(incl. Nostradamus Quatrains VII 14 & I 4 & V 32 & VIII 77 & X 72)

A Preamble on the Problem of the Antichrist

The Jewish Encyclopedia says, “… a king who will arise at the end of time against the Messiah, and will be conquered by him after having brought much distress upon Israel.”

Messiah and Christ are two words used by Judeans for the same concept just like the Christians in fact. The primary complication, of course, is that both Jews and Christians are separately awaiting their own Christ or Messiah whilst Moslems await the surfacing of Mahdji/Mahdi, their own version who will go face-to-face against tyrrany with a returning Isa (Jesus) of devastating breath.

The Judean tradition has wobbled between forecasting two messianic characters in tandem, one peaceful and the other violent, or else – like the Christians – just one person who combines both extremes, one at a time, as if by a split personality.

(The attractiveness of a spiritually advanced person who can also pin down or exit a heavy occupation force seems especially Jewish and deep-rooted.)

The leader of the Kittim forces in the Qmran Scrolls may equate to either the Christian or the Jewish Antichrist. But would the matching Christ or Anti-Antichrist be the Davidic or the ultimately superior Aaronic Messiah of Judah? The latter is one of the priesthood, the former is a battlefield commander-in-chief. Gentle Jesus is often vaunted by gentile Christians as an honorary shoot of the tree of David the fighter.

The Kittim of the Scrolls seem to be in a grand alliance including with ‘Magog’ and ‘Asshur the Assyrian’ of whom the scrolls say “the sword not of man shall devour him”. So what will kill him? Could this be an unknown weapon like those made by Kothar’wa’Kasis for Ba’al? Could Kittim even be a corruption of the black-robed Khemarim of Ba’al?

Although Kittim was a normal term for identifying the people of Cyprus and a special term for the Romans stationed in Israel, one Dead Sea Scroll equates the Kittim closely with the Chaldeans.

(See the ‘Ba’al Cycle’ section in X 96 ADALUNCATIF, THE BAAL CYCLE and VIII 16 FESULAN)

They were also intended to be the future agents of divine judgment in Jerusalem and, like the Sea People, they would “come from afar, from the islands of the sea, to devour all the nations like vultures, and they are never satisfied”. They also “speak to all the nations” and “proceed with all the nations”.  Yet they were perceived as being imperialists imposing tribute upon states who would strip each land of their wealth. At war they were supposed to be ruthless and ready to encroach rapidly, not regarding age nor gender. (Are those national and mercenary armies with us right now?)

The Scrolls’ Teacher of Rightousness (automatically assumed by many to be Jesus-like) may be a forerunner of the Messiah of Aaron. If the Messiah of David should prove not to be Jesus Christ, as the Jews assure us, then is that perhaps some other groups’ Antichrist?

From either the Jewish or the Christian perspective the Messiah cannot be both a Christ and an Antichrist and so will the returning Jesus Christ, long-awaited, be seen as the Jewish Anti-Messiah or the coming Jewish Messiah as the Christian Antichrist? And how should Islam cope with this? I guess these riddles need never unravel as entrenched channels of thought require that Christians or Jews exercise unique ownership of the Greek term Christ or its Hebrew origin Messiah. It is difficult for Christians to  construct even a simple sentence on Jesus of Nazareth without misnaming Him as Christ which is a title – the Christ – and not a name.

Ignoring such complications as these makes life wonderfully easy, if wildly innacurate, when contemplating excuses for foreign interventions in the Middle East- thought by some to be the prime place for the inception of the final Global War.


Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not unduly enchanted by paranormality. What has interested me most about Mrs. Dolores Cannon and her team of interviewers is not the quotations from beyond the veil so much as the discursive interpolations about the future that peppered their worldly discussions about what ‘Nostradamus’ seemed to be saying both to and through them. Somehow, once we allow a reasonable margin of discrepancy, some outlandish ideas kicked around by them in the 1990’s have come true today.

Some things they thought they were saying about the future of George Herbert Bush did fully materialize under George W. Bush Junior, whose Presidency was unconsidered back then.

Their talk of a proposed downfall for the US Dollar, resulting from grass-roots revelations that the US was threatening countries with robotic doom from Space, is presently seeping into conscious thought because of the widening distaste for aggressive invasions, Internet reports of weather and seismic manipulations accompanied by occulted political threats (these dubious yet persistent rumours are beyond possibility, surely?) the unmanned, so unethical or at least amoral, missile-firing drones or the 15-ton bunker bombs and a proposed 30-minute delivery time of destruction from anywhere to anywhere on the planet. Sadly an unhealthy obsession with aerial bombardment is true of this fading-but-fighting elite and their lapping dogs of war. One civilian ‘drone pilot’ was reportedly ‘outworking’ at corporate offices from where he could pop home for lunch inbetween co-ordinating map references to US order, ready to be robotized into real blood, real time, same day.

“A Good Scent From A Strange Mountain” by Robert Olen Butler has a short story about a man in war-strewn Vietnam with a straying wife. He was a US informer and gave them the co-ordinates for their pinpoint airstrikes. Every time his wife strayed he gave them the co-ordinates for his newest cuckolder’s house. That was fiction but in fact a ‘UN Rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions’ complained to the US military about a 2006 farmhouse raid at Ishaqi in which civilians were together handcuffed and shot in the head (including five children and four women according to the subsequent autopsies) and then the unit responsible had their helicopter gunship bomb the place down to the ground.

Certainly the risk-free guiding-in of remote death-deliveries is very suited to the ignoble or cowardly heart, perhaps the most likely type to be fraught with twisted motives.

