1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud

Le vieux frustré du principal espoir,
Il paruiendra au chef de son empire:
Vingt mois tiendra le regne à grand pouuoir,
Tiran, cruel en delaissant un pire.

The elder his chief aspiration frustrated,
Will succeed to the rulership of his Empire:
Twenty months he will hold the reins of the great power/with great power,
Cruel, in abandoning (his ship of state) worse than a tyrant.
Tyrant, cruel by giving way to one worse.

Line 4 is open to debate, as they say. A worse Emperor or a worsened Empire? Is he the very worst because he abandons his Empire or is his place to be taken by one worse still?

The second couplet contains the letters of ‘Pierre le Romain’. Many are acquainted that Malachy’s last pope, whom he called Peter the Roman “pastures his sheep during many tribulations”. The body of the Opera Nostradamus foresees a forelorn father; the last Pope will not need to be papa to so many, what with the Vatican relatively empty inside and few if any followers left on the outside. Giving up hope he abandons the greatest of international organisations in all history and steals away.

In this Nostradamus Quatrain VIII 65 the ‘old man’ acts cruelly in this act of abandoning the ship. He is yet another inhumane tyrant. For example, in Eastern Europe around the first millennium Duke Oldrich of Bohemia was deposed by his brother Jaromir whom he captured in turn and had him blinded but the Duke Oldrich then died suddenly returning rulership to Jaromir who swiftly gave it away again. (But who could blame him?) This was at a terrible area in an era of shocking inhumanity. Duke Bezprym was ruler of all Poland, the largest country in Europe, 1031–1032. His father Boleslaw I was the King yet sent him to a hermitage in Ravenna removing his right of succession. On his father’s death he was officially expelled by his younger half-brother Mieszko II. But when Poland became divided under a double attack he became warlord over much of the country. Mieszko had been diverted by defensive needs then ran to Bohemia where Duke Oldrich caught and castrated him. Bezprym took over rulership of Poland in 1031 and died 1032, murdered for his extreme cruelty to his people (and causing many aristocrats to resettle their households abroad). Nostredame says that some rule like this will or has lasted 20 months and there is no solid record to deny it being this saga (although one chronicle implies a slightly shorter time by placing his murder sometime in the Spring of 1032). Actually Bezprym had shipped the precious Royal regalia to the Holy Roman Emperor so conceding suzerainty, which could well be described as abandoning Poland if that were not such a common practice around then. Miesko returned to the throne after Bezprym’s murder.

Of course, tyrants from all ages seem surrounded by a scandalously low level of behaviour but most cling longer than 20 months. This may be an unfulfilled quatrain. Or a faked Rigaud filler.

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