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Below are the titles of all nostradamondo posts. Each of these titles went onto Twitter immediately that the post was published on WordPress where some took the form of a full article.

One epoch ends and another begins? The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire and the Nostradamus Centuries Quatrain I 51

Apr 2019

How will Death taste?

Jan 2019

Who is she?

Dec 2018

Who am I?

Sep 2018


July 2018

Unzip your genes as you slip into a bath of 5G (G for Genocide)

Jun 2018


Jun 2018

Narcissists from deviant families – where status & appearance always dominates and the sex-money-power triad constantly insinuates – control this world politically, meaning by doing whatever it takes to subdue the people and build-up personal political capital through the exchange of favors

May 2018

Narcissists can always climb, by lying and cheating, to the top of every social ladder that they want to climb. Regardless of natural intelligence, they are all well-enough equipped to become the top bosses, the top politicians especially, that rule the World. They all greatly prefer the New Order of Artificial Intelligence over the chaos of empathic human beings

May 2018

Look behind and beyond all the child traffickers, sex traffickers and body-parts traffickers, failed beings lacking any notion of how it feels to be human who have positioned themselves with the gangsters, blackmailers, drug-runners, extortionists, intimidators and protection racketeers on a massive scale. They covertly run this world

Apr 2018

If you hold together in truth and loyalty, blamelessly, with deep inner content far more important than shallow appearance and you see true goodness has come to you jointly or separately as you make progress in life then you are Narcissism free

Apr 2018

Behind all the gut-wrenching wickedness in the world we find the psycopathy of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its truly atrocious love of abusiveness, its distorted worldview, a lust for destruction of its own supporters and its astonishingly deep cunning. Know your enemy. More on that in my next few posts.

Apr 2018

The cosmic wheel of ages is turning big-time and this year should be quite a game changer – and it is us who will be making these changes.

Mar 2018

BEYOND Q lies the attempt to rectify what’s been spoilt. A GAINMAKING TRIBE goes down to estrangement and opposition. WHAT ELSE MAY OCCUR 2018?

Feb 2018

TRUE, something previously dark now coming into the light must end. FALSE, ignore distracting anonymous fairytales. DON’T LET 5G IN and stay alive.

Jan 2018

December 2017 Mars and Jupiter appear with Mercury appearing from the Solstice, Venus and Saturn combust. Nostradamus says an openly evil time.

Dec 2017

Elsewhere in Universe new things may immediately commence their disintegration but here life grows gradually out of immaturity before maturing and decaying. I suspect that newborn or young life on Earth is delightful to God and is perhaps the main reason that any of us are here

Dec 2017


Dec 2017

The USAF motto is “Above all” yet nothing is above God. Should you find yourself falling from a great height remember this and go to zero mind

Oct 2017

Some say that the West’s history over the last century was not random but rather it was big-monied corruption on an inhuman, god-envious scale

Sep 2017

Blamelessly say not what God bids us be for that highest intelligence works Mystery beyond words or codes agreeably entrained by homo sapiency

Aug 2017

THE AMERICAN ECLIPSE The whole globe is heading toward One World status. How is it to be? A return to serfs & masters or fresh enlightened truth?

Aug 2017

Names are universally non-existent. The God-word has caused persons to personify Him. God is not a person but understands people, like Jesus

Aug 2017

The swings around Heaven, scorching of the Earth and U-turns of the new Chariot of Fire in DC all make truthful critiquing as hard as can be

Apr 2017

The exhorted cries of “Lock Her Up!” have gone with the wind but we may yet hear a clamourous “Lock Him Up!” instead

Apr 2017

Scan the sky besieged leader! Nostradamus Quatrain VI 34 speaks of a fiery flying machine! Who do we know praises as good his drone badness?

