“Goldman Sachs is positioning itself to gobble up water utilities, water engineering companies, and water resources worldwide.”

from “The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water”

I 56

Vous verrés tost & tard faire grand change
Horreurs extremes, & vindications,
Que si la lune conduicte par son ange
Le ciel s’approche des inclinations.

Once it is that the moon’s angel drives the sky
Into its telling charted angles
(When the Moon takes a turn to rule over the planetary relationships that come around in the astrologer’s charts)

At first and later you will see big changes being made
Extreme horrors and mal-appropriate claims.

And now that we are led by the Moon – with the aid of the total power that is God eternal  Preface to Cesar

Among the many mistakes of the age of reason sits the granting of legal personality to corporations/the limiting of liability for its shareholders and the unique legal power of creating money given to banks

In ground well-drilled by the Rothschilds the long-tentacled octopus that is Goldman Sachs Corporation continues to advocate “Take A Deep Dive Into Water” (their off-beat eight-beat expression).

(Interestingly ‘Rothschild’ is available from the jumbled letters of the First Couplet plus a borrowed ‘l’ from the Second Couplet. ‘Goldman Sachs’ is similarly lettered into the First Couplet, i.e. with the same borrowed ‘l’, and ‘prendre une plongée profonde dans l’eau’ may be found from the letters of the quatrain as a whole.)

In the same way as most governments everywhere gear up to sustaining wealth distribution from low and middle income classes to the very rich (including in their own number) now it’s going to distribute what were inarguable natural rights to water up to the same high flying accumulators of wealth and power.

(Curiously the appropriate modern Fr. words ‘marchandisation’ and ‘commodification’ – should we allow a necessary duplication of the letter ‘m’ – are each available from the letters of the First Couplet of the above quatrain.)

“Water is of course the most important raw material we have today in the world. It’s a question of whether we should privatise the normal water supply for the population. There are but two differing opinions. The one opinion which I think is extreme is represented by the NGO’s who bang on about declaring water a public right.”

A mal-appropriate claim (or an appropriate mis-claim if you take the Devil’s highway) by Peter Breback speaking as the CEO of the Nestlé Corporation

We can tell from the second quatrain of the Centuries alone (Nostradamus Quatrain I 2 ALL SYSTEMS GO)  that there is more to water than meets the eye. (It is believed by Science that the Earth once had a dry stone surface. Where did all the water come from? Does it have special properties that we have overlooked? Personally I think it carries an untapped store of energy/information and is greater than just a drink albeit an essential and life-supportive one.)

Maintaining the public perception that water is a finite (non-renewable) resource rather than something topped-up by the planet gives us the first law of profit-making, scarcity, for who would pay for anything if it were in plentiful and unending supply? Well, we might pay a little for convenience, for know-how, for the time saving attributes of a supply system, but not if we were being overcharged or endangered by or overly coerced with our very vitality controlled by that system. The threat of poisoning the water supply is an age-old form of coercion. Fear is persuasive. So is law. Legally redefining what water actually is so as to delimit such a a faux shortage while selling water off ‘wholesale’ to selected bidders must be one of the dirtiest tricks a government could ever play on its unaware population.  Agenda 21’s so-called Climate Action Plan is intended to CAP or curb water usage as if that terrible shortage really exists; in fact to inflict their wicked water reduction demands upon ‘the 99%’.

Deb Tavares – Filmed in Santa Rosa, CA on 10/11/2015

Some rising water is explicable, such as the one-day ankle-floods that occurred at sea-level every fifteen days quite close to where I used to live. But some is a greater mystery. Surprisingly many scientists maintain that sea water is not the prime source of water. After all a river’s headwaters spring from under the ground:

‘The more science learns the more deeply it realizes its “staggering and overwhelming” ignorance. Those who refuse to even look beyond the hydrologic cycle theory, in the light of Riess’ demonstrations, are lost to science.’

