This page is an extension to the UPDATE 2: June 15th 2016 of the Article II 62 MABUS BY NAME insofar as it may refer to Ramadan 2016:

In passing I refer to how letters of multiple words may be rearranged anagramatically. This is a recurring theme of the Nostradamus Centuries as seen by me but perhaps not from your viewpoint. It may be that I’m oversensitive to this, in fact I see them all the time, words within lines inside the couplets of adjacent lines or spread-out over whole quatrains.

Note: The newspaper captions and quotations and expressions suggested by me are, in fact, from English versions of contemporaneous ME publications or have been translated from Arabic by me as accurately as I could. (I am not a professional translator.) After that, and not before, the Nostradamus quatrains below were searched for letter matches.

Here is quatrain I 62 from the 1555 Lyon Bonhomme edition of the Centuries, most likely the First Edition:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra
De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tost à coup la vengence on verra
Cet, main, soif, faim, quand courra comete.

Michel Nostredame focused mainly within Medieval Europe (see the Article NOSTRADAMUS GEOGRAPHY ) but shared and attended to the ever-present pan-European fear of a Moslem invasion. (Also see the Article FUTURE ARAB ATTACKS ON FRENCH SOIL)

A Ramadan call to arms for reasons of Jihad has taken place before in the Twenty First Century, for example,


It is certainly not the authorized intent of Ramadan, strictly a time of peace:

“Allah desires for you ease; 
He desires not hardship for you; 
and that you should complete the period” 
Q’ran 2:185 (translation: Wikipedia)

Ramadan (the word is available from the jumbled letters of both Line 1 and Line 4) starts with a crescent moon or ‘croissant de lune’ (the words are lettered into the second couplet, all this quite by chance I imagine).Three further major jihadi attacks – amongst other incidents less talked about but just as brutal – took place during Ramadan – from June 6th to July 5th inclusive 2016 – at Bangladesh, Turkey and Iraq. (Bangladesh, First Couplet: Turquie, Line 4: Iraq but not Irak, Line 4) 

This was one of three mass slaughters across the three countries in a period of less than one week. Others in the Middle East are summarized toward the end of this page.

The terrorist state ‘Daesh’ (First Couplet: ‘état Islamique’ Second Couplet) were quick to claim two of them.

(Incidentally, OF ‘tireur’ which means one who shoots a bow, slingshot or gun is available separately from the letters of each of the Lines 1, 2, 3 and 4.)

How the Q’ran may be linked to terrorism – terror as the faith-testing end to a human life, i.e. an end in itself and not a means to an end – is explored in the Article END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (4) Q’RANIC CONCEPTS


On July 1st 2016 gunmen took over the Holey Artisan Bakery – Spanish and popular mainly with foreigners. (Both ‘Espagnol’ and ‘restaurant’ are available from the letters of the First Couplet as is ‘étrangers’, foreigners, whilst ‘populaire’ is lettered into the Second Couplet.) This happened in the capital (Dhaka = Dacca, Line 4) in the diplomatic zone of Gulshan. (‘Gulshan’ is available from the jumbled letters of the First Couplet also the Middle Couplet and ‘quartier’ is in Line 1 together with ‘diplomatique’ should we borrow ‘qu’ from Line 4, otherwise it is in the quatrain as a whole.)

Holey Artisan Bakery is Holey Panadería Artesanal when written solely in Spanish.

Holey may be obtained from the letters of the First Couplet

Holey Panadería Artesanal is lettered into the quatrain as a whole

Incidentally, bakery as OF/modern Fr. ‘boulangerie’ is also available separately from the First Couplet

Gunmen took hostages and held out for ten hours after opening fire and throwing homemade bombs into the busy restaurant while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. The RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) took over from the Police. (‘Bataillon de’ is jumbled into the First Couplet and ‘action rapide’ may be found in the Second Couplet.) Six of the seven gunmen died after twenty of their hostages were slaughtered barbarically over the long hours of the siege.

Should we summarize this in headline-style as, say, “Terrorists hijack twenty people to death” then it may be translated into French as “Les terroristes piraté une vingtaine de personnes à la mort” and as chance would have it “Les terroristes piraté une vingtaine’ is jumbled into the letters of the First Couplet and “de personnes à la mort’ will be found in the Second Couplet.

