1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Soubz les antiques edifices vestaulx,
Non esloingez d’aqueduct ruyné:
De Sol & Luna sont les luisans metaulx.
Ardante lampe Traian d’or buriné. 

Beneath the ancient vestal building,
Not far from the aqueduct’s ruins:
The glittering metals are of the Sun and the Moon.
The flaming torch of Trajan graven with gold.

Line 1, OF ‘edifices’ means literally what is built or the act of building construction and is synonymous with the true meaning of edification. It often means architecture though figuratively it could suggest design or production work. All these could be abstracted into meaning, say, to build a project about morality constructs. It can also mean to edify in the sense of to honour or to glorify somebody.

OF ‘vestaulx’ is of Roman religion and means of or from Vesta, the important Roman goddess of hearth and home extinguished/eclipsed by Roman Christianity at the end of the Fourth Century. Otherwise, the prominent Temple of Vesta, a large ancient edifice in the Roman Forum near the House of the Vestal Virgins. At the time of Trajan a sacred flame was kept burning there by the College of Virgin Priestesses.

 Line 2, OF ‘esloignier’ is about distances arising between things and might once have meant ‘astrologically aligned’ but in simple terms it means far away from something.

 Line 4, OF ‘ardente/ardent’ = burning, on fire, spewing flames, vivid, intense. OF ‘buriné’ = ravaged, stricken, desolate (modern Fr. would also give us ‘weathered’) but in the 1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud edition this is printed as ‘burine’, a loud quarrel or brawl, whilst the similar OF ‘butine’ = the action of liberating ‘butin’, booty, and then again Gallish had ‘burin’, a gap, cleft or chasm which seems related to OF ‘graver’, dig or embed, which somehow in modern Fr. came to mean engrave, incise, brand, burn. (Do we get ‘bury’ and ‘grave’ from these? What about a corpse that was ritually torched, such as by the Urn peoples?) OF ‘lampe’ can mean a torch or an oil-lamp or a streak of lightning or a comet trail that looks like a bright streak.

This bald, bold quatrain appears superficially to be either a clue to hidden treasure or, if we may securely substitute ‘beacon’ for ‘torch’, the solution to some puzzle set elsewhere, possibly within the ‘Opera Nostradamus’ and as yet still to be realized.

(Also see the Article MARBLE TOMBS AND TREASURE)

Roman Emperor Trajan certainly lived all of his life in that airy space above the heads of the plebeian throng. Is this quatrain perhaps astrological? Is the ‘antiques edifices vestaulx’ the night sky lit by stars? Could the ‘aqueduct ruyné’ be the rent in the Milky Way? Are the ‘Sol & Luna sont les luisans metaulx’ the Sun, Moon and other planets? And is the golden torch/beacon/flame the Sun itself being named for popular Trajan?

Glittering metals also feature in the PREFACE TO CESAR

several volumes which were hidden long through the centuries were made evident to me. But rather, questioning what could happen, I upgraded my knowledge thereof by perusal of these and afterwards gifted them to Vulcan the which god however came to devour them greedily, the incandescence rose into the air rendering a strange clearness, more clear than that of a natural blaze, like the fiery luminescence of claw lightning, illumination going all around the house as if it were suffering through fire.  As if for this to occur was not staggering enough, thoroughly examining that perfect transformation, as much of the Moon as of the Sun and molten precious metals, these had by mystical waves changed to ashes.  

We (interested Nostradamus researchers) should always remember that Michel wrote in the Preface to Cesar that he had warned future generations “by abstruse and perplexing sentiments … rather than in unbroken prophecy”

Perhaps there is some alchemy hidden here? Or could the tonal scale ‘from silver to gold’ represent a particular periodicity? I spent my mid-teens waking up to wind-waved pale green wheatfields outside my window that changed to a shimmering silver then changed again to ripple like a sea of gold at harvest-time.

Societas Magica member Lloyd Graham, Ph.D (Cantab) on the webpage


points out a colour sequence in Revelation that resembles the 7 planet’s allotted shades in what he sees as their day order – Monday white (silver) Tuesday red, Wednesday a mixture including the darker colours, Thursday ashen, Friday white, Saturday black, Sunday yellow (gold)

The first four fit to the horses of the Apocalypse once we allow Wednesday to represent black.

Apparently the Book of Zechariah mentions red, black, white and dappled scout and team horses in a way which seems less precious. As we have passed the age of the horse (and may yet pass the age of the book, heaven alone knows) these imperfect fits seem quite dated, even obsolete. Or Revelation may prove to be even deeper than most of us have realized.

What of Trajan?