Mar 2017

Trump is emerging as king with a kingdom The state-within-a-state’s showing no sign of regicide A barking dog never bites He will reign awhile

Jan 2017

Powerful astrological times like nothing before in our era are starting now I wish every empathic being as wonderful a New Year as 2017 can be

Jan 2017

Nostradamus III 95 finds Donald Trump and ‘élection’ among letters of the First Couplet and Hillary Clinton and ‘présidentielle’ in the Second

Nov 2016

Wake up! Time’s up! Tide’s high! There are no hidden conspiracy theories now. Conspiracy facts right in front of you. Nuclear tsunami slavers

Aug 2016

The power of broadcasting and the more subtle applications of the Hegelian dialectic seem under diabolical control and are constantly breaking new ground

Aug 2016

Venus is sextile Jupiter today and so here are two Horribly Illegal Lying Larceny-filled And Rigidifying Yarns to unsettle some folks further

Jul 2016

A neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world. Global Politics pose as biblical End Time

Apr 2016

Papa must a personal relationship with God be grown within the World’s #1 realty co., sole failsafe messaging org., versatile moneychanger & accustomed surveilling system?

Mar 2016

US ally Turks shelling Syrian-Kurdish YPG recently supported by US in their conflict with the Islamic State but now fighting CIA supported FSA

Feb 2016

Lunar New Year is here! What hope does this hold for the whole round world? Bio-Scares? New Science? The West Setting? A Cruel Clown Crowned?

Feb 2016

Winter Solstice can bring feelings of disturbance to sensitive souls tho’ the increase in daylight-time should lighten this by Xmas & New Year

Dec 2015

Daddy, govt leaders who give away their countries are they tried for treason? Some hang together, others get high on OP’s money or go swinging

Dec 2015

The Iraq government protects Iraqi sovereignty and must not tolerate any side that infringes it, whatever the justifications and necessities

Dec 2015

I hear you’re dropping bombs on people who are threatening to bomb you so as to stop all that evil bombing. I just wonder how well it’s going?

Dec 2015

It is a tragedy of the human condition that we must endure so much pain before arriving at the compromise that we always knew must be made NM

Oct 2015

FU(I)C KING THE YEMEN! France US (Israel) China may have tested neutron bombs, later decided too anti-human as they destroy mainly body tissue.

Sep 2015

God wilt that outdated tyrannocrats should lose all grip on the pendulum of human affairs now due to swing back towards free and open process

Jul 2015

Right now our aware ones sense danger and a mindless complicity in the orchestrated flush into humanity’s shortlived global-political cesspit. I wish all people everywhere unceasing hope, unconditional love and nothing but the absolute truth.

Jun 2015

Forging the Orwellian-toned Veritas Odium Parit to the life-saving De Omnibus Dubitandum produces “When Truth begets hatred doubt everything”

Jun 2015

Tyrants may want us all crushed under the thumb yet a true mystic has that same world spinning on the palm of his hand in unlimited potential

Feb 2015

Weibo no fly Malay AA? CEO outs ins stock? Pilot surprised like computerized lights signal imminent disaster? Same 447? 370/17/574/8501/185SJ?

Jan 2015

When poor hermits living on the edge of China aim a weapon of mass distraction @ a wealthy anti-pirate the DC Vigilantes call foul! PRESS PLAY

Dec 2014

“Europe is currently caught in a negative feedback loop … which the established political process is unable to escape” Prof. Yanis Varoufakis

Dec 2014

On the First Day of Christmas the ptb do see The IMF up in its pear tree. On the last day a lame SWIFT sings of PBOC Mayhap Cfet do unbull USD

Dec 2014

We may now regard the final landing of another high flyer as Uranus-Pluto ride their penultimate charted right-angle in a sequence begun 2008

Dec 2014

The late great Jack Bruce was a meritricious Jazz bass player lurking behind that giant founding figure of Blues-Rock also called Jack Bruce

Oct 2014

How is the rest of this month to be? There’s no really ill prophecy presently yet the uneasy web denizens are seeking signs and rumours of war

Jul 2014

Tonight! A special round of meteors, blasted from near the Sun about two centuries ago, will run streaks across or even storm Northern skies

May 2014

Venus and Jupiter are squarely in each other’s arms now – plenty of romantic generosity, luxury loving – heartless bleak UN Agenda 21 begone!

May 2014

The current astrological Grand Cross is a plane with the four slowly progressive and great planets now at 90 degrees angles to each other

Apr 2014

The Vatican is keen on Astronomy and keeps a giant Observatory replenished in the USA. The Pope is keen to open new avenues for the faith.

