V  8

1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Sera laissé le feu vif mort caché,
Dedans les globes horribles espouventables,
De nuict à classe cité en pouldre lasché,
La cité à feu l’ennemy fauorable.

The fire unleashed, containing hidden death,
Within the globes demonstrably horrific,
The benighted city/By night fleet the city is crushed into powder,
The city consumed: the enemy amenable, biddable.

In Line 1, Nostredame echoes OF laisser (a detrimental verb extruded from the noun for a leash, rein, strap, lassoo) with OF cacher (derived from the noun for a secret storage place) as well as rhyming ‘cacher’ with OF ‘lascher’ (many delitirious meanings including to effect lassitude, feebleness, lack courage or something marked, lessened, deconstructed, lascerated) in Line 3. These in turn could suggest the French verbs lacer (to close-up tightly) and lacher (to operate the opener).

The USA is the only country in human history to have used an atomic bomb ‘in anger’. People and animals were seared to death, about half died instantly but some died over decades from vicious ‘radioactivity poisoning’. One of the US bomber planes boasted the name of the sentimental pilot’s mom. As only three relatively slow-moving planes were spotted approachingHiroshimathey were not intercepted in accordance with a standing instruction prompted byJapan’s latest fuel-saving measure at the time, so we are told! As Nostredame correctly comments, the Japanese were amenable, even biddable, but Michel makes no distinction between before and after the event.

The professional airforce home defenders could have taken out the three airplanes easily but were officially stood down – just like on 9/11, in fact.

A Japanese museum model of the explosion over Hiroshima has street after street of flattened buildings with some of the more modern still standing around the city. The causal explosion is represented here by a globe much like a child’s red rubber ball suspended a few hundred model metres above the miniature city. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions were made aerial for maximum spread of impact. Why? Japan utterly surrendered. Strategically this both tested the new bombs in practice and deterred the competing USSR from staging an invasion from nearby Eastern Russia, much like the Medieval ‘scorched earth policy’. The world-changing order came from President Harry S. Truman a former haberdasher and ex-artillery officer (and a popular Baptist).

This was by day not by night and in no way a fleet but the description will fit to any serious aerial bombardment such as the night-time desolation of Coventry or Dresden. I lived a while in one of the latter’s grey East German tower blocks with communal washrooms/latrines for each floor and falling asbestos ceiling tiles in long unwindowed corridors, staring nightly at a purple-blue sky that ever flickered strangely as if it still contained some ghostly imprint of night terror. It is my deduction that as a single OF word ‘denuit’ once had the meaning ‘benighted’ or ‘evicted into the night’ rather like the OF verb ‘dénuder’ can mean stripped out.

OF ‘classe’ basically meant the completeness of a group of objects, its plurality subsumed within its peculiar unity, exemplified not only by a martial fleet but also by the raison d’etres and structural resonances behind a city. A heaving organism, here stamped upon.


I 64 

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

De nuit soleil penseront auoir veu
Quand le pourceau demy-homme on verra,
Bruict, chant, bataille, au ciel battre aperceu
Et bestes brutes a parler lon orra.

They will think they have seen the Sun at night
When the porcine half-man will be seen,
Noise, screams/music, battle seen fought in the heavens
And brute beasts heard to speak.

OF ‘purcel’ or ‘cochon’ was a pig. By deduction OF ‘pourceau’ could have been a porcine person. The Sun at night is quite possibly the circle of a searchlight or illumination by an aerial explosion or a very heavy bomb detonating. I’ve watched slowly approaching monsoon storms cross theIndian Oceanat dead of night with their lightning flashes so bright that blue sky with white clouds and all of the detail of daytime is revealed.

Each ‘pig-man’ is possibly wearing a padded flying suit and flying helmet with breathing mask/headset radio into which these piggy-looking ‘beasts’ constantly speak, perhaps with garbled rapidity.

Noise of battle and screaming? ‘Ack-ack’ is seen and heard around the heavens. Diving fighters scream. In fact ‘scream’ is a Modern Fr. definition of ‘chant’. The OF ‘chant’ means musical sound, be it vocal or instrumental (also known as ‘Air Music’). If ‘chant au ciel’ were present without ‘battre’ it would mean the harmony of the universe. Here it seems more likely to be the soundtrack of an old-fashioned War Movie, probably the Ride of the Valkyries! Could Nostredame have remote-viewed entertainment movies without realizing it?

Alternatively, in the Chinoise countries they still publish countless movies, videos and TV films about a legendary trio consisting of a monk who rides a horse, an aerobatic yellow monkey and an obese pig. The animals stand upon two legs and wear men’s clothing. All three will gabble to each other comically or fly upon the sky as they astonish the eye and work their magic tricks against tyrranical enemies.

                                  Nigel Raymond Offord © 2012