Marcus Ulpius Trajanus lived in the First Century AD. He was of Italian-Spanish descent. His father was governor in the key province of Syria and Trajan jr. rose to be commander of the Seventh Legion and then governor of Upper Germany. He was both powerful and popular. His adoption by Rome was not necessarily of his making but he went on to make hisself famous for generations to come. In the Fourth Century the senate still envoked his memory in the prayer ‘felicior Augusto, melior Traiano’ (roughly meaning even more fortunate than Emperor Augustus and even better than Emperor Trajan). Actually, he was ruthless and pre-empted any festering problems of rule by removing the source surgically.

He also stayed aware of what was necessary yet distant and acted on it no matter the demands at home. Trajan openly showed modesty by first entering Rome as its emperor on foot, hugging the senators and strolling among the people. He stated that the imperial right to rule should be compatible with the freedom of his subjects and displayed a sense of invincibility, manliness (climbing mountains, sharing soldierly hardships) and dignity in the people’s eyes (despite that he was enamoured of war and a pedophile). Roads got improved, bridges built, the poor were sustained from the public purse and public works generally increased. The history of the Dacian Wars is illustrated by striking carvings that spiral around Trajan’s Column in Trajan’s Forum. It was near Trajan Market in the area of the Imperial Fora.

He died suddenly on campaign in AD 117 and his ashes were carried back to Rome and placed in a golden urn at the base of Trajan’s Column, erected 4 years earlier.

The column’s extensive relief carving is of a fine standard and a non-realistic perspective that crams-in much image information about his best wars. War was his top subject in life. Like many, his personal status was not enough and he ever desired the conquest of others. He was also good at it. Upper and lower levels are separated by the person of Victory. (See the intro to Epistle to the King) The approximately 30 metres tall column was surrounded by buildings possibly making it more difficult to erect. The massive pedestal, with an interior staircase to the top, is battered now but the column still stands proud as a beacon of Trajan’s triumphs. All told he was one of Rome’s finest yet the emperor’s weaknesses, as usual, would despoil domestic and foreign lives plentifully.


 Footnote: In the history of the World, great emperors have oscillated between those who are bad at goodness and those who are good at badness.

 They’re a rum bunch of tyrants alright but to the everyday people who comprise the great bulk of humanity this is just one more factor to cope with in their everchanging daily rounds of problems and if they can see some continuing increase in their and their family’s lives they seem mostly content to go along with it.

 Astrologers attempt to methodicize apparent vagaries of life by a kind of group imagining on the pretty permanent night sky. They limit this to watching and plotting mainly repetitive activities in the Solar System and claim that this extends to somewhere beyond Pluto. As it happens, Science imagines that the Sun’s magnetic ‘heliosphere’ extends to a limit somewhere beyond Pluto. It is a low-voltage field 10,000 km’s thick and billions of km’s wide, they say. As I write, the Sun’s N pole has already changed and the S pole of the Sun is moving somehow to correlate with it. This happens every 11 years.

NASA have warmed to the upcoming event announcing; “According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the Sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip.

The domain of Emperor Sol is about to reverse its electrical status by renegotiating its dynamo. First we get some stormy stirrings during the interchange of pole positions, which may be already reflected in our weather here on Earth, although fortunately we are shielded naturally from destructive cosmic waves. It seems like a grotesque fairytale that in living memory a major power has exploded a hundred hydrogen bombs ‘on high’ in an attempt to set fire to a susceptible layer of the atmosphere, doesn’t it? I guess it can’t be true, can it? After all, that place is at least as remote and unknown as the bottom of the deepest ocean. Who really knows what lives and happens up there …?

Without the Sun’s exact distance to the Earth we would experience only the most destructive Law of Thermodynamics – All Order Returns To Chaos. The Sun breathes life into us and Earth’s living things first grow, bloom and seed  in good order before eventually decaying into dust. This is our greatest beauty and possibly it’s quite unique. ‘Our father the Sun’ would have made sense to Michel Nostredame, I suspect. The extreme intelligence of God must be at the heart of all this and yet, simultaneously, it is a separate matter. Meanwhile Science fails to penetrate by one iota the depth of human consciousness.

With one half of ‘Solar Max’ behind us and the other half to come we may yet find a more than half-good emperor (meaning a truly reluctant and patently unqualified one who can nevertheless bring about cures – so far we have had the opposite) to lead us from our mess. We should watch closely the events of the last quarter of this year and be ready to put aside immediately those layered prejudices that have automated our support for wrong-hearted systemic decisions. Deny fear and any comfort-clinging the right to drive you robotically and listen hardest to your very innermost Self.

(This footnote also appears as the August 9th post at: http://nostradamondo.wordpress.com/ )