Nostradamus Quatrain I 100 revisited:


1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Long temps au ciel sera veu gris oiseau,

Aupres de Dole & de Tosquane terre:

Tenant au bec vn verdoyant rameau,

Mourra tost grand, & finira la guerre.

“On the drive between Phoenix and Tucson you’ll cross desert plains with views of the Superstitions and other rugged ranges.” The Arizona Handbook.

From the air you could not miss AMARC, the biggest of several US airplane graveyards covering a great acreage close to Tucson, Arizona.

(Incidentally the letters of AMARC – the Aircraft Maintenance And Regeneration Center, home to 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group – are available from Line 3.)

I have mixed feelings about most all the professionals on our popular Internet websites. They seem more or less assertive, self-confident and socially successful. Some carry their audients by carrots of truthful new information (and big chunks of it, too) but very occasionally wield subtle sticks to drive the fans away from known facts too inconvenient perhaps to those “powers that should not be”.

Well-informed Wayne Madsen opines that one or more planes involved in ‘9/11’ were built from parts at Tucson and probably remote-controlled. I do recall that in a live broadcast of street-level WTC coverage the speaker described the second plane that had passed overhead as white and windowless with a blue circle on the nose. But there is so much misinformation flooding the ether and even a live broadcast set to delay can be altered, both sounds and detailed pictures.

Peculiarly the modern Fr. ‘montage vidéo non linéaire numérique’ or digital non-linear video editing is available from the letters of the quatrain as a whole as is the corporation ‘Avid Technologie’, without overlaps, once we employ a duplicate ‘i’ and substitute the ampersand ‘&’ for the missing ‘h’, possibly a Nostredame penchant.


It is difficult to believe that Nostredame intended this but he was clever enough so who can tell?

Highly energized Rebekah Roth is also accumulating a large following with her lengthy YouTube appearances and two 9/11 fictional books with appendices, ‘Methodical Illusion’ and ‘Methodical Deception’. She also opines that the ‘planes were remote-controlled.

Much of what follows flows from these inside-view researchers.

Wayne mentions this base as being in Pinal County and that it was first run by Evergreen Aviation who ceded it to Marana (linked to Carlyle Group).

(OF ‘comté de Pinal’ is lettered in Line 1, Evergreen is found in the First Couplet and Aviation in the Second Couplet, Marana may be seen in Line 4, Carlyle Group is in the quatrain as a whole.)

Rebekah covers many 9/11 fronts including Rabbi Dov Zakheim who was the Chief Executive Officer of System Planning Corporation’s International Division (remote control aviation experts, would you believe?) until President George W. Bush appointed him Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller of the Pentagon. As well as mislaying 2.3 trillion dollars he co-authored a report for Dick Cheney, the Vice President, in his more important role as chief perpetrator of the new American century. This was called ‘”Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century” which fits tightly to P.N.A.C. of whom Tam Dalyell, UK Labour MP and ‘Father of the House of Commons’, a dissenter from the aggressive war with Iraq, said:

This is garbage from right-wing think-tanks stuffed with chicken-hawks – men who have never seen the horror of war but are in love with the idea of war. Men like Cheney, who were draft-dodgers in the Vietnam War.

“This is a blueprint for US world domination – a new world order of their making. These are the thought processes of fantasist Americans who want to control the world. I am appalled that a British Labour Prime Minister should have got into bed with a crew which has this moral standing.’

OF ‘Maistre de mestier Dov’ is lettered into the Second Couplet allowing for a duplicate ‘s’ (normal in Medieval anagrams) and means ‘Chief of Organization Dov’. (OF ‘maistre’ could also be used for ‘Rabbi’, by the way)

Line 2 could be a feint. In print Tosquane somewhat resembles Tucson where American planes of all sizes are preserved or reassembled all the time, although neither Tosquane nor Toscane sound too much like it. Perhaps Michel could not have known that.

What about Dole? The similar OF noun ‘la doloire’ may be found lettered into the First Couplet. This was the axe-like tool or adze that doubled as a defensive weapon and was used to plane large surfaces. Its name was derived from the Soldier Latin ‘dolabra’ (Second Couplet) this renovation tool being used by a wagoner of a marching Roman Legion’s supply train. This looks quite convincing to me (although OF ‘aplanir’, to plane something, might have been equally useful and a little more obvious). Oh, and every airline cockpit bears a dual-purpose ‘crash axe’ apparently.

