1557 Lyon Du Rosne

La loy du Sol, & Venus contendens,
Appropriant l’esprit de prophetie.
Ne lun ne lautre ne seront entendens,
Par Sol tiendra la loy du grand Messie.

Venus reacting to the law of the Sun,
Venus striving (for/against) the law of the Sun,
Venus contending with the Sun over the law,
Appropriating the spirit of prophecy.
Neither the one nor the other will be entertained,
Through the law of the Sun the great Messiah obtains.

At face value, this is probably a time-marker for the return of the law of the Messiah. (This event will occur at a time when Venus transists the face of the Sun?) Here that would likely mean Jesus or Christ. Although the law of the Sun and the Solar System is challenged (just like concepts of Time and Space are being challenged by Science today) the Sun is the vehicle of the law of the Messiah.

The words allow some flexibilty, though, especially the OF verb ‘contendens/contendre’ a word of several meanings (physically reacting to, striving for or else against something, contending at law) which has not survived intact in modern Fr. and it’s unclear here as to whether this conjugation is intended for ‘it’ or for ‘they’. (There was also an OF adjective ‘contendant’, by the way.) Fortunately its rhyming partner ‘entendre’ survives as a regular French verb. Unfortunately, there is no appropriate ‘-ens’ ending. It’s a verb of incoming perceptions so if this were intended as ‘nous entendons’ then it would be all of us who will refuse one day the proffered prophecies (which seem as likely to be astrological prediction as not).

The Sun is the epitome and source of the deepest-rooted and most loved miracle of all: resurrection. The ancients thought of the Earth as down here and fundamental, not up there with the stars and the planets. When the Sun went down it was a mystery where it went to and this zone was called the Underworld. Proof that it had adventures there was held to be that the Sun rises at a spot which does not correlate with the spot on the horizon where it sank. (Excluding three days in a row, once each year, when it appears lifeless in this respect.) The law of the great Messiah is the law of the Sun. Resurrection!

         (For greater detail on this theme see the Article Godly Astrology)

In the Northern Hemisphere it sometimes happens that just after Sunset we can see Venus burning bright (like a tiger in the night) before following the Sun down to the Underworld. (Venus is also called Lucifer.) As I write this page it is happening in the North West. Astrologically there is a trine or 120 degree aspect between Venus and Saturn (the latter in Cancer and so compassion may return a short while to this horrid era that we live in, so the astrologers say).

Are the Sun and Venus the ‘two lampstands’ of the Earth to be found in Revelation as the two witnesses? Or is that the Sun and the Moon? Well, the Christian churches claim it is they, themselves. Others have said that these pillars are the OT and the NT. Yet others fall back on the ‘two olive trees’ of Revelation, held to be aspects of the same thing but producing bobbydazzlers like ‘the two anointed with oil’ which leaves the field of personification wide open.

So wide in fact that I should record that decades in humid tropical surroundings seems to have changed the relationship between my skull and my skin. In particular a dry spot appears at that same place that the Hindu rubs a red dot onto their forehead and this dessication will open as a small socket. Fortunately since I have started applying a clear oil to my forehead every day this has disappeared but would return if I did not, as I have proven, and so I am fated to continue with this. We have overlaid the basic verb ‘annoint’ with superfluous imagery of grandeur and decorum, I think.  Back to the lampstands and the olive oil for the lamps.

According to this Nostradamus Quatrain V 53 shining Venus is found superfluous eventually. It seems to me that the regular Church Christ and the irregular Luciferian Christ are simply transcended here by the true law of the Messiah as epitomized by the blazing Sun. Symbolic Astrology and its dualist aspects can never be the last word on life, nor can any other manmade system, as everything in the Universe is one and the natural law of the Sun must reign anew according to Nostredame the great poet-prophet. Perhaps cycles and repetitions in the heavens and our world below are but manifestations of the eternal penetrating the punctual like a seen stitch in the invisible fabric of Time.