1557 Lyon Du Rosne

De la partie de Mammer grand Pontife,
Subiugera les confins du Dannube:
Chasser les croix par fer raffe ne riffe,
Captifz, or, bagues plus de cent mille rubes.

Line 1, OF ‘Mammer’ is curious. At first sight it seems a hybrid of manna (OF ‘manne’) and ‘Mammon’. Are mammers perhaps ‘momeries’, i.e. mummers, masqueradeurs? Or is it a noun constructed from the obsolete verb meaning to hesitate? Middle English ‘mameren/mammer’ meant to stammer. That first entered into recorded English at around the same time that the Centuries were first published. Alternatively, ‘marmaron’ is the Greek for marble which may point us back to the Pontiff at Rome.

Or is this a local version of mother/maman? When Britain’s Prince Charles opened a public address to the Queen with the term of affection ‘Mummy’ she gave a surprised look and barely suppressed her discomfiture – between you and I the root royalty seem to dislike the M-word. Could Nostredame be disguising the cult of the Virgin (Hail Mary) or followers of the Prophet Mahomet (Peace Be Upon Him)? Or perhaps this is a name from out of the future?

Without doubt Adolf Hitler made himself worshipped by his followers. In that context, the sole hybrid for Mammer I can imagine  is between mutter/mamma. The Hitler henchman Himmler who in 1936 signed-off on a Decree about requirements  for women  wishing to marry SS-type men and multiply the super-race (which included acquiring special knowledge of genetics).

Links between Nazi Germany’s technical prowess in WWII and post-WWII Federal America are marked. When Allied special agents made wartime espionage efforts they had concentrated upon three main Nazi technologies: The V-2 near-space Rocket, the Messerschmitt 163 Komet rocket-powered fighter and the Atomic Bomb. To this day, the US space rocket (which still hugs the basic Nazi design) and their evolved jet fighters plus The Bomb are the three engineering-aggressive icons of US Inc’s progress at global hegemony. The Nazis had also studied theories of psychology and psychotropy: some practical applications being known as mind control and drug-running. Meanwhile genetic manipulations (the likely concomitant being eugenics) are the talk of the Twenty-First Century and a magnet for considerable commercial capital and political enthusiasm.

Finally, by the medieval Roman numeral abbreviation system the chronogram M.A.M.M.E.R = 1000 + 5 (or 500) + 1000 + 1000 + 250 + 80 = 3335 (or 3830)

A part of Mammer the great High Priest,
Will secure by force the territories bordering the Danube:
Pushing ahead the crooked iron cross,
Captives, gold, valuables, more than one hundred thousand jewels.

 Line 3, OF ‘raffe ne riffe’ is an approximate equivalent to ‘hooks and crooks’ and the probable source of ‘riff-raff’: kind of a ‘topsy-turvy’ translation, I guess. As such OF ‘les croix par fer raffe ne riffe’ seems to describe the Nazi swastika.

Older Westerners may stiffen at the sight of a swastika while many Easterners may feel instantly relaxed by that ancient Buddhist peace symbol. The Nazis as they assembled their cult stole so much from the lands of esoterica (the letters of ‘Ahnenerbe SS’, the Nazi ancestral research division with black uniforms, are jumbled up in the second couplet as is ‘Thule Gesellschaft’ should we allow double use of the letter ‘h’) and went on to empty East European bullion vaults for a well-placed Allied central bank to sell-on under the soaring eagle eye of the globalist International Bank of Settlements.

The role of the Western bankers in establishing Germany’s post-WWI technical advances and that State’s formidable war machinery in WWII is currently indisputable (but memories are short and disinformation rife) and this might cast doubt upon whether the Nazis really hid away stolen wealth (other than fine art for which the poor Rothschild family were their declared targets) or indeed whether this is in itself a cover story put about by financial winners.

One of the Reichsbank activities was to receive deposits of gold rings liberated by the SS at extermination camps. The entire looting of the murdered human bodies was planned-out in advance apparently; hair, teeth, underwear – it seems that every little thing had its selected commercial outlet.

Line 4, OF ‘bagues’ can mean valuables or the equipment that keeps them securely placed, a small trunk or treasure chest or a jewellery ring. OF ‘rube’ could be ‘ruble’, a unit of weight, or ‘rubis’ this gemstone being ruby, the red diamond. Treasure hunting? Follow the money men.

The name Montague Norman (Bank of England) is jumbled-up in the letters of the first couplet whilst Prescott Sheldon Bush (Union Banking Society) is similarly available from the second couplet.

“How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power” appeared in The Guardian for September 25th, 2004.

“Hitler’s Angel Has $3m in US Bank” appeared in the New York Herald Tribune for July 30th 1942.

Both the quatrain’s couplets separately house the letters of the name August Franc or August Frank who masterminded the slaughter-house separation of human body parts and accessories in a trade-off with big moneybags.

The rubies in Line 4 appear to be a special knowledge of Michel Nostradame unless this represents the Nazi theft of the entire ruby-studded AmberRoom at Catherine the Great’s Winter Palace. Mind you, Adolf owned a pair of gold cufflinks with ruby centres (amongst other gem-encrusted items) and gold, jade, diamonds and rubies are mentioned every time a Nazi haul is written about.

Other names available from the quatrain as a whole include ‘Nazi/NSDAP’, ‘Adolf Hitler’, ‘I. G. Farben’ and, en français, ‘le parti nazi’, ‘Centre bancaire de l’Angleterre’, ‘Union bancaire société USA’ and ‘Atlantide’. A Washington beltway Knight of Malta has spoke out against the Office of Special Investigations which – largely against the tide – tracked down and deported from America some of those who had German Nazi commitments and connections, either in Germany or the USA.

This Nostradamus Quatrain VI 49  may refer to the opening chapters of a book which has never closed, just relocated closer to the Americas.



UPDATE: In a 1992 ruling some secreted US government information of the decades beforehand had to be released by October 26th 2017. Under the glaring cover of new JFK information some photos have also emerged publicly of Adolf Hitler alive, but possibly not so well, in the 50’s and early 60’s. Personal anecdotes are emerging and those who claimed he disappeared to a beautiful part of Argentina and Patagonia also (a rather cold territory controlled by Argentina and Chile jointly) are claiming vindication. At least one tale has Hitler then vacating away from South America with the leader of a minor state. In 1954 Hitler was recognized as residing in Colombia but the CIA did not seem to follow through.

Historians generally and world leaders too may have dismissed reports erroneously. If the Fuhrer was known fully not to have committed suicide in 1945 then what does that make Operation Paperclip and the Vatican’s post-war escape assistance to certain Nazis? And what of Von Braun? The acronym NASA might now seem surprisingly close to the neo-name Nazi.