(Inc. Nostradamus Quatrains  VIII 28, III 95, VII 14, I 16, VIII 73 and VIII 78)

Historian and Author Ian Wilson says that a publisher contacted him soon after 9/11 to enquire about psychological aspects of the still-continuing interest in Michel Nostredame’s predictions/prophecies. (At that particular time the word ‘nostradamus’ had become probably the most Google’d single-word search entry ever.)

Is there a meaningful answer?

The acadamist’s ecosystem seems to be a hollow ball of assumptions, one being that psychology is like a ‘stats’ subject that will apply equally all over the globe for all of the time. I guess the thrust is that it can be introduced to the Eastern peoples who don’t fit to Western psychology at all but are so impressed by the developed world that they will try to adopt it and even judge their social problems by it. (The true meaning of “Americanization”.)

The same thing has happened to Western Economics. In the West we willingly suspend our slender belief in it but the Eastern government advisors don’t know that and so they follow it slavishly believing it will bring them some enhancement. But, really, the East’s manufacturing economies are mostly about copying other people’s ideas almost exactly (though turning patchy when it comes to repeated use) whilst the West’s are mostly about innovations and then matching the mechanical repetitions to that particular quality/price marketing platform. The well-resourced and multi-ethnic USA has had some of the high and low points of both.

Japanese production though has reached legendary quality highs by way of a national psychology that flies in the face of ‘profit maximization’ the economist’s lodestone – a singular social route. (Japan also has Nostradamus enthusiasts and collectors, which is unusual in Asia.)

The problem is that the underlying assumption of ‘maximization’ that grips economics has taken possession of our averagely original CEO’s, now earning relative fortunes in public companies, and they have leapt aboard the explosive market mudslides that the so-called ‘experts’  have named ‘bubbles’ (culmination noun, ‘eggspurts’?). The global financiers are similarly facile and simple-minded to the point of wanting to cut loose from the real economy altogether and buy/sell/swap extremely non-insuranceworthy ‘insurances’ with each other at ever-escalating levels – witness the banking economy that has reached five or six times the size of all the underlying GDP’s added together. (JP Morgan claims to own the equivalent of US GDP x 4 in those ‘assets’ named ‘derivatives’.) Now must we all be sent to Hell in a heap of hand-baskets to be hurled haphazardly onto the One World Order single currency/single soldiery handcart?

Education was once held to be the answer to every social problem but now we are being entrained by pharmaceutical solutions to statistical psychology in the form of lifelong drug prescriptions. We have believed in our circular educational system and rewarded those teachers who were selected for having few if any ideas of their own, so it seems, let alone any NEW IDEA, and they in turn have rewarded those students who are most like themselves, smart and thrusting copyists. Orientals excel here.

Nostradamus has little to say about pedagogy. In Quatrain I 1 A Sloping Flame  he has shown us how he worked although with no further explanation of it (but then most explanation merely takes us from the unfamiliar to a substitute familiarity and back again, satisfying us by a mental trick). After reading that quatrain you must teach yourself if you wish by a practical and not solely intellectual immersion. Remember in life to question the motives of all family-acidic or anti-social studies that shred your best social codes and customs. It’s called social engineering and there’s big incoming investments from shadowy sponsors anticipating the period following this soft revolution. They wish to gain more control over you with minimum competition from other social influences.

We have believed in our rich industrialists and bankers as if the world were a meritocracy. (Ian Wilson calls the social winners “the good and great”, a failed expression historically and so either it is with tongue-in-cheek or by habit of thought that he says this.) We have believed in our impressive bankers not realizing that they daily invent new money as they go, more or less moronically. We believed in Pharma  despite medicine’s very long history of criminal intent  (check out the Medici’s) not believing that they would maximize profits by multiplying the numbers of named illnesses out in the world. The list goes on. Now that it all approaches apparent collapse, save for plural USA foreign war contractors stirring the pot profitably, we happily believe in the nobility of our Armed Forces even though they are being replaced by soulless robo-killers that maximize the job. As some power-infested politicians keep telling us, War is the only way to Peace. As reifying religions keep telling you, the only way to Great God in Heaven is via

(…fill in the blank check…)

What does ‘Nostradamus’ say about the current collapse?

Financial Failure Part 1 *****


1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Les simulachres d’or & d’argent enflez,
Qu’apres le rapt au lac furent gettez
Au descouuert estaincts tous & troublez.
Au marbre escript, perscripz intergetez.

Translation 1:
The phantoms of gold and silver inflated,
That had informed ‘the snatch’ were dumped into the pool,
On finding that all is eroded and clouded over.
Marbled banknotes and bonds and all to be jettisoned.

Translation 2:
The simulacres of gold and silver inflate,
Which after the rip-off in the hundreds of thousands is tossed (in and out of  shadowy accounts),
A discovery that erodes away and disconcerts all.
Writ in marble, annulled in the remix.

To put it another way:
Money-lite is thrown into the monetary pool which inevitably loses face value until it becomes more or less valueless.
The copies of monetary value, posed as if precious originals, are inflationary yet will be ‘written in stone’
(meaning fiat currency will inflate while the banker’s almost artificially expand their tangible-asset bases)
Which liquidity is thrown-in to the confusion after the aberration
At the discovery that all has become arguable for decrease
(a reinterpretation of underlying asset values)
The value of property-backed, derivative bank papers will get ‘written-down’.

The OF verb ‘gettez’ is difficult to find but the modern French ‘jeter’, to throw, seems much like the Occitan ‘getar/gitar’, to push. I’ve settled for ‘dumped’. Its counter-part ‘intergetez’ = entregeter/entrejeter = intermingle, put in-between, mixed or even veined (like marble) whilst ‘interjeter’ = to lodge.

Line 1, OF ‘les simulachres’ = simulacra. A simulacrum is an image that either mimics closely or else misrepresents the original. (Blame Plato for first introducing this Quantum-type indistinction which is still around today. Or take-up reading the Chinese I Ching which is so full of these conflicts of opposite sentiments that they will soon seem natural, which they are.) The OF-Latinized English noun is ‘simulacre’.

In the Twelfth Century, OF ‘simulachre’ was a representation such as a statue but by the Seventeenth Century it came to mean a ghost or vision; an appearance made or a phantom of something that it is not. Rabelais (1552, Quart Livre, Prologue) gave us its negation, “la vie sans santé n’est que simulachre de mort”.

OF ‘enflez’ is to increase the volume, like adding water to soup; in economics this is our familiar financial inflation (which applies only if money is not grounded by gold or by silver). However the markets for real things right now may easily become inflated by price-hikes in ‘futures’ which are market-influential forward guesses on paper. (Financial and precious metal markets and the Stock Exchange are driven most by the fear of not keeping up with one’s neighbour’s accumulated value.)

