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Social cycles, business cycles, trade cycles, regional cycles, global cycles, seasonal cycles, Sun cycles, Moon cycles, in-house cycles and personal mind-mood-body cycles. What end is there to the spiralling whorl of interrelated cycles that affect our daily lives? Are they flattened out, all bunched-up in rounds or humped and stretched into a saddle shape? Do they perceptibly periscope or are they laid out on a single plane? Our Sun seems likely to be orbiting around another star somewhere while the solar system has a boundary of sorts that can rythmically inflate or deflate, they say. What sort of cycle shape does that make?

With an expanding increase of expository techniques perhaps we will feel an almost endless need to ask questions – but maybe not. Is this the technological age of Mental Fog by Information Overload?

The familiar old Mayan Calendar requires a simple leap adjustment just once every few thousand years and is cyclical. Their ‘great cycle’ is a division that is then further divided. The Ancient Mayans selected ‘Baktun’ as spokes on this wheel.

“At the time of the  Baktun (12) and Ahua (13) the ancestors shall return and greater wisdom will enter the world.” A Mayan prophecy.

The final Baktun – signifying both material success and an accelerating spiritual amnesia that forces conflict between nature and the super-dominant human ego – commenced with our own Seventeenth Century. Around 1600 Astronomy emerged from Astrology and the worldly clock that had originated in the times of Sargon was re-grafted onto the Christian world by Pope Gregory XIII as the calendrical Moon-cycle gave way to the less exact Solar Calendar.

Of course the clock-case pendulum is a further powerful analogy for social swings and yet revolutions and pendulum swings amount to the same activity, ultimately, and both have their ‘critical turning points’ by design.

Modern mathematical science relies heavily on numerical probability and any spurious claim to absolutism is immediately undermined by that fact alone. Now NASA has announced a probable force that has apparently slowed their long-distance spaceships and that might contradict the known laws of physics if we don’t fix it quickly. So what if ‘psychic phenomena’ might also idle In Here or Out There, mainstream science dismissals notwithstanding? After all, something must occupy adjacent dimensions and their branes, if they exist.

“More depends on what things are called than on what they are,” said Nietzsche (always wrong about Nature, sometimes right about Mankind)

From a  wholeworld investigative point of view the dynamic universe is interlinked processing viewable as one work in progress. In fact, the human urge to interpret through created languages misleads us deeply. Science must reconcile itself to the fact that substantive nouns are birthed in the human brain. The reality is that although we do not have a true verb for dynamism (‘to dynamicize’ suggests that there is a non-dynamic prior state from which to pluck or propel movement but stasis is dynamic too as a conscious stillness is a type of human motion) the dynamics in our universe are ever about the condition of doing things and never about the conjuring of names.

Radio- and TV- and micro-waves are everywhere today and the truth may be that all things are, in a sense, more or less frequent waves. Do some people ‘receive’ the most informative waves more naturally than others with a few being outstanding at these periodic abilities? Remote viewing may or may not happen this way but any travelling into – and so seeing – the future is not ruled out by multi-dimensional physics, at least in theory.

The present reality is not necessarily what was previously considered to be the most probable of a variety of coming futures, although some profit-seekers may claim for themselves a commercially valuable personal predictive accuracy (with the considerable help of luck, hindsight and convenient lapses of memory). But remote future viewing may not be a very practical thing to attempt. One thing that we might deduce from Nostradamus is that any communication with the dead, if possible, is inefficient. Otherwise, Michel would have sent ghosts around on errands, checking-out records and reporting back to him! (I’m presuming he did not.) In the absence of any personal experience of RV we may find ourselves relying upon the vague notion of Energetic Information; something that travels independently from the light dimensions yet comes from the same Ultimate Source as all other natural frequencies.

“The term consciousness is a singular with no plural equivalent” said Schroedinger, hinting at the mistaken physics of localization.

A “former MI6 operative” has claimed publicly that he had official training in Remote Viewing from state authorities. It sounds suspect and he may not be the foremost exponent of the art but he helpfully mentioned that he received a visitation at his workstation that seemed to be darkly brooding and he experienced the sensation that “someone called or being a ‘General’ was present.” Could a Remote Viewer such as he be detected from inside the environment being Viewed and then traced back to their original dimension of reality and faced down somehow? Or maybe he was the one being Remote Viewed? Either way it looks like he experienced a negative reaction which would be exactly the ‘across time interference’ that is effectively used to deny logical time travel.

The opening verse of the Nostradamus Centuries is far less troubled and Michel obviously found no conflict in squaring RV-type time travel, or whatever he was about to take off with, and Astrology’s plotted time cycles.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrains I 1 A SLOPING FLAME and I 2 ALL SYSTEMS GO)

Famously, some cycles were said to convene on 21st December 2012.

(See the Article 2012 NOSTRADAMUS)

They were the Mayan 5,125 years cycle; the approximately 26,000 years Precession cycle through the Zodiac and its more mystifying (to me) 104,000 year or Greater Aquarian cycle.

Astrology also provides an 854-year cycle whereby the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn return to about the same spots as their relative starting positions.

Roussat’s sequential cycle of regnance over all others by the individual planets (as admired but quite possibly re-interpreted by Michel de Nostredame) are tackled in various texts on this website including the Articles CYCLING INTO ETERNITY: EMBEDDED IN TIME and WATCH OUT WORLD! Part 2/3 as well in Note 4 at the foot of the EPISTLE TO THE KING.

Some proto-stars flash cyclically – like intermittent strobes – possibly because they are gravitationally bound to another so creating some periodic interchange that fires their transitory brilliance in a noticeable rhythm.

The Hebrew Gematria

‘By symbols is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched. He everywhere finds himself surrounded with symbols, recognised as such or not recognised.’ Thomas Carlyle, ‘Sartor Resartus’

Starting from the belief that the Hebrew language was bestowed by God and contains qualities inappropriate to imagine in other languages (but the Canaanites of Northern Syria created the religious language that helped birth Hebrew – see the Nostradamus Quatrain X 96 ADALUNCATIF, THE BAAL CYCLE AND VIII 16 FESULAN) it is from this that we get a uniquely empowered form of numerology called Gematria  or Geometrica. This is a technique of allocating a numerical value to a letter or word known as a ‘milui’. The letters spelled out to be complete words are accorded numerical equivalents with the names of those letters being considered as ‘in potential’. There are different numerical equivalents available for some with each held to represent a different aspect of the Divine.

This is the numerics of the Torah and it is vitalized with intricate meanings and usefulness of letters and their suggested numbers. Basically, words have letters that have names that are words in themselves and this is all about developing insights into the true meaningfulness of individual words. A numerical equivalence of two words can open up an internal connection between the creative ouevre that produced each word.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Havayah and we learn that this should be spelled ‘yud, hei, vav, hei’ though usually it goes unpronounced, as is proper. In the ‘milui’ whole-word system the three different accepted spellings of both vav and hei (which appears twice) contribute to the result. The gematria of the letters is an ‘alphabetical’ 22 or 26. The principal miluim (or plural case) of the Divine Name ‘Havayah’, as discussed in Kabbalah, produces the (inner words) x (alternative spellings) column totals which may then be simply grossed up to 232. The four sums totalled therein, 72, 63, 45 and 52 respectively, could therefore be considered to correspond to the four letters of God’s name ‘Havayah’ and this equivalence may be pertinently extended further. In fact, we could start with the 27 milium that may be extruded from the Divine Name and that has a wide range of possible numeric equivalents (with 58 being the mean).

The greatest total is produced by adding all possible milium and this totals 1521 or 39 squared. Which brings us back to ‘Hashem Echad’ or ‘only one God’ that has the milui 39. Other holy excursions exist such as dividing 232 by the figure four which brings us round to 58 again and 232 (which is 1521 divided by four) gives us yehi or ‘Let there be light’.