Whether or not the clever Mrs. Cannon together with her Nostradamus have proved that interactive history can exist beyond necromancy I shall leave for you to consider. For me, I think that a two or three way conversation without a timelag is essentially a punctual experience, beyond time-travel and unknown to Remote Viewing. It’s also difficult at any one moment in the proceedings to determine just how the trio was playing-out the roles of principal protagonist, deputizing deuteragonist and trailing triagonist.


Whereas Nostredame writes of a king, not necesarily crowned, who inverses all and deffrays worldly debts and fortunes in a deep and good way, Mrs. Cannon writes of a Genius, a Brain, an overarching professorial Intellect, the Great Boffin. He will build space-stations with artificial intelligences cloned from his own.

(Decades later and to her credit Dolores changed her metaphysical tack to reveal that Consciousness on Earth was being changed from the heavens above in a way that must render this out-dated, over-worldly concept of wisdom quite redundant.)

According to her prior writings on talks with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon the ‘Genius’ will arrive in the wake of the deposed Antichrist. Cannon held that his genius will be seen in material/metaphorical matters such as the building of advanced technology to house his conscious mind and disseminate it to the benefit of the rest of us via intelligent machinery. I think he may be more spiritual/metaphysical myself.

Mrs. Cannon has written, lectured and broadcast widely on Nostradamus. As I understand it, she told us that the coming ‘Genius’ would unify opposition between science rigor and religious vigor,  necessarily illuminating us about ancient texts and throwing great light upon the links between individual spirituality and the universal oneness. This last notion was her best but she proceeded to say that being intermeshed into his knowledge would allow people to break free from previous physical limitations. This could be the real thing except that it seems wrapped a little too smartly from a Marketing angle; intellectualization and materialism portrayed as a fully reasonable evolution rather than our failing paradigms being overturned by an eye-opening spiritual revolution (as she currently claims – and correctly so, I hope).

Latin Note: Michelangelo (d.1564) sculpted the marble ‘Genius of Victory’ (a Roman ‘genius’ being an odd admix of ‘spirit’ and ‘personification’) that was placed in the Palazzo Vecchio in 1534. ‘Genius’ can also mean a Guardian Angel.


It ill-becomes a Nostradame Visions enthusiast to deny outright La Cannon, a US Navy-wife who has owned a way of talking directly to somebody else speaking directly to dead Doctor Michel Nostredame. (She previously had developed her own patent hypnosis technique, effectively franchised-out by her commercially.)

I must say, I do believe that the way to weave a path through the Opera Nostradamus is at least partly by intuition and I feel that Mrs Cannon, or her guide, was intuiting strongly. Those who would fall-back on a good science education from which to scoff at her could do well to lift their blinkers as Liebniz felt the same way about Newton’s theory of gravity, based upon some unknowable unseen ‘force’ that he found risibly spooky. (Clearly Einstein was not over-impressed either. Max Planck, though, reckoned the mind might be the minter of all else in the material world.) The rest of the human race has been deeply convinced by ‘the force of gravity’ for ages past and will continue to be just as long as it remains a useful notion. Most people would agree that Dolores is claiming to have experienced something beyond their own experience, which is probably not inconsiderable, and so they are naturally inclined to deny her. But then one lifetime of experience might be just a drop in the ocean compared to all the unexplored possibilities there are in life – and in death.

An interesting discussion between Cannon and ‘B’ (who sees Nostredame and speaks for him) and later a ‘W’ also, reveals several leads:

Primarily that Nostredame’s ‘ghost’ inferred that his verses are often multiple in intent, deliberately referring to a raft of storyline-similar yet separate occurences, divided by ages, then cramming them by design into one pithy verse, multi-tasking the quatrain in a way that cleverly lifts proud those he thought most important while tamping down the rest. Farfetched? Yes, but not impossibly so.

Secondly, that these expanded interpretations of Nostradame’s quatrains suddenly seem as obsessed by the importance of the USA to World History as every pro-Western writer of today seems to be. Yet the quatrains and texts show precious few hints of America and no direct references at all although Michel does refer in Nostradamus Quatrain X 66 to ‘Americh’, whatever that may be, while employing the similarly-constructed noun ‘antechrist’ as its rhyme.

(But see Nostradamus Quatrain III 95 in the Article By what strange factor is Nostradamus still being read after so many long years? and also Quatrain X 66  A SENSE OF NEW WORLD IMBALANCE)

Nostredame was Euro-centric to a marked degree and apparently disregarded America’s on-off entanglements with the rest of the world. (See the article Nostradamus Geography) Rarely he will hint at the region of Canada, but not directly by name. To be fair, there are European Nostradamus interpreters who see the Nostradamus-cum-Revelation End Time as being here soon, largely due to the USA and their multiple Americanization drives. But as well as being US-referential, these spooky conversations often smack of a self-congratulatory Americanism brought on by a seemingly blanket ignorance of the outside world. At one point this talkative ghoul ‘Nostredamus’ even emphasises the goodwill of all the French people towards the USA. (Dites ce qui?)

Thirdly, all previous attempts to interpret Nostradamus must have missed his main intentions if only because the explanations he gave to Dolores via B could not possibly be extracted from his verses prior to the new help he has now given them; and this was part of his plan, so it is argued. Unbelievable!

Fourthly, these new interpretations do seem quite possible in the real world – if wildly improbable – as if they had been garnered from more than one intelligence source and then strung together. It sounds like listening-in to an exposition by an informed and hands-on politico after attending some successful interrogations.