Silver and Gold can be horned-up or wrestled-down by market manipulations on a bank-size scale by so-called hedge funds/the Federal Reserve and the highly suspect procedure of ‘naked shorting’. There has been rumour of some larger gold bars having tungsten interiors with the same mass:weight ratio as the real ones. If they exist, these simulacres would be of critical international economic importance. Since 1929, the Vatican’s crossed-keys are in one of silver and one of gold. They are the Pope’s keys to heaven and hell. The Vatican Bank, a major sovereign bank, operates tax-free to its depositors.

Line 2, OF ‘apres’ could mean after the event or it could be the past tense of ‘aprendre’ meaning informed. OF ‘lac’ is lake or pool whereas OF ‘lack’ is from the Indo-Aryan lākh (Sanskrit, lākṣā ) meaning 100,000. OF ‘rapt’ is a violent abduction, usually linked with rape, or it is astrological and means the elan of the main mover that carries along with it all other celestial spheres. The Christian’s Rapture is a translation from St. Paul. The original word meant to claw-away and is easily linked with Raptors. Really, this is ‘rip-off’ or snatch but could also refer to ‘dropping out the small change’ and/or levering up the capital base invested while keeping losses off balance-sheet. (In early 2012 the leveraging in the EU had Bank of Greece at 17:1, BNP, Barclays and Credit Agricole at 35/36:1, Deutsche Bank at 56:1, Landesbank at 75:1 and Commerzbank at 150:1)

Line 2 has no totally clear translation as yet. Whereas OF ‘gettez/’jeter’ means to propel something into the distance we could also consider that OF ‘intergetez’ resembles the mathematics term ‘integer’ with the particular meaning of disordered or at low integrity or else swollen-out by impurities.

Line 3, OF ‘estaincts’ is to extinguish, snuff or else eroded away, rubbed-off.

Line 4, OF ‘marbre’ is the expensive veined stone used by the Romans for exterior and interior columns and wall-linings. The Roman Church once used it a lot as have the Western Governments and bank buildings in the world’s financial centres. Used for slabs and tombs it shrouds a person with a sense of great importance, even in death. Certainly it is symbolic of the powerful, rich, property-owning class. Emotionally, it symbolizes hard-heartedness.

(Also see the Article MARBLE TOMBS AND TREASURE)

It could also mean a visual effect on printed paper. Sounds like banknotes? That’s what ‘script’ is today and ‘prescriptz’ could mean here that which is written or inscribed. Taking ‘escript, perscripz’ as meaning ‘script and prescripts’ suggests securities, bonds, paper promises, derivatives, certain currency exchanges and anticipatory financial ‘futures’. (And pre-Revolutionary America had its ‘Colonial Scrips’.) Such papers are adduced for nominal trading value on specialized markets and can become seriously reduced by comparison against the underlying realities or, worse, kept on the books at purchase value in perpetuity so hiding real losses and avoiding bankruptcy, as is now the case with many famous banks who follow their  profit declarations with some ostentatious bonus-awarding as if they were really in profit.

When President Nixon decoupled the dollar from gold this rendered USD, the world’s major reserve currency, as of a political value only. Most early U.S. Presidents had given in to the European-American bankers who demanded that they alone issue all America’s money supply as interest-bearing credits (the national debt) although Lincoln and then John Kennedy (by Executive Order 11110 which after his assassination failed to incept as planned) did not agree with them and believed in reversion to the government alone as the supplier of currency, therefore debt-free issuance. All of the Western countries now have debt economies and are unable to satisfy the interest payments without yet more shadowy banker credits to pay their debt with. The interest rates on paper bonds are effectively dictated by the buyers and appropriate volumes then taken up. Credit Default Swaps (originally intended to be as safe as government bonds) are now seriously dangerous and this has destroyed interbank trust even though a false confidence reigns out of necessity. It is beyond dispute that a general lack of public trust in the wherewithal and capability of institutions, especially financial institutions, is one of the defining factors of illegitimate rule.

The bail-out justification “too big to fail” marks the wrap or close of capitalism as the very system is by necessity one of ‘musical chairs’ and, periodically, someone must fail semi-randomly or else all will fail to gain a seat. There is never enough money to go round. If the banks play so as to milch this game without ever rising from their seats then it is as ludicrous as it would be with just one player, one chair and the bankers looking on at a distance. (Which is what is happening now since our “orthodox solution” governments have bailed-out the banks. The people of Iceland refused to allow a government bail-out of banks and their economy has re-grown itself since: this is considered the “unorthodox” solution.)

The sole player here is Jo Public. The music stops at tax time. Jo seldom has a moment to sit down (and the Bailiff’s may take-up the one empty chair awhile) but must rush to pay to dance again – around and around forever, as in “They shoot horses don’t they?” Who benefits most from such a bent system and how well have we been indoctrinated to believe in it?

This Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 28 is about citing the proof of value in a negotiation institutionally but then re-assessing it in a subsequent legal contrariness. The prophecy is perfect: in 2007/8 falling real estate prices took the plimsoll line above the crow’s nest for hitherto happily floating banks. Swiss giant UBS led the financial fleet into fulfilling its new legal duty (now repealed) of marking assumed assets to realistic market values, but a few banks that are now very important in the USA never did re-mark their plimsoll line, giving them a working value that as yet can be neither proved nor disproved.

The words chosen by Nostredame in this forward-seeing and comprehensive quatrain add to the truly remarkable ‘gem-like’ construction. Very clear yet quite like a really bright gangsta rap! Try singing it!

“Les simulachres d’or & d’argent enflez,
Qu’apres le rapt au lac furent gettez
Au descouuert estaincts tous & troublez.
Au marbre escript, perscripz intergetez.”

People are beginning to realize that all money from most central banks is effectively underwritten by the extraordinarily wealthy few families in the world whose paper assets are bigger than most or all countries. (Some shield themselves by financial organizations but it is their revealed personal wealth that is obscene in real terms – whilst there are also industrial corporations equal to countries, well at least they are not majority-owned by some antique banking family – or are they?) Money comes into circulation as national debt and that debt carries interest payments. Despite that governments are seen as the safest borrowers (they always pay) and command some markets, they are charged sizeable interest rates for central money issuance. The new gambit of central banks is to buy back the debt they just issued in Government Bonds so buying that nation time whilst adding more to the indebtedness.  But wait, if all money is capital borrowing that must ultimately be repaid then where do the interest payments get paid from? Simply, they can’t be repaid without issuing more debt. Like our ‘musical chairs’, somebody must then fail whenever an agreed or imposed date is reached such as a financial year end. I say ‘must’ because that is the truth. Though if we all chose to pay all our borrowings back on the same day then arithmetic dictates that there surely wouldn’t be enough money circulating in our world to do so. (If interest rates were abolished and not substituted by some other gain-making traction then the possible simultaneous repayment of all debts would ruin all banks simultaneously – the opposite in fact to the fairy tale that a run on the banks would necessarily ruin them and not just cause them to hide from the public.) In other words if everybody in the nation had made a profit and owed nothing to anybody else then the state itself would already have failed and the fiat money become abandoned. We have a debt economy. Stoking-up a debt economy is done simply by creating more debt. Contrary to their contrived image (helped mostly by their own handpicked and honourable admin staff) our bank-owners are debt-stokers. Once risen beyond Government (meaning to be in control of or above the Law) they make debt-slavery unavoidable-cum-compulsory. At that point the pendulum of justice should begin its swing in the opposite direction. Totalitarianism, however, is when the pendulum has been seized and is being held at the extremity of its swing.