58 and 13 (the synthesized products of 5 with 8) are favoured numbers of mine and yet it seemed to me, before I ever learned of this Hebrew system, that 232 is the most representative number of the fine tuning or balance of the Universe matter that is reproduced here on Earth. It is a balance that the misuse of fossil fuels generally and oil and gas emissions/excessive waste could be destroying. An over-industrialized Earth may yet feel a need to forfend forcefully against it – and a fate worse than most would be for us to be cast out from the natural environment (which is a crisis that industrial-scale money hunger can easily achieve).

The way I see 232, the opening numeral 2 suggests the potential dipole nature contained by the wholeness apparent in the Universal Oneness and the closing numeral 2 is the Yin and Yang positive and negative polarization of opposites (that in real terms always contain something of each other) as created by our lower human perceptions. The number 3 is the interplaying Triad-Triune-Trinity that is really the expression of 1 (a number too deeply effective to be counted alone, just as the name of God should not to be spoken out loud) plus 2 (its grand emanation, the field of action) giving 3 (the quality of Earth embraced by Heaven). This might also suggest the Expression of the Heavenly Father, the Spirit of the Earthly Mother and the Visitation of the Demi-God Son as well as the Serpent-like Dragon (the fallen angel of fire) the Sea Beast (the possibly alien civilizing influence surfacing from below) and the ‘False Prophet’, the latter needing a brief introduction. This could be a person or else industry-science-technology in general and the invasive USA military industrialists in particular or it might be a cleric who preaches holy war, a long line featuring voices of various religions such as coppery-haired and squinty-eyed Abdullah Azzam, d.1989, (Mabus?) who assumed true spirituality whilst urging bloody death as co-founder of Al-Qaeda or his infamous protégé the ‘political saint’ (a true oxymoron) Osama Bin Laden who was inspiring Moslems to forget that we are all children of the same God and that God is nowhere near as small as Saturn the demigod “who eats all his children”. (Just a thought aside but strange shadows seem sometimes to appear a short time before the real thing.) As our stable holy parent, we might guess that He will neither take one side nor the other in a conflict (yet oversees both in combination?)

In other words, aspects of Heaven influencing aspects of Earth are guided by that Godliness which brings everything into balance, the stabilizer and source of any fine-tuning between willful Mankind and God’s perfect Universe. However, it seems the ‘3’ can be perpetually reinterpreted by Mankind as there is a non-interventional part of ‘1’ waiting to be born inside every new child. This is the unique human attribute of free-will and the rational basis for abstracting knowledge from the hitherto unknown.

Are we each an unsuspecting ‘stargate’ for the One who is the supreme knower-in-waiting?

Additionally, the word-number 232 may be changed by rearranging the numeral-letters around as 322 (the Skull & Bones Lodge Number as it happens) or 223 (a favoured sniper’s ammunition round incidentally).

The two wordforms so produced are a complex yet fully still ‘logos’ and may be held to represent a total meditation beyond the material by the absolute zero mindstate although taking each product separately they then present two warring conditions that annihilate each other and much else besides. Individually they become The Adversary investing in both sides and so summing to a Lose-Lose or Lose-All conflict, unless that deficit is defrayed by the generous spirit that knows only truth.

Looking briefly at 232’s numerology,

2 x 3 gives 6 and then 2 x 32 gives 64. This writes out as 664, the number of Emmanuel.

Looking at 322,

3 x 2 gives 6 and then 3 x 22 gives 66. This spells out as 666, the number of the Beast in Revelation.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain VI 18 THE HEBREW ART)

The Tarot, which originated in noble households of Italy, and the Qabbala, originating from the Jews of the South of France, are systems much later than the Hebrew-Christian bibles and share the number 22 in their structures.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrains V 75 & IV 31 THE TAROT CARDS  and the section on QUABBALA in the Article UNDERSTANDING NOSTRADAMUS: KEYING THE ARCH)

A Numeric Prophecy

A Hebrew-Judaic tradition has it that the enlightened receive 72 divine names of 3 letters each and that Moses reflected upon these at the Red Sea. I have no ken of numbers or letters coming into enlightenment at the spiritual level as everything seems the nameless, blameless One. Quantum theorists seem convinced that the Universe is a quantum computer (a chain of atoms that are Qantum calculators) even though this could be circular thought processing by mathematicians who have only ever perceived their own numeric perceptions.

The 216 letters so produced together with the 32 ways of the Foundation in the Tree of Life tryptich make up 248 (the number of bones of the body).

60 represents the stirrings of the first Messiah (but I don’t know why). 60 + 6 then is the second Messiah. 66 + 6 (666) = 72 which is ‘the 7 that incorporates 10 and 2’ and is the source of all things, adepts say.

The year 5769 (AD 2019) is 72 years from the birth of Israel. It’s redemption will come then from the letter ‘vav’ which apparently allows the confirmatory calculation of Year 666, Millenium 6, Month 6 plus half a month (so in the days of Pesach, Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread).

The Shadowplay of Math

“…what the wave function does is…actually more subtle than a probability, it’s something which uses  numbers which involve the square root of minus 1 for example; that’s mysterious but it’s not inconsistent with mathematics … ” Sir Roger Penrose on the wave function and Schroedinger’s Equation: so is it only a mathematical algorithm or something more rooted in reality? If the numerically non-existent ‘square root of -1’ is not inconsistent with Nature then is our mathematical numericism itself inconsistent with reality?

With modern science and its cosmologies the standard take for just about everything seems to be achieved by treading a line between proceeding with harmonious normality or else falling back into chaos and ruination.  Actually this will fit to any system under ‘explanation’ as all such start with the unfamiliar thing which is then talked into very familiar surroundings before being replaced back into the original unfamiliar surroundings as if now “understood” by a mind that has found a false resolution from its original tension.

We live in such a peculiar state that we are unaware that the ground and what holds us to it and what holds all in motion is propelling us at extreme speeds in concurring curves. Einstein familiarized this lack of effect by speaking of a fall, say, down an elevator shaft, and the cancellation effect of ‘acceleration’ meeting ‘gravity’ that leave us internally unaware of the ongoing fall. What is this magic, an everyday occurrence to a mathematician, that makes ‘real things’ disappear, that may make a nothing out of two somethings?

Math is naked ‘explanation’. Units of items are taken out of their time, explained by common numeric logic and replaced back into that time, now flown past, as if the flow of time would not wither or change them nor relativize them to the biospheric and cultural changes that must inevitably have occurred in the interim. The numerals are taken to be essential but the units they count-out are so being seen as almost irrelevant. The Hebrew Bible goes further and states some faux units – years that are some days, epochs that mean hours – on a basis of interchangeability that is difficult for the modern mind to comprehend. And yet our daily mathematics system assumes an even wider disassociation between finite numbers and their less definite realities. The shipper who counts out a perfect case of tomatoes is not counting the same thing as their importer counting them in when less than perfect after a lengthy journey. Math is very theoretical like that and has to employ extra maths to become less so. Something smells rotten.

What of probable evolutions? Any toy model of the evolutionary state will support a detailed reconstruction and analysis of specific paths between causes and their effects because considered probabilities are always expressed as relative to specific causes. To be scientifically meaningful, the maths of probability must be causally interpreted. All this pre-construction is prerequisite to setting the quizzical mind at rest, and so it will eventually which is how it should be if and only if cause-and-effect sums up all there is.

“Be still and know that I am God” suggests that the secrets of the Universe can be revealed to us but makes no mention of any necessary intellectual processes let alone one based on manipulating and reordering symbols to our mental and emotional satisfaction (while adapting to the latest inconstants demanded by quantum theory).

