1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

L’antechrist trois bien tost annichilez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
Les heretiques mortz, captifs, exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rogie gresler terre.

The Antichrist very soon wipes out the three,
Twenty seven years the bloody war flows OR the Royal pursues his war.
The dissenters dead, captives, exiles;
Blood human bone red water hails down to grizzled ground.

Line 2 and 4, OF ‘sang’ = blood or Royal Family. OF ‘gresler/grêler’ = hail-fall (not hail damage) OR ‘grêler/emincer’ = mince, slice

Line 4 is a stream without punctuation. Whether Nostredame intended this or not who can tell but I followed the same, “Royal/blood body-bone-corpse-carcass-frame human water red to hail down/minces or slices the earth” which I compressed to “Blood bone human water red to hail down slices earth” then tidied up as above.

There has already been a famous 27-year war outside of Europe and quite limited in impact upon the rest of the world. Alternatively some wartimes able to be hooked-up together may be totalized at 27. And who can tell when the ‘War on Terror’ will have ended? (Probably never, the words are so indistinct.)

Michel expressed his Catholicism and he joins in with the many warnings that the Church will fail totally at End Time. By implication, some or all of the religiously composed doctrines of Christianity shall fall with it.

This quatrain is quite apocalyptic. The term heretical – originally meaning those in a group who disagree with some group idea or another – was a grossly loaded expression by Nostredame’s lifetime, meaning those anti- the dominant Catholic Church in any way and so I chose dissension instead, meaning the rejection of a national authority’s dictates. Line 4 is probably a time marker indicating a hail of human blood and water (this may be metaphorical but all hail is especially crushing in agrarian societies, regardless of its inner constituents).

In the first line the verb conjugation requires a plural pronoun, so three Antichrists or else “The Antichrist three very soon annihilate …”

What is an anti-christ? What is a christ? These are titles belonging to ideas, not real persons. We are in the realm of ‘shorthand’ if we automatically take christ as being Jesus of Nazareth. Rather it is a Greek translation of messiah, a long-standing Hebrew word for a fairly common nationalistic concept blending state with religion, that heaven-sent ruler whom we must outwardly adore as if a faultless High Priest with a Saintly Diploma and a Just and Perfect Judge. In fact it is that mythical personage ‘A Good and Great King’ or some such cant. Anti-christ could then mean anti-Jesus Christ or simply anti- any christ or supernatural king. Two versions may be conjured either by reversing the ways of a christ to produce the nature of an anti-christ or by an emulation of the historic ways of a christ, and specifically Jesus the Christ, but with a turn for the worse being taken at some point that leads to tyrrany.

Much has been written about the Pseudochristos, attributing even a ‘virgin birth’ to him, but whatever christ-type we are talking about this would surely be a difficult act to follow. (A further interpretation of ‘anti-christ’ could be one who simply considers the Christ to be a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. This would be a very mild ‘little boy’ version of the AC but could still be railed against by fanatical Christ believers who would make capital out of it. )

Many people have felt their childhood’s joy depleted by constant reminders of a child beloved by their parents who died before they were born. The problem is that they cannot compete ‘on a level playing-field ‘ because the other child is no longer around to make those serious mistakes we will all make sometimes. A returned Jesus who stayed too long might eventually let His human side blunder and so fall into the anti-Christ trap set by long years of Christian doctrines, especially by well-meaning deceit. Or the returned Jesus might not fit to ‘Christ’ at all because there may never have been any such person outside of the literary concept.

‘Antichrist!’ is most likely to be heard as an emotional slander, a provoked criticism. It suggests mostly a creepy copy of Jesus the Christ-figure or some plain anti-religiosity or anti-monarchism: the two can get confused. Nostredame was an observing Catholic and outspoken monarchist. It’s so easy for such royalists to nominate their Antichrist candidates from the world’s anti-royalist historic figures. Cromwell and Napoleon at their best, for example, or else the British, French and American revolutionaries generally who founded the disparate trio of nation-states which would each industrialize by using common techniques. Catholics looking for the three mendosus ones in anti-Church historic figures could select Luther and two of the many more who attacked established Christianity. Likewise a heartless trio or two could be selected from the French Revolution’s leaders (say Marat-Robespierre-Danton) as the era was exceptionally factional. Or they could choose the three fellow-fascists who displaced leading royalty of Europe in the bloody Twentieth Century: Franco, Hitler and Mussolini. (The Tsar was first deposed by a nationalist party and so won’t fit here.) A further trio could be the combined effects of Lenin, Marx and Stalin if you are a convinced anti-communist rather than merely anti-totalitarian. Or simply the three greatest massacre-makers of all time: Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Hitler in descending order of ordered body-counts.  Evil Professor Pol Pot, who still roams free, is a small fry mass killer in direct comparison with any of these. History will tell us the truth one day about the extremely heavily protected Henry Kissinger and his secret bombing of Cambodia (which was so devastating that it opened the door to Pol Pot) who often appears so lacking humanity, professionally duplicitous and globally ubiquitous that it seems there must be a clone or synthetic double out there somewhere.