Line 3 describes a branch in the beak of the flying bird. Could this be an antenna? Is it described as ‘verdant’ because it is in an active state?

The documentative Israeli Gelatin Art Group (the modern Fr. ‘groupe d’art de gélatine’ is lettered in the quatrain as a whole) had been touring museums and military installations, apparently, and obtained security passes to the WTC tower where they had solicited a workroom on the 94th floor. Their ambition was to replace a window with a balcony (contemporary accounts said to affix a window box) which they did and stood on there waving to a hired helicopter that was photographing them. Could they have left behind a homing device? Could the airborne antenna have been actively seeking that? Sorry you guys, but your dancing Israeli friends did say that the main intention was to document the events on 9/11! Who knew?

(For my views on the possibility of Michel using foreknowledge of modern French please see the Article AN ENRON NERON NONDEICTIC COINCIDENT)

Line 4, OF ‘mourra/mourir’ meant to pass from life into death but an extension, ‘mourir civilement’, was to die in the civil sense, i.e. losing the rights of citizenship. OF ‘guerre’ meant not only war but every kind of conflict or protest.

Translation 2:

For some time a grey-coloured bird will be seen in the sky,

‘Near Dole’ and ‘close to Tosquane’:

Holding in its beak a green branch,

Soon comes massive loss of civil rights and an end to dissent.

WTC7, one of the additional buildings that were destroyed on September 11th 2001, was a 47-floor New York skyscraper that housed much confidential federal information including documents about the brilliant but corrupt Bill Clinton, current records of the Enron bankruptcy details and likewise WorldCom, a record bankruptcy even bigger than Enron’s, as well as the NYC Mayor Giuliani’s emergency command center at the time. Other tenants included the Securities and Exchange Commission, the IRS-DoD-CIA all sharing a floor, the US Secret Service, Immigration Service, and fairly important ‘trading and non-trading’ risk management oriented offices.

Way back in the 1960’s, insurance underwriters had started to avoid issuing cover for asbestos-related matters and yet continued to uphold the legal necessity of asbestos linings in building cavities as it was a first-class fire-spread deterrent. The Principle of Indemnity was held to be foundational back then. This limited all material loss claim payments to the cost of putting the Insured back to the position they were in immediately anterior to their loss. This was apparently breached when the ground leaseholder L. Silverstein insisted that Insurers pay double for one grand loss at the WTC on the grounds that there were two causes of loss, two planes. In fact he had saved substantially because the twin towers, et al, were asbestos-lined and today that is emphasized as unacceptable to public health due to asbestos having a vegetative component that may root fatally in the human lung. In other words the lofty towers would have to be pulled or rebuilt sooner or later to comply with the stringent regulations in force. Wondrous as they were they had a coming obsolescence.

Both the non-profit MITRE (the name is available from both Lines 1 and 4) the mighty controller of Federally Funded Direct Research Centers and the deadly efficient Israeli secret service MOSSAD (in the First Couplet) each figure repeatedly in Rebekah’s interview accounts. Interestingly, MITRE has been working with DARPA (Line 2) to create ‘the Integrated Sensor Is the Structure’ or ‘ISIS’. (In Line 1 but purely accidentally, I should suppose.)

Despite endless strong rumours of financial improprieties attaching to 9/11 (bank-certified forgeries facilitating mal-appropriations of ‘Brady bonds’ shaken out even as the WTC-based underwriters perished plus insider trading with a vengeance in New York and Chicago) the main thrust seems to be the apparent defeat of NORAD (Line 3) so psyching-out the entire American nation into greater obedience to the state. (Bye-bye miss you nation-state pie.) Without 9/11 the rolling wars of the United States Incorporated Death Machine would not even have been permitted to get started. Just look at Cheney’s smile .

(Following the Sixteenth Century rules of anagram outlined above, ‘Le sourire de Richard Cheney’ is available from the first three lines of Nostredame’s curious quatrain 1 100.)

 A global traumatic abuse and subsequent cognitive dissonance! Deliberate? Yes. And no. Many organisations and individuals inwardly feel responsible for ‘9/11’. Some revel in it. Many footprints criss-crossed. A confluence of currents of intent. All the science-based theories leak. Official statements imply a bizarre insult to the intelligence of the common man.

(Both ‘Roth’ and Madsen are Internet alternative researchers specializing in system bleed, i.e. emanating that most fascinating quality, a sense of insider information.)

(Also see the Nostradamus Quatrains I 91 and VI 11 and V 65 : 191 IS THE REAL 911)