Painting by Numbers

A collection of math numerals  can never represent an infinity because we can always add one more. And there is no real thing that can be truthfully enumerated as zero. Even a vacuum can never be exactly at utter zero. The ancients did not normally include a symbol for zero in their calculations and individuals who invented such a symbol did so only very, very rarely. To make modern mathematics work we must include and teach symbols for both zero and infinity which are both comparatively recent concepts in the long history of numbers and so to sustain investigation of mathematical logic we must concoct theories of numbers that represent logic paths in the educated mind but do not represent real things in the real world.

By simple numerology (possibly popular with Pythagoras but relegated to pseudomathematics today) the two most famous Nostradamus years will roll-out as

1999 = 1+ 9 + 9 + 9 = 28 = 2 + 8 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1


3797 = 3+7+9+7 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8

In ancient Chinese numerology the number 1 = God Heaven appearing as the powerful vertical signature of the arousing whilst 2 is represented as a supine horizontal portrayed upon two-dimensions implying both something above it and something beneath it. In this philosophy, 2 (which is the Earth, the material world) = the receptive bride of 1 and the number 3 = 1 + 2 (Heaven and Earth) = the indivisible nature of Heaven influencing upon the apparently multifarious Earth. Otherwise this is the Godhead that might be found within all Mankind which in turn implies the metaphysics of 3, including the true trinity whereby one heart may speak to another heart directly through God, wordlessly and without the need for any third party relay system, and the several worlds of our early ancestors (one being the firmament and fundament by day, a second being the sky by night and the third being the imagined path of the Sun after dusk until it reappears at a new position on the horizon the following dawn – the underworld).

8 = time as a jewel upon eternity = wholly good and wholly bad = raising, healing and destroying = the foundational dynamic of everything = a wonderful/terrible number to encounter in everyday life.

Other key numbers include

7 = the invisible influences. By tradition it is the most revered, respected and fundamental number of all in the ancient Near and Middle Eastern cultures: the seminal numeral

and maybe

9 = 8 + 1 = God appearing as everything and in every way at every moment (but this one is IMHO only)

More About 666 (the Beast)

In Revelation, the 6th Trumpet and 6th Bowl follow the 6th Seal or 6,6,6.

Solomon’s annual gold receipts for a year weighed six hundred and sixty-six gold talents. (1 Kings, 10:14)

The Capitol is where Congress meets and is named after the Capitol of Rome dedicated to their elevated demi-god Jupiter. The fasces (from which we derive fascism) are wrapped bundles bearing axe heads and evidently represent the power of the machinery of state to suppress and bind. These appear on the US/USA Senate wall behind the rostrum. All this is built on a plot of WashingtonD.C. said to have been originally numbered 666.

In numerological circles the number 6 is sometimes held to represent that person who has risen ‘higher than angels’ at their moment of greatest enlightenment. 666 might then represent a succession of such people’s experiences. Zoroaster and Jesus of Nazareth should be two of them, perhaps leaving a third to yet appear on the world stage. Mohhamed (pbuh) is a special case and I leave the Buddha aside because his heritage denies God. However, there are many more candidates to be garnered from all over the world. Whilst to assume that a religious leader would be God’s candidate at all may be mere human fancy yet to deny it would be to claim to know the mind of God which is humanly impossible as we do not have sufficient intelligence nor could we create it.

If the Old Testament teaches us any peculiar thing it must be that God seems to favour some very odd choices of persons to advance human consciousness, even people who had previously disgraced themselves socially, who without God speaking through them, as they all claimed, would never be elected by society’s rulers nor by common crewmates let alone by the chattering classes.

Some Moslems have called such oddballs the Malmattiya, the Blameworthy Ones, who disguise their enlightenment and from whose ranks God-Allah exercises a subtle influence over the Material World (which is ultimately doomed). How could such a One be the Beast? Again we turn to numerology which holds that the number of finality is the inversion of the numeral 6, that is 9. By the conventional numerological device of adding the digits of a sum, 666 becomes 18 and 1 + 8 = 9. If 6 be an Enlightened One and 9 be the End of All, then the next historic appearance of a truthful (so ‘worldly unsuccessful’) person of sublime spirit might even point up the End of the World.

(See the Article ADDENDUM AU SUJET DE L’HOMME NICE: the Malamatiyya)

That’s enough of archetypes and their seeming anti-heroes: back to the all-out 666 villain of legend.

The hexagram, used extensively in a magic like Satanism, is a shape made from superimposed triangles, one pointing upward (symbol of fire, male) and the other downward (symbol of water, female). The hexagram has 6 sides, 6 angles and 6 points. The pentagonal Star of David (said to be the same as the star of the god Remphan) also has 6 sides, 6 angles and 6 points. The ‘Islamic Nations’ flag this up as the Morning Star of the world when set together with the symbolic Crescent Moon.

Finally here are some facts and anomalies involving 6.6.6.

We are taught that Revelation says that 666 is ‘the number of the beast’ and that it also stands for a person although some of the earliest known texts used 616.

Nevertheless, if 6 divides ‘God’s chosen 144,000’ three times we get these stages; 144,000/6 = 24,000 then 24,000/6 = 4,000 and finally 4,000/6 = 666.666 reccuring.

6 x 6 x 6 = 216 and the number of the Bible’s chosen 144,000 when divided by 666 is 216.216216 to 6 decimal places.

Further, for you B P oil fans,
O in English Gematria is 90
I                                           is 54
L                                          is 72

whilst ‘British Petroleum’ in English Gematria = 1260 and ‘Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak’ = 1206

Could the above statements  – as picked up by some smart web loggers looking to arithmetic for entertainment – have been calculated by the Revelator, John of Patmos, let alone have been meaningful to him? This highlights the danger inherent in our current choice of numerals; like tinnitus it throws up coherent noise and a nonsensical yet accustomed soundtrack to our lives.


The 354-Year Cycle

The planet Saturn has alternating cycles of 29 and 30 Earth years. Saturn’s orbit x 12 = 354 Earth years .

Reflecting the solar-lunar year 354-days made up from 291/2 days each month, the Jewish year is composed of 6 months made of 29 days each and 6 months of 30 days each.

At the time of the early editions of Nostradamus, French Astrology was attracted to the notion of a recurrent 7 x 354-year cycle with each period assigned to a planetary ruler. At that time the 7 planets were the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. (The Earth was not considered a planet.)

The rulership order adopted was Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, the Moon, the Sun and Saturn and this widely-influential pattern of the time created a sequence of final rulership:

1535 the Moon, 1888 the Sun, 2242  Saturn

The 354-year Cycle was well known to Michel Nostredame and it seems was used by him. (See the Article Watch Out World Part 2  and the footnotes 3 & 4 to the EPISTLE TO THE KING)

2242 also gets some authority from a biblical calculation of the span of years from Adam to the Deluge as detailed in my commentary to the ‘Epistle to the King’ .

The famous last prophetic date of ‘3797’ is simply 2242 with 1555 years added on. (AD 1555 was the year of the very first publication in Nostredame’s series of Centuries.)

The combined Moon-Sun cycle so runs as 1535 through 1888 to 2242 but possibly terminates sooner according to the Preface to Cesar:

‘And now that we are led by the Moon – with the aid of the total power that is God eternal – this, that before it has completed its total circuit the Sun will come, and then … Saturn’s reign will make a return …’

i.e. the last days of the Moon’s rule will be cut short. The spirit of this idea may have come from the Last Days in Revelation but why Nostredame applies the reduction to the close of the Moon’s ruling term rather than the Sun’s changeover to Saturn, which will fit uniquely to the biblical End Time prophecy, we do not know.