Financial Failure, Part 2 *****

Nostradamus Quatrain III 95

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

La loy Moricque on verra defaillir:
Apres vne autre beaucoup plus seductiue,
Boristhenes premier viendra faillir:
Pardons & langue vne plus attractiue.

The rule of Moricque (Amerique) will fail the people:
In line is another more persuasive,
Boristhenes will come to end first:
By gifts and tongue one more attractive.

‘Moresque’ is Moor/Moorish and ‘Maroc’ is Morroco/Morrocan but America is ‘l’Amerique’ and this deduction, though seeming the less likely in a sense, really makes for the best interpretation of all.

Line 1 contains the jumbled letters of l’Amerique or else Maroc
Line 2                                                     Presidente or else Putin
Line 3                                                     Premier Boris or else Dnieper (or possibly Obama)
Line 4                                                     Ron or else Rand Paul

Boris Yeltsin died in April 2007 just as all the big banks were congealing and about mid-summer that year their tradings with each other had solidified like dried-out cement.

Line 3, ‘Bion of Borysthenes’ was famous for his words. He was a tutor of philosophy at Rhodes who in his youth had become the slave and heir to a rhetoritician after the breakup of the youngster’s family.

There’s a promise in here for a President Paul. (But the quatrain has only the letters for ‘quarante-sept’ and Obama is the 44th President of the United States suggesting that two two other POTUS may intervene.)  The quatrain as a whole contains not only the old Occitan ‘sincer’, frank, and ‘onest’, upright, but also – though not all at once – Boris Yeltsin, Bion de Borysthenes, Dmitry Medvedev, Barry Dunham Soetoro, Mitt Romney, Richard Santorum, ‘caucasus’, reservation federale/Federal Reserve, banque Goldman Sachs, banque Morgan Chase, Raymond Mabus, le cinquieme etage, golfe Persique, Iran, Syrie libre l’armee, Iraq, Yemen, l’anarchie Somalie, Soudan, Tunisie crainftif, Afghanistan, Taliban, al Qaeda, riyal du Qatar, Saudien, les forces speciales, Britannique, Francais, les Nations Unies, Organisation de Traite de l’Atlantique Nord, ‘SEAL marine’ and even the ‘US-UN Mission Vienna’ that has often tweeted on the subject of a nuclear Iran. I may be in there too. And you.

Let’s take a deep look at III 95:

The most common translation-interpretations substitute Dnieper for Boristhenes and More or Moore for Moricque.

More could be seen as an unintended anagram for Rome: evidently it’s not the New Rome itself but its rule (legal system, law enforcement, government) that declines first.  Or, More = Much More or More of More. (But a Nostradamus ‘Law of Much More’ would need to fit to the Age of Reason and its sheer materialism that was not yet ordered in Michel Nostredame’s lifetime).

Line 1 contains the jumbled letters of ‘Amerique’ – suggesting America falling from its position of global superpower, no longer the international reserve currency of choice* and great global pusher of credit-card (debt-card) economics.

*If China and Japan should ever choose to switch their Trillions of USD reserves into other assets, ahead of a foreseeable monetary collapse, a social tsunami will sweep the whole world possibly with after-effects as powerful as after the plagues of the Middle Ages. (These were mainly wealth reversals, neglected land and properties, broken dynasties, breakdown of the old order, new levels of lewdness, unaccustomed couplings and fuller employment at higher wages …)

Moricques = Moriscos? These Dutch renegades were wannabe Barbary Pirates who met with similar personal fortunes. They used the same sorts of galleys rowed by slave-prisoners and so could literally ‘sail very close to the wind’.  Zymen de Danser the ‘devil captain’ lived in his own palace when ashore and partnered with murderous Englishman John Warde during the time of Henry IV of France with whom who he was in secret negotiations. This kind of privateer is since returned into currency but without the swashbuckling, you can bank on it.

‘Boristhenes’ is an old name for the Dnieper River’s hinterlands (and the Goth’s route to Rome) and is also a family name found in France. It contains in itself the given name Boris. It was also the name of a city at the Dnieper’s mouth, Borysthenes.

“The miser did not possess wealth, but was possessed by it” was a saying of Bion of Borysthenes who as a rhetoritician’s heir had burnt his master’s books and headed for Athens to study philosophy. A modern variation could be “The maximizer does not use wealth but is used by it”.

Line 3, OF ‘Faillir’ is a failed promise (money is originally a promise, for what it’s worth) or ‘finally to end’, to fail, fall, surrender, die. ‘Premier Boris ends first’ would be a strong time-marker. Yeltsin died April 2007. The banks were cooling-off on interbank dealings at this time as fears grew of picking up unidentifiable but fatally flawed financial packages in a grotesque game of pass-the-parcel. By July 2007 the banks were not buying from each other at all and in 2008 the frozen-solid system cracked apart with much deconstruction for the financial sector and far beyond.

Line 4. ‘Pardons’ will unravel as ‘par dons’ or ‘by gifts’ such as charitable donations.

Economics, the queen of the social sciences, is flawed by basing itself entirely on a non-existent maximizing mannequin who is their main actor. This has fed-back into the regions of extensive economics education such as the USA and it is there that graduate-entrepreneurs, clever monkeys, have blown the most enormous economic bubbles in invocation of Max. A comparative newcomer, Behavioral Economics, is now questioning this theoretical maximizer’s fundamental position in all economic theory. The organizational skill called Marketing never has encountered a consistent maximizer-consumer in all of its many pro-marketing and pro-market researches. Unfortunately Business Management and Organization is heavily practical and so does not sit well as a subject in aloof Academia whereas Economics does, with its daft implication of revealing to the seriously good student a fault-free formula for getting richer quicker!

Banking on institutional paper promises was first started as a scam by the Goldsmiths Guild in the City of London. Before that banks were territorial. The Bank of Genoa owned all of Corsica by the early Sixteenth Century. (In 1750, as a result of the many expenses incurred in putting down multiple rebellions in Corsica, the Bank of St. George declared bankruptcy!) The Knights Templar had long ago provided ‘international banking’ by issue and receipt of non-negotiable ‘traveler’s checks’. Long before that, though, the old kings had issued all sorts of tokens into circulation to ease economic negotiation (and tax collection) probably the best being the value by weight of precious metal coins. However, it was easy to slip impurities into coins to the unfair advantage of their regal issuer. People got pretty tired of not knowing what their cash was really worth below its face value. Before industrialization this was not so bad as wealth assessment was necessarily linked to land-ownership. But the minimum amount of space needed to generate wealth has gradually decreased to the size of a laptop and is getting smaller.

