This page also serves as an addendum to Nostradamus Quatrain I 53 THE SOCIAL SYSTEM AND THE CHURCH (written 2013/nearly 500 years ago)

When each gambler laid out their gun before them on the card tables of Wild West saloons, pointing at their opposite number,­­­­­­­­­­ it was to make clear that the price of cheating was death. On having cut the deck and dealt the cards, still they did not ‘show their hand’. On the contrary they held that hand of cards close to their chest. Why should they need to do this? Because with so much at stake and the pressures so high any player who knows the other player’s cards can do no other than play his own hand according to that information.

How then can we trust the NSA/GCHQ not to fake-out on us? Likewise our Corporate Peeping Toms and those bought-and-paid for computer/media frontmen who seek out our concealments, map our private moments, run multiple maps of our faces, map all our activities on a daily basis and yet we never see nor hear about any of their skullduggeries behind closed doors, even though it is deeply immoral, even inhuman and illegal, for them to do this to us en masse but would be entirely morally justified for us to do this to them in particular. Will they ‘cheat and beat’ until human life descends to a ‘them or us’ denouement? Or have they already mapped us out so as to ‘divide & conquer’ the minds of the masses?

In military method, mapping-out is a necessity (although “the battle is usually at the edge of the map” says ex-Naval Officer Brian Gerrish; www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAwLSEbyFZI)

A map of the world’s religions, about a million of them in all, would have to include some over-categorizations leading to subdivisions and overlaps. Terms such as “Traditional and Tribal” (that’s much of Northern Asia) simply do not lend themselves to comparisons with, say, “Christian and Tribal” (dotted about Central Africa and a huge expanse of South America) and even a term like “Traditional Christian” would become impractical to the point of meaningless with its inner definitions keenly magnified.

Where do our present pious stand? The religions keep rosters of initiations and attendances as well as for contributors of substance but how much does that involvement count when backs are up against walls? How many of the ‘faithful’ are inevitably faithful? (If you suspect that your religion is based upon superstitious history but has proved culturally useful and personally beneficial to you then you may perhaps switch easily to an equally useful alternative if circumstance permits this.)

How strong are the walls of division? Contrary to sketchily informed opinion in the West, Islam does not divide precisely between Sunni and Shia at the slice of a scimitar. There are groups on either side that in practice resemble each other in their observances. Rarely, but I have seen one, a Protestant-supported holy place may be virtually a High Church with incense swinging and a backdrop suggesting Marianism. Roman Catholicism features tools of the trade derived from despised ‘pagan practices’ and it was way back in 1963 that Jesuit Father Malarchy Martin, well acquainted with the ways of espionage among other things – he led a full life – felt the need to expose an Enthronement of Lucifer ceremony right at (or through) the heart of Roman Catholicism.

Many devout Buddhists (not really a religion as it disbars all discussion of God yet it is definitively a form of temple worship featuring enthusiastic attendees, loyal processions and proffered contributions) live in homes where household gods and ancestors are revered, Lao Tzu-style, while Confucianism (rooted in the Chinese I Ching) and not Buddhism governs the relationships within the extended family and determines the relationship between the state and the family. (Mutually exclusive with occasional lapses.) ‘Mighty Mao’ tried three times to stamp-out Confucianism in China’s households but proved no match for the Confucian tradition by which folk cling tenaciously to their peasant-family hierarchical procedures and persuasions no matter what their material progress in the world. (Meaning that every humble family rivals the state better than its religious leaders ever could because each forms the inalienable building brick of the state for which the observance of two or three religions, simultaneously, is a given).

Islam manages all by Sharia Law so placing religion at the head of the state. Today the Christian model family is being deliberately denatured everywhere and Sharia Law deliberately ‘exceptionalized’ around the world – most probably in preparation for global tyranny, quite possibly headed-up by a papal caliph or a political puppet pope. (When popes may cease their tenures, or be ceased, as an act of human willpower then that elevated position has become a mere job.)

It’s astonishing that national social leaders, elected for specific positions in society that they have ever failed to fulfill save by kills or corruptions, should have moved their scaling ladders with alacrity to higher walls, even up to the clouds, where they must fail even more dramatically. If they cannot steer their church, their party, their nation more successfully and less corruptly then how can they hope to patronize a whole planet? Surely a massive management failure across the globe wiping out most of the human race is not in their gift, Plan A to rule as if holy and Plan B an unholy default position, for no less a subject than a god – the most sublime non-entity of all – may patronize a planet! And back down to Earth there appears to be no monopoly over this paraclete personification, just some stiff competition.