“All At Sixes and Sevens”

In contradistinction from the above,

“The Framer made the heavens six in number, and for the seventh he cast into the midst the fire of the sun.”  Plato in his Timaeus

“He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven, there shall no evil touch thee.” The Book of Job (5:19)

When you divide any number by 7 (excepting multiples of 7, of course*) you get the rotating sequence, or cycle, of 142857142

1/7 = 142857
2/7 = 2857142
3/7 = 4285714

*the sole exceptions being 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 56, 63 and so on
which are mutiples of 7 and when divided by 7
must return the whole numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Let’s go on a tad and sort out 8 from 9:

12345679 x 8 = 98765432

Multiply any number by 9 and the basic numerology of adding all the digits must be 9, e.g.,

9 x 9 = 81 and 8 + 1 = 9
123 x 9 = 1,107 and 1+1+0+7= 9
1947 x 9 = 17,523 and 1+7+5+2+3 = 18 and then 1 + 8 = 9

Which is to say that the Numerology of Nine is a simple variation of the Numerology of Three,  or 9 = 3²

The Numerology of Three:

3 x 1 = 3
3 x 2 = 6
3 x 3 = 9

3 x 4 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3
3 x 5 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6
3 x 6 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

3 x 7 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3
3 x 8 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6
3 x 9 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9

The Numerology of Nine:

Not only does 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1
2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2
3 + 9 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3
4 + 9 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4  etc.,

but also

1 + 18 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1
2 + 27 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2
3 + 36 = 39 = 3 + 9 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3
4 + 45 = 49 = 4 + 9 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4  etc.

and again

1 x 18 = 1 + 8 = 9
2 x 27 = 54 = 5 + 4 = 9
3 x 36 =108 = 1 + 0 + 8 = 9
4 x 45 = 180 = 1 + 8 + 0 = 9  etc.

How about some of the other digits? Nostradamus states categorically “73 years 1 month and 7 days” in the Preface to Cesar and “73 years, 7 months” in his Epistle to the King and Roussat chooses the same three digits in his period of “177 years, 3 months and 11 days” mentioned in the ‘Livre de l’estat’.

The meaning behind all of this is unknown to me as yet.

It’s not so difficult to juggle even the most notable dates by adopting a different perspective on recorded history. On just what day did something really start or actually end? On the official date or an equally justifiable moment on some alternative day? Such is political history. This way we could easily fit 73 years 1 month and 7 days into the history of the Soviet Union or use a multiplier/divider to slither some other dithered period into this. Or substitute the number 1 by the number of a month, say 9 for September so making the string 73 9 7, reminiscent of the mysterious 3797 in Nostradamus. Personally, I don’t have invincible faith in our numerals and therefore in our number-tumbling also but most do and society has been persuaded to accept numerical math as ‘a priori’ and even ‘before the Big Bang’ which it could not reasonably be, could it? Yet some brilliant mathematicians and physicists and cosmologists are gripped with a sort of religious awe by such math items as pi. The alternative is to see pi as representing a true but undiscovered whole number as opposed to our present off-the-mark use of numerals. Or perhaps there are no ‘whole numbers’ in a world where all is interconnected and the apparent boundaries or surfaces are either inconsistent, inconstant or illusory.

Einstein solved cosmic problems non-mathematically at first and then applied math to the solution (with the help of some friends from his college days who were pure mathematicians as luck would have it) to make his theories work acceptably for his science peers. The chicken then the egg.

Straight Line Curves, Loops or Circles?

Warning: the traditional educational methods commonly rooted in post-Roman Imperial environments and the teaching-by-rote methods inherent elsewhere have produced successive generations who are addicted to linear cause-and-effect presumptions in a parallel conflict with the cyclical theories of history as much as to ‘trend analysis’, ‘distribution sampling’, ‘probability theory’ and the circulating herd mentality which spirals out the common concept of ‘social circle’. We find that Nature does not reflect these on a mixed communal level of adaptive complexity, such as in the world’s forests. These demonstrate great biological complexity in their daily coherence, balancing successfully on the edge of sudden collapse over very prolonged periods of time. (The same tightrope-walking effect has been noticed across the physical Universe.) We mistake the tactical routines used in this interdependent environment for a strategic stability – which it is in one sense only; that we may depend on it for some of the time but by that same accustomization will fail to forecast its upcoming degredation into a rapid reversal.

Any accurate forecasting of sudden collapse would then come close to the definition of madness – one observing life to behave differently to that presumed unquestionable by the greater majority of his fellows.

Forest fire is predictable because wood burns and flame spreads easily in the forest but this does not stop us undertaking forestry simply because that event’s timing and its width and depth are not so apparent or foretellable and so we may dream that it will not happen ‘on our watch’ plus we are inured by our applications of the theory of the circulating herd, i.e. we do not normally stand at the herd’s perimeter where the predators will strike for long enough or often enough for this to be a big risk to ourselves although, naturally, somebody must get slaughtered sometime (but probably not right now, right here).

The Science of Economics has been especially poor in forecasting ‘economically deviant’ behaviour such as workers demanding an annual increase in income uplifted because of the past year’s inflation PLUS upraising it also to reflect expectations of the coming year’s inflation. This actually defeated most economic forecasters around the time of the major oil-price hikes of 1974. The abysmal bank bailouts of 2009 were not foreseen at all. Surely gov should help bail-out the people, not the banks? Well, we have all been scammed sometime, such is comfort-making, cosy confidence. Commercial Social Security payments are going out on a vast scale to faceless legal corporations with repayments being the duty of the national social security number holders, this being the privatized Central Bank’s lateral extractions by value from the fruits of individual labours (much like farming, mining and fishing the people).

In contrast, Silicon Valley’s truly get-rich-quick winners were rapidly investing emotionally into new IT ideas, even embryonic ones, so making this adaptive complex, sans economic determinism, a hotbed of growth and gain-making that was entirely independent of any detectable increase in the underlying consumer demand – and did this as successfully as the Broadway Show producers or Hollywood movie promoters ever have. This was impossible to predict using mainstream academic tools. Yet most all zones of profitability could suffer a severe knock at any time should a small fluctuation bring an entire electrical grid over a large region to a halt, as it has already done in this millenium. (And the unexpected result of the first aerial nuclear bomb detonation was that it took-out all electrical systems over an extended area by simply exerting its Electro Magnetic Pulse.) Political systems are necessarily complex, attempts at centralization notwithstanding. Any of the type may one day destabilize themselves swiftly. Not only did the French monarchy fall from grace into living hell at a stunning speed but many of the most revered revolutionary leaders did also.

Buddha Gautama is said to have opined about the turning of the wheel of Dharma once in every 25-26 centuries, that these revolutions would be spun by a succession of global spiritual figures each shifting us up through the gears of consciousness.

From Here To Eternity

“Eternity is very long, especially towards the end.” Woody Allen

The precessional ‘cosmic year’ of around 26,000 years is perhaps not yet properly understood despite millennia of firm beliefs about it. It is deemed to rotate from the North Ecliptic Pole within Draco’s serpentine curves. The ancients were able to make very precise calculations and predictions from their observations of the zodiacal rotation. It’s thought that our precessional motion tilts towards and away from a galactic centre.

Are we participating in an endless cycle of ‘seasons’ or a fixed sequence terminating in time?

“The age of iron (the Kali Yuga) has no other seal than that of Death. Its hieroglyph is the skeleton, bearing the attributes of Saturn: the empty hourglass, symbol of time run out.”
(Attributed to French alchemist, Fulcanelli)

Whereas the alchemical ages are said to be at quadrants of approximately 6,500 years each, the Hindu ages of the Yuga are of decreasing time lengths. Hindu Vedic texts tell that the Satya Yuga or the splendorous and peaceful Golden Age age lasts all of 1,728,000 years with neither conflicts nor evils. Next comes the Treta Yuga or Silver Age that lasts 1,296,000 years as entropic deterioration creeps in as corruption and evil starts up on the planets of the heavens. A third age comes called the Dvapara Age (Bronze Age) that lasts 864,000 years and ushers-in the disharmonious fall of humanity.  The final age of 432,000 years is here right now and is called the Kali Yuga (Iron Age). Clearly it may be categorized as a time of greed and corruption, wars and famines, disease and destructiveness.