Fifthly, the name George Bush enters and re-enters the conversation relentlessly – although not in any of the ‘Nostradamus’ contributions. Should you read them now as if they were current (this all took place in the Twentieth Century) it is strangely easy to assume that they are talking about George Bush Junior, the man who busily sped up the rate of international warfare in converse ratio to the setting Sun’s decline over the United States economy.

Sixthly, they spin around a particular conspiracy theory. To fill this in a little; the collapse of the Soviet Union had several causes and one was that they could not match American resources to build a ‘space shield’ against missile attack and so for them the Cold War game was up. But the Reagan-promoted US ‘space shield’ had actually comprised a number of ‘space swords’ with which to do a little Intercontinental Ballistic Missile fencing. It was potentially offensive more than defensive, even a provocation. According to Nostredame, as voiced, the US Presidents had been stealing a march over their people since a long time ago and that ‘Old Reaganite’ Bush Senior had foxily admired and wished to copy the all-powerful leader of People’s China by gradually eroding all civil liberties and alternative power-bases. (Including possibly infiltrating the congressional Democratic party, with Skull-and-Cross-Bones-type loyalists; the odd occulted anti-Dem who might incidentally say the wrong Dem thing at the Right republican time?)

The new prediction was that the American people would simply rise up, better late than never. This would follow upon disclosures that a US President of ‘elder statesman stature’ had planned to make war from Space against friends and foes alike or had intended threatening them all from nuclear platforms formed piece-by-piece in orbit (a word which for some reason brings Nostredame’s phrase “le parc enclin” in II 65 to mind) this being the secret purpose of the Space Shuttle programs.

When news of this gets out, they said, then all the economies of the world will collapse because the US Dollar will be brought to its knees by annulled confidence and there will be a catastrophic knock-on effect from the ground up.

In my opinion, that last bit could come true for as long as there is no Gold Standard and everything is measured against the US Dollar’s political value. It is legal currency in many places and yet the US Treasury does not even know how many dollars there are being passed around or digitized in the world! It is not possible to put an empirical value on the US Dollar that is not derived from social sentiment. It would be possible to collapse money systems almost everywhere by a sinister revelation that is reacted to by a gross ill-will, by sheer public outrage. Be warned: as with the  Book of Revelation the ones who rescue the world from this collapse could then fix it to control all the buying and selling and even destroy those barter-lovers who had sidestepped the monetary system.

My last thought on this particularly explosive reveal from the tomb by Dolores and crew is that the USA have had an idee fixe that peoples who are threatened with aerial bombardment are cowered. They are not. If bombed they will either die or else the most likely result is that they will become greatly strengthened in resolve. Any post-bombardment ‘hearts and minds’ P.R. campaign necessarily has little or no effect. This aerial bombardment folly was started at least partly by a General of blistering bluster (opposite to Eisenhower) who had gotten himself even more famous by saying that the Second World War was won by the US Artillery.

Threatening others from the sky, Heaven forfend, is a failed militaristic logic. So change the logic. The US-military have already invented the hypersonic glider launched from a rocket at the edge of Space, a tried if not totally tested system that achieves 13,000 mph before launching its warheads so destroying absolutely any target on the globe in much less than an hour’s flying time from base. What for? Defensive use? Mainland USA has friendly old Canada to the North and commercially-interwoven Mexico to the South. To the West and East are vast empty oceans. As a nasty aggressive thing rather than a nice defensive notion, a robotic paper dart of death with global reach is inconceivably inhuman. We are all collateral damage now.

America’s reach (paid for by the 60%  of countries in the world that purchase newly-printed US Dollars to place on reserve) is the measure of burgeoning Pentagon Power. and 60% of the countries in the world today are ‘visited’ by clandestine US or allied martial elites (sometimes in very low numbers) waging a secretive worldwide war against local militant groups, not necessarily by invitation. They hang out in 20 of the Middle Eastern countries. They look like locals and speak local languages. A true military elite behind enemy lines or something ever more sinister? The Phillipines have housed many thousands from training-corp Rangers to Seals and Deltas and nameless others.

British Special Forces were originally invented to paper over the cracks appearing between Army, Navy and Airforce in a World War scenario. Russian Special Forces started with air-dropping specially trained troopers onto snowplains without a parachute. Such men are a self-considered elite likely to break a bone or two of any lesser man standing in their path. And that’s only at the mess tent in joint-training exercises. In America the war with Vietnam ruined the P.R. image of small, light and brutal elites. But then SOCOM incepted. What’s special about SOCOM forces is that they have powerful entry and influence and feed-off a chunky P.R. aura (yes, P.R. was first developed for wartime purposes) as well as possessing many planes, stealth helicopters, viciously powerful flying robots, specialized speedboats, mine resistant vehicles and other combat supportive state-of-the-art high-tech equipment … and these are still the early days. The Bush era had them ‘visiting’ from 15 to 60 countries at a time. Under President Obama their presence reached the majority of countries. But this was something largely unrecognized outside of the Pentagon, up until the famous snatch at Abbottabad. (Named for Abbott, a soldier of the British Empire.)

The Joint Special Operations University, part of  USSOCOM under the the Pentagon, published a 2009 report proposing the creation of a specialized unit  for running down untried individuals considered criminal enemies but not charged as such, wherever they are: something that sounds like a witch hunt.

