A personage representing Saudi Arabia has suggested via the Main Stream Media that any foreign enquirer-writer who stirs up trouble for the internal workings of that State will lose their fingers. Presumably this punishment is aimed at the milky white hands of writers-editors in the MSM, making that threat a real curiousity which has met with a holy silence as its response.

The official 9/11 Commission Report found that neither the Saudi government nor Saudi senior officials financed al-Qaeda, this despite that a charity called the Saudi Joint Relief Committee for Kosovo and Chechnya is alleged by UN officials to have been used as a cover by al-Qaeda operatives, unavoidably implicating – if only on the periphery – Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud the SJRC’s titled head at the time.

The Saudi government has long denied that Osama Bin Laden’s organisation which the US/MSM call al-Qaeda have ever received any kind of official support from them and they get off the hook ‘literally’ if there is no such real thing as al-Qaeda as suggested by both the BBC (in the old BBC TV documentary “The Power of Nightmares” ) and the kind-faced ex-CIA chief of a Bin Laden unit, Michael Scheur, who expands this into ‘an Islamic enemy that doesn’t exist’ in an interview with Washington-based Russia Today TV published to Youtube in June 2012. (

A Lloyd’s insurance ‘run-off syndicate’, which paid out about $215,000,000 compensation to ‘9/11’ claimants, has supposed a singular legal case against Saudi Arabia accusing the Kingdom of indirectly funding al-Qaeda and demanding the repayment of what it paid out to victims of the 9/11 attacks, saying that al-Qaeda was supported by banks and charities acting as “agents and alter egos” for the Saudi State.

The syndicate’s ‘Names’ have paid-out, possibly to the limits of their personal resources, the various claims by loss-sustaining airlines and airports, affected businesses, injured individuals, relatives of the dead and disarmed security operators.

Their case details prominent Saudi charities and banks as well as part of the al-Saud royal family and supposes them to be the main responsible parties in the sense that al-Qaeda would not otherwise have had the organisational breadth or the length of resources that such a grandiose offensive demands.

“Between 1998 and 2000, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the SJRC, diverted more than $74m to (al-Qaeda) members and loyalists affiliated with SJRC bureaus. Throughout this time, the Committee was under the supervision and control of Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz.”

US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks refer to investigations by the US authorities that seem to support this line of enquiry plus the lingering concern that the Saudi authorities were trying less than their hardest to stop money being passed by Saudi citizens to the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Saudi Arabia is a family-run state, the most daunting among the totalitarian Arab Islamic states of the Middle East (i.e. ignoring the secular states) and these Anglicized names make up that rich variety;

Qatar Oman United Arab Emirates Kuwait Bahrain Saudi Arabia.

Playfully, but I hope not inappropriately, we could extract the following English words and phrases from their combined letters of the alphabet (but the official conversion of Egypt or Jordan or Yemen into an Islamic state would unlock a flood of additional poetic possibilities)

Stout bodies
Wide tents
Harem ahead
Women remain
Hands tied
Urban women
In restraint
Monied men in white suits abroad
Sand quarter with no bad rains
Desert storm
Bad rain drains
Bush two
Barak hussein obama
Inhuman detainment
Roman ruins
British era
Under sand

Even more interestingly: there is a bright yellow giant star in the constellation
Beta Aquarii,
which is apparently blessed with the Arabic nameNir Saad al Saaoud’ or ‘Sa’d es-Saud’.

In fact, the French proper nouns for the Gulf states in question are

Qatar Oman Emirats arabes unis
Kuwait Bahrain Arabie Saoudite
(otherwise Koweit Bahrein Saudien)

and, for what it’s worth, these will deliver every letter in ‘Sa’d es-Saud’, meaning the most fortunate of the fortunate, and the majority of the letters (save one or two) of  Nir Saad al Saaoud’.

What does Nostradamus say about the future of the Gulf States? Well the overwhelming reality is that each is within easy reach of their old adversary, imperious Iran; a simple hovercraft could cross the Persian Gulf were it not for the ships stalking those waters, especially the US Navy in waiting.


1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Le prince Arabe, Mars, Sol, Venus, Lyon,
Regne d’Eglise par mer succombera:
Deuers la Pers bien pres d’vn million,
Bisance, Egipte ver. serp. inuadera.

The Arab Prince, Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo,
The rule of the Western Christian powers will sink into the sea:
Towards Persia very nearly a million men,
The serpentine antagonist to invade Byzantium and Egypt.

Line 1. Some Persians/Iranians or Turks or Israelis and many Levantines are not Arabs. Is this prince from the Gulf states? His astrological Signs are given so that he may be recognized or else this array in Line 1 is an astrological time-marker.

Line 2, OF ‘succombera’ means will be defeated or overshadowed, will fail, dies or will make somebody else die.