These Ages grow shorter in the ratio 5:4 and their mettle grows coarser too. It is interesting that Revelation reckons that the End Time will culminate in a period when the days are foreshortened because God mercifully wishes to limit the amount of human suffering involved. So are we experiencing a sequence or a cycle?

The Cyc-ology of Solar Years

The ratio by length of Lunar years to Solar years is about 50 to 48.45

Once upon a time the English month was twenty nine and a half days long, from one full moon to the next. Stone circles still exist that match-up Moon motion with Sun motion, producing a 19 year cycle. Just as Webster’s Dictionary cancelled repeat letters in many American-English words in an act of ignorance (as almost every letter in the English alphabet has both pull- and push-sounds, hence ‘il-legal’ or ‘im-moral’ although pro linguists, academic phonetics profs, et cetera, have failed to notice that it seems) so similarly the Romans had simplified the system of time without knowing what harm might result from that. (Where are the distinctly diminutive yet dominant Romans  now? Their descendants were largely assimilated, I guess, never to return.)

The 25,920-year cycle is Precessional, so of the Solar Orbital System and its planet’s vagaries. It’s too long for full intelligent observation of it but some claim it marks out distinct ages both of the Planet Earth and of humanity’s inhabitance of it.

The 12,960-year cycle is linked to the above.

The 2,160-year cycles are divisions of the above held to relate to the cycle of civilization or the cycle of religion or the precessional passage from one zodiacal constellation to the next or simply a spin of the Zodiac. (The 1080-year cycle is an oppositional time, less like a wheel than the returning swing of a pendulum, wearing away what was established by the 2,160-year cycle).

The 3,440-year cycle is supposedly linked to sunspots shifts.

The 5,200-year cycle is of the Mayan calendar system.

The 11-year cycle is the well-known Cycle of Sunspots’ during which there are distinct troughs and peaks in superficial solar activity as observed scientifically from the Earth. (This 11-year Cycle of Solar Activity is sometimes re-expressed as the 22-year cycle and has been used less scientifically  to interpolate with peaks in other cycles so as to modify/justify a cyclical pattern in relation to actual events)

The following group of cycles are from the observations of keen individuals rather than the common weald:

A 720-year cycle is held by some ‘spiritual historians’ to cover development and changes of belief: a 540-year cycle is near enough the sum of 7 x 77 (539) taken by some as being Biblical and by others as numerically superstitious and that is held to relate to mass migrations: a 360-year cycle is an observation taken from political history and refers to regimes and ideologies, sometimes re-expressed as the 180-year cycle of change in political movements: yet another variation is the 288-year cycle of ‘new ideas’, a broader and deeper notion.

There are some personal and ‘outside’ ideas that have circulated on the world-wide-web. One is that the Roman Church was “drunk with the blood of the saints” for 1260 years from 538 AD to 1798. In 538, after the Roman Empire, the Eastern Emperor Justinian issued a decree that made the Pope the lawful Head of all the Holy Churches. This promotion up to heavenly status may have begun the time of the ‘antichrist’, in effect a system rather than any one person. In 1798 the Napoleonic army entered Rome to dismantle the Papacy and exiled Pius VI from Rome.

Another and less lucid ‘666’ oddity is that there there are 6.66 x 3,600 year cycles making four 24,000 year cycles adding up to a 96,000 year grand cycle. I’m not sure what to do with this!

Then there’s the astonishing pyramids. The Great Pyramid at Gizeh aligns with Orion at just one point in the entire precession (probably in BC 11,450, around the time it was built) and so can be used to delineate time events as the precession cycles around.

As mentioned earlier, some proto-stars flash cyclically – like intermittent strobes – possibly because they are gravitationally bound to another so creating some periodic interchange that fires their transitory brilliance in a noticeable rhythm.

The Mayan’s one famous calendar (among several they used that were more developed than ours today) did not extend beyond AD 2012 which caused some to claim yet another End of the World and also that both Nostradamus and the I Ching fully concur with this. No, the ‘Opera Nostradamus’ does not. No, the I Ching cannot. It’s a book to help people make decisions that affect the future but it’s not a book of published predictions.

(See the Article 2012 NOSTRADAMUS)

So what’s it all about? Individual personal development embedded in metaphysical and natural stages of change for the planet and all aboard her. According to the ancients we may be approaching initialization of the highest level of nine sequential turnarounds, that of the new consciousness, that will cap the universal pyramid. It is supposedly required that humanity take part in this changing away from the stage of duality or divergence as the positive outcome needs to be ‘light unity’ and not dread ‘dark unity’. Our contributions should create this intended result, we are warned. The eschatological component is in the last throes of the stage of divergence and our fear of the unknown to come, the lack of practical trust in the Divine that plagues humanity and renders the religious half-hypocritical. Today it is not adherence to divisive promises nor public belief in the existence of God that matters so much as absolute and demonstrable trust in God’s will to provide support for us personally, no matter how mysterious that seems. This comes by noticing most the experiences that reinforce a strong sense of inner-outer unity, the intellectual opposite of reductionism. If we can carry the balance of human life in that direction a convergence of consciousness may yet happen, they say.

According to data collected by Albuquerque’s Foundation for the Study of Cycles, many modern studies in biology, cosmology, physics, variously suggest that electromagnetic-gravitational activities affect patterns of growth in many of our planetary species.

Astral Years

As stated above, 25920 years/12 = 2160 years and this is the so-called cycle of civilization, also religion, as based upon the zodiacal precession in relation to the Earth. To at least one numerologist studying year-cycles the most perfect base number is 25,920 years which
he divides by 12 and then by 2 and he calls this section of 1,080 years the cycle of conflict that then engineers the second half of the 2160 years. Nostredame writes that Saturn will take its governing turn  again at End Time. (Which of these subsequent turns is the true interloper?)

2160 divided by 3 = 720, a conventional year-cycle that subdivides into 3 general phases as suggested by a Reverend Father Poucel. Interestingly, his first phase of 720 years then constitutes the proffering or prophetizing of a religion, the second is the cardinal-doctrinal or ‘ordered’ stage and the third phase is “the prevalence of cosmic force over mental strength”. By his rules the years from approximately AD 1 up to and around 720 would be the least easily understood phase of the Christian era and in that he found a prime example of what he was looking for. (As seekers generally do, even or especially in Space exploration where we always seem to find what we have suspected.)

From approximately 720 to roughly 1440 (give or take a few decades) the scene changed and then it was the 1440-1770 era of the Church Hierarchical dominating both the common people and kingly governances although from about 1440 to around 1760 a spirit of change blows people’s thoughts about and the reformists and other replacement ways start-in on their own initializing phases.

1440 is at the beginning of the European Renaissance, with classical ideas revived and spreading from Italy into France. It followed-on almost immediately after the fall of pivotal Constantinople/Istanbul.

At this time, over in Germany/Bohemia, some anti-ecclesiastical complaints were getting aired and initially met with the Church death penalty. Martin Luther’s radical refutations of the detested Church theology (which was simultaneously domesticated and remote) did root, however, then branching out and blossoming beyond the wish of Luther’s basically conservative personality. By 1760 a new dominance of secular forces over religions had begun in earnest, especially in France, and Luther’s despised ‘devil’s harlot’, the Age of Reason, was soon to be upon us.

We are now approaching the close of that era, sometime around AD 2160 or probably before as it happens, when the long astro-cycle will have adjusted the booster-rocket angles of Spaceship Earth yet again.

