As I write we are approaching the Autumn Equinox (September 22 – 24). It was once called Mabon (sometimes spoken May-bun, close to my choice of sounds for Mabus – see the Article II 62 Mabus By Name). I’m told that Druids will celebrate the Green Man while the Wiccans celebrate both their Mother-Crone as she ages and her consort preparing for death and rebirth. In fact much of the world will have some sort of ritual available to them by local tradition. For some this underscores the regressive fading of the daylight, a time of burgeoning evil that threatens to be unrelieved until the Winter Solstice comes.

An Inter-Faith event will happen in Jerusalem September 4th-23rd 2016. Ecumenical religious leaders from the Abrahamic (Roman-Lutheran, Moslem and Jewish) communities will gather in the old city of Jerusalem to perform their services under one roof.

Satanism is getting more public play every day in the Christianity-learnèd countries:

Satanic Rituals Unleashing Like Never Before! What’s REALLY Going On?!

The voiceover is a bit exerted and sometimes inaccurate but this realization will ring bells with many viewers. It’s also more watchable than most videos on Satanism which tend to be unsuitable for those not knowing exactly what to expect. (Indelicate soulless inhumanity and gratuitous voyeurism, usually.)


Satanism in its various guises – snuff circles and paedophile pools in particular – is what is misruling our rulers so badly. Try to understand that the less psycho abusers (to the deeper psycopath the fear and distress of others is satisfying in itself like food to a hungry wolf) justify their abuses to themselves by believing that the victim either deserves or enjoys what is inflicted upon them and refuse to be shaken inwardly from that core belief. Child sexual abuse is not to be halted by claiming that the child’s precious innocence is dismantled in some way but by proving to the abuser by certified examples that they are quite possibly ruining the whole adulthood of that child with respect to intimate relationships whether the child victim shows willing or not. Then hope for some revival of inner humanity. (But not, unfortunately, in the case of the deeper psycopath.)

Horrifyingly, paedophilia as bait or as hazing is wound around most secret control groups and is part of their ability to tighten their ranks swiftly and destroy their exposers one way or another.

Scripture has one-world government as an evil event but it has been building for almost a century now:

Norman Dodd – The Hidden Agenda For World Government (1982)

Certainly ‘worldly religion’ has facilitated and even inspired many wars (apart from ‘my god is truer than yours so I’m taking no prisoners’ these are usually for mineral excavation rights, money-creation rights or coveted treasures – really, one group of folks gloriously fighting another to the death is a socially-contrived scam to the benefit of the ‘back-room leaders’ who seek only booty and power for themselves and their corrupt friends. “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger)









“The truth will always out” is indeed a truth that will always out.

Before an experience I will refer to as “1984” I did not claim to know anything and yet I had a superficial acquired knowledge of so many things. Post-1984 and I know that I know some deeply foundational spiritual truths yet find the English language disconcerting in the expression of them. Other matters I deduce from what I know (and so might be mistaken) or I discern/intuit from other people’s information (and so must perpetually check whether I’m being misled including by my subconscious self). As to why people do what they do I have an equivalent knowledge-base to a pop-psychotherapist, others having always spoken freely to me about the ghosts in their machines, but that’s about all.

In my life I am not at all political, small ‘p’ or big ‘P’, and yet I can readily grasp complex international politics despite that this is not of my nature. What puzzles me about the Internet Age and the Reign of Computer Hackers is how the political leaders still continue to lie and cheat one with another and through their so-called ‘diplomatic circles’ when it is now so easy to find out the truth. I think it must come naturally to them, even as a compulsion. If the latter be true then they are likely candidates for ‘clinical narcissistic psychopathy’ and should not be propelled into positions of power by the rest of us. The power these artificial selves seek is as nothing next to spiritual powers. Yet the human spirit that is well-endowed will put down such vast powers for fear of misusing them. The crop of social leaders are the least endowed amongst us and so crave extreme material controls that the spirit-filled human being will disdain under most normal circumstances excepting, perhaps, the pain of compassion.

