The Nostradamus Preface to Cesar stresses a Godly Astrology behind his prophetic quatrains in Editions of the Centuries. His visions might have been closely linked to those that we now call Remote Viewing.

Ingo Swann – who ‘remote viewed’ the interior of a quark detector at Stanford Uni which led to the CIA funding RV experiments at Stanford Research Institute – was a major team member in the discovery and development of RV protocol. Swann worked with Dr. Harold Puthoff at SRI to create Controlled Remote Viewing which is fundamental to RV taught today.

Interested military parties in the US contributed to the strictly-disciplined and methodical program to train Remote Viewers.

Mr.Swann has pointed-out the absence of any true comprehension of human consciousness, supports the possibility of this universe being a phantasmagorical holograph and likes to highlight the lack of grip on ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ by cosmologists. He denies that he was scientifically tested at SRI, saying rather that he was exploring an altered state, achieving a rare level of consciousness. Now a new generation can repeat such results, much how ‘spoon-bending’ has been justified by the numerous successful emulators of Uri Geller despite that Science had no ready theory that could have predicted ‘spoon-bending’ (nor predicted the disasterous metal-fatigue in 1950’s jetliners).

Only lately have we aligned micro and macro physics and realized how serious are the gaps preventing their unity. And how wasteful has been the fall-out from battles between science and religion. There is nothing alive in religion that proves God scientifically nor anything discovered by Science that disproves God spiritually, says Ingo.

Dr. Claude Underwood is mindful that methodical documentation of a phenomenon in contravention of a science paradigm has often been ridiculed by ‘experts on the status quo’, only sometimes correctly so. He is a remote viewer with a solid science background as evidenced by his engineering observations that we follow happily here.

The conventions of applied and theoretical physics have failed to supply any Overarching Theory that would ‘unify the field’ suggesting that the inviolable Laws of Physics may need changing. Anomalies of perception have long been noticed at the macro-level. Fighter planes had machine guns synchronized to fire through their propellors just as if they were not there whilst playing a regularly flashing light at a regularly spinning propellor at certain frequencies causes the blades to vanish from sight or makes the moving blades appear stationary. But now the very nature of the concrete world is under attack. Quantum Theory is proving highly successful and this suggests that virtually all the space occupied by a mass is empty room within atoms.

Synchronicity and frequency seem to determine the way that ‘solid’ matter appears to us and is used by us. If this were true in every dimension and to all our senses then a shift in synchronization, within certain frequency ranges, could produce a different world and even a different us.

Remote Viewing seems a psychic process, blindly scoffed at because it’s easy to do that. But the military had insisted upon Remote Viewing being approached by clearly defined steps, closely followed, and this had the useful effect of keeping the analytical section of the brain – the Doubting Thomas department – fully occupied by the extensive step-by-step procedures imposed. The steps themselves are almost banal – the most interesting being squiggling, line-drawing and random dotting onto paper – but a talented seer ‘gets warmer’ as they go and begins to imagine the target scenario with rapidly escalating access to information. Some seers are better at it than others (they are recruited partly because of prior psychic experiences) but even the less sure-footed will get a feeling of being somewhere other (although not knowing exactly where) and be fascinated by the imaginary scene that appears. The best seers can follow the set procedures accurately and quickly, soon arriving at the ‘target’ that was named within a sealed envelope handed to them early in the process. Neither distance nor time matters in R.V. The secret targets can include historic occurrences or presently concealed locations of an enemy. Gifted seers can look around the scene at leisure, so to speak, moving from area to area at will. Even the planets have been visited by Ingo Swann and a major discovery made (invisible from Earth) that later proved physically correct.

Yet Remote Viewing starts ‘blind’ and proceeds in ‘low-level’ terms. A high-level dictionary noun is inappropriate to the remote viewing method, such a word being poor in details and rich in assumptions. Rather, the Viewer is enabled to collect much detailed information about a structure and its setting in relation to the environment; the land or sea below, the air above, aromas and temperature clues, etc. The viewer sees what is coming to him at a level which is well-below definitional, more fuzzily overall, and yet can note individual details clearly that are then meaningfully layered one with another, building up the scene.

Originally intended as part of the Cold War arsenal, after some years the CIA announced that this psychic reconaissance experiment had failed. That possibly happened on the verge of it being publicly exposed and may have been as strategic as blowing-up a bridge behind them. The civilian personnel and scientists then re-grouped as an academic research center and several R.V. training services. These continue today. Russell Targ leads the Institute of Remote Viewing, an NGO interested in maintaining standards overall.

