Au grand Empire paruiendra tout vn autre
Bonté distant plus de felicité :
Regi par vn issu non loing du peautre,
Corruer regnes grande infelicité.

Line 2, OF ‘distant’ can mean separated, intervalic, spaced-out, remote. OF ‘felicité’ may mean ‘felicitousness’ here, i.e. appropriateness or aptness.

Line3, OF ‘peautre’ meant a ball of grain or the alloy pewter or a rudder. 

OF ‘issu/issue’ is a past participle or else an attributive. It is from the verb ‘issir’ which can mean any of the following: exit from, withdraw, to be born or in descent from, desist from a function, give up one’s official position, get out of, ‘unfolding’ as in ending. Its etymology has it as “To come out, to get out of, to put an end to something” (c.1200, Aiol) from Latin OF ‘escuit’ via OF ‘exire/eissir’.

Line 3, “Regi par un issu” could so mean the issuant successor to a monarchy but is at least equal in likelihood to be a ruler ending his office, here ‘non long du peautre’ i.e. with having too little a helm to steer it with or drawing origins insufficiently or with little historical legacy other than collapsing more than one realm unfavourably, lamentably or calamitously.

The ‘one’ either born to greatness or exiting his post is not named in the quatrain. Likely this helmsman would be from a regal dynasty, or perhaps more of a presidential figure, though the developing state of Israel (“the Last Frontier”) is just as unquestioningly ‘hearted’ by many Americans as any President or King could be.

Line 4 OF ‘corruer’ meant collapsing, falling.

All others are in the reach of the great Empire
Sporadic good more of fortune:
A ruler of insufficient sway/with an insufficient rudder,
Reigns collapsing great misfortune.

I can see the spectre of exceptionalism in this Nostradamus quatrain, even US-spearheaded corporate globalism. Truth to tell, the US is known to be very generous at times to its international beneficiaries. At other times it fights deep on the dark side with long-term interventions planned well in advance and characterised in Syria and Iraq by proxy terrorists doing their bidding.

The Real Syria Story No One Wants You to Know About

Boiling Frogs Post

It’s not just the US, this has been ongoing in the Middle East since the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood apparently by famed British secret service operatives many years ago, possibly since before the end of WWII. Where the US is concerned, the hand on the rudder of foreign policy has not been unchecked as there are many power bases and inclinations, internal and external, to be satisfied so causing endless wobbles and corruptions. The new millennium is featuring many regime changes or damaging attempts thereat. Never have so many refugees been displaced and distressed while the voting publics of their undercover aggressors are also up-in-arms at their deception by the West’s manipulators – who are a tiny minority which has worked its way to great influence.

It has been clear for some time now that Washington DC is acting overall for the benefit of a group, very small in the world, which seems to have lasso’d them all. (Line 3 might even imply “the tail wags the dog”)

Enter The Buzzsaw: an interview with Tony Gosling
This interview took place in last July and was meant to be about the 2016 Bilderberg Meeting. Of course TG is right that capitalism died the moment the motto “too big to fail” was applied to the banks in 2008. He also illuminates us about Kissinger’s suspected protection gang and the state/national bankruptcy plan plainly conspiring to swallow-up sovereignties in favour of the bankster’s global oligarchy.

FOOTNOTE: Many Nostradamus researchers, for their own reasons, have roughly translated Line 3 as “A national leader born not far from a brothel” without further explanation. Has this ever happened? Figuratively and literally, yes it has: Nehru and Caligula for a start. Then there’s the most powerful woman ever to rule Rome, ‘Theodora-from-the brothel’. She was a mess of psychological and personality problems, certainly an overt narcissist and over-the-top actress with a frolicsome following, who had married well notwithstanding and became Empress of Rome. Her rule was so detailed (and vengeful, hateful and vicious) that she would even interrupt ongoing wedding ceremonies if she thought the couple seemed mismatched. Examples of suddenly bride-less grooms were ‘Leontius’ (the letters of his name are available from the Second Couplet) who was a ‘Referendarius’ (to be found lettered in the First Couplet) and ‘Saturninus’ (see the First Couplet) a ‘Magister’ (letters jumbled-up in the Second Couplet). The hidden words so found by me must surely be a meaningless coincidence here, mustn’t they? As it happens she had an illegitimate son, the name’s unclear, who might have held a claim over Rome by inheritance and yet he never surfaced to do so. Possibly he had been murdered when young by his mother. Even a popular public figure the wife of an Emperor can be a shameless inhuman psychopath.

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