21 January 2013: A topical foreword

Mali is as big as Bob Marley’s heart. Algeria is equally large. The familiar Mercator Projection full-frontal Earth map underplays the proportions of Africa relative to Europe. They say North Mali is as capacious as Spain/France. After suffering an aerial attack with plenty of collateral damage the ‘al-Qaeda’ desert foxes went to earth. France has put 2,500 pairs of boots onto the sands. About 5,000 of other nation’s troops are advancing overland carrying a week or so of self-sufficiency for each of them. They are Africans but mostly better-fed ones and maybe used to a more promising environment. This is an empty place and its future is an empty space. The Sahel-Saharan surrounds can be hostile and it probably aids survival, let alone any triumphal flourishs, for foragers to have been born there. (Like backcountry Vietnam, in that respect.) The new supply of C-130’s are busy delivering; but what? Heavy weapons for new decimations across a foreign continent? If they are arming-up because they expect fierce resistance then how can France promise the world that this intervention will be short-lived?

Mali is an under-governed state of spread-out small populations armed with an interim administration only. It’s a UN member but its biggest region, Timbuktu to the South of Algeria, is out of the government’s direct control. By tradition it has a tolerant form of Islam (although some anti-Christian Saharan Taureqs may still linger.)

It almost goes without saying that if the outcome in Libya had not been conjoured to the Jihadists favour we would not be in this realpolitik mess now. Planned or fated?

Omar Ould Hamaha of the West African Movement for Oneness and Jihad reckons that France has “opened the gates of hell”  and “fallen into a trap much more dangerous than Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia.” He doesn’t mention Yemen nor the allegedly corrupt crossroads called Chad where the Mirage fighters flew from. In a world where the globalizing banker allies are in a perpetual war/death pose we are doomed to intervention after intervention until the people who vote for ‘the usual suspects’ wake up from their induced stupors and take on their ridiculous oppressor-saviours.

Daily Telegraph, ‘With France mounting military operations against Islamists in Mali, it is “too much of a coincidence” that al-Qaeda linked militants have killed a Briton and kidnapped 40 others at an oil facility in neighbouring Algeria’.

This perhaps distantly al-Qaeda linked attack was at the ‘In Amenas’ international gas field in largely neutral and – through oil and gas – economically important Algeria. (Yet once revolutionary Algeria, albeit anti-extremist, has proved fertile soil for ‘al-Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb’ as well as for BP, Statoil and Algeria’s own state oil company.)

The earliest ‘instant experts’ were saying that both sides were being opportunist rather than planning carefully and possibly mistaken. Later ‘experts’ have spoken of much detailed planning and forethought by the attackers.  Even later (almost redundant) ‘experts’ feel sure that ‘al-Qaeda terrorists’ were already working at the gas facility.

That well-read website ‘Land Destroyer Report’ having delved into a Brookings Institute prognosis of 2011 draws the conclusion that it was ‘NATO’ that armed ‘AQIM’ in Libya and all Algeria is most likely their target now.

Perilously, the shameful deaths of hostages in Algeria over the 72 hours may incidentally draw some major powers into Mali. (A hostage from JCG Japan – who say there were 9 Japanese dead and another 17 of their 78 employees still unaccounted for – tells a disturbing story of a bus-load of hostages, some in JCG uniforms, sprayed with unknown gunfire. He had already witnessed two men (possibly Canadian Islamists) executed in front of him. More terrible stories like this could emerge and with multiple nationalities involved: American, British, French, Norwegian, Romanian, Belgian, Philippino, Algerian … and a tall, white, blue-eyed English-speaker with a Qur’an who was with the terrorists it seems.)

Two passing thoughts on the In Amenas action, (1) an offshoot of AQIM is called ‘Those Who Sign in Blood’ which speaks for itself yet also describes accurately those who finance them, and (2) oil and gas fields are relatively simple, highly profitable and very vulnerable. I suppose that by the thought processes of many modern tacticians this political offensive, whether coincidental or in retaliation for foreign intervention in Mali, more or less had to result in a counter-assault with tragic losses among the various international personnel. It has been mooted that the Algerian army moved first on this to pre-empt some kind of major power’s invasion on the ground. (Yet many of the Algerian gov are quite close to Paris, really.)

Will the French and their friends, particularly the rest of the EU, lock-in on Mali in a long-term search for elusive military success? Will ‘al-Qaeda’ strike back into Southern Europe (and the complex North Africa/Middle East also) from their newly furbished fox holes in North Mali? Is this going to run and run, with radical Islam threatening the very foundations of France let alone its fairly warm relations with its African ex-colonies?


What does Michel de Nostradame have to say about Arab invaders in France? The problem here is sorting-out the unfulfilled/future prophecies from the past/fulfilled ones. Arabs and Moors have entered Southern Europe before, of course. Spain was a Moorish Caliphate. Arab raiders once came up-river from the Med into the heart of the South of France. And all Europe was intimidated by Suleiman I’s fighting Moslems battling as far as Vienna.

