One of the first Nostradamus Quatrain interpretations I wrote was ‘VIIII (IX) 11 DEATH SPEEDS UP‘ prompted by the British government relaxing over accelerated/assisted suicides and I also blogged about this under the banner HAPPY NEW FREEDOM!  at my other site in January 2012.

No lesser Nostradamus authority than the late Dolores Cannon has written that Nostredame once told her group that he intended more than one meaning for each of his quatrains. Well, I’m not sure about each and every quatrain being bi-sensible but I’ve certainly noticed such a phenomenon from time to time.

So here I am having just published a further piece on ‘Nostradamus Quatrain IX 11 (9/11)’ from a completely different perspective. Or is it?

Encouraging mercy killing begs a return to Seventeenth Century ‘inheritance powders’. Nothing brings out the Devil in our family members like a tidy windfall up for grabs. That’ll help speed the Eugenicist’s depopulation schedule. And, yes, that recurring false assessment from the Nineteenth Century – disproven repeatedly – is here now at government level, regional level, United Nations level and all. Because it serves them to believe in it and promote killing people.

Enforced globalism is a giant step into the past by courtesy of the fearfully fast rise in high technology abilities. An eviscerated middle class. A peasant serfdom. Confinement to coffin-like quarters in deprived high-rise cities for all except the hunting-and-shooting-and-fishing elite who make merry over vastly greater lands and an endless supply of edible animal victims whilst pretending to be vegan wildlife preservationists and all our overlords.

The same who urge you now to take-down national borders will forbid you in the future to leave your impoverished slum town for any reason at all. In future you’re gonna die, one way or another, right there where you were born. That’s part of the plan. The other part is that hardly any new life will be born at all. (Please see the post for December 11, 2017 on the website )

How is this happening? What has changed? Where did the necessary corruption, deception and narcissism behind this push get its big boost?  Have you heard of 9/11?

I’m not the greatest fan of interpreting the Nostradamus Centuries by numbers. It can happen with quatrain numbering but only sometimes.

(I do not necessarily agree with this outside interpretation but the quatrain numbered VIII 13, for example, contains the figure ‘mil’, one thousand, which some say then gives us 1813, the year of the terrible attritions of Napoleon’s Grande Armée and their crushing defeat at the Battle of

Is quatrain number IX 11 (9/11) one of those times? It certainly rings a clear bell.

Unfortunately my hi-tech program no longer seems to be capable of listing two same-number quatrain pages side-by-side at the Index panel (computers may seem ‘picture perfect’ but programmers are faulty human beings) so I’ve had to delete the new entry under ‘Nostradamus Quatrains’ and have republished it here in this Article.  Here goes,


Le iuste mort tort mort l’on viendra mettre

Publiquement du lieu esteint:

Si grande peste en ce lieu viendra naistre,

Que les iugeans fuyr seront contraints.

Designated death and collateral death* will come into prominence for them
Visibly spreading over all the locality
So great an epidemic/tempest will start from this place
That the regular upholders of the truth will be compelled to flee from it.

*A French saw speaks to us that ‘le mort a toujours tort’, death is always wrong.

Line 1, OF ‘l’on’ is a p.p. used like ‘them’ but for an apparently indeterminate subject. It carries the implication that the truth of an experience applies to this group in the peculiar circumstances of a particular time.

Line 2, OF ‘Publiquement’ means in the presence of many or in the public eye or else something announced or done officially.

Line 3, OF ‘peste’ means an epidemic disease. OF ‘peste’ is also a particle of OF ‘tempeste’ and may be used to describe a violent storm.

Line 4, OF ‘iugeans’ means those whose judgemental abilities are deemed capable of defining the truth of a matter.

Nostradamus quatrain IX 11 falls into the category of a prediction so low in detail that it could be applied retrospectively to many disparate occurrences. As such it fits to the “9/11” account in general circulation today. A numerical coincidence or what?

The official version of the day’s events is now considered risible (though at the time it was reasonably insulting but the global public was perhaps too ‘punch-drunk’ to query it ). Misinformation abounds; every persuasive technical or scientific theory that has emerged has been debunked by another equally powerful. Theories of some grand strategy or other get smothered with locally useful tactical diversions of the moment. Most people now look at 9/11 through the reversed lens effect of their disappearing freedoms.