The Bangladeshi Prime Minister said ‘Anyone who believes in religion cannot do such. They do not have any religion, their only religion is terrorism’

This may be translated roughly as ‘Ils ne possèdent pas une religion, leur seule religion est le terrorisme’.

‘Ils ne possèdent’ is available from the letteration of the First and Second Couplets and

‘pas une religion’, likewise,

‘leur seule religion’ is in the letters of the First Couplet once we allow the duplication of a letter ‘l’ (and the Second Couplet too should we triplicate the letter ‘l’)

‘est le terrorisme’ is inside the First and Second Couplets

A military leader said that most of the hostages were “killed mercilessly by sharp weapons” which can be translated into French as “tué sans pitié par des armes tranchantes” (slicing weapons such as machetes) and the jumbled letters of this phrase may be found in the lettering of the quatrain as a whole.

The Italian foreign ministry confirmed its dead citizens as Adele Puglisi, Marco Tondat, Claudia Maria D’Antona, Nadia Benedetti, Vincenzo D’Allestro, Maria Rivoli, Cristian Rossi, Claudio Cappelli, and Simona Monti.

With every respect for their sufferings under torture and the huge loss felt for them as individuals, please consider the following incidental facts:

Simona Monti is in Line 1 on allowing a duplicate letter ’n’
Claudio Cappelli may be found in the Second Couplet on allowing a duplicate ‘p’ and ‘l’
Cristian is in Line 4 and Rossi in Line 1, otherwise the name appears in full in the Second Couplet
Maria Rivoli is in Line one with duplication of ‘i’, otherwise it’s in the Second Couplet
Vincenzo is in Line 3 with an ’s’ or ‘c’ subsituted for the letter ‘z’ whilst D’Allestro is in the First Couplet
Nadia is in Line 4 and Benedetti in Line 2
Claudia Maria D’Antona is in the Second Couplet
Marco is in Line 4 and Tondat in Line 1
Adele Puglisi is available from the First Couplet

Immediately I am reminded of Nostredame’s phrase “nine set apart from humanity” to be found in the Nostradamus Quatrain l 81 (1555 Lyon Bonhomme) as these poor people were found to have been tortured after being taken to a separate area from the other hostages and some were sliced slowly to death. The method of the terrorists was to identify who were moslems and then have them recite verses from the Q’ran. Failure in these particulars meant death, quick or slow.

D’humain troupeau neuf seront mis à part,
De jugement & conseil separés:
Leur sort sera divisé en depart,
K.Th.l. mors, bannis esgarés.


Line 2 possibly suggests being removed from the right to a fair trial

Line 4 seems to be the key,

OF ‘mors’ is likely from ‘mordre’, a bite (or the ‘bit’ between a horse’s teeth) and in French could be applied in a loose medical sense to represent pain (like the figurative ‘burn’ in the English ‘heartburn’) or possibly it is a mistaken typeset for ‘morts’, deaths. A further possibility is that it is derived from OF ‘mourir’ meaning literally to pass from life to death but often used with feelings about and thoughts on the approach of death.

OF ‘bannis/bannir’ has subtle differences of meaning, literally to banish (to be separated from one’s own territorial politics and judiciary) but also to abstract a thing, to move aside, to deprive (interestingly ‘mourir civilement’, see OF ‘mourir’ above, meant to snatch away all civil rights – today we might say human rights) to exclude someone from one’s heart, to hunt, to exclude, to condemn somebody and in particular to compel one to undertake a pilgrimage.

OF ‘esgarés‘ is possibly from OF ‘égarer’, to lose, get lost, move away from, lose the right path or ‘esgarés‘ could be a past participle employed adjectivally.

None of this explains the code K.Th.l (or K alpha pi Θhita λambda) unless K. is for Koran and Th. is for OF ‘théologie’ and ‘l’ represents who knows what, perhaps OF ‘laisser’, separation, which in the OF expression ‘laisser-courre’ would mean to unleash the hounds.