About Nostradamus Quatrains IV 32 and VII 14

Some websites refer to these two Quatrains IV 32 & VII 14 as supportive of Dolores Cannon’s super-natural breakthroughs but then things must wax complicated. There are 3 versions of IV 32 surviving the Sixteenth Century that are slightly adrift from each other in particulars, being the 1555 Lyon Bonhomme, the 1557 Lyon Du Rosne and ‘La premiere face du Ianus’ by Chavigny, published 1597 in Lyon. The main distinction is in expressing the three Greek words quoted in Line 4 of each. I prefer the ’57 version:

Quatrain IV 32

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Es lieux & temps chair au poisson donnra lieu
La loy commune sera faicte au contraire:
Vieulx tiendra fort, puis osté du millieu,
Le Panta choina philon mis fort arriere.

Translation 1:
At propitious places and times meat will give way to fish,
The common ley will be made into its opposite:
The long-existent will grip-on firmly then is blasted from the central position,
Such unity as we have known becomes a thing of the past.

Translation 2:
In the places and times of flesh giving way to fish,
The communal law will be put into opposition:
The old ones will hold to it strongly, then be removed out the midst,
Everything-In-Common is put far behind.

Line 1. ‘es’ = is or is there. ‘lieux’ is a location, sometimes religious communities or theologies. It’s not necessarily a plural of ‘lieu’, nor ‘temps’ for ‘temp’. Interestingly, ‘es temps’ appears in the book ‘St Léger’ (Tenth Century) as meaning an opportune or propitious moment.

‘chair’ in French means body-meat or pulp and derives from ‘charnel’ in OF which had a sour Biblical connotation (whilst ‘chaire’ was the sweet forerunner of ‘cher’). ‘poisson’ means fish in general, also a person/peison or the Sign of Pisces or a Piscean/pescion. (A Big Fish can also be a Big Cheese in modern translation).

Although the expression “chair au poisson donra lieu” is properly translated as “meat gives way to fish”, due to curiosities of old grammar together with odd valences of ‘au’ plus the occasional poetic contrivance we might just be flipping the original intent. And the routine direction of the Zodiac is always flipped. Indeed, ‘fish into meat’ could mean the change of astrological age from Pisces to Aquarius, happening every 26,000 years and probably due sometime around this present era.

Line 2.  ‘La loy commune’ looks like ‘la common law’ derived from the Anglo-Norman ‘commune ley’. It is a tribunal system of law which by ‘le droit commun’ allows for exceptions and equitability. It must contend with the official Romano-Germanic derived Codes. In a sense it represents the battle between ‘custom rules the law’ – with legal interpretations embedded in cultural norms and precedental law yet still able to be overbid by sympathies of the moment – and ‘the strict rule of law’. This latter system, as well as encompassing equality of law, sets-up societal law as superior to the customary will of the people, court cases tending to revolve around the applicability of a law to the charge being brought. Either this tendency to opposition between the two systems is expressed by ‘au contraire’ or else Michel means ‘la common law/commune ley’ will be transformed into its opposite – say, by the Napoleonic Code that was to come.

Incidentally, ‘poisson do^ra lieu’ (“poiss. donrra lieu” in 1555, Bonhomme) contains the letters n-a-p-o-l-e-o-n. The completism of the Napoleonic Code evokes Bonaparte’s all-embracing philosophy of universal capability, “Je peux tout”, which is finding its echo in the world today.

Line 3. ‘osté’ is commonly translated as ousted but may well be a rendition of either OF ‘ôter’ meaning to free from or to withdraw from and OF ‘auster’, from the Latin for the hot humid wind of the Midi that can inspire derangement and violence. And ‘millieu’ could be ‘milieu’ which in 1555 meant to be in the middle or central position or else at a considered space and time, often distant (Fourth Century, ‘livre de l’Eneide’ by Du Bellay). Otherwise, this could be ‘mil lieu’ which in ‘les parlers Ouest’ could mean ‘place of millet’.

Line 4 in the 1555 Lyon Bonhomme edition appears a little fiddled with. The 1557 edition is better organized and has “Panta chiona philon” which is Greek and could be interpreted as communism with a small ‘c’, i.e. of a purer sort, not quite Marxist-Leninist. It is friendly in a clubbish way and the only Greeks who could have fitted to this were the unusual fighting men of Sparta.

If you add ‘mis fort arriere’ (put firmly behind) this becomes “a pure sort of communism is banned” which seems to have already happened in the world as proven by the massive industrialization that started with England, France and America and now drives the new dual political-economic systems of the developing Eastern communist states that have quietly put-to-bed some of their original social policies.

In Nostredame’s lifetime la belle France was mainly agrarian – even the fiercely catholic City of Paris was a collection of urban villages – and all folk in any village or tiny town behaved as one community despite some clear divisions of rank. They would band together at critical moments and offer aid to each other as necessity arose. One can imagine the feeling of loss as religious wars and revolutionary hatred in France tore apart old-established communities, violently dividing them along doctrinal lines to an unprecedented extent. The oneness of their local polities (quite absent in nearby Spain) is here seen blasted by unwholesome winds of hot politics and the adversarial dualities of the budding French nation-state.

Generally this hexagram fits to a new French world underway as much as to the late Middle Ages. By implication it foresees several revolutions that were or are yet to come.

Otherwise, it could be that meat-fish equates to March-April(the ‘poisson d’avril’ is a French folly much like April Fool’s Day) or perhaps Nostredame merely saw meat as more solid in the pot than fish. If ‘chair’ in OF can sometimes mean person flesh and the OF ‘poisson’ can refer to seafood generally, then this could open up astrological possibilities, for just as the Sun Sign changes approximately month-on-month so the inner planets can change Sign, say from fleshy Gemini into Cancer the crab (whose astro-sign looks much like two fishes).

