1557 Lyon Du Rosne

Par terre Attique chef de la sapience,
Qui de present est la rose du monde:
Pont ruyné & sa grand preeminence,
Sera subdite & naufrage des undes:

Line 1, OF ‘Attique’ here refers to a land (some say Africa, others Greece and in particular the Attica penisular) but actually means Attic-styled being in a dialect of Greek or else in the style of one of the Attic orators, the famed speechwriters of Athens.

The supreme wise speaker,
Like the philosophers of Attica currently considered the beauty of the world:
The pontificate system torn down with the Pope,
It will be subjugated as a wreck beneath the waves.

This could refer to the upcoming Protestant and philosophical-political attacks and the incursions of Science upon Religion or it could look far forward to the uncrowned king or someone even greater who may demolish the papacy with speech alone. It seems surprising that this Quatrain V 31 was published at all. Perhaps Michel Nostredame mixed up his works so thoroughly in order that a Bishop-censor would not be tempted to read all of his quatrain submissions.

(Also see the Article MALACHY’S POPES AND NOSTRADAMUS and Quatrain I 96 THIS IS HIM)

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