I recall it was Malcom Muggeridge who said that standing up in public pulpits admonishing others was a sign of approaching old age, in fact I think he called it his own bad habit. A true wit, but this is not what I mean. Merchants talk about New Old Stock, made long ago but not yet sold/consumed. For the first time in recorded history we appear to many observers to be entering an Age about which the history has already been written, hence the old approaches newly.

The Internet abounds with Hebrew, Jewish, Christian, Islamic and even more exotic religious tomes or inscripts to tell us all we need to know about an oncoming ‘futureless’ time, witness Revelation’s Mark of the Beast. All we need do is interpret these signs accurately. But agreement seems beyond us. We surely are groups of groups yet in our hearts we remain billions of individuals.

Nostredame’s anticipated End Time players are possibly a different crew from one’s own.


There are some Christians who insist that their envisioned God is joint-announcer and the only valid interpretation of any true prophecy is a conformity with God’s Plan according to their own congregation. This is very restrictive. If there is no critical counterpoint  permissible then we have only literal totalitarianism and all contra-interpreters are ‘sinful’. This is often accompanied by the predictable proviso that if a prophesied event (or personage) fails to show up then God did never inspire this call and that presumed Prophet has failed roundly.

A big trap that over-enthusiastic clue seekers fall into is to ignore sequential chronology. It may seem delusional once to have claimed that an outcome or a name was famously and successfully predicted when the parties to the highlighted event knew of that prior prophecy and deliberately or subconsciously made it come true, all the while adducing to their cause an appropriated and somewhat spooky authority.


Of course if it is, as they say, ‘definitively’ true (though neither Man nor machine could ever be so intelligent as to define God perfectly) that all things are possible with God and things which seem ridiculous now can and do make perfect sense in opposing times. But beware of those who swear they believe in God and earn status or reward from that position, yet inwardly feel free to lie that God has said only to them or their cohorts what He now wants of us. This claim is itself a give-away and defeats the verity of such ‘servants’ to God for we have zero reason to claim that God has any need to want anything and does not already have everything. Far more likely is that this desirable and exclusive planet Earth – the only region of the  Universe which we can know is a sponsor to growth as much as to decay – is in the hands of a ‘leaseholder landlord’ the while. I do not know who this King of the World might be (though scripture speaks of a snake-dragon coming out from occlusion by the Sun and which seems to be satanic possessor of the Earth) but I deduce that his/her/its personal power is limited and depends on the half-monkey/half-God nature of Mankind falling down on the spiritual half. Simply by whispering in human ears it can turn three men against one, a situation where two can hold one arm each and the third can attack with near impunity just like the monkey gangs in the forest. Reliance on man-made force is another giveaway that this is not from God who already has all the force of the Universe and possibly more at His disposal. It is the King of the World who is weak and needs our contributions. He was the weakling that in isolation one could not see but found surprisingly easy to defeat (Nostredame prophesied that the Devil would be ‘taken down’ in his EPISTLE TO THE KING) and yet whose words work powerfully on people when they fail to refer everything back to the God in their Heart.

My peculiar information (for what it’s worth) is that The Devil was dispossessed just before New Year 2010 and is no longer available for diabolical functions. I imagine that the angels, if such there be, were loudly joyous although God may have seemed otherwise, or so I suspect. Was the Devil removed altogether (I would think so) or merely quarantined for a term as the Bible states? The term is well-known, ‘1,000 years’, although it’s becoming recognized that Hebrew scribes were firm on numbers but fluid at specifying units. 1,000 years could mean 1,000 months, weeks, hours or minutes.

I’ve listed below some approximate calculations for the Devil or Satan’s supposed return to Surface Earth because the religious significance is that we must take all the personal blame for what occurs in his absence, no passing the buck to him, and should be fairly forewarned of his return (if he does so). Especially that human being who displaced him and, according to the Bible’s storyline, will be his first re-encounter.

1,000 months in years = 83.33
1,000 weeks in years = 19.23
1,000 hours in days = 41.66
1,000 minutes in hours = 16.66

So there you have it. If ancient Satan is also the Devil and has now gone for all time then we alone are to shoulder all the blame and punishment for our contributions or lack of them regarding all that is happening in our individual worlds, though perhaps not every collective outcome.

If he is to come back then the biblical timespan could be slightly less than 20 or as much as 83.3 years, though mapped futuristically at face value this date would be AD3010 according to my notion.