So far I have intuitively bounced-off the word assemblages in the Nostradamus Centuries without seeking alternative insights either spiritually or from the I Ching (the Chinese Book of Changes) at which I am somewhat adept after decades of use. Maybe I will change horses and reassess Nostradamus in that wise light. There is a true depth of prophecy in the Centuries that I feel sure no investigator has broken through to yet. Somebody will follow on who can see it all clearly, I think, and maybe that’s you!

Meanwhile here’s a typical example of my verbally-inspired investigations:



Nostradamus Quatrain II 22

1555 Bonhomme

Le camp Asop d’Eurotte partira,
S’adioignant proche de lisle submergée:
D’Arton classe phalange pliera,
Nombril du monde plus grand voix subrogée.

Translation 1:
The camp of Asop Eurotte divides,
Subjoined close to the undersea island:
OR Conforming closely to the sunken island:
OR Following the same fate as another land that has sunk:
The fleet formation of D’Arton (NORAD/NATO) will flex (or abandon) its space,
The greatest voice, navel of the world, is replaced by another.

As an English-speaker the enigmatic phrase ‘Le camp Asop d’Eurotte’ seems at very first sight like ‘the open-spaced Asia of Europe’. I suppose it might mean the early settlements of America North or South but it quite possibly means the USA, by letters or by implication. The apparent link between the open-air ‘camp’ and the objectified ‘Asop’ might be found in forms of the verb ‘se achopper’ which derives from the Eleventh Century Judéo-Français ‘açoper’ and means to strike one’s foot against a stumbling-block along the way.

Michel Nostredame, like the Bible scribes, never spells-out the States of America nor the USA. In fact the future has always been predicted as if this didn’t exist except, some claim, by metaphorical allusions to Babylon. To the everyday European of the Sixteenth Century the Middle East and North Africa were real if remote but the Americas were a kind of fable strangely coming true, rather like settling on the moon previously said to be made of green cheese.

Since the Nineteenth Century, the United States has been a legal corporation presiding over more than one prior nation-state. It was as if Federal power was imposed contractually upon co-operating sovereign states and Washington DC operated much like an embassy claiming a patch of foreign soil to be uniquely its own. There is even an argument that the US is under British Admiralty Law whereas most of the nationals feel closer to their local state or to Eire, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Africa or Israel (“the Last Frontier”). When the famous Stars & Stripes represents officialdom it is often publicly displayed bordered with gold tassels, i.e. unlike the unbordered original and true flag. This tends to reinforce a  suspicion of two legal entities being addressed as one country, perhaps a separation of the Nation and the State.

The so-called ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ which authors the ubiquitous US dollar was founded essentially in private hands, both American and European, and remains so. Presidents opposing such exterior indebtedness of their people to the central banks have been assassinated, incidentally. The not-very-visible CIA is supposedly outside of the law for security reasons and appears at least partially self-funded. It maintains its own armed forces (a special force of trained personnel, including mercenaries, sometimes known as ‘cowboys’ by their equals in the regular forces) and even operates large robotic aerial weaponry that can rival those bought by the Navy or the Army Air Force. In practice it could subrogate all other US enforcers at will despite its special remit being entirely non-domestic. (An unholy mess?) NORAD is for the members of the North American system for defence of airspace and it is extremely strict in operation, shooting down even civilian planes of local registration that do not respond to their orders to land.

Line 1, OF ‘partira’ = will divide or will take sides/shares.

Line 2, OF ‘adioignant’ looks like a version of OF ‘adjoindre’ meaning complementary to or adjoined, conjoined or subjoined with a thing.

Line 3. D’Arton = NORAD? Arton = NATO?

NORAD especially maintains, 24/7, a fleet of swift and vicious interceptor aircraft/missiles. In this quatrain it has flexed from its rights and duties. OF ‘pliera’ means bending but can also mean to take upon oneself a supple sheath so as to conform with ease to exigences or else to abandon one’s ground.

Line 4. The accent over ‘nobril’ renders this ‘nombril’, literally navel. As the ‘navel of the world’ this growing baby of a land is central to and in receipt of nutrients from all others.

Nombril can be found in “entr’ouvertes jusqu’au nombril” (Montaigne’s ‘Essais’,1580) relating to badge-holders of great authority. An even greater voice than their own takes over their powers:

Translation 2:
The USA splits in twain
OR The USA, a stumbling block to Europe, is split in twain,
Conforming closely to the legend of Atlantis:
NATO/NORAD to cede its space,
A greater voice drowns-out the office-holder/the office held.