The earliest modern banks in London became investor’s darlings and soon came adrift, being essentially a self-serving investment bubble. Government brought in new legal concessions and protections to head off a repetition of bank collapse. In those days governance was basically about tending to the few rich ‘influentials’ around the country’s capital. Paper notes were popular. The Goldsmiths had noticed that the notes they issued for new gold deposits were seldom redeemed. People wanted convenient papers backed by gold and would sign these over for value, not wishing to carry around bulky, weighty, dangerous gold. (Although venturing down a darkened footpad was still unwise, at least the assailant couldn’t see how many gold sacks a man was carrying.) Not content with issuing notes backed by Other People’s Gold, the pro-banking legislation went even further. A bank, as legally defined, could legitimately issue paper promises backed by gold that did not 100% exist. A bank is allowed to take an IOU from one customer and lend that face amount on, many times over, as credits to other customers as if it were real capital somehow safe for monkey-leverage. It can also treat a demonstrably repetitive figure for ‘overnight deposits’ as a singular long-term loan able to be lent on for interest to balance the books of other banks. (For all these activities any regular businessman would certainly have his collar felt by the constabulary.)

As USD is held as the reserve currency in most countries, the US can and regularly does write-out dollar bills to sell abroad that will likely not get presented for payment at any time for anything. Money for nothing. When faced with one of DeGaulle’s battleships come into New York harbour to present a demand for American gold in settlement of large quantities of USD ‘bearer bills’ stowed on board, Richard ‘Tricky Dicky’ Nixon angrily took USD off the gold standard, so creating ‘political money’ with only paper as its basic value, much worse than any king had done with impure coinage.

Central Banks rely upon a group of individuals and banking organizations in thrall to old banking families that basically own the governments that they underwrite credit for and will charge interest that then gets charged-on by the indebted government to the populus as taxation. The real-money element does not necessarily materialize as this is mostly accounts-based computer entries, keystrokes. ‘Folding money’ is a single-digit percentage component in major economies. In any social system that elevates the Rule of Law into some kind of hallowed doctrine of contract, the inevitable result is that the trend of wealth transfer includes seized assets. As it happens, this same group now ‘own’ more than half the world and savour the notion of more liens wherever that possibility lies. Ruthless Contract Law is a major section of the ‘Law of More-More’ operating daily around us.

Another section of that ‘law’ is all about derivatives – bank deals bundled by odd classifications and risk-assessed semi-mindlessly, then re-bundled into different variations and oversold. This is laughably labelled ‘spread of risk’. When Mark-to-Market came to town, the underlying capital values were to be periodically reassessed, by law, and responsible banks started admitting by degrees that they were no longer solvent. They had been playing parce-the-parcel with overpriced financial time-bombs until the game seized up for fear of financial destruction. The majority of accounting entries were for virtual or non-existent money and the total of bank dealings with each other exceeded by many times the total GDP’s of all the trade conducted in all the economies of the world. This marks a telling section of the ‘Law of More of More’ and its inevitable downfall – which the bankers ignore and the politicians obligingly deny – is written right here in the ‘Opera Nostradamus’.

Heads of international banks definitely-maybe spend all day moving money around by personal-server encrypted ‘phones to great pecuniary advantage: their own and others where it is to their advantage to do so. Oil is a different game and yet linked. Inflation-adjusted it is not costing so much more to get oil out of the ground now than it did a century ago by the same old methods. Price hikes have formed part of the Petrodollar ball game; you strengthen the USD or we’ll cut production! No, you decrease production and we’ll weaken the USD! Now it is done by ‘scaremongering’ insiders bidding too high on futures markets and the media confusion-stokers blurring-over what pricelevel is justifiable – that peak profit-earner designated by the fearful futures game or this considerably lower figure arrived at by plainly factoring-in actual supply and demand.

The IMF/World Bank scam is doctrinal and serpentine and like all institutions ultimately dependent upon one major source for all their running expenses/salaries/pocket money.

When inflation grips, corporate profits may rise artificially yet shareholdings may be reduced in their true underlying value. For the international underdog, though, inflation is quite useful. When you owe a fixed sum in a currency that inflates faster than your own currency your fixed debt is reduced in real terms. Chronically poor countries have nevertheless been obliged to introduce anti-inflationary measures by Western benefactors to the point that the anti-inflation pressures create a strong deflationary tendency. For the ordinary Jo surviving on the brink, nothing is worse than deflation, witness the Great Depression. For the yield-dependent investment lender (but not indebted governments) not much is worse than inflation. Today we have a curious mixture of the two.

Of course, it could all collapse inwards with the easiest of pickings being for the filthy rich. Big banks with capacious stomachs eat little bank’s that have swallow people’s assets indigestibly and eventually everything is owned by a small group of unbelievable power and wealth at the dark heart of the monetary world, like an octopus of ridiculous reach.

God willing, a winning ‘defrayer’ will appear on the world’s stage suggesting gifts and pardons for all rather than global debt-chains traceable back to a few hundred base creditors. Watch out World, this will change the way we live.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain X 72 LE GRAND DEFFRAIEUR ROI D’ANGOLMOIS )

 Is a meritocracy coming?

Nostradamus Quatrain VII 14

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Faulx exposer viendra topographie,
Seront les cruches des monumens ouuertes
Pulluler secte saincte philosophie,
Pour blanches, noires, & pour antiques verts.

Line 1, Other than ‘scythe’, OF ‘faux’ means bent like the abdomen, the elbow or a theatrical arch. We have in this line either a statement or an implication that the topography needs to be exposed. I always think of this as the falseness, the ‘reverse topography’, of human social life. The bottom has reached the top, hence our over-educated and gentlemanly warmongers and blood-letters. We are deceived and must stop people like this getting to the top of the heap. The system which they have succeeded so well in adapting to (because they are compliant learners) has warped them and, like all practical people, they are bereft of new thought when ground-breaking change arrives, as it always will. The Scythe is symbolic for Saturn, planet of punctual time and so of death, which brings structure to human society. It is ‘out of place’ right now but will have returned to fulfilling this role by 2020 when it enters Capricorn. We have an astrological window of opportunity

Line 2, OF ‘cruche’ is a broad-bellied item with a handle, spout, pourer, nozzle or other prominence that breaks the symmetry of its profile (or as its metonym, the contents). It probably had the sound ‘cru’ as in crucifix.

