1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Quant ceulx de polleartiq vnis ensemble,
En Orient grand effraieur & crainte:
Esleu nouueau soustenu le grand temple,
Rodes Bisance de sang Barbare taincte.

As those of the Arctic pole unite together,
In the Eastern world great agitation and fear:
The newly selected upheld by the great temple,
Rhodes Byzantium stained with Barbarian blood.

Line 1 may have heralded the prose predictions about the Kings of the North in the EPISTLE TO THE KING which first appeared together with Centuries VIII, IX and X:

Eastern potentates will be driven to destruction, exterminated, not wholly by means of the Kings of the North,

The word ‘Aquilon’ slipped into OF as meaning the North Wind. One section of the monastery at St. Michaels Mount was named Aquilon and faces the North Sea. The term eventually came to mean the North or North-West of the World.

also by the presence in this Earthly existence of those three in hidden association who desire deaths, and insidiously set pitfalls for one another, and the renewed Triumvirate lasts seven years, such that the fame of that particular grouping will make its testaments global, and will uphold the offerings to its credited saints and immaculate host: and this will be at the time of the Lords two in number of the Northerly Regions; victorious over those Eastern ones, as hereunto so great a noise will be made, the bellicose roaring all as aforementioned.


During that time the third Northern King hearing the complaints by his subjects about his foremost claim, will raise so large an army, and will cut past the detractions (the Catholic sin of revealing another’s faults to a third person) of those rearguards and grandfathers,  and who will remit the greatest part from his state, and the Vicar-General of the hat will enter his formerly perfect original state:

which may or may not be linked to Revelation.  

(There are various references to the Book of  Revelation scattered across this website including the commentaries on the Nostradamus Quatrains VI 80  SEVERING THE SOUL OF EUROPE and V 66 THE TORCH OF TRAJAN)

Lines 1 and 2 are straightforward enough providing that their printshop punctuations, sometimes perfect sometimes perfunctory, are true to the Master’s intentions.

Line 3, OF ‘temple’ reads as ‘tremble’ in the later 1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud edition.

OF ‘esleu/eslëu/eslu/élu’ means a person who has been selected/elected as right for the job. The noun ‘eslus’ is someone outstanding in their group/category. The OF verb ‘eslire’ meant to chose or vote some functionary into position. From 1360 onwards financial distribution/fiscal collection officers in France were appointed solely by the King. In Islamic government strictly by religion, Sharia Law will have the faith inseparable from governance and the selection of its its officers even for functions commonly considered secular.

In 1566 a huge earthquake occurred in Ming Dynasty China with damage extending to a third of the Chinese landmass. There were six months of aftershocks (no wonder Ming vases are so rare) and, tragically, there were well over eight hundred thousand lives destroyed, the worst earthquake fatalities of all time. News of it would have reached France by 1568 and perhaps affected Rigaud’s judgement here. Otherwise this ‘tremble’ is the earthquake of Constantinople in the early Sixteenth Century which was called locally ‘the lesser Judgement Day’ and killed 10,000 Moslems.

Line 4 allocates neither praise nor blame for this fate. Rhodes has a checkered past, having been under Venetian, Austrian and German Nazi occupation. It’s in the earthquake belt – the Colossus of Rhodes fell to earth in the earthquake of 226BC – but did not figure directly in the Constantinople quake results. It’s a large Greek island in the Aegean (which sea has a link with Byzantium’s inland sea of Marmara where the Constantinople eruption had its epicentre, possibly raising a tsunami wall of water there).

Temple or tremble, Rigaud right or wrong?

In the Great Game still playing out today upon the Eurasian Continent (which does not necessarily mean that all the protagonists are Europeans or Asians) Islamic Turkey is at the centre of all plans, as I write. What is happening in Syria now and perhaps Iran in the future presently depends upon unhindered access to Turkish soil by assailants.

(See the Article WATCH OUT WORLD Pt 3)

But should the earliest edition of Nostradamus Quatrain VI 21 have been corrected by Rigaud somehow quite accurately then it may be an informative geographical insight written in a startling way. We then have, it may seem, a novel and distant (beneath the Arctic icefields?) reason for the ‘grand tremble’ which results in a shook-up Eastern world. But how? Current wisdom that the Arctic is all ice seems sound. How could Nostredame have ‘seen’ under-seabed geological movements developing? Or will the icefields melt? Frozen water displaces its own volume like ice cubes topping-out a glass of water – the liquid in the glass does not spill over as the ice starts to melt, I recall.

Actually Line 3, be it ‘temple’ or ‘tremble’, fits quite well with Constantinople as it was originally a Christian centre and at least one co-opted building had its Moslem plasters removed by the 1509 earthquake to reveal the Christian symbols beneath. On the other hand, despite more than a hundred mosques having been damaged or brought down, the major religious building of this city with a ‘new selection’ of the Islamic elect was untouched (and thus it was viewed as less of a ‘Judgement Day’ than it otherwise would have been).

(Also see the introduction to the Nostradamus Quatrains IX 65 VIII 28 and IX 44 SAMPLING THE ‘68 RIGAUD and  IX 69 A RIGAUD WARNING?)