As a local summary of cycles there is the 540 year cycle (2160 divided by 4) noted by some numerologists as being Biblical or else superstitious (7 x 77 = 539) or otherwise we may note that 360 (2160 divided by 6) gives us the supposed 2160/6 = 360 year cycle of procedural changes and internalizing ideologies or else 30 (360 divided by the frequently arrayed number 12) will then represent the cycle that seems to apply best to political regimes. These ideas all seem to fit best to French history, say the 540 years from 1429 (Joan of Arc, Paris parliament) to 1968/9 (the “youth revolution” erupting in several countries and marking something of a motivational shift in France.)

Some see a cycle now turning that can bring the return of old Rome to this current age. Not necessarily Rome the place but the spirit of some New Rome. (A somewhat brutally divisive general morality in Rome had certainly added to the continued existence of strict laws of trade and the Constantinian Christian ethics as were transplanted by Rome all over the Western Empire.)

The Seasons

It is untrue that the whole world experiences all four seasons. Subequatorial climes have only two – wet hot and dry hot – that are now blurring into each other more and more. (And yet the seasoned eye can still detect faint traces of what inspired Vivaldi so much). Nostredame gives us only a few seasonal clues, such as noting that when the roses are blooming the Pope will suffer.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain II 97 BEWARE THE IDES OF MAY)

Much more important to him were the regular events of the heavens.

It was widely said that on December 21st 2012 the solar system would reach the conclusion of a 5,125 year natural cycle and fearfully strange changes could appear in the world system. Well, the solar system is not as perfect as celestialists once thought and, anyway, it was an unfounded prophecy. Yet where would we be if the tides were suddenly changed in power and determination or if the day became stretched out or the solar year quickly contracted? The many observed cycles of time are levered by gearing up to each other. What if the gearings should change?

In 2040 all planets of our solar system will line up in a straight line, probably for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years. But the line is theoretical, not real, and it all depends upon what we call a planet and a plane in Space where ‘up’ and ‘down’ are perhaps mere human interpretations.

Of interest is that the Islamic date for End Time or Judgement Day is supposed for the Year of Haj that gives us 2076 whereas the Jewish eqivalent is in late 2240.

The Preface to Cesar  mentions the “last conflagration”, an astrological expression related to the Sun. On February 27, 1554, an astrological conjunction occurred that must have been strikingly meaningful to Michel Nostredame and his contemporaries: a conjunction of the Sun with Mars in Pisces at a time when Pisces had a lesser zodiacal longitude than the Sun. The knowledgeable astrologer and Nostradamus researcher T.W. van Berkel finds this especially revealing on the subject of Nosredame’s employment of dates and numbers to his particular form of Astrology, likely a self-determined one. Certainly, the ‘Opera Nostradamus’ is full of apparent contradictions or errors on dates and epoch lengths. It appears to me that Michel may possibly have confused these as deliberately as he did the sequencing of the quatrains.

Biblical Chronology and Errancy

Revelation 16:4-6 – The Third Vial Pours Blood Upon the Rivers

 “And the third messenger did pour out his vial to the rivers, and to the fountains of the waters, and there came blood … because blood of saints and prophets they did pour out, and blood to them Thou didst give to drink …”

This appears to be a ‘reverse prediction’ as it occured during the first Egyptian plague (Exodus 7:19-24) and commentators for more than a hundred years have been linking these Vials of Revelation to the plagues of ancient Egypt.

N. B. As the Nile waters rise in late June a dark red coloration can occur because of red silt carried downstream. A recent commentary suggests this could be a result of the Minoan (Thera/Santorini) Eruption in the Aegean Sea. That eruption dates to 1645-1600 BC by carbon dating.  (But such dates may have been derived by applying debatable historical assumptions to the relationships between C-14 and C-12 carbon dating results.) The Biblical date for the Exodus is 1450 BC and archeological dating methods arrive at around 1550 BC.  On considering Nostredame to have supplied conflicting biblical calculations in his Epistle to the King we should remember that the OT also has conflicting accounts. For example, Genesis has three references (7:11, 7:17, 7:24, 8:3) that allow us to attempt to calculate the duration of the flood but this will only resolve by spacious interpretation of the text.

What about Biblical Inerrancy? More Western folk believe in this than casual atheists and others might suppose. Curiously, Exodus sees water turned to blood as a group punishment whereas the Protestant Communion of blood taken in the form of wine or the Roman Catholic’s assertion that Communion wine is mysteriously transformed into actual blood is held as a reward for Baptism and the Confirmation of Faith. Another curious-in-hindsight dicta occurs in Exodus 20:25, “If you make an altar of stone for Me, you shall not build it of cut stones, for if you wield your tool on it, you will profane it.” So much for the efforts of blessed masons down the ages.

Did Moses write the first five books of the Hebrew Bible? Some swear blind that he did whilst the disbelievers insist that editors must have pored over them later. A Sixteenth Century Flemish Catholic, Andreas van Maes, and two Jesuit scholars suggested that this was done to be helpful over such as ancient place names. They were placed in a state of disgrace by the Vatican. Over centuries, Middle East place names certainly can be found to have been changed or else have been transferred around somewhat alarmingly.

How does Inerrancy square with a godly deception in 2 Thessalonians 2:11?

“And because of this shall God send to them a working of delusion, for their believing the lie”

I think that there are two possible interpretations for this verse;

‘Apparently, as they are refusing to accept Truth, God causes a work of error or majestic act of delusion to lead the people to believe some lie that is being peddled amongst them’


‘God mysteriously supports some negative ploy or illusion that sweeps across world history’ such as what seems to have followed upon ‘9/11’.

(Also see the Nostradamus Quatrain I 91 in VI 11 and V 65 and I 91: ‘191 IS THE REAL 911’)

The original Greek used in Thessalonians could mean either “sends” or “is sending”. In the present tense, Paul’s “man of sin” is, perhaps, a known contemporary. It’s possibly something to do with the Roman Empire. Pontius Pilate was answerable to his superior in command, the Governor of Syria, as well as to Rome (thanks to Herod customarily addressing his written complaints directly to the Emperor) and could easily find himself hindered from above as much as by local politics or familial influence. All Israel was answerable to some extent to both Roman Law and power and Jewish Law/the Sanhedrin (to which Saul is supposed to have belonged according to the Talmud).

Alternatively this is Saul’s/Paul’s “mystery of iniquity”, a phrase for which there are two possible interpretations:

That which has its darkest deeds concealed by the creeping influence of corruption and pretended devotions but which will be rooted out in good time – by Paul’s early concept of Holy Trinity. (2 Corinthians 13:13)


The mystery of the all-powerful God having allowed such iniquity to roam the human landscape in the first place. What deeper meaning could this have for us?

They are both supported by various OT verses, such as 1 Kings 22:22,

“and he saith, I go out, and have been a spirit of falsehood in the mouth of all his prophets; and He saith, Thou dost entice, and also thou art able; go out and do so.”

A common idea goes that the Hebrews took each thousand years as being only one day for God. Both the Jewish calendar and the OT reflect another idea, that on the seventh day, everything that belongs to God will return to God. There is also the matter of Nostredame’s Seven Millennial Ages. The End Time is marked here by Saturn twice taking his turn as ruler. This is an echo of Revelation or else comes from a tradition echoed by Revelation wherein the ‘Antichrist’ rises from the dead and so becomes ‘the eighth, though he is of the previous seven’. If Saturn resurrected is the attractive but devilish Antichrist then the Christ is the enflamed crystal clarity of the Sun. In his Epistle to the King Nostradame speaks of the Biblical calendar, holding it to be solar. Curiously, the Judeans calculated the year from the motions of the Moon. And for three days in the month the Moon disappears altogether only to reappear like Jonah from the belly of the whale that swallowed him.


The Antichrist Cometh


1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

 L’antechrist trois bien tost annichilez ,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
Les heretiques mortz, captifs, exilaz,
Sang corps humain eau rogie gresler terre.

The Antichrist very soon wipes out the three,
Twenty seven years bloody war it flows OR the Royal pursues his war.
The dissenters dead, captives, exiles;
Blood human bone red water hails down to grizzled ground.

