This is an addendum to the Article NERON INCORPORATED but here I am not examining and considering the featured quatrain’s meaning as much as noticing some letter arrangements which may be rearranged to strange effect. I do not claim to be a linguist but this seems to relate more to modern Fr. than OF and Michel Nostredame does not seem to have quoted modern Fr. anywhere else in his works so this page merely records my curiosity.

Here ‘tis:

IX 53

1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Le Neron ieune dans les trois cheminees
Fera de paiges vifz pour ardoir getter,
Heureux qui loing sera de telz menees,
Trois de son sang le feront mort guetter.

‘Enron’ (an apparently incidental anagram of ‘Neron’) is available from the jumbled letters of each of Lines 1, 3 and 4. I am not doubting that this quatrain illustrates or makes direct comparison with the Roman Emperor Nero. After all, his first name ‘Lucius’ is to be found lettered into the First Couplet and his second name ‘Domitius’ is hidden in the Second Couplet simultaneously with Ahenobarbus (but minus the two ‘b’s, so perhaps a word was changed out during the meticulous composition of this quatrain, for example the adjective ‘barbare’.)

At the start of the new millennium the mighty Enron’s empire started to crumble, eventually taking down with it the household wealth and retirement savings of thousands.

Enron was the seventh biggest corporation in America. Earnings were routinely high but it was shy to talk about how it balanced its books. Its corporate surroundings were stunningly luxurious and its ‘bottom-line ambitions’ were in the gadzillions of dollars.

There was a film made, after the event, called ‘Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room’ which almost mock-narcissistically featured some of the participants.

This webpage is the bare skeleton of a story “creepier than any horror film” about arrogant self-deluded greed-heads with the ability to bury their debts faster than most armies can bury their dead.

Its long-standing predecessor was called the Northern Natural Gas Company. In 1979 this became the main holding of InterNorth which had plastics, oil and gas interests. (Three inflammables divisions, three chimneys?)

At first they became known as HNG/InterNorth and built a pink granite palace for themselves later sold-on to the Physicians Mutual assurance company. Their steady boss then was Samuel Segnar. (His name is lettered into the First Couplet)

Almost immediately after the major relocation to Texas (Oddly, ‘Enron au centre-ville de Houston’ is jumbled into the letters of the First Couplet) under new CEO Ken Lay they began selling-off major assets like Northern PetroChemicals, and took sleeping partners in Enron CoGeneration and the Northern Border Pipeline and the Transwestern Pipeline, while shaking-out some of their previous diversifications. Although this strategy might have been interpreted as defensive, the fame of their earnings grew and grew (including from the new idea of access to online trading).

Northern Natural Gas Company in the form ‘Nord naturel gaz compagnie’ is jumbled into the letters of the First Couplet.

The English names ‘HNG’ and ‘InterNorth’ are each available from the letters of the Second Couplet.

Northern PetroChemicals as ‘PetroChemicals Nord’ is available from the First Couplet should we allow a duplicate letter ‘c’ (as was normal in Sixteenth Century anagrams long before the rigid rule of the crossword puzzle was introduced.)

‘Enron CoGeneration’ may also be extracted from the letters of the First Couplet.

In modern Fr. the Northern Border Pipeline could be ‘Pipeline Nord frontière’ which may be found in the First Couplet or possibly ‘gazoduc nord frontière’ which is jumbled into the Second Couplet

‘Transwestern Pipeline’ is testing but not impossible as ‘pipeline vers ouest’ is available from the Middle Couplet.

 The modern Fr. for ‘pink granite palace’, by the way, would be ‘palais de granit rose’ which may be discovered jumbled-up in the First Couplet.

Physicians Mutual is a little irrelevant but nevertheless it could be OF ‘Les médecins OR docteurs (both in Line 1) mutuel (in the Second Couplet) départ (in Line 2)’.

 The first letter-heading of the new company featured the invented coupling EnterOn or Enteron (OF ‘entrer sur’ may be seen in Lines 3 and 4 and in the First Couplet also) but this was soon abandoned in favour of Enron.

The French word for capital investment is ‘investissement’. This is modern Fr. and not OF. Nevertheless it is lettered into the Middle Couplet (Lines 2&3).

In French a deregulated energy market could be ‘marché libéralisé de l’énergie’ and this is in the quatrain as a whole, save for the letter ‘b’. However, we may happily substitute loosening or relaxing for liberalizing (‘relâchement’ is lettered into Line 1) and apply energy law (‘loi d’energie’, lettered into the First Couplet) so as to achieve an equally appropriate result.

