1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Apres les limes brislez les asiniers,
Constrainctz seront changer habitz diuers
Les Saturnins bruslez par les musniers,
Hors la pluspart qui ne sera couuers.

Is this something alchemical-spiritual or simply a reflection of Alchemy’s peculiar style of writing? Or is this is about the purification of saved ‘initiates’ and the sating of the vulgar profane by outward popular shows? As a prescription this quatrain sounds both highly pro-active and a little overbearing. Is that exactly what is needed here and does it link with the next quatrain in the published sequence?

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain VI 18 THEHEBREW ART)

Line 1, OF ‘Apres’ = apprehended or, with its accent restored, after. OF ‘les limes’ are borders and boundaries or else files as in friction-stroke tools, the care taken to finish a work being “the final stroke”. By substituting ‘ouvrage = book’ for ‘ouvrage = work’ or else ‘livres’ for ‘limes’ (although ‘livres’ was also a money term) the Nostradamus researcher Peter LeMesurier has opined that this means something bookish. OF ‘brislez’ (presuming this is not a missprint for ‘bruslez’) could be from ‘brailler’, to shout out loud, or is either the substantive ‘vrille’, a spin (the source of ‘Vril Power’?) or a screw-like rod to pierce timber or else the substantive ‘boille’ meaning entrails, otherwise OF ‘brillier/brilleur’, a bird-trap, or OF ‘brilleur’ with its meaning ‘delusory’. OF ‘asiniers’ is often taken to mean asses/asinine because it looks that way although ‘les asiniers’ could possibly mean ‘the named parties’, ‘the assignors’ or ‘the underwriters’ but in OF there are two linked choices that are at least as probable or more so:

Either ‘assigner’ = assign, appoint, allot a principle to an argument, dedicate, delegate, hit upon somebody, meet up, move towards, bludgeon, achieve, lead, make a sign, destine, get on side, determine/fix, set the date and time, designate, inform, indicate, set the place or the boundary

Or ‘assener’ = bludgeon somebody, inform about somebody, equip to fill in something, go to meet/accept/marry, fix, set, direct, get a place, strike/beat, deal a blow/give a knock to somebody, good luck/bad luck or good and evil, worse off by far, affections between a couple, an evil put forward

Line 2, OF ‘Constrainctz’ literally meaning to tighten, hug, squeeze on something but also the self-discipline of an obligation or stricture or rigor or someone who is self-enclosed or, by analogy, to force, dominate, oppress, harass, torment, reduce, gnaw at, impose one’s will on somebody else physically or morally or else to lead extemely firmly. OF ‘habitz/habit/habitus’ is a repetitive way  of being or doing or a habitual condition or quality or a near-enough permanent appearance or manner of dress, such as monastical clothing.

Line 3, OF ‘Les Saturnins’ are either from the language of alchemy (See Line 4 of Nostradamus Quatrain V 24 BASE METAL SEED) and are ‘the seeds’ of lead (pB) or this is connected to Saturn’s Rings and its 62 moons including two-faced Iapetus, the oddly orbiting Phoebe, the ‘F’ ring sheep dogs Prometheus-Pandora and big Titan. OF ‘bruslez’ is the imperative of ‘burn’ but ‘purify’ or ‘energize’ is also used by me here – separation and combination as performed by laboratory heat applications seeming reasonably appropriate – and this is more in character for Nostredame. OF ‘bruslez’ can mean to cauterize somebody, to submit to the action of fire/heat, to be consumed by fire or be in a state of combustion, destruction by fire/incineration, human ardor or to be ‘as busy as a flame’. The verb ‘brûler’ was used astrologically (‘March Bruslé’) to refer to a planet in conjunction with the Sun (within 10 degrees of separation) and therefore invisible as if enflamed, its influence then being considered harmful. OF ‘les musniers/meuniers’ = those who operate grain mills, millers, or metaphorically the mechanical driving wheels, the drives.

Line 4, OF ‘hors’ means except, as instructed otherwise, excepting for, save for, apart from. OF ‘ne’ is the negative case but by the verb it can also be construed like ‘en’, in. OF ‘couvers/couvrir’ means to cover over and not to show, to hide away, to acquire the required understanding of a subject, to defray a fee, get dressed, isolate, protect from enemy fire, a protective course.

Translation 1:
The bounds apprehended, energize the asinine ones,
Oblige these to alter routines into other behaviours:
Purify the leaden through the drives,
Put aside the greater portion discovered.

Formulaic throughout.

Translation 2:
Comprehend the delusory limits, the objectifications,
Constraints will change-out various habits,
Those of Saturn incinerated by the ‘powderers’,
Except that the majority will be covered/filled-in.

Here the first couplet is in opposition to the second, the Saturnians are us, Time Beings who were born to die, and the ‘powderers’ are the cremators who reduce corpses to ashes. There are basic instructions for that ‘meditation towards Enlightenment’ which frees the soul, perhaps for eternity, and a discourse on disposal of dead bodies; with cremation urns and ashes for some but covering or burial for most.

Translation 3:
After the innards are assigned to the boundaries,
These binds will change appearances diversely,
Saturn’s Rings are as busy as flames because of the moons,
Saving for that greater part which is become hidden away.

A fantastical interpretation, possible only if Michel de Nostredame could remote view the ‘gas giant’ planet going about a phenomenal future event in detail and also imposing a new contextual meaning on the rather mysterious word ‘musniers’, often assumed to mean ‘OF ‘meuniers’ and perhaps wrongly so.                                    

                  (Also see the Article REMOTE VIEWING TIME)

Translation 4:
The illusories in position on the periphery,
Rigorously displacing several aspects
By the major planets conjunct with the minor planets,
The greater will be occulted.

A further fantastical interpretation, a little more astrological (but I am not an astrologer). The illusories would probably be the planet Neptune and either big little Chiron or the Sign of Pisces. Their new positions, say Neptune together with Chiron in Pisces 2012, have brought a change of interpretations to the charted movements. Heavy planets like Saturn are in conjunction with lighter ones. The OF word ‘musniers’ is treated here by me as ‘mineur’, minor, but without strong cause other than to help bring together ‘Saturn’ and ‘conjunct’ and this interpretation of ‘bruslez’ goes way beyond the literal effect of the Sun to mean a close proximity of any two planets in the sky. (Far-fetched? I don’t know Medieval Astrology well enough to answer that but I do know that every conjunction is a phenomenon of perception.) As there is no specific Earthly event assigned then this reading of this quatrain seems to be either Astrology for its own sake or a marker for the general state of play at End Time.

This is a very tricky quatrain to translate/interpret/comment upon. My efforts 1 to 4 get pretty shaky by the last attempt. I wish “Good luck!” to whoever tries to crack it once and for all and I hope that this page helps.

                                            Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012