Foreword: My Article I 19 SPAIN AND ‘LE SANG TROIEN’ concluded “I feel here that Trojan blood must mean the French under the Emperor and that we are in the bloodbath of the Nineteenth Century’s Peninsular Wars” as prophesied by Michel Nostredame in 1555. Here’s more of the same?


L’an que Saturne sera hors de seruage,
Au franc terroir sera d’eau inondé :
De sang Troyen sera son mariage,
Et sera seur d’Espagnol circonder.

A Complex Translation:
The year that Saturn will be outside its usual bounds OR undulating beyond its cycle OR scything more than normal,
At the freed-up land OR the Frankish OR the French territory it will be covered in pure transparency OR floodwater OR under the Sign of Capricorn:
His marriage OR conjunction will be of Trojan blood,
And he will be surrounded surely by the Spanish OR surrounded by Spanish nuns.

The ambiguities above may suggest that this was a multi-purpose quatrain with more than one possible reading.

Like I 19 it might have some ‘added astrological content’ maybe concerning the overlooked 13th Zodiac Sign of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer. (In recent years the idea of a missing Zodiac sign for the constellation Serpens underwent a popular revival but mainstreamers have managed again to dismiss that notion as a diversion, even an historic impossibilty. The Zodiac is itself a belt imposed on the celestial sphere and defined by the flatted limits of a curved movement.)

Saturn is of course one of the 7 so-called ‘millennial planetary rulers’ in the system called Roussat’s Trithemian that Nostredame often refers to although with an extra Saturnian millennium at the end of Saturn’s turn so generating 8 millennia as the duration of Earth’s overly brief cycle of existence (which seems peposterous to all our considered calculations but then so does the current close resemblance to biblical/q’ranic End Times that many people seem to be recognizing – unless our present global history is some kind of gigantic illusion sent to test the theorists!)


But if this quatrain is about the planet Saturn then who is the ‘he’ with ‘his’ in the Second Couplet who makes a marriage and becomes ensconced within somewhere Spanish?

The personality test of ‘Saturn in Capricorn’ is one of power versus humility and this could produce a mix of caution and authority although the extreme practicality of Capricorn may yield desired or else disturbing decisions. At their best Capricorns under Saturn easily maintain their successful social standing but if afflicted may become solitary and suspicious of worldly enthusiasms.

Although they are not astrologically analagous Saturn is thought strongest in the Sign of Capricorn, much like an emperor. The affinities between Saturn and Capricorn tend toward ‘age and experience’ and ambitious projects. They are said to love buildings that last for lifetimes, especially those which are shrouded in an aura of hushed respect.

Church and State are Capricornian institutions. The motto of Spain, ‘plus d’oultre/and beyond’, originally appeared over the Pillars of Hercules on the main coats of arms of Nostredame’s admired HRE Charles V (d.1558) who built the first intercontinental empire upon which “the sun never set”. He was the first King of Spain (Charles I) and a vehemently active anti-Protestant, also he warred extensively with Francis Ier the king of imperially-surrounded France over ambitions in Italy.

During Charles’s Spanish reign ‘conquistadores’ (letteration, First Couplet) like ‘Cortés’ (likewise) and ‘Pizarro’ (Second Couplet, allowing ‘s’ for ‘z’ as was customary) conquered extensive American lands and funnelled their plentiful gold into Spain’s Imperial pockets.

Although his wife Isabel was Portugese it seems that almost every regal line/ruling House of Europe is knitted into the fabric of Charles’s lineage. He was related to them, interwebbed as they all were by intermarriage of families who were not necessarily rooted in the lands they reigned over (much like today’s CEO’s of institutional Public Companies, appointed by money managers who shuffle them around imperviously, but with the added dynastic dimension).

Finally he modestly renounced all his very many titles and abdicated the HRE to his brother and Spain’s dominion with the Netherlands to his son. Afflicted by the ‘Habsburg jaw’ (he regularly ate alone) plus epilepsy and crippling gout he retired to the pictureque and silent Monastery of Yuste* a remote and obscure destination which he was obliged to expand to contain his personal entourage of around 55 necessarily quiet people. If this Nostradamus Quatrain V 87 is also about him then he seems likely to have been attended by his own supply of Spanish Catholic Sisters, as I have been previously led to believe.