‘New Water For A Thirsty World’, Michael Salzman (1960)

Did you go to the same school as I did, a school teaching idiocies and lies, a sausage-machine of the social engineers in a system dominated by fraudulent wealth foundations with leading educationalists jockeyed into line by control freaks? Didn’t they tell you that the banks create their loan monies out of thin air? Didn’t they tell you that to be in deep space is an experience of horrid sucking blackness with not a light in sight? Didn’t they tell you that the extraordinary link between the Sun and the Earth’s vegetation is what gives us our world? Didn’t they tell you that digital radio-TV signals are different from but not superior to analogue signals? (So why force us to use them? The concomitant noun is ‘manipulation’.) And did they not tell you that nuclear reactors need not have used dangerously radio-active cores? Or that oil is not related to coal in that it is likely self-regenerative? That war is as welcome for the health of governments as it is a disaster for the ordinary citizen? That wars don’t just happen without a  bare-minimum of one year’s planning and preparation, maybe seven or eight years? That the private shareholders behind the voting of the issuing banks push not only for wars to expand their massive lending influence around the globe but also for assassinations of individual politicians (several US Presidents?) or anybody else who opposes them? That unelected judges are chosen partly as representatives – but of who exactly, the people, natural law, some private club or the prime minister’s office? And did they not tell you that a web of blood-curdlingly sworn-to-secrecy societies demand their members place that society before all other considerations including perhaps the hypocratic oath? That everything oath-bound is Earth-bound? That the holders of top public positions tend to be selected young and are thoroughly groomed to effect agendas to which they have made no input? That secret killer  services will murder without remorse the child or spouse of a key civilian who refuses to obey central orders? Obey, obey, obey as you’ve been trained to do, the renegades have mostly been neutered. But watch out! At the Technische Universitat in Dresden, their excellent Professor Uhr told me that they all went to work one morning to find the ‘senior’ professors leaving in tears. Overnight the ruling regime in their country had resigned themselves to a world-changing finality and the pampered old-guard profs, the ‘kept women’ of academia so to speak, were all sacked with immediate effect. Change may be a long time coming but when it does come it is very swift indeed.

Eric Dollard: The Sun Is Not What We Have Been Told

What will they smart-meter next? An air supply piped-in to every house?

We breathe oxygen. Plants exhale oxygen but breathe-in carbon dioxide during daylight hours and are usually harmless to humans. In fact they support us for food and oxygen and their roots prevent widespread flooding. We depend on them as the main link with the sun’s special life force that their leaves magically tap. Healthy plants are where all our oxygen comes from, particularly trees. How come Brazil and the rest of the world ever allowed great swathes of the Brazilian Rainforest to be levelled? Rainforests like that, which depend on carbon dioxide, may produce 5-25% each of the global oxygen supply. Banking elites and government chiefs all knew about that before the wilful destructions were allowed or encouraged to commence.

There is more than enough oxygen, fresh water, fresh food, oil and land for every inhabitant on this planet today and for lifetimes to come. Yet the criminal insanity of UN Agenda 21 has bled through to virtually every government gatekeeper in the world.

Scarcity is a basic ploy to raise prices. Monopolies and oligopolies serving susceptible demands will restrict the supply by default.


Bubbles are no more than one might expect from over-education in Economics, the Queen of the Social Sciences that holds, completely falsely, that every buyer always wants whatever they want to the maximum extent at the minimum price. Marketing, which is far more worldly, denies this and sees the consumer as much more complex and difficult to understand than that assumptive academic automaton.

Investment demands can create oddball activities like fracking for which there is no long-term need. As with the advent of the railways, explicable new technologies are always a huge attraction to investors. Fracking was created by short-term gainers and is burning some folk’s fingers. Financially at least these new techs are all big bubbles. Which brings us the bad way back to air and water.

For some reason Nostradamus is not occupied by petty pilferings even on a global scale excepting monetary manipulations. (See VII 28 in the Article BY WHAT STRANGE FACTOR IS NOSTRADAMUS STILL BEING READ?) Perhaps he could not imagine lofty personages stooping so low. The dangerous effects of water and the lack of it. however,  are writ large in the Centuries.

Both of the following quatrain investigations are from the Article THE LATE DOLORES CANNON’S ‘ANTICHRIST ACCORDING TO NOSTRADAMUS’

I 62

La grande perte laslque feront les lettres
Auant le cicle de laton a parfaict,
Feu, grand deluge, plus par ignares sceptres
Que de long siecle ne se verra refaict.

Line 1. OF ‘laslque’ seems mangled and a little too far outside the box. Possibly this means ‘it wearies that’ or else the OF ‘lasque’ from ‘lâcher’, to release, or the OF ‘lacque’ being lacquer the resinous finishing material. It might have intended to suggest bound and sealed documents.

