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Much research into the millennia of Nostredamus has assumed 7 stated ages plus the extra turn for re-governance by Saturn that Michel mentioned, the duration of Earth’s existence so comprising 8 millennia, but he may not have been talking about a neat multi-millennial period so much as a cessation of the Earth at some time following the last full turn of the wheel.

His near-contemporary Roussat had quoted a Jewish astrologer, Abraham Avenara (Ibn Ezra), who in his “Liber Rationum”  considered that the seven planets so acknowledged (or else their seven angels) would each lead and rule the world for a period of 354 years and 4 months. That sequence is Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, the Moon and the Sun. After that the senior planet Saturn (which ruled over the first hour of the day on which the Sun and the Moon were created)  opens the last of the sequence. It was decreed that the World was created in 5199 or 5200BC and established that the 7 planets must act as the 7 millennium rulers.

Nostredame’s Preface to César contains the names of some of the rulers of millennia – the Moon, the Sun and Saturn – whilst in the Epistle to the King there is a reference to Saturn twice being a millennium ruler.

Nostredame appears to have been swayed by his contemporary Roussat’s Trithemian cycle of 354 year periods which was very popular then. Yet if the rulership of Saturn begins in 2241, as Roussat says, then Saturn rules to 2595, Venus to 2949, Jupiter to 3303, Mercury to 3657 and Mars to 4011, yet Nostradamus does not support such an extension despite referring to the period contemporaneous with Nostredame’s own later life as being under Roussat’s Trithemian reign of the Moon.

In AD 1548, the year of Roussat’s ‘Livre de l’estat et mutation des temps’, the world was being lead by the Moon. (It seems that Roussat was using the solar year and not the lunar year.) The Moon’s reign had started somewhere from 1533 to 1535 and ended around 1881. Then the Sun has taken over, up to AD 2241. Saturn will pick up the leader’s baton in 2241. However this is conditional, he said, on the continuing existence of the world. (In Roussats Livre de l’estat, Saturn is mentioned as perhaps taking up his governance for a fourth time, so he was staying open-minded as to when the End would come.) His periodic frame utilized eras of 1750 years each and from this he wondered whether we would actually complete a full cycle. Really, this was the psychological effect upon him of Middle Eastern religions and we in the West are still being conditioned by the Hebrew-Judaen notion of apocalypse. Most other religions of the World are set within an eternality of existence and do not frighten folk with apocalyptic literature. To put it another way, he bowed to Holy Scripture as his main authority and for which he then searched-out a support in astrology.

The Judeo-Christian-Islamic imagery is clear: under the sway of Capricorn the Horned Sea Goat will be both Saturn the bringer of age, the ender of life, and Mars the the masterful, the malefic, the malicious. Therefore, the abhorently destructive Antichrist must arrive within one of the 1750-odd yearly portions and not at the end of one. (I’ll contain myself here to pointing out that the Antichrist is never described as anti-Jesus but as anti-Christ and the Jews do not agree at all that Jesus of Nazareth was the Judean who is their long-awaited Messiah-Christ anyway whilst the Moslems see Jesus as a returning prophet who will be a major hero of their Apocalypse, not as a Jewish or Christian Christ.)

According to the Bible, only God knows when the world will end and one section says that it comes without warning whilst another lists 7 telling signs that we have already lived with virtually continously throughout recorded history. Roussat, a Christian, follows this ‘Last Judgement’ notion without counting-in the One Thousand Years in which Satan will be absent and so we have ourselves alone to blame for any reproach of our actions. (Very probably right now.) This is fairly wise as the Hebrew habit of predicting periods of time is rigorous over numbers but obfuscates over the given units, so it could just as well mean 1,000 days or whatever. Likewise, the Seven Days of Creation could mean 7 epochs, 7 hours or 7 other temporal units.

The Preface or Épître à César’ contains Nostradame’s ‘perpetual vaticinations, for now and up to the year ‘3797’. This means that Saturn is an Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, whereas Roussat projects Mars as the planet or demi-god or angel that will be ruling at AD 3797. It seems this is no more than a date of some event and not necessarily the End of Time which is possibly in some millennium ahead.


Michel composed books of prophecies which he wanted to condense somewhat obscurely. That work comprises prophecies from his day up to the year ‘3797’.

Even discounting the suspicion that Michel was a ‘closet Lutheran’ and Martin Luther believed the End Time would occur by 1600, I must suspect this 3797 as being Nostradame’s ‘almost-a-red-herring’. We are thus thrown back awhile upon the arithmetical significance of 3797.

I do not believe that Michel was a pure mathematician as such, nevertheless he was schooled enough to apply Celestial Art-Science and may have been especially interested in the School of Pythagoras. The members of the Pythagorean group had focused mainly on mystic numerology and investigated the properties of ‘prime, perfect and amicable numbers’. Prime numbers of great size are still being discovered and this grouping is seemingly endless and possesses sub-sets also.

Regarding 3797, numericists can read that both the first three digits, 379, and last three, 797, are genuine prime numbers. So are the pairs 37, 79 and 97. Also the first and last numbers, 3 and 7, are primes. Is all this unique? Apparently 3797 is the only four-digit prime number that all these aspects will fit to and this makes me wonder.