Or else the difference between meat and fish is sensorily profound and yet in another sense is no more than the apparent difference between the Old System and the New System that might equally satisfy/dissatisfy in turn. Then again ‘chair’ may suggest the hell-like charnel of massacre and poisson the return of a semblance of Christian goodwill. This seems most appropriate to France in March-April 1598 (which may be a further indication that those Editions of the Centuries we are in receipt of today were most probably not redacted or faked by the Catholic League, as has been claimed). That brief period saw the last of the League noblemen surrender in March and then in April the Huguenots received their privileges as granted by the Edict of Nantes. Most historians agree that this marked the end of the vicious Religious Wars that had been ignited by the ambitious Duc de Guise in March 1562.

Despite the 1598 Victory of the Politiques (moderate French Catholics with international leanings) the violently tendentious political class had found a footing in the French Revolution for their anti-religious and anti-aristocracy inclinations . The Revolution would later hand to Nostredame’s first Antichrist his vast new-style army. Nostredame was a keen monarchist, or so it seems, and the coming Revolution could well have been altogether abhorrent to him. There are plural threads to the nation’s change as portrayed in this quatrain, none of which would be immediately agreeable to its author.

Quatrain VII 14

(see another account of VII 14 in the Article By what strange factor is Nostradamus still being read after so many long years?’)

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Faulx exposer viendra topographie,
Seront les cruches des monumens ouuertes
Pulluler secte saincte philosophie,
Pour blanches, noires, & pour antiques verts.

The reversed topography of the world will come to be exposed,
The monuments (institutions) of proud prominence will be opened (gutted)
Spreading profusely the shared sacred sensibility,
Old white seen as black and in place of those who belong to the completed past, the green shoots of Springtime.

The reversed topography of the world
= Our social topography has fully failed
+ The logical solution to any problem is to invert that problem

Line 1. The modern translation of ‘faulx’ is a scythe, which could be an astronomical reference, although OF ‘faulx’ could have the meaning of ‘crazy’ or an inverse-converse-reverse reality. It does look much like the modern French ‘fausses’ melded with its English equivalent, ‘false’. What is lowest has been held high, what is highest is laid low: a formula for revolution.

Line 2 has the parts ‘des monumens ouverte’ and ‘seront les cruches’. OF ‘monumens’ is monument and contains within it the Latin ‘numen’ (Fr., divinité). OF ‘cruche’, from the same root as ‘crock’, was any broad-bellied container with a handle and a spout or else a metonym for its contents. It could describe anything that is projecting a part of itself. It was also a coin minted with a graven crucifix, so … a ceramic pourer, a crutch-like device or a crucifixion artifact.

Line 3, OF ‘pulluler’ can mean to spread profusely or to gain a huge following, or both. OF ‘philosophie’ was not so much a form of rigorous intellectual wordplay as an insider’s name for alchemy or some divergent spiritual path or an ensemble’s enthusiastic perceptions.

Line 4, ‘verts’ = OF ‘vert-de-gris’, green, young, new.

The first line of this verse, paraphrase “The reverse topography of the world exposed”, and the last line, paraphrase “black for white and the new for the old”, speak volumes about what is yet to come for we surely have a reversed order or false topography to set right that is independent of politics.


All three appear in Nostradamus as well as in other accounts of the future such as the Qmran Scroll fragment ‘Testimonia’. Yet prophecies need carry the implication that their predictions might just become obsolete or postponed if certain right choices are made by the people – although the current state of the world now suggests that this will require a paradigm shift of enormous proportions; a reversal of personal topography that would put inherent knowing before acquired knowledge and that could bring about the exodus of our enforced financial supply/high-cost fuel dependence/water, food and pharmaceuticals issues/penitential, religious and political indoctrinations: in favour of valid demand and supply.

Jesus spoke about prevalent religiosity in Mark 7:7 (YLT) “and in vain do they worship Me, teaching teachings, commands of men”.

Be assured that the world must change dramatically through our enormous imbalance over energy; either there will soon be too little left affordable or else we are a whisker’s pass away from an excess of freed-up fuel sources.

In the meantime, there are some alternative models of development worth considering, beyond our currently clever-yet-disastrous ways. Here are two:

Natural teleology is found in everyday biology but is scorned by many ‘natural scientists’ trying to rid the world of perceived religious madness by throwing out baby Jesus with the Christian bathwater.  It certainly conflicts with how we imagine things to happen. Our minds cannot wrap around it comfortably. Our confusion can be eased only by linking-in to preconceived notions of evolving construction sites with laid foundations, a drafted blueprint, tools and materials, skilled labour and timely delivery of inputs – all driven to efficiency by an outside and superior system of management control. Wrong. Notions of human methodology have neither sufficient relevance nor necessary application here. Your embryonic person-self was its very own portrayer, step-planner and producer. From the get-go, as if with eerie foreknowledge, it pasted your complete image onto its own-brand blank canvas with in-sourced paints and intangible brushes. An exact portrait of your future self, not yet seen by anybody on Earth and only to be fully filled-out decades ahead, is executed by the brainless present self without a useful body nor any ready-mixed materials let alone tools to hand. Inhuman and incomprehensible? Somewhat outside of Risk Control? Yes, it seems ridiculous but nonetheless all natural things will create themselves without any human interference at all.