The great loss that will befall the portfolios manuscripts and letters
Before Rome’s cycle is complete,
Fire, great deluge, utmost ignorance of the sovereign cultures
How long will the centuries be wherein its restoration remains a matter of contemplation.

Our worldy yet otherworldly Nostradamus discussion group consider that the Vatican will be brought to its knees finally by a ‘force’ of some kind, a mysterious act of Nature, and that this huge distraction will cover for the take-over of Turkey:

II 84

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Entre Campaigne, Sienna, Flora, Tuscie
Six moys neufz iours ne plouura vne goute.
L’estrange langue en terre Dalmatie
Courira sus: vastant la terre toute.

Between Campania, Siena, Florence, Tuscany,
It will rain not a drop (for) six months nine days:
In the Dalmatian land the strange tongue
Will run: devastating the entire land.

They also say the Antichrist will take over Italy and Greece by destroying the cultural centers so as to destroy the morales of these subjugated citizens. A collapse of wills.

(See the investigation of quatrain IX 31 and others in the Article POVERA ITALIA! MAGGIO 2012)

In addition to the destruction of European centres of culture
the Antichrist will ransack the Vatican library with the future intent of destroying it completely. This will be to undermine the authority of the Vatican further and sever its more learned connections.

Along the way, they say, he will do himself a karmic favour. Even using violent means, they state, the Antichrist will burn off some of his bad karma. (I would not pretend to understand that spiritual mechanism at this point in my existence; it sounds impossibly over-simple, like arithmetic and yet a long way from the square root of minus one, though who knows?)

By revealing the material of greatest controversy that is presently buried in the vast Vatican Library (so as to show how much truth the Catholic Church as a self-serving organization has suppressed and so cause schism and dissent, thesis and antithesis, among the studied clergy who remain) he will illuminate the whole world.

In addition to my extensive Article STORED UP IN THE NORTH WIND: DELUGE DAYS AND EARTHQUAKE HOURS which includes the quatrains I 62  IV 67  I 69  I 62  X 60  VIII 91 III 2  III 12  IX 37  II 33  X 6   II 31  II 84  VIII 1  VI  88  II 43  I 46  X 67  X 50  II 41  II 93  II 46  III 3  II 17 II 81 V 98  and  VIII 16 several other Nostradamus Quatrains talk of deluge, for example VII  8  THE ROMAN FESULAN and quatrain VIII 16 resufaces in the Nostradamus Quatrains X 96 ADALUNCATIF, THE BAAL CYCLE & VIII 16 FESULAN and the Article ADDENDUM TO TEXTS ON THE MYSTERY PLACENAMES ADALUNCATIF AND FESULAN


1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Translation 2:
At the place where HIERON’s ship be built,

Such a great sudden flood,

That one will have neither holding nor footfall,

The waters mount to the Olympic Fesulan.

In the light of this sudden great flood (perhaps caused by the appearance of new land in the ocean or a comet or both) then the sea would encroach to the foothills of Mount Olympus. So ‘Fesulan’ might be Farsala, far inland, although the quatrain somehow suggests to me waves reaching the cloud-base or even the eaves of the palace of the demi-gods high above Olympus. (An interesting probable hoax on YouTube shows buildings resting on clouds in the skies above China, and other places too, and the mystery explainers have even linked these to cloud hallucination rather like the fantastic desert oases created by heat-haze, which seems rather unlikely to me although it could explain the myth of Mount Olympus.)

Otherwise this might be another reference to the island of Euboea, very near where the legendary Greek Jason had his ship built. Or Hieron could be the local King who is said to have fortified Syracuse.

Some say there may be a link with some little known pre-Nostradamus Italian painting with a title something like ‘Fesula’ that depicts a crowning of Mary, the Virgin Mother. If anything is the opposite of Gaia Mater, or the Earth Mother, then it is this heavenly ennobling of Idaia Mater. For myself I prefer to repeat a prior final passage:

“It is impossible to imagine the full extent of damage done by this tsunami wave. A simple circular spread from its oceanic centre would drown all in its path, possibly driving deep into several continents. Many hundreds of cities would be flattened by solid walls of water. The sudden cause of such a gigantic wave would of itself destabilize the planet. This does not seem credible to our inner normalcy bias. Krishnamurti once said that only the human mind that is completely still can know the incalculable immensity of its own movement. This quatrain sounds like its diametric opposite: a force of Nature minded like a raging young god.”

