The Baba Bank of Krishnamurti’s Program for Personal Debt Forgiveness? That aside, surprised seers over recent years have foretold Russia suddenly attacking Europe, initially with high-speed tanks. Today we could only believe this as a provoked, retaliatory action. Presently (2012) they are caught-up in the Middle East’s schisms between

The Sunni Moslem majorities vs. oil-endowed Shia Moslems/the minority faiths
Turks and Arabs vs. Iranians and Syrians
Iran plagued with covert war attacks in peacetime
Syria plagued with “proxy armies” of the West
with China on the sidelines for the moment yet ready to join Russia if necessary, as they have said.

In a parallel yet over-influential world, we find two governments of the USA, one occulted by the other, with differing levels of commitment to Israel and nuclear peace, and two not-so-global Western banking systems, one wrapped inside another of the same size, with no commitment to anything other than mindless maximization and the richest central banking family groups

Such a successful home propaganda war has been waged that the inhabitants of the West have no idea nor even care how this all gets inflamed and are allowing bloody wars to carry them along including in places they are not even aware of such as continental Africa where the US is pushing to dislodge Chinese influence the only way they seem to know how these days.

Talk of terrorist attacks inside and outside America and Europe is currently being encouraged, other interpretations of events discouraged, police equipment and possibly recruitment is becoming militarized, the TSA is ritually humiliating biddable Americans perhaps softened by a druggy or couch-potato ‘can’t yet grasp the big picture’ mentality. But they will. Assassination is as common-place and yet unsuspected as at any time in the last fifty years. According to his own law the President can now kill anybody he wishes anywhere in the world or lock them up without charge at a mystery destination.

(Break-outs from these destinations are available to those who succumb to ‘leadership’.)

Italy is a fine country by design yet administratively they’ve never been tops in a tight corner. They still have much gold. Will their undemocratic ‘Technocrat’ leader be forcibly overthrown by the people one day for something he did/didn’t do?

Would the Vatican decamp should ever the artificial border with Rome evaporate before a mob? Will the Pope then become a political figurehead out of an alternative location once more? Watch that 108-acre sovereign space.


Would ‘contagion’ spread to France, gripping Paris?

Is Civil War being anticipated in America, right now?

Although the Opera Nostradamus is dotted with earthquakes, comets, burning sky stones and the like this kind of phraseology is not only rooted in the real concerns of an agrarian world, hailstorms especially, and Romanic superstitions like comets of ill-omen needing appeasements to the gods, as also from the Hebrew ‘histories’ of the Bible, but also those very nouns once conjured-up to the Medieval mind the sorrows of life and were sometimes used allegorically to suggest human sufferings of every type.

‘New weapons’ get a brief mention in Nostradamus but here we are not fully informed either by Michel or by life. Due to the US Security Act, way back, we cannot know for sure what has been developed to-date by the Pentagon/DARPA although we can trace some quite diabolical projects by the prior patents for them now acquired by US Forces. Some extreme investigators say that behind secure establishments the actual science in use is years ahead of the external academia. Russia could secretively be the same.

Chiren will triumph on the ‘good’ side but we should stress that it is not possible to judge exactly which side is ‘good’ in Nostredame’s mind. He was obliged to tow the Catholic line not only by the travelling foreign Inquitions and his sensitive relationship with France’s Royalty but also by his desire to publish in print – a process governed mainly by local Bishops – and this would include according with the ‘facts of Revelation’. He has written that such concerns caused him to mix matters up but we can only guess to what extent. Certainly most sequences were deliberately confused and we could guess well enough that he was pro-kingship but anti-barbarians. Nostredame’s ‘Chiren’ is set to become the King of Europe – but who is to crown him?

Along that road Michel’s Selin, great Ogmius and Mabus may well play their roles. Then there’s the speaker of genius who personally persuades all into a better way to live.

(See Nostradamus Quatrains II 62 MABUS BY NAME’and I 96 THIS IS HIM’ and VI 42 and theEPISTLE TO THE KING’)

It seems from contemporary psychic predictions that Russia could become outraged by a Western Alliance over a looming Middle Eastern issue and there is little in Nostradamus to contravene this.

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A glance at a 1940’s map and a modern map of Palestine leaves little room for doubt over whether the population are being squeezed out of existence or not but that has not been sudden. The games and propaganda emanating from relatively homogeneous Syria (which has not seen Assad do his best to avoid becoming a global pariah, fairly or unfairly) is at least partly because of avoidance of the US dollar. Same with Libya. Same with Iran.

Afghanistan is now a major source of opium poppies (reduced to a trickle under the Taliban student movement) and has a major foreign pipeline passing through its land (previously refused permission by the Taliban who may yet be called to power again).

Iraq/Mesopotamia/Babylon is now sovereign, apart from a giant US Embassy with 16,000 staff in their quarters plus substantial groups of US private contractors mounting security. A drought is forecast for the River Euphrates by Michel Nostredame with odd international consequences as something is revealed. An unexploded wmd from the ‘shock and awe’ time? Or something culture-shaking?  Who knows …

Other revelations following excavations appear in several Quatrains.


The past will return to upset their present paradigms, it seems, which to an astrologer makes perfect sense.

The Third Antichrist or somebody important associated with that era generally promotes a personal war for 27 years.


In the Nostredame epistles a major temple is reduced to a cattle pen and Europe’s fields and hedgerows become overgrown for a lack of interest in them. The population of many places, specifically France, seem greatly diminished possibly suggesting weapons of mass destruction or momentous natural upheavals such as the Second Flood before the Great Conflagration.

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Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012