My second model of development is the intellectually agreeable Okinawa Fishbone. On picturing human industry as having a fish-like skeleton we may presume that events over time will proceed from tail to head. In physical risk management the head (or outcome) may be changed by earlier decisions made for the smallest of bones formed along the way. There are no accidents without reasons. If afore-guessed and properly addresssed, future misfortunes will have been avoided or critically contained. It’s seldom too late to change something. In ‘non-trading risk management’ there are no myopic circling-herd inferences such as “that’ll never happen to me” and yet physical risk management is really quite pragmatic (although deeply offended by any avoidable ills or injuries). It is also used to divert or diminish ‘non-trading losses’ that might have been incurred contractually while the head was busily engaged in multiplying its folding stuff.

The former method of development requires trust in God plus some seemingly bizarre non-interference protocols and the fullest confidence in the future. Teleology chimes with “positive thought”. But the Fishbone method requires controls to steer the process plus effective oversight and a negating foresight that totally overlooks the truism, “What I feared has come upon me”.


Nostradamus Quatrain V 49

Nul de l’Espagne mais de l’antiqueFrance
Ne sera esleu pour le tremblant nacelle,
A l’ennemy sera faicte fiance,
Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle.

Not from Spain but from ancient France
Will one be elected for the trembling barque,
To the enemy will a promise be made,
He who will cause a cruel plague in his realm/reign.

The trembling barque is the Vatican’s sickly Papal Church.  Present problems have included Austrian prelates almost in revolt, priestly child sex scandals of perilous proportions and the small matter of Iberia being the major Roman Catholic region per cap of population. There’s a lot going-on behind the scenes. Enemies to placate. Loose ends to match. Even ‘secret societies’ to extrude into the light. Line 4 seems even more dramatic than all of this and has no historic foundation so far. Hyperbole? Or is the worst still to come?

From trying to channel Michel Nostredame, Dolores Cannon has written that the last Pope will probably be French with a physical deformity from birth that has badly bruised his pleasure on being in relationship with others. Also, she writes that his parents were party to the Nazi movement in France. Well, its true that in occupied countries the communists and nationalists have always collaborated closely with each other but in wartime France there were comparatively few Nazi collaborators outside the Vichy Government (and some of those did not survive 1945). Today there are French neo-Nazis, Third Positioners, whose existence remains obscure to devotees of the mainstream media. The leftist Old Mole publishing bookshop in Paris was named to reflect its tunnelling intent to nourish those suppressed social forces that eventually erupt from underground as revolutionary movements. But these days some very influential Westerners thrive as much on extreme rightwing ­­ political fodder, even holocaust negation, ­­as they do on the rhetoric of the far-left. The prickly left-hand-side ‘re-educationists’ attract the seated-far-right ‘neo-conservatives’ as they twine their spiney fingers together behind the political sofa.

Nostradamus Quatrain I 4

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Par l’vniuers sera faict vng monarque,
Qu’en paix & vie ne sera longuement:
Lors se perdra la piscature barque,
Sera regie en plus grand detriment.

In the universe there will be one regnant,
For whom life and death will not be at length:
When he is at the helm of the Ship of Church
To its greatest detriment, it will be lost.

Line 1. ‘univers’ seems employed to suggest the greatest range, i.e. not exclusively European Christian, perhaps a globalized religion. (It also seems from ‘vng’ that the pronunciation of the final sound ‘n’ in OF may once have been ‘ng’, incidentally.) The Pope is the ‘monarque’ or king of theVatican, a ‘sovereign state’ within ‘the special diocese of Rome’ (a phrase that integrates the international Knights of Malta’s HQ close by).

Line 2, OF ‘paix & vie’ seems like an anagram looking for its subject. Or it could mean ‘peace and life of the spirit’ as in ‘peace and tranquility’. Or else vie is the life we know and paix is the after-life; indicating a person lacking the essentially long, in fact the eternal, Catholic viewpoint. Perhaps an atheist. OF ‘longuement’ means at length. In the negative it could imply something like the dealer’s phrase ‘invested short’, perhaps a short-running agenda as opposed to seeking long-term progress: the Church sold short.

Line 3. ‘perdra’ is from the verb ‘perdre’ to lose, squander, forfeit, cast.

Line 4. ‘regie’ is kingship, reign. My translation of the second couplet is a little off from target so as to sustain the image of the doomed ‘piscature barque’, the Ship of Church.

Is this the final Pope, as it seems to me, or else the penultimate regent of Vatican City as it seemed to Dolores Cannon?

The current Pope Benedict is a German whose parents entered him into – or at least failed to prevent him from joining – the Hitler Youth. (To balance that, there is a rumour that he deserted the German Army.) His Malachian soubriquet is The Olive, an abundant and most useful fruit with a bitter-sweet after-taste. The Antichrist – if he is to hand already as some say – could even exploit this public persona/private personality in such a way as to replace the penultimate pope with his own political appointee, according to Cannon.


Just as circumstance favours the third Antichrist, so it hinders Ogmios and yet he must prevail over all despite his drawbacks. This is as it should be. That which is rejected as irrelevant will return at completion, when a record of practical success in the old ways is the worst qualification of all for making the new into a workable tomorrow. All those who profited most from the world will be the losers at the approach of End Time, as the hidden rules of the game become clear even to those who have been blinded the most by money, power and psycho-sexual ambitions. Ogmios the tyrant-displacer is spiritually advanced (which would usually mean withdrawn) yet almost a correcting force of nature and he should leave our perceived universe more harmonious than he found it.

Ogmios will likely be a person of gnosis, a Knower, rather than one who has been conditioned out of his spiritual perspicacity by the surrounding mass-compliance inherent to educational systems or over-competitive sports. He will avoid the ways of the worldly-successful Antichrist and yet he will have a deep understanding of that person’s world. Perhaps we can say an Old Soul? Following the victory of Ogmios over the last Antichrist we can then expect the ‘great king’ or ‘genius of peace’ to emerge from his cocoon.