Despite or because of the energy market being newly deregulated some financial analysts claimed, even in the earliest days, that Enron was accumulating too great a debt and that its sale of major operations was not sufficient to solve that problem. Of course pure-minded financial analysts are conveniences for stockbrokers who choose to offer their comments to clients on occasion but might not follow that advice themselves, preferring to fly more profitably by the seat of their pants.

The Enron shares attracted every class of investor. Some had never bought shares before and may have borrowed to manage this. Almost 30 Enron execs and board members named as defendants in a federal lawsuit confessed via their lawyers to having sold their inflated shares in Enron for a total of more than one billion dollars earning them, for what it was worth, an average of approximately USD 35,000,000 each.

The “mysterious” and reclusive sometime leader of several sub-divisions of Enron, ‘Lou Lung Pai’ (the letters of his name are jumbled up in the First Couplet) had sold shares for ten times that amount but only so as to settle a divorce demand and so was not charged with any criminal wrongdoing. He had previously worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Pai’s main company was Enron Accelerator and we may find the letters of ‘Enron Accélérateur’ in the First Couplet, almost in the first line, and this is modern French. Likewise ‘Commission pour la Sécurité et l’Echange’ may be extracted from the First Couplet by duplication of the letters ‘c’ and ‘m’.

Enron seemed like an all-round highly successful company but this fulsome front was based on corporate fraud. Recorded assets and profits were impressive although lower to non-existent in reality. Merrill Lynch accepted their investment repayments on an interest only basis, adding-to unrealistic capital assets summed ‘on balance sheet’. Losses were being parked offshore and so ‘off balance sheet’. Peculiar financial methods kept other losses out of sight.

Chairman-CEO Kenneth Lay – said to be close to the President (‘Président George Bush’ is in the First Couplet save for a missing letter ‘b’) and well-known to the Treasury Secretary (‘Secrétaire au Trésor Paul O’Neill’ is in the quatrain as a whole) and the FR Chairman (‘Réserve Fédérale Président Alan Greenspan’ is available from the quatrain as a whole) – had sold out much of his shareholding for about $100,000,000 and had been maintaining personal rights to a $7.5 million revolving credit line from Enron which he is said to have drawn from and made repayments to by using his Enron shares. He was tried twice and convicted twice but maintained his innocence insisting that the frauds at Enron were committed by his underlings who stole millions of Enron’s dollars secretively. He died at his home before trial sentencing was passed.

The French for ‘a king’s friend’ is ‘l’ami d’un roi’ which, as it happens, lies hidden in Line 1 and Line 3 (and Line 4, too, once we should allow a duplicate letter ‘i’.)

CEO Skilling was found guilty of insider trading or ‘délit d’initié’ which may be extracted from the letters of the First Couplet (and the Second Couplet, too, should we allow a duplicate letter ‘i’).

Corporate fraud may be either ‘la fraude d’entreprise’ or ‘fraude en enterprise’, each to be found separately in both the First and Second Couplets. The Accountants, who were subsequently found obstructive, were ‘Arthur Andersen’ and this full name is available from both the First and Second Couplets individually.

When I was younger the father of a friend was senior partner of another major multi-national accountancy partnership. I asked him, “How come with all the intrusive inspections by auditor’s staffs, the outside Chartered Accountants for major quoted companies that then collapse neither warn of its coming nor get truly punished for their failings”. The reply: “It is relatively easy for these companies to hide matters from the Auditors-Accountants, especially if there are no whistleblowers within hearing.” I guess that might be the case, but so much for the sublime judgmental skills attributed to our best-rewarded number tumblers.

The Enron scandals are still notorious and the name itself is a signal for fraud, a mark of disgraced power.

As well as their apparently non-violent crimes that nevertheless severely disadvantaged many individuals, the execs of Enron even scammed the State of California. In the year 2000 Enron faked for reasons of their own (their executives were prospering greatly at the time even as Enron teetered on the edge of bankruptcy) a critically low supply of natural gas, a false shortage, which was widely believed because of the respect routinely accorded to that massive player in the energy market.

Worldly power wrapped up in social democracy is a matter of success at garnering public confidence. Worldly power folded into political tyranny is fundamentally a matter of covering-up incompetence and fraud, ergo a circumventing of serious errors in high places can make a failed criminal tyrant out of any proudly posturing prince or president. Which brings us back to the publicly rejected and soon-to-die Emperor Nero at the close of his youthful reign.

