1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roi deffraieur.
Resusciter le grand Roi d’Angolmois.
Avant apres que Mars regner par bon heur.

I have already given translations of this Nostradamus Quatrain on the pages  X 72 LE GRAND DEFFRAIEUR ROI D’ANGOLMOIS and X 72 A SECOND OPINION (and it is analyzed further in the Article LA CANNON’S NOSTRADAMUS AND OTHER WORLD’S END GAME PLAYERS ) and for my next bite at the cherry I want still to take these pages into account generally but to reassess just one line:

Du ciel viendra un grand Roi deffraieur = From the sky will come a great King of Jubilees

I shall consider Egypt’s Bennu bird, a new asteroid, Isaac Newton’s observation on Daniel, the capture and distribution of the Old City of Jerusalem and finally the upcoming Jewish Jubilee Year.

(However, these translations do not take into account what has just occurred to me – that OF ‘deffraieur’ somewhat resembles OF ‘de fraiteur’ or ‘defracteur’, someone who breaks something, or even OF ‘effracteur’, someone who breaks-in, violates, infringes, an infractor. I am putting these lesser possibilities – such as the Great King Housebreaker – to one side although as Leonard Cohen might have observed ‘the boss corps have their spy goods in the tenements of the poor’.)

The Bennu bird was mythological, a little like the Phoenix. The ancient Egyptian word ‘bennu’ most probably means to rise in brilliance/to shine. Now an asteroid has been named ‘Bennu’. It crossed the orbital path of our planet in early Spring this year.

The Earth will achieve that same spot, more or less, on September 23rd 2015 pre-designated as the Jewish Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur, and in a new Jubilee Year. Is this some kind of a sign? The phrase ‘End Times’ is on many lips and understandably so. Some misunderstand the significance of asteroid Bennu and say we will collide with it or something like it (but see my comment on the bare minimum number of decades yet to come in WATCH OUT WORLD Part 7 incidentally reflected by the Article EXTRA-NOSTRADAMUS: ASSORTED FRAMES)

The Bennu was revered and represented rebirth, being born again with a clean slate. Its titles included “He Who Came Into Being by Himself” suggesting a spontaneous eruption into life (widely believed about the smallest insects before the microscope was invented) and “King of Jubilees”, the releaser of debts.

Sir Isaac Newton (d.1727) was a natural philosopher (for whom the phrase ‘scientific genius’ was turned) a contending inventor of calculus (rivalrous Liebnitz found his ‘force of gravity’ risibly spooky) and a celebrity of his times, now an icon. He was murderous by self-admission and in his thirty years at the Mint personally pursued several counterfeiters to deaths that could have been avoided.

Several websites describe him as “the highest I.Q of anyone in history”. Sorry, but I.Q. had not been invented then and cannot be attributed without high-level testing. I scored only 1-point over the Mensa pass-mark of 147 but withdrew as some regular members had IQ’s of 160 up on the Cattell scale and could discuss music with each other in equations. I feel ill-at-ease mulling that: Newton would likely have felt right at home.

I’ve tended to avoid the biblical Daniel (c.550BC, the era that would give us Gautama and Confucius). He was pre-Judaic. The Canaanite prophesier ‘Dan’l’ even pre-dated Hebrewism. (Hebrew being literally a verbal transport for Canaanite legends.)

Daniel 9:25 ‘from the going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem till Messiah the Leader be seven weeks, and sixty and two weeks …’ (YLT)

Instead of supposing (7 x 7 = 49) + (62 x 7 = 434) = the 483 years up to about the birth of Jesus, Newton (a man of equally deep conviction in the Bible and in his own judgement) said that 434 and 49 were separate keys to dating the First and Second Comings.

The following is not by Newton, obviously,

In Har HaMōriyā

Israel captured the Old City of Jerusalem/Temple Mount on June 7th 1967 (28 lIyar 5727) and by adding 49 Jewish Years we come, I’m assured, to the the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, September 23rd 2015. One-eyed warrior turned peacemaker Moyshe Dayan might have wanted to avoid Daniel’s Christianized prophecy/prediction. He immediately announced, on day 3 of the Six Day War of 5727, “I have no doubt that because the power is in our hands we must take a stand based on yielding. We must view the Temple Mount as a historic site relating to past memory.”

(Quite like Line 3 quatrain I 24 in the Article EXTRA-NOSTRADAMUNDUS: ASSORTED PRINTS)

In fact Jerusalem is not properly housed even now. Obama has advocated an “international zone” for it echoing a papal legal eagle who has said it is not so much whether it is in Israel or not as whether it is inside any nation/state at all. Perhaps a future ‘world government’ wants it without strings attached. Yet by design a Jubilee Year does suggest that overdue land returns may be delivered and slaves released.

A Jewish Jubilee occurs every 50 years following a cycle of seven sets of seven years. It is based on an agricultural-religious dictat that in the seventh year a sabbath of rest is to the land, a sabbath to Jehovah; thy field thou dost not sow, and thy vineyard thou dost not prune Leviticus 25:4 (YLT)

When the 7 x 7 cycle is fulfilled (next September 13th 2015) this leads to a Jubilee Year. The release at the end of the Shemitah Year is spiritually similar to Buddhist Temples that release caged birds to freedom at set times (but they often recapture them so as to do it again). Jubilee Year witnesses great and good permanent releases of a local and familial nature.

Deuteronomy 5:2 ‘and this be the matter of the release: Every owner of a loan is to release his hand which he doth lift up against his neighbour, he doth not exact of his neighbour and of his brother, but hath proclaimed a release to Jehovah’ (YLT)

Jesus took this further. In response to an awkward question ‘Who is my neighbour?’ (Luke 10: 29) he replied at length comparing three parties who encountered a man in great difficulty on a long deserted road, concluding `He who did the kindness with him’ which was an alien, a Samaritan, not one with a local duty of care nor kith or kin to the injured man. Perhaps this is a false comparison, forgive me: Jubilee is more about full relief of indebtedness, even returning what had once belonged to others and wiping the slate clean.

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