Ogmios is an anti-tyrant – an opposer of the tyrant – so what is an Antichrist? The English language is unclear. Rival Popes seated away fromRomewere called Antipopes – almost a geographical reference, really, as they behaved much like the regular Popes of the times and so were not ‘the opposite of a pope’ but simply a remote challenger to the title.


Martin Luther wrote in 1520 “We are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist…” and many have thought that he was being deadly serious.  So is the Antichrist …

any person who unbefittingly claims the messiah-ship’s inheritance?
any person who denies that Jesus was the long-awaited Judean Christ?
any person who denies that Jesus is the long-awaited Christian Messiah?
a specific opposer (as foretold in the Book of Psalms) of either the Christian Christ? (Due back at anytime and permanently being invoked)
the Jewish Messiah due to arrive sometime when Jewish history is ready?
(Is that Moses, the Prophet Elijah, a son of David or a Jerusalem Rabbi?)
an alternative to either the Jewish or the Christian Christ-Messiah?

Any of the above could start a religious war for sure. The three Antichrists of Nostradamus personify some immensely strong force of negativity run amok. Napoleon first? Hitler second? And the third is …?

Nostradamus Quatrain VIII  77

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

L’antechrist trois bien tost annichilez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
Les heretiques mortz, captifs, exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rogie gresler terre.

The Antichrist very soon wipes out the three,
Twenty seven years bloody war it flows OR the Royal pursues his war.
The dissenters dead, captives, exiles;
Blood human bone red water hails down to grizzled ground.

Line 2 and 4, OF ‘sang’ = blood or Royal Family. OF ‘gresler/grêler’ = hail-fall (not hail damage) OR ‘grêler/emincer’ = mince, slice

Line 4 is a stream without punctuation. Whether Nostredame intended this or not who can tell but I followed the same, “Royal/blood body-bone-corpse-carcass-frame human water red to hail down/minces or slices the earth” which I compressed to “Blood bone human water red to hail down slices earth” then tidied up as above.

There has already been a famous 27-year war outside of Europe and quite limited in global impact. Otherwise, some hooked-up war-years may be added-up to a total of 27. And who can tell when a ‘War on Terror’ has ended? (Probably never, the words are so indistinct.)

Michel expresses Catholicism as he joins in with Bible warnings that the Church will fail totally at End Time. By implication, some or all of the religiously composed doctrines of Christianity shall fail with it.

(Also see the Nostradamus Quatrain VIII  77 THE EXTENDED VERSION)


Yes, there is an End Time prophet in Revelation in addition to the mysterious Two Witnesses; he is the False Prophet. If he is fully convincing yet false then how shall we know him? And how to differentiate him from the Antichrist?

Logic dictates that if the manufactured Christian Bible, deeply spiritual in some sections, is false in this respect then the Prophet is True! Revelation is a strange yet very spiritual book in its way of writing but the plot is not altogether revelationary, consisting as it does of some novelty plus earlier Bible warnings combined. It may have been best seated at the close of the Old Testament rather than the New.

What if these messiahs are astrological, i.e. the symbolic dividers of the 26,000-year precessional cycle of the Zodiac? Astro-myth has it that the hero of the opening time of an Age is the villain at the close. The supposed birth-dating of Jesus is commonly held to be around the time of the introduction of the Age of Pisces, although nothing exact is known about the timing of either. A coming messiah might be more evocative of Aquarius the Water Bearer entering his own Astro-House. (Astrology has both Solar Houses and Lunar Mansions.) As Jesus said,`there shall meet you a man, bearing a pitcher of water, follow him to the house where he doth go in’. Does that render the remarkable Jesus – who by his own prophecy was to provoke wars and the fall of the family unit from its position of structural inviolability – the redundant figurehead of a bygone Zodiac Age?

The Jewish Messiah is a relatively new notion, mentioned in the Tanakh not the Torah. He could well claim descent from King David (for whom there is no material evidence, however) and be learned in law, glorious in war, recognizable as a good Jew by other Jews but not expected by them to be divine at all.

However in Europe, the Americas and elsewhere we have been conditioned to accept Jesus of Nazareth unquestioningly when He returns as Jesus Christ. In fact, we call Him the Christ right now. Such an icon-laden identity… what a gift for a theatrical impersonator…

In the East they care little about God (other than their kitchen god, wealth god etc. which double as household ornaments) and live happily by ad-mixing Taoism for adjusting to the natural sphere with some Confucianism for structuring the social sphere and Buddhism for harmonizing with the Universe. Other bases covered include what to do about ghosts or undesirable bodily possessions and preparing for the successive life. The devout (other than the Catholics) view past, present and future as a local continuum to be broken only by attaining the ultimate release. A good person might be buried on their own land but, like Jesus, Eastern folks do not worry for the dead person’s body as much as for their spirit. However Confucianism’s ancestor reverence obliges them to fulfill all the appropriate family rites in perpetuity (especially bowing reverentially to some youthful and flattering photo in a nice frame).

The Church-driven educational system in the West has twisted our understandings away from many ancient and long-held points of view. We rather assume that Time exists up in Heaven, where congregation members assuredly believe they will resume joyful contact with previous relatives, rather than merely bubbling like a pimple upon the face of Eternity. We consider Trinity and the Saints as uniquely eternal whereas the ancients considered that each moment of Time and all that exists in it must be everlasting.