Certainly a few people warned that it was coming and some even suffered for that. Others admitted that they did know when they possibly didn’t after suffering inhumanities supposed to make them say something ‘useful to the authorities’. Several of the named perpetrators were living normal lives both then and today and have been fully exonerated from any connection with “9/11” except in the official version, which still stands. This next paragraph is taken from the Article I 91 and VI 11 and V 65 :  191 IS THE REAL 911

“Nostredame seemingly believed in One God but spoke loosely of the gods, plural, as that was tolerable-to-chic after an Italic classicism revival had swept France. Here some of the executions of the actors are not of human origin, i.e. their motivations are clearly higher or lower than the rest of humanity. Either the answer to our quest has been baffled by demi-gods acting materially or there is no answer; just the Mystery of those International Towers of Babel. And that lies completely beyond our ken. What exactly had we done to warrant such destruction as this? Surely, the victims must have included innocents? Yet when we consider our greater group’s full activities then justifications will come faster, I find. Many leading players secretly suspect that it was they or their team which ran the game on 9/11, but in truth it was over all their heads. That’s why absolutely every possible explanation is shot through with holes.”

This virtually biblical event prompted the POST post modern era. Not so much the “end of history” as the beginning of an altered era of machine-minds with soft-kill technologies and their global spiritual challenges and counter-challenges that are growing daily.

A last thought: there are surprisingly relevant words available from the letters of quatrain IX 11 as a whole. By a loose anagram-ism we can extract the following unintended (intended?) words and phrases:

Criminal Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency
These work-through fine in their native English – perhaps Nostredame had visions of them but did not feel confident to translate them accurately. They will also work as Agence de renseignement criminel and Agence de Sécurité Nationale. The Homeland Security Department will fit as département de la Sécurité intérieure


Osama bin Laden

famille royale saoudienne

Maire Rudy Giuliani

Commissaire des pompiers Von Essen

American Airlines

United Airlines

Arabie Saoudite

opération riband jaune (Canada)
(substitute ‘i’ for ‘j’ as per the text)

le Pentagone

The Pentagon area, struck by God knows what, housed the bureau des comptes navals and was specially favoured with

système d’arrosage, a sprinkler system

bombe résistante y compris les fenêtres, (duplicate letter ‘b’ for ‘bombe’)
bomb-resistancy including the window-glass.

portes coupe-feu automatiques, automatic fire doors

The World Trade center or Centre de commerce mondial suffered too badly. As we all know, large numbers of office workers and first-responders died at 9/11/2001 and even up to now.

Subsequently demolished, Tower 5 had housed several international banks and the destroyed Tower 6 was largely governmental offices including Customs.

 Tower 7 housed the following:

Département de la défense

Ministère des Finances

Bureau de la gestion des urgencies (duplicate letter ‘g’ required)

Service secret américain

Tower One, the North Tower, housed inter alia

floors 106-107, Restaurant Fenêtres sur le Monde, et cetaera

floors 93-100, Marsh et McLennan (unfortunately there is no letter ‘h’ in the quatrain but French spellings for marsh such as ‘marais’ will work perfectly. Oh, well.) 

floors 101-105 Cantor Fitzgerald (substitute ‘s’ for ‘z’)

Tower Two, the South Tower, housed inter alia

floors 79-82 Banque de Fuji
(substitute ‘i’ for ‘j’ as per the text)

floors 86-87 NY State Département de la fiscalité et des finances (duplicate ‘f’)

Floors 92-93 and 98-105 AON Corporation

Floors 94-97 Fiduciary Trust International

The floor numbers represent those immediately affected by the two impacts. All the italics in parenthese comply with Medieval anagram rules (that were free-er before the coming of the crossword compiler). Here are some further odds and ends that I noticed before I took my repose, so to speak:

détourner or to hijack

le terrorisme

Guerre contre la terreur

Danser les Israéliens or the Dancing Israelis

L’équipe nationale de sécurité en construction

or N.I.S.T. (This translation employs a duplicate ‘c’) 

Larry Silverstein

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