Nostredame records a future history with a gigantic twist; either that the US is essentially a Europeanized power group that at this point separates the government class decisively from the people that it rules over or that the USA is to be removed as a barrier to European ambitions. It may sink much like Atlantis did, figuratively. The rigid authoritarianism of NATO or NORAD becomes supple, gives way. The bearers of signs of great office are substituted by a greater voice even than theirs which then effects a take-over. A catastrophic coup, all-round, for the divided-off States with ‘Eurotte’ or ‘European-ness’ playing some part here be it tangible or intangible.

There is a more lighthearted alternative interpretation;

Asop d’Eurotte = Aesop the Lyre Strummer

To be plucking the 4-string triangular chorder used as instrumental accompaniment by Medieval minstrels was described by the verb ‘roter’ of which ‘rotte’ may a misspelling of the tense ‘rote’ or a little used version of the noun ‘rotta’. (Twelfth Century German, ‘hrôta’.) In addition to that jig we would have to add ‘eu’ to make ‘Eurotte’. (Jouer de la rotta = Eurotte?) D’Arton is of course an old family name. Perhaps some minstrel long ago had a greater vocal projection than his chum Aesop? Or a louder lyre? Either way, they are both below surface now.

N.B. A newer interpretation than those above and based on current events may suggest an Asian-African take-over of Europe with the last line suggesting replacement of the commands of prelates/readings aloud from the Christian Bible by the commands of prelates/readings aloud from Islam’s Q’ran. This could make ‘Le camp Asop d’Eurotte’ the ‘Asian camp in Europe’.

I take a looser approach generally on my other website nostradamondo.wordpress.com from which the following posts are taken. 

They are mainly my alternatively-educated ‘guesswork’ on current affairs plus one instance of using the I Ching alone to answer a leading question of the day.

The ‘142-character maximum’ headings have all appeared on Twitter. Here’s a ‘142’  that I never got around to posting:

“Mentiendi libidine” means out of sheer delight in lying and cross-anagrams into “I mindbend, I nite lie” as befits narcissistic psycho-hazers

And here’s another fun ‘142’ that was inspired by an able yet dangerous website:

If machine guns can synchronize with wooden propellors can the caesium atomic clock via airborne carriers sync with or interrupt aerial gyros?

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Is this none of our business? Washington has been busy making its power pertinent everywhere and now that may include inside the USA itself 

No Benghazi US embassy-consulate? Stevens the trophy of a death squad or “helped to hospital”? Bacile/movie no show. Trailer gross. MiaSMa

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End of the World on 21st December 2012? Here’s what the old Chinese I Ching (it was grown in parts over 7000 years) has to say about it:

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The way the MSM are handling Mali/Algeria/AFRICOM is distractingly MiaSMic: genocide might seem a strong word for it but what’s the real deal? 

“We Are Now In A State Of War” 

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Penultimate Pope Benedict XVI, the man who knows so much, announces his resignation, an extremely unusual event indeed. Is the Church dying? 

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Apparently since the Boston Marathon Bombing one of the most Google’d entries has been “False Flag” much as after 9/11 it was “Nostradamus”

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The Insurrection Is Dead: Long Live The Insurrection! The End Of An Era: Lies Are The New Truth 

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When the first nuclear power station was conceived there was a very peaceable non-radioactive nuclear option available that didn’t use uranium 

Don’t be a tool. Remember manipulative Saudis and Isrealis want war between the West and Iran and Syria is the keep of the Iranian citadel.  

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FU(I)C KING THE YEMEN! France US (Israel) China may have tested neutron bombs, later decided too anti-human as they destroy mainly body tissue. 

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Lunar New Year is here! What hope does this hold for the whole round world? Bio-Scares? New Science? The West Setting? A Cruel Clown Crowned?

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A neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world. Global Politics pose as biblical End Time











WATCH OUT WORLD!  Part 10 (end of series)


The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order

If You Were Eating Food that Could Kill You

Five Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup will kill you

More Parents Opting Out Of Vaccines For Their Children In 2016

How Long Have Vaccines Been Tainted with Monsanto’s Roundup?