Line 3, OF ‘devers’ here means ‘on the side of’ or ‘in respect of’ or ‘a Front’ or ‘beside’ or ‘with’.

OF ‘invadera’ is to invade attack or occupy by force, with the figurative meaning to dominate.

Latin ‘ver. serp.’ = versus serpens and here means ‘against the serpent’ or simply ‘the serpent’. Line 4, OF/Latin ‘pervers’ basically means perverse or perverted. As an anagram of OF ‘pervers’ it is more the manner of a person or personification: malicious, cruel, evil, perverted, a person of harmful effect upon others. Or, from an antiquated point of view, a person of corrupted heredity.

If a war is truly announced suddenly, for some peculiar reason such as Britain’s reactive 1939 entry into WWII, then tactical conflict will follow later, maybe 8/9 months later, but a ‘normal’ commencement of large-scale aggression is plotted, planned, prepared – perhaps starting this as early as 8/9 years beforehand. Certain scenarios will be expected to roll out.

The Cold War Balance found the USA ultra-powerful and yet ‘unable to make its power pertinent’ (JFK). A political scientist-historian of the 1950’s called Henry Kissinger had suggested the solution to US feelings of impotence: they called this ultimate solution small war, localized war, technology vs. non-technology in conflicts lined-up and spaced-out across distant peasant lands in perpetuity. Vietnam fitted exactly to this. The new technology was suited to a round-the-clock factory production-line system at a time when American business methods were emulated everywhere (though this was soon to change-over to imitation of the far superior Japanese-styled businessology). On the ground its currency was to be the body-count. Vietnamese opposition would be eliminated massively until the enemy simply could not replenish its dead because of the extraordinary kill-rate quotas imposed on the ‘conquering’ ground troops and air cavalry. The US ‘could not lose’. But this war/business management system corrupted very many connected with it at every level and so they did lose, naturally. Undaunted this military-industrial policy continues in the Middle East, where they are trying different ways of perfecting it, occulted from the electorate by pervasive political P.R. and media manipulation and the new trick of warning or even demonstrating that newly discharged veteran troops, hardened to urban warfare and patriotic but cynical towards government, actually consist  of crazed ‘home terrorists’.

Saudi and Qatar are now directly involved in the destructive anti-Syria/Iran conflict

and Israel-US-NATO-Turkey-major allies-mercenary companies are poised to launch a strike, possibly nuclear, on Iran (Persia) to disable its lawful but disturbing nuclear capabilities. Iran has announced that it will retaliate against all American military and allied support. NATO could well rally in Turkey who have a long pro-NATO-US martial tradition dating back to the Korean War. A million-strong Iranian army will march into Israel and Turkey. Nostradame’s Byzantium was an extended version of Islamic Turkey. It has been correctly pointed-out that several Nostradamus Quatrains that speak of sinking fleets curiously mention Persia as well. This fits to my hunch about Line 3 (Regne d’Eglise par mer succombera) that Regne d’Eglise refers to the domination by the Western Christian Powers who inherited from the Roman Western Empire its social strengths (including an honest atmosphere for business transactions) and weaknesses (including shades of worker slavery) .


1557 Lyon Du Rosne

De nuict par Nantes Lyris apparoistra,
Des artz marins susciteront la pluve:
Arabia gouffre grand classe parfondra,
Vn monstre en Saxe naistra d’ours & truye.

A rainbow will appear at night by Nantes,
Marine ways stimulate the rain:
Large fleet in the Arabian Gulf melts away,
A monster will be born of a bear and a sow in Saxony.

Line 1, ‘Lyris’ is either ‘l’iris’, the rainbow, or it is a less than popular proper name but there is not any easily accessed record of it anywhere. (It seems to have been Greek, derived from the musical instrument, ‘lyre’ and some whimsical, obscure references suggest it is a female name whilst another links it obscurely to Jesus.)

Line 2, OF ‘artz’ meant the science of practical know-hows, general or particular. (Today science often means something more theoretical than practical.) Other translations include process, skill, profession, the machinery of war, results of techniques or witchcrafting etc., invention, ruse, ways to behave. OF ‘susciteront’ is positive and means give birth to or cause or foster favourably or stimulate successfully. Alternative meanings include encouraging or sparking an intervention or personal appearance or even plain ‘to occur’.

Line 3, OF ‘parfondra/parfondre’ has two distinct meanings: to melt completely or to dig a passage, a gap. As a mistaken ‘par fondra’ we would need to define the OF verb ‘fondre’ which is not that far from the idea of ‘fondue’: fusion, something merging softening and flowing; becoming liquid inside; depressed, collapsed, destroyed; to train ruination on something; to rush into; as a noun, frustration; metaphorically, collapsing or burning or consumed by grief; figuratively, to spread. (It could also mean to compose or write.)