In case I upset those Christian readers who strongly reject my repeated implications that the NT should have replaced the OT, which was already out of its original Age, I offer three quotes:

Numbers 23:19 (YLT) : God (be) not a man – and lieth, And a son of man – and repenteth! Hath He said – and doth He not do? And spoken – and doth He not confirm it?

(Paraphrase: God is neither a man, because then he could tell a lie, nor the son of man, because then he should repent: whatever He says becomes just that, don’t you know?)

Micah 5:2 (YLT) “And thou, Beth-Lehem Ephratah, Little to be among the chiefs of Judah! From thee to Me he cometh forth – to be ruler in Israel, And his comings forth (be) of old, From the days of antiquity.”

(Paraphrase “Bethelehem/Ephratah, of little importance to the Judean world, from your low ranks he came up to Me and He shall reign inIsrael. Yet such comings also were in the long ago, at a very early stage of the world.”)

Psalms 2:7 (YLT): I declare concerning a statute: Jehovah said unto me, “My Son Thou (be), I to-day have brought thee forth”.

(Paraphrase: I announce a profundity: God just said to me “You are my son, I brought you out this very day”.)

Of course Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God, no matter how much some ‘isms’ may naysay it. For, as He confirmed, we are all the sons and daughters of God.

Can a Prophet and a Seer be one and the same? In the words of the Prophet Isaiah 61:1(YLT) “Because Jehovah did anoint me To proclaim tidings to the humble, He sent me to bind the broken of heart, To proclaim to captives liberty … ” Nostredame wrote a ‘book of seeing’ or ‘remote viewing’ as might be transmitted by the seers but then, like one or two others, he took upon hisself a prophet’s wish to save the people from their future difficulties and claimed the ‘prophet’s eye view’ as his own.

The New Testament includes words that reiterate parts of OT prophecy about the prince-king raised up by God who will be both a prophet and a priest (Psalm 110:4). Nostradamus contains End Time Prophecy that relates much more readily to Revelation than to Daniel which Michel seems to have ignored (although in parts it influenced passages in Revelation). His prince and his king at End Time are separated-out much like the Q’mran scrolls divide-out labours between the fighter and the peace-maker. Neither is definitively royal and yet we feel that they would be the first and perhaps the only true global leaders to come anywhere close to ‘kingship by divine right’, a term which I’m sure they would deny. Of course, if the real Jesus of Nazareth, my personal hero, were to return as the capstone of some loving community I would want to join immediately!

Christian Zionists beware: there was no recorded reference to Jesus ever made by the Prophet Isaiah, he may even have been referring to his own anointed self sometimes but more likely he spoke of a future unnamed Messiah of Israel: “Therefore, thus said the Lord Jehovah: `Lo, I am laying a foundation in Zion … He who is believing doth not make haste.” 28:16 (YLT) But we should remember that an “anointed one” could be any person who is customarily anointed; mainly the kings, possibly the priests but in fact any folk who undergo head-wettings such as are prescribed by health protocols, for example.

Interestingly, the ancient Chinese Book of Changes holds that getting a head-wetting – in the sense of relinquishing one’s firmness of self-direction through over-convivial associations and other spiritual backsliding – is the arbinger of a great personal decrease. But in the West a head-wetting seems the determining auger of great personal increase. Perhaps these divergent streams reconvene when seen from some higher viewpoint. After all, one person’s false prophet is another’s super saviour.

But who is the punctual prophet or uncrowned king of Nostradamus? As you have read so far as this, it could be you! This next quatrain is about you and your figurative or literal forerunners. After 1999, the maleficent spirit of Mars will reign – but then you already know that!

Nostradamus Quatrain X 72

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur
Rescusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois.
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

Tech note: In September 1999 the Mars Climate Orbiter overshot Mars due to excess angular momentum events as it came into the martian atmosphere. Metric units (as invented in France during the Revolution) and non-metric had been used and the wrong type were entered into the trajectory software.

Line 4. There is no accent on apres. OF ‘apres’ was an old Occitan variant of ‘apris’ meaning informed. ‘Avant apres’, previously informed, pre-warned, predicted, pre-known.

In the year nineteen hundred ninety nine seven months
Of the sky OR into these skies will come a great kingly deffrayer,
Reviving the great King of Angouleme.
Pre-known: war is to reign by by good (astrological) fortune.
Before and after Mars to reign which is by its good fortune.

Lines 1and 4 are time-markers. This a person who flies over or enters France in 1999 (the month depends on which of several calendars was used locally, some started with Spring).

Without doubt the Angouleme’s golden king of France in Nostredame’s day was Francois Ier (d.1547) son of the Count Angoulême, a great friend of the arts, interested founder of the major national French Library, promoter of the incoming Italian classicism and a major patron of Leonardo up to his death.

His  ancestor in kingship, the warrior Richard Coeur-de-Lion was respected/feared in all France yet from his dying-bed officially forgave his lowly assailant, wishing him the light of day and granting him a hundred shillings! The England-Aquitaine kings were French Englanders who tended to come to live in France permanently only as they succeeded to their thrones. (Under the Ancien Regime, Angoulême was the capital of Angoumois.  Richard the Lionheart , d.1199, transferred the title Count of Angoulême to feckless John of England, of Magna Carta infamy, when he married underage Isabella of Angoulême but later it was returned.)

This last quatrain should be seen as identification – possibly allowing self-identification – for a figure of common generosity pictured here in transit (obviously there was no King of France in 1999 although Nostredame could have wished it so) yet important to the future of France, Europe and the undoing of the coming World .

Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012