Here’s my latest translation attempt at l 81 in consequence of this heartrending scene:

Translation 3:
Nine of the human flock will be set apart,
Away from fair trial:
Their fate is to be cleft as they depart,
Koran theology unleashed. (Jihad)

Less than one week following this savagery – claimed by the Islamic State which had warned of more to come – militants attacked Bangladeshi police in Dacca who were guarding the country’s biggest festival, Eid al-Fitr (it’s contained in the letters of the Second Couplet) marking the end of Ramadan, killing three people and wounding 14 said Reuters.

Also five militants attacked a police post in Kishoreganj town, about 140 km from the capital, Dhaka, with small explosives and set upon the police with “sharp weapons” said the chief district administrator.


On June 28th 2016 forty-five people were killed and hundreds injured at Ataturk Airport, a significant international aviation hub.

A newspaper-style caption such as ‘three gunmen open fire and detonate suicide belts’ would be, in modern Fr., ‘trois hommes armés ont commencé à tirer
des armes et faire détoner les ceintures de suicide’ and this whole phrase may be traced from the letters of the 500-year old quatrain II 62 without duplication, for what it’s worth.

Officials from various countries blamed the Islamic State who did not, however, claim responsibility. The ramifications are international. Although most were Turkish there were also Saudis, Iraqis, Tunisians, Uzbecks, Chinese, Iranians, Ukrainians, Jordanians and a Palestinian among the unfortunates murdered.

The attack was carried out by Daesh (I.S.) said Turkey’s PM. The words ‘Premier ministre de la Turquie’ may be found in the jumbled letters of the quatrain as a whole, for what it’s worth.

There is some uncertainty in some quarters over this and other recent events in Turkey.


On June 9th 2016, two ISIS-claimed suicide bomb attacks took place, one near the entrance to a military base in Taji to the North of Baghdad killing eleven people, and the other by a market in Baghdad killing at least 18 people.

This is a most ancient city that was once renamed as Madinat al-Salam (lettered in the Second Couplet if we agree to a duplicate letter ‘l’) although the older name of Baghdad (lettered in the First Couplet) has persisted down the years.

On June 28th 2016 in Baghdad 12 more were murdered in a jihadist attack on a mosque.

A newspaper-caption such as ‘suicide onslaught on Abu Ghraib Sunni mosque’ could be, in modern Fr., ‘assaut suicide contre la mosquée d’Abu Ghraib sunnite’ and this whole phrase may be traced from the letters of the nearly 500-years old quatrain II 62 without duplication. (As it happens it’s also there for the modern Eng. version should we allow a duplicate letter ‘h’.)

No terrorist group took responsibility following the attack.

On July 3rd 2016 a suicide truck bomb in Baghdad exploded and lit a blazing inferno as people prepared to celebrate the holiday which marks the end of Ramadan. ISIS was quick to claim responsibility. This was at the Hadi Center (lettered into Lines 2 and 3) where a mini-van blew up and killed at least one hundred and forty three people. (The words ‘cent quarante trois’ are to be found in the Second Couplet and ‘personnes’ once we allow that a letter ‘s’ should be duplicated.)

Out of interest, OF ‘fourgon’ meant a long metal rod for stirring molten matter but in modern Fr. would mean a van. A mini-van may be described as a ‘mini-fourgonette’ in French. The letters of this may be found in the Second Couplet without duplications.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility. IS/ISISIL/Daesh are Sunni moslems and generally attack non-Sunni targets but this slaughter was in an area where all Iraqis ordinarily gather together. At least fifteen children died in the flames and smoke. Shortly after that another blast occurred in East Baghdad killing five people.

The indiscriminate nature of land bombing must suggest a degree of narcissism (carefreeness about hurting others) or pysycopathy (delighting in hurting others) or both together – self-praising psychopathology and the absence of respect for any life – in its perpetrators.

Around 5% of the world’s population are thought to be narcissistic/psycopathetic and tend to rise toward the top of powerful or corrupt organisations.

In addition to those attacks mentioned above and in the Update to Nostradamus Quatrain II 62 other Ramadan horrors include;


On June 21st 2016 a sucide car-bomb driven-in from the Syrian border killed 6 security personnel. ISIS claimed responsibility via its media outlet Amaq.


From June 25th 2016 a series of suicide attacks hit a mostly Christian area around Bekaa Valley near the Syrian border.

