1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

En tetre neufue bien auant Roy entré
Pendant subges luy viendront faire acueil,
Sa perfidie aura tel recontré
Qu’aux citadins lieu de feste & recueil.

An untested OR new-look terrible one enters as if a monarch
It comes about for him in one piece/by his welcome,
His treacherousness will have such a reception
That the citizens are his mooring and safehouse.

Line 1, OF ‘tetre’ = horrible, terrible. OF ‘entré’ also has an Astrological meaning in the geocentric sytem: the point that the path of the Sun crosses the celestial equator in the Sign of Aries and which marks the vernal equinox and the beginning of the natural year.

Line 2, OF ‘subges/sujet’ can mean the subject of a feudal lord or else ‘justiciable’, ripe for God’s judgement, true, devout. It can also mean aimed at, brought to or subject to. OF ‘acueil’ is the substantive of accuellir (to gather in one place) and can mean ‘of a piece’, a welcoming action or a knotted loop.

Line 3, OF ‘perfidie’ is treachery. The strategic use of perfidy means a deception such as promising to disarm and then opening fire.

Line 4, OF ‘feste’ = rope mooring. OF ‘recueil = home base, shelter, storehouse, refuge.

This verse describes the rise of a new leading position, such a politician promoted to be a national or global king. The new-style King (horrible in Nostredame’s eyes) is exalted like the Sun on entering and marking a new period. It sympathetically describes the gullibility of the people who cede their personal power to the one person they have been led to see as their messiah who doubtless has claimed that they have come, personally, to change everything as if they had no bosses, stooges or accomplices. This ‘new monarchy’ is a fait accompli because of his rapturous welcome. In this way the people have bonded with his image, what he represents to them, as they will even to a movie actor reading life into a dead script.

It fits to Cromwell the King and Napoleon the Emperor and Hitler the Fuehrer as well as many others including in modern times. Never trust a politician?