How do the scores add-up? Who’s winning? By listing percentages of religious populations we get the following league table:

Top of the Pops:

Islam 21%

Roman Catholicism 17%

Hindu 13.26%


Total of other religions unlisted below (Jain, Shinto, Tao, +++) 11.78%

Direct worship (non-religion, non-cult) plus declared agnostics 11.77%


Protestant Christians 5.78%

Independent/underground Christian congregations 5.77%

The Anglican Church 1.25%


Buddhism 5.84%

The Orthodox Church 3.53%

Atheism 2.32%

Sikhism 0.35%

Jewish Faith (0.23%) and Baha’i (0.12%) together achieve 0.35%



I feel nearly everybody would be disturbed by these percentages. They provide small symbols for high volumes. (There are getting on for 7.5 million Baha’i followers alone and at least one billion individuals of no religion at all.)

How were these stats compiled?

(See the website age-of-the-sage.org who leant on Wikipedia for statistics.)
Are they out-of-date?

(Of course, though by less than a decade.)

Yet the third world is teeming with Buddhists and the developed nations are full of Jews, surely? And why isn’t my own favourite group shown as much bigger?

It’s been mooted that the scope of the Society of Jesus is pan-Christian (i.e. 17% + 5.78% + 1.25% = 24.03%) and may strangely extend to religio-political influence over Muslim extremists. Nevertheless, the total of Christians-all-stripes living in this world trumps the Muslim equivalent total save that the former are dyeing-out while the latter are birthing freely.

Whilst accepting that this kind of summary table is approximate and can never be up-to-date; Sikhs, Jews and Baha’i adherents, in total, are outnumbered by confirmed Atheists. There are more Orthodox Christians than Atheists in the world although about as many Buddhists as both of the former groups added together. Other Christians independent of Rome outnumber all of the aforementioned categories. This number is dwarfed by ‘other religions’ when it’s combined with independent ruminators upon the godly plus direct God worshippers. The Top 3 religions – the geographically-loose Islam followed by universal Roman Catholicism and geographically-tight Hinduism – together hold sway over more than half of that part of the world’s population that both holds precious and displays publicly its pious dedication and sometime concerns over the subject of God and the claims of ‘His’ middlemen.

(An oddball English graffiti deckle-edged upon a train in Spain this Summer, “One Jove!!” – I guess it could have been a poor pass at “One Love!!”)

Muslims hold firm that their prophecy about the Mahdi, or the Guided Man, must come to pass. He is a Khalifa not a prophet. He will possibly be known for his family name, be a byword for justice and one day will reside in Damascus of all interesting places. No one knows when he and Jesus will come but this could be after the predicted first rule of the world by dominant Jews has come to an end, some say, and others opine that day is approaching now – but who could know for sure as such a reign could only have been occluded, not open.

He is a harbinger of permanent global peace. But only after a warlike genocide and the conversion of all surviving peoples everywhere to Islam.

Basically, the Muslims feel prophesized to defeat the Romans at ‘Armageddon’ and take over their great city. For Romans read Christians and for Christians read Whites.


We should remember that Osama Bin Laden repeatedly refuted claims of his involvement in ‘9/11’ and described such an attack as anti-Islamic. For a supposed CIA translation (“Foreign Broadcasting Purposes Only”) that exposes third party desires for a long and heavy war between Christians and Muslims see:


Does the new Pope Francis fill a slot of his own or is he a stop-gap for the old pope, another bite of the old olive?

(See the Nostradamus Quatrains VI 25 and V 81 THE MAGPIE OF PEACE)

 Is there worse to come? How will it be resolved?

(See the quatrain III 97 in the Article WATCH OUT WORLD! pts-2 & 3)

Are we witnessing a ramping-up of nationalism, ethnic tensions and the return of war to haunt Europe as forewarned by troubled Irish-Austrian Jane Burgermeister and trendspotting American-Italian Gerald Celente as long ago as 2010?


I will end this page by repeating the closing paragraphs of


 Mention of the Church and Christendom could also suggest the analogy of an attractive new commonwealth displacing the old religion. Or could our property-laden religions and political-value monies be contemporaneously replaced because of some linking mechanism? When the gold forward rate regularly exceeds the day’s interbank rate (as is happening right now though we presume it to be a spasm) will the two biggest business birds, Reserve Currency and Roman Catholicism, be struck down by one golden bullet?


Michel Nostredame writes of this unbalancing in dour terms as if it were an invasion or loss of sovereignty, a deeply displeasing experience for many. A new tyranny with its own universal religion and a singular form of currency?