Drought is also a Nostradamus quatrain theme. In the Article 2012 NOSTRADAMUS may be found a Presage from May 1557, which is a quatrain not from the Centuries but from Nostredame’s periodicals – his bread and butter writings, largely but not exclusively agricultural almanacs for which he was famous in his lifetime. He used these on occasion to make long-range forecasts.

Conjoint icy, au ciel appert depesche,
Prise, laissée, mortalite non seure,
Peu pluye, entrée, le ciel la terre seche,
Defait, mort, pris, arriué à mal heure.

By the “ciel”  (the Medieval astrological circle system of planets) a planet that should be conjunct appears dismissed,
Taken, left out, its continued existence unsure:
Scant rain, entry, the sky and the earth dry,
Undone, dying, taken, the evil hour has come.

The extraterrestrial influences upon our weather movements dwarf by far our human inputs. Climate is an enduring impression born of weather. Whilst sci-fi’s J.G.Ballard got it right that environment and therefore existence can be incrementally altered almost beyond recognition it’s not the concept of climate change that’s going to catch you down one day, it’s a dramatic change in the weather itself. In the meantime the pirates are pillaging to overflow their own treasure chests by adding draconian social controls over primary needs which, mendaciously, they claim are being collectively called for by YOU:


Without doubt various military and civil installations can alter the weather to create real deceptions and damaging illusions. The US presidential Bush family own vast acreages of land over the largest aquifer in South America – no water shortage for them as the giant aquifer is not dependent on the weather – and would have no intention of relocating just because the “United Nations” might say so, which they dare not.

Very little on this page has not appeared on this website before or else on its sister site

The time has come.

Long ago I wrote that worship of the sun has been giving way to worship of water which is then giving way to worship of the superficial and that simple progression suggests in turn a worshipful descent below the surface where there is no Sun at all. As many now know there are colonies operative underground and major highways linking them way below the surface – at least in America where they have been organised specifically for an armoured elite.

What we have been observing in this millennium is a grand larceny and every stunt possible to redistribute upward as much money as possible, an unnatural osmosis of other people’s portions all the way from wet banker bail-outs to fully-soaked banker bale-ins, aimed not so much at accumulating numbers on balance sheets but to purchase as much as possible while the going is good. The rest of us can perish from cold on the planet’s irradiated surface for all these narcissists and psychopaths care, they worry about nothing but their own personal profits and losses.

Back to the Article BY WHAT STRANGE FACTOR IS NOSTRADAMUS STILL BEING READ? and the Nostradamus Quatrain I 16 1555 Lyon Bonhomme:

Faulx a l’estang ioinct vers la Sagitaire
En son hault AVGE de l’exaltation,
Peste, famine, mort de main militaire:
Le siecle approche de renouation.

Line 1, OF ‘Faulx’ is difficult to trace. Modern French gives us ‘faulx’ for an ancient instrument, the scythe, which represented Saturn in old Astrology. OF ‘estang’ is a pond or else the stagnancy found in a shallow pool. Emily Dickinson calls the evening sky a pond:

She sweeps with many-colored brooms,
And leaves the shreds behind;
Oh, housewife in the evening west,
Come back, and dust the pond!

Line 2, OF ‘AVGE’ = AUGE is astrological. Following Ptolemy’s theory of the planets the astrologer must make distinct the trough of a planet on the Zodiac and on its epicycle. OF ‘auge’ can also be a container, water trough, mason’s trough or riverbed … Aquarius is in an area of the sky often called the Sea as it hosts many aquatic constellations. The Milky Way is more like a river. Capricorn is a goat in front but a fish behind so in a fantastical way it’s quite suited to a pond and it is next to Sagittarius. Saturn rules Capricorn but its most exalted dignification is in Libra. In Astrology ‘conjunct’ is technical, basically meaning close together and these days would mean obscured by the rays of the Sun. If that were the intended meaning of ‘joinct’ it would make ‘the pond’ some other heavenly body, say, the Moon.