(See the section on VIII 77 in the Article LA CANNON’S NOSTRADAMUS AND OTHER WORLD’S END GAME PLAYERS  and the Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 77 THE EXTENDED VERSION)

Or, as rendered by Edgar Leoni,

“The Antichrist three very soon annihilated,
Seven and twenty years of blood will his war last:
The heretics dead, captives exiled.
Blood human body water reddened on land to hail.”

This quatrain is quite certainly apocalyptic. “The heretics” was a loaded expression in Nostredame’s lifetime meaning the many disaffected with the Catholic Church and its system of worship, whilst “on land to hail” is probably a time and place marker indicating hailstorms, here possibly of human blood and water.(All hail is especially important news in agrarian societies for whom it is frequently a crushing crop disaster.)

In the first line of Leoni the verb condition is plural, so ‘three Antichrists’ or else “Antichrist three very soon …”

What is an anti-christ? What is a christ? These are titles belonging to ideas, not persons. We are in the realm of ‘shorthand’ if we automatically take ‘christ’ as meaning Jesus of Nazareth. Rather it was a Greek translation of Messiah, a long-standing Hebrew word for a fairly common nationalistic concept blending the tribe and state with religion, the heaven-sent ruler whom we outwardly adore as if a faultless High Priest with a Saintly Diploma as a Perfect Judge. In fact it is that now mythical personage, ‘a Good and Great King’.

Anti-christ could then mean anti- the Christ or simply anti- any definition of christhood or goodly kingship. Two versions may be had by either reversing the ways of a christ to produce the nature of an anti-christ or by an emulation of the historic ways of a christ (specifically a duplicate of Jesus as the Christ) with a nasty turn being taken at some point. Much has been written about the Pseudochristos, attributing even a ‘virgin birth’ to him. Whatever, a christ-type is a difficult act to follow. (The other verbal christ-contender was ‘Chrestus’ which was a contemporary name meaning ‘biddable good servant’ – as Jesus portrayed when He broke apart from the Jewish social mores at the Last Supper – and this title/name was frequently conferred upon newly-purchased slaves.)

Many people have felt their childhood’s joy depleted by constant parental reminders of a loved child who died before they were born. The problem is that they cannot compete ‘on a level playing-field ‘ because the memorable other is no longer around to make those mistakes that we all make given enough time. A returned Jesus who stayed overlong might eventually let the human side blunder and so Himself fall into the anti-Christ trap. Or He might not fit to ‘a Christ’ at all because there may never have been any such thing outside of earthly doctrinal concepts and Jesus upheld goodness but not the legalism of strict doctrines.

‘Antichrist!’ is most likely to be heard as an emotional slander or a provoked criticism. It suggests mostly a creepy copy of Jesus the Christ-figure or some plain anti-religiosity/anti-monarchism – the two were often confused. Nostredame seemed to be deeply religious and a monarchist. It’s so easy for royalists to nominate Antichrist candidates from anti-royalist histories. Cromwell and Napoleon, for example, or more generally the British, French and American revolutionaries who founded the disparate triad of nation-states that would soon industrialize to take over much of the world. Or Catholics looking for the mendosus ones in anti-Church history; Luther and many more who attacked established Christianity. (A Calvinist leader even went into print to revile Nostradamus.) A heartless trio could easily be selected from the French Revolution’s leaders – that era being exceptionally factional and bloody – or it could be the three fellow-fascists who displaced the leading royalty of Europe in the bloody Twentieth Century: Franco, Hitler and Mussolini. (Not to mention Pinochet and company in South America). Or the combined effect of Lenin, Marx and Stalin or simply the three greatest death-bringers of all time: Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Hitler in descending order of body-counts. Then there’s Pol Pot and less well-sung massacrees including a US presidential advisor …

Then there is the little matter of what is ‘an evil act beyond the Christ to perform’?

How about David answering King Saul’s demand for 100 Philistine foreskins in lieu of dowry by slaughtering exactly double, 200 men, and delivering their foreskins like a dutiful, if crowing, future son-in-law? (1 Samuel 18: 25-28) Or what of Elisha, who causes water and fire to part for him by waving Elijah’s cloak (‘chariots of fire’) then mysteriously provokes some she-bears to tear open 42 children who have mocked his baldness? (2 Kings 2)  Both cases are curiously worded as Biblical proof of Yahweh’s love for these ‘ante-the-Antichrist’ evil-doers. (Evil? What else to call these actions?)

Could Nostredame have become  a Protestant sympathizer? Was that before or after he scryed the revolutionary fervours and the depraved religious wars then simmering and too soon to come? Was the “Antichrist three” the doctrinal Holy Trinity of Rome? Most probably not. Before it became a Church doctrine this was a sacred conjuction, in threes or fours, of the ‘holy nuclear family’ in various ancient faiths. (A key to fully understanding religions and holy myths is in accepting that they are all monotheistic at base.)

The Triangular Trade was also a three-cornered evil, slavery in itself being ‘anti-Jesus’ and yet a Christian-Muslim condoned social-commercial activity.

Twenty seven years of war sounds a lot like “The Thirty Years War” covered by Nostredame’s quatrains although a ‘War of 27 years’ occurred in India from 1681 to 1707. This largest war ever in all-India was started by the dominant Mughals within a year of the death of Shivaji, the founder of the rival Marathas Empire. Another war that lasted exactly 27 years occurred in Angola after independence, the Civil War of 1975 to 2002. The final ceasefire came after the killing of Unita leader Jonas Savimbi. (Taking ‘v’ as ‘u’ – as is repeatedly the case with Nostredame’s writings – his surname contains ‘Mabus’).

War-scarred countries have always fallen behind the rest of the world by the number of years they have fought, as new business methods and socio-medical developments never get learned by them and make-do-and-mend becomes the prevalent mindset. Angola suffered subsequent harvest and meat shortages and widespread poverty. Refugee slums abounded. Oil industry activity did not reflect the wealth of the people. (Transparency International has noted that many countries with exploited oil resources experience “inexplicable poverty”.) Corruption becomes an infestation. The trickle-down theory of economics is ridiculous at the best of times. After the war everyone was expected to be out for themselves, 100% driven to overcome previously endless deprivations and to flaunt the relative privilege that competitive acquisitions of personal wealth will bring.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was established in 1945 but conflict continued until the almost unresisted fall of Saigon in 1975. However around 1972 the American Army withdrew its main troop bodies from South Vietnam leaving mostly aircrews and administrators, making the outcome inevitable. United Vietnam is ruled by a political triumvirate.

(There was a curious parallel between Angola and Vietnam. The major powers avoided involvement in Angola forefearing ‘another Vietnam’. Government and Cuban troops and planes with napalm destroyed villages along the “Castro Corridor” where government troops shot all males ten years old or over to destroy the supply of new rebel soldiers. Napalm and bullets as a figured hail of human blood and water?)

The unplaced clue is “captives exiled” which sounds quite biblical. Irish folk were sent to the West Indies as slaves by the Cromwellians, Africans to the USA via the Triangular Trade and, in one sense, ‘captive exiles’ could sound like the Pilgrim Fathers settling in America or the colonial Australians who were given the chance to leave prison in England if they would only re-establish their lives over there. Even the USA’s ‘Indian Reservations’ could be described as ‘captives exiled’ just like any other internment. The recent CIA policy of taking prisoners off from mainland America or elsewhere (including international airport transit lounges) to any country other than their own as long-term interrogatory prisoners also fits well to anti-Jesus behaviour. Following a President Clinton directive FEMA has constantly built and maintained in excess of 800 American mainland concentration camps, mostly still empty (and at the ready but for God knows what) over decades. Now there are empty mass graves complete with covered-over concrete tombs and stacks of triple coffins prepared and ready in several States also.

