pleasant account revealing the homosexuality of Frederick who, if true, had kept this concealed whilst living permanently away from his childless wife.

He practiced a rather temperamental tolerance, promoting employment of professionals from all backgrounds for the common good. Yet he wrote with blood-curdling evil in his Testament Politique, “As soon as you get away from the frontier, the Jews become a disadvantage, they form cliques, they deal in contraband and get up to all manner of rascally tricks which are detrimental to Christian burghers and merchants … it would be prudent to pay attention, so that their numbers do not increase.

Napleon saw the Prussian king as having been the greatest tactical genius of all time, greater than hisself. Goethe, a polymath – including knowledge of political science – who was born in the Holy Roman Empire, wrote critically of the constitution of the Reich at that time closing with “looking further to the north, from there shines Frederick, the Pole Star around whom Germany, Europe, even the world seemed to be turning”.

‘Old Fritz’ could well be in this Quatrain yet there was no red-cassocked helper at the Vatican that we know about. In fact, the King retained Jesuits as educators even after the Pope had fallen out with them. Perhaps Frederick knew something we still do not. Hitler definitely could find something to empathize with in Frederick II of Prussia as he’s been mentioned as suffering gout himself. The amassing of Hitlererian small detail has him mentioned in a variety of ways, including as a practicing vegetarian, though there is seldom any real proof of such.

(Just for light relief, “Ayant chef rouge” can be rearranged as ‘Aryan chef goute’ although in today’s French ‘le gout’ would probably mean a taste sensation more than the wretched gout.)

VI 7

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Norneigre & Dace, & l’isle Britanique,
Par les vnis freres seront vexees:
Le chef Romain issu de sang Gallique,
Et les copies aux forestz repoulsees.

Norway and Denmark and Britain
Will be vexed by the united brothers:
The Roman chief sprung from Gallic blood
The leader born in Rome is of a Gallic bloodline
And his armed forces ‘kicked into touch’ to the forests.

‘Norneigre & Dace’ has been defined by Nostradamus researchers as two places variously assigned as ‘Norway/Normandy/the Snowy North’ and ‘Denmark/Rumania/Italy’. It could also be personal names or a two-part title that is the name of one place or thing. To fit this to WWII requires this to mean ‘Norway & Denmark’, both invaded by Germany in 1940. Great Britain was not invaded but played a high role as a major political player as much by being the gathering place of Allied armies and strategic supplies as being involved in great battles by land, sea and air. In 1940 Denmark capitulated without resistance, Norway fought but sadly lost and Britain fought to win the aerial Battle of Britain. The ‘vnis freres’ might be all the Allied nations or equally could be Hitler and Mussolini as leaders of fascism or might mean the Nazi Party which had managed to unite Germany for the first time in practical terms. As is typical of East Asian lands, Japan is never named in the Opera Nostradamus.

The ‘chef Romain’ must be Mussolini. (Yet it is difficult for any modern commentator to summarize WWII without personifying the power of Italy or Germany in fascist terms as Mussolini or Hitler.)

Line 3 is difficult to prove or disprove, especially if we consider a personage in more recent times. Predappio was Mussolini’s homeland. Figuratively it is in the thigh above the knee-boot of Italy, i.e. towards the North. The Gauls moved to there in the Fourth Century B.C.

Line 4, OF ‘repoulsees’ could be a form of either ‘repousser’, pushed back, or OF ‘répulser’ meaning stopped or there terminated. The two together are like the sports term ‘kicked into touch’, really.

V 22

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Auant qu’à Rome grand aye/ave rendu l’ame,
Effrayeur grande à l’armee estragiere:
Par Esquadrons, l’embusche pres de l’arme,
Puis les deux roges ensemble seront chere.

Before the grandee of Rome has rendered up his soul by the sound of the ‘ave’/given up the ghost,
Great fear for the army’s lodgings:
The ambush by squadrons near the war materiel,
Then the two rogues will express their feelings/manifest their intentions together.

Line 1, OF ‘aye’ meant grandmother but OF ‘avé’ was an angelic salutation and OF ‘ave’ was its substantive. The print quality is a little lacking here.

Line 2, OFestragiere’ = étagière = échafaud = scaffold, but OF ‘étagier/estage’ means housed as part of an employment, lodged or billeted.

Line 3, OF ‘Esquadrons’ were smaller army units, subdivisions of a troop body.

Line 4, OF ‘roges’ is from OF ‘rouge’, red coloured, figuratively meaning cunning, clever or threatening; by extension rogues. OF ‘chère’ = face/to show your feelings on your face as in ‘to wear your heart on your sleeve’. (It can also suggest food and good cheer.)

The grandee at Rome might be il Duce or King Victor (Vittorio) Emmanuel III who died on 28th December 1947. The billited or lodged army at Rome could have been Italian or German or American. In fact, there are military cemeteries housing the dead of different nationalities at most major war locations. And even Old Rome had its billeted soldiers. There were army, navy and airforce squadrons formed before WWII. Arsenals were located around as was thought proper. There are a pair of jokers in every pack; these rogues might be fascist or Allied Forces leaders or perhaps neither. If this is a fulfilled quatrain then it is possibly obscure information from a vision of a little known event in any era and yet it feels like WWII to me. Let’s take a look at another Nostradamus Quatrain:

IV 12

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Le camp plus grand de route mis en fuite,
Gueres plus outre ne sera pour chassé:
Ost recampé, & legion reduicte
Puis hors des Gaules du tout sera chaffé.

The larger army encamped there is put to flight,
Scarcely further could it be pursued:
Army reassembled, the legion reduced,
Then it will be chased out of all the Gauls.

