1557 Lyon Du Rosne

De Fez le regne paruiendra à ceulx d’euirope,
Feu leur cité,& l’ame trenchera:
Le grand d’Asie terre & mer à grand trope,
Que bleux, pers, croix, à mort des chassera.

Line 2, OF ‘âme’ is a feminine noun representing the life principle. Its metonyms are a Christian and a human being. OF ‘trenchera’ = separating with a sharp knife, cutting, slitting, slicing, severing.

From Fez the rule will reach those of Europe,
Firing their city and severing the soul:
The great one of Asia with a great land and sea army
Who will chase Blues, Persians, Christians to their death.

I have assumed the abbreviation in Line 1 to be OF ‘paruiendra’ as is shown in the1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud edition and agree the use of OF ‘troupe’, troop, in Line 3 (the noun ‘trope’ did exist apparently but seems inappropriate to the text here). Line 4, OF ‘bleux’ can mean the colour blue, blue towel cloth, a pale or wan appearance and, symbolically, fidelity.

The fez is a truncated Turkish red hat. Here it signifies a place, possibly Morroco or other Moslem states on the African Mediterranean coast. Whatever, ‘Fez’ is the source of the new rule OR it falls first and Europe then follows suit.

The colour of a turban is usually meaningful to its group. For example ‘reds and whites’ will usually suggest Kurdistan whilst Hindi males wear only black turbans. The Blues of Line 4 could be from the various North African groups that respect the blue turban. This would render Line 4 as meaning ‘turbaned tribesmen, Zoroastrians/Moslems of Persia, Christians’ in which case the Asians could be coming come from far afield and may not entertain these religions. Otherwise the ‘bleux’ are perhaps a US/NATO or UN army of blue helmets or its future equivalent? The winner here appears to be from Asia and possibly neither Moslem nor Christian. The key to timing here would be ‘pers’ – if only we knew whether these are the Persians of the original religion of Persia or the Persian Moslems? Iran today is a fully Moslem state, of course.

Is this old history or a European disaster still in the future? Dog and Dohan, Gog and Magog?

(See the Dog and Dohan and Gog and Magog sections in the Article SOME NAMES AND NOUNS IN NOSTRADAMUS)

I’m hoping that this is confused Moorish history and that the invasive Great Man of the East mentioned elsewhere is by constitution a Great Man of Peace.

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Nostredame’s contemporaries, however, lived in fear of the Turkish Moslem Empire and quatrain inclusions such as this would have been avidly read by them.

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain V 69 THE CRESCENT SCYTHE)

The Bible, in that disturbing yet deep book ‘Revelation’, speaks of Seven Seals and Seven Trumpets. Under the impetus of the trumpets numbers five and six, one third of mankind is killed. This is after the invasion of the Moslem Middle East by the Kings (note: NOT the democratic peoples) of the North. Yet if the fez represents Moslem North Africa (and Fezzan together with Tripolotania and Cyrenaica was the forerunner of colonial Libya) then we have here the forces of the South opposing those forces of the North, as also mentioned in the Bible.