Then there is the little matter of exactly what is an evil act that would be beyond the Christ to perform? Elisha, who in one and the same Bible section causes water and fire to part for him by waving Elijah’s cloak about (“chariots of fire”) then mysteriously provokes some she-bears to tear open 42 children who have mocked his baldness (2 Kings 2). I’ve seen that tale of depravity defended by a theologian as ‘a suitable response in the circumstances’ which is the same initial response that the police and medical complaints committees like to use. And David in 1 Samuel 18: 25-28 answered King Saul’s demand for 100 Philistine foreskins in lieu of dowry by slaughtering exactly double, 200, and delivering their foreskins like a dutiful, if crowing, future son-in-law. Both cases are curiously worded as Biblical proof of Yahweh’s love for these evil-doers. (What else can we call them in all conscience?)

Could Nostredame have been a Protestant sympathizer and was that held independently from his viewing of the depraved religious wars and revolutionary fervours to come in France? Was the “Antichrist three” the doctrinal Holy Trinity originated in Rome? Probably not and anyway before it had become a Church doctrine it was already a sacred conjuction (in threes or fours) of the ‘holy nuclear family’ in quite a variety of ancient faiths. (A key to understanding old religions and holy myths is that they are all monotheistic at base but tag on some imaginary personality types to increase traction and believer involvement.)

The Triangular Trade was a three-cornered evil and in itself ‘anti-Jesus’ yet a predominantly Christian and Moslem gainmaking activity. Twenty seven years of war also sounds a lot like “The Thirty Years War” covered by Nostredame in other verses. An actual ‘War of 27 years’ occurred in India from 1681 to 1707. This largest war ever in all-India was started by the dominant Mughals within a year of the death of Shivaji, the founder of the rival Marathas Empire.

Another war that lasted exactly 27 years occurred in Angola after independence, the Civil War of 1975 to 2002. The final ceasefire came after the killing of Unita leader Jonas Savimbi. (Taking ‘v’ as ‘u’ – as is repeatedly the case with Latin and OF – his surname contains MABUS). War-scarred and fosaken countries have always fallen behind the progress of the rest of the world by the number of years they have dug in, as new business methods and socio-medical developments get overlooked by them and make-do-and-mend becomes their prevailing mindset. Angola suffered subsequent harvest and meat shortages and widespread poverty. Refugee slums abounded. Oil industry activities did not reflect the wealth of the people. (Transparency International has noted that many countries with oil resources experience “inexplicable poverty”. The Swiss banks win again.) Corruption became inherent at all levels. Trickle-down theory is ridiculous at the best of times but as often happens, in the after-war years everyone was expected to look out for themselves, driven to overcome personal and family deprivations by any means.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was established in 1945 but conflicts continued until the almost unresisted fall of Saigon in 1975. Around 1972 (27 years into the SocialistRepublic) the American Army had withdrawn its main troop bodies from South Vietnam leaving mostly aircrews and administrators, making the outcome inevitable. This Re-united version of Vietnam was and is ruled by a communist triumvir in Hanoi.

(There was a curious parallel existing between Angola and Vietnam. The major powers avoided involvement in Angola fearing ‘another Vietnam’. Government and Cuban troops and planes with napalm destroyed villages along the “Castro Corridor” where government troops may have shot all males ten years old or over to destroy the supply of new rebel soldiers. In Vietnam, straffing with helicopter machine-gun bullets through napalm-fuelled clouds must have seemed very much like a bloody hail.)

One clue is “captives, exiles” which sounds quite Old Testament. Many coastal dwellers were sold into slavery by Barbary pirates. Irish folk were sent to the West Indies as slaves by Cromwellians. Likewise Africans were condemned to the USA via the Triangular Trade and, in a sense, ‘captives, exiles’ sounds like the Pilgrim Fathers resettling in America or the colonial Australians who were given the chance to leave prison in England if they would re-establish their lives there. Even the USA Indian Reservations could be argued as like to “captives, exiles”. The recent CIA policy of taking prisoners from mainland America or elsewhere (including international airport transit lounges) off to any country other than their own as long-term interrogatory prisoners also fits well to anti-Jesus behaviour. Following a President Clinton directive FEMA has constantly built and maintained in excess of 800 American mainland concentration camps, mostly left empty (commissioned at the ready but for what God only knows) for well over a decade.

Many Nostradamus researchers have guessed that this verse refers to the last of three separate Antichrists and that the 27 year war is yet to come. Napoleon Bonaparte is widely guessed as the first of the three (though this was not stated by Michel Nostredame) and they have surmised that Adolf Hitler must have been the second. That’s global ambition-cum-infamy for you.

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