Line 1 grants victory to the smaller of two bands. The Italian partisans, long oppressed, ultimately were to chase the disarrayed German soldiers out of their country. (The Italian soldiers were simply arrested en masse.) Germans in great number were ensconced in the North of Italy (which had been taken by the Gauls in 390 BC). Of course, this Nostradamus Quatrain could be set in ancient times (but the operative verb is ‘sera’, will be). Let’s take a look at a further one:

V 42

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Mars esleué en son plus hault beffroy,
Fera retraire les Allobrox de France:
La gent lombarde fera si grand effroy,
A ceux de l’Aigle comprins sous la balance.

Mars is at its heighest heights,
Savoyards (the Italian army) shall withdraw from France:
The people in Northern Italy will make terror,
To those of the Eagle included under the Balance.

Amazing quatrain. Line 1 is planet Mars risen up the astrological chart or it could equally be WWII at its most malignant. Line 2 refers to the collapse of the Italian occupation of South-Eastern France. Line 3 is a commentary on the German Army’s withdrawal into Lombardy. (The Allobrox were folk from Savoy and the borderline between the Kingdom of France and Italy had Savoy alongside Nostredame’s Provence with Italian soldiers occupying Eastern Provence in WWII.) Line 4 seems to describe the Western Allies under US General Eisenhower’s leadership/the Russian and American led political Alliance. The latter was to lead to the Cold War and the vital Balance of Power, miltary and political, in Europe.

Then came the end of the facist era for Italy and Germany:

III 63

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Romain pouvoir sera du tout abas,
Son grand voysin imiter ses vestiges:
Occultes haines ciuiles, & debats
Retarderont aux bouffons leurs folligges.

If Line 1 was intended to read “Romain pouvoir sera du tout à bas” it would make better sense. OF ‘abas’ means the bottom-rated position.

Line 3, OF ‘haine’ means the feeling of personal hate, aversion to a thing, deep hostility or else to wish ill upon someone.

The Roman power will be at a low,
His great ally soon to follow his traces:
Hidden civil hatreds, and armed struggles
Will slow up their fates, ‘to the foolish their follies’ .

What is referred to in Line 4? I cannot say. Petty politics working itself out, I suppose. Both Hitler and Mussolini (with their partners and close associates) clung on too long, dying in April 1945 with Mussolini gone ahead by just two days.

Mussolini could not bring himself to capitulate unconditionally but was fated to fall into the hands of the partisans as he fled towards Valtelline near Como. They took immediate action:

IX 95

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Le nouueau faict conduyra l’exercite,
Proche apamé  iusques au pres du riuage,
Tendant secour de Milannoile eslite,
Duc yeux priué à Milan fer de cage.

Line 2, OF ‘apamé’ is an obscure word to me. My first guess was that it might be some lost measure for a short distance. (Like the English-Flemish ‘ell’.) It is manifestly not from ‘apparoir’ or the prerogative ‘apaner’. It might be a version of the seductive ‘appât’, bait, or an odd entry for ‘happer’, to seize by force. Other candidates for the root source might be OF ‘apaisement’ which may prove futile here or OF ‘apareillement’, uniform, which might fit.

It is distracing that Apamée was a city of riches in Syria on the bank of the Orontes river, an ancient commercial route.

Line 3, OF ‘Milannoile’ possibly means ‘of Milan’ although “Milan-nol’ would be Milan river freightage whilst ‘Milan-nille’ could be an iron hook of Milan. OF ‘eslite/élite/élit’ as an adjective means excellent and as a substantive is the top echelon or an elitist (possibly His Excellence).

(Alternatively, the proper noun OF ‘Milanoille’ could relate to mod.Fr. ‘milan’ which may be used instead of ‘cert-volant’ or ‘trompeur’ to refer to a kite and which has one meaning that is sometimes astrological – a dynamic type of Grand Trine. OF ‘estile’ or ‘estyle’ could also suggest an orderly historical account or adherence to the proscribed manner of progress.)

Line 4, OF ‘privé’ means unwelcome familiarity (today it means private) or ‘not keeping at a distance’ or being overly intimate or just a domesticated animal (pussy) or a tall-growing plant (privet). OF ‘yeux’ could be OF ‘oeil’ or relate to OF ‘jeu’ but probably means sight or eyes. (Benito was resigned to his fate. A day or so before he had rejected a good offer of help from his ally, Cardinal Schuster. Photographs show his corpse with penetrating startled eyes, staring forcefully as if in life he had just discovered his privacy pried upon.)

The new look inspired by the army,
Seized a few steps up from the water:
Promptly so as to help ‘Milanese hook’ the elitist,
The Duke taken to an iron cage in Milan, his eyes staring.

Trying to escape and made over as a common soldier (wearing a German private’s trenchcoat over officer’s jodhpurs and riding boots) Mussolini went by truck to near LakeComo. Sleeping in a room at night with his girlfriend they were abruptly awakened by Colonel Valerio who drove them a short distance by car, ordered them out and machine gunned them up against a stone wall. Valerio had a list of 15 other fascists arbitrarily drawn up from a file at the Liberation Committee offices in Milan.  They were rounded up and summarily executed. One tried to jump into LakeComo. Seven corpses were hung by hooks from an elevated cage-like construction of formers at an Esso filling station in Milan that was missing its canopy.

The following day at the Piazzale Loreto, Milano, the crowds even attacked he and his loyal girlfriend’s corpses lying on the ground. The ‘scaffold’ was a network of railings and overhead metal straps forming a wide cage hung above upright stands, a part of the roof canopy workings around the Esso garage, from where the battered corpses were suspended by their feet on hooks.

Other Nostradamus Quatrains that MIGHT apply to WWII are limited only by your imagination, such as III 37, III 63 and X 60.