(See The Twelve Noon Kennedy Killing, Nostradamus Quatrain l 81 in the Article WHO DID WHAT TO THE JOHN F KENNEDY’S)


1555 Lyon Bonhomme

D’humain troupeau neuf seront mis à part,
De jugement & conseil separés:
Leur sort sera divisé en depart,
[K alpha pi Θhita λambda] mors, bannis esgarés.          

Line 3 could be either ‘sort sera’ or ‘fort fera’ (the printer’s marks are the same for ‘s/f’)

Translation 1:
Of the human flock nine will be set apart,
Separate in judgment and counsel:
Their departure will be divided on high,
Their strength divides as they depart
K.Th.l. [K alpha pi Θhita λambda] bit between the teeth, cast out, losing the right way.

Translation 2:
Of the human flock nine will be set apart,
Separate in judgment and counsel:
Their fate will be divided as they depart,
K.Th.l. [[K alpha pi Θhita λambda] bit in mouth, cast out and losing the right way.

This quatrain has been said by some to refer to the Challenger space shuttle disaster on 28th January 1986 whereby all the crew perished, some officials at NASA got sacked and a part manufacturer was widely blamed.

There are a variety of solutions to this puzzling quatrain l 81 each depending a little or a lot on the interpretation of ‘Kappa, Thita, λambda’.

Line 4: “K alpha pi Θhita λambda mors, bannis esgarés.”  

‘K alpha pi’ or ‘Kap.’ is often interpreted as Kappa (a name for the letter K).

The Θ symbol I use here represents more complex ancient Greek versions and Nostredame uses a similarly simplified version. It’s often interpreted by Nostradamus Researchers as ‘Theta’.

λambda is often interpreted as Lambda although the symbol λ is the lower case, Λ is the upper case. Modern scientific usage of lower case λ includes the ‘eigenvalue’ and the ‘radioactive decay constant’ whilst Japan has used the capital L to name an entire space rocket Lambda.

Line 4 Translation:
[K alpha pi Θhita λambda] bit between the teeth, cast out and losing the right way.

Thiokol were makers of the apparently defective part that was blamed for the disaster. The name has a ‘k’, a ‘th’ and an ‘l’. Although there were only 7 named occupants, it has been rumoured in certain (non-research) circles that there was at least one unnamed, unregistered secret person accompanying the crew for reasons untold. In this context the manufacturers of a faulty part, Morton Thiokol Inc., have been charged by Nostradamus researchers with the semi-anagram of K Th L possibly referring to Thiokol. But if that were so I would be surprized that the Remote Viewer and Knower Nostredame did not play upon Morton by quoting it as ‘mort’ (death) and ‘on’ (people, the public), both being words that could be easily assimilated into such a quatrain. 

Could K alpha pi Θhita λambda be representative of the initials of a proper noun? In the original Bonhomme 1555 edition, they are not actually written as K Th L but it’s a good start. Is it a Greek phrase? It should be written Kappa (K alpha pi) Thita lambda but this does not translate at all.

There are several K th l words in old Greek with very varied meanings: e.g. katholkeus is a sort of bandage. Aristotle coined the portmanteau ‘katholou’ to speak of his across-the-board ‘universals’.

Is this, perhaps, a word from Science? Yes, we could contrive the invention ‘kathalogic’ for changes, say, in gas composition or we can actually find ‘ktenology’ this being the science of putting people to death (!?) If the ‘Kt’ beginning to ktenology had been originally from the English phrase ‘to be kaput’ or the Modern French ‘être kapout’ or the German ‘kaputten’, broken, we might just be on to something. However, a Kine-Theodolite is a Theodolite that is used specifically for tracking rocket missiles and satellites.

How on Earth could a Sixteenth Century Seer know of this? Perhaps he was a true Prophet after all!

                                              Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012