Fluoride Is Poison: A Quick Demo

Dr. Dean Burk (d.1988) co-authored one of the most frequently cited papers in the history of biochemistry, “The Determination of Enzyme Dissociation Constants,” 1934. For the last 14 years of his life he devoted himself to defeating flouride poisoning and accused fluoridated water suppliers of “public murder on a grand scale”.

The Court That Rules The World

When our rulers have different gods from the Universal One then “we have not the wrestling with blood and flesh, but with the principalities, with the authorities, with the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, with the spiritual things of the evil in the heavenly places” from Ephesians 6:12 (Youngs Literal Translation Bible)

It’s surprising how double-edged this Pauline quotation seems, it could easily be misinterpreted as a credo for regime change and Special Response Groups or overseas insertions generally. Today there may be more than just one contestant for a ‘neurotic neo-nation’ that feels the urge to remove ‘off colour’ or ‘inconveniently shaped’ pieces from their culturally generated jigsawpuzzle of a world. Or are they all discretely linked?

Psychological War and Ideological Struggle

The phrase ‘psyop’ has entered the language but did you know that the Rand Corporation produced the original ‘SIOP’, the ‘Single Integrated Operational Plan’ which weirdly anathematized the secret government which relied upon it when making their covert decisions about global destruction? Simply Rand reassured them – at some public expense – that the USA would survive and win a nuclear war. This reminds me of Douglas Addams whose fertile imagination invented street-corner prostitutes ready to reassure, for the right level of remuneration, the self-consciously rich that there was nothing for them to feel financial guilt shame or fear about. Presumably the more they had to pay for this service the more convinced of that prostitute’s probity they would feel.

I know waterboarding is torture – because I did it myself

UK – Brian Gerrish – On David Cameron, Tony Blair, Jimmy Saville

Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals, is discussed at 1.09.30 followed by a section about change actors within state authorities and the deliberately mistaken use of their high-tech communication systems to collapse these from within. Appropriately Hillary R.Clinton wrote a college thesis about the pros and cons of Alinsky’s proposed methods.

Also see,

 Saul Alinsky: The Evil Genius Behind Obama

and yet further ‘sly genius’ being used for evil,
The Billion-Dollar Ultimatum

“Hullo, am I through to the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of War?”
German Government’s Preparations for War against Russia! “Civil Defence Concept” (KZV): Measures to Prepare Population for War

A higher voice displaced:
Christopher Story – EU Corruption Part 1/3 BBC5tv

Daily Express front page headline, 4th May 2012, “EU PLOT TO SCRAP BRITAIN”

The Holy Roman Empire Is Here Now

Staying up to date, as a newly-lambasted Turkey licks its reflex injuries the Incirclik nuclear base has become a realpolitik hot potato. Must they move away the US-NATO nuclear devices stored there safely for decades as Turkey seemingly approaches Russia and Iran anew? Do things look bad for OTAN and ISIS? Will Russia/China rule the block? Or is this another bluff with the same, seemingly inevitable, end game?

“The Syrian government never invited U.S. forces into Syria, but the U.S. now officially dares the Syrian government to assert its sovereignty over the areas where America’s troops are located.”

Excerpt from “Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Invades Syria, And Warns Russia”

“The Turkish Invasion Of Syria As Path To “Regime Change”August 28, 2016

The Qatari-Turkish axis is behind everything the Muslim Brotherhood are doing to destroy Libya. (TWEET: Libya 360°) Are Erdogan and Doha a further clue to Nostredame’s “great Dog & Dohan” in the EPISTLE TO THE KING?

Let’s hope that these following words will be eaten and no more political harm will come to our World. No that is not an impossibility, it will happen one day, but it would be most unexpected at this juncture – at least according to scriptures – for behind the great black curtain lurk the co-pirateers, the corporate-financiers who rule governments, their pocket calculators red-hot and their lusts as incorrigible as the inmates of Alcatraz:

“before the world’s eyes, this criminal conspiracy against world peace and all of humanity can be seen in its full, horrific form”

The “Cataclysmic Conflict” Yet to Come

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