1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Roy exposé parfaira L’hecatombe,
Apres auoir a trouué son origine,
Torrent ouurir de marbre & plomb la tombe
D’vn grand Romain d’enseigne Medusine.

Line 1, OF ‘exposé’ has the meanings expose to risk or expose as being available; showing up, presenting, speaking about and revealing details, similar to the Catalan verb ‘exposar’.

OF ‘parfaira’, means complete or achieve perfectly, finish, carry through, make perfect, complete to the state of perfection, improving persons or leading them to a better state (of perfection) reaching achievement completely, to act or perform perfectly.

… God comes to them for completing the perfection of the divine works that totally are absolute … PREFACE TO CESAR

OF ‘hecatombe’ was a sacrifice of one hundred victims or some other gross number.

Line 2, OF ‘apres’ if it should have had a mark means after but if not, i.e. it is perfect as it is, it means well-apprehended. (See the ‘7T’s/Tongues’ section on the HOME page)

Line 4, OF ‘enseigne’ is a mark, device, symbol or the material sign of someone’s affiliation or commitment, otherwise some concrete evidence of something. Perhaps the mark of a House.

OF ‘Méduse’, is a proper noun, a family name. It seems irrelevant that ‘La médecine’ was a female practitioner of medicine as ‘Medusine’ may well be an adjective derived from Medusa the monstrous mythical Gorgon with snakes for hair who was decapitated by Perseus. In ancient Greece a Medusa-like head on a shield or amulet or adorning a house was thought fearful enough to ward-off and turn away evil from your path.

Translation 1:
A king well-apprehended to have discovered his beginnings,
Thoroughly expounds upon ‘The Victimization’,
A torrent will expose a great Roman’s tomb of marble and lead
With a Medusa-like decorative device.

Here the Second Couplet is a time-marker for the First. The two events are coincident. I have chosen the word Victimisation as opposed to Massacre or Carnage or Sacrifice because of the proximity of the words Victim and Victor — the latter a keyword of Michel Nostradamus (possibly about his apparent hero Emperor Charles V and probably about his slightly less worldly future ‘king’ who can lay out the path to Truth. When we speak of a ‘spirit of truth’ it is easy to wrap-up a comforting holy parcel with tinsel and glitter. Excepting whatever is a lie, the whole Truth may embrace all that is from the loveliest of lights to the deepest darkness.)

Translation 2:
The undone king will complete the Slaughter,
After having found his start:
A torrent to open the marble and lead tomb
Of a great Roman bearing a Medusa-like device.

Both translations (I favour the first) relate to a time when flood will expose a tomb of a great one of Rome.

(See the Articles MARBLE TOMBS AND TREASURE and THE LATE DOLORES CANNON’S ‘ANTICHRIST ACCORDING TO NOSTRADAMUS’ which also has quatrains II 6 and I 62, both of which could be relevant to the event)

Around that time it should become clearer what the correct interpretation of the ambivalent First Couplet should be (which is a common feature of prophecy in general).

Translation 1 is related to quatrain II 12 that concludes the Articles

A massacre (if that is the right word, a genocide or widespread depopulation manoeuvre might fit as well) has either occurred or is under way. Either bodes ill for the perpetrators of this mass-murdering if that fearful Medusine insignia is an unveiled omen.