The cross symbol was everywhere to be found in ancient times. The old Runes have it. Various meanings are hinged around differing acts of social or spiritual intersection, such as the Divine Cross of Astrology. On swallowing a swaddled stone, bandaged to present a cross, Saturn will cease to eat his children. This is Time that ever eats its progeny. But the cross-bearing stone passes through Saturn and so defeats him/defeats time. Emperor Constantine introduced the Labarum, a martial standard bearing the Greek letters Chi and Rho (which relate to the Greek word Christ and as such form a joined P and X). General Constantine believed in the military power of this symbol. Curiously, he was a Sun worshipper (and the primate of Mithraism which had absorbed Dagon fish-worship) who enforced Christianity on the Roman Empire and introduced Sun Day as well as the Fishhead Hat with Sun Signs, the papal fish-ring and Military Desertion as a capital crime (as some soldiers were being influenced by pacifist Christianity into refusing to fight). He also executed his son, probably for becoming dangerously popular.

Line 3, OF ‘pulluler’ is to spread profusely or reproduce rapidly and abundantly. OF ‘secte’ means a religious or philosophical doctrine, often divergent, and its advocates. Otherwise partisans, groups, companies.

Line 4, OF ‘vert’ is leaf-green, verdant, sap, Springtime.

The ‘reverse topography’ will come to be exposed,
The monuments (institutions) of proud prominence will be opened (gutted)
Spreading profusely the shared sacred sensibility,
Old white seen as black and in place of those who belong to the completed past, the green sap of Springtime.

 But isn’t the scythe usually Saturn?

Nostradamus Quatrain I 16

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Faulx a l’estang ioinct vers la Sagitaire
En son hault AVGE de l’exaltation,
Peste, famine, mort de main militaire:
Le siecle approche de renouation.

Line 1, OF ‘Faulx’ is difficult to trace. Modern French gives us ‘faulx’ for an ancient instrument, the scythe, which represented Saturn in old Astrology. OF ‘estang’ is a pond or else the stagnancy found in a shallow pool. Emily Dickinson calls the evening sky a pond:

She sweeps with many-colored brooms,
And leaves the shreds behind;
Oh, housewife in the evening west,
Come back, and dust the pond!

OF ‘joinct’ is likely OF ‘joindre’ which can mean contiguous or joined with, nearby or against.

Line 2, OF ‘AVGE’ = AUGE is astrological. Following Ptolemy’s theory of the planets the astrologer must make distinct the trough of a planet on the Zodiac and on its epicycle.

Alternatively, ‘AVGE’ = ‘augure’. In Rome these were priests, augurs, who predicted from the sounds of tortured birds, the augaries.

OF ‘auge’ can also be a container, water trough, mason’s trough or riverbed. Or OF ‘auge’ might be a form of OF ‘auberge’, a Lord’s right to free lodging in a serf’s habitation at predetermined periods of the year.

Taking all into account, the best translation of ‘faulx’ here is the scythe, symbol of Saturn.

OF ‘exaltation’ is likely the astrological term for a planet being ‘dignified’ or strengthened by a particular Sign it is in – although lacking the expressive quality of rulership it would find in its own Sign – perhaps idealized, energetic, emboldened.

(‘Auge’ also appears in Line 3 of Nostradamus Quatrain I 15, 1555 Lyon Bonhomme,
where it may be translated as a poetically placed particle ‘Mars auge ruin’ or else the whole line is ‘Into the ruinous trough go the monks’.)

Line 3. Europe’s plagues started in the maritime West and moved East over land. France was ravaged by its last major epidemic in 1668. In 1692 a French plan to conclude the defeat of the Grand Alliance in the Nine Year War brought about first the Siege of Namur town and castle then the blood-soaked battle in the field at Steenkerque. In 1693 a failed harvest caused a major famine and millions perished both in France and the surrounding countries.

Line 4, OF ‘siecle’ would mean the Age rather than a century.

East Asian literature often links the full moon with the village pond where lovers may bathe in its reflection. Aquarius is in an area of the sky often called the Sea as it hosts many aquatic constellations. The Milky Way is more like a river. Capricorn is a goat in front but a fish behind so in a fantastical way it’s quite suited to a pond and it is next to Sagittarius. The Swan constellation sounds a pretty strong candidate too. Defining this word ‘pond’ has been completely avoided by most interpreters. At least I should suggest a couple of candidates. In Astrology ‘conjunct’ is technical, basically meaning close together. If that is the intended meaning of ‘joinct’ it makes ‘the pond’ one of the heavenly bodies.

Saturn and “the pond” conjoined towards Sagittarius
In his highest lodge exalted,
Disease, hunger, death by military hand:
The Age approaches its renewal.

In this post-modernist age (post-modernism being “modernism and all that went before it”) what on Earth can Nostradamus say that will enlighten us about Ancient History?

Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 73

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Soldat Barbare le grand Roy frappera,
Iniustement non eslongné de mort,
L’anare mere du fait cause sera
Coniurateur & regne en grand remort.

A Barbarian soldier shall strike at the King
Unjustifiably as he is not long from his moment of death.
Injudiciously as the heavens do not signal his death yet.
The cupidity of the mother will be the cause,
The trick turns as the greatness of kingship transmigrates.

Nostradamus Quatrain X 53 contains the word ‘esloinges’ very like ‘eslongné’ which here is probably from OF ‘éloigner’, meaning distanced or apart from. Yet the former sounds every bit an astrological term like an ‘alignment’ and so I have offered a small variation for Line 2.

Taking the quatrain as a whole, here a mother is coverting formal wealth or else murderously exercises its retention. Remort is a French esoteric word alike in meaning to metempsychosis, possible change of soul or the transmigration of souls. The idea has had currency for millennia but was not strictly Egyptian nor was it ever admitted by the Christian religion.

Resulting from exiled Tibetan Buddhists fleeing to California, a major laboratory for world change, karmic reincarnation is now a universally popular notion. Shape-shifting is the inversion of it. Druidic Gauls held that the soul left at the death of the body to enter another body, though not necessarily an Earthly one. Metempsychosis is found in the Jewish Kabbalah and the Greek Orphic Mysteries. Pythagoras, Plato and Plotinus had similar, rather Indian, ideas. Greek Orphism is one step away from dualistic ‘Catharism’.

‘Conjurateur’ is used as a personified abstraction for ‘turning the trick’.

Political Science has noted how the mediocre transported to a position of greatness can semi-automatically transmit the signals of greatness, i.e. grow into the job virtually immediately. “The King is dead, long live the King!”

Is the king a royal king or a messiannic figure? Is he dying or very close to his execution? Is this a mother, a Queen Mother or a motherland? Is this a way for her rejected or bastard baby son to inherit the throne through her regency? Or is the childless King’s royal line now at an end?

Alternatively, this tale may conceal Christian hallmarks. The alien soldier who strikes the dying figure. The Jewish community as a motherland eagerly seeking greater control of its own treasures. Poor Yeshua Nazaretz resurrecting as the glorious Christ King. The theology might seem a little unsound in its particulars by today’s Marian standards but it may reflect how some churches in early Jesus-worship (they each treasured different gospels, both to each other and to today) promoted their good news.