It seems everything comes to us from impaired sources, one Good and the other Bad (until by spiritual finesse we may come to obviate these common delusions/this ongoing illusion) but some matters that appear obviously bad at the time have good long-term results and so were illusively Good whilst others that seemed overwhelmingly good news go on to destroy the recipient after a time and so were deceptively Bad. This misleading lefthand–righthand sparring tactic comes pasted into the basic human condition and is a part of our governing perception that effect follows cause in contradistinction to the causeless and miraculous truth of truths which it completely occludes from our common view.

In this technological age there are many imitators urging us to change the world the way they want by expediting huge human catastrophes. Rumour has it that their work has been multi-generational and – lively as they may seem to us – when they are ensconced exclusively with others of their own diabolical bent they speak and act in perfect concord so that to outside observers they would seem brainwashed zombies. What I really don’t want to hear is “The Devil’s dead! Long live the demoniacals!”

Antony Sutton – The Order of Skull and Bones [Brotherhood of Death]

Antony C. Sutton seems today to have been quite a prophet – or else a Stanford insider – or both – yet his modus operandi was making quality research into quality research before he would even dream of pointing a prophetic finger thus making him appear especially rational and ‘ordinary’ which he almost certainly was not. His long and heavy Antony Sutton – 1976 Lecture helps explain the world today.

There are many fascinating Youtube videos featuring the impressively clear Norman Dodds including this undeniably visionary ‘backward look’ by interviewer G. Edward Griffin, Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations

Here’s the logical extension of terror in a cowered/coward post-9/11 world:
The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order, Agenda 21

Assymetric strategy suggests that the Knights of the New Old Order could fell the opposition without firing a shot, perhaps by openly castigating their own leadership decisions and slipping through the manufactured gaps. Enter David Rothkopf – Kissinger’s own controlled opposition?

Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They are Making

Some give-the-game-away words for the socially predictive observer to watch out for include SUSTAINABLE, SMART, INTEL:

‘Sustainable’ seems harmless and desirable yet involves a semi-detached overseer making a decision as to who or what will be sustained and, more importantly, who or what will not be sustained. Life and death decisions – to be or not to be – placed authoritatively in the hands of those who are intrinsically politically motivated, be it upscale politics with a large ‘P’ or the more familiar home, school, club, hospital and workplace politics with a small ‘p’.

‘Smart’ has been adopted into marketing as if it were one of those familiarly bright buzzwords making it seem even more sinister that every device labelled ‘smart’ by every retail manufacturer so far has had built-in surveillance with onboard transmitters-receivers hidden out of sight. There is nothing ‘smart’ about spending-out on fasionable items that can be used by predator drones to target you “without you seeing it coming, haha”, in the Phaeton-like words of presidential prosecutor Barak Obama.

‘Intel’ of course represents intelligence. But which meaning of the word ‘intelligence’, a puzzle-solving mind or a collection of data from which to create programmed profiles of people you want to track, trick and ultimately dispense with? Use of the word in this latter sense seems prevalent when ‘intel’ appears on the Internet.

(See the END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES of Articles on this site plus the weblogA neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world. Global politics pose as biblical End Time’ for April 2016 at nostradamondo.wordpress.com and the other pertinent posts.)

Who rules this World? By wealth it is the families Saud, Rothschild and their Rockefeller satellites, even the Bush-Clinton alliance, plus rotating European royalty (all as facilitated by the Vatican and their first-rank Knights of Malta/the City of London and New York City and Geneva banker minions/the Red Cross).  More or less concentrated wealth is emerging from Russia today whilst the Japanese seek financial domesticity so far. China is, as always, bold yet inscrutable.

How does privilege work? Every British title, including the different knighthoods conferred internationally by the Queen, is the sign of an elitist insider although sometimes rather low down the pecking order. Some are pleasant. My childhood elderly neighbour Miss Ethel Crowther, a surprisingly good friend, showed me a small wooden coat of arms rescued from the timber-crafted House of Commons after it burned down. This belonged to her family who once held a permanent seat there. Those days are long gone. Westminsterian Lord Hinchingbroke abandoned his title to fight his seat after the law changed and titled persons were no longer allowed in the House of Commons. (An unusual decision. He lost the seat but the family title was restored later.)