Apr 2014

Is a kind of religio-political-economic cage being modelled that may come down slowly across the globe, imprisoning some sooner than others?

Mar 2014

Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria AND Iraq? Something has changed strategically it seems in the Great Game of the Middle East

Jan 2014

For better/worse or whatever, Mars makes a T-square w. Uranus + Pluto on Dec 25th. Wishing u a v. Christmassy Holiday + Abundant New Year 2014

Dec 2013

Look lively – here comes ISON the luminous Boss Comet with a super searchlight. What will become of us when there is no longer a hiding place?

Nov 2013

When the first nuclear power station was conceived there was a very peaceable non-radioactive nuclear option available that didn’t use uranium

Sep 2013

Don’t be a tool. Remember manipulative Saudis and Isrealis want war between the West and Iran and Syria is the keep of the Iranian citadel.

Sep 2013

In the history of the World, great emperors have oscillated between those who are bad at goodness and those who are good at badness.

Aug 2013

The Insurrection Is Dead: Long Live The Insurrection! The End Of An Era: Lies Are The New Truth

Jun 2013

Apparently since the Boston Marathon Bombing one of the most Google’d entries has been “False Flag” much as after 9/11 it was “Nostradamus”

Apr 2013

Fabulous fortune-telling, presidential prescience, pre-eminent prophesying, powerful premonitions, world-class warnings, awesome augury!

Mar 2013

Penultimate Pope Benedict XVI, the man who knows so much, announces his resignation, an extremely unusual event indeed. Is the Church dying?

Feb 2013

The way the MSM are handling Mali/Algeria/AFRICOM is distractingly MiaSMic: genocide might seem a strong word for it but what’s the real deal?

Jan 2013

“We Are Now In A State Of War”

Jan 2013

End of the World on 21st December 2012? Here’s what the old Chinese I Ching (it was grown in parts over 7000 years) has to say about it:

Dec 2012

14 global reasons to be cheerful: a list dreamed up by me around 22 October 2012 in response to feelings of impending politics-powered doom

Oct 2012

Here comes history! This quarter will be pivotal demanding irrevocable commitment, inside and out, to the highest game-changer in your world

Oct 2012

Is this none of our business? Washington has been busy making its power pertinent everywhere and now that may include inside the USA itself

Sep 2012

No Benghazi US embassy-consulate? Stevens the trophy of a death squad or “helped to hospital”? Bacile/movie no show. Trailer gross. MiaSMa

Sep 2012

Just as Russia seems keen on a Syrian democracy which does not automatically exclude Assad the activist fighters appear to be in disarray

Sep 2012

This curfew-curlew has a shotgun, tasers and grenades trained on your hide!

Aug 2012

On Mankind’s blindness, “They also serve who only stand and wait” to join in with the sponsored hounding of the Syrian kill

Jul 2012

Could You Or I Write Brief Yet Complex Predictions That Really Mean Something to Someone Without Any ‘Supernatural Viewing’ Of The Future?

Jul 2012

(A prior post, similar to the one above, was deleted and replaced by this.)

“Nostradamus is the one in charge”, Washington advisor T. Donilon told V. Putin according to ‘rumour-circulating-the-Kremlin’ web circles.

Jun 2012

POVERA ITALIA! This links to my last 2 tweets: unexpected major earthquake in Northern Italy at the eclipse of the Sun on 20th May and more

Jun 2012

The MSM may be walking shadows of brief candles but an ongoing absence of Fukushima fury signifies a need to sound out this old news afresh

May 2012

Here comes weirdness May 2012 (It’s only astrology, so why worry?)

Apr 2012

I tell you that a whole new form of government is going to take over the country.I won’t live to see you another time.Ruby/WarrenCommission

Mar 2012

My comments in response to the staggering “Forty weird things about America” tweet @Revelation1217on Twitter:

Mar 2012

Holy chips!

Mar 2012


Feb 2012

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Feb 2012

2012 Looking Forward

Jan 2012

2012 LOOKING BACK (next Post 2012 Looking Forward)

Jan 2012


Jan 2012

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