Finally, Nostredame may be letting us in on the truth about the murk still shrouding the death of Philip, father of Alexander the Great, Regent of Macedon. Philip, a successful war leader, took a further wife in 339BC who was a native Macedonian. This upstaged Olympias, mother of Alexander, who was not Macedonian and sooner or later it would put her son’s succession in jeopardy. In 336 BC, Philip was assassinated at the wedding of his daughter to the King of Epirus (where the Olympias originated from).

Conspiracy theories still abound as to who the assassin was and who hired him. The most likely investor is Alexander’s notably overbearing mother. Whatever, the army then proclaimed Alexander, who was not yet 21, to be the King of Macedon. Nostredame reveals it to be caused by a murderous mother agitated over formal wealth, a shady assassin/a barbarian soldier and a transfer of kingly spirit. Was Philip poisoned at his daughter’s wedding feast? Did the regal guest, Darius II of Persia, have him run through as he lay dying in the hope of gaining favour with his son who bore psychological scars inflicted by the authoritarian father he so despised? (Alexander was emotionally damaged by his beauteous mother, also, yet he strongly adored her.)

The first three lines might also describe the incident at Philip’s own troublesome wedding when an uncouth Macedonian proposed a toast to the possibility of a true heir. As the conventional telling of it goes, the young lion Alexander struck him immediately for his impudence causing Philip to rise to run Alexander through for his own imprudence which the King stepped forward so to do but then reeled to the floor in a drunken stupor. It’s such a long time ago, who on Earth could know the truth? Perhaps Nostredame the Knower of the Unknown is telling us that the two events occurred on the same occasion, even simultaneously.

The Nostradamus Quatrains lodged in-between VIII 73 and VIII 78 are mainly about duplicitous death-dealers including the Antichrist. History is full of regrettable incidents due to public support of the least worthy actor in spiritual terms. Here we go again,

Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 78

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Vn Bragamas auec la langue torte
Viendra des dieux le sanctuaire,
Aux heretiques il ouuritala porte
En suscitant l’eglise militaire.

A ‘Bragamas’ of forked-tongue
Appears at the sanctuary of the gods:
Unlocks the door to the heretics,
Resuscitating the Military Order of the Church.

Line 1, Edgar Leoni stated that “Bragamas” meant Broadsword in Old French. A wide, straight, double-edged sword makes a fearsome sweep, even when blunt-ended. The sheering-sword was used primarily to slash-cut-thrust rather than toy with the point. But there is no record of the word ‘broadsword’ until the late Seventeenth Century.  Rapiers and sabres are still ‘the choice of gentlemen’, witness the British Public Schools fencing competitions. The later naval cutlass, infantry sword, and heavy sabre of cavalry had the function, if not the dimensions, of the long cross-shaped sword customarily represented on the Crusader tombs. Leoni finally chose ‘soldier of fortune’, apparently because of a similar term used in Provencal. But it looks more like a person’s identity, perhaps in disguise or a sort of metonym. OF ‘bras’ was armour worn on the forearm. Vasco Da Gama’s brother-in-law Brás was a member of the Miltary Order of Christ.

The fall of the Knights Templar came about when Pope Clement V was pressured by the King of France to declare the members heretics. Denis of Portugal reinstated them when he found that the Pope ruled against disseminating their assets to his advantage and that the Orders should stand as legal owners. The corporate Templars of Tomar (who in the flesh had helped in the Reconquista and its aftermath) were re-named as the Order of Christ and a new Pope favoured their recognition and inheritance rights. King Denis wanted to help himself but when thwarted he wanted to help revive the Order and negotiated successfully with the Pope at Rome.

Line 4, OF ‘susciter’ is stimulus or nascence and is a favorable term.

On a merry note, this quatrain VIII 78 contains jumbled letters for: Vasco Da Gama, Bras, Ordre Militaire du Christ, Templiers, Tomar, Reconquista/reconquete, Clement V, Denis de Portugal, Renaissance, even Edgar Leoni (!)

Scratch the surface of a Nostradamus Quatrain and something will be revealed that does not appear in any other account. The pressing question is not why do some believe in Nostradamus for reasons of mental satisfaction but why do others devote years to disproving Michel Nostredame to the limits of their ingeniosity? Some have even made a tidy living from such negative labours!

Generally the West’s hard-nosed science critics often boast that they will consider only the facts, not stopping to differentiate between the epistemological and ontological concepts underlying alternative routes to the perceived reality. Most social ‘facts’ are the result of their own histories and bolstered-up by collateral presumptions. Science particularly delights in re-registering its definitions of ‘facts’.

The word psychic is often bandied about as a pejorative, especially by freshmen still coated in high school frosting, despite that it means “of the mind or soul” and not only of those five interpretive senses that were ever susceptible to sleight of hand trickery by conjurers. Otherwise it is neuroscience that is the most aggressive criticizer – a competitor for the same territory. I am not a psychic but I would agree to ‘semi-psychic’ if pushed as I’ve had enough non-sensory or inexplicable experiences that I’m sure that such abilities exist. As for the idea that this is probably genetic, I’m neutral on that. South American nations have ever looked to dream sequences to solve their problems and not taking one into account would be deemed a folly by all of their society. Egypt had priests of Ra as seer-functionaries: their top-level advisors and judges. The Delphic Oracle (Eighth Century BC) was approached on every level for questioning including by the ‘great thinkers’. The answers were always vague, the temple was always rich, the visionary always sincere and inspired – but by what? (In literature, the Greek Oracle Pythia sat on a tripod over a fissure in the cavern and breathed in its vapors.)

The art of divination often involves an altered state as well as a ‘supernatural’ interpretation of random results or else referencing otherwise unseen events pehaps with pendulums and forked sticks that must find their own eccentric levels. Almost half the books of the OT contain prophecy. Joseph, a possible model for the desired Christ, used a chalice “whereby indeed he divineth” (Genesis 44) which is a popular method of scrying or staring into a still container of water until pictures emerge. The NT does similarly remote forward-viewing in a participant’s own manner yet it is determinedly more apocalyptic.

Michel de Nostredame was famous in his lifetime for the ‘hot-cake’ sales of his periodic presages. Today it is his masterwork the Centuries (known in France as Les Propheties) that is pored over for clues. His surviving portents generally must total around 7,000. Anglo-Saxon nations disparage or else inaccurately vaunt ‘Nostradamus’ in equal portion: the Romance countries are far more ready to grant academic status to the study of his important written works, some of which had reached school curricular status (for its extensive use of ‘French fragment’ vocabularies) by the Seventeenth Century.

The playing-field shared by Science and Parapsychology is extremely uneven and will remain so until Probability Theory is banned from the match as it is extensively used (yet hidden) in physics projections but is mostly absent from any ‘tacit knowledge’. By contrast, it is most evident in ‘para-research’.