We’ve reached the second quarter of 2015, the year that many have predicted from Bible Code and Blood Moons to be terminal or the Beginning Of The End. Can predictions be made from more worldly events as well? Yes, the coming together as one co-operative entity of business corporations, bankers, weapons manufacturers, mass media machines and ‘politically unavoidable’ treasonous governments may be hiding much from us but they’ve still got their noses in the trough, making and selling product before the means to consumption run dry.

What is that ‘dirty little secret’ of Victoria’s? Ask a jailbird fabricator. Who pack’s Starbucks coffee? A premium prison packer. Who makes IBM, TI and Dell’s circuit boards? Computer-creative criminals. Who did you speak to at that confidential Call Center? An incarcerated fraudster? Who took that discrete hotel booking? A prison blackmailer/the prison loudmouth? Who sews your clothes, makes your textiles, assembles your American shoes, processes dairy, packs meat, slaughters animals for you? An imprisoned psychopath? Who makes body armour to defy any authority with? A prison authority? Who instructs the labour gang on Boeing’s safety policy in the air? A prison wing commander? Who on Earth would finance war against a small nation just because it refused permission for private prisons to be built? Or issue a demand that judges be entered into the Grand Old Duke Of York’s puppetry rite? Well let’s not wait and see, TPP!

Watch out for the introduction of any unnecessary laws and the vehemence of crooked parliamentarians who would argue their ‘necessity’. (Title 14, Section 1211 of the US Code of Federal regulations, July 16th 1969, makes it illegal for US citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles.) Such laws for law’s sake may be keenly enforced on selected citizens one day. On the other hand learn to ignore all fearfully big generalizations, lis, even from leading Clergy or visiting Prime Ministers. Watch out for the armed forces riding your town. It could be that the top deceivers are becoming frightened of your insights and want to send that fear straight back at you.

Bungling bureaucrats practice by rule books, picking-out those drills that will enhance them at your expense. What they fear the most is being shamed by a loose cannon who might point out their blunders after the Big Order has sounded. Their behaviour is much like Tolkien’s Wraiths who have human shape but are wasted of human content which they yielded up long ago. They are schooled to linearity, the beginning middle and end narrative. Real life is not a narrative, only the Aristotleian-style retelling of it is, and neither is war like a game of chess. Wars today are non-linear chaos and will become more so and not less so with each technological breakthrough (many ‘new ideas’ being based on comic-book types of conflict without considering the long-term consequences for winners and losers alike.)

Bureaucrats of all stripes are dangerous but hapless. They have no guiding skills to warn them that the tiger they hunt in the forest is now hunting them. When the police department cite fear as their defence for killing or maiming the aggressively harmless (ranging from homeless and social misfits to miniature pets) then they are actively being trained to go look for opportunities to use weapons and are no longer being enlisted as good role-material for a peacekeeper.

The advance of noncompliance as a punishable misdemeanour in itself is a sure sign that violence/death is approaching a hushed band who thought they could assuage the hungry monster of Undue Process by tossing a few screaming protestors into its maw.

If your technology is reporting on you then either baffle the brains behind it with brilliant Body Swerves or toss it onto the junky heap, which is what heaps of unduly expensive techno-junk deserve. Try singing, drawing, painting, playing instruments, sculpting or speed-racing or long-distance running to concentrate your mind; or writing stories, poems, lyrics to loosen it up again; try woodworking, scriptwriting, aerobics, graphic art or any creative pursuit for which you couldn’t care less whether you get paid for it or not. In short follow Marcus Aurelius and ask “Do I fear death most because then I could no longer do this thing?” If the answer is Yes then you are in the appropriate place (but even better do not fear death at all).

Likewise if you are drawn by your human weaknesses to media-manipulated delinquencies aimed at the dehumanizing of you (often at an obviously large yet mysterious investment cost that should have caused you to prick up your ears in disquiet) then ditch it now before you get picked-over or blackmailed by some shadowy secret server.

If government says it can’t afford something and you must relinquish your God-given equal share to it then remember two things. 1) Western govs can draw down funny money limitlessly, much as they dare, so why is your particular item being questioned today and not some other such as hefty public salaries or political perks or kick-backing ‘essential’ gov investments? 2) Each square inch of private land that a political outsider yields up to authorities will swiftly add-up to square miles that can be paced-out by an insider for his exclusive country pursuits with armed guards.