Many Nostradamus interpreters guess that this verse refers to the last of three separate Antichrists, despite the grammar, and that the 27 year war is yet to come or else – should we look to Donald Rumsfeld for a 1985 start-date for US plans to take over some key installations in the Middle East – this is contemporary with severe discomforts to conscience experienced by Western peoples in the year 2012. (But it has not ended there.)

The End Time

During the Sixteenth Century, almost everyone in Europe expected the End of the World for all sorts of different reasons, including the threat of Turks approaching Vienna. Religion was the way of expressing all important ideas in Sixteenth Century Europe. Every little thing could be taken as ‘God’s purpose’. The Bible itself had been made both remote and domestic in the hands of the Church. From the beginning of the Sixteenth Century, the Second Coming was anticipated imminently, implying the Christian Apocalypse.

Lutheranism and reform chuches embraced holiness as being within Christendom exactly as Catholicism had directed it, i.e. to belong within ‘God’s People’ was to belong in an official congregation related directly to Christendom.

The Anabaptist Christians were Calvin reformists and Lutherans cum pre-Constantinian primitives. They rejected all infant baptism with its declaration of infantile faith as being outside the New Testament accounts – as was much of conventional Christianity such as a formal clergy – and demanded that all goods be held in common in accordance with the dictat of violent Peter. Here was a decoupled understanding of Church and State with a higher church being only for the supreme elect. As most common folk believed the Catholic Church’s teaching that dead infants went to Hell if not baptized, this was deeply opposed by many.

Sixteenth Century Europe was in crisis with people hyper-aware of portents and omens. The 1492 fall of Islamic Spain followed by spain’s Jews expelled and now the Turks ‘at the gates of Europe’ looked too much like the Book of Revelation to many.

Then came the Siege of Münster in 1534-35, after socially radical Anabaptists with strictly literal interpretations of Scriptures had tried to create the New Jerusalem in Old Germany. In 1525, during the Peasant’s Revolt, a Guild attacked a local monastery and there were other socio-religious problems. Lutherans had begun to get the upper hand over the RC clergy by the 1530’s. Münster, a pre-Reformation HRE city with an elected city council, had earlier thrown out its Prince-Bishop. At this locality, the new Lutheran councillors then became overpowered as Anabaptism caught on.

Charismatic followers of the persecuted founder Melchior Hoffman (a charismatic merchant who had preached in market places just like the Apostles had and was thrown into prison in the relatively liberal Strassburg) attracted followers disappointed in Lutheranism. Münster’s city records were burned and land ownership dissolved, with all people declared as equal. Münster was now a unique city and got put under siege by its Catholic Prince-Bishop (supported by Catholics and some Lutherans who thought that Anabaptists had subversively robbed them of their expected revolution) which led to their first prophet being killed during his theatrical attempt to ride out as if one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. Their second prophet, the charismatic tyrant John of Leiden, held the siege well but after 18 months of starvation for most in the city (yet sheer palatial luxury for the adored Leiden and his many young wives) Münster was betrayed into opening the city gates to an inhumane slaughtering. The Anabaptist ringleaders’ bodies were hung on St. Lambert‘s church tower by three cages which are still there today.

(Also see the section on III 6 in the Article 2012 Nostradamus)

 Time Lines Up

The concept of space-time as a predictable and geometric structure is largely undebated. That our experience of time is historically harmonic by nature was the foundation of the Celestial Science-Arts and is established. Lemesurier has explored the symbols and geometry of ‘Ra’s gift’, the Great Pyramid, and finds a ‘timeline’ of events, albeit needing adjustment by him to make it fit more perfectly to the assumed reality. A book by Masson published on the Internet investigates the cyclology and guided synchronicities at work upon our Earthly systems. All of his calculated predictions are derived from the solaric precessional number; 25,920 years in cycle. Masson advanced these predictions after he had found previously known forecasts of similar events, such as in the Nostradamus Centuries. His notions incorporate M. Helmer’s theory that roots of events “do repeat cyclically, but it is never the repeating of the same events but more like an ascending spiral” so producing a so-called ‘macro-astrology’. It has been suggested that a single Nostradamus quatrain may so refer to two or more alike points on some spiralling stairway.

Coming down to Earth, the perfect number for the approximately 26,000 years precession cycle is 25,920 years this being 2,160 x 12 although that may be because it will in turn divide up neatly, such are our numerologists!

The Shadowplay of Math Revisited

In February 2013 three famous scientific institutions indicated the possibility of the Universe being a computer program. That would certainly explain the common cycles, some selected symbols and any especially successful prophecy. (See the Nostradamus Quatrains side-column for some examples of the latter.)

They came at this possibility by observing behaviours of cosmic rays.  It seems there is a a common upper limit to the speed of rays and this is taken as an imposition by a designer. It may so be that further investigation will suggest that a scattering of particles is proof that a ray has ‘hit the wall of the box’ of a computed universe whereas it might even have bounced off its own reflection coming the other way. Why do we presume that a dominance of distant red shift means the Universe is expanding? How about it exists within God’s gravity conundrum and the Universe is pulled like a stretching tap drip or a teardrop gathering to fall?

A further oddity is that there is a minimum movement of the rays that implies a grid pattern behind the material field of Universe, much like the squares on a chess board or the widely-favoured human-friendly system of creating computer simulations. Well, computers are still a new thing for us and this grid-patterning may soon become obsolete anyway. Accuracy and depth of measuring devices is racing ahead and may demolish these reports. We know so little about the Universe that it is arrogant to assume that all ‘laws’ apply equally everywhere (and there must be yet more lying in wait for the legal enthusiast). Funny how Science only finds what scientists are competent to understand (by denying-ignoring absolute mystery) and where Space is concerned Science often finds exactly what it expects to find! Seems logical to me that the universe of science has to be some inadvertent human simulation of reality until the acceptance of evolution is put back into its proper place (it may exist as one part of a much grander design) and the One God of All is received as eternally beyond human levels of intelligence to fathom.

If the success of Science is overstated (it knows much less than its socio-educational stance suggests) it is still substantial and pervading. Like a new Magic, really. But its money-maximizing implementations tend to be ‘three-steps-forward-and-two-steps-back’. We are suffering and dying from our progress. The side-effects of many scientific endeavours – not just weaponized chemicals and sick pharmaceutics – are too high a price to pay. It seems to me that we are accepting Science as all that there is despite that it is a self-selecting cross-section of reality, partly because science doesn’t know much (it is astronomic from a microscopic base, a Jack’s Beanstalk rooting down into a microcosm) and partly because the math is wrong. How dare we mix a symbol for incalculable infinity and another for incalculable nothingness together with finite unit signs? Let alone assume seamlessness in the 1-2-3 sequence when as numeric representatives of real things there must be some space between each unit as yet unaccounted for. (Yes, the slabs of some Egyptian pyramids fit together to a ridiculous degree but that’s a fabulous example, even suspect as we can’t equal its precision by contemporary means.)

The numerals and/or the math may be wrong even where the method yields usable results. Electricity is an unkown that we control. Often we cancel-out positive and negative charges in things and assume that such a creation of absolute zero out of two somethings is possible in reality – as it strangely seems.

Allowing the will of God to apply equally to both sides of a math equation demands by our rules that God should be struck off both sides to trim the equation. That does not mean that God’s will is not dominant over everything just because a mathematician makes corrections as if it is not pertinent. Rather like economist Karl Marx deleting profit from both sides of any transaction equation but it was still hidden in there. Sure, things may still work-out for a while but it’s from a dangerously false premise. Totalitarian Religion is to blame for much in life today. It has bred the totalitarian aspect of Science taught in Schools (and yet Science at the upper levels is always open to proving itself wrong). In fact we obtained most of our mathematical science from, or via, the religiously totalitarian Muslim Arabs including during the religiously totalitarian Christian Crusades.