OF ‘classe’ was a social division of  citizenry according to the Roman Census. OF ‘clas’ was a musical instrument used in Rome at official events. However, the common translation used by Nostradamus researchers is the group noun fleet which fits well with ‘marin’, marine.

Line 4, ‘Saxe’ could well be Saxony but it might otherwise mean OF ‘Rocher’, rock. OF ‘ours’ is a bear. OF ‘truye/truie’ is a sow, a female pig/wild boar. (Old Occitan, ‘troja’.) OF ‘truie’ was also a martial name for a seige device throwing stones, beating walls and providing cover for assailants.

A rainbow at night sounds poetic but not all rainbows are terrestrially based: some are aerial only as the oddest things can happen in the sky, even with rainbows, but to see this one at all the night sky must light up at least as brightly as a dullish day. Nantes, France is the location of this special sight but is it just a quirky time-marker? Perhaps the monster born in Saxe is the same, a co-ordinating time-marker and no more.

Does the fleet in the Arabian Gulf launch the rain or represent the power that brings down the rain? Is it a response to the shocking assault that causes the fleet to ‘melt’ from the inside out? Or does the fleet simply ‘melt away’ in a marine sense? The words are not clear. I suspect that those ‘in the know’ can understand the hunch behind this paragraph better than I do myself. My suspicion is that this means literally ‘to melt’ but a sense of the power of normalcy makes me offer ‘melt away’ to you.

(See the ‘Ray Mabus’ section in the Article II 62 MABUS BY NAME )


1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Des regions subiectes à la Balance,
Feront trembler les monts par grande guerre
Captif tout sexe deu, & toute bisance,
Qu’on criera à l’aube terre à terre.

The regions subject to the Balance,
Make troubled the mountains with great war:
All captive, all are bereaved, all of Bisance,
People will scream at the land-to-land OR ground-to-ground light .

Aside from the Cold War Balance of Power (which was very convenient for some and may yet make a reappearance) the Balance is Libra the Scales. (This Roman word is where we get the weighty abbreviation ‘lb.’ from.)

Line 1, Balance. The main region of the body subject to Libra is the lumbar region. Geographically, the countries involved (as a whole or by a major city) are

Argentina, Austria particularly Vienna, the Baltic Sea East Shore, Belgium partic. Antwerp, the Caspian Sea’s shoreside, China, Denmark partic. Copenhagen, Egypt (Upper), Ethiopia, France, Germany partic. Frankfurt, Italy, Switzerland partic. Fribourg,India (North East), Indochina, Japan, England partic. Leeds and Nottingham, Portugal partic. Lisbon, Livonia, Savoy, Siberia, South Africa partic. Johannesburg, Tibet

but these astro-land deductions by practising astrologers are individual to some extent and ‘your mileage may vary’ from the regular selection.

(Also see the Article NOSTRADAMUS GEOGRAPHY)

Line 2 is about conflict including but certainly not restricted to mountain combat. The Opposing Sign that pulls hard against Libra is war-like Aries.

Line 3, OF ‘sexe’ provides a choice; does OF ‘sexe’ mean genital, gender, specie, population, Nostredame’s word for Aix/Provence or simply the astrological term ‘Sextile’? (The Libran Sextile Signs are opportunists, roaring leader Leo and sucessful follower Sagittarius.) The Gaulish #7 was ‘sextametos’ (but ‘sex’ also appears within the Gaulish word for #6). OF ‘deu/deuil’  is moral or physical pain, anger at affliction, grief at a death and the distinctive clothing/marks worn to express morbid pain. (The vowel inversion in OF ‘due/dû’ would mean debt or obligation.) Line 3 is quite odd. Could the ‘Saxe’ in the above Nostradamus Quatrain VI 44, for instance, be substituted for the ‘tout sexe’ here? Yes, it could – suggesting that this, like Bisance, is a geographical location.

OF ‘bisance’ is possibly but not probably ‘Byzantine’ (a term which first appeared in a German history book of 1557). More likely it is the earlier word for the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium, which is the Latinized form of Byzantion, the original Greek name for the city now known today as Istanbul . This decidedly multi-ethnic empire had varied considerably in its geographic scope, starting with territories around the Black Sea and extending to Roman lands around the Mediterranean before shrinking back into what is now Turkey. Despite its main competitor being the Persian Sassanian Empire, which had made advances as far as Damascus and Jerusalem, Byzantium was not to fall by this so much as by losing Egypt to the Arabs and experiencing the rise of the Seljuk or Turkish Muslims. OF ‘blacte bisancie’ was the Medieval name of a drug

Line 4, OF ‘criera/crier’ means to express a strong lament, to clamour, to scream. Or a proclamation being made.

OF ‘aube’ refers metaphorically to the Christ, the Virgin, the Source of Light. It was also used for various white garments worn in church. (White is the colour of Libra the Balance.) It is also the palette produced by a watermill’s wheel. Or simply Dawn.