Six people died with another 19 injured. No terrorist group claimed the killings but it seems the authorities had only recently detained 5 men having foiled a substantial ISIS bomb plot.


Around the same time four suicide car bombings on security targets – offices and checkpoints – occurred in Mukalla, a port city, killing 42 including one child with 30 injured. Amaq allotted responsibility to ISIS.


An Eid Al-Fitr attack by ISIS was foiled by three preemptive operations resulting in arrests. One target was the Jafaari mosque.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia was struck for 24 hours by a slew of suicide bombings. These were co-ordinated and bear the hallmarks of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, according to the CIA, but have not been claimed by any party. The attack near the U.S. consulate in Jeddah failed as did one against the Shiite mosque in Qatif. Four died in the holy city of Medina. ISIS hitting moslem targets in Saudi Arabia seems nonsensical or overly significant.

SUMMARY: A Ramadan assault does not seem very Islamic to me. Perhaps one should consider other attacks in Belgium and France as conjoined strategically.

The *Gladio*-knowledgeable Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett have spoken of generalized public pre-warnings, sometimes years ahead, and the continuing role of Belgium and Turkey as the twin hubs of terrorist activity – both with deliberately porous borders, the brand ISIL simply replacing the brand al-Qaeda, resemblances between the Paris and Brussels attacks, recyclings and reiterations that suggest script similarities/image continuity, the apparent ineffectiveness of mass surveillance systems including facial recognition and virtual homing devices, an induced mood of national pessimism, suspected hoax reporting, false flag attacks, actions anomalous to an established security methodology, the perpetrators already on a security service’s lists.

(* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k83L3I6Z35w *)

It would seem that an undeclared war is afoot between groups of peoples but not necessarily between governments. who may even be co-operating darkly including via corporations such as ICTS airport security service (founded by former officers of the Shin Bet intelligence agency) and its Tavistock House South associates Fortress GB who could perhaps have registered the bus explode right outside their window on 7/7.

As such this is not totally terrorism but incursion and even invasion as has been authorized pan-internationally by possible demoniacs lacking all empathy for poor humanity; financially elitist narcissistic psycopaths, Malthusian death-dealers who promote both Islamophobia and ISIS and want us all to follow opposite-pole saviours some strongly allied to imperial NATO and ready to underwrite mortal combat.

What is not clear is who exactly controls from without those various treacherous officials at high levels of government who are helping all this to happen and their followers who are only protesting too little and too late, if at all, and are repeatedly holding victimized social groups culpable as a historic whole, especially the ‘whites’ (See the Article 
 ) and the ‘blacks’ (See the Article ADDENDUM TO VIIII 92 (IX 92)  A KING’S COVER

Even more disturbing is the appearance that no Western security forces/armed forces/police forces are acting substantially on warnings received or at least that’s how it must seem to an independent observer who is yet to unlayer the entire onion. Are they all mad? Or are they all in thrall to exaggerated material promises from our delusional global twisters that the truly spiritually dispositioned here could thwart with ease should the Almighty wish it so.

Could it be that the use of psyops is so advanced beyond leaflet drops (à la “4th Airborne Psychological Operations”) that the whole Western world has now been subverted deep inside their brains and other key organs? Did 9/11 mark the beginning of a New World Order or Neo-Global Empire for the benefit of a ruling set who believe that wicked wars for us will lead to prosperous peace for them?

(See the Article A neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world. Global Politics pose as biblical End Time

Surely that’s just for abnormals to believe? OK, here’s some offbeat things for those crazy conspiracy nuts out there to ingest and spit out inappropriately!

“All democratic circles in America and of Europe, especially those of the Italian centre-left, now know that the disastrous attack was planned and realized by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world, to place the blame on Arab countries and to persuade the Western powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan” 

Former President of Italy for the 7 years until 1992, Francesco Cossiga speaking of ‘9/11’ as he frequently did (though with little media attention paid to his announcements)

I 91 and VI 11 and V 65 :  191 IS THE REAL 911

British Aviation Expert Critical of Mossad backed Israeli Airport Security

Freedom of Information Act: The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup, nsbc


Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Death, nsbc


Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a Damn with Corbett, Edmonds, Collins and Madsen


US-developed weapon system may cause global warming: Govt

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