If your kingdom persecutes persons or peoples presumptively do not be deceived. The top guys know what they are doing and could spout reams of philosophy at you and to each other proving their actions even when they are are socially depraved. They unjustly don’t care and intend to perfect their evil.

Utilizing the ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ for predicting affairs of all sorts down here on Earth is an ancient tradition. (See the article GODLY ASTROLOGY) The base assumption is that angelic tractors pull the planets around and these then beam upon us those influences that God has imbued each of them with, like specialized monks* at their ministrations.
* In the curious video The Dark Side Of The Moon Astronaut Reports Of Music And The Truth Behind The Moon Landings  the compiler-interpreter states “I have been told (on what I consider to be very good authority) that astronaut Cernan actually described the noise as sounding either like “church music” or “choir music”, and that it is not a “whistling” sound, but it was more of a “chanting” sound that seemed to carry a cadence.”

It seems to me that the video interpretation could have been provoked by inside information and yet tries to spoil its own immediate believability (a little like NASA’s obfuscations and in a sense similar to the Nostradamus Centuries) or else it is simply mistaken because I too have experienced ‘weird space music’, fascinating melodic snatches and strangely voweled woofs and whistles (Slow Hendrix meets Shoegaze) causing me to go out on my roof at night to enjoy it better. I now put that down to a cellnet tower because since a new building thoroughly obstructed this tower I can no longer hear that night-time electronic wave interference/incidental music. This is pure speculation but the more I think about noises in the sky, apparently heard around the World, then the more I wonder if they’re linked with charted planetary positions and this is one of the more bizarre roots of ancient Astrology (which was once a form of astronomy without the X-factors removed).

Science, though, requires that we try to understand structurally these prime planets of prediction and how they and we together have got to where we are. The Earth was a dry rocky surface about eleven and a half billion years ago. The Moon defies scientific explanation. Theoretically it cannot exist as it is other than by a visual error. The Sun is the first star from which observations were drawn and these were then projected onto the stars in the night sky. Today we know that the Sun is in many ways nothing like those early observations. These three very different moving masses interact on many levels to enable life on Earth. It has been argued that by adopting a little-known megalithic measuring unit we can make startling contextual measurements of them that relate in a mannered way perhaps suggesting design by an intelligence, especially satisfying in the bizarre case of the Moon, and possibly indicating that the entire Solar System is some kind of construct. (The manifestation of a construct is largely pre-designated, it’s almost an inevitable though not quite.)

Token personal predictions or holy prophecies cherished by breeds, tribes and nations – do these all really seal our fates? The future seems futile for everybody if death is the winner.

New and vicious styles of torture involve you being the cause of your own pain. Feeling trapped of your own volition inside a world of your own designing – full metal jacket transhumanism – may turn out to be as much a living death as losing control of your body after a stroke. On the other hand folk’s materialistic cynicisms about the afterdeath and those freedoms suggested by NDE’s may turn out to be critically mistaken.

E = mc2 represents relativistic force expressed as an exercise in relativistic mass throwing us headlong into Mankind’s most underargued mental dilemma – whether to concentrate upon that particular thing being discussed or those ideas floating around it. Ironically, minds seeking relevance oscillate moment-by-moment. Separation from truth develops. Even recombining force and mass begets conceptuality, a mental grip placed upon assumptions.

Save that a thread from another subject is securing it the rootless title ‘mass’ would be slipping off the page of any global concept map of hard physics. As no ‘singularly comprehensive’ definition of ‘mass’ exists it could be argued that ‘mass’ is somehow also ‘force’, i.e. existing as a function of being, like energy. As a force is something science kookily conjures to be independent of any ‘enforcer’, the scientists must likely be imagining some essential spirit, even while refusing to acknowledge any exerciser of that force, so as to make any sense of it. This is a trick of over-educated thought-processing whereby science has effectively decoupled the despised myths and a measurable if free force moves the planets around, not some demanding yet immeasurable ‘arc of angels’ or ‘gaggle of gods’. In any scientifically meaningful frame-of-mind all other-worldly observations upon ‘force’ get glossed over and so  a ludicrous Mankind boasts falsely that the H-Bomb’s material of destruction is our Number One achievement, our main claim to power. This ‘Self’ deception will change.

Truth illumines without rising, shines without setting, immutably unravelling the churnage of Universe.

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