Libra may be seen from both hemispheres. It is masculine, a Cardinal Sign, all about balance in social relationships. Libra rules the 7th House that includes agreements, unions and – say some – obvious public enemies.


1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Par feu & armes non loing de la marnegro,
Viendra de Perse occuper trebisonde:
Trembler Pharos Methelin, Sol alegro,
De sang Arabe d’Adrie couuert vnde.

The 1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud edition has last word as OF ‘onde’ (wave, flux, abundant flow, links with ‘inundate’) which is a reasonable presumption. Otherwise this is ‘un de’ (one of).

Line 1, OF ‘marnegro’ looks like ‘Black Sea’.
Line 2, OF ‘trebizonde’ was a city-empire on the shores of the Black Sea, succeeding from the Byzantine Empire around 1204.
Line 3, OF ‘tremble’ is a noun for the tree Populus tremula which has leaves that tremble in the breeze and ‘tremblement’ extends this to “fear inspires shaking, shaking inspires fear” or to resonant sound or else to incertitude. OF ‘alegro/ allégrer’ is the verb to lighten or relieve, otherwise ‘rejoicing’. ‘Sol alegro’ seems mysterious, even out of place. (The Italian ‘sole allegro’ means the happy Sun.) Assuming it to be a symbol of early Jesus Worship would be erroroneous but it is certainly a symbol of the Roman-corrupted Christianity found today. In Astrology the Sun is just another planet (‘wandering star’) and not the hub of the solar system, which in Nostredame’s everyday world was still the Earth despite their knowing better. Astrologically, prohibition/refrenation is when a planet interposes between two significator planets retarding them from bringing the matter under enquiry to a conclusion whilst translation is when an inner or light or swift or inferior planet separates from an outer or heavy or slow or superior planet, conferring on the light planet a greater weight to achieve its end (see the Article CELESTIAL SCIENCE-ART) and this may be a clue to ‘Sol alegro’ in the sense of a lightening of the Sun or the lessening of its effect.

A truly terrible Russian missile stocked by Iran is apparently named the Sunburn. It has twice the range of an Exocet and could carry a 200 kilo-ton nuclear/750 pound conventional payload. (

Line 4, OF ‘Adrie’ is either Hadrian or Adriatic. There was a time when the reach of Venice extended South to islands nearer to North Africa as part of the ‘Venetian Adriatic Empire’. Even so ‘Arabe d’Adrie’ would seem too obscure unless this a naval battle in the Adriatic Sea. Pharos and Mytilene are possibly Egypt (or a personification of it) and Greece (although in the Third Century BC Pharos was the island that held the gigantic Lighthouse at Alexandria and the islamd of Mytilene was an ancient city lying off the East coast of Greece and now linking to Lesbos.) OF ‘couverte’ means covert, shelter such as by a tree, hide, a covered roof, an occultation, lidded, contained, concealed.

By fire and weaponry about the Black Sea,
It comes that Persia occupies Trebizond:
At Pharos and Mytilene fearful uncertainty, the Sun’s effect lessened,
Arab blood flows abundantly and covers the Adriatic.

Arab blood flows in the Adriatic region. Iran triumphs in a war. Possible occupation of Turkey, at least Trebizond on the Black Sea. The Eastern Mediterranean practice of ‘islanding’ (mainland invasion and subsequent withdrawal except for seizing the odd island) leaves island peoples understandably nervous. Astrologically, the Sun’s planetary effect is diminished at this time – possibly it is in translation with an inner planet giving us a clue to the timing.

Oil-rich Gulf States have developed rapidly and used that societal evolution to take themselves in different directions, especially where foreigners are concerned. But it was little known in the Middle East that the first King Saud deliberately raised the biggest brood of children that he could before the BBC announced it in a TV programme. A photograph exists of him taking the royal salute by 100 of his sons all uniformed on horseback. A massive dynastic achievement. It would be surprising if the many very wealthy Saudi royals of today were all either pro-American or anti-American for all of the time. But they are probably anti modern Israel, as most Arabs are, and yet must remain watchful of their old dominator Persia-Iran. Saudi, Qatar and to a lesser extent UAE have all been mentioned recently for less than sovereign involvements in the Syria-Iran proxy powerplay. The UN and NATO stand by approvingly. Exposed Turkey is politically loyal both to them and to the New World disorder. On September 5th 2012, Prime Minister Erdogan announced to his Party, “The regime in Syria has now become a terrorist state” implying a forthcoming exercise of Order Out Of Chaos that must drag in the whole region and bring something new to the world’s mightiest powers; an impossible choice between thermonuclear war and inaction. This kind of tension could even prompt unforeseen pre-emptive strikes and surprise outcomes.

(Also see Nostradamus Quatrain III 31 IRAN ARMENIA ARABIA AND TURKEY)

                                                    Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012