Is there any point to all this? Well, it might be pointing up the possibility of this intricate quatrain having been rewritten for some reason, omitting a previously inserted letter ‘b’ – or maybe not. But there are plenty other striking coincidences in here for somebody to wonder about.

I suppose I should offer a further translation of IX 53 in conclusion, so here goes,

Le Neron ieune dans les trois cheminees
Fera de paiges vifz pour ardoir getter,
Heureux qui loing sera de telz meneees,
Trois de son sang le feront mort guetter.

Translation 4:

Young Nero III/Neron the most junior of an elevated group

Will enliven the underlings by thrusting them towards chained dogs,

There are those who will be far from happy,

He will be surprised by death, three of his own will have this done.

(Please see the Article NERON INCORPORATED for the three prior translations of this OF text.)

Can we cherrypick the exact words that we want to find hidden in a quatrain’s letters? Yes we might be able to manipulate matters but we just don’t need to do that. What is most compulsive is the degree to which we can find multiple names and phrases that have a strong linkage one to another. The last section of the Article MALARCHY’S POPES AND NOSTRADAMUS  uncovers a Nostredame tour-de-force in this respect.

Here’s one set entirely of my own invention (I would think!) extracted from IX 53 – the phrase conspiracy theory as ‘théorie du complot’ is to be found complete in the First Couplet whilst historical truth as ‘la vérité historique’ is entirely lettered into the Middle Couplet and hologram dreams expressed as ‘rêves hologrammiques’ is available from the letters of the Lines 2 and 3 once we borrow a letter ‘m’ from one of the other two lines, i.e. it is in the quatrain as a whole.

Oligopoly as ‘oligopole’ is in the First couplet. Monopoly as ‘monopole’ is in the First couplet. Fascism as ‘fascisme’ is in the First couplet. Communism as ‘communisme’ is in the quatrain as a whole. Totalitarian as ‘totalitaire’ is in the First couplet.

The First Couplet ominously contains the letters of both ‘Lehman Freres’ and ‘Goldman Sachs’ (and ‘Bear Stern’ if we only had a ‘b’) intertwined with ‘J P Morgan’ ( the letter ‘j’ was freely interchangeable with the letter ‘i’ back in the Middle Ages.)

Satanism as ‘satanisme’ is in both the First Couplet and the Second Couplet independently. Black magic as ‘la magie noire’ is likewise in the First Couplet and Second Couplet simultaneously.

A randomly chosen phrase like Fr. ‘sacrament de Pénitence’ or L.‘sollicitationis’ (or even ‘théologie de la libération’ if we only had the letter ‘b’!) may also be discovered in the quatrain as a whole. Notwithstanding, all the letters of ‘la pédophilie organisée’ or  ‘contrôle de l’esprit’ or ‘sentiers de chem’ or ‘mass surveillance’ may be sourced from the First Couplet.

Taking that further we can find – by the anagram rules prevalent in Michel’s place and time – the words ‘Cité du Vatican’, ‘Notre Saint-Père le pape, chef de l’Église catholique’ and ‘ordre souverain militaire de Malte’ in quatrain IX 53. Of course these are all powerful terms that betoken our present Age, being as pertinent or impertinent today as they once were to the “three confreres of the People’s Principle” (See the Nostradamus Quatrain VI 50 THE BONES AND REVOLUTION) and to the Napoleons also.

These were three in total. The phantom Napoleon II, properly the Duke of Reichstadt, though he was a vigorous and volatile personality died at 21 from “weakness of the chest”. Napoleon III, who took that title by a coup d’état and likened himself to Julius Caesar, conferred the title Napoleon II upon Duke Reichstadt retrospectively. Like his uncle before him the namesake Napoleon III died in exile and his only son Louis died aged 26 in an ambush (OF ‘mort guetter’, Line 4) while fighting for the British in Africa. They lived at the grand house of an English Francophile in Chislehurst. (By duplications of letters both ‘Louis’ and ‘Chislehurst’ may be found in the First Line.)

To sum up, once we add the ‘qu’ from Line 3 there is an infamous quotation from Rabelais’ influential Thélème, ‘fais ce que tu voudras’, DO WHAT YOU WILL, within the letters of the First Couplet and so from the quatrain as a whole.

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