(See the quatrains IV 67 and VI 6 in the Article SIMPLE ASTROLOGY/HEAT AND LIGHT IN THE CENTURIES)

Saturn conjoined at/conjunct with “the pond” towards Sagittarius
In his highest lodge exalted,
Disease, hunger, death by military hand:
The Age approaches its renewal.

Perhaps ‘pond’ refers to an adjacent constellation or Zodiac Sign. The Constellation of Sagittarius, linked in legend with Chiron, lies upon the flat of the sky between Scorpius-Ophiucus to the West and Capricornus to the East. Some may hold that the pond is Aquarius simply because he it the Water Bearer but as it is not one of the three Water Signs I must query this unless AVGE should represent the water container of Aquarius. As much as anything is sure, however, Saturn will enter Aquarius on March 21st 2020 and duck out on July 1st by reversing into Capricorn until we reach December 16th 2020 when it returns to haunt Aquarius until March 7th 2023.

A nuclear surface devastation – unthinkable before the new breed of underground cities were conceived but now discussed openly by US talking hotheads – could mark the End of this Age.

Even if it never comes to that, we must counter the bogus Agenda 21 and its ilk for while ‘they’ are partying away on gigantic wildlife reserves ring-fenced and protected by the Special Forces stationed there, ‘we’ may be eking out a meagre Medieval existence in ‘micro apartments’ smaller than a studio flat, about half the size of a transport container, in densely overcrowded and rapidly running-down cities.

The Trans Pacific Partnership* appears to downgrade, inter alia, the role of Food Inspectors at Border Customs points, by the way, in a processor-protective trend so strong that it may make this very paragraph universally illegal in time.

*UPDATE 2017: stalled by US President Trump.

Agenda 21 in Less Than 5 Minutes

human existence asa set of Sustainability rules yet neither by consensus nor consent. Globally, in what is possibly less than even a one-party state, central politicians will decide what or who gets sustained whilst regional politicians will enforce murderous laws that are entirely criminal in nature, no more civil disputes except maybe initially as approved companies will win because they own the judges, and multi-national corporations will stand astride a globe with no state sovereignties to challenge them. Basically the few upper elite will be sovereigns of themselves and the middle and working classes will be reclassified as serfs and slaves.

Of course nothing ever goes exactly according to plan, many schedules are modified and most budgets are abandoned in practice. Sometimes it seems that what folks have tried too hard to prepare for is exactly what will not then happen.

What of the ludicrous notion of one religious leader over a one-world religion? (See the Articles MALACHY’S POPES AND NOSTRADAMUS and END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (6) WHOSE GOD SHALL RISE TO PATRONIZE THIS PLANET?)

I 4

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Par l’vniuers sera faict vng monarque,
Qu’en paix & vie ne sera longuement:
Lors se perdra la piscature barque,
Sera regie en plus grand detriment.

Translation: Throughout the world will be one monarch,
Who will not last long in peace and health:
Whereat the fisher’s boat will be lost,
A governing that to the most harmful degree will be.

Zephaniah 8 claims God has spake thus:

Therefore, wait for Me – an affirmation of Jehovah, For the day of My rising for prey, For My judgment be to gather nations, To assemble kingdoms, To pour out on them Mine indignation, All the heat of Mine anger, For by the fire of My jealousy consumed is all the earth. (Youngs Literal Translation Bible)

Interestingly this is the only biblical verse, so we are informed, that contains both the twenty-two letters of the alphabet and the five final forms in the Hebrew language. Significant?

Enter the Unexpected!

II 12

Yeus clos ouuerts d’antique fantasie
L’habit des seules seront mis à néant :
Le grand monarque chastira leur frenaisie
Rauir des temples le thresor par deuant.

The old fantasy ‘eyes closed open’ (or ‘eyes wide closed’)
This habit of the separated ones exists to render them non-existent:
The Great Monarch will correct their deliria
Temples to be excoriated their treasures for all to know.

This ultimate ‘Proença prophetizamen de Nostradamus’ is far from the bloody games being played-out upon this webpage.


Michel de Nostredame’s crowned or uncrowned monarch will explain. The end of collective religion comes and the people will recognize their Individual paths to Spiritual Enlightenment.

                                            NIGELRAYMONDOFFORD(c)2015 and on