(Also see the article

Intuition is such an obvious part of all human activity (yet repressed by the Science of Economics which sells its solutions to ready biased politicians) that there are multiple definitions of it. The person with a smothered intuition will consider its products to be but erroneous and vague distractions whereas the practiced intuitionist may see those products in terms of knowing a buried truth or recognizing a future fermentation that would otherwise escape the eyes. Psychology has persuaded us that we all have two minds. Sadly, the one we are ‘in touch’ with is susceptible to dishonesty yet the silent partner never lies. Both can experience intense perceptivity beyond the plainly apparent. A speedy prime decision-maker differs from the analytically-informed decision-maker by admitting to mixing some intuition with analysis. (Probably they all do both but it is a taboo admission among snail’s pace analysts.) Partners in stockbroking firms employ analysts and use their reports to nudge clients into making plays but fly from the seat of their pants when moving their own portfolios around. The atheist presumes that extra-intense perceptivity is somehow of the senses or the memory or a coincident stimulation of a preconscious thought: I see it as godhead shining out through the heart-brain-mind continuum. Either way, assumptive bias is the enemy of intuition.

Most people are more or less biased and not minded toward transcendence for much of the time but will seek for a ‘knower’ in times of stress when those centrally broadcast political lies are everywhere abundant. The visionary or prophet is nowhere near as popular as the neighbourhood fortune-teller. Yet when circumstance leaves the fortune-tellers as bemused as everybody else then the prophet, be it a he or a she, may reign supreme. In the land of the blind the seer is king.

The downside of precognition is a cognitive failure as also is its concomitant, ‘cognitive dissonance’. Deadlines such as 31st December 1999 or 21st December 2012  create huge initial disbelief when they clearly fail. Then semi-logical explanations emerge as the believers try to cope against the odds. Then anger and confusion exists among believers leading to eventual re-grouping around another shared date. Apparently it is characteristic to assume a special, elite status and avoid disseminating the first feared date beyond the group. But when it has failed they then broadcast their doctrines far and wide in the hope of regaining credence by expanding the number of committed believers in their replacement ‘given date’.

The problem with Nostradamus Quatrains that have appeared to become realized because of fakery or mistranslations is that those who were so convinced feel miffed and may anxiously avoid the entire subject for the future. It is currently socially-unacceptable (but coming under fire) not to place rationalization ‘uber alles’. Yet a person who has never delved deeply in search of who they really are is fallacious whenever they rationalize as they do not know who is making that rationalization nor why their supportive assumptions once swayed them so much. Many folk maintain outdated presumptions so as to please a dead relative, iconic social leader or faded pedagogue.

Is prophecy a subjective (part-created) or objective (in-placed) process? The main questions:

How is a prophesy successfully communicated to others? Is the soul susceptible to the
psychological theories of mind? Is there a psychology of prophethood? Does history muddle through or is it determined in advance? Is an idea created or does it evolve? Can anybody be a Prophet? Is conviction a prequisite of prophecy? Why do the functions of the Hebrew Prophets undergo evolution in the Holy Bible? Could a prophet be a miracle worker or a commissioner of signs from above? Why did the word Prophet change meaning throughout Ancient History? Is a Prophet truly mad? How about the un-frazzled, smooth prophets, are they really Prophets? Exactly how much does a Prophet acquire of the wisdom of the source? If receiving divine inspiration is the very strength of a Prophet, could that also be their weakest point? Is the first duty of a Prophet to prophesy rather than to preach and teach and pass moral judgement on the times?

All prophecy – as opposed to prediction – has had the irritating weakness of being fully explicable only after the precognition is fulfilled, maybe never. Nostradamus fits too well to this analysis, frustrating the completionists who seek a beginning a middle and an end to everything. Yet many of his superceded prophecies appear to have failed. Is this an example of “that which the prophet speaketh in the name of Jehovah, and the thing is not, and cometh not … in presumption hath the prophet spoken it; – thou art not (to be) afraid of him” as stated in Deuteronomy18: 22? (Youngs Literal Translation Bible)

Is a Prophet called to the work by God?

Biblical prophets often seem to be unappointed and unsought after national statesmen. Michel Nostredame gets half-way there with his appointment as Royal Counsellor but this is half-empty rather than half-full as he never makes a national pronouncement nor could he even try in his particular circumstances. He was a kind of pastor to his people – but in the very long term only, even hundreds of years after his death. Nevertheless, he determinedly flags up his truth in the world of error that he perceives. His worry is the trauma of End Time which he says may be postponed by achieving best human attitudes, all our ways having become tragically mistaken in this respect.

           (See his two supporting letters, Preface to Cesar and Epistle to the King.)

Is a Prophet recently promoted to a supernatural being? The Centuries start with a description that hints at the supernatural, but I find it difficult to believe that this was other than a personal truth wrapped in a borrowed superstition at a time of pagan revivalism in the arts.

Can a Prophet be understood outside of his or her own times? In ancient times the priests wrote their poetry. Canaanite poetry is still with us today in essence and curiously influential over our ceremonies, rituals, even the characters and stories of the Holy Bible. Among the many other professions of the time, their prophets were the regular healers. The most distinct of their offices was to ‘consult the oracle’ AND ALSO to act as mediator between mankind and the gods.

They would also judge at individual trials (and yet the Bible Prophets adjudged all the people collectively).

Heraclitus observed that in waking states we all have a common world, while in sleep we each have a world of our own. Should a Prophet converse with God on behalf of the People? The twin epistles supporting the Centuries neither portray God as anthropormorphic nor as having any speaking voice.

Is music (sonorous imaginings with feeling) at the heart of the Universe? There is no melody in the ‘Opera Nostradamus’ to could come down to us today but France’s poetry was once set to music, perhaps improvised to suit different sets of words, and the Nostradamus Quatrains are indeed capable of recitation or chant and do provoke their mental images via rhythm and word balancing.

Is there a prophetic temperament? If there is, we can only understand it insofar as it coincides with a more regular temperament. Just as we cannot understand some actions of a person of very high intelligence as our own intelligence does not rise as high, a little like not being able to incline a stiff neck to perceive anything above head height, so we cannot understand a Prophet beyond the limits of our own seeing abilities.

An intuitive premonition is quite usual for most people but a previewing prescience is not and might even be a kind of encumbrance. Vision is a natural state of consciousness, as is audition. But if born blind or deaf the imagining of them would be beyond our wildest dreams. If one born blind and deaf was to dream of vivid encounters where words are spoken and music is playing, that could only be by the Grace of Great God and the result might well be ecstacy. At such a level of inspiration the breath of God entering the body could become somehow realized.

Should a Prophet be a genius? There’s a fine line between genius and madness, they say. Without diverting to the Roman and other definitions of genius, I will simply say that the extreme complexification of the Centuries makes it difficult to say what exactly stands behind them. But something powerful surely does or they would not be discussed today (including discussion forums on the Net, by the way).

I feel the genius of Michel de Nostredame but I cannot yet express this very well, not at this stage of my detective investigation.

How would it feel should we once ‘extravert’ our introverted super-natures?