It should be said that there has been a noticeable if inconsistent overlap between R.V. practitioners and the techno-magic of the Church of Scientology, although what significance that has is difficult to say.

For my part, I have not consciously remote-viewed a scene but I can vividly remember a ‘nightmare’ daytime vision at pre-school age which became confirmed as a detailed and accurate prescience all of two decades later. But these days I am dogged by the ‘a priori’ protocol attaching to logical and reasonable thought processing, as instilled socially and educationally during the formative school years. I have frequently regretted that I ignored some warning signal inside myself, unjustifiable in the known circumstances and yet which turned out to be fully warranted, simply because a logically arrived at counter-argument demanded top priority. The modalities of Remote Viewing may likewise leave the inexperienced ‘seer’ susceptible to ‘analytical override’.

There is something else to consider here: exactly what is Time? Speculation might suggest that the present is whatever is incidental to our immediate survival squeezed into a current construct; the past is an unreliable recollection of what is affecting the present; and the future is a function of our fired imaginations, including collectively.

Time-like quantum teleportation seems so unlikely a prospect as to call Einstein’s ultra-respectable concept of spacetime into question – or rather the misunderstanding of it as he once said in private conversation that his ‘spacetime’ represented not so much a thing as the properties of other things. What of counterintuitive subatomic science, its quantum entanglements and their spooky-at-a-distance correspondences? Every act of prediction is in a sense an entanglement with the future, including engineering and scientific formulae.

According to Physics, time is a measuring system. In fact it is a design. It doesn’t seem likely that Time itself is of human design! Human perceptivity strikes home thirty times a second without any adrenaline boost and much more often with one, so making a minute seem like a second and an hour like a minute. The cosmos does not necessarily fit to our numeric language (pie – which seems fundamental as it pops up everywhere – would not be such a numerical shambles if we had got our number system in line with it in the first place) and calenders won’t work without tweaking.

Time is not solely the mechanistic drifting clockwork of the Solar System as experience is forever and eternally Here and Now, first person present. We can only square the circle by conjuring that spacetime is presently so unsaddled by the coming renditions of itself that it feels obliged to bolt away to the Past. Time is clung to the notion of universal entropy pre-determining the ultimate Future Case, the dismal end of the vital spark. This is somewhat confounded by the supposed expansion of the Spacetime Universe as evidenced by red shift. (I say “supposed” because a potential clump of red and green lights ramped up slowly and evenly can give the impression that the reds are the first to glow and momentarily stronger than the green lights too.) And there is daily evidence of inspired anti-entropy right here on our burgeoning planet due to its vivacious relationship with the entropic Sun.

It seems that the atomic and sub-atomic universes should be in a perpetual pan-dimensional translation to make any sense of the scientist’s world. Or are we fundamentally wrong about Time? As the sage Martin Buber once said, the ‘I-It’ relativity hangs together in a space and time and yet the ‘I-You’ relationship does not.

How difficult is Time travel? Well, labs all over are teleporting in short hops these days so ‘timelike teles’ cannot be far off. Timelike Quantum Entanglement suggests that it is possible to predict congruous ‘distant instances’. But how to teleport to there without passing through time at all? Well, Time and Gravity are the greatest non-entities of all, aren’t they?

Entropy points the way to a heat equilibrium, say the physicists, but enthused human aspirations, such as the urge for extravagant public waste and personal overachievement, ensure that excessive work-as-heat abounds, counter energizing our discharged systems and turning the workplace wheel as if we might all fall down should the wheel stop.

On the one hand, Time is a measure with discreet units at one’s disposal: on the other hand it is the constancy of unrelenting change only made mentally divisible by the common concept of a serial linking of events. Cause-and-effect is as essential to time as time is to cause-and-effect. The progressive grip of entropy at the neuronal level leads us ever deeper into this reinforced conviction about causality – yet, perhaps it is only a perception brought about by blindness to those effects lacking a prior cause.

Is Time itself a mere perception? No? Then we cannot travel without needing some, though a sufficient (here meaning absolute) lack of doubt may take the heart of us to any place, anytime, instantly, God willing. Miracles can happen and are the true meaning of Supernatural. Remote viewing seems a bit more attainable but is currently suffering from Supernaturalization. Any ancient description of ‘remote viewing’ detailing antique paraphernalia and extra-terrestrial spirits in support, as was customary, would certainly seem supernatural. 

                                                        Nigel Raymond Offord© 2011