(With thanks and respect to the Internet/www numericist-mathematician Sreechakra for pointing this up.)

3797 is the only four-digit prime number (i.e. without divisors other than 1 and its own self) that all these aspects will compose.  (By way of contrast the positive integer 9737 has 7 divisors apart from 1 and itself.) 3797 is also the largest discovered value of n that serves up 14n – 13n as a prime. The Roman numerals for 3797 are MMMDCCXCVII.

Nostradamus Quatrain X 74 

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Au révolu du grand nombre septiesme
Apparoistra au temps Ieux d’Hecatombe
Non esloigné du grand eage milliesme
Que les entres sortiront de leur tombe.

Line 2, “Hecatombe’ here could be a portfolio word, a combination of OF ‘hequer’, to cut or cut-off (which looks like ‘to hack’ and similarly seems related to ‘hacher’ to break to small pieces with an ax) and ‘tombe’ a pit in which to bury the fallen together with their funerary monuments.

It also seems probable that it should relate to the fall of Hecate/Hekate, an ancient goddess who rules earth, sea and sky and is usually depicted with torch or key (sometimes facing three ways at once) connected expecially with crossroads, borders and entranceways – in fact a lot like the Statue of Liberty that greeted immigrants sailing into New York harbour. She was a household goddess protective of family yet also associated with fatal pharmacy, poisoning and necromancy. She had been one of the three high goddesses in the Eleusinian Mysteries. In her most universal role she is saviour and soul of the World and mother of angels. Manifold-cum-mysterious. The word ‘America’ may also be found jumbled in the letters of Line 2.

Line 3, is printed with ‘grand eage’ which must be a mistaken ‘grande âge’, mature or high age.

At the turn of the great number seven
(It) will appear at the time of the games of ‘Hecatombe’
Not far from the millennial ‘great age’
That they come out of their graves.

First the ghastly arrive on time then the goodly step into eternity, it seems.



If you’ve had enough of cycles try this for light relief: A PERSONAL STAB AT CHRONOS, REBIRTH (SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT) AND THE NUMBER ‘SIX SIX SIX’

A symbolic (and non-mathematical) justification of the Numeral selection 1 to 9 laid-out in a familiar grid pattern:

(6)     6     6     6    (6)

 6        8     3     4      6

 6        1      5     9      6

 6        6     7     2      6

(6)      6     6     6     (6)

Every line/life has three numbers being the beginning the middle and the end in accordance with ‘the first solarity’ Saturn. (Saturn is Chronos or Father Time who strives to take away the lives he engenders.)

Every straight line addition of three numerals, horizontal vertical or diagonal, sums to 15 which by numerological method (1 + 5) equals 6.

Superficially ‘666’ rules but by extension this becomes 3 or 9,

i.e.,  8 lines of 6 = 48 = 12 = 3 or else 6 x 3 = 18 = 9

3 (1+ 2) is ancient China’s symbol for the constant embrace of Heaven 1 and Earth 2.

The numeral 1 represents universe and unity. It is the highest number possible and all other numbers are fractions of it. The numeral 2 represents the duality inherent to human perceptions of their shared world, starting with ‘I’ and ‘You’ and progressing through the male and female potentials, Night and Day and the Good versus Bad common apperception.

Above the solitary and centrally-drawn straight line, that fascinated the ancients of China so much, as something from out of the blank void of nothing stands the celestial 3: below that line lives the fundamental entanglement process of 1 + 2. What is above is the same as that which is below, perhaps more fully perfected or advanced (for want of a word).

The four corners may cut through the other lines by their diagonals and summate plural interrupted lines/lives. All aspects of the World and each life will appear linear to the experiencer because of our daily superimposition of a grid-like system of apprehension although we travel by other ways in our imagination (which should never have been as undervalued as it has been in the present Age of Reason).

Numeral 9 is like a moment of rebirth, new life for old, the flipped attribute of 6 which is the dead summation of every line/life in the grid. It could, of course, flip or slip back again as “what goes up must come down”.

A gap of 1 exists between the numerals of the frequencies measured in Herz that attach to the ‘Solfeggio’ visible circles of sound. These sonic frequencies are each ‘powerful’ in their own loving and helpful ways, we are told. They are 417Hz (add 1 to each numeral, so 528) 528Hz (+1’s, 639) 639Hz (-1’s, 528) 741Hz (+1’s, 852) and 852Hz (-1’s, 741). Note that 417 will rearrange as 741, 528 as 825 and 639 as 396Hz this being the sole Solfeggio frequency to not have this gap of 1 with another Solfeggio frequency (although if it did we would surely have 285, a further rearrangement of 528 and 852).

Do these and other numerical coincidences prove that our numbers and resultant math pre-existed the Universe? Yes? No? I think it is hardly likely that a plan appeared based on blocks of ten and that our number system has cleverly and curiously agreed with the total of our ape-like counting figures. More likely we humans have turned our hands to inventing and developing a convenient arithmetic that  will either circulate convincingly or else has come very close to, perhaps relative to, a subtle series of numerals as yet unknown from which divine mathematics may seem composed.

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