Quatrain III 99  A Future Arab Attack On French Soil

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Aux champs herbeux d’Alein et du Varneigne
Du Mont Lebron proche de la Durance
Camp des deux pars conflict sera sy aigre
Mesopotamie defallira en la France.

Alleins and Vernègues grassy fields
Of Luberon Massif near the Durance
On either side there will be such fierce conflict at the camp
The Arabs/Iraq will fall/fail in France.

Line 1. Alleins and Vernègues are adjacent French towns of the Bouches-du-Rhône (left bank of the Durance).

Line 2, OF ‘Lebron/Leberon’ is now the Luberon Massif in Provence.

Line 3, OF ‘camp’ on its own is an open area of utility. Probably this is a military camp.

Line 4, ‘Mesopotamie’ was the region we now call Iraq but as used here it is probably intended to be generic; the Arabs.

A hardwon defeat of Arabs in France. This seems new information. A future/unfulfilled prophecy.

Quatrain II 4  A Future Massed Attack On Mediterranean Shores

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Depuis Monach iusques au pres de Secile
Toute la plage demourra desolée,
Il ny aura fauxbourg, cité, ne vile
Que par Barbares pillée soit & vollée.

From Monaco nearly to Sicily
The entire coast will remain desolated:
There will be no city nor outskirt nor rural complex there,
That is not looted and abandoned because of the Barbarians.


Quatrain I 72  An Unidentified Fighting Outrage in Southern France

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Du tout Marseille des habitans changée,
Course & pourfuitte iusques au pres de Lyon.
Narbon, Tholoze par Bordeaux outragee:
Tués captifz presque d’vn million.

For the residents of all Marseilles everything has changed,
The incursion is pursued almost as far as Lyon,
Narbonne,Tholoze through Bordeaux outraged:
The killed or captive almost a million.

If Michel Nostredame saw this in a vision then he’s not telling us who the invaders/insurgents are. Yet this seems at least as big or bigger than anything history has revealed so far in this region (other than in Nostradamus Quatrain II 4 of course). The Religious Wars and the French Revolution got well out of hand and may not have been reported fully to posterity. There is also a vague possibility that Line 3 is a printer’s mess and should have read “Narbonne,Tholoze, Bordeaux, Paris outraged” but who can say?

I 18 Will Islamists move ‘en passant’ from North Africa into South France?

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Par la discorde negligence Gauloyse
Sera passaige a Mahommet ouuert:
De sang trempe la terre & mer Senoyse
Le port Phocen de voiles & nefs couuert.

By a French conflict not thought through,
A way will be open to Mahommet:
The land and sea is Sienna-tinted by fresh blood
The port of Marseilles covered by ships and sails/headcoverings and veils.

Line 2, OF ‘passaige’ means a way or, by metonym, the location where someone moves ‘en passant’.

Line 3. OF ‘trempe’ holds the notion of water and wine, a wetness. OF ‘Senoise’ could mean ‘of Siena’ or the artist’s tint Sienna. (Were Michel or his wife an artist like their son Cesar?)

Line 4, OF ‘voiles’ could mean sails, veils or ‘this cache behind the curtain’. (A harbour wall?) OF ‘nefz’ is a broad categorization for ships. Or a church nave whereby it calls to mind the shape of an inverted hull. Ships and sails or headcoverings and veils?

Through the verb tense ‘sera’ this Nostradamus Quatrain I 18 is set in the future and nothing much like it has happened to Marseilles since it was written (other than pirate activity one league removed).

Line 1 resembles the ongoing French attack on ‘al-Qaeda’ in North Mali although actually that seems mostly to have harmed the breakaway Tuareq desert nation who live there.  Due to fractional reserve gold exchange standards and currency wars around the globe, many central banks are demanding more gold or the return of their gold previously ‘in store’ at another central bank (and turned into money by them already). Mali and Africa in general – the East Congo in particular -are being eyed up for the physical gold being mined and at a time when China is making great inroads in friendly relationships with African states. The Queen of Africa was Libya which is now dismantled (and its gold liberated no doubt). The old colonial pass on precious metal extraction in Africa is around 80/20 which China could profitably overbid. The great preponderance of recorded wars in the world are other than purely politically motivated, i.e. they are usually for mineral rights. At a time of new technologies whereby rarer metals are necessary for modern machines, including war machines, suspicious types see the Pentagon’s shadow leading the French into Mali and NATO’s shadow behind the ‘AQ’ activity in Islamic Mahgreb. Some speciality metals abound in Africa/Mali-Algeria-Congo etc. (and are also present in the China landmass but much less so in Europe and America).

Whilst the Western governments are still behaving abroad in that old two-faced monstrous way that they should have ceased of necessity when the World Wide Web began, the ordinary folk who are largely innocent of truth-informed opinions are now beginning to react to repetitive and murderous Islamic extremists by viewing them as a variety of encroaching vermin, an easy enemy to portray. As with all and any incursions, insurgencies and invasions it is our natural duty to ask, “Who is paying-out the huge sums required for this logistical procession?”and “Who will profit the most by it?” Follow the money.

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