“I, an immortal God, no longer mortal,
wander among you, honoured by all,
adorned with holy diadems and blooming garlands.
To whatever illustrious towns I go,
I am praised by men and women, and accompanied
by thousands, who thirst for deliverance,
some ask for prophecies, and some entreat,
for remedies against all kinds of disease.”

How does it feel to see what looks like the future? Here’s a personal insight into the gift of prophecy from St. Hildegard (d.1179) who wrote

“Up to my fifteenth year I saw much, and related some of the things seen to others, who would inquire with astonishment, whence such things might come. I also wondered and during my sickness I asked one of my nurses whether she also saw similar things. When she answered no, a great fear befell me. Frequently, in my conversation, I would relate future things, which I saw as if present, but, noting the amazement of my listeners, I became more reticent.”

The Book of Leviticus (20:27) makes it very clear that a man or a woman who acts possessed as if a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning.

Deuteronomy (13:5) states it emphatically, “And that prophet, or that dreamer of the dream, is put to death, for he hath spoken apostacy against Jehovah your God (who is bringing you out of the land of Egypt, and hath ransomed you out of a house of servants)” and then, quoting God directly, (13:9) `But thou dost surely kill him; thy hand is on him, in the first place, to put him to death”. (YLT)

How can we know what is not divinely inspired or true prophecy? According to the Bible this is simple. If the prophet predicts something in G-d’s name and it does not happen, then G-d did not convey the message.

Whether according to the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) or Greek-Latin Bible, a failed prophecy means execution by the advance order of G-d, no questions asked.

Best to predict well beyond your own generation!

Q/ Is Nostradamus confuscated or vague because the ‘prophetic predictor’ can’t reveal the exact dates and events of the future without giving out information that could prevent that future event from happening?

A/ Prophecy and prescience are known talents of homo sapiens (yet seem to an observer to be no more than halucination at the punctual moment as they are fulfilled or otherwise only by the passage of time). Information is probably the subtle building-block of the apparently material Universe and it defeats arithmetic – you can take it away or else duplicate it and the source will remain unchanged. Prophetic information is a spiritually-inspired product of the prophet’s power of imagination, according to Nostredame, rather than a memory operating in a reversal of time or a breakdown of cause-and-effect (a miracle).

I guess Science has overlooked the enormous power of human imagination and doesn’t know much about memory either (as it becomes more abstract and dispersive the more deeply it is investigated). The mind is a machine, illuminated by what we call the heart, that is merely seated in the brain but extends independently from it both in time and in space. Once that has been grasped, much more will become able to be understood. To rise over the good and bad labels and our deeply-hosted reactions to them will enable us to go beyond the mind and meet what is both within the heart and without.

‘Only when the mind is completely still can it know its own movement’, Krishnamurti

‘To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders’, Lao Tzu

Crazy as this may seem to us in daily life, whereby we are experiencing being totally immersed in time and its caused effects, this not reality but it’s very important to us at that moment because it is our Real Illusion until we can make the escape from our lower self’s ambitions and desires.

If we see the self as a clever monkey then we cannot know the future. If we see the human ape as occupied by the godhead then we are capable of anything once we find the proper way. (And that also explains our agonizing internal contradictions and confusions and a lack of good mental heath.)

Nostradamus is a rarity in that his Astrology exposes dates and times. But it is never unavoidably so. A prophecy is not set in stone. All sorts of changes of heart can change humanity’s fate or doom may be postponed. Are there alternative futures? In our imaginations, yes, but who can tell from here inside the system?


It does not seem possible to have either perfect prescience or unhindered hindsight yet the thrust of the ‘Nostradamus Centuries’ implies both. Michel wrote that his visions were imaginings. The age of reason has downplayed imagination as the most unreal of all things and yet Nostredame writes as if it were a power. And so did Einstein who never once bothered with lab experiments, relying instead on ‘thought experiments’ or imagination. And in recent times we have had celebrities extolling us to imagine what we want and ‘the universe’ will profer it gladly to us. Hence the pop expression “be careful what you wish for”. Then there’s simple suggestion (like listening to the song ‘Imagine’) which victimizes a susceptible person’s imagination into urging precursed things to happen. I viewed a video on the spirit in which a trance-like speaker suddenly warned others to control their fantasies during moments of arousal as what you ‘harmlessly’ might imagine for people was not at all harmless to them as it might happen in real life. Well perhaps that could be taking it too far, I’m not sure, but powerful fantasy can certainly have a deleterious effect on one’s own spiritual progress which depends upon freeing ourselves from whatever has its hooks in us. Yet imagination might also give us a methodology with which to quieten the mind and separate it out as godly stillness. In fact I would name imagination and how to employ it, or not, as the major effector in someone’s universe. Apart from anything else it divides considered consciousness from animal awareness, most of the time. The human mind approaches every thought with a mixed bag made up of memories on the realities of the particular subject and a mess of spun suppositions, imaginary assumptions and popular presumptions about that subject generally. The fired-up two-stroke mind then constantly bounces between these two as if on sprung valves. One skill of championship tennis, of debate and of lawcourt persuasions is to off-balance the audient by delivering along this fault-line. (Sports expression “wrongfooting”, British Army expression “bullshit baffles brains”, lawyers expression “carrying the court”.) Indeed a prediction is a mindful self-inspired imagined thing whilst Divine Prophecy is apparent imagining with the aid of the light accompanying Nostredame’s (the Bible’s own) spirit of prophecy.

                                            NO POWER POINT PRESENTATION

The religious need for prophecy is that it demonstrates that the preferred god-figure is even more powerful than Cronus, Saturn, Old Father Time. But more earthly forms of prediction either get hung up over what normally happens by cause-and-effect (science) or else they purport to know facts about twin aspects of the future; what could yet change (fortune) and that which must come to be (fate). The ‘Opera Nostradamus’ is no corporate executive’s Power Point Presentation. It does not lead to an inevitable pre-judged conclusion as, really, there is no such thing under the Sun. Sentiments change all the time. Yet that over-politicized process of persuasion is strewn with coercion and propaganda that leads to some inevitable terminus without referencing other routes to possibly valid destinations.

That’s often true of Nostradamus research analysts – both supporters and detractors – who insist that they alone are right and prove it publicly to their satisfaction simply by maintaining silence over the alternative options. My writings take it as obvious that perception is subjective and that the reader is quite capable of accepting the body of my argument without being blinkered by me, going their own way whenever they prefer to do so including by dint of any signpost I have included that does not necessarily lead to my own stated conclusions. The one important thing to know about ‘Nostradamus’, I feel, is that it contains some vital truths that are not yet all out in the open. The Centuries are like a broken causeway. Each quatrain is a stepping stone. My tentative ideas guide my own hesitant steps but imperfectly. Maybe you will be the one who sees it all sufficiently clearly to tread firmly the path to prophecy-fulfillment perfection.

(See, also, the entry for ‘Nabu’ in the Nostradamus Quatrain II 62 Mabus By Name 


Nigel Raymond Offord
© 2012