* both ‘Monastère de Yuste’ and ‘Monasterio de Yuste’ are separately available from the letteration of the Second Couplet as is ‘San Jerónimo’ should we allow ‘Y’ for ‘J’ as was customary.

The natal chart for Charles (March 5th 1500, 4:00 LMT, Gent, Flanders) is interestingly discussed on the website http://astrologyresearch.co.uk/charles-v-the-empire-that-couldnt-strike-back/ but makes no mention of Saturn. However, the precise ‘on the hour’ birth time given is, perhaps, suspect and ten to twenty minutes either way could introduce fresh factors.

Line 1, OF ‘hors’ literally means outside something or even “has left the building” but figuratively suggests excepting something or not concerning something, a warning of inapplicability or something that is just not happening.

OF ‘servage’ or servitude is basically the opposite of OF ‘franc’ or free (excepting ‘noblesse oblige’ which in practice remains a choice). As a mistaken OF ‘serrage’ it would mean tightening. As a mistaken derivative, OF ‘serpage’ from OF ‘serper’, it could mean crawling or undulating like a snake. Otherwise ‘serp’ is a sickle so ‘serpage’ could mean scything.

Supposing the word to be ‘serpage’ would allow ‘Guerra de la’ to be extracted from the leters of the First Couplet and ‘Independencia Española’ from the Second Couplet, giving us ‘Guerra de la Independencia Española’. Even if we disallow that presumption then we can fall back on my deduced ‘Anagrammaticus Nostradamus’ as used in the conclusion of the Article MALACHY’S POPES AND NOSTRADAMUS which allows plural use of a letter – part of the Medieval (pre-crossword puzzle diagram) customs for constructing and solving anagrams.

In the First Couplet we also find the jumbled letters of ‘Catalonia/Catalan’ and ‘Guerra del Francès’ together with ‘France/Français’ and ‘La Guerre Français’. In the Second Couplet we can clearly see ‘Guerres des Péninsule’.

While I am on my patent hobbyhorse, the Nostradamus Quatrain V 87 as a whole contains all of the following (but not at the same time):

‘Guérilleros Catalans’ by adding one extra ‘l’
‘Capture de Rosily Escadron’ customarily exchanging ‘i’ for ‘y’
‘L’Armée de l’Espagne’
‘Grande Armee’
‘Isla de León’
‘Maya’ by customarily exchanging exchanging ‘i’ for ‘y’
‘Talavera’ on replacing ‘v’ by ‘u’ as was customary
‘Torres Vedras’ replacing ‘v’ by ‘u’ as was customary.

Compare the above with excerpts from my prior Article I 19 SPAIN AND ‘LE SANG

“… famous offences/defences are contained within the wording of the Nostradamus Quatrain I 19:

Girona, Isla de León, Maya, Talavera and Torres Vedras let alone the banner title ‘Guerres des Péninsule’ plus France, Espagne, Portuguese and these are available without any letter duplications whatsoever.

‘We can also find gems like … ‘Guérilleros Catalans’, ‘Capture de Rosily Escadron’, ‘L’Armée de l’Espagne’ and ‘Grande Armee’ – the major French forces – and not only the Spanish name for all of this, ‘Guerra de la Independencia Española’, but also ‘Guerra del Francès’ …”

Back to the Nostradamus Quatrain V 87:

Line 2, OF ‘franc’ has groups of meanings: free of suzerainty, the whole notion of non-enslavement, liberty, nobility as a free condition, also the natural or the complete otherwise the fully qualified: a currency of account for value and in particular the coin struck from 1360 onwards, originally to pay for the ransom of King John II: French as viewed by the non-French, generally, viz the Crusades or more specifically the Kingdom of Jerusalem/France Orientale: a pigpen. OF ‘terroire’ is either territory or opposition. OF ‘eau’ could point to water, humidity, purity and transparency but if it be intended to suggest ‘chef d’aeu’, the Water Goat, it might signal some irregularity like ‘capraigue’ or ‘notonecte’, swimming backwards.

Line 3. OF ‘mariage’ could, by metonym, stand for a wife or else a spiritual marriage so-called or other combination such as a chart of celestial bodies assembled in an evil conjunction in Astrology. It may be that Line 3 records an early agreement with France. The fifteen year-old Charles (the inheriting grandson of Mary of Burgundy, future King of Spain) had, by the Treaties of Paris and Noyon, most readily acceded to the wishes of the nobles and upped the influence of France over previously sovereign Burgundy which was to become a province contained by and married into France.

Line 4, OF ‘seur’ is sister but here may be a mistake for the OF preposition ‘sur/sûr’, on or towards, or else the OF adjective for sour. However some famously retiring leaders in history, including Pope Ratzinger, have ensconsed themselves with religious sisters awhile. As OF ‘sëur’ it would have similar meanings to ‘sûr’ but could also indicate a surety or an indubitable idea, a certainty.

Then there is the small matter of interchangeability of the names Saturn and Satan, especially should you believe that the Solar System functions in synchronicity with the human body.

Saturn gives us the Grim Reaper and Old Father Time.

Satan is easily matched to the negative side of Saturn’s hefty influence. In the Goat we find Saturn/Satan has climbed to his pinnacle of power. Inhumanity may then come to any person or organization with excessive wealth, exclusively materialistic drives or fearful power. Satan and the Devil could have been derived from the satyr Pan, a fun-loving creature from the earthy side of our imagination. (The Earth is ruled by Capricorn, by the way, despite much of humanity society having proved mostly Saturnian with odd outbreaks of Saturnalia just like Rome.)

Some Christians have allocated the Twelve Signs to Jesus’s Apostles and nominated the rumbustious Saint Peter as the Sign of Capricorn.

I find this all a little ‘outside’ but I do know that Satan appears in that deep book  of Job alongside the summoned ‘sons of God’ whom we might hopefully describe as spiritual guides to Mankind, the Devil being a moral ‘No Entry’ sign with a difference – the first time ‘around the block’ you may only realize your mistake as you exit from some potential disaster zone that Satan had signalled-up positively for you.

“…and the Devil, who is leading them astray, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where are the beast and the false prophet, and they shall be tormented day and night – to the ages of the ages.” Revelation 20:10 (Youngs Literal Translation Bible)

The lake of fire burning with brimstone seems identical to volcanic activity breaking surface as ruled by fiery Aries and stony Capricorn. But the truth is there has been no direct proof of anything below a few miles down and our schoolteachers were parroting when they explained volcanoes on the board with rivers of molten magma coming up from the deep underground – big pictures of the Inner Earth are artist’s drawings based on mathematically supported assumptions about solely technological responses. Nobody knows, it’s a statistically acceptable opinion which means the current guess.

Satan has never seemed to totally win nor to totally lose, he has unjustly caused pain and suffering while playing-out his hand in the game of life solely from the raptor’s ruptive perspective, much like a psychopath politician or Earth’s bent bankers like the Fuggers who financed Charles’s votes for the election to the HRE over Francis Ier of France.

So is the Nostradamus Quatrain V 87 all about Saturn overstaying his turn? Or overworking his grim hand? Or Satan breaking out of bondage? (See the Article END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (5) THE APPROACHING NEW OLD AGE) Or a close cousin of quatrain 1 I9? Or is it about HRE Charles V, the monarch of many countries in Europe and America? But what of his ‘mariage’ to ‘sang Troyen’?

(for the legend of ‘troyenne des Francs’or Trojan Franks see ‘http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%A9gende_de_l%27origine_troyenne_des_Francs’ which says “The legend of the Trojan origins of the Franks is a historical myth that appeared in the Seventh Century and was commonly employed until the second half of the Sixteenth Century. It was popularized by writers and chroniclers from Fredegaire to Ronsard. It gradually evolved as the Trojan origin of the Gauls”)

Apart from the matter that this could mean French or Trojan lineage, is Nostredame perhaps telling us something about the Emperor’s final years that we do not know from our records?

It could otherwise be that Nostredame had the insight that legendary Troy was not where people had presumed it to be (somewhere in Turkey is a current academic choice but so have been France and England) that Trojan history has a 1,000-year hole in it and that ancient Troy had various names. In fact distinguished Trojan descent was a fantasy common to most of Europe’s interlinked royal Houses shuttling their family businesses between otherwise disparate